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    Honestly in today's world I'm sick of the word protest...just sayin
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    Our current coach. My list includes (as long as Gus is coach): 1) I won’t attend 1 more game 2) not watching any more episodes of the auburn football review 3) not watching any more episodes of auburn everyday some may think this is being a little sour and harmful to our school, but as an alum that loves our school..........I can’t watch this assclown Coach our team anymore.
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    He's telling the truth. Chip is allowed to choose whichever run on first down that he wants to.
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    This is key here, I think. Look at the tree they come from, who did they learn from? For example, Venables above. Dabo learned under Bowden but he learned ALOT from Stallings including how to do it the "BAMA WAY" *wink wink*. Muschamp has improved as a head coach after learning from Bill Oliver, Tubs, Saban and Mack Brown and a little bit of Spurrier. advice. Now lets look at Gus' learning tree: -High School > Houston Nutt > Todd Graham > Gene Chizik love Chiz but that tree eeeeeeehhhhhhhh We need a strong personality from a quality coaching tree who is TOUGH and who's teams form and represent that same personality of TOUGHNESS. Gus is none of these. Regardless of how he used to be, he's now soft, wishy-washy, and worst of all GUTLESS! He constantly second and third guesses himself. (going to hat, no back to visor! More of a CEO, oops ... need to be more hands on, going to hand over play calling, naawww, gonna call plays, done with the clipboard, oh look at that, a clipboard! Going to kick a field goal, uh oh *BOOS* definitely going for it here! ) We don't need a team with a "personality" like this. ^^ Been saying this for a while now: Gus = doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. *whispers* INSANITY... We got the talent, we just, in my opinion need a good coach with solid credentials who is TOUGH. They also do not have to be a jerk to fit that bill *cough* Saban. Just look at our own Coach Jordan.
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    Hell no. We don't even think about throwing to the backs. Not even as a dump option. Edit: I do think we attempted the wheel against LSU. Devan Barrett, who hasn't been in a game in what a month(?), came in for that play. And everybody over ten years old said "Here comes...."
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    They had two OL out, and were starting true freshman. Make sure all the facts are on the table.
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    Gustav has the exact opposite philosophy of what I want the head of our football program to have.
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    For instance, watch LeBeau's save at 0:25 of the above video when she is one-on-one with the forward (you can set the video to play slow motion by clicking the cog at the bottom right and selecting speed). She is active and comes out to cut down the angle of the shot. Then watch Dotson's goal at 0:34. The UF keeper stays back and Dodson is able to put it past her. LeBeau just really understands the position and is lighting quick too.
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    Yeah, unless its just a dedicated bar where people come to watch games, or an apparel type business, etc. I agree. Even Baumhower was smart enough to split his restaurants 50/50 (that aren't in T-Town).
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    Exactly. A player's personal problems and demons are in no way his fault.
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    I would be ECSTATIC if Gus ended up at Arkansas. Not only do we get rid of him but he goes to a division rival! We would get to face his 5 play offense every year. He's getting 8 wins with AU talent. That probably equates to 4-6 wins yearly with Arky maybe even less? And we could finally negatively recruit against him with the ease that our rivals now are doing to us.
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    What's interesting to me is how Weinstein has become a white hot spotlight shining on the various political and social factions in this country, exposing their hypocrisy. On the one hand, it has been known for a long time that sexual predators are rampant in Hollywood's TV and film industry. The "casting couch" where women feel pressured to put out to get roles, the pedophiles that prey on young stars like Corey Haim. Yet Hollywood for so long has cast itself as a bastion of progressive values and being pro-woman pitted against the backwards GOP and flyover country. They could rail against abuse scandals in the Catholic church from a high horse they had no business sitting on in the first place. It lavishes awards and fawning speeches on an idiotic fantasy "The Handmaid's Tale" to villify religion for sexism and using women solely to fulfill the sexual desires of powerful men, when the real Handmaid's Tale wasn't happening in some theocratic dystopian future, but every day in progressive Tinseltown. On the other hand, tons of social conservatives are rightly horrified at Weinstein and point out Hollywood's hypocrisy on the issue. All the while a huge percentage of them voted for a sexual predator for President, even after railing for 8 years in the 90s that "character counts" when it was Democrat Bill Clinton who was the creepy, womanizing sexual predator. They literally read things like this and then walked into a booth and voted to give this man the most powerful position on Earth: Trump: I did try and F*** her, she was married.” Unknown: “That’s huge news there.” Trump: “No, no, Nancy. No this was [inaudible] and I moved on her very heavily in fact I took her out furniture shopping. She wanted to get some furniture. I said I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture. I moved on her like a bitch. I couldn’t get there and she was married. *** Trump: “Yeah that’s her with the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful… I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.” Bush: “Whatever you want.” Trump: “Grab them by the p****. You can do anything.” At least sixteen women who have come forward to confirm what Trump has confessed. So Trump confesses being a sex predator and sixteen of his victims confirm that he preyed on them. A real He Said/She Said situation. One of them has even subpoenaed the Trump Campaign for documents on other allegations against the Weinstein-in-Chief. Here are the others: The finger pointing is pathetic. Both sides need to do some deep self-examination and repentance, because they have both subjugated their consciences and their stated beliefs to other agendas they deemed more important than living in the truth.
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    1. stupid 2. stupid 3. still stupid just don't sell your tickets to updykes or dawgs but you probably will because you love Auburn so much
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    Most people of this kind usually block traffic and lock arms causing major heartburn for others. Gus will find away to get fired. He doesnt need people to protest.
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    I respect your opinion but no that is what people with a losers mentality do. Auburn Athletics is a business. Like it or not Auburn is not a school anymore. There are no smart business people who wait until the end of the year to correct disastrous problems that kill the business. Make the changes now and stop the trauma. What are we waiting to see? A possible upset against Ugag or bama? Do we really want to wait and see if Gus can beat the easy teams on our schedule and finish 8-4? Do we really need to wait so that other coaches can finish their seasons? No. Fire Jay right now; that is a no brainer and it is completely justified. Send Gus with him. Get an interim for both positions. I am so tired of the mentality of just bending over and hoping someone will do the right thing when the season is over. I'm sore. I have been in the tying my shoes position for way too long. Someone please help me straighten back up!
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    Who's been tearing players apart? All I've seen is Gus being teared apart which is completely warranted.
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    I'm done. Literally the dumbest display of going into a shell I've ever seen, including the Tubershell years. Three quarters worth of KJ up the gut for two plays then flinging it into a crowd 40 yds downfield. The man is just so ******* stubborn and stuck in his ways he cannot and will not change. Hit the bricks, Gus.
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    ^This. I feel terrible for the players. After watching the Gus interview I see a guy who is done. No emotion, no fire, no defense of his players. And he continues to blame the players for "lack of execution." Kuddos to the reporter that was really busting his chops about how the play-calling looks exactly like last years and doesn't resemble Rhett Lashlee's UConn offense, nor Chip Lindsay's Arizona St offense. He almost sounds like a guy who doesn't want to be here any longer.
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    i think he breaks down opposing defenses film. no part of our offense.
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    As did our season this past Saturday
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    Cole Cubelic is hammering on this (WJOX) for a misleading headline and saying that’s not what Stidham said. Said sound bite doesn’t match up with “click bait” headline.
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    So that’s why my gut was telling me to avoid that beer when I was on the beach. Well played intuition...well played.
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    Every head coach was a coordinator at some point. Saban, Mullen, Stoops all were. I agree they can be a hit or miss, but it's hard to argue he hasn't been successfully and well-tenured under big names. I'm not sure what head coach would laterally move to Auburn, not that they wouldn't.
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    Where is the petition to fire Jacobs? I'll be happy to sigh both.
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    Agree...about any form of "protest" falls on the players and I'm supporting the team as long the players (team) are giving it a serious effort. Most of our shortcomings on the field thus far seem to be caused by honest mistakes...not lack of commitment or effort. JMO .....this team has the capability of winning every remaining game if it would and could play an entire game like the first half of several games this year. The primary question is whether the coaching is up to the task ....and considering how defensive Gus has been about his "strategy" in post games....I'm of the mind that he will play it the same way from here on out...which would be too bad for him and AU fans.
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    Yeah they are growing quickly. I love their location next to the Barons stadium in Birmingham. Its a fun scene before games.
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    This is my $.02 on the protest by not going to games thing. I think doing that will hurt us in the long run no matter who our coach is. Think about it. We have UGA and Bama coming in at the end of the year which will undoubtedly have big time recruits in the house, and these are big time games even if we don't have a shot at the playoffs anymore. The last thing we need to show recruits is our fanbase bailing on our team. They won't know all the ins and outs of what's happened with Gus over the years and all they will see is what we give them during those weekends. We need to stand behind our school and provide the electric atmosphere JHS is known for to hopefully keep the cupboard from having to be totally restocked. Not to mention what several others have said about life being too short.
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    I can’t believe Fields didn’t want to play in the offense he saw this past Saturday. Oh well, his loss....
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    I would like to audible out of the current contract of Gus Malzahn and suggest that he be fired.
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    I'm hoping your confidence is well founded. Thanks for giving me hope.
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    Don’t know if this is the right thread, but I firmly believe the moment that cost us the game was when Gus decided to punt on 4th and 1 midfield with 6 minutes remaining. Offense was starting to gain momentum and if you had Stidham sneak it from under center, you would’ve made the first down and given the unit the confidence to get into Daniel’s range and burn a ton of clock. Absolutely convinced we would have won if Gus showed some, well you know. Idiot.
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    THANK YOU. You are the only one that understood what I was actually trying to say. It had nothing about Gus.
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    'Cause this week is so much different than the Clemson week, or the Chuck Person week, or the Corey Myers week, or.....
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    Wasting talent, and its not even close. The unfortunate reality is we're having to compete with UGA, UA, UF, LSU in recuriting and that's hard to do. They have home-grown talent, and a more prominent national brand. We're getting much better, but we have to win to sustain it. So yes, this is so much worse because we're loaded with players and everyone sees the giant elephant in the room which is an inept HC.
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    As I recall, we didn't make a first down in the second half last year against UGA and I think we made only one first down in the 2nd half of the LSU game (thanks to a penality).
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    Are we pretending like substance abuse and other discipline issues started in 2009? Is that what we're doing now? Does the name Robert Baker ring any bells? What about DD Green? Drugs and guns and college dudes are not new issues. This is sad for Kyle. Nothing more. I'll knock Gus all day long, but he both tried to help Kyle and had no choice but to remove him from the team. Gus has handled this as well as it could be handled.
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    I'm not going to jump on you for your post, but I do want to discuss this. -Please look at the play calling the first half of the Ole Miss game and then compare it to the 2nd half. Then look at the play calling in the first quarter against LSU and compare it to the last 3 quarters. I'm not talking about just the number of runs vs the number of passes. I'm talking about the actual plays. You will see that the first half against Ole Miss and the first quarter against LSU were creative and diverse. The quarters after those were inside handoffs on first down on almost every single possession. They were often inside handoffs on 2nd down, too. Then they were long developing pass plays where Stidham stared at one WR downfield for about 3 seconds and then still threw to him even though he was double covered. I'm only slightly exaggerating here. -Now compare the play calls in those later quarters to any single quarter that Chip Lindsey has called the plays for before he got to Auburn. No, I haven't watched them all, but I can almost guarantee you that he has never called a game that looked anything like what we've seen from our offense this year. The plays he ran at previous stops that I watched looked nothing like what our offense has done this season. And he frequently threw intermediate passes in the middle of the field. -Think about the fact that we're even having a discussion about who calls the plays for our football team. Think about the fact that our head coach had to hand over play calling duties midstream last season, and that our offensive coordinator moved from the sidelines to the box this season. I don't think that I'm being anything but objective when I say that our head coach isn't sure how he wants his offense run, and that it is highly susceptible to drastic changes from week to week. It's not a bad thing that Gus will be gone after this season. It's a very bad thing that Chip Lindsey and Kevin Steele will be, too. And some of these players. They've all got more guts and more balls than Gus does and it really breaks my heart that he's forcing them to fail.
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    Seems relevant:
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    ^When you have this many highly touted players on offense turn out to be busts, who else can you blame it on other than the coaches?
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    He probably asked Gus why he came here to block for 1st and 2nd down runs that rarely reach the secondary.
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    We won't lose to a horrible Arky team unless Gus has lost the team. Lets hope that doesn't happen. We all saw in happen in the 2014 UGA game after a devastating loss.
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    That's easy, God Didn't create eggs. If you can't tell a difference, then there is no way to have this conversation. Its blatantly obvious to anyone with a semblance of football IQ that our offense lately has changed. I'm not saying Gus is calling the plays, but he has definitely influenced what plays were called and when. Lately, The balance, the sequence of play calls, and the routes are all better. That's not Gus.
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