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    In his first public remarks regarding Bruce Pearl, Auburn athletic director Allen Greene gave the program's basketball coach the strongest backing from a school administrator since the FBI investigation last fall. Speaking on an in-house podcast, Greene said Pearl has been "excellent" in the school's process of complying with the FBI's investigation into the program.
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    We could be going into the season missing 2 of our most active receivers. Good thing we've stacked up on WR's these past few years in recruiting. Calling Marquis McClain (hope I spelled it right) to the stage. This is a great opportunity for somebody to step up.
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    How @RunInRed be like when he sees a baptism going on lol
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    Auburn football ‘finally believing’ in WR Nate Craig-Myers this spring By Justin Ferguson, Auburn Beat Reporter March 23, 2018 AUBURN, Ala. — Two years ago, it would’ve seemed impossible — barring injury — for Nate Craig-Myers to only have 20 combined catches in his freshman and sophomore seasons with Auburn football. Yet the former top-50 recruit will enter his third year at Auburn with just those 20 catches. As a sophomore in 2017, he played in all 14 games for the Tigers but only had 16 receptions for 285 yards. Those numbers should jump in 2018, as Auburn offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey has made a point to give Craig-Myers more opportunities downfield in the offense. “He’s been putting in a couple of shots for me,” Craig-Myers said Thursday. “And I feel like they’re finally believing in me and giving me a chance.” Craig-Myers was quick to add his coaches and teammates “always believed in me.” But his first statement spoke volumes — the former blue-chip receiver is excited about how Auburn is using him through the first few spring practices. “It’s just that trust factor,” Craig-Myers said. “I feel like they’re finally getting to that level, so it feels good.” Auburn’s coaching staff challenged Craig-Myers to find another level this offseason. He was a constant fixture on the field for Auburn, even if the targets didn’t come his way. “Nate is a guy that [wide receivers coach Kodi Burns] is asking a lot more of to take that next step, and he’s really responding,” Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said. “You can just sense, this is his third year in the offense, and he just knows it and reacts.” For a recruit that once held a No. 1 national ranking at his position and 5 stars next to his name as a junior, Craig-Myers is nowhere near the stereotype of the prima donna wide receiver. When asked about why Auburn didn’t give him many opportunities last season, he pointed at himself. “You always go back and watch film and you see things that you could have did better, and I feel like I didn’t get more separation,” Craig-Myers. “And sometimes, defense schemed plays up that we can’t get open on. … I just felt like, whenever I didn’t get the ball, I just felt like I could do something else to help the team.” The Tampa, Fla. native made sure to never complain about his lack of opportunities. “I just put my head down and went to work,” Craig-Myers said. “I just did whatever I could and helped out my teammates. I feel like I could have did a little bit more, but overall, I did what I could do for my team. … I like to be around guys that just want to go out there and just help the team. Just work hard.” Craig-Myers says he’s trying to teach that attitude to Auburn’s younger receivers. The Tigers recently signed a large class of blue-chip wideouts, many of whom will be expected to contribute early. But if they don’t get the targets they may think they deserve, Craig-Myers can set them straight. He went through the same struggles in his first two seasons, and he’s turning the leadership skills he learned into more opportunities from his coaches. “That’s always a good sign when the older guys get to a point where they can start coaching the younger guys, too,” Malzahn said. “Nate has the ability to make plays down the field. Kodi is going to give him the opportunity to do that in the spring, and hopefully that will carry over to next year.”
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    There are people here who fall on different sides of this issue who are nonetheless able to talk intelligently and respectfully. Join the conversation in like manner or leave. Simple as that. We've no time for trolling.
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    If you turn the picture upside down, you can clearly see the face of Christ in the wrinkles of Gus’ sleeve. Is this a divine occurrence or the result of a sinister plot of the seedy underbelly?
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    wow, this topic escalated quickly since yesterday. geez. I just do not see a huge issue with this at all. fun fact- I learned the Lord’s Prayer in the football locker room. reciting it over and over before every game I quickly was able to memorize it. I remember the first time hearing it, all my teammates saying some prayer which I had no idea what to say and what they were saying, LOL. I just kind of went with the motions per usual as what to expect in a predominant Christian society. no big deal. why do I share this, well I never went to church growing up nor cared to or pushed to go either. But as I was able to memorize and participate in the prayer it started feeling nice as I was part of that brotherhood of football and the culture it brings with it. even if I didn’t believe in god per say, I believed in football and the messages it can bring. And looking back it still brings great memories because to me it symbolizes part of the essence of what football is and came from. after reciting the prayer I knew my friends and I were all about to go out on the field and enjoy what we had worked so hard for together. thinking about it now makes me want to do it all over again. Point is that I was an atheist then, and an atheist now, and would not change any of that in the game. Football and Christianity are quite synonymous with each other, so if some folks have a big deal with a baptism on campus or Lord’s Prayer before games then boohoo. I never felt shunned and I knew what I was getting into. I dont understand people who would make huge deals out of these topics. If i was really offended then i really just would not play, instead of ruining it for the rest. It’s a choice to play, no one is forced. As far as law stuff, the school itself is not establishing one religion only. It's allowing one to be practiced, meaning others can as well. Freedom of religion, not from.
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    I can’t repeat the words I just said on this forum. Appreciate all the info you provide though PTB.
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    Especially if you’re saying that. ? as always, thank you for the insight!
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    No-brainer. Not saying he can't or won't win. He's shown enough over the past 3 weeks to convince me that he can win. Still too inconsistent off the tee. There are some spots on that course where you can miss off the tee, but there's such a premium on distance-control at Augusta that playing from the rough or pine-straw can make birdies virtually impossible. Although, his short game is sharp is ever and he's still very long off the tee. Gotta say, one of my favorite parts about the Masters is seeing some of the older guys pop up on the leader board on Thursday and sometimes Friday. All the sudden you look up and someone like Ben Crenshaw is sitting in 2nd place. He was only in his 50s, but watching Freddy make a run at it a few years ago was one of my favorite Masters ever.
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    I’m not even sure what point you are trying to make. You are arguing from 3 different stands. You quote one of my comments that has nothing to do with your stance. You have the audacity to compare a chaplain to teeth cleaning then want a rational response to it when that wasn’t a rational comparison. I think your biggest beef is why do we need a team chaplain? That is a completely different discussion compared to my original reply toward Red.
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    That is the point of having a chaplain on the team , correct? If someone told me they wanted their teeth cleaned, I would steer them towards my personal dentist. Likewise, if someone told me they wanted to be baptized, I would help them find the appropriately resource whether it is the team chaplain on hand or a specific church I knew. It really isn’t as difficult as you are making it. You might feel some personal way about it? That is within your rights as well, but it’s not for you to censor how someone allocates resources. You would have a point if I was forcefully imposing my will on someone else, but if someone asks me during my office time about a tooth cleaning, I doubt I am going to get burnt at the stake for directing them in an appriopriate manner.
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    Some folks are too emotional to reason and can’t follow argument.
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    Buildings have a builder, paintings have a painter, creation has a Creator ! I’ve never seen the painter or builder but I know by common sense this to be true! DNA is imformation and only an intelligent being can create that. Just wanted to keep the debate going...soooo!
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    I’m not sure how my insistence on a bigger wall between AU Athletics and religion has turned into to me being anti-religion. Talk about missing the point. Anyways, carry on.
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    Really? He has thrown well. He doesn't even like cobra's media thing. He threw maybe 2 bad pitches last night, just one (that counted) was hit. The others were bleeders and bloops. He has commanded his pitches a lot better this year.
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    Probably has to do with all the rain and about 34 degrees in Lexington.
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    Lol, I remember the conservative lot trashing Hillary over a haircut, the salon, and the cost of the cut. How this part of the board works. Just like you don't see a bunch of people on here screaming that the kid that was serial bombing Austin is a terrorist. Make him brown, put his acts into a conservative city, change all the targets to white (only reason he got whites was cause of a tripwire, not directly delivered like the ones to minorities... different story. Hey for fun let's look at some of collegiate writings: Things one of his friends said about him Potentially had some conservative whack job bombing my city for the past 3 weeks and people are upset about social media posts about a salon and Ivanka lol.
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    I don’t get the Greenhill thing. Apparently he has mono but he’s had it for about 2 and a half weeks nice so what’s the deal? I’ve had that before and was done with it in about 4-5 days. I would think with a training staff like we have he would be fine by now. What’s up? We’ve lost our last 3 games. Time to pick it up boys, no excuses. You shouldn’t lose games like tonight. Once in a while sure it will happen, but we can’t freak out when we’ve got a late lead. Happens in a lot of AU Sports and if baseball wants a trip to omaha, they can’t fall victim to that.
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    Good call. She had a great game tonight.
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    Well that totally sucked. Terrible way to lose a game.
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    Cat and mouse between Mingione and Thompson. Hahaha!!
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    Same here tiger. I could jump higher then Superman
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    dang 12 K's in 8 innings especially in 40 degrees
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    Yes. The two base runners were his when he was replaced.
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    Brett Wright smokes one out to right center. Ball never got more than 20 feet off the ground. 2-2 now.
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    Why wouldn’t they? The team is majority US citizens; does the Aussie punter feel unwelcome? The coaching staff is majority cacausian, do the African Americans feel unwelcome? The players are majority African American do the cacaisians feel unwelcome? I served in majority Muslim countries and I felt very welcome. I served and lived in vast majority Roman Catholic countries and organizations and felt perfectly welcome. I lived in a very heavily populated Morman city and state and again, felt perfectly welcome! Open up the mind and try some tolerance.
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    Is there any evidence whatsoever of these students being coerced into conversions or baptisms? Any rumor or suggestion that any engagement with Chette Williams on topics religious is imposed on the players? In all the years of Auburn athletics with things like this going on, have you even heard rumor of such a thing that would suggest a player who got baptized in the athletic department pool would have decided not to be baptized at a church in the area or a lake or river nearby instead if they'd scheduled it there? It was likely done for convenience and because the player wished to be baptized as soon as possible rather than wait. There's no reason to think otherwise.
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    No irony at all. No one is forcing their views on these young men. This was done willingly, and from the heart! Were they supposed to be baptized at home, alone in their bath tub? We should be glad and rejoice they will spend eternity in heaven with the Lord, versus the other place.
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    SIAP but how many of these players igned knowing Gus’ stance on faith. How many signed knowing hes an evangelical christian? Id say all of em. And id say they likely all knew where other coaches stood at least as to whether the other coaches believe in God or not. So I wouldnt think it would surprise any pf these players to see a coach/coaches support this event. Secondarily, faith has been shown as a good way to cope with stress. So no matter what faith these guys have its beneficial for them to have a faith. Last, I would argue that is this were an Islamic event there would be some level of opposite feelings from everyone. I think that shows how we’re all biased.
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    I can accept your view but I would hate to see you or a few other people impose that on other people. Lion offers a more than adequate explanation of what church and state issues involve. This does not directly affect you in any way and despite attempts by some in the media to imply that players are pressured, there has been nothing to support those claims. And interesting too that AU opened under the name of East Alabama Male College under guidance of the Methodist Church. War Eagle to those young men who are committing themselves to a life in Christ.
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    HRC was relevant to the equation in 2016, not now. We have one President. He’s the focus. If you don’t see the lies, conflicts, corruption then you must simply have no interest in doing so, which I guess comes from tribalism— you just hate the other side too much. At this point I could live with Kasich, Romney, Steve Schmidt, Richard Jolley, Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker and a host of other Republicans I disagree with as President— this isn’t tribal for me.
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    HC? sure she is... she is relevant because she is why we have DT.... She and the people around her lied flagrantly and nobody in the Dem party seemed to care....but a lot of US voters cared and so we have DT..with all his faults which were seen as fewer than HCs. But, not sure what important things are on your list with DT.....and how many times did Obama lie about important stuff I don't expect any more out of DT that we got from him....JMO.... politicians lie when it's to their benefit. I don't like it but I recognize the reality of it...the cynic in me ....and something like the OP....a dozen years ago in his private life?.....not important to what is going on in the world...JMO....
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    I apologize. It is under rule 11.15.1. I'm guessing you haven't seen or read it either. 11.15 Illegally Batted Ball An illegally batted ball occurs when the batter contacts the pitch and: 11.15.1 Any part of her foot is touching the ground outside the lines of the batter’s box. Note: In cases in which there are no batter’s box lines evident, good judgment must be used, and the benefit of any doubt must go to the batter. And yes, I do know what bold is for, not my first rodeo
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    It’s an unwritten rule that people in positions of authority don’t criticize or make fun of people or teams in your same profession. Shows a lack of class and respect for the position.
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    The oline needs good fundamental coaching and they'll get it now.
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    They said the same thing in 2010 about Cam though. Not saying we will be in the clear but they've been grossly wrong before.
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    You cannot say in actual certainty that majority of Evangelical Christians in America overwhelmingly support Trump. That's an essentially baseless claim. Exit polls determine "evangelical" based on the checking of a box.
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    That's about how I feel too. I'm not a Trump supporter, but I'm not blind to pots or kettles either. I find the back and forth from both sides tiresome and juvenile. There is no longer any substantive dialogue between opposing sides. There is no longer a desire to move the country to a betterment. It litteraly has become a "as long as my side looks like it won" type of mentality. The bases may differ substantially on many things, but the parties and whom they prop up are the same type of person. To point fingers at one is to ridiculous when the same things have happened to the other. I'd say most people with opposing political views would rather focus on things they can work on together, compromise, and try to move forward. It seems that our political figures are more concerned about fanning flames of deviciveness than trying to find ways to compromise with each other. That is on both sides of the aisle. Serious question. What's the difference between Trump and his porn star and JFK and Marilyn? To me it's the access to the information.