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    That's definitely the type we need with Gus coaching.
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    When your VR headset glitches:
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    I hope Bo is ABLE to get CAIN to come here.
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    Good thing our wr class is stacked without him! He is just a luxury right now and not a need. I really love our WR class but especially Seth Williams!
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    Horace Spencer's improvement at the FT line is nothing short of miraculous. He looks confident and smooth at the line this year. It's really nice to see.
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    Loaded and over crowded. We seldom use more than 4 or 5 a game(Slayton, NCM, Davis, Hastings, Stove). If we utilized all of them, I wouldn't think about moving any of them, but we don't...and we need help in the back end.
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    Nice read, just disregard the writer.
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    How awesome is it to finally have a team that can make free throws consistently? Cliff Ellis was the coach the last time i can remember having a team that was solid at the line. Just over the last 4 or 5 years I cant even count how many games we lost because of terrible free throw shooting. This is the first time in a loooooong time that we can feel confident at the end of a game when Auburn has the lead and the opponent starts fouling every possesion that they are not going to lose. What a great season so far!
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    I was thinking about the below scenario a couple weeks ago but just looked at the SEC schedule for next year to see if it was even possible. Here it is. Florida wins the East beating Georgia and going 12-0 Georgia beats Auburn and finishes seconds in East at 11-1 Alabama goes 11-1 with only loss to Auburn. Finishes second in West Auburn goes 11-1 and wins West Auburn beats Florida in SEC Championship. SEC champ Auburn and one loss Florida, Georgia and Alabama all make playoff as all other conference champs have two losses. #1 seed Auburn beats #4 seed Georgia and #3 seed Alabam beats #2 seed Florida. Auburn beats Alabama to win National Championship. Yes, I know the odds would be astronomical. Wonder what odds you could get on a bet with above scenario. Just having some fun at the beginning of the long off season
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    Aww! Come on fellas. It was only a 4 post derailment at the time.
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    As I do you. You were the inspiration for my new avi.
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    Don't be jealous. There's plenty of love to go around.
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    This is a much better worded summation of where I'm coming from, thanks.
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    You aren't doing anything wrong. Just a simple request for a subforum with articles being the primary source versus individual poster creating threads.
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    Would much rather someone smoke a joint and sit on the couch at home as opposed to someone getting drunk and then getting behind the wheel.
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    For the record, I enjoyed your threads. Whose threads I didn't enjoy were all of the new people just trying to troll everything Auburn.
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    You would need to point him out to Gus first. His response would be Marquis who? Did he sign with us?
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    Does tend to complicate things. Every time I got sacked, no matter how bad it hurt, I would look him straight in the eyes and laugh at him for hitting like a pansy. Except one time I got knocked out, so I don't think I was laughing.
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    I agree with this Power 5 Champions +UCF +2 At Large teams
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    I agree. I like the idea of 5 conference champions and 3 wildcards. In this scenario, I would guess the three wildcards would be UCF, Auburn, and Alabama. Oh, no 3 SEC teams in the playoffs! I know the masses would be unhappy but it does give a little bit more room for diversity. Also, I don't care if an underdog wins the conference championship. That shouldn't be the playoffs committee job to have the favorite prepared for a meaningful game.
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    Good point, and lesbianist, I mean let's be honest, I'd probably say something stupid if you shoved a camera in my face in that moment.
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    Exactly, I was a little surprised we signed so many. I mean if Justin Ross shocks everyone and comes home then do we really need that many WR in one class? Maybe it's a clue that Lindsey wants to open it up. Pickens is coming in next year. I guess it takes 10 guys to get three good blocking WR.
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    This is what I thought of when I read the OP. JJ needed less VR training and more "live bullets" training though
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    The thing that jumped out at me watching his film was his feet in the pocket. Always moving. Never stationary until he plants and throws. Looked like he was in a QB camp drill in the middle of the game. I don't know how much that matters or if he's really that much different than other top guys in that regard, but it was just something that struck me.
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    Don’t know how many watch Pearl’s Post game recaps with reporters but he is so impressive. It is easy to see why his players like him. I love the fact he never fails to give the other team their props. I feel strongly he will not let the team get over confident. I watched the ole miss post game and he explained clearly the adjustments that were made. He talks about the fan base and how the support has been ahead of the play on the court. He refers to individual players and specifically what they did well. I love the fact he said individual stats are not always indicative of a players contribution to a team win (paraphrasing). I am so sold on him and this team. Onward and upward!
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    This sounds like a job for.....Marquis McClain, 6' 2" 226 pound rising sophomore!
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    In my very novice and non expert opinion that amounts to ummm NOTHING lol he is not as fast straight line than stiddy but he has a heck of a lot more quickness than him and especially lateral quickness. Now we will have to see what happens when the rush is bearing down on him with college kids but in high school he keeps his eyes down field and does not look at the rush like stidham does. Stidham has a absolute hose for a arm. Like Stidham can make every throw. He has the prototypical NFL qb arm. Bo is not there yet and may never be but his QB instincts are so much better than stidhams. He is not just a 1 read guy like stidham is. Bo forreal is special like @bigbird has always said. He has IT. He has things that you cannot teach. He is in high school and anticipates throws way better than stidham. If he was 3 inches taller and 25 more pounds heavier he would no doubt be the number 1 player in the country. The college weight room is going to do wonders for him.
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    crutin already for AU!!!! WOOO!!! Leading by example. That is how it is done!
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    I’m glad he went ahead and pulled the trigger. Now he can be the face of the 2019 class and help make our 2019 class top 3-5!!!
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    Man we have a great RB Asa Martin a great WR Class and a great QB this year and now we are getting a great receiver Pickens and great QB Bo next year this has the potential of becoming an offensive dynasty now we need to get some big Nasty's to block for all those great skill position players. Welcome aboard Bo and a Big War Eagle.
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    imho, this is another result of CGM getting the contract etc... I think it would have been a much bigger battle if not for that! Also, atm’s new hire in CJF would have had a better chance if it got drug out for several more months! I think Bo always wanted to be a Tiger, but without coaching stability it may have become more of a business decision with him and Pat to look around at other opportunities.
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    Before everyone trashes the coach for not changing his offense, here are some statistics (taken after the bowl game): RUSHING OFFENSE 2013: 328.3 (1st, 1st) 2014: 255.5 (2nd, 13th) 2015: 196.4 (5th, 35th) 2016: 271.3 (1st, 6th) 2017: 218.3 (4th, 26th) PASSING OFFENSE 2013: 173.0 (11th, 106th) 2014: 229.5 (7th, 66th)2015: 173.6 (12th, 110th)2016: 169.5 (14th, 112th2017: 233.4 (5th, 65th) TOTAL OFFENSE 2013: 501.3 (2nd, 11th) 2014: 485.0 (2nd, 16th)2015: 370.0 (10th, 94th)2016: 440.8 (6th, 43rd)2017: 451.6 (3rd, 26th) As you can see from the numbers, our rushing went down this year to even out with the passing, which jumped up. I might add, the passing rankings were better than 2013 and 2014. As a result, our scoring offense also went up. This is all under a coordinator who has only been here a year. Imagine what a second year would do. Statistically, our defense is at our 2008 levels. Trash Gus all you want, but he is fixing problem areas from years past.
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    Haha perfect! My last response to you was a Princess Bride quote, in case you missed it. Right after the Man in Black bests Inigo and knocks him out.
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    They ought to flush closet bammers down the toilet like they used to on this site, you rotten scoundrel.
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    It's 2018, you can't ask questions like that without offending soft skinned lefties like Homie.
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    PayPal pulled out of a plan to expand their business into North Carolina, which would have brought about 400 jobs to the Charlotte area, all over that LBGT law the NC legislature passed in 2016. I would not put it past any company to opt for a different location if AL voters had put a man accused of sexual assault into office, not to mention his stance on LBGT issues. How much of a factor it was, I doubt we'll ever know for sure. But to say it's not a realistic possibility would be to fail to pay attention to events on the ground culturally.
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    Freaking hero. Even before the punchline, I'm like, "I'd give up all my worldly possessions for a spoonful of that guy's chill."
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    That's the problem, you can't call a Phillip Rivers type of O for Cam. It will fail. We need a guy who has shown he can utilize the skills Cam brings to the table. Honestly, I wouldn't even be mad at Chudzinski being re-hired if we are looking at Norv. At least Chud got Cam's passing game to take off -- of course he had Steve Smith instead of the worst WR unit in the league as it stands now. I mean Brenton Bersin gets tons of playing time and I'd bet good money that his NFL days are over since Richardson is selling.
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    No!.....Nooooo! Not after what's happened today!
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    Not really the personnel that concerns me, it's the Jekyll/ Hyde thing that is hiding inside Gus' mind. It has a nasty way of appearing 2-3 times a year.....
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    Gus working up offensive game plan for 2018
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    Sorry but I'm a full fledged member of the tin-foil-hat wearing "Gus is the REAL Offensive Coordinator" Brigade. He may not tromp the sidelines with a notebook and rolling his hands and screaming as much, in game, as he wants to do but the game plans, play-calling, conservative nature of the O when they get on the opponent's side of the 50, the unwillingness to use more than 1 RB, the lack of passing game sophistication, the inability to adjust and the lack of preparedness for adversity....... These are the same traits that have mired the AU offense his entire time on the plains. Auburn's tremendous successes on 2010 & 2013 were as much testiments to the durability of Cam and Tre than anything considering, just like every other year, he ran them into the dirt. All this more than suggests he's still the puppet master. So.... No.