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    I don't know anything about this kid, but for those not from Georgia, Grayson plays at the highest Georgia classification level and is a top tier team. So when his coach said he's their best offensive lineman, that gives me the warm and fuzzies. Plus he has near perfect "center size".
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    I still carry Jimmy’s card around, though I have no idea if he’s still practicing. Everyone should always have a defense attorney’s card in their wallet at all times, because you never know when you might get accused of something you didn’t do.
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    JABA. Like I was telling @aujeff11. Just seems it is not meant to be for us to ever have sustained success in major sports. Something ALWAYS happens. Injuries, players leaving, coming so close on can't miss recruits and finishing second, A PLAYER PULLING UP LAME ON THE KICKOFF that basically cost us the natty in 13 (not to mention not reading and being prepared for the most telegraphed fake punt ever) and of course 2 of our best players being ineligible for the whole dang season. Just always something for good ol AU. A long suffering tradition. Am I being over dramatic? Of course. I do not think murray is even that big of a loss but dang man add that on top of all the other potential departures and you get this overly emotional reaction from me.
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    Most years don't have any 5* Cs. Webb in this class is the 1st 5 * C in the past 11 years. In fact there have only been 3 5 * Cs in the past 20 years.
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    I have taught at the CC Level and am now a Scholars Bowl Coach for a local High School. I have to interview job candidates, mainly millennials, often. I deal with many young people that arent my own kids. This article is spot on. Most of the kids I deal with are very bright, but cant remember any training past 5 minutes. They submit "checked boxes" work. They are products of the world we left them. They have zero loyalty to their work company because their company has zero loyalty to them. They spend every waking hour at Crossfit because their lives are almost devoid of meaning and most are devoid of any way to way to prove themselves outside of the gym or travel ball. I know men and women that play on 3-5 different teams just to prove themselves. They often become OBSESSED with fitness. We now have 25-30 year olds with repetitive motion injuries that only 50+-year-olds used to have. What have we done to our kids?
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    but apparently it's not the fountain of youth. Nonetheless, I find it preferable to Kool-Aid.
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    I'm proof of that.......................................................this should be good
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    Just wanted to isolate this because you guys are having a good convo and I see great points all around, and this is just something that applies to a lot of conversations on here. If folks would honestly base their opinions off of what they see instead of what they hear or read, I think a lot of these threads would look different. Again, this is not in any way a comment on or response to any part of your conversation with @lionheartkc. You guys watch the games and form your own opinions and that's what we should all do. (Upcoming seasons, of course, are fair game for all kinds of wild speculation and bunk analysis. Ain't nobody know nothin'.)
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    @GwillMac6 , here is your boy again , gossiping like Wendy Williams.
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    1 out of 1000s of centers. Also I think he’s considered the best college center of all time or right up there. The top award for Centers is named after him. I think he’s the exception to the rule. Plus a few shots of D-ball (decadurabolin) never hurt in the strength department for all those Nebraska lineman. Remember Husky Power?
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    He said he's shutting it down. Could end up following Deshaun Davis and Shaun Shivers as "really awesome, bizarrely overlooked football player and dude who commits early and starts recruiting his butt off for us". Never too early for unreasonable expectations.
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    Pass pro may be a concern, but hell, for Auburn fans, Grimes will look like a wizard, even in that area. We won’t be worse at protecting Stidham than we were last year. Herb Hand man. He’s the freaking Music Man. Everyone is excited, every time. But they’re all buying the same bag of crap.
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    Well now that many of us are relieved Gus did not mention the injury js took I wonder if it sunk in to the Gus haters. Some always bitch about Gus holding injury info but I bet there is a purpose for it just like keeping js's injury a secret so opposing D's could not tee off on him.
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    People that realized the time crunch that Murray was going to get into assuming everyone was back. I expected someone was going to transfer I just thought it would be Malik.
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    Porter is a stud. He should get credit for at least 5 more recruits last year.
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    Murray was going to lose PT next year. I think he's going to graduate and try to play overseas. And I THINK this is a sign of positive things for us. Between the transfer market and what could be returning, I think we're in good shape. We won't go into next season with only 8-9 scholarship players. We're going to probably have 11 scholarship guys and two freshmen transfers that have to sit out next year. I feel confident that, if Bruce felt like he had to have Murray for next year, Murray wouldn't be leaving.
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    I dunno, man. People s*** talk lawyers a lot right up until they need one. I’ve been bailed out of some serious s*** by a criminal defense attorney in the past, and state rep Juandalynn Givan here in Alabama did a bang up job representing me and my wife when we needed to yank parental rights from the bio dad of my three oldest and with their subsequent adoption by me. Last I heard, he was paying his own fees, but it’s nebulous.
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    Did not take you for a hills or laguna beach man. BINGE WATCH sesh when we tailgate for OUUUUUUUUR BOOOOOOOOOYZZZZZZZZ Shivers and Schwartz first home track meet next spring?! lol
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    No one should downplay the 2017 Iron Bowl win. I'm still proud of that game as well as the regular season UGA game. All the stars had to line up and a popularity contest won for UAT to make the playoff. No way that should have happened. I loudly and proudly remind any goober that mentions the MNC that one team already beat both of those groups of knuckle-draggers....the game on January 8 was for 2nd & 3rd place.....
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    He kind of opened this pandora's box on himself when he admitted to paying Stormy Daniels from his own pocket. When it then came to light that the payment was part of a contracted agreement for Trump, and Cohen admitted to paying it, he kind of opened himself up. Had they stayed silent, like any good attorney and client would do when any hint of an investigation is going on, he probably would have been fine.
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    In all seriousness, why does it seem like you jump on others on here for having a cordial debate by immediately accusing them of mansplaining? You've done it to me and now Gowebb, despite the fact that he said nothing out of the ordinary realm of conversation on this site. Hell, his exact words were "You seemed to be insinuating", which makes it clear that he could have been wrong in that inference. Seriously, you do yourself a disservice and lose credibility every time you go on one of these rants. And by the way, I'm a pretty freaking liberal guy that's 100% for equal voices. Go check the political forums if you need confirmation.
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    I think Murray's case is unique. I think he came to AU and the SEC more for the exposure and going against better competition. Now he thinks with his stats from the SEC and winning the SEC he can try to play for pay overseas. He's never going to be NBA material. Now if he can't get on a team overseas, he can use grad transfer to go play somewhere else where he has competition more to his liking. And not get beat up like he did in the SEC .
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    Gotta admit...even an SEC "West" banner is lame.
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    You recruit the #1 player in the state at a position of need until he tells you no. Which he hasn't done. You even recruit him up til he signs with whomever. I understand the love for Clay and he's a big time recruit but never when you look at a game do you go wow that Center really made a difference unless they are bad snaps. It's a complicated position where brains and brawn meet to create a good player. Until you face sophisticated defenses we have no idea what any of these Centers can really do. Maybe they are better guards then snappers.
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    We aren't getting Webb. This is a huge pickup at C.(Kid is in) He is a monster and plays big boy football. Smart and mean. Love this kid.
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    The planet on which Roc Thomas was lighting people up every touch is a different one from the planet I live on.
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    This is by far the strangest one yet.
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    Quarterbacks and running backs
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    Bruh, beer totally makes smarter, too. And better looking, and funnier, and stronger...
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    And that's not saying Dye's teams weren't "strong" to. There was a reason we were bigger stronger and faster then most teams in the 80's as well.
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    Certainly I don't claim the '13 vs '14 teams were apples to apples. And, yes, the D pretty much had regressed every year prior to Boom being hired. But I'm not a year long stats guy. I take it all game by game and go by the "feel" of what I'm observing. I played enough football and baseball growing up to get the abstract nature of what I'm seeing which, though on the surface is more subjective than statistics, I feel is a truer indicator of how things are progressing. So, that's my pass the dutchie down the left hand side way of saying I don't disagree with you on the "production" angle as backed up by stats but I still feel NM would have performed more confidently and thus better if they let him just be him and with that the offense, as a whole, would have been better.
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    Nix wants him, and if our QB and the foundation of the class wants him, then I want him.
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    Something to keep in mind about improving Marshall's passing game is that Marshall wanted to go to the NFL, and he wasn't planning on doing so as a DB. No NFL team is going to draft a guy who is all wheels, so working to improve his passing was very much to benefit him, not to change how we played the game. That's something that Gus has focused on ever since Cam said he wasn't ready for the NFL in an interview. It also could have shown some serious foresight into how our losses of Prosch, Robinson and Mason would affect our ability to run at will. Of course, based on Gus's history of foresight, that one's a bit of a stretch.
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    Yep, we don't need to know everything. It was real clear thuga was trying hurt KJ when they knew he was injured.
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    Yep and if a guy is not going to be a first round pick this year....odds are he won't be a first round pick next year since most of them are freshmen or foreign players anyway. So maybe there is no good reason for kids to hang around college unless they enjoy the college life....and they put some value on getting the degree...such as Murray is doing. Otherwise, kids leaving in their soph year have probably not learned much in college that has career application so basketball is about all they have going for themselves when they leave.
  42. 2 points Good discussion on your comment. And if 2nd round draft choices have such little chance it's hard to see why anyone who could not be projected at least that high would not even bother to go through the process. As I mentioned earlier, there are more than 6000 American basketball players earning their living aside from the G League, there are plenty of places to make a reasonable living.
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    With players leaving,. This also opens the door for players to transfer in. Murray was a good cog,. But we could manage the roster better this way if need be.
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    Mitch left because he did not want to sit behind harper for 2 more years. He is starter worthy. I hated it but it made sense. Murray makes no sense. Heron did not make much sense but apparently he was dead set on being 2 and done. He seems to not even mind the fact he may not stick in the nba and will just have to go overseas to make his money. I mean what are you going to do if a kid is dead set on leaving? Nothing you can do but to help him and prepare him as much as possible.
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    Meanwhile Legatron went on the Pawl Finebaum show and talked about us being the state champs while bammer were the national champs. A lot of people were triggered of course. I myself didn't like the comment. It's something to be happy about but I won't go bragging about it to our rival that won the whole shebang even if it the game was questionable.
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    You can rotate backs on changes of possession. Also, we don't actually run tempo all that much anymore. Also, KJ had 285 carries to the next guy's 76. KJ had almost twice as many carries as the next 2 guys put together. That is insane and irresponsible (see KMart with 4 freaking carries in the SECCG when KJ was limping around by late in the 2nd quarter) and I trust that depth will prevent it from ever happening again.
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    That wouldn’t have had been the case if we had NOT loss to LSU. We put ourselves in that position. We don’t lose to LSU , beat bama and UGA in the regular season and lose to UGA in the SEC championship game, I definitely see us still being in that final four with only losses to ACC champion Clemson and SEC champion Georgia .
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    maybe we should just be a better team.