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    First time in FIFTEEN YEARS that Auburn’s name will be called on selection Sunday. Regardless of where we’re seeded or how well we do, shout-out to Bruce Pearl and this team. Helluva job boys.
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    We have one of the best big men. Unfortunately, he can't play because people close to him are unbelievably stupid.
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    THANK YOU! AU People have lost their damned minds this year. Before the season started there is not a single BB fan who would not have been overjoyed with a 16 seed...just to make the NCAAs. I am looking forward to where we end up. I am hoping for a 3 seed, but I could see a 4. I would hate to be a 5 as that seed seems to always host an upset. WDE!!!
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    My mother has had als (Lou Geri ggs disease) since 2013. She is completely paralyzed and is only able to breath with assistance. We have maintained and done well until she got the flu last Thursday. She is over the flu, but she is so much weaker than before. I ask for prayers of strength and healing for her.
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    As I posted a couple of weeks ago, if any two of our three scorers are hitting their shots we can beat anybody and blow some out. If fewer than two are hitting, we're probably not going to win, even against inferior teams.
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    The only Heisman winner to not be named the SEC's Male Athlete of the Year? Auburn's Cam Newton. Auburn's Gene Chizik is a unanimous national Coach of the Year but the SEC chooses Spurrier? Auburn is the only SEC champ in 62 years to not have a player on the first team all-SEC squad? Coach Pearl overcomes obstacles that nobody else had to deal with and wins the crown with a severely depleted team, but isn't named Coach of the Year? Do I detect a pattern here? I damn sure do. A big part of the joy in winning SEC games/championships is beating the hater's butts. I'd eliminate the SEC logo from anywhere that it's not required to be
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    technically we tied....but that meant nothing as you's about ranking.... and losing 4 games at the end of the season took us from a possible one seed to where we ended up. Nobody to blame for that......and just happy to be playing this week. .....anywhere.
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    It's tough to start conference play against possibly the best pitchers, best leadoff batter and best cleanup hitter, in one of the toughest places to play. It should be a good learning experience for our young team. We'll be OK but it doesn't get any easier next week against UAT. At least we get them at home. War Eagle Girls!!!
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    How in Sam Hill is it rubbing another team's nose in it when the dancing team is losing the game?
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    That was close on whether she had her foot on home plate when she caught it but want a quick, quick turn. Huge play.
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    For crying out loud man. It's the 9th inning of a tough ball game where you are trying to keep a season opening winning streak to keep going. Most importantly, these are 18-21 year old kids man. Let them have a little fun in a tight sitch. They had a better chance of coming back to win being loose like they were than if they were tight & tensed up. Lastly, below is 64, except it's all sports, not just football....
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    There isn't much any coach can do about interior defense when both size and depth are lacking. If you have one or the other, you can do ok near the basket, even against teams that have both. When you lack both, the three-ball shots better fall for you.
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    I'm a fast pitch umpire at the high school level. It doesn't matter if it's a runner or batter runner that interferes with a defensive player's opportunity to make a play on a ball. Either way it is a dead ball and the runner or batter runner is out. The only explanation for the ruling on this play is that the home plate umpire judged that our player did not have a reasonable chance to make the catch. I disagree with that conclusion in watching the play on tv. However that's the only explanation that makes sense to me because I'm certain that every D1 umpire is quite knowledgeable on the rules governing interference.
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    I like this tweet from Jen Shroeder who was doing color with Michele Smith at the game. "A catcher takes a body running full speed at her. Holds onto the ball. Makes the tag. Shows the ball. Saves the game. Oh. Wait! Obstruction. UGH."
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    Totally agree. No way do I pitch to her there. She has been tattooing the ball, even when we got her out. First base open,and her run is meaningless. I lay that one at the feet of CMD. He should have ordered an intentional walk.
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    I hope we do. Hope we don’t fall to 5.
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    I was thinking we should walk Doyle in that situation. She is too good of a hitter to take a chance.
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    Not even the throw. The dive to stop the ball is what saved that run for them. Hell of a play.
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    Dirk Blocker was his son who was on the series I think called " Blacksheep Squadron" or something like that. Pappy Boington was the head of the real life squadron. I had a 3rd cousin who was actually a member of the real squadron.
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    THE Reason Farrakhan never gets called out on his craziness? Because it would embarrass a few on the Left. At some point, Muslims throwing gays off of buildings became tolerable in the MSM because to show America that would be "Islamophobic." See Bill Maher and how he has been attacked for just saying the truth about Islam. In a lot of Left Quarters, some of my brethren strive to "become so open-minded that their brains have fallen out." I had a pre-op transgender male make that observation to me. Hi Stephanie! In the never stopping, mind-numbing, corkscrewed, convolutedness that is American Politics, we often see denials of the obvious by otherwise educated sane people because they would rather cede a salient point that may cost them a nanosecond of negative backtracking than to allow "the other side" a nanosecond of victory in a debate. That is how you now have Left-leaning people now siding with Sharia Law Imposing Islamic Nutjobs rather than admit that a Conservative may have a point. Farrakhan has always been a nutjob. Those that side with him do so because they would rather side with a nut job that hates their political enemies than admit the truth that he is indeed a nutjob. Conservatives now side with an embecilic, womanizing, misogynistic ass like Trump because he pisses off the Left rather than admit the truth that the man is completely out of his league in the WH. Woman's Leadership Groups and Feminists like Nina Burleigh, NOW, et al defended WJC and Ted Kennedy to the bitter end rather than do the right thing and join the Right and call these cretins what they actually are...womanizing, misogynistic asses just like Trump. Farrakhan is just one of a hundred examples of stupid political choices made by both sides of American Politics in the last 50 years.
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    A 4 seed is pretty great
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    I've actually watched some basketball this year. That itself is significant since I generally don't care for the sport. I'm normally into the NHL playoffs during the NCAA tourney.
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    Sorry to hear. Praying for peace for you and your family.
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    I've never considered myself an "SEC Fan". I'm not one who pulls for the SEC in playoffs/bowls. The only reason I might pull for a conference team I don't particularly like over a non-conf team is as it might affect AU's strength of schedule and national perception. I actually like UT a bit (my wife's family are all UT people and they're sorta my "2nd home team") and I'm kinda liking aTm as I see a lot of Auburn in them but beyond that, if I even care one way or another about an SEC team....I usually don't like (dare I say hate) them.
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    THROWBACK performance.
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    There are several smaller schools that have some game that are worthy of some 12-5 seed upsets. Gulp
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    Hate to see that second run come in.....and we have only one hit and have not threatened yet.....good time to get started with some offense.
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    Draper steals 2nd. Snow slow roller to 2nd to end the inning. no score
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    We should get a 3 or 4 at absolute worst due to our entire body of work IMO, but without Anfernee we are playing like a 5 seed. But that doesn't mean we can't make a run either. If Bryce or Harper start heating up we will be a tough out
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    Yeah. Stop the gloom and doom. Auburn Basketball is playing in a tournament to win the national championship. Enjoy the ride! We’re already champions!
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    Now if only the views of the Republican Party would align with the Republican Party! You know, things like smaller government and more individual rights.
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    The SEC is a biased organization that is two faced and deliberate at the same time. We play for Auburn and no one else.
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    It's like I was explaining to my wife. When he put that trophy in his bag, he might as well have been committing tax fraud. I bet he carries a credit card balance, too.
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    Kevin Greene is there because he is a coach with the Jets and there are about twenty five teams from the NFL represented there. Evidently he was asked to run some of the drills. I am not sure I understand your question or the anger. I think an NFL Hall of Fame Player and a current NFL coach is just about as or more qualified to run drills as anyone else on the campus.
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    Let me get this straight. We are extremely proud of our team for winning the SEC championship in basketball, but because some of our guys didn’t win individual accolades we are now mad and want to take our ball and go home. Sounds pretty sophomoric to me. Sorry. Nothing personal.
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    The best quarterback is always the one on the bench.
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    Miss pops as well. He’s the one who talked me into sharing my info here. Great great man.
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    I agree. And there in lies the problem. Gus runs them into the ground until they are no longer effective. We have not had a true durable back since tre mason in 13. Running a few of them out there is okay. But Gus tends to run them into the ground without giving carries. to other change of pace and fresh backs. Kam Martin will not survive the season carrying 15 or more a game. He is way too small to run between the tackles. A new strategy is needed.
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    Yes, there's two points to Point 1 being, evidently RB recruiting has been subpar vs what we all expected if those 3 guys (M, M & DB )were not capable by the end of the season. Point 2, piggybacking off of @bigbird's post earlier, pointing out that the run game didn't exactly suffer with KMart running the ball at 6.7 ypc. I understand that he and Barrett might be blocking liabilities in pass protection but that's where the creative juices should start flowing and get them out on patterns and keep Cox in to block, etc. Anyway, there were clearly better (and viable) options than a broken down KJ in that game.
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    That's the whole thing. If we are going to be a run-first team, then we can't be dead in the water when a guy gets hurt. To be fair to Gus, I think Alaric Williams not qualifying ended up being a big deal. Whitlow couldn't go. Pettway couldn't go. We had legit roster issues. Gus isn't an idiot. But we knew these things as far back as September, and between Martin, Miller and Barrett, we seriously couldn't scrape up more than 6 carries in the SECCG? I just don't buy it.
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    Never in my life have I read that