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    First time in FIFTEEN YEARS that Auburn’s name will be called on selection Sunday. Regardless of where we’re seeded or how well we do, shout-out to Bruce Pearl and this team. Helluva job boys.
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    My mother has had als (Lou Geri ggs disease) since 2013. She is completely paralyzed and is only able to breath with assistance. We have maintained and done well until she got the flu last Thursday. She is over the flu, but she is so much weaker than before. I ask for prayers of strength and healing for her.
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    How in Sam Hill is it rubbing another team's nose in it when the dancing team is losing the game?
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    That was close on whether she had her foot on home plate when she caught it but want a quick, quick turn. Huge play.
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    I like this tweet from Jen Shroeder who was doing color with Michele Smith at the game. "A catcher takes a body running full speed at her. Holds onto the ball. Makes the tag. Shows the ball. Saves the game. Oh. Wait! Obstruction. UGH."
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    Totally agree. No way do I pitch to her there. She has been tattooing the ball, even when we got her out. First base open,and her run is meaningless. I lay that one at the feet of CMD. He should have ordered an intentional walk.
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    I hope we do. Hope we don’t fall to 5.
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    Not even the throw. The dive to stop the ball is what saved that run for them. Hell of a play.
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    THE Reason Farrakhan never gets called out on his craziness? Because it would embarrass a few on the Left. At some point, Muslims throwing gays off of buildings became tolerable in the MSM because to show America that would be "Islamophobic." See Bill Maher and how he has been attacked for just saying the truth about Islam. In a lot of Left Quarters, some of my brethren strive to "become so open-minded that their brains have fallen out." I had a pre-op transgender male make that observation to me. Hi Stephanie! In the never stopping, mind-numbing, corkscrewed, convolutedness that is American Politics, we often see denials of the obvious by otherwise educated sane people because they would rather cede a salient point that may cost them a nanosecond of negative backtracking than to allow "the other side" a nanosecond of victory in a debate. That is how you now have Left-leaning people now siding with Sharia Law Imposing Islamic Nutjobs rather than admit that a Conservative may have a point. Farrakhan has always been a nutjob. Those that side with him do so because they would rather side with a nut job that hates their political enemies than admit the truth that he is indeed a nutjob. Conservatives now side with an embecilic, womanizing, misogynistic ass like Trump because he pisses off the Left rather than admit the truth that the man is completely out of his league in the WH. Woman's Leadership Groups and Feminists like Nina Burleigh, NOW, et al defended WJC and Ted Kennedy to the bitter end rather than do the right thing and join the Right and call these cretins what they actually are...womanizing, misogynistic asses just like Trump. Farrakhan is just one of a hundred examples of stupid political choices made by both sides of American Politics in the last 50 years.
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    Trump Madness: POLITICO Magazine’s 2018 Bracket The Trump White House often feels more 'Game of Thrones' than 'Team of Rivals.' Now you get to predict who makes it to the series finale. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/03/11/trump-madness-bracket-217340 Download your bracket here: https://www.politico.com/magazine/f/?id=00000162-14f7-d21f-abe7-deff45990000
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    You be the judge. Be sure to watch until the end
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    I just cannot stand Osorio. I'll be glad when she's gone.
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    A 4 seed is pretty great
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    We are about the same as LSU, and could easily have won one or two of these games. Our basic weakness is hitting, obviously. Sure wish Glassco could have stayed with us. Maybe tomorrow's doubleheader at Southern Miss will help us. We don't have a batter in our lineup that anyone would intentionally walk. Taylon Snow may become one. Osorio is better than Hoover, so no relief in sight there. We've been facing Osorio since 2015, and haven't beaten her yet. At least we won't have some jackass right behind the plate yelling while our players are trying to hit. Very unsportsmanlike.
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    College of Charleston is not anything close to a pushover. They will give us all we want. They are long like A&M and have a strong PG. It won't be easy.
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    I've actually watched some basketball this year. That itself is significant since I generally don't care for the sport. I'm normally into the NHL playoffs during the NCAA tourney.
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    Oh crap. We've got the hat trick of misery doing the announcing today. UGH.
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    No, I didn't prefer Hand. Just poking fun at the few here that whined incessently about Hand not being a good recruiter. There are others on the staff that can recruit. We need some teachers too and Grimes is a teacher.
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    I guess I'm more curious about the bracket than excited today. Glad Auburn is playing something besides baseball and softball in March.
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    When I attended some early season practices, the catchers were setting up in front of home plate and would receive the ball and immediately spin around with arms/glove extended to 3rd base side as though trying to make a "sweep tag". Did not see any done with live runner at those practices. Definite advantage to runner in my opinion. I am for player safety and recall Carlee Wallace getting clocked during a home plate collision; however, this rule will likely greatly reduce one of the most exciting plays in the game and put the play in the hands of the home plate umpire beyond the fact was the player tagged prior to touching the base.
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    It's a bad rule that was changed to avoid collisions like we saw. But in changing the rule, they put the defense at a disadvantage and left the play to the judgement of the umpire. By the way the rule is written, the correct call was made.
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    There are several smaller schools that have some game that are worthy of some 12-5 seed upsets. Gulp
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    Draper steals 2nd. Snow slow roller to 2nd to end the inning. no score
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    Be nice to hear President Trump tell the little fat guy he is serious about " fire and fury " . Doubt that many "negotiations" will be on the table when they meet. How do you engage with with a ruthless little ba*tard.
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    Tough game....sooner or later it was bound to happen and tonight was some quality baseball by both teams....
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    We should get a 3 or 4 at absolute worst due to our entire body of work IMO, but without Anfernee we are playing like a 5 seed. But that doesn't mean we can't make a run either. If Bryce or Harper start heating up we will be a tough out
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    What is our record since we lost McLemore ?? Just can’t underestimate losing him. I know we played bad yesterday but to disparage Pearl is ridiculous.
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    I bet he doesn’t. The players are the only ones with this attitude. Leadership doesn’t start at the top or anything... :inserts yellow font and an eye roll:
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    Yeah. Stop the gloom and doom. Auburn Basketball is playing in a tournament to win the national championship. Enjoy the ride! We’re already champions!
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    Now if only the views of the Republican Party would align with the Republican Party! You know, things like smaller government and more individual rights.
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    I mostly agree with you, and I probably should have said "people who are more interested in getting things FROM the government rather than contributing things TO the government." We probably disagree on "the problem." My feelings have nothing to do with what Trump campaigned on. I have NO doubt that Trump is MORE LIKELY (though not very likely) to be for a smaller government with more people contributing to it and less people drawing from it.
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    How very Dwight Schrutish of you
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    Kevin Greene? He is one of the few Auburn players to be inducted in to the HOF and had a very good NFL career. I would say the guy knows his drills by now...
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    If we don’t like him flashing a natty trophy we need to take it away from them.
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    This is all learned behavior, period. Go to any other country that isn't overrun with these new extremist "progressive" values being piped into the education system and you will find that boys and girls naturally behave as such. There are gay people in these countries as you would expect, but you will not find this booming economy of "genderless" or "gender variable" individuals because as it should be obvious, TRUE "transgenderism" is extremely rare and a complete biological outlier. Kids are stupid and impressionable, when you actively teach them that they can be "gender fluid", you are going to see a lot of kids who otherwise would have grown to become normal adults (or simply gay adults) buy into the idea and make long-term physiological decisions that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. The most sickening thing is when you see this new wave of ultra-progressive parents who USE their children to boost their own social status by actively pushing transgenderism, why? Because there is nothing more politically fashionable than being able to post some story on Facebook (that always goes viral) about how you are so brave and understanding that you let your son go to school in dresses, meanwhile the kid only believes what he believes because the parents have been festering a "gender neutral" childhood and the child is imprisoned to behave in such a way. Go watch those Scandinavian documentaries about these "woke" parents who raise their kids in such a way; whenever you hear the kids themselves speak it is so obvious that they are reciting what they are being told, often times the kids themselves look shell-shocked as you would expect when you are a boy or girl who simply wants to act as such but are constantly told to act in the opposite manner. This is literal child abuse. Its not hard to push impressionable kids in this direction when you also simultaneously push an education system that actively engages to suppress natural forms or masculinity (or femininity) at all costs. Children and fads go hand in hand. How many 40 or 50 year old goths do you see running around in everyday life? Virtually none, because even though this was at one time a popular teenage subculture, the vast majority (like 98%) of kids will grow out of it and later look back and say "WTF was I thinking?". Here in Canada you can now actually lose custody of your child if you don't agree with and support their self-identified gender, so whereas you could probably coax your child into normality (or they'd do it themselves once they realize that they in fact are NOT transgender) you are now left powerless to all these government institutions which will take your child and give them every resource available to make permanent life-altering changes. Oh you are confused about your gender? Don't let your parents tell you otherwise, here is a school councilor or social worker who will CONFIRM your confusion for you and then push you towards the necessary avenues which will get you on hormone blockers or whatever else you need. It is an absolutely sickening perversion of society.
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    So, I guess you would also return the $40.9 million check AU received from the SEC last year? Sorry, this sort of poor-me attitude is just plain silly and a needless psychological burden to carry. I'm out. Y'all have fun being persecuted.
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    Let me get this straight. We are extremely proud of our team for winning the SEC championship in basketball, but because some of our guys didn’t win individual accolades we are now mad and want to take our ball and go home. Sounds pretty sophomoric to me. Sorry. Nothing personal.
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    Miss pops as well. He’s the one who talked me into sharing my info here. Great great man.
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    Gus is being lazy. He could very well train up the other backs, just gets comfortable and would rather not deal with it. The offensive wizard has been retired.
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    Absolutely. And if 3 out of AU's 5 running backs are not able to do those things well enough to spell KJ or make an emergency start after a full season then either recruiting or coaching failed.
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    That's the whole thing. If we are going to be a run-first team, then we can't be dead in the water when a guy gets hurt. To be fair to Gus, I think Alaric Williams not qualifying ended up being a big deal. Whitlow couldn't go. Pettway couldn't go. We had legit roster issues. Gus isn't an idiot. But we knew these things as far back as September, and between Martin, Miller and Barrett, we seriously couldn't scrape up more than 6 carries in the SECCG? I just don't buy it.
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    That either a really good thing or a really scary thing
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    Why and based on what? He is a steroid guy who for some reason walked on at AU and did very little while at AU other than win starting position as as walkon. Which many others have at AU and accomplished more at AU . wde
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    As a bunch of message board warriors have mentioned repeatedly. As a bunch of message board warriors have mentioned repeatedly about every single Auburn back who ever came in under 220 lbs. And it's still annoying as all hell. Don't confuse popular opinion with fact. Hate to play this card, but Tre Mason says hi. So do Dexter McCluster (181 carries in 2009) and Noel Devine (200+ the next season). So do Worm Shivers and his mom. It's just really frustrating to see a guy who Gus refused to use in December atop the depth chart in March. Feels like salt in the wound, is all. And @toddc, you're right, but Gus is now in his 6th year at Auburn and KMart is in his 3rd. Gus should know what KMart is by now. This depth chart is probably meaningless, though. Y'all are right.