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    The Nip was declared this morning. The Day of Our Lord 8-24-17 @ 6:30 am CST Heard the HS band practice echo last night. Highs in the lower 80s Low in the SIXTIES in August...In Alabama!! Too many leaves on the lawn. Grass has gone to seed. It simply is TIME!!! The Auburn Tigers are in preparation for the 2017 Season. God is in His Heaven....and all is right with the World! God Bless all. War Eagle. Just BRING IT !!!!
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    We just got BETTER! Asa Martin will join Worm in the backfield on the plains #RBU BOOM!!!!! WAR EAGLE
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    Pictures upon request since Legal has disappeared...
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    Something very much worth a read IMO...
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    That's probably because he rarely reads other people's posts.
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    This was a big time commit. His film has grown on me. I watched it over la st night amd I believe he will have great senior year. We beat bama out for an instate rb they really wanted makes this commit even bigger.
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    Beating Bama out for an instate top RB is huge. Welcome to the family Asa!
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    From people connected to AU Gus won this one FWIW.
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    Good Morning.... Its GAME DAY for us! Shaun's last 1st high school game before he officially becomes a WAR EAGLE!!!! We will be playing against Miami Central, a powerhouse in Miami Dade County and the home of Former RB Dalvin Cook whose little brother, James Cook is considered the top running back in the country. Tonight is the showdown of the running backs to really prove whose #1...... of course I'm rolling with V-8 (Worm)! Attached are photos of Worm as he is apart of the Sun Sentinel Super 11 for Broward County! I'm in game mode so I will be sharing a couple of things as I read them.
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    Is Auburn defensive coordinator Kevin Steele underrated? Updated on August 24, 2017 at 7:06 AMPosted on August 24, 2017 at 7:00 AM 32 Gallery: Auburn defensive coordinator Kevin Steele 0 shares By James Crepea jcrepea@al.com Last season, Kevin Steele seemingly accomplished the bizarre feat of being simultaneously one of the highest paid assistant coaches in the country and underrated for his accomplishments. Steele inherited a defense in disarray when he arrived Auburn, where he was the fourth defensive coordinator in five years and seventh in a decade. The Tigers finished 2015 ranked in the bottom four of the SEC in nearly every major statistic. Yet in what was Auburn's best scoring defense since 2007, four players were drafted, but none were in the first two rounds. ADVERTISING For the stunning turnaround Steele was among the 40 nominees for the Broyles Award as the nation's top assistant, but he was not among the five finalists, all of whom continued or inherited what were arguably far better situations than Steele. "I don't really care too much about us getting the credit, but coach Steele definitely hasn't gotten enough credit for that because he's an amazing coach; he's an amazing person," safety Tray Matthews said. "He's one of those coaches that you want to play for, that you want to put your life on the line for him because he would do the same. I love coach Steele; all the players can vouch for me, they can say the exact same thing. "I never met a person like that before in my life. He's impacted the whole defense, he's impacted the whole team, even the offense." The numbers underline the magnitude of Auburn's defensive turnaround last season. A nearly 50 yards per game improvement in rush defense (132.8), which ranked 27th nationally and was best for Auburn since 2010. Auburn's best pass efficiency defense (116.83, 22nd nationally) since 2009, best total defense (361.9, 28th) since 2008, best scoring defense (17.1, 7th) since 2007 and in the top 25 in passing yards per attempt (6.4, tied for 17th), on third downs (34.8 percent, 25th) and in the red zone (74.4 percent, 11th). Auburn coach Gus Malzahn won the Broyles Award in 2010 and felt Steele "should have been right in the middle of that thing" for what he accomplished last year. "If you remember what I said this time last year, our number one goal as head coach is getting us to play top-ten defense," Malzahn said "We weren't anywhere close to that the year before. So, for him to get us to play top-ten defense, I think we were seventh in the country in scoring, just did a super job in the red zone, third down. And his defensive staff did a super job along with him, but Kevin was a big part of our success last year." Steele insists accolades are not something he concerns himself with, though his best friend, Texas A&M defensive coordinator John Chavis, won the Broyles in 2011. Even after what might have been the best season of his college coaching career considering all the circumstances, Steele said he "never really thought about" the lack of credit he received from a national perspective. "This is the 38th season (I'm coaching), I'm several seasons past that," Steele said. "I'm sure every coach goes through a phase in their coaching career where they're probably trying to climb the ladder or make this happen or make that happen. I don't think about that. I'm coaching for the enjoyment of teaching those young guys and making them as good as I can. I really don't think about that. It's irrelevant to me. "At the end of the day I think people that really love Auburn football saw signs of things that they appreciated defensively. Some of them stronger signs than others and some of them not as strong. But I think our players fed off of that and I think that is important." Steele will earn $1.2 million this season and $1.3 million in 2018 after making $1.1 million last year, which ranked No. 10 among assistants at public schools, but those increases were already outlined in his full-guaranteed contract. Even as Auburn's passing yards allowed did not change much from a year before, former defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff saw a greater jump by landing the defensive coordinator position at Ole Miss and more than doubling his salary. While the overall improvements of last year is undeniable, Auburn's defensive coaches are focused on maintaining the heightened standard and on avoiding the issues that plagued the defense in the final two games of the season. "Even though I think we made some improvement I think we still left a lot on the field and I know how we finished wasn't every impressive," defensive line coach Rodney Garner said. "When you start sitting down looking and just being honest, our worst football that we felt like we played as a defense happened the second half of the Iron Bowl, which you know in the biggest game we play our worst half of football. Then you go to the second half of the Sugar Bowl and we play our worst football. "In the two finales, we don't show up after the half. That's been really our focus: We got to finish and we can't get caught up in the other things that's going on."
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    Try to remember the stories when Clint took the Auburn job. A big selling point was "family", that he and his sons would be coaching together and he'd be near grandchildren. I don't think Clint ever comes here if hiring his sons hadn't been part of the deal.
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    Couple guys they may hold out strategically for first game but will be ready for Clemson, otherwise pretty healthy.
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    I am sure the same way Shivers (and family) feel when they read all the same kind of comments about him.
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    The moment Jarrett Stidham arrived on campus, Gus's public demeanor changed. He got that twinkle in his eye he had back in 2013. Now in this particular interview, he seemed to be more like 2014-16 Gus. (I think probably just because he didn't want to be there, not happy with some of our reporters). Gus knows he is bringing an elite team to Jordan-Hare next Saturday. And when he has that confidence, he has proven to be an elite coach. When he doesn't have that confidence, Lord help us all!
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    I need another ruling here. I think E just used a device previously unseen in his posts known as "sarcasm". I think someone may have hacked his account...
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    I think it's more that her leaving was a symptom of a bigger issue. Whether Auburn felt they needed to distance themselves, or Clint was disappointed with how Auburn handled the situation, I think it all leads back to Corey.
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    No matter how bad my day might be, hearing Rod's call "THERE GOES DAVIS!!!!" With Stan in the background screaming OMG always brings a smile to my face!!! I could listen to that call 100 times a day and it still wouldn't get old!
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    Yes and NCAA just passed a rule that says when another player is committed fans for other schools can no longer predict a recruit to flip to their school.
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    this guy will easily be playing at 225 when he is a sophomore ... it will be good weight and he won't lose a step. I had the impression he was smaller. Asa will be prototypical NFL size and will continue the long line of Auburn to NFL 1000 yard rushers. War Eagle, baby!
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    For those who don't think ASA can be an every down back. He is almost the prototypical back when you realize he is only 17 6' tall 195 pounds. Ideally we like backs in the 5'10-6'1" range and 215 to 225. He has said he will be an early arrival so he will have all spring and summer in our strength and conditioning program . I can easily see him putting on 8-10 pounds by fall. With Chip I don't think we will feature a single back as he likes to spread the ball around and keep his RB's fresh and healthy. This is a great pickup
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    I hadn't thought of him. That would be a good choice. Gasso at OU isn't a realistic option, but what about her pitching coach, MELYSSA LOMBARDI. She's learned first hand how to run a national power.
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    Cam is like Lebron. It's debatable if they are from this earth. Cam Newton is a freak. You're not supposed to be that coordinated, agile, fast, or quick at his height and weight with that type of arm talent. That combination is what makes him a "once in a lifetime" type of player. Watson was incredible there is no doubt about it. But he is merely a mortal.
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    He made people respect the defense. Kirk Herbstreit mentioned Tre Williams and Deshaun Davis as a nomination for best tandem on his preseason awards show. He also said that our defense will keep us in games this year. It feels so good to hear people talk about AU and mention defense as a factor again.
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    Barry Sanders/Height and weight Yeah, he can be an every down back. Height 5′ 8″, Weight 200 lbs People also search for Herschel Walker Height 6′ 1″, Weight 225 lbs Emmitt Smith Height 5′ 9″, Weight 216 lbs Walter Payton Height 5′ 10″, Weight 200 lbs
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    Interesting.. This board is pretty representative of life, it seems. This board does seem very optimistic in general for this season though. Count me on board with the believers! And since Asa Martin just committed.. it just seems to get better and better
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    He is probably underrated by me. He can change that with another good year on D this coming up season. I'm still not sure if the uptick in D this last year was due to Steele or residual impact of Muschamp from the year before. In the end he fielded the best D at AU in a long time so he deserves a lot of credit and high fives for that but if he can keep it going this year all the credit goes to him IMO
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    I just hope they don't run back up to the line after a first down and run the same friggin play every time like they have been doing ever since Gus got the job.
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    One coach who should get a call is Mickey Dean at James Madison University. He has done wonders with two small schools, Radford and more recently at James Madison. He has turned them into perennial contenders and have dealt us fits the past two seasons.
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    Something doesn't smell right around this program. signed, Basically everyone
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    I can't decide if I'm more sad or more angry. Sure didn't sound earlier this summer when Coach Myers was talking about going about teaching hitting differently that he was planning to retire. After the mess with Corey, Carlee transferring, lots of talk about things being handled badly... well this news after Coach Myers did NOT sound like he planned to leave just raises again the sense that something went horribly wrong in the running of the program. And here we have this great recruiting class... Sigh... Come on Jay! We need a great hire here!!
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    A4E is who he is, and he's all ours.
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    Somebody get this man some breakfast tacos!
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    We got both kinds! Country AND western!
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    Auburn football’s run-pass balance in 2017 won’t be defined by numbers By Justin Ferguson Auburn Beat Reporter August 23, 2017 AUBURN, Ala. — It’s easy for Auburn football fans to get caught up in the numbers. Auburn ran the ball 69 percent of the time last season. The Tigers had as run-heavy an offense as one could find outside of the service academies and triple option-based New Mexico. They even averaged more carries per gamethan option teams Georgia Tech and Tulane. Auburn could be predictable and still punishing when healthy. However, when the injury bug bit the backfield, Gus Malzahn’s offense couldn’t maintain the efficiency that made the Tigers a top-10 team at one point. MORE: Casey Dunn’s grad transfer to Auburn was about more than just football But frustration on the Plains soon shifted toward optimism. Malzahn landed big-armed transfer quarterback Jarrett Stidham, who averaged 11.6 yards per attempt, threw 12 touchdowns and was intercepted just twice as a true freshman at Baylor in 2015. He later brought in Chip Lindsey — a one-time analyst who rose quickly as an offensive coordinator at Southern Miss and Arizona State — to revamp his offense. With Stidham and Lindsey on board, a lot of attention focused on that nearly 70-30 run-pass play-calling split. Last season at Arizona State, Lindsey’s offense threw the ball 47 percent of the time. In his second season at Southern Miss, the Golden Eagles passed more than they ran. Malzahn has preached balance since Lindsey’s hire, and Stidham threw the ball 20 times in one half of the annual spring game. Can this new combination bring the Tigers close to 50-50? Malzahn and Lindsey haven’t discussed numbers this fall. Instead of looking at it as a pure play-call ratio, the new duo sees balance as a mindset. “We’re going to be able to run the football,” Malzahn said earlier this month. “But when they give us the pass, especially in one-on-ones, the expectation is to make plays. Chip has done a super job so far with that. We talked about balance, and that’s probably the best way I can put it. I expect us to be balanced from the standpoint of taking what a defense gives you.” Auburn running backs Kamryn Pettway and Kerryon Johnson will still be key members of the Tigers’ offense in 2017. (Wade Rackley/Auburn Athletics) Lindsey and Stidham arrived at Auburn to tweak the wheel, not reinvent it. The Tigers still have the SEC’s leader in rushing yards per game in Kamryn Pettway. Versatile running back Kerryon Johnson might play a bigger role in the passing game this fall, but he had double-digit rushing touchdowns last fall — and he doesn’t see those opportunities going away under Lindsey. “[Lindsey] knows that running the ball is our strength, but that’s only going to open up the pass even more,” Johnson said. “I mean, if you look at what we did last year on the ground and you look at the kind of yards we put up … most of those games we had maybe 200, 300 total yards. We could have 500, 450 or something like that [from] extra passing yards. “So it’s not like he’s going to shy away from it. He still knows that we have one of the best backfields in the country and he’s not going to be afraid to use it.” MORE: Sean White, Jarrett Stidham give Auburn SEC’s best quarterback situation The fundamental belief in this new-look Auburn offense is exactly what Johnson said — running the ball is going to open up the pass even more. Auburn couldn’t take full advantage of loaded boxes and 1-on-1 matchups last season; Lindsey, Stidham and a confident receiving group are there to change that. The opposite is true, as well. Auburn wants to get the ball in the air earlier in drives and keep defenses off-balance with run-pass options. If Stidham can get on a roll, defenses will leave more room for Pettway and Johnson to rack up rushing yards. “I’d say [Auburn is] always going to be running, always running in the SEC,” sophomore receiver Eli Stove said last week. “But [Lindsey] puts in the deep ball a little bit more, the 50-50 balls that’s going to be on us to make the plays.” Jarrett Stidham will bring a new dynamic to Auburn’s offense this fall. (Wade Rackley/Auburn Athletics) For Lindsey, it’s more about having the ability to be balanced than it is forcing a specific balance between run and pass calls. Some defenses Auburn will face will be tougher up front than they will at the back. Some will overplay, while others will be cautious. That could lead to run-first performances one week and games with 30-plus pass attempts the next. Lindsey’s ultimate goal is for defenses not to be able to focus on one area of his Auburn offense. “I think it’s important because we need to be able to make the defense defend all the positions,” Lindsey said. “At the same time, when you go into a game I think it’s important to identify your playmakers … build the offense around those guys, try to get them the ball as much as you can. If it’s both your running backs like I’ve had before, then that was an emphasis. … If it’s all your wideouts, I’ve had years where it’s been that.” FALL CAMP STOCK REPORT: Depth chart, Tigers on the rise after Week 3 Auburn knows it has playmakers in the backfield with the established Pettway and Johnson. The staff thinks it has a winning quarterback in Stidham. And the Tigers could have a few more game-changers out wide in the form of Darius Slayton, Nate Craig-Myers, Kyle Davis and Stove — young receivers with high ceilings. Fans and media members alike will be obsessed with the numbers. Can Pettway lead the SEC in rushing yards per game again while sharing a backfield with Stidham? Could Auburn have a pair of 1,000-yard rushers in this offense? Will the Tigers have their first 1,000-yard receiver since 1999? Don’t expect this Auburn offense to chase any of those marks. Instead, look for an attack that expects to beat defenses in a variety of ways. “We definitely want to be aggressive,” Lindsey said. “We want to stretch the field vertically and horizontally, and we feel like we’ve got the guys to do that. So my expectation is for us to play really good winning football and take what the defense gives us.”
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    Are you saying that enough white supremacist and racists exist to elect a President that courts them Homer?
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    Sadly, saw this coming. First his son is forced out for reasons unspoken. Then a star player leaves the program for a school with huge Title IX issues. I can't help but think these are all episodes in the same story. I wouldn't hold out hope for any Myers taking the reigns.
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    FSU's OL was not great last year either. Francois had to run for his life a ton. Kid is tough though. He got hit an unbelievable number of times and he never wanted out of the game. He kept fighting. I watched several of their big games last year and I almost felt sorry for the kid.
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    Such strange timing. Would not be Auburn without some drama. I cannot wait to hear the real reason about this.
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    A4E is a good sport, he gets a lot flack and never seems to get mad.
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    Is auburn4ever a bot or fake account? I feel like the mods have this big inside joke going?
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    JMO but seems that most pass-heavy teams get that way because of their inability to run the ball. Also seems that the air raid teams often have a problem getting the ball into the endzone. ...lots of yards but not so many wins. I am still thinking the AU passing game will be used to make the running backs more productive. Looking for big year of total offense from KP and KJ.
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    Auburn: Where football players become Men.