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    Well I do something similar, I follow guys we passed on. Zach Cunningham was better than any linebacker we had on roster, we passed on Lamar Jackson but took a chance with jf3. I don't know what happened with jarrad Davis but how crazy is it him and Cunningham could've been here on the same team? We waited until the very last minute to offer jalen Ramsey and he had interest in us but it wasn't reciprocated at first....I don't know what the hell we were doing this past year at safety and we're going to feel that. I know everybody misses but we are doing it too bad, as far as guys right there in our lap that we're not closing on. Like how everybody made it not a big deal we didn't get Bentley....that stuff hurts. Actually the guys we let get away from the auburn/Opelika area hurts every single time whether we like it or not. But when we lose players like Tim Irvin and roc Thomas we try to convince ourselves that it's not a big deal......
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    37. So when we hit that number, please start another thread to let us know its time. Thanks for the cooperation.
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    I hate starting threads so I'm posting here: update on injuries: slayton (low ankle sprain) returned to practice and looks good. Already cutting on the ankle. Probable for sat. james (neck sprain/"stinger") participated in practice limited. Usually if free of symptoms for another 24 hrs could return to full participation. Questionable for sat. Davidson (knee sprain) primarily held out for rest. Probable for sat. wde!
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    I'm more of a let a guy show you. They said sw was a much better real game player than me that kam Martin and Malik Miller is worse than a hurt and tired pettway. Let's not forget the ONLY reason we know about kp is injury and guys quitting.....
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    My question is how many crybaby fans can one program possibly have. How ridiculous do you think you sound bashing a coach and wanting him fired after two games of a season with 10 to go? If he goes " Chizik 2012" it will happen the morning after the iron bowl. But he might go 2013 all over again. Drink a beer or twelve, hope for the best and live with what happens. But for gods sake quit whining. It's more embarrassing to me than the offense vs Clemson.
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    Who do we blame? What issues are you speaking of? Did the coaches put the bong to SW mouth and tell him hit it or take him out to parties? Did the coaches discourage Cowart from being a good player? Did they want the supposed number 1 player in the nation to fail? How do you not blame the people who are committing the actions? Now the on the field play I 100% agree if we don't finish as expected there comes to a point when we have all of the talent we have that you can't blame players, but with the SW and BC issues how in the world can you blame the coaches?
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    Honestly, I remember going to games and feeling proud, privileged, and blessed for being able to attend.
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    According to most that watched Gus' presser (I refuse to listen to him) he mention that MW was his #2, but in the same presser Gus mentioned that Adams can run the base offense and he is giving Davis reps at QB. The Gus faithful believe he will play MW if the game is a blowout as MW is #2. I have another take; I believe if the game is a blow out in the 4th qtr Auburn will only require the base offense to run the clock, therefore, Adams will get the mob up duty in that game. Gus tells the truth again, you just have to know how to read him. His plan is to red shirt MW. JMO
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    That's because you, me, 64 and some others aren't from the "instant gratification, I'm entitled" generations.
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    I can't understand why the Gus lovers think that those who are upset are only upset with how this season has started. Where have you been the last 3 years? We have seen no progress by the offense. You're defending him because we put up 500 yards on GA Southern and Mercer??? Whaaaaaaat????? Look at it this way, Gus is one miracle tipped pass (in yet another game where his taking the foot off the pedal nearly cost us) and one once in a lifetime special teams play(in a game where even the mighty Saban made some very questionable decisions that kept us in that game) from a 9, 8, 7, 8 win seasons with ZERO wins over Uga and UAt. Let that sink in.
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    I’ll just add this... It’s a lot easier to coach at Mississippi State/Vandy/Purdue and such then it is at Auburn. Every practice, every rep, every play call, and every game is over analyzed. When you are playing with house money it’s a lot easier. See Tuberville Ole Miss and first 2 years at Auburn as opposed to his last 5. Yes Gus is paid handsomely for his situation but when every game you’re coaching for your life makes for conservative play calling. He wasn’t conservative in 2013/2014...
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    Who knows. Maybe Stanton Truitt saw what Kam Martin is now seeing lol. One of the fastest guys in GA coming out of high school and can't even return kicks. The same thing Kam Pettway would be seeing if Gus wasn't forced into letting him play due to injuries. The same thing McClain is seeing right now. We are just not going to see eye to eye on this thing. "But we scored once against Clemson and got over 100 yards of offense!" - half the fans on this board
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    I just want him to start chewing with his mouth closed.
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    I'm on board the fire Gus bus, but Saturday night wasn't on him. 5 turnovers will get you everytime. And I'm never going to blaim turnovers on a head coach. These players have been playing football their whole lives. Fumbles are inexcusable, as far as I'm concerned.
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    Yes Clemson. Auburn with a lake......and a coach lol!
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    He learned how to be a CEO instead of the defensive coordinator. He learned how to trust his staff, and hold them accountable. He learned how to manage player development. He learned how to sustain success. Those things don't just happen. And he's changed scheme and style multiple times. His OCs range from Jimbo Fisher, to Major Applewhite, to Jim McElwain, to Doug Nussmier, to Lane Kiffin, to Brian Daboll. He started with a fullback/two tight end pro style offense, then went to play action, then to a dual threat QB. Gus tried to turn the reins over to Lashlee last year, and it lasted all of 5 or 6 games. And if better talent is the key, remember that AU has 5 or 6 years of top 10 recruiting classes. Does our on field performance reflect that? My point is not to compare Saban and Gus. It is that no coach attains greatness without learning how to alter their approach. Gus is very bright and still early enough in to make some changes from lessons he's learned. I hope for our sake he does. WDE!?
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    "I guess Gus just ruined them so bad they couldn't possibly succeed anywhere they went!" - half the fans on this board
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    Don't remember Myron Burton being dismissed. I think he just left.
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    Carry on if you have time War Knight. With 50% of the '14 class gone, I'm interested to see what the '15/'16 classes look like.
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    Greetings y'all! Can't speak for the rest of the Admin/Mod crew regarding an exact number, so I'm just floating around out here going with the flow. You know, reading threads , and junk.
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    Wth? Where's Clemson? They're in our division, amirite?
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    Seriously, the writing is on the wall if he under performs. It's beyond ridiculous how we beat a dead horse. I'm willing to bet there would be a derogatory thread if he switched the type of gum he chewed during the game.
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    What else would we talk about? Gus's failures have comprised the majority of the conversations on this board since the season started.