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    In his first public remarks regarding Bruce Pearl, Auburn athletic director Allen Greene gave the program's basketball coach the strongest backing from a school administrator since the FBI investigation last fall. Speaking on an in-house podcast, Greene said Pearl has been "excellent" in the school's process of complying with the FBI's investigation into the program.
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    Lawson’s knee to be fair was a mess. The debate about how bad it was caused me stress. During that time frame, for those that remember, i went out of my way to give factual info. in this case, i think Stove can be back before the end of the year, but being ready game one is too optimistic in my opinion. I would guess that he could start testing the knee during fall and then realistically mid year before he could cut on it like he needs to. Just my opinion tho.
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    When ya see boobee, you feel good about scoring.
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    I agree with you 100%. Baptisms should not be taking place in the athletic complex. This is not a good look for an athletic program at a public university.
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    12 strikeouts for Casey Nono. Showing some emotion with the two strikeouts in the seventh. His signing bonus increases by about a quarter $ million every time he takes the mound. If you've got friends who like good pitching I would strongly urged them to catch him, this is crazy good stuff he's bringing every Friday.
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    That is nasty one. Fat Cottonmouth under a downspout splash block. Half hibernating I suppose. Had to wake him with the snake stick. Wife was moving the splash block and yelled OH SH*T. That means snake in woman yard language. Did not kill. Released in a Georgia fans yard.
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    We could be going into the season missing 2 of our most active receivers. Good thing we've stacked up on WR's these past few years in recruiting. Calling Marquis McClain (hope I spelled it right) to the stage. This is a great opportunity for somebody to step up.
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    Umpire had a little to do with it. Coker relies so much on sink, doesn't overpower hitters with his fastball, and has to have the bottom of the strike zone. The blue behind the plate was not giving that last night (didn't give it to Mize or Hjelle). The home run was a curve ball that he simply left up. As for the rest of the season...there was a time not very long ago where it was simply wishful thinking to even hope to get one win in places like Baton Rouge and Columbia and Starkville. Those days are long gone folks, this team can go toe to toe with anybody out there. To be dominant, which is where I believe we're headed, they've got to close out games on the road with a two run lead in the bottom of the ninth. We need a 4 out guy and a 3 out guy in the back end of the bullpen. The two outs in the seventh guy is very good (just not a closer), the last three outs in the ninth reliever is on the shelf with mono.
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    Not sure that many Christians consider themselves sin free.....and just hoping they try to do the right thing as often as possible. And just to opine but seems this thread took a major shift somewhere along the way.....started off as some bogus discussion about church and state which everyone knew was bogus. The US Government hires and pays Chaplains throughout the world with no apparent concern for the "church and state argument" and we are supposed to worry about a handful of young men being Baptized at the Athletic Center ? what a crock.... For Example....The current Chaplain, the 62nd Chaplain of the United States Senate, Barry C. Black, is the first African-American and the first Seventh-day Adventist to serve in the position. He previously served as Chief of Chaplains of the United States Navy, holding the rank of Rear Admiral. In my view, some of these posters were not the least bit concerned about the interests or wishes of the young men and women at Auburn.....just using the posting of that short vid in attempt to push their anti-religious views on others and in doing so, they included some gratuitous negative commentary about religion and those who believe. Open minded free-thinkers in action. From the beginning this seemed to be a campaign against religion and had nothing to do with looking out for the well being of young men engaged in a significant moment in their lives.. Time to move this to Political where it probably should have been in the first place....
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    It was just one less than perfect outing. He's been pretty good. And it's early in the season. No need to pronounce him a disappointment already.
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    How @RunInRed be like when he sees a baptism going on lol
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    A terrific game by all the Tigers but I'll single out Makenna Dowell for great fielding and timely hitting. She certainly didn't look like a Freshman, coming off the bench to fill in for the normal SS, in a crucial SEC game. I'm glad we've got her and it makes me feel much better about depth going forward. War Eagle, Makenna.
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    Carlson shuts the door on Kentucky and Auburn wins 3-1. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!
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    thanks belle for the play by play you to Power
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    OMG... Unbelievable play by Auburn. Grounder up the middle, Dowell cuts off, flips it from her glove, McCrackin bare hands it and throws to 1st to complete the double play. #SCtop10. That was terrific.
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    I really doubt there is more then maybe 2 people with common sense in DC and those two are two gay friends I know who live there.
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    Is it too early to claim a man crush for the fall? If not, dibs on Smoke!
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    Auburn football ‘finally believing’ in WR Nate Craig-Myers this spring By Justin Ferguson, Auburn Beat Reporter March 23, 2018 AUBURN, Ala. — Two years ago, it would’ve seemed impossible — barring injury — for Nate Craig-Myers to only have 20 combined catches in his freshman and sophomore seasons with Auburn football. Yet the former top-50 recruit will enter his third year at Auburn with just those 20 catches. As a sophomore in 2017, he played in all 14 games for the Tigers but only had 16 receptions for 285 yards. Those numbers should jump in 2018, as Auburn offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey has made a point to give Craig-Myers more opportunities downfield in the offense. “He’s been putting in a couple of shots for me,” Craig-Myers said Thursday. “And I feel like they’re finally believing in me and giving me a chance.” Craig-Myers was quick to add his coaches and teammates “always believed in me.” But his first statement spoke volumes — the former blue-chip receiver is excited about how Auburn is using him through the first few spring practices. “It’s just that trust factor,” Craig-Myers said. “I feel like they’re finally getting to that level, so it feels good.” Auburn’s coaching staff challenged Craig-Myers to find another level this offseason. He was a constant fixture on the field for Auburn, even if the targets didn’t come his way. “Nate is a guy that [wide receivers coach Kodi Burns] is asking a lot more of to take that next step, and he’s really responding,” Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said. “You can just sense, this is his third year in the offense, and he just knows it and reacts.” For a recruit that once held a No. 1 national ranking at his position and 5 stars next to his name as a junior, Craig-Myers is nowhere near the stereotype of the prima donna wide receiver. When asked about why Auburn didn’t give him many opportunities last season, he pointed at himself. “You always go back and watch film and you see things that you could have did better, and I feel like I didn’t get more separation,” Craig-Myers. “And sometimes, defense schemed plays up that we can’t get open on. … I just felt like, whenever I didn’t get the ball, I just felt like I could do something else to help the team.” The Tampa, Fla. native made sure to never complain about his lack of opportunities. “I just put my head down and went to work,” Craig-Myers said. “I just did whatever I could and helped out my teammates. I feel like I could have did a little bit more, but overall, I did what I could do for my team. … I like to be around guys that just want to go out there and just help the team. Just work hard.” Craig-Myers says he’s trying to teach that attitude to Auburn’s younger receivers. The Tigers recently signed a large class of blue-chip wideouts, many of whom will be expected to contribute early. But if they don’t get the targets they may think they deserve, Craig-Myers can set them straight. He went through the same struggles in his first two seasons, and he’s turning the leadership skills he learned into more opportunities from his coaches. “That’s always a good sign when the older guys get to a point where they can start coaching the younger guys, too,” Malzahn said. “Nate has the ability to make plays down the field. Kodi is going to give him the opportunity to do that in the spring, and hopefully that will carry over to next year.”
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    Watching JaTarvious Whitlow reminds Auburn teammate of 'Friday Night Lights,' playing 'Madden' By Tom Green Gus Malzahn wasn't ready to say if any of Auburn's five running backs created any separation in the Tigers' ongoing backfield battle, but one definitely stood out among the pack during the team's first scrimmage Saturday morning. Each running back received between five and 10 carries during the roughly 100-play scrimmage at Jordan-Hare Stadium, butJaTarvious "Boobee" Whitlow made the most of his touches. The redshirt freshman made perhaps the most impressive play of the scrimmage, breaking off a nearly 70-yard touchdown run, according to a source, after reversing field behind the line of scrimmage. "It was something like you see on 'Madden,' where you just go one way and he reversed the other way," left guard Marquel Harrell said. "It was a good run. It brought some energy to the field. It was a good run for him." Whitlow's highlight-reel touchdown run was one of the bright spots for an offense that committed five turnovers, including four interceptions, on the day. It was also something that wasn't completely unfamiliar to his teammates, who have almost come to expect such playmaking ability from the 6-foot, 216-pound running back. "I saw that about Boobee, I think, last fall camp," right guard Mike Horton said. "I've always seen that about him. I've always spoke highly about Boobee. I know he'll be a great player. I love him a lot." Whitlow 'like a Pettway and Kerryon mix' at running back Whitlow redshirted last season after injuring his ankle during fall camp, but the LaFayette native impressed in his limited opportunity before the injury and then gained some notoriety within the team for his explosiveness and elusive running style when he was cleared to return for practices during the Tigers' bowl preparation at the end of last season. His rise has continued this spring, as he competes with the likes of Kam Martin, Devan Barrett, Asa Martin and Malik Miller for the starting running back position in an offense needing to replace its two best running backs, Kerryon Johnson and Kamryn Pettway. "Boobee's been pretty impressive all spring," linebacker Darrell Williams said. "I told him today, pretty much, the ball's in his court. Whatever he wants to be, that's what he can be.... I feel like Boobee is a guy who has a lot of spotlight on him right now just because of the improvement that he's been doing. He had an injury last year, so he was kind of under the radar, but he's coming out a little more, so that's pretty good." Malzahn said that he saw good things from all of Auburn's running backs on Saturday, while multiple players also pointed to the performances of Kam Martin and Barrett out of the backfield during the first scrimmage. Still, there's something about Whitlow's ability to create something out of nothing that has made the former three-star recruit an offseason standout. Malzahn and coaches will review the film from Saturday and start to establish a pecking order among the running backs--and it wouldn't be surprising if Whitlow continues to rise to the top of that depth chart this spring. "It's funny, because I don't know where he got the name Boobee from, but it's like (the movie) 'Friday Night Lights,'" Harrell said. "When you put Boobee in, we gonna win. That's kind of what reminds me of Boobee. He brings great energy, which we need at times."
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    There are people here who fall on different sides of this issue who are nonetheless able to talk intelligently and respectfully. Join the conversation in like manner or leave. Simple as that. We've no time for trolling.
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    Biochemistry still can't tell us how literal nothingness can produce something-ness. And by nothingness, I mean everything - matter, energy, the whole shebang. And if you posit that energy just existed eternally without an initial cause, well then you're back at faith.
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    Do it after work away from the workplace.
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    That determines what’s right?
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    Also, because the atheists don’t have chaplains, they’d be offended.
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    If you turn the picture upside down, you can clearly see the face of Christ in the wrinkles of Gus’ sleeve. Is this a divine occurrence or the result of a sinister plot of the seedy underbelly?
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    That aspect is a good bit puzzling. We don't know what, if anything, they did or are accused of doing. Surely now that the season is over the situation will be resolved quickly. Frankie Sullivan was a fine player and representative of Auburn , I'd hate to see his reputation smeared over something Chuck Person did.
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    I like how he is taking responsibility for not getting the opportunities! Work hard and shine, NCM!
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    This is the best news of 2018 for AU so far!!! OMGSH AMAZING!!!!!!!!! There is no AU bball without Bruce. WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I love it. BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!! MY BIGGEST MAN CRUSH EVER WILL CONTINUE!!!!!! LEEEE LEEEEE LETSSSSSS GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
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    McCrackin again played a great game. Had one of the best at bats of the season. 8 pitches into the at bat, the count is still 0-2. 8 more pitches later, she hits a RBI single/double on a full count. In the at bat, she absolutely crushed the ball that cleared the top of foul pole but hooked foul. Casey also bare handed the flip from Dowell on the Web gem double play. Have yourself a game girl!
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    Alvin Bressler, Beasley's fellow catcher of Pat Sullivan's passes was a Jew. Of course, the track is named after a Jew, hall of fame coach Mel Rosen. People of that race/religion aren't a new thing at Auburn.
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    Good pic. Am I supposed to be paying attention to something in particular?
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    Coker gets the first two easily then gives up a bloop single. Goes 3-0, then groove two fastballs followed by a devastating 3-2 breaking ball for the strikeout. Steve Smith has really earned his volunteer coaches salary.
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    Whew! A little drama for the final few outs. Overall one of the more solid games Auburn has played this year. Phenomenal plays on offense and defense, and no miscues until Draper throw in 7th. This team is gelling under Dean's leadership and I am excited for the rest of the season.
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    And we are tied!!! Wright with a home run!!!
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    Not true GC wanted him as a DB also GC admitted he made a big mistake by not recruiting him as a RB. Also just to clarify AU has had jewish/morman players in the 60's and 70's. Most of the Morman players came from Miami/south Fl. back then
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    And proud of it! (Not that luck was totally absent.) Had a rough day today. Got my tractor stuck, my dogs got into a big fight and my wife is pissed off.
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    wow, this topic escalated quickly since yesterday. geez. I just do not see a huge issue with this at all. fun fact- I learned the Lord’s Prayer in the football locker room. reciting it over and over before every game I quickly was able to memorize it. I remember the first time hearing it, all my teammates saying some prayer which I had no idea what to say and what they were saying, LOL. I just kind of went with the motions per usual as what to expect in a predominant Christian society. no big deal. why do I share this, well I never went to church growing up nor cared to or pushed to go either. But as I was able to memorize and participate in the prayer it started feeling nice as I was part of that brotherhood of football and the culture it brings with it. even if I didn’t believe in god per say, I believed in football and the messages it can bring. And looking back it still brings great memories because to me it symbolizes part of the essence of what football is and came from. after reciting the prayer I knew my friends and I were all about to go out on the field and enjoy what we had worked so hard for together. thinking about it now makes me want to do it all over again. Point is that I was an atheist then, and an atheist now, and would not change any of that in the game. Football and Christianity are quite synonymous with each other, so if some folks have a big deal with a baptism on campus or Lord’s Prayer before games then boohoo. I never felt shunned and I knew what I was getting into. I dont understand people who would make huge deals out of these topics. If i was really offended then i really just would not play, instead of ruining it for the rest. It’s a choice to play, no one is forced. As far as law stuff, the school itself is not establishing one religion only. It's allowing one to be practiced, meaning others can as well. Freedom of religion, not from.
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    That too lol... I am so sick of the countdown already
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    To me individuals doing a Baptism on campus are exercising Freedom of Speech. If burning the American flag can be considered Freedom of Speech then having a Baptism on Campus is the same thing. As long as other groups are allowed to use the same facility for their own purpose be it Muslim's setting up their prayer rugs facing Mecca and praying or atheists being allowed to setup a table and espouse their atheist views there should be no issue. To me the only time it would be an issue is if somebody in a position of power required somebody to attend. As a person who believes in a strict interpretation of the Constitution based on the writings of the people who wrote and approved the Constitution. Separation of Church and State was only meant to ensure that there was no national religion that was forced on people.
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    No fight scene on this one. @bigbird has been crushin' on Monday since long before Monday signed with Auburn. "It may not be stronger, but that old flame's been burning longer Than any love light I see shining in your eyes". Dude's got the right of prior possession.
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    I’m not even sure what point you are trying to make. You are arguing from 3 different stands. You quote one of my comments that has nothing to do with your stance. You have the audacity to compare a chaplain to teeth cleaning then want a rational response to it when that wasn’t a rational comparison. I think your biggest beef is why do we need a team chaplain? That is a completely different discussion compared to my original reply toward Red.
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    Good call. She had a great game tonight.
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    Yes. The two base runners were his when he was replaced.
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    Recruiting vs Development/Coaching... Personally I'd rather see 5 "decent" O-Linemen play to their potential and gel as a unit vs 5 "5*'s" under-achieve, under-develop & and mix-n-match all season giving up record number of sacks in important games and getting punked by the likes of ucf... But that's just me.