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    Mutual my ass. CT gave silent commits to all 3 teams on their in home visits last week. Gus found out what CT said to UF & the Cornies and said, "I ain't playing these games, especially since I have a Buck prospect like Jibunor and a very good DL option in Caleb Johnson".
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    The balance between positions was a bit strange to me. I don't understand the focus on WR.
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    I don't see this "proposal" getting clearance from the NCAA. There would have to be limitations a specific parameters set in place to monitor this from a recruiting/contact standpoint which would add more rules, regulations, and red tape to the already bloated NCAA rule book.
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    2020 and 2021 will be where we see failures of this recruiting class show up. Just like next year at safety is where we will see issues come up from last years recruiting class failures show. What's good about it is we can identify GT/JC players over the next year to be able to really fill those holes plus put a huge priority in on the high schoolers. I love the players in this '18 recruiting class but it doesn't fill our needs very well. We are getting out of balance after Coach G spent the first 5 years of recruiting getting the defense and offense and position groups balanced with players and talent. Now this year with the misses on the OL creates gaps in year after year filling in, same can be said for safety but some of that is player transfers, Not finding another QB this cycle and seems like we are only going after Nix next cycle. That's 3 QBs after next year and one may get their feelings hurt and decide to go somewhere else. Still no TE except the kid from last year that was a take for an old coaches friend. He may be a stud but I have my doubts. DL is really the only balanced recruiting we have right now.
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    I don't know how I feel about it all except to try and compare the Fantasyland that is college & college athletics to the real world. Hypothetically, if my boss & mentor leaves the company, I have a choice to make based on life, rules, law... I can take a chance that I'll have to take a pay cut to go elsewhere just cuz I'm pissed, change fields due to my non-compete, etc. Or I can stick it out and enjoy the benefits that come from the great opportunity that I have that so many others would give their right arm for. ...again VERY hypothetical HA! Bottom line is, this is an argument for spoiled people. Like it or not, coaches are paid professionals who make decisions that are best for them & their families and they are allowed to due to the rules & regulations that govern them. .....well, except for Saban, of course. He just does what he wants..but THAT'S a different discussion. The "student-athlete" has rules & regulations that govern their actions too. They can cry "it ain't fair" all they want but they ALSO have options. They can flip burgers, they can work at the school bookstore, they can skip education all together and join the real world with the rest of us and try and get a job. Or they can enjoy the fact that they have a 1 in a million opportunity to do something they (supposedly) love while bettering themselves, getting an education, enjoying the college life while being a coddled athlete and for a TINY percentage of them prepare for the NFL. They DO have choices.
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    Just getting Bo Nix ready for four straight National Championship runs
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    We competed this year with the same caliber of signees we are signing in this class and have competed with Saban better than anybody else has over the last 9 years. So yes, we can compete with them with these players. The key for anyone to beat UGA or UAT is at QB. We have one coming back who is capable. We have one going to be a sophomore and one coming in that have better tools. We shall see if JG is what we want him to be. If he is even close, then yes the people we have signed or will sign in this class can compete with those two.
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    New brackets out. ESPN & CBS kept us a 2 seed in the South. 55 brackets have been updated on Bracket matrix since Saturday. We are a 1 seed in 17 of them & are in a tight battle w/ Xavier, Kansas, & Duke for the 4th overall #1 seed.
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    Hey I don’t know if you guys realize this but the reason we were going after a true TE in this class was because Chandler Cox will be graduating after next season and Chip Lindsey wants to step away from the FB position and begin using a true TE.
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    Don't lose to an LSU team coached by a damn shrimp boat captain & AU would've had a decent chance for a spot in the CFP.
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    Was to show the masses that Kodi deserved to be a coach at AU. Even though he had a ton of help this year, Kodi owes Porter a lot.
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    Here's an idea: Let's beat UGA, lose to Bama, then sit home during the SECCG and fill in the #4 spot on the playoff bracket. Worked for Bammer.
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    In my 28 years I have NEVER seen them recruit this good. I was not scared of richt on the trail. Kirby scares the heck out of me. He is a monster. This feels a lot different than how they recruited before. Yah they have mostly always out recruited us but they are recruiting elite the last 2 classes. saban territory. ANYWAYS back to Auburn since someone will hate more of the georgia talk!!! lol This class would go from really good to great if we just met our obvious needs on the OL. We failed to do that which leaves fans underwhelmed. OL and DL are the 2 positions where you cannot have a class like this. Not with the way we recruit. We are to good for this.
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    Damn. I’m really sad that Kim’s arms shrunk after we signed him?
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    Quote: " AU will hold 1 spot for a potential transfer down the line, whether it be Grad Transfer or Undergrad. " Which is a kind way of saying we aren't going to fill the class with several of the targets we've worked so long and hard to get. I'm still holding out hope that we catch a signing day break. Big Cat Bryant is the only pleasant signing day surprise we've had in recent years.
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    Guys. Stay on Auburn. If you want to talk UGA recruiting there's a thread for them at the top of the Rivals section. No personal offense to anyone. I'm just sick of hearing & reading about UGA right now.
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    Auburn players tend to have more longevity in the NFL than some other teams, but a large percentage make it as free agents, not on draft day. We need more 1st and 2nd rounders to turn kids heads.
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    Auburn basketball is ranked higher than North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, and UK. Let that sink in.
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    Golf said that too when he saw the first chariot
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    Unpopular Opinion: We aren't 21-2 If Purifoy and WIley had been starting right now. WIley's playstyle slows down our pace and shooters mentality, and Danjel Purifoy had lost his shot and didn't make the team better down the stretch. Sure they might be good players on their own or in a different system but I can't possibly see Auburn's Chemistry any better than it is now.
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    I have a friend who sent his daughter there for soccer. She was a mediocre player but he’s paying $75k+ a year to have her there getting trained, etc. Maybe it will “pay off” with a college scholarship...he’ll be $300k in at that point, lol. Some people have more money than sense I guess....
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    Vote to release the Ds minority memo passes unanimously. Goes to Trump now.
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    THSCA has kicked them out of Texas as far as playing them