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    Love our recruiting an marketing department!
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    Keep on posting ALL AU! Loving this!
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    Here is the interesting part: I applaud you for voting your conscience. I think that you SHOULD have voted for Mrs. Clinton if you thought she was the better candidate. I happen to disagree with you, but I still think it is great that you voted for the person who you think was the better candidate. I also voted for the person who I thought was the better candidate based on MY priorities. Are you glad that I voted for the person that I thought was the better candidate? I think the answer is "NO". Because anyone who votes for Trump is a deplorable idiot, right? Why can't people understand that we all have different priorities? I don't like Trump. I can't say that I support Trump, but I want him to have as successful a presidency as possible. I would love to have a better candidate in 2020. But he was still a better candidate, in my opinion, than was Mrs. Clinton. We can both be right.
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    An absolutely fair criticism of media. Unfortunately, unless trends in consumption change, media outlets have no incentive to change. Going back to Michelle Wolf's parting shot at the WHCD, the media's tendency to promote sensational journalism helped cultivate the atmosphere in which a reality show presidency can exist, and the media is profiting from its existence.
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    I do agree. But I'm in suspense.. Then Hand what?
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    And, especially if the rotation next weekend is the same order as this weekend, pitting our three against LSU's ace doesn't show a recipe to sweep that's needed to put AU in the hosting convo. At the risk of being criticized, it's important to note that I think just because the team has had a couple of terrible weekends (Arkansas/Mizzou/Ole Miss), a 15-15 (even 14-16) conference record for this squad is remarkable from their 4-8 start and especially from their preseason expectation. Auburn baseball is trending up and about to make back-to-back regionals for the first time since 2001-2002. This is a good team of great team guys, not a GREAT team talent-wise, no matter how some people try to dress it up, and as such they've allowed some opportunities the past two years slip away; I don't think it's "hating" or being negative to point that out. But to me it's fun to have these arguments about Auburn baseball again, instead of an ad nauseam "when should we hire our next victim...ummmmm coach" that dominated the board for years. It's been fun watching this group grow and see their successes result in two postseason appearances.
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    But there were multiple aids of Hillary's that received immunity during the investigation. None of Trump's associates have received anything like that. Hillary and her aids lied on her behalf and didn't start cooperating fully with the Justice Department until they got immunity. They didn't get their offices or homes raided. They were given immunity in return for their cooperation. That's hardly a cause to act like they were innocent and didn't commit any wrongdoings. Fact of the matter is Hillary and her aides were allowed to not only lie but cover up their misdeeds and get off Scot-free for it............ Yay!!!!!!!!!! Despite the lies and cover up, the people that voted for her did so because she was the most qualified candidate right? That's perfectly okay to do when it's your side isn't it? And so far Trump has not been the target of the investigation, which means they haven't found anything to this point that would indicate criminal charges being potentially brought against him. I'm sure you'll tell me that's not good enough, that he's still guilty and bad even if he's not indicted. You're not the only one though, every liberal on this board thinks Trump is guilty and wants him indicted. If Hillary's standard for you is, no indictment means she's good to go and is still worth voting for despite her investigation, then why is it that if Trump doesn't get indicted that liberals are still going to consider Trump voters stupid for ever voting for him regardless of an indictment? I guess it's just impossible for left leaning posters to comprehend that it was Trump's policies that might have appealed to his voters along with his fighting style of politics. I genuinely think Trump's policies were better than Hillary's. That's why I voted for Trump, not for what kind of person he is but because his policies were better than her's in my view. For the record, I know how my post could be read and interpreted in that way but I in no way labeled Titan a liberal. I phrased my wording as 'excluding Titan' because I know he's not a liberal and has stated he didn't vote for Clinton, but the fact is he does consistently go after Trump voters on here like liberals do. That's why I even mentioned Titan in my post, because he's not like the rest of the liberals on here that go after Trump. That's how I was framing my point. I'm sorry if anyone took that as me calling Titan a liberal. That was not my point. But her personal flaws didn't deter you. Yet with Trump, anyone that could still vote for him despite his personal flaws is considered a deplorable human being. Despite the #MeToo movement, Hillary's attacks on the women Bill had affairs with are somehow not considered a serious flaw for her. Her salvation is assured because she supports the right causes. They can overlook her flaws because her political views align with theirs. If Trump voters do the same with Trump then their views aren't considered legitimate to begin with according to anti-Trumper's.
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    Why you wanya keep talking about Bowden in this thread? Oops, wrong thread again.....
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    Outplayed and overmatched. Work to do.
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    Haha...I'm saying I would have listened to him more before deciding to vote against him. Said it before and I'll say it again. Kasich had my vote had he come out of the Republican primaries. Was thoroughly impressed with his debate performances and understanding of government functionality.
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    Congrats dude. You deserve it more than anyone. You are no bandwagoner. You are a true celtics fan. I think the celtics will get steamrolled in the finals like how the ECF was last year vs the warriors but next year I def think warriors vs celtics when the celtics have all their horses will go 7 and I have no clue who will win. This is one of the best coaching jobs I have ever seen in a season. I hate I cannot cheer for stevens. One of my favorite all time college coaches.
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    That little kid in the helmet and gloves is adorable!!! We should hire him to be Recruiting Coordinator. No one could say no to him.
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    Maybe........... but we are 1-8 against the top 3 teams in the SEC and did not play #2 and #3 from the East....that's just not a good resume in my view when looking at a host situation. A sweep of LSU would be great ...but not sure that would get us a host position. . Schedule worked greatly to our favor this year and we mostly had our success against the doormat teams.
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    Yup. Nice strategy on their part!
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    He, Brown, and Harper will all be back. Bank it. Wiley likely to do well enough to leave.
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    It would have never made the air. Crazy how much changed in less than 20 years.
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    Carlton proving his worth. Coaches are excited about him. They see him as being their shutdown corner. If he can keep it up and have a successful, long career that would be great. Major selling point for guys like Booth.
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    Oh, I'd say this one went pretty well with my steak. That danged Mac and cheese is hands down the best I've ever had. If you're ever in the ham, Gianmarco is an absolute must.
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    Pathetic. You should be ashamed. You shouldn’t stereotype. Liberals are above that...
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    I'm totally in the dark on wine, but the waiter said we'd enjoy that one and we did. He got a hefty tip. Paired great with the food. It's 9 days after the fact, but we finally got to go out for our anniversary. You do what you can with 4 children.
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    Identity politics.........remember cant be a victim of racism white, black, cant be a victim of fat shaming, homophobic slurs etc......if you supported President Donald Trump.........these are the rules set forth by barry himself?
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    Hopefully they meet each other at nationals next year. I hope both of them continue strong in their track careers. Quite frankly , I think it should be a priority for those two.
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    At the end of the day, Trump is your president. Never forget that and never forget the party he beat.
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    Are there any "moderate liberals"? the answer is no.
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    Chances are he wins his appeal. Back up center at Bama. Area of need for us right now. I have a feeling we'd find a way to take him if he wants to come, and the SEC lets him.
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    There's an argument to be made that the far right has already done so to moderate conservatives.
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    The far left SJW are pushing the left straight towards the exits.
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    See my #2 Above. It is not a misread of words when you do this with every poster. It is your schtick to force a "misread" because it suits your schtick. Every poster on this board is not a poor writer. That "voice," that consistently misreads the words of others, is in YOUR head.
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    What if we moved the UGA game to the same weekend Bama plays Tennessee every year and make that a nationally hyped up SEC weekend?? CBS takes one game, ESPN the amped up night game. Could be one hell of a day. Especially if Pruitt turns things around for UT
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    It's official now. Law School Graduate. (Barnacle, niece, Mrs. Barnacle)
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    Really? I can think of at least one anti-Trump poster on here in particular that won't. No matter how clear you try to be and respond to them it's not easy to get a straight answer or response from them. They somehow just don't understand what you're trying to say or consistently misinterpret what you post. The thing that's most absurd about these kinds of discussion are the anti-Trumper's rectitude being a certainty and that they're just better people than Trump voters. That's why they're right and we're wrong. They want to make the rules of discourse in every thread and control the discussion because they won't cede a point. The mindset of a lot of anti-Trumper's in any given thread is: 'this is my thread so you gotta answer the way I want you to, but I can go in your thread and piss in it because your thread's not legit like mine'. They want it both ways. And that goes back to the accountability argument. Trump needs to be held accountable but we're not going to hold anyone else(like Hillary, or if you're on the good side of the powers that be) accountable and just give out free passes like they're candy in Washington. You shouldn't have different standards for one person or one side just because you find them more obnoxious. That's not how accountability should work but that's how anti-Trumper's and Never Trumper's are willing to go about it if they can get what they want and what they want is to get Trump removed from office. I bet most of the liberals(excluding Titan) on here attacking Trump voters were going to vote for Hillary no matter what in 2016. That investigation or 'matter' of Hillary's was never going to deter them from voting for her. They voted for her just because she wasn't Trump. But they won't admit it. They just come on here and spout their self righteous demagoguery putting down Trump voters as beneath them. But they're just as guilty of voting for someone mostly because they weren't the other candidate they abhorred. You can call me deplorable, uninformed, stupid , unchristian, etc.... I'm not offended. I'm just making an astute observation on how these kinds of interactions go on here. I don't hide behind demagoguery to put others down. I don't come on here calling people names and spouting hate for people I don't even know on here, just because they have a different political view then mine. Yet someone on here on the left recently said that not hating people is a sign of self righteousness. Really? Everything I've learned and taken from scripture mean the exact opposite. My religious beliefs include not hating people that are not like me. Hating people for their views is what is self righteous. Hate the sin, not the sinner. But I guess the self righteous people are the one's who think they're better christian's or better people for what they believe. But that's just my opinion. Feel free to disagree or hate me for it. I don't personally like Trump as a person and wish he would filter his personal attacks (like attacking John McCain's service among other unacceptable personal attacks). But his political views and how he handles the media and his approach to politics are very appealing to a lot of people because it just exposes the kind of naked bias the ruling class and enlightened elites have against those that don't align with their social standards on issues like abortion, gay marriage, immigration, etc..... I don't feel sorry for voting for him.
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    I wonder if there is some notion or a train of thought within the staff where they feel like they have to boost up certain players stats in order to recruit well and draw attention to that specific position group? I really have no idea here, just throwing darts. I've just never been able to understand running the wheels off a RB against the cupcakes on the schedule vs spreading the wealth and building up the backups at every possible opportunity. Then if and when the workhorse gets nicked up or suffers fatigue at the end of the season the backups are ready for their shot on the track.
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    Auburn football: Don’t forget this important tidbit about Auburn RB ‘Boobee’ Whitlow Lauren Shrute How well can JaTarvious “Boobee” Whitlow pass protect? AUBURN, Ala. — JaTarvious “Boobee” Whitlow established himself as a capable runner for Auburn football this spring, but to be the Tigers’ go-to player in the backfield, he’ll have to do more than just pick up yards. Fortunately for Whitlow, LaFayette (Ala.) High School coach James Lucas played football at Troy, and he understood that requirement well before Whitlow signed with Auburn. “I taught him the way to block and he’s quarterbacked for me, so he understands pass blocking, too,” Lucas said. “He knows that you make the defensive man go around the quarterback, not cut inside.” MORE: Determining the best Auburn running back jersey number isn’t easy Whitlow’s pass-blocking ability might not be flawless, but he’s the kind of player who can perfect his technique. Playing offense on the Plains didn’t always seem like it would be a sure thing, so the underclassman doesn’t take his opportunity lightly. “He is not afraid of contact. He’s never been afraid of contact,” Lucas said. “He played strong safety on defense and he will knock your head off. Auburn had offered him on the defensive side of the ball the day after he left a recruiting camp, but he told them he wanted to play offense.” Even after a strong spring, Lucas is convinced one of Whitlow’s biggest strengths is his mindset. He doesn’t want to let down anyone around him. Getting complacent is something he’s conscious of, and that’s not going to happen. MORE: Blast from the Auburn football past: Which former player fits best on this year’s roster “He’s very humble and he listens very well. He learns every day,” Lucas said. “He understands being a leader on and off the field. He knows his name doesn’t just belong to him, it belongs to his family — his aunts, uncles, grandparents, all these people. When you tarnish your last name, everything falls downhill.” It may seem a little dramatic, but when a player is that focused on doing his best, something like improving pass blocking just seems trivial in the big picture. Some fans, players or even coaches may still have their doubts about Whitlow’s pass-blocking ability or other aspects of his game. Lucas says that’s quite alright. “Let me tell you about Whitlow: Whitlow will make a believer out of you,” Lucas said. “He’ll make you believe.”
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    Thus life on the road in the SEC. OM was fortunate to not be swept at South Carolina last week. I expect this team to reach the CWS. For one, Auburn will not face SEC quality competition in the subregional.. And I like Auburn's chances in the regional with Mize on the mound in the first game. Puts a lot of pressure on the opposing team.
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    Barracks buds just got tired of me. I'd just throw the quarter against the wall, and drink my penalty. 'Course, I was usually supplying the beer anyway, with poker winnings from them whippersnappers.
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    Doormat is a bit of an overreach. Of the 10 conference teams we played, at least 8 were projected to make the NCAA tournament as of last Tuesday. Also, Mizzou sits 13th in the league and we lost that series. With the exception of Alabam, every team in the league has 10 wins or more in conference play. Going into today, just 4 games seperate 4th from 11th. Remember, 4th gets you a buy in Hoover. If anything, the league is more balanced than ever this season. There's a razor thin margin between clubs.
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    I don't feel great about stidham, I think he needs reps to calm down a bit.
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    Arguably my favorite song and performance of all time.
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    Got to become an north south runner though! I love the reverse field runs, but it’s not gonna work on a sec defense! Maybe a few with our “cupcakes “ game would be nice to see!
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    You always consider the source....and motivation. Mc was not just some private citizen who found this in his mailbox....he was being used and willingly took on the task....after all this was paid Dem opposition "research". ...and he is no dummy. Knew what he was doing and for whom....
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    hey this is big!!! Even on this run of top 12 or so classes we are on we rarely get respect from the national guys like mike farrell, barton, wilfong etc. So this really speaks to me and opens my eyes. Makes me think he is hearing some buzz towards AU from some national recruits.
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    Yup. One reason is that the Midwest is majority white, and many are getting tired of the Social Justice Warriors on the left. I am all for equality but I also am tired of the Social Justice Warriors of the far left. It has gotten to the point to regardless of your character white males are now the enemy of America. That keeps up, then Trump is in for another 4 easy. I actually saw an article the other day informing white people that if they do nothing they are racist, but if they do too much they are also racist. There is apparently some magical scale of proper cultural appropriation that can occur where as a white person you are acceptable and tolerable. Or how about that poor girl that got slaughtered cause of her prom dress. While there is stuff that still needs to be fixed, I have had it with this side of the left.
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    The guilty culprits are the dozen or so ego driven people like Bush and Kasich , etc. who enabled a minority candidate to win the primaries... Dems could have found a better candidate so might as well blame Dem voters too.