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    Sometimes these little things are fun to write; sometimes they're not. And every now and then, they are a LOT of fun to write. Auburn finally exorcising their uga demons has given me an incredibly pleasant weekend. Going into the game, I hoped the pressure of being ranked Number One would weigh on Georgia, and Auburn would come out pressure-free and have a good time playing football. That appeared to be the case. I held some hope for the win based on the fact that Georgia hadn't really played anybody, and it was a certainty that the AU defense was the best they had seen. But I also thought going in that Georgia was better than they turned out to be. Auburn dominated on both sides of the line of scrimmage, but the domination by the Auburn defensive line was beyond anything I imagined. To. A. Man., Georgia's offensive front was whipped play after play. And I don't mean whipped in the eyes of some imaginary "judge." I mean just flat-out WHIPPED. Over and over and over. Now that I've wasted your time re-hashing my feelings on the game, here are some things I think I saw..... The top rushing offense in the SEC had 21 running plays for 19 yards in the first half. As a player, that kind of domination by your opponent gets into your head. You know that something is not as it should be, but you get frustrated trying to figure out what it is and how to fix it. Chandler Cox has been dominant the past two weeks. An exceptional athlete, Cox has struggled with the technique of blocking in space since his arrival at Auburn and his subsequent assignment as THE H-back. Blocking in space requires getting there in a hurry, but coming under control just before contact, so that you don't miss.....then accelerating into the contact at the last instant to generate the necessary force to knock or drive somebody out of the way. Cox appears to have figured that out, and his blocking has been a major factor in Auburn's recent success in the running game. He is fun to watch. Darius Slayton is rapidly becoming a big-time wide receiver. He's dropped a few passes over the course of the season, but he's caught some good ones, and made lots of plays. His TD catch was a thing of beauty, both in terms of body control, and understanding what had to be done to keep the defensive back's hands away from the ball. Slayton actually pulled his own arms and the ball out of the way as he caught the ball, so the DB had no chance to rake the ball out. And Slayton had a key block on Jarrett Stidham's touchdown on a zone read play. A wide receiver who has speed, can catch the ball in traffic, and can block is a genuine treasure. And Slayton is only going to get better with age and experience. Georgia fooled our secondary a couple of times.....three times, actually. But they were only able to execute once.. The flea-flicker they ran was open for a touchdown, but there was enough pressure from the AU front that Fromm couldn't get the pass off and ended up taking a sack. Still, there were at least three busted coverages in the Auburn secondary, and that's too many. Linebacker Darrell Williams stood out to me as making a number of big plays. Williams has impressed me with his knowledge since arriving at Auburn, and did so again yesterday. The call (by Jarrett Stiham, or the sideline) on the screen play to Ryan Davis for a TD was beautifully done. As Alabama has done for years, Georgia showed a blitz from the wide side of the field. The first time they ran it, Stidham ended up keeping the ball for a small loss. The second time, he chose the pass part of the play, and got the ball to Davis, who took it in for a TD. No way I will be able to cover all the defensive players who had an outstanding game this week. One who surprised me, as I hadn't seen a lot from him recently, was Dontavius Russell. He was a brute at defensive tackle, throwing blockers aside and making plays on the Georgia running backs. He was also a factor in the fierce Auburn pass rush. Kudos to that Georgia kid for stepping up against his home--state school. Marlon Davidson was outstanding, but that is the norm for him. Jeff Holland is no doubt in Jake Fromm's dreams. He was, as he has been all season, a constant in the Georgia backfield. Speaking of Georgia kids shining against opponents from their home state, how about Derrick Brown? He stepped up his already formidable game this week, and refused to be blocked by what had appeared to be a decent uga offensive line. Due to dependency on the network TV crews (in this case, CBS), it's tough to get much of a look at the sidelines. But I did catch a shot of two uga players shoving each other near their bench, and the sideline reporter observed that "the Georgia players are fighting among themselves." When it gets to that point, you know you are dominating the game. Once again, Mike Horton was unavailable at left guard, and also once again, Darius James had to leave the game. I think at this point in the season, Auburn's best offensive line includes Tega at left tackle, Dunn at center, Golson at right tackle, and Harrell at left guard. Harrell has improved a great deal over these last three weeks, and Tega has improved well beyond what I'd consider reasonable expectations. He is incredibly quick and athletic, and once he truly knows what to do, he is going to be a genuine stud left tackle. I'm impressed with what he's accomplished since moving to OL. Braden Smith is just a beast. I don't really know how we ended up getting a highly-regarded kid from Kansas, but I'm sure glad we did. He just mauls people like no one else we have. Noticed that we stole a punt return technique from Texas A&M, who ran it against us last week. Two return men back, and one *pretends* he is running to catch the ball on one side of the field, while the other casually positions himself to actually field the punt. Covering a punt is difficult, because you are not certain where the ball is, or where it's going. The easiest way to get yourself to the right place is to watch the return man until the ball comes into your peripheral vision. With the little scheme that aTm ran (and we stole), you are running to the wrong place. I noticed aTm do that last week, and no less than FIVE of the guys covering the punt for Auburn went to the wrong return man. Anyway, AU ran that play yesterday, and Ryan Davis got a 26-yard return out of it. A personal foul penalty on Sony Michel added another 15 yards, so the net was 41 yards.....a big play in any football game. Eli Stove has become a huge factor in Auburn's running game. Credit to Chip Lindsey for finding multiple ways to get Stove the ball on the perimeter. I love a running back with great speed, and that's essentially what Stove provides us. Last I checked, he is averaging around ten yards per carry. How could anybody talk about "what I saw" without mentioning Kerryon Johnson? When he was being recruited as a high school kid, I thought KJ was going to make us an excellent all-around back. He is a LOT more than that. The patience he has in waiting for blocks to fall into place, and the burst he attacks the hole with are both remarkable. What an incredible football player! I'm reminded every week of what a gift we got when Casey Dunn transferred to Auburn. He is not a road-grader, and he is not going to move any buildings, but he is a football player, and having him to take over the center position, allowing Austin Golson to go wherever he is needed has been huge for Auburn's offense. Noticed little Jeremiah Dinson making plays yesterday. Great to see that his skinny body has recovered from the horrendous injury he suffered two years ago. He is the consummate dime back, and is always willing to sacrifice his body to make a play. Love that kid. Auburn played a lot of the time yesterday with a single safety, although they often made it appear they were using two. Playing a lot of press man with a single safety, Kevin Steele used Stephen Roberts as an extra run-support guy. Roberts did it very well, lining up as a safety, and drifting toward the box as the snap was about to come. Tray Matthews had to be happy with the game he had. He got some big-time licks in against his former team, and made some key plays. Thank goodness he is back in the lineup in time for Amen Corner. Noticed young T.D. Moultry a couple of times yesterday. He looks really natural and instinctive. Good things to come for that young man. Our QB is getting better every week. Stidham sold the throwback screen to KJ perfectly, never looking back until he was ready to throw the ball. A brilliantly conceived play, it was executed to perfection. I'd be willing to bet Chip Lindsey has watched it a hundred times already and will watch it a hundred more this week. In a great game like this one, I'm sure I've left out things that should have been mentioned. For that, I apologize. This was a gigantic win, for reasons Auburn people don't need reminding of. I felt like if we couldn't beat Texas A&M, we probably couldn't beat Georgia. Well, we did, and we did. I have also felt like if we could beat Georgia, we could beat Alabama. None of that has any logic or substance to it, but I like the way it sounds. If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time, and WAR EAGLE!!
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    Good morning all, Like I have done the past home games, I wanted to share a few things maybe the TV cameras did not catch. Last time I did this, I am pretty sure I set the record for face palms, so maybe I will break that record again (although the forum was a lot more doom and gloom at that particular time). I may very well be repeating everything, but lets be honest. Can you really overstate what we just did to UGA? Can one really say 40-17 enough? I won't talk much about the game itself, as that would make this incredibly long, and many other threads dedicated to that. But here we go: Auburn trolled UGA, twice: Before the game, Auburn brought out Nick Fairley to be the honorary mic man. Man was it sure fun to see him again. Cam Newton for the Iron Bowl? Also, during UGA's last drive for a meaningless touchdown, during the review timeout, Auburn played "Crank That," by Soulja Boy. For those that do not know, in 2007 Georgia played that in the last seconds of that "blackout" game where the UGA players were dancing to it in celebration of their win against Auburn. Well, Auburn never forgot and everybody was dancing. EVERYBODY. And on the field too, facing the UGA sideline. As a Georgia resident, this was great. UGA Fans: Georgia's fans have not changed one bit. Very nasty, and unpleasant to be around. Flipping the bird, pushing Auburn fans. But the best moment for me was watching two UGA fans get thrown out of the game next to me. It was a father/daughter and the father was arguing with an Auburn husband/wife saying that the husband was looking at his daughter wrong. I guarantee you, NO ONE was looking at his daughter. Well he got into it with everyone around him, and then threatened to bring a police officer down, which we welcomed and he did. And the police officer did throw someone out alright, but it wasn't who the UGA guy thought. From then on out, the stadium was down two UGA fans. Auburn Fans: Seriously, thank you. Thank you for putting your feelings for Gus aside and coming out in force or this game. Everyone was so supportive and loud the second I stepped on campus. That stadium was one of the loudest I have ever heard. And it was like that all game. Everyone stood up for every play. Even the elderly couple in front of me. I could not have been happier, and those that watched the player interviews know how much that meant to the players. If you watched the Auburn Review show on Sunday, Darius Slayton stopped his interview, looked into the camera and personally thanked everyone. Social Media: The player interviews confirmed something for me. They hear what we say on social media, forums, etc. Marlon Davidson was talking about that Kirby said about our fans not being an issue for his team. That how loud it was would not faze his team. That Auburn used it as motivation. This is a reason why I am an unapologetic sunshine pumper, because I want to do everything I can as a simple fan to help the team. It probably is insignificant, but as the saying goes: "You never know who is watching." Terry Beasley: The man was in the house this weekend, and it sure was fun. There was also an Auburn graduate who was in the Battle of the Bulge, and you could tell he was trying so hard not to cry as he was being recognized. Those moments are always so special to see. I am very glad/proud of what Auburn does to make veterans feel welcome. Marching Band: I knew UGA's marching band would have a fire baton twirler, as they always do for the Auburn game. But Auburn took it up a notch. They incorporated LED lights into their hats, drum heads, and tubas. The lights were synchronized to the music, and well done. The tribute to Vegas was very touching. Those guys really deserve more credit than they get. They put in an insane amount of work. Auburn Players: The Auburn players were playing relaxed, and having fun. They really were communicating with the crowd, really asking us to get loud. Going into the stands, taking pictures with us. Very appreciative of us, and really showing we are all one big family. Many players were quoted after the game saying the coaches this past week were making sure the guys were having fun this week, and maybe that is the key. Andrew Williams was having a blast. He kept coming over to my section and talking to us. I have never seen him that pumped up. Auburn Coaches: We cannot give these guys enough credit. Gus has done an outstanding job. Everything is coming together and peaking at the right time. Great adjustments by everyone. Steele absolutely deserves the Broyles Award. Moving forward: We have a chance to run with anyone in the country right now. We need to take the momentum and run with it, but continue with a chip on our shoulder. Keep reminding the players not to let the LSU game happen again. Play our starters for a half against LA Monroe this weekend to maintain their wits, and pull them after that. I do not want a microscopic bit of rust on Stidham, but I do want to rest him as well. Like Ronnie Brown said, the best has yet to come with our potential. As fans, lets continue to show up and show out. Make the next two games memorable, and lets make the Iron Bowl LOUD. Also, feel free to come say hi at the games. I would love to meet fellow Auburn fans on this forum. I am in Section 2, and am always there 1 hour before the game so it is pretty easy to spot me.
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    Kerryon Johnson is an every down back. I have known it for a month or so now. Guys like @McLoofus have known it a lot longer. You were right. I was wrong. Just now getting around to saying it.
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    I️ I loved the way CD was jawing at the sidelines after every play. Thugga was definitely trying to intimidate from the sidelines and we didn’t back down. I don’t post often but this is my take on whole Gus “foot on the pedal thing” and the whole Gus thing in general. I am no insider, however I work in the community and speak with many donors and those “in the know”. I have never asked them directly but in listening to what they say I’ve pieced together this opinion. When you look at when GM was the OC he constantly had his foot on the pedal. Then he came back as HC and in 2013 continued. Somewhere in 2014-2015 there was a conversation with the PTB about defense and Him slowing it down to help them out. Being a young HC and knowing these people controlled his program, he changed. You can see that philosophy the past two years. Right now with no AD , my feeling is that Gus is off his leash again. I really think that if the PTB just left him the heck alone he would be fine. If we look back there is a trend here with other HCs. Tubs had to bring in Franklin, GC had to hire, that lame duck OC... I forget his name, after Gus left after being told to slow it down. I think the only way we are very going to be a consistent big time program is to let the coach do his job, hire his people and create his own program his way. Well that’s my rant for this year I will sit back, read and listen. Love this site and many days after a long day I get on here enjoy the conversation. War Eagle!
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    SIAP but last night was 100% swag and it started at the top. Thank you for this crow, Mr. Malzahn, sir. May I have another?
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    What an amazing atmosphere. It was wild where I was sitting. Drunken 60 year olds to my right, Georgia fans below me, & my dad to my left haha. But really. If anybody noticed in one of my last posts, I took my dad to this game to celebrate his 51st birthday. I'm a personal trainer & one of my clients gave me for free 2 tickets & 2 concession passes before now the game at the Auburn Arena. I thought who better to take than the person who introduced me to Auburn football. His last game was the 2010 Georgia game. I also got to take him to just first tiger walk. May I add I was next to Casey Dunn's mom & Stidham's girlfriends, sister. Casey stopped mid tiger walk, leaned over the fence & huggest his momma. I was literally a foot away from him. He's a big ole boy. I also spoke to Tryone Truesdell's uncle at tiger walk. Needless to say it was a great experience I'm glad I got to give my dad. The game...I was speechless. I never saw that coming. From the start of the game, everybody around me was high fiving & going crazy. I had little hope going into this game because of our history but man I'm glad we changed things. Jordan-Hare gave me a memory I'll never forget. What a great game to attend!! War Eagle!
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    I believe the cell phone flashlights in the stands were a response and carryover from the AUMB halftime show which featured their new light show. Each band member had an LED light strip on their hat/shako, the drums and sousaphones each had light strips. The light show was programmed and controlled on my son's computer. He designed and headed up the whole project. He is a junior in Electrical Engineering and former member of the AUMB. It was awesome to see in person at the game!
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    what value does he bring? His players fight for him every game. He inspires them to play hard every game. Coordinators game plan and call plays. HCs influence scheme, inspire players and coaches, create a culture of winning, and motivate towards excellence. Gus' main value, IMO, is how he inspires his teams to always fight for him. They love playing for him.
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    Ok lets get this one out of the way. My only prediction/prayer/hope are three things: 1. NO INJURIES 2. All our starters are out by the start of the second half 3. We win by 30+
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    AU. Have felt good about this one a very long time. Signs pointed towards AU from the start by the amount of times he visited. Now he is confident about the direction of the program. Wish he could get his friend JF to rethink his decision. MW is a baller and so is JG and we will get Bo next year so we will be fine either way.
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    Gus looked like a HC tonight. He let his coaches coach, but there were Lots of good in game decisions that made a difference that can only be attributed to Gus, such as pooch kicks, challenges, and proper TO's. Previously he looked and meddled like a disgruntled OC that had his ball taken away.
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    Tim Cook will be at the Iron Bowl. He'd be a great guest picker.
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    I still think this new "Gus Unleashed" has everything to do with JJ stepping down and Gus feeling free to run things how he wants. I was off the bus after Lsu but now I'll stand on the bus until I see how he coaches the next 2 games and hopefully sec champ and bowl games. I don't mind losing if the other team is just better but can't stand poor coaching (lsu and Clemson) causing a loss
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    Answer: Not be good. The best SEC game is at 2:30 per the contract. This is what you want.
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    When you get called out for saying something blatantly ridiculous, do not double down with even more when you respond. It does not paint a flattering picture for you. When you say things like "The NCAA has always come up with..." in this context, it makes you look like you do not know what you are talking about. The NCAA has absolutely nothing to do with the FBS postseason. They have nothing to do with the College Football Playoff, the committee that selects the participants, the Bowl Championship Series that preceded it, or the bowl system that preceded the BCS. The NCAA does not recognize a national champion for FBS. TCU was left out because they did not play a conference championship game. The other four representatives did, so they played an extra game against a quality opponent that TCU did not play. They put their playoff ambitions on the line, and TCU had the week off. Last year, Penn State got left out because they got drilled by Michigan and lost to Pittsburgh. Ohio State lost once, to Penn State on the road, but they beat three top 10 teams AND blew out Oklahoma on the road. Ohio State had a much better overall resume than Penn State did, AND they had one less loss. Had Oklahoma beat Ohio State earlier in the season, they would have taken Ohio State's slot and B1G would have been left out. After the conference championship games were done, they had these candidates to choose from for a fourth slot: one loss Ohio State, two loss Oklahoma, and two loss Penn State. Popularity had nothing to do with it. Moreover, what is this popularity contest you are talking about? Auburn is left behind when they do not have a good team. So are Penn State, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, and anyone else. Auburn has played in two BCS National Championship Games in this decade, and won one of them. Auburn is currently being discussed as a two loss playoff team if they win out. How in the world does that constitute being left behind in a popularity contest? If you are trying to attribute popularity as something the playoff committee considers, then you have absolutely no evidence upon which to base that assertion. Thus far, the playoff committee has gotten it right all three times. They even showed you a lack of bias, just recently, when their first ranking this year defied the polls by ranking Georgia ahead of Alabama.
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    Great recap!!! The atmosphere was fantastic!!! We had a family sit next to us, whose daughter was there to view the campus. They were from Los Angeles and didn't know any of the Auburn traditions. Their eyes were as big as saucers as they took everything in. By halftime, they were cheering as loud and proud as the rest of us. The daughter said she absolutely loves Auburn and our beautiful campus. We explained the eagle, the love for the band, the history with Georgia, and pointed them in the direction of Toomer's Corner after the game. We also told them that they were good luck and needed to come back in 2 weeks. haha
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    It is hard to argue against this. I have never seen a Gus team "give up" even in the bad loses. While that may be true - it is going to be hard for me to say I am back on the bus after 1 dominating win. It took 3 sub par seasons and an LSU collapse for me to make my exit. I expect a great game against bama and I expect to win a bowl game if we fall short of the playoffs. Obviously Gus is not getting fired this year. Ill be waiting for the bus after the UGA game next season. If it shows up with 9 wins I will get back on. If it shows up with 8 - im not sure. 7 or fewer and I will let it go bye and hope to never see it again.
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    Since no one else is saying it...JJ was forcing Gus to call big games poorly. He came into Gus' office every week with his game plan laid out for him.
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    Here is the breakdown of the Touchdown play to Kerryon Johnson.. Once again guys, I am an artist.. So I'm sensitive about my work... I call this play..... THE WALL... Notice how AU pays tribute to its architect department by building a wall literally on the field... ENJOY....
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    The "I told you so's" hashing it out with the "bus jumpers". If you're in the crowd that doesn't believe Gus iced the LSU game, good for you. And if you're in the crowd that, after last night, still can't get back on the bus, good for you too. We may or may not beat the turds, but I for one am amped up that we've got a serious head of steam for bama and we're coming in swinging. I'm not ashamed to have been ready to see him gone. Right now I'm saying "Go get'em, coach".
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    past month?! O NO!!! It has been since the georgia game in 2015!!! lol. It has been WAY longer. That is the thing. ALL OF US Gus naysayers want to be wrong because that would mean great things for Auburn and that is ultimately what we all want. Bashing gus comes out of love for Auburn. but WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! That was one of my favorite Auburn wins in recent memory! Total domination baby!! WAR DAMN!!!!
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    That, and I personally have loved Joey’s attitude and dedication from the beginning. Players like that are special. I believe KJ was the same way.
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    I don’t want to jump to far ahead but for me it will come down to tackling and how well D. Williams and Paw-paw Atkinson does in spying Hurts. We can stop the run then let hurt run off 15-20 yards when we are playing good defense.
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    I was a fan of how their offensive coordinator basically went from a genius (in their first drive) to an idiot in the span of one game thread.
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    Watch the UGA players trying to start stuff, committing penalties, etc and we have guys that are getting guys calm and collected. The kickoff return that resulted in a brief scuffle, UGA let their bench mingle out on the field, we had multiple guys guiding guys back to the sideline, calming them down. Leadership, proud of this team, and think we have peaked with the right swagger at the right time
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    It probably is something extraordinary for Stidham. Baylor's stadium has basically half the capacity of Jordan-Hare, Jordan-Hare channels all of that noise down to the field, and our fans always turn it up to 11 for games like that. It has to be an insane feeling to hear a crowd like that behind you after every big play, especially when it gets kicked up even louder after a touchdown. I do not think he even got to experience being on the opposing side of such a crowd while at Baylor. He should prepare himself for hearing loss in two weeks. Edit to add a message to Tray Matthews: Do that again in two weeks, and you will not have to go celebrate with fans, they will probably come to you.
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    After his official visit, 4-star CB Christian Tutt to make Tuesday decision between Auburn, Ohio State By Benjamin Wolk Auburn Recruiting Reporter November 12, 2017 AUBURN, Ala. — Christian Tutt is ready to make his college decision. After his official visit to Auburn, the 4-star cornerback from Thomson, Ga., confirmed what he already believed coming into the weekend — that he wanted to commit Tuesday at his U.S. Army All-American Game jersey ceremony. It’s officially down to Ohio State and Auburn. Tutt admitted Nebraska’s coaching uncertainty and program instability steered him away from the Cornhuskers. “This weekend was great. I’m wrapping up my recruitment. I’ll be committing Tuesday. It’s going to be at Ohio State or here,” Tutt said. “This weekend meant a lot to me. It meant a lot to me and my family.” Tutt’s official visit to Auburn gave him a first-hand look at the Tigers against the No. 1 team in the country. He officially visited Ohio State on Sept. 17. Based on timing, it might seem like the Tigers are a lock to land Tutt. But he already knew coming into the weekend he wanted to commit on Tuesday. He thought it was possible he’d have to push back that decision, but after this weekend, Tutt is sure he’s ready to commit on Tuesday to either the Tigers or the Buckeyes. This weekend certainly made an impression. “It did [change things for me],” Tutt said. “This weekend meant a lot. They showed me everything I needed to see. I seen a lot. I seen the way they played. I seen the way they finished. Everything. Down to preparation and schemes and how they run the defense. Coach [Kevin] Steele, he does a great job. That’s why I want to be a part of it.” Auburn has a need at cornerback. Carlton Davis is likely to leave for the NFL after this season, and so far, the Tigers don’t have any cornerbacks committed in this class. That was a big part of the conversation this weekend with Steele and secondary coach Greg Brown. They made it known where Tutt would fit in, and he liked what he heard. “Their schemes, I know exactly what defense they’re running and exactly where they want me to be in the defense. I know exactly what I need to do to come in and be successful, and that’s what I’m going to do.”
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    That was my take, immediately. The odd thought crossed my mind that I wanted, I NEEDED this Georgia team to lose. I might have tolerated a Richt win, unhappily, but tolerated. This had "Saban Swag II" painted all over it and I was disgusted. They learned who had the house keys VERY early...as if, from the crowd noise, they actually had to enter the stadium to find out. I will always, ALWAYS be grateful to every single soul there in person, contributing to the "12th Man" factor. It shriveled "Dawgconfidence" mightily. Auburn stopped the run, which was another gut-punch. Wide receivers completed some excellently thrown passes when Auburn wasn't powering their own mighty run, kudos to the receivers, to Stidham, and to the O-line. I KNOW the bulldogs are scratching their heads today, singing the "What If" song. And one more thing...did anyone else SEE GUS's SMILE walking off that field at the buzzer? Sheer elation...I have NEVER seen him that pumped. That kind of feeling is one most want to repeat. Prayers that Mercer gives Alabama fits next Saturday. Hey, it's happened before. Prayers that we give Louisiana-Monroe the same respect and intensity EACH of our opponents deserve. There will be time enough for "future talk" later. One game at a time, just win, baby, chop that wood.
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    Nope. Chip called plays, Gus added some wrinkles. Most if not all have saluted Gus for doing what he should’ve done earlier in the season. Time for you to move on sweetheart.
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    This state?! The nation. They will be pissed. By they, I mean the general college football fan.
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    To me what Finebaum said was the equivalent of Pat Dye calling Georgia's manhood into question several years back before the Bama game. He always has an agenda and if he can help motivate the Tide by saying Auburn would have beaten them on Saturday and may be the best team then he will happily oblige. He is no friend of Auburn. Auburn fans know we have a shot at Bama and the team sure knows it. He's not saying this for our benefit.
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    AU. I have felt he would end up at AU for a while now. We are more confident in him getting in and all now and have been recruiting him hard.
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    Coaches in the area say he's the best football player in South Florida regardless of position. Currently 5'7" and 185. Does Sproles come to mind? Not far off from Emmitt Smith either. I think you should take a closer look.
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    Laughing big time. Wife looking at me like whats so funny? Thanks
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    Seems like it..After he said we "whipped the dog crap out of them" after the game. Don't remember him showing that behavior before and I liked it.
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    Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham is leading an offense that is the first to average 43.0 PPG in SEC play since Tim Tebow's Florida did it in 2008. Morning After: Auburn’s offense is doing something the SEC hasn’t seen since Tim Tebow By Justin Ferguson Auburn Beat Reporter November 12, 2017 AUBURN, Ala. — Even Gus Malzahn was at a loss for words when he heard the numbers Saturday night after Auburn football’s 40-17 drubbing of No. 1 Georgia. The Tigers scored at least 40 points for the sixth time in seven SEC games Saturday. Auburn is now averaging 43.0 points per game in SEC play, moving it just ahead of Alabama, which fell to 41.9 after scoring just 31 in a narrow win over Mississippi State. “Yeah, wow,” Malzahn said. “When you say that, that’s really something.” MORE: Gus Malzahn flips his big-game script with his most crucial win at Auburn Auburn averages more than six touchdowns per game in SEC play this season, even with the 23-point meltdown against LSU in October. The Tigers haven’t averaged more than 40 points against SEC opponents since the Cam Newton-led national champions in 2010 (40.2 points per game). The SEC hasn’t had a team average 43 or more since the Tim Tebow-led Florida national champions in 2008 (43.3). Fun fact: Newton was on that team, too. That number most likely will come down some after the Iron Bowl in two weeks, as Alabama has only allowed that amount four times in the last five seasons. Mississippi State’s 24 points Saturday night were the most the Tide have allowed all season. Auburn running back Kerryon Johnson has been on fire since returning to action at the start of SEC play. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) However, Georgia hadn’t allowed more than 28 points or 312 yards at any point in its first nine games of the season. Auburn hung 40 points and 488 yards on the Bulldogs en route to a memorable upset of the College Football Playoff rankings’ No. 1 team. “I think it’s just we’re balanced,” Malzahn said. “We can run the football. Our vertical passing, we’ve been pretty efficient with that. We’re playing with pace.” Malzahn is right. Auburn’s balance has almost been right down the middle in SEC play under first-year offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey. OPPONENT RUSH YDS PASS YDS Missouri 269 219 Mississippi State 244 267 Ole Miss 326 235 LSU 189 165 Arkansas 348 284 Texas A&M 228 268 Georgia 237 251 Total 1,835 1,689 Perecnt 52.1% 47.9% With the exception of the second half against LSU, Auburn has been firing on all cylinders offensively in SEC play. The Tigers have fully tapped into their potential with the likes of quarterback Jarrett Stidham, running back Kerryon Johnson and a veteran offensive line. “I thought coming into this situation that we obviously have a great football team, and I knew what kind of team we could have,” Stidham said. “It’s just a matter of executing and being that team.” That meltdown at LSU has served an important purpose, too. Auburn’s offense has cleared the 250-yard mark passing in every game since then, including ones against an elite Texas A&M pass rush and an elite Georgia all-around defense. Instead of playing it safe after halftime, Auburn’s second halves have been better than their first halves in recent weeks. “I think the biggest difference is that we learned to finish,” Johnson said. “The LSU game we were doing the same things to those guys that we did here in the first half. We just didn’t finish, and we kind of took our foot off the gas. We learned to finish and we learned what was necessary to do, and I think the proof is in the pudding.” MORE: Gus Malzahn wants Kerryon Johnson in Heisman race after Auburn’s rout Johnson pointed to improved execution as a key to Auburn’s offensive success since the loss to LSU. That was apparent again Saturday against Georgia, as Auburn finally found a breakthrough offensively after a slow start. Malzahn preaches the importance of Auburn getting better each week. Even with an average of 43 points per game in SEC play, Auburn still thinks it can do that. “I feel like we still haven’t played our best ball yet,” junior receiver Ryan Davis said. “I feel like we still have some improvements to work on with certain things.” If that truly is the case, Auburn could be in for another one to remember in November, when Alabama brings its own high-scoring attack to the Plains.
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    What I had seen since LSU was Gus letting Chip do his job. What I saw last night was a whole new CEO looking HC running this program. If he can show me over the next few games that this is in fact the new Gus, I’ll drive the bus for Gus. Notice how much praise he was giving the players and the assistant coaches. He was proud of his support people and you could see they were proud of him. The way it should be.
  40. 3 points
    I can understand that. But I do not agree with the logic that we simply don’t want a kid because Auburn wasn’t his 1st choice. The recruiting process isn’t over until the kid signs on the dotted line. The “not going to back down” attitude that we had on defense last night is the same attitude that we should have in recruiting.
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    Yeah, me and 87,561 (or whatever the #is) of my best friends took personal offense to Kirby's remark.
  42. 3 points
    Derrick Brown and D. Russell completely dominated on the inside and made tackles. Even Davidson’s and A. Williams got in on the action inside. Not sure the total tackles of the DTs but our linebackers only needed to finish what was already started. Braden Smith on the other side dominated T. Thompson. I’m not sure which is having more nightmares this week, him or Fromm from Holland
  43. 3 points
    Tega. James should have always been inside. That’s why we need a quality OT in this years class.
  44. 3 points
    I wouldn't assume KJ goes pro just yet. Kid loves Auburn and is the type of kid who would stay. It would be smart if he can get a 1st or 3nd round grade but if not I believe he stays. He will have KP back next year also barring unforseen circunstances.
  45. 3 points
    We will see. If you can't see the difference in Gus snice the LSU game then you will never approve of him. What will you say when he wins the SEC this year?
  46. 3 points
    Can’t wait to see JG lead us to more victories against him
  47. 3 points
    Yes thank you for saying it. We may seem like buttholes for saying it but we can't be so quick to let him off the hook. He finally let Chip coach again. He just needs to stay out of the way like he did yesterday and we're good. We got the talent to dominate consistently. This needs to branch off into more big wins. No more miracles..We have a championship team and we can't waste it. We are afforded top 10 recruiting just like bama and uga and we need to act like it.
  48. 3 points
    I know you feel attacked by those of us who have a hard time buying this new Gus, but don’t. Thing is, we heard he was different before the season started. He wasn’t. I don’t expect him to change next year either. But the thing is, barring a crazy outcome next Saturday, AU will go into the Iron Bowl with a shot to get to Atlanta. After seeing the LSU game, that’s nuts. I no longer want him fired, but i really want this new Gus to be the Gus we get out of the gate next year. Yesterday was as creative as he and his staff have been offensively in a long, long time.
  49. 3 points
    One thing no one could ever take away from Gus is that at no point during his tenure here has he ever lost the team. I don't know how he's able to keep them focused with all the viral hatred being dished out on social media, but he has been able to do it.
  50. 3 points
    Head and shoulders above Lawson. Loved Carl but his hype greatly exceeded his production. More disruptive than Ford. Think his game is a level above each of those.