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    Love our recruiting an marketing department!
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    Keep on posting ALL AU! Loving this!
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    I do agree. But I'm in suspense.. Then Hand what?
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    And, especially if the rotation next weekend is the same order as this weekend, pitting our three against LSU's ace doesn't show a recipe to sweep that's needed to put AU in the hosting convo. At the risk of being criticized, it's important to note that I think just because the team has had a couple of terrible weekends (Arkansas/Mizzou/Ole Miss), a 15-15 (even 14-16) conference record for this squad is remarkable from their 4-8 start and especially from their preseason expectation. Auburn baseball is trending up and about to make back-to-back regionals for the first time since 2001-2002. This is a good team of great team guys, not a GREAT team talent-wise, no matter how some people try to dress it up, and as such they've allowed some opportunities the past two years slip away; I don't think it's "hating" or being negative to point that out. But to me it's fun to have these arguments about Auburn baseball again, instead of an ad nauseam "when should we hire our next victim...ummmmm coach" that dominated the board for years. It's been fun watching this group grow and see their successes result in two postseason appearances.
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    Outplayed and overmatched. Work to do.
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    He, Brown, and Harper will all be back. Bank it. Wiley likely to do well enough to leave.
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    Identity politics.........remember Salty......you cant be a victim of racism white, black, asian....etc.....you cant be a victim of fat shaming, homophobic slurs etc......if you supported President Donald Trump.........these are the rules set forth by barry himself?
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    Hopefully they meet each other at nationals next year. I hope both of them continue strong in their track careers. Quite frankly , I think it should be a priority for those two.
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    At the end of the day, Trump is your president. Never forget that and never forget the party he beat.
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    There's an argument to be made that the far right has already done so to moderate conservatives.
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    The far left SJW are pushing the left straight towards the exits.
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    This is two sided though. East teams get to avoid several from the West. UGA got to play Bama and A&M, along with Tennessee. This means that as of this morning's standings, UGA will have played a series against each of the 5 worst teams in the conference, which is half their overall SEC schedule. Against the top of the West, they went 1-2 at OM and we'll see how they do against Arkansas. And SC has been red hot lately, but started the season losing 4 of their first 5 SEC series. We aren't behind SC and I'd take my chances against UGA too. If either of them came to Plainsman Park this year, I'd expect to win the series. Conversely if we played at their parks, we likely drop 2.
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    I think where he plays will be, to a large part, determined by who else we can sign this time and how they fit together as a LB corps. Pappoe appears to have the ability to excel no matter where he's put.
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    You didn't offer any substance to talk about. Your OP is only about people apparently not being able to give Trump credit for things, thus they are haters. If you would have ever paid attention, I'm on record as saying Trump is doing more with NK than I ever thought could be done. While still skeptical of the final outcome, things look promising. And you did miss my point. You're the first person to throw around the word hate and haters on this board and it's freaking tiresome. It doesn't help any actual discourse and its exactly that kind of language which helps the continued divide in this country. I have respectful conversations with conservatives on this board every day, but it can be hard to interact with you because you often fail to see nuance and apparently view our country through a straight left/right prism, when in fact, there are many shades of grey. Also, if you don't like my posting style or language, feel free to complain to the authorities. But I know the site rules. Remember, only one of us has been suspended from here before, and it ain't me.
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    I don't watch much TV anymore, but I have been disappointed in Kay Ivey's ads. I would have thought that all she had to do was stay generic and she would win, but she seems to be going too far right.
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    Right. When I referred to regional, I meant super regional.
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    I always thought coach Grimes was a far better OL coach then Hand.
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    I don't feel great about stidham, I think he needs reps to calm down a bit.
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    IMO another failure to look at the real issues: jobs, economy, food on the table, strong military, tough foreign policy, Supreme Court nominees, immigration policy............. No offense and that's some cute sh** you linked, but misses the real issues.
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    I cant understand how it looks this bad, this late in the season. We’ve got juniors and seniors who are whiffing at breaking pitches like they are little leaguers seeeing them for the first time.
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    My recent Spotify search is pretty off the wall too.
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    Big cabs and blends will be your ticket. Nothing beats a giant cab and a steak. But (expensive)Pinot will have some grip too.
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    * wind assisted. Nevertheless, that is blazing.
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    I don't really disagree.......I do believe its happening on the left at a rapid rate........Comedians, actors and youtube creators that identify as left are the ones closest to the exits as some movies, youtube channels and stand up commedians are comming under fire........Amy Schumer's latest movie is one example.
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    great picture? congratulations ?
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    Got to become an north south runner though! I love the reverse field runs, but it’s not gonna work on a sec defense! Maybe a few with our “cupcakes “ game would be nice to see!
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    No, no, no. By all means please keep your rainbow.
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    currently been vibing to this since last week. What can’t Childish Gambino do?
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    I’d rather keep it in November but I’d play UGA twice in Athens to keep us from having to play both of them away.
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    I Agree moving UGA up. We both have bigger rivals just a couple weeks later. Maybe play UGA second or third game of the season and move some of the West games later. I’m with you completely I don’t care if we ever play Bammer or UGA. However I love the big games and the intensity it brings but when it’s to serious it’s a problem and the AU/bammer game is toxic.
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    Personally I either want them to stagger the rivalry, move UGa to earlier in season or drop them. I know it is huge rivalry and all but so what. Play some new people. Mix in UT, Vandy, Missooo, whomever. Bottom line is that playing UGa and UA on the rd within 14 days of each other is a monster of a disadvantage. I get that the scheduling is complicated. I have tried to work with scheduling for little league baseball and that was hard enough for me. But it is not impossible to figure something out.
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    You always consider the source....and motivation. Mc was not just some private citizen who found this in his mailbox....he was being used and willingly took on the task....after all this was paid Dem opposition "research". ...and he is no dummy. Knew what he was doing and for whom....
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    Can't and not denying that....but the egotistical establishment Republicans ended up giving us DT or HRC.....great choices huh ? But from those two I don't regret my vote.
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    Alternating home and home with those two rivals had gone on forever. It was changed to accommodate the schedule when A&M and Mizzou were added to the conference. Since both UGA and UAT have to love the current setup I don't see it ever changing back to the way it historically was. The mystery is why AU agreed to this in the first place? There had to be some other options.
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    I see you guys are waiting on spoons to finish them. Man, that looks chewy. Also... dude.
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    That two weeks is a blur for me. I just remember three images and one phrase. The first is going to some cabin, the next two images are of women, and when I woke up at home and went to the polls, right before pulling the lever I heard this phrase " Вы будете голосовать за Trump" Don't know what happened after that. Came to my senses on 6th street hours later.
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    The guilty culprits are the dozen or so ego driven people like Bush and Kasich , etc. who enabled a minority candidate to win the primaries... Dems could have found a better candidate so might as well blame Dem voters too.
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    Exactly. It's one thing to be told you can be anything and it's another to see the possibility 1st hand.
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    Love that area of the state. My best friend is a rocket surgeon at Redstone and Hartselle is named after my Great grandfather.
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    Irony It has gotten to the point to regardless of your character white males are now the enemy of America.