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    Well I have broken one Elton album back in 76.....Yellow Brick Road....replaced it the next day. Same night my best friend running back at Auburn got sucker punched by Phil A hole Gargis so I had to go looking for Mr. Phil with some offensive linemen. As for the other stuff have no info.
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    These are nice but I'm looking forward to the hype video that's simply Auburn whoopin' up on the Huskies....live on ABC.
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    You missed the point lol. This is why Gus is so high on him. He won't have to retrain this guy to a passing tree concept lacking branches. Cord, do you know anything about the WR screen? Yes sir. We ran it on 40% of our passing plays in high school. That's great news son. In high school did your team run any routes other than the WR screen that were less than 20 yard routes? No sir. We ran the WR screen to suck the defense up and then 60% of our remaining pass plays were deep balls. Son I'm gonna tell ya that you have a tremendous chance of seeing a large amount of time on the field here.
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    And I'm totally good with that! I was really happy when his contract got nailed down. I know I speak for at least a couple others when I say that the most frustrating thing about Gus is that we know that he has the stuff to be better.
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    WAR EAGLE Coach Bowman! Welcome to AU.
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    http://www.auburntigers.com/sports/m-basebl/spec-rel/070518aaa.html This is higher than I anticipated. Anywhere from 9-15 in the various polls. Great season!
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    What's not to like? We'll have the best punter in the country. You call that a knoyfe?
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    Had it on 45 myself.......love that song?
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    Free article by none other than Keith
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    At the halfway point of the Cape Cod Summer season, Steven Williams is 4th in batting average (.349), 2nd in OBP (.525), and Top 10 in OPS (.944). HRs having a pretty strong summer to follow up his All-American freshman season.
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    Bloody Crikey! You have witnessed the most rare and elusive one of them all.
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    I agree but I bet we don't have the same list. I'm not full of hate like some here who continuously sling s**t at those who don't agree with them.
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    Make no mistake about it. Every AU connected source that posts on message boards besides Corch is saying Webb to Bama is a done deal. I'm just saying I'm glad we haven't & won't stop recruiting him til he goes public.
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    Thanks for the page! I am beside myself with excitement!! After his terrific performance in Gainesville I was just so proud of Davis Daniel. Coach Thompson has done an amazing job with Davis and I can't wait to see him take the mound again. I hope I get a chance to go to a game in Auburn and see him in action. This is really really great news for the 2019 season!!! WDE Davis Daniel!!!
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    Davis had a third great appearance for his Cape Cod team (the Chatham Anglers) last night. He got the start and went 4 scoreless, hitless innings with one walk and 4 Ks. So far this summer, he’s made three appearances (2 starts) and thrown 11.2 innings and allowed 0 runs on 2 hits and 2 walks while tallying 14 Ks.
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    The University of Tennessee... tied with Vanderbilt... for 3rd-worst team in the Southeastern Conference... over a 6-year period. That is just nuts. Oh, and it's super awesome that Gus has beaten bama twice. In that period, he's 2-3 against them, 2-4 against uga (including a coaching change at uga), 2-3 against LSU (including a coaching change at LSU), 0-2 against Clemson, 1-1 in SECCGs and 1-4 in bowl games. In other words, when Gus "circles a game", he's 8-15, or loses almost twice as many as he wins. (One of those SECCGs is included in his record against uga.) He's averaged 5 losses a season for the last 4 seasons. He went to overtime with Jacksonville State. He orchestrated historically bad, downright embarrassing offensive performances against Clemson two years in a row and blew a 20-point lead to a mediocre LSU team with one of the same teams that he beat bama with. "Y'all" keep bringing up his handful of big wins and meaningless conference stats as reason to mock "us"- the "whiners", the "armchair coaches", the "message board experts", the "puzzling haters"- and "we" will have to keep responding, even though most of us have already said that we're glad he's still the coach and want to see him succeed at the level we know he's capable of.
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    What you don't love me? I'm older then dirt
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    I understand (see my post re: children without representation). Some of these people have presented themselves at the border and asked for asylum and have still been detained. Those who, to use your words, "hop over the border," I still believe should have the right to a court proceeding determining if they have a right to be here by law. If we are truly a "nation of laws" the way our President claims, then why wouldn't we want to afford everyone the right to a fair and just hearing? And why wouldn't we want to do that in the most efficient, economically sound manner? Building detention centers seems like a huge waste of money, although the prisons for profit folks will love it.
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    I mean we have more than enough RBs every year. We just need to learn to have contingency plans.
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    2013 forward , only AU & Ole Miss have beaten UAT; 2 times each. Let that sink in..... That makes all of the Gus hate a bit perplexing.
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    As should any person that would like to avoid nuclear war.
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    Re: #butgus, it's definitely a thing IMO. The dude makes mistakes. Like, giant, massive, inexplicable, indefensible, completely nonsensical mistakes. HOWEVER... he tends to learn from them. He doesn't learn from them as quickly as maybe he should, given the stakes and the public scrutiny he faces each time. But you typically don't see him making the same mistakes he made 2 seasons prior. If this is accurate, and if my logic is sound, he's going to start running out of giant, massive, inexplicable, indefensible, completely nonsensical mistakes to make. Only 12 years total in CFB. That's not long at all compared to his peers that are winning more games than him.