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    When you make a statement like this publicly, then the person you called out turns it around and fixes the problem, then mea culpas should be just as public. I was angry and I didn't see any way he was going to fix it. I was wrong. He learned from what lost us that game and we're sitting at 10-2, dominating wins over both our biggest rivals and a berth in the SECCG with a chance at the CFP. I can't ask much more than that (other than not blowing the rematch). I'm back on the bus, Gus. My apologies.
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    We are obviously fortunate that Gus is still here but anyone who was massively pissed off after all the bad losses the last few years- with LSU being the worst of them all- was completely justified in being so. People in his position deserve to be criticized harshly for failing miserably at their jobs, which he has done several times in the last couple years. We are all moving forward together but I'm not really going to get wrapped up in big apologies. Also, our players and assistant coaches deserve just as much credit for staying on mission as Gus does for getting his head out of his butt.
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    BS! T Brown searches the fan out and cheap shots him from behind. That is all on a player who can't handle the emotions of defeat. You see other bama players shaking hands and congratulating players as well as fans.
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    We motioned a lot. Beyond that bama sets the edge on defense very good. The speed/jet sweep just doesn’t work very well against them because they play leverage so well.
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    Im glad to be apart of the team here at AUFAMILY.COM! Glad you guys are enjoying my photos, I hope to bring images of some fantastic moments in Auburn Athletics history!
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    Here's what I posted on October 23: I'm happy to see that Gus has figured things out; I did not want to have to go through a coaching search this cycle. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come for future seasons and we won't see Gus 'coaching scared' ever again.
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    Keith thinks Clemson still leads now FWIW. What I can tell you is Jason Caldwell told me at the UGA game that his grandmother wants him close to home badly. Also JLee told me that with his mom being gone so long in the service that he may want to stay close to her now that she's back from over seas...Just some things to chew on.
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    Nothing to see here...move along please
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    I'm totally lost on this one and I just watched the game again. I've always liked GD. If you want pro auburn radio, that's your choice, but I think he's always done a solid and objective job. I have no idea where some of this conspiracy bias belief comes from.
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    ^Which still surprises me by what I’ve heard.
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    Gary Danielson and bama are hereby sentenced to the pit of misery. Dilly Dilly!
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    As long as Chip LIndsay continues to call games like the last 2 weeks, we will get it done. That guy is dialing up some incredible balance and making DCs defend every inch of the field, and every offensive player on the field.
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    Might I also give special props to Chip, in particular as assistant coaches go, for taking the brunt of it all from playcalls in the beginning, especially from the lsu game when we know it wasn't all him calling those plays!
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    Shouldn't happen. Even though Clemson beat us head to head, they would have 2 losses and no conference championship. No way they stay ahead of us in the CFP if we beat a #5 or #6 Georgia on Saturday and win the SEC. Auburn would have passed the eye test with flying colors. In that scenario, I'd expect us to go to #3 with Oklahoma at #1, Whiskey at #2, and Miami at #4. I just want us at #2 or #3. I want to play in Pasadena again so we can redeem ourselves. If it's Oklahoma in Pasadena, all the better to beat them to avenge the Sugar Bowl and the 2014 BCSCG. Maybe the committee will make the right call and award Auburn with #3 tomorrow night by the quality of the wins, or at least up to #2 or #3 by Sunday IF we beat the dwags again.
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    I had a lot of time to kill while traveling yesterday and spent a lot of time lurking on In fact, I read all of their game threads (both halves) and some of their post-game thread. (All for the purpose of schadenfreude mind you.) It's really funny to see how some (on both sides) attribute their team's misfortune to poor officiating, often implying it's deliberate, especially when playing in the opposition's stadium. Apparently, Auburn was holding on every play. But I did enjoy the comments referring to Jordan-Hare "voodoo". They all respect the difficulties that come with playing us there.
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    So you accept second hand, hearsay testimony as proof?
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    Things I got right: Jeff Holland, Kerryon Johnson, Kerryon throwing an important TD pass out of the wildcat, Casey Dunn, Ryan Davis (though not to the degree that @ValleyTiger did), Will Hastings. Things I got wrong: NCM, Gus learning after the LSU debacle. 3rd time isn't a charm, but I guess the 6th or 7th time is. Edit: I remain convinced that NCM is as good as advertised. Maybe we'll use him more next year.
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    Georgia is going to be out for revenge big time. I just hope we are prepared for that, and these kids dont let the recent successes over Georgia and Bama get to their head.
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    Correction. It’s not illegal if your own teammate claps his hands behind the center and induces him to snap the ball before the QB is ready ... just thought that distinction neede to be made(!)
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    He wasn't. But he's stayed healthy and gotten to play in a Chip Lindsey offense for most of a season now with a healthy, talented, experienced team around him and he's gotten much better. He's probably better than Sean but it's sad if folks think that their respective circumstances are remotely apples to apples.
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    Can't wait until tomorrow at work. I have the typical loud mouth, always running her mouth bammer that knows absolutely nothing about football as a coworker. The crap she says tomorrow will be priceless. I wont even have to bring it up. Just sit back and watch the stupidity ooze out of her pores.
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    Shout out to CKS. Brilliant game plan. Contain, contain, contain all night. It was frustrating at times watching our pash rushers not come after Hurts as hard as usual but in the end it was perfect.
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    So, say Auburn wins on Saturday... this is how the rest could play out. This is totally not far fetched. What happens if Clemson and Wisconsin lose their conference championship games? Neither is a far fetched scenario considering that Wisconsin hasn't really been tested and Miami is probably going to be playing with a huge chip on their shoulder. So what happens then? Does Wisconsin still get in with the best win/loss record in the conference or does Ohio state jump in with 2 losses as the winner? Does Miami get in? Does bama weasel their way back in? How about UCF who would then be the only undefeated team in the NCAA? FiveThirtyEight predicts Oklahoma, Auburn, Ohio State and Miami in that scenario, but I don't know. If you believe in FiveThiryEight, however, you better hope Oklahoma wins, because if TCU wins, no matter who else wins or loses, they predict bama getting their semi-annual back-door pass. And if Clemson and TCU win, the scenario of us having to beat both rivals twice and take 1 out of 2 from Clemson to win it all could very well happen.
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    I call B.S..........right after I give this a thumbs up.
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    It is already at 10 and most of the guys we might pickup are 4* so I expect us to move up a couple of spots.
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    Time and Perspective I never got as emotionally deep (read this as "bubble too far off center") into my opinions on Gus as a few others but took the attitude that support the team and let the coaches follow the course. I primarily targeted my resistance to the boycott crowd - and I was doing all I could to stop it as I thought it may damage the team and program. There was a very specific post saying my attitude is the reason we have 8 win seasons and always lose to our rivals. Understand what I am typing now is not a call out or a chest thumping post. That post against me was/is correct. My attitude is the reason. Understand I am older and I have time that has added perspective. I like to think of my approach to football as a body of work. Since I played sports (not named football) I buy into the relationships between teammates and coaches that extend beyond the gridiron. This season is a wonderful example that we need both. Address what is happening now and where we are headed. There are times of "how's this going to be - go big or go home - man up and decide." LSU changed more that just the coaches and players. It altered a dynamic. I think we're on the edge of something more than a one hit wonder. I have no idea where we'll end the season ( I have my hopes! ) but breaking through is not as hard as sustaining. Our attitude and our approach not only contribute to game-day but I believe deeply in recruiting. And coaching. And culture. I like where we are. Let's not forget our lessons. And don't ignore the more vocal or emotionally vested that call out boneheaded decisions - that's necessary too. WDE OldFeller
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    Nice example..... I use to warn players about letting this happen to them. The offensive guy after gaining this grip can steer you in the direction he wants to take you and it makes it really hard to disengage. The UAT receivers blocking on the outside did this also.
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    Depends on what vendor you check, I've seen several different themes from TigerRags and J&M.
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    We used the quick screens in place of the jet sweep to get players outside vs bama. Jet sweep wouldn't have worked bc of bamas speed. We wonder why we saw so many screens vs ulm lol. I got the sense we were practicing WRs blocking downfield. With UGA I suspect they will not be blitzing like they did last time. We have hit several big plays as of late with the all out blitz.
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    wow if true what a cluster.....................................
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    Malzahn was the source.
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    jump wish they could find someone to be competitive with bammer
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    Big Bert is available!. May be too late in the game now to right a wrong, but UT should have hired Cutcliffe when they fired Fulmer.
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    Can someone tell him that the AP poll doesn't matter. He deserves some grief for that
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    Don't know why UF is so upset. Kelly chose the west coast and frost will probably be heading to Lincoln. Mullen is a solid hire
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    Near the end of the game, when bama is throwing every down trying to catch up, that jack-leg Gary Danielson says that our DL is just gassed and can’t rush anymore. The next few plays after that comment, in order: we quickly wrap Hurts up in the backfield, but he manages to shovel to an RB for no gain a bama OL jumps offsides b/c he is terrified of getting beat by Holland we sack Hurts for about an eleventy billion yard loss. Felt like the entire DL telling Gary and UA to bite it.
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    Wrong. like I said it's not a big deal to me I just don't think it should have happened. I was a little surprised when it did.
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    It wouldn't be any different than any other time we've run the wildcat this year. I'm not saying take JS out for a whole series, just when we call a wildcat play. If KJ can't play, that would be an option.
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    At the end of the day 99% (because I swear there are legit trolls on here) want what’s best for AU. Everyone just expresses that differently. I hope a few more commits roll in this week!
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    Not only is he pro Bama, pro Sabin, (Sabin owes him money for the prostitution services he was performing the entire game) but he got every dig in at Auburn he possibly could. I mean, constant comments like this could’ve been a flag on Auburn, and I don’t really think that should’ve been a flag against Alabama etc... the entire game! Did you hear the comment about Kirby Smart submitted six plays to SEC officials he was unhappy about in the Georgia game? I mean really Gary? Do you bring that up as AU is beating Alabama and going to play Georgia next week? He is totally anti-Auburn, and I can’t stand him!
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    I would beg to differ on the play of the game. Roberts' tackle on Scarborough on their second drive of the third quarter. Bama had the mo' after driving it right down the field to start the third. Ending that drive was crucial.
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    This is a hybrid offense but I get your point. Got to give CCL some credit.
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    Hidden path inDowntown Prattville, a favorite place to walk, even if Prattville does think it's Auburn. #asif #onlyoneoriginal ?
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    Iron Bowl 2017 giddiness has me exploring all sorts of other AUFamily pastimes, but I'll post a few random ones...pardon if someone else beat me to a particular one. Great thread! First, the Waffle House backup plan.
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    If there’s one thing I truly appreciate about Memphis, it’s the sunsets.