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    I would, but only if they throw in the Nova eagle flight experience.
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    Well in that case, I will see you there. Time to put on the pads and show my stuff.
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    Also saw this pretty good stuff coming from Auburn men coaches included GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- The goal from beginning of the season was Omaha. Auburn took the No. 1 team and the defending national champion to the brink in Monday's Game 3 of the Super Regional. It took extra innings to decide the winner. But while Omaha will have to wait, this year's Auburn team will be remembered for a long time. As head coach Butch Thompson said, this team left "an unbelievable legacy." Twitter Ads info and privacy After the game, some of the players took to Twitter to thank their teammates, coaches and the Auburn fans who have supported them along the way. Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy This year's Auburn team, who finished 43-23, didn't just have the support of the Auburn fans this season. It had the support of the entire university -- from the president to the athletics director to fellow coaches and student-athletes of other sports. They all took to Twitter to show love to the Tigers after Monday's game. The word that kept coming up time and time again? Special. Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy
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    Were y’all drinking buddies back in the day hanging out with Jesus?
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    Damn that's lower then whale crap on the bottom of the ocean. Just crap
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    I actually am hopeful for success. I won't let my disdain for Trump cloud the positive outcomes of a peaceful Korean peninsula, should that occur. One component of this deal with which I'm pleased, assuming it moves forward quickly, is the return of MIA remains. I'm pessimistic on denuclearization at this time for several reasons: 1. We've been here before with much better geopolitical strategists at the helm. 2. There were no guidelines agreed upon regarding verifiability of nuclear disarmament. 3. Trump recently reneged on the Iran deal which was achieving exactly what the US would like to achieve with NK. We'll see. Hopefully the news will be prove me wrong.
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    A GOOD DEFINITION OF OUR BALLCLUB': TEAMMATES EMPATHIZE AFTER SUPER REGIONAL June 12, 2018 By Jeff Shearer GAINESVILLE, Fla. - Judd Ward arrived first, racing across the outfield to console his teammate and friend. Within seconds, the gathering grew. From the bullpen, bench and infield, Auburn Tigers descended on Steven Williams, their presence saying more than any words of comfort ever could. A minute earlier, Auburn's freshman right fielder had sprinted to the warning track, giving chase to a sharply hit ball. Williams leaped and outstretched his left arm, attempting to match his outfield mates' game-saving grabs from prior innings. Williams looked in his glove, but the ball wasn't there. In an instant, it had caromed off his glove and over the wall. While Florida dogpiled, celebrating a 3-2 win in 11 innings that clinched the Gainesville Super Regional, Auburn's players and coaches embraced. "I think it's a good definition of the ballclub," Auburn coach Butch Thompson said. "The ballclub immediately went to right field and congregated there to be with Steven, and I think that's a good definition of our ballclub." Without Williams, Auburn would not have been in this position -- one run away from the program's first trip to Omaha in 21 years. Matching the defending national champs pitch for pitch on the Gators home field, needing 29 innings over three days to determine a winner. Williams homered Sunday in Auburn's 3-2 win. On Monday, he delivered again, driving in the Tigers' first run with two outs in the third. Drafted by the New York Yankees as the country's No. 3 rated catching prospect, Williams chose Auburn instead, filling a need in the outfield this season before transitioning to catcher in 2019. He led the Tigers with 45 walks and a .409 on-base percentage. His 12 homers ranked second and his 51 RBI were third. "It won't define him," Thompson said. "It will be part of his journey. He had a heck of a year. A special ballplayer. Our whole club knows it. It'll be a part of the journey that he'll look back on." Like many of his teammates, Williams shared his feelings on social media, expressing his appreciation for being part of Auburn's program. "They call it the Auburn Family for a reason!" Williams wrote on Twitter. "Love this team wouldn't want to go war with anyone else." "Our guys have done a good job of not blinking, especially in the postseason," said Thompson, who has increased Auburn's win total from 23 to 37 to 43 in his three seasons. "One more. Keep fighting, and stick with it. Keep trying to make adjustments, keep trying to develop, keep trying to grow, keep trying to attack, keep trying to believe in everything you're doing. "I'm glad we were here. I wanted more for our guys. I wanted another week with them, another two weeks with them. It'll end tonight but the message won't change at all. We get our hearts ripped out, but at the same time, this is living. And this is awesome to be part of."
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    All of them "The US military is much more advanced than any of the competition by decades. To put things in perspective, the US has a military budget bigger than then the next 10 countries with the highest defense budgets combined. It takes most countries about 10-20 years to catch up with the US military technologically, and by then, the US military is 10-20 years ahead of them. A prime example would be the F22 Raptor. Countries like China and Russia are only now starting projects that will rival the F22 raptor in technology, a full 10 years after the F22 raptor entered service. And even then, the projects won't be finished until 2020 at the earliest, and they still might not surpass the F22 raptor technologically." ~Quora write up Despite what the jaded crowd loves to say, we are still by far the strongest military force in the world. ....Now whether we use that force correctly or not makes all the difference.
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    Hope it was better then when Khrushchev and Kennedy met in Vienna Summit 1961 and I am a fan of JFK but he missed the boat on this
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    China's goal is to get us out of the region. They're succeeding.
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    We agree here. I applauded Obama when, with a coalition of nations, he struck a deal with a rogue nation. The deal that would verifiably reduce nuclear weapons development and ease sanctions on said rogue nation was agreed upon and despite not being perfect was successfully achieving the set targets. That deal was what compromise and diplomacy look like, i.e. giving ground to gain ground so that both sides can meet in the middle. Unfortunately, that deal was broken a short time ago by the United States. Which is a real shame considering the damage to our credibility in international agreements. As of yet Trump has achieved nothing in NK, and given a lot of ground in political capital to Kim. Hopefully that won't be the end result. We'll have to wait.
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    These kinds of deals take a long time to work out with multiple meetings.....complaints about lack of details after only one meeting of a few hours show lack of seriousness by the complainer. As for Iran...still testing missiles and doing who knows what with their nuke program since the West does not have free access..... and it cost us ...what? half a trillion bucks ?
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    Got to be pulling for MSU. It's my wife's school so we have each other's back when not playing each other. Actually got to liking the team this season.
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    Yes there is Elle. How many husbands did you notice forcing the wife to vote Trump in the last presidential election? I heard that sorta thing was running rampant.
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    You are using logic, reason, and facts to argue against a base that has abandoned those things for feelings and emotions. Shame on you.
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    He was drafted in the 11th round by the Brewers, and the Brewers are supposedly trying to offer a good bit more than the slot value of the pick. Davis is a unique situation. He was held back a year in school when he was really young because of his June birthday. So, he’s a really old Sophomore instead of a really young Junior. In the MLB draft, you have to be 21 years old or 3 years removed Fromm HS to be drafted. So, Daniel is a draft-eligible Sophomore. That actually works in his favor as he can be drafted this year and next year and still keep the leverage on MLB teams because he’d still have college eligibility left. I think a deal with Butch gets done by next week. Sounds like it’s just a matter of Butch naming his terms and Leath and Greene signing off.
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    I would argue that you could pick just about any government agency(not just the military) and they all operate on the same premise, spend it this year so we can spend it next year. That's just how government works, and it's stupid.
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    I still want a 5th Big if we can find one. 4 is not enough in the SEC.
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    Since the Korean War our Presidents have tried diplomacy without ever meeting with the North Korean Leader face to face. It has never worked. Why not try something different? I would venture to say that if we gave the North Koreans the same deal we gave Iran the Dems would criticize it just because it was proposed by President Trump. Very sad indeed.
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    I think it was a historic moment for these two to meet face to face. I think most people agree that serious diplomacy is better than conflict. The summit resulted in a signed agreement for NK to denuclearize. This is at least a first step but Trump made it clear that we won't drop sanctions until a final agreement is signed, complete with the all important verification process. Hopefully talks and efforts will continue to make this happen. Even if it never does nothing has been lost by us and it's more than several previous administrations have accomplished. I would also point that a little publicized result was for the known remains of U.S. soldiers killed in the Korean War will now be returned. This is certainly a big deal for their families.
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    And both have valid points. If the staff knows they want a speedy slot & have identified JJ as the best then they should take him now. We don't need another nauseating story like the one I'm about to tell. There was once a local 2-3* kid from a small school who camped at AU. Nearly 7 years ago in fact. He was a lifelong AU fan. That kid dominated the AU camp but did not get an AU offer. He then camped at UAt a few weeks later & got an offer on the spot. He committed to them not long after & to my knowledge never truly wavered from his commitment even though AU pressed for him the rest of the way. He's had big moments for them in big games & is now playing for the Tampa Bay Bucs. His name...OJ Howard. Now I'm not implying in any way JJ will have a trajectory like OJ. What I am saying is if we knew he was the guy we wanted but didn't offer immediately then he could have gone camped somewhere like FSU, wow them & they him, commitment follow & then could become very tough for AU to land him. As for potentially dropping him, it would piss off a lot of coaches in this state if we drop him for any other reason than behavioral or grades. That would hurt in state recruiting a great deal. Barring grades or behavior this staff has never dropped a player without a major coordinator or position coach change resulting in a change in philosophy or talent wants.
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