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    Good. So he can afford to stay through his Senior year.
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    Here is my question. Stove, Davis, Myers, and McClain were considered to be one of the best WR classes in the modern era for Auburn. Davis created his issue but were these kids overrated by everyone including a who's who among college coaches or are we not finding ways to use that talent? It's hard to get excited about any WR signing with Auburn until Gus can turn that talent into something more than a blocking machine. Our rivals recruit equal talent at the position and those players show up as freshman and sophomores who live up to the billing. Ours come to Auburn, open the dictionary to the M's, and find the word mediocre. Don't take a great athletic talent and remove that athletic talent by making a kid think to much or learn to be a blocker or not play. Use them for what they are and improve their game by feeding them the things that will make them a complete player. In my opinion Gus, with all skill players, wants to make a kid good at everything before he can see the field. It would be easier to recruit TE's and have them lose weight lol. In all seriousness, was tiny Mecole Hardman a good blocker for UGA his freshman year? No, but they used his talent at what he was good at. Was Calvin Ridley a good blocker on the perimeter his freshman year. No, but they used him for what he was good at. It is time for Gus to start using the kids he recruits for what they are good at and stop trying to make them something they are not. There is a difference in playing in games and being successful and being told you need to improve on your blocking when the ball doesn't come to you and being told you can't play in games until you prove yourself as a blocker. NCM and McClain are examples of you ain't playing till you can do this or that. We have all heard and read about how these kids need to get their attitude right and show more effort with the little things before they can play more. They were stud WRs. They catch balls and make plays. Hell they catch balls and make plays in their extremely minimal opportunities that they get. A Ferrari does you no good in Atlanta traffic. Why drive it when the top speed is 35.
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    He put a ring on it. Congrats QB1!!!! I hope his teammates get a couple of rings as well this year. WAR DAMN!
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    Hopefully we are recruiting McClendon harder then it appears because it looks like he might be the highest rated OT we still have a shot with
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    nope...pretty believable on this forum.....
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    My favorite concert band they make it look so easy
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    A little fun how many old TV shows can you name....hint one is My Favorite Martian
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    Dang......a piece in today by Craepa about the new coach that was hired and not a word in it about Sullivan. Hard to believe that our favorite beat writer missed a chance to raise the issue again....which is starting to make me believe that Frankie was just a mirage and was never really here. : My inclination is to feel bad for FS but on the other hand, I'm thinking that AU would probably give him the benefit of the doubt regarding some kind of not sure what to think. But whatever.....he was a very good and valuable ballplayer for AU and I wish the best for him. . is nice to see some geographical diversity on the coaching staff and a guy who made it the hard way.
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    She got tried of waiting on me to ask........lose some win some
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    This is becoming very typical of Auburn under CGM. Come opening day, everyone is waiting to see if we are ready to play; ie, be successful beyond the initial scripted plays, communicate effectively, make proactive and effective adjustments throughout the game, not get tunnel vision with play calling under pressure, function with some consistency (oneness) and be unpredictable. The defense will come ready to play, will the offense and kicking game be as efficient?
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    After blowing a 20 point lead at LSU last year and then losing to UCF in the most uninspired performance we have seen since 2012 I don’t think you can ever take anything for granted with a Gus coached team. You never know.
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    Re: #butgus, it's definitely a thing IMO. The dude makes mistakes. Like, giant, massive, inexplicable, indefensible, completely nonsensical mistakes. HOWEVER... he tends to learn from them. He doesn't learn from them as quickly as maybe he should, given the stakes and the public scrutiny he faces each time. But you typically don't see him making the same mistakes he made 2 seasons prior. If this is accurate, and if my logic is sound, he's going to start running out of giant, massive, inexplicable, indefensible, completely nonsensical mistakes to make. Only 12 years total in CFB. That's not long at all compared to his peers that are winning more games than him.
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    yes " My City Is Gone " by my childhood friend Dennis Love. wanna talk about over reaction. You guys are a joke when you proclaim the days of Monsanto crawling back......BTW Birmingham is still awful. Go take a stroll around Legion Field tonight.
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    *CEO* Nevertheless good for JS. She is a beauty and a dang good athlete.
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    They’d rather distort than engage. They’ve made that clear. They’ll distort your comments and dismiss Trump’s. No integrity.
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    Good. You think she knows anything about Offense?
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    So President Trump fired him.
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    My brother pitched in college and he could never throw a football as far or as consistently hard as I could. Different throwing motions. He could hit 95 on the gun with a baseball though and I bet I couldn’t hit 80
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    How asinine. The EPA has a place and purpose. It had devolved into a cadre of jack-booted thugs that delighted in kicking small people around and didn't have the guts to engage large corporate interests. They needed a slap-down and attitude adjustment. They got both and now another round or two of each would be really, really good.
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    This makes me angry only because it's true.
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    Sometimes I just wonder what the people in this administration have in place of minds and hearts. The things they decide are important and the things they deem disposable and unnecessary is bewildering sometimes.
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    What I appreciate about this pair, is that they appear to be very well-rounded and have a lot of bounce. Put them in the right hands and we’re in for a lot of enjoyment.