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    Honestly in today's world I'm sick of the word protest...just sayin
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    I would suggest kneeling when Gus walks by during the Tiger Walk, but he'd probably think we're bowing down to him.
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    I am always going to support the players . Gus has too much of an ego . He will find away to get himself unemployed.
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    My modified chart from the Missouri game covers just about all season....LOL
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    Our current coach. My list includes (as long as Gus is coach): 1) I won’t attend 1 more game 2) not watching any more episodes of the auburn football review 3) not watching any more episodes of auburn everyday some may think this is being a little sour and harmful to our school, but as an alum that loves our school..........I can’t watch this assclown Coach our team anymore.
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    Four offensive possessions into the LSU game, Auburn was up 20-0 with 232-yards in the book. Where did it go south? On the opening possession Auburn attempted passes on their first two 1st down plays of the game. From that point, Auburn would try only three more first down passes the remainder of the game. By possession four, Auburn attempted a first down pass to begin the possession. From that point, Auburn would call 17 consecutive run plays, which did not stop until after LSU took their initial lead of the game. With the threat of a passing game, Auburn averaged 5.2 yards per rush during the first-half. During the second-half, Auburn averaged 3.4 yards per rush, when it was more than obvious Auburn intended to run on every first down snap. Gus Malzahn admitted during his postgame press conference, LSU was rolling up a safety to stop the run during the second-half, yet allowed the continuation of all runs on first down. What happened to the philosophy of taking what the opponent gives you? Gus Malzahn said it himself during his post-game press conference. "We couldn’t hang on, and the punt return really broke our back,” he said of D.J. Chark’s 75-yard touchdown play in the fourth quarter. “We were in pretty good shape up until that point.” After building a 20-0 lead, Malzahn was content with watching the lead evaporate to 23-14 at halftime. Making a change at quarterback is not the answer. The problem isn't the quarterback or whether or not the starter is a pocket passer or a dual-threat quarterback. The problem is the play-calling and the use of personnel. Coming into the LSU game, Auburn had averaged 142.2 yards passing on first down during their previous four games. This included an average of 17.8 yards per attempt on first down and 19.6 yards per attempt. Not only was Auburn throwing more on first down, but they were also throwing vertically and having great success. This all changed against LSU when Auburn attempted five passes on first down for 10-yards. Auburn threw the ball deep against LSU, more so than any other game this season. The problem was the majority of the deep throws came on third down when LSU was expecting the pass. During the previous four games, Auburn was throwing deep on early downs when the defense was anticipating the run. After the Mississippi State game, I was concerned about the lack of the intermediate passing game and the trend of throwing short and deep becoming Auburn's signature in passing. This fear subsided when Auburn attempted six intermediate passes against Ole Miss, completing five for a total of 103-yards. What we witnessed in the passing game against LSU was nowhere close to what Auburn had accomplished during the proceeding four games. It appeared Gus Malzahn was content with the 17-0 lead and would rely heavily on the running game on early downs, sprinkled in with a few deep shots downfield on obvious passing downs. Jarrett Stidham started off on what looked to be a career out, completing 6 of 8 passes for 146-yards and 1 TD. Once the offense went into a shell, Stidham completed only 3 of his next 18 passes for 19-yards. During this conservative mode, Auburn basically conceded two possessions by allowing Kamryn Pettway to play, which included a sweep, where he was tackled for a loss. An injured Pettway gained 7-yards on four carries. The failure to play Kam Martin or Devan Barrett in the running game was another tactical mistake. Another personnel decision was the lack of attention given to Nate Craig-Myers with Kyle Davis out of the lineup. Not one pass was directed towards NCM. During the four games leading into the LSU game, NCM was the second most targeted WR with 13 balls thrown his way. Eli Stove was No. 3 with 11 balls thrown his way, followed by Will Hastings being targeted ten times. Ryan Davis was the leader of the group with 24 passes thrown his way. By the end of the LSU game, Darius Slayton was the most targeted receiver against LSU, followed by Hastings. Sal Cannella was the third most targeted receiver against LSU. What happened to Ryan Davis and Nate Craig-Myers? Putting Malik Willis in just to run the read-option would not solve the problems needed to be addressed. In fact, the pass-offense under Willis would be even more conservative under Gus Malzahn. We have seen this in the past when Malzahn is starting an inexperienced quarterback. What happened Saturday in Baton-Rouge was mind-boggling, to say the least. Auburn's offensive staff elected to go away from what had been so successful during the four previous games. Compounding the problem was that Auburn had enormous success during the first quarter of the LSU game. It wasn't like the offense laid an egg from the opening kickoff. The Auburn offense had LSU on the brink of quitting, but the coaches decided to coast after building a 17-0 lead. It was a decision that cost Auburn the victory and could be even more detrimental down the road for those involved. War Eagle!
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    I will: -Eat at huddle house instead of Waffle House - No longer wear a sweater vest - No longer wear a visor -No longer pick my nose -No longer chew juicy fruit -Trade in my BMW - Allow myself to audible when designing patient treatment plans. I don't want them to know what's coming
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    I'm not sure why we have to wait to do anything with JJ. Unless directed by the law firm. ??? Gus should be gone the day after the iron bowl. RG to interim coach in whatever crappy bowl we get. Start piling up resumes for potential head coaches and find an AD before Jan 1. Find a head coach before signing day. Find a business guy with no immediate emotional ties to the university as AD.
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    He is not going to publicity display his disdain for Gus, especially since he was good to tucker.
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    What do you mean “if” he is in a coma? Dude has been coaching like he’s comatose for 3+ years now....
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    No, go to the games as usual, buy some concessions, keep the money flowing, get your normal seats, and wear the brown paper bag. Nothing says “”Ef this!!” like the brown paper bag. Empty stadiums can be confused for apathy and can also look pathetic. Not to mention it hurts our budget for buying cool new amenities while we try to keep up with recruiting.
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    Not going to a game this season. I'll still go to Auburn to visit, and probably buy some stuff, but that's because I love Auburn University and the town of Auburn itself. I spent some great years there, and made some lifelong friends.
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    McClain is the seam, slant and up the middle type of receiver. So that should answer your question.
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    Anyone still complaining about Hastings is just having a hard time admitting they were wrong.
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    This doesn't surprise me most "audibles" are called from the sideline in college and high school. And who knows in the NFL it essentially headsets in the helmets for QBs. This isn't the issue with Gus. The issue with Gus is his inability to recognize adjustments and living and dying on every play. He's masked it a little this year but you can see it in his body language still. And I agree with him a loss isn't the end of the world. Only the end of the world is the end of the world but for fans, especially those that traveled to BR. What was the average amount they spent? 400 per person? I'd say that might be about average. 2 people thats 800... a family well over 1K... home games 2 people depending on distance it's probably about $300 a weekend with tickets costs and such. So for many families that's probably their entertainment expense for the year. Probably go to games other then hunting, fishing, youth football, or any number of hobbies. So for us it is about more then just 1 game 1 loss. It's a slap in the face to our investment that we as fan put into this program. We are a better team then LSU. We lost to them. We didn't lose because of execution. We lost because of coaching.
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    NCM would have 30 catches this year and be a household name if he played for Ole Miss.
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    What has changed is people's access to information.
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    We really just need to do it now. Why wait. Have Chip run the offense and Kevin run the defense. This season can't end soon enough if we have to wait for another 2 months. The excitement of AU football is gone.
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    "Stable" is a relative term, at best, when applied to Auburn right now. We can hire a new AD and then replace Gus. In my mind, literally Gus's only hope is to knock off an undefeated Georgia or Alabama to finish 9-3. But 8-4 with a fourth straight defeat to both of our biggest rivals will certainly be the death knell for his tenure here. You're absolutely nuts if you think 7-5 keeps him here. There is no coach at a top tier school in the country would can survive 8-5, 7-6, 8-5, 7-5 with that including going 0-8 vs the school's two biggest rivals. None. Zero. There are candidates out there who would be worth looking at. The bottom line is this, you can't continue doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. We know what we've got with Gus and it's 7-8 wins a season with talent that should win 9-12 games. JJ will not make the next hire. Nope.
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    Hell no. We don't even think about throwing to the backs. Not even as a dump option. Edit: I do think we attempted the wheel against LSU. Devan Barrett, who hasn't been in a game in what a month(?), came in for that play. And everybody over ten years old said "Here comes...."
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    Is this a joke? I mean do you really not have enough football acumen to see what's taking place in these type of games? Do you really not see how we were mixing it up and throwing the ball around and moving the ball pretty much at will in the 1st qtr with ease, then once we get a lead we pretty much run dives and throw bombs on 3rd and short? Did you really not see how Gus told the team at the half "we're up by 9 in a place we haven't won at in a while, we're in good shape"? I mean....who says that when the team you're playing against has pulled back into the game and stolen all the momentum and also gets the ball 1st in the second half? You don't. You get in their ass and get them fired up and come out blasting with aggressive play calling, not vanilla, let's try to not lose, up the middle runs. You also, don't punt on 4th and 4 inches only up by 2 points. For crying out loud man, stop trying to rationalize this inept coaching and call it what it is. A chicken**** coach that doesn't trust his players or coaching staff...or himself for that matter to go out and win games by being aggressive and playing big boy football.
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    They had two OL out, and were starting true freshman. Make sure all the facts are on the table.
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    He just got outcoached by Farmer Fran.... and the Mercer coach. And JSU last year.... Gus is a bad coach who cannot change, adapt, evolve, or get out of his own way.