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    Year 3 of an absolute rebuild of a team like the one Pat took over to year 6 of Gus? Come on OP, don’t be dumb. Every situation is very different. Dye had his problems but fixed them for the most part. Gus just does nothing. He isn’t the problem. Hires Grimes back, who was moved on from AU in the first place.
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    I hate him so much it’s unhealthy.
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    This guy has been a miracle to our punting unit, flipping the field.
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    The history of Auburn athletics is a very interesting and entertaining one. It's been decades since my own research, but the state law to play the IB in Legion Field arose from the reluctance of teams (UAt, UTenn and GT and maybe a few others) to come to Auburn because the roads were so bad. In earlier days, teams came by rail, but they wouldn't come by bus in the automotive era. Not certain that Bryant ever played a part, but UAt fans were not happy at the thought of the game returning to Auburn, which of course made us like the idea even better. If you haven't yet researched Auburn football lore, here's an Auburn story you'll enjoy: Look, I understand the desire for Gus to succeed. Life would be easier for everyone if he would just pull it together and do smart things. But here are a few things some of us older guys know about people in general that taint our faith in Gus changing: Gus is control freak and control freaks only squeeze tighter when stressed. They're the pilot's who fail to eject from a tail-spining aircraft because they just know they can 'save it'. To be successful, Gus would need to turn things over to his coordinators. Control freaks just can't bring themselves to do that sort of thing. People tend to stick with the formula/methods that won them success in the first place until they're forced to change. Thanks to Slippin Jimmy, Auburn has no leverage to force any changes to the way Gus runs things. Gus is an introvert. He's not getting better with the press. The human mind becomes less flexible as one ages. So if you think Gus is stuck now, well, you're right, but he's likely going get even be less flexible in the next 7 years. Due to the way the human mind develops and ages, the best predictor of a man's future behavior is his past behavior. In my experience, very few people change their personalities for the better after the age of 40 without some Divine help and, while I'm fairly certain God is an Auburn fan, I'm confident He's not going to change Gus Malzahn's personality to save the football program. Good luck on the new OC idea. The world now knows he designs and runs his own offense no matter who sits in the OC carseat next to him. No OC worth his salt is going to OC under Gus. The caveat to that may be someone who is fresh out of high school or a small college who wants to learn the ropes or someone looking to rejuvenate their reputation. But again, the steering wheel in the OC carseat is for show and not physically attached to the rack and pinion system on the Gus Bus. As far as the aTm game goes, I think we can win it or not. I don't believe it's a foregone conclusion we lose. We have great players who play their hearts out and can make great plays. Gus may tweak a few things, but don't get your hopes up for different.
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    So did I which is not normal for me and HVAU. I especially liked the last sentence....."somebody has to represent being the bigger person." You might try that too rather than calling someone "scary."
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    You may be right but barring a total collapse in the remaining games I think they bring him back for 2019. Gus's biggest issue all these years has been losing those games he had no business losing. From the 2013 NC game, to the 2014 TAMU game, to the 2015 and 2016 UGA games, to the 2018 LSU, MSU and UT games, to all the bowl games, the list is long and frustrating.
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    Wonder where he was radicalized?
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    Miller is slower than most defensive tackles and clearly isn’t going to be the answer against top-tier opponents. Instead of developing or giving opportunities to other guys who could give us a chance against them, we’d rather derp around with mediocre talents and praise them for what they do against hapless opponents.
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    Yeah, this a crock-pot of BS. Thank you for the laugh. I support that he appoints conservative judges, but I do not support everything he says. Are you telling me that I "don't get to" do that?
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    Johnson with a huge night and looks incredible but definitely something wrong with his hand or wrist. Wouldn’t even using it to block and probably cost on the drop/INT. Gamer with heart. We got a good one boys!!!
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    In 1984, Auburn was preseason #1, that team (with a backfield of Bo Jackson, Brent Fullwood, and Tommie Agee) lost four game (including to a bama team with a losing record) and ended up in the Liberty Bowl. The next year Auburn started off #2, but moved to #1 the second week of the season. That team also lost four games, with a Heisman winner at tailback. I'm not comparing Pat and Gus, just their situations. So, honestly, how many of you would have been calling for Pat's job at the end of the 1985 season? He had just finished his 5th season, and had one SEC title and back to back disappointing seasons. Now, the next four years he would beat bama four straight times and win three SEC titles - but nobody knew that in 1985. Just curious how many of you would be calling for his firing, or at least removal as athletic director.
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    The UT loss is a coach killer. They had not won an SEC game in 11 tries and we lose at home as a 17 point favorite. Might be one of the bigger upsets at AU in quite a while and definitely The biggest loss under Gus.
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    Yeah. bull**** clarification after Kelly and others twisted his arm, and he still ****** it up later on when he rambles off script. Put it this way. If you do not drop your torch and nope out of a group you are a part of when they start chanting “Blood and Soil!” and “Jews will not replace us!” the moment that chant begins, you are not a good person.
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    Yep, not a fan of those. I'm surprised Fields isn't getting a look in some of their goal line situations.
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    And after that, Charlottesville and Unite the Right happened, and it became clear that Trump was going out of his way to court, or, at the very least, avoid offending these people. ”Blood and Soil!” ”Jews will not replace us!” “Very fine people, on both sides” It should have been obvious after he refused to disavow Duke’s support during the election, but I gave him the benefit of a doubt. Charlottesville was a perfect opportunity for Trump to cut that association all together, but he refused to emphatically do so. Because he is who he is.
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    Years of putting up with PT's nonsense and acting like he's a martyr are going on here, and it predates you by over a decade. What's new to you is tiresome to those who have put up with it longer. Stay in your lane.
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    Both sides, through rhetoric, attract and inflame lunatics. Why aren't they equivalent? That's simply a pass to one side of lunacy. Makes no sense. You are right, this isn't hard. Until we as a society can call out the nonsense on both fronts we achieve nothing and in return get more incendiary BS.
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    When his team is playing well I completely agree. When they don’t show up against MSU and a Tennessee team that hasn’t won a conference game in years maybe he should be tending to his own business.
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    PT does have a point. Like it or not, "every other POTUS" by definition includes Andrew Jackson.
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    This is the guy that could potentially push AU to be a sweet 16 and beyond kind of team. Make us not miss losing Heron quite as much. We’ll see if he s ready for that type of role but he could be our 20-10 kind of guy. I agree with Pearl on looking forward to a more aggressive okeke
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    I agree....still hate bye weeks........a sign season is coming to a close 😢
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    I’ve seen what the others in front of him can do. If Asa isn’t being given opportunities to see what HE can do, it’s a problem. A huge problem. Period.
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    No lead was safe last year lol. It was awesome. This year has been kind of blah. I definitely couldn’t turn down sleep to watch extra innings. When did they start doing commercials between pitches? Are they trying to kill the ratings to already slow games?
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    That’s rough. I used to be a better baseball fan,but it was easy staying tuned to the exciting Astros- Dodgers series. I’ve been out of touch on this series though.
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    Me?! 😁 I actually gave it up after the top of the 18th. I had a feeling the Dodgers would win it in the bottom half and they did. Plus, I had to be up and at them this morning. So, I’m running on about 4 hours of sleep!
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    Of the top 20 in state last class AU wanted 11, 9 of which were in the top 12. Looks like the staff thought there was a pretty good talent gap after 12. Of the top 20 Bama only wanted 6 in the end but only landed 2. 5 of the 6 Bama wanted in the top 20 were in the top 11 so it looks like they thought there was a talent gap after the 1st 11 or 12 also. FWIW it's rare that Alabama high school football produces 20 guys in a class who are high level SEC talent. A better number to look at in state is usually in the 12-15 range on a given year. And we get some out of state kids each year in state university schools wanted. This year, as of now. there's Pappoe, Handy, Gordon, Zion, & Kelly. That's 5 & 1/3 of the current class so far as well as 42% of the out of state commits to this point. Not that rare.
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    Yeah, that argument could definitely be made. Though he hasn’t had the level of success as the other 3, he’s turned his last two schools into nationally relevant programs with very little resources. Peterson might actually be the most impressive name on the list due to his ability to do more with less.
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    We should have let Arky wasted their money instead of wasting ours. You will see by next year.
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    I do not trust anyone that begins a sentence with "Trust me" Nola. 😉
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    There you go again with the veiled threats. So go ahead and take my picture that you said people could acquire information from and report this to my principal. Back up your words with actions you piece of s***.
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    This is friends of ours Grandmother 102 years old attended the game She's been to 4 world series. Huge red soxs fan
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    Listen to me, one last time, you clown! I never said it was Trump's fault! I said his rhetoric holds some responsibility! Nobody has claimed that it's solely Trump's fault. A psycho didn't just decide to send some explosives to "PEOPLE". He decided to send explosives to all the people Trump has personally mentioned being the enemy. There is a difference. Get.That.THROUGH.YOUR.THICK.SCULL.
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    This has gotten ridiculous. Trump says that CNN and the Democrats are the enemy of America and trying to ruin everyone's lives. His supporters start doing shady crap and one of them sends explosives to EVERY SINGLE PERSON Trump has attacked, from Hillary Clinton, to George Soros and Eric Holder. But it has nothing to do with Trump. He has nothing to do with it. What world are you Trumpsters living in?! Blinded by your own pride.
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    When someone uses it, I certainly will. As it stands, one side of these conversations still has trouble understanding what whataboutism is.
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    What Gus got was the going rate, and that going rate is even higher now. I can promise you that an offer of $6 million salary with a buyout of 12 million would have had him at Arky in a heartbeat. We may not like it, but that's the current market. Leath did the minimum of what he had to do to keep Gus at Auburn. Hindsight 11 months later is 20-20, but you are talking about a coach who was an injury to KJ away from the SEC championship and a slot in the playoff at the time that deal was done. Gus got what coaches performing at that level get. No more, no less.
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    I understand that gets worse with age also.
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    It was trying times man. I did get kicked out of my girlfriends house when Bo trucked Boz though.
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    Who won a national title. Our program has won more SEC titles in the past 15 years than anyone besides Bama. We are absolutely nowhere close to the dumpster fire UT has been since Fulmer left. Please don't pick this hill to die on.
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    It floors me that 6 years into his tenure this has to even be said. The only reason he says anything at all during press conferences is so he can get to the next question.
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    Why would Dye have not survived a four loss season? Malzahn lost four games last year and we gave him eleventy billion dollars and practically renamed the stadium after him. Our record this year is tracking more closely to 1992, a year in which everyone DID want Dye gone, and the next year we had a new coach. Of course, there was a lot else that went into that.
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    My opinion, and I know people will disagree, is that it is irrelevant at this point. Gus is protected by his buyout. He may have been coaching for his job last week, but he has now secured us almost guaranteed bowl eligibility. Given his buyout, I don’t think anything short of losing the team is a true threat to his job this year. However, a similar season next year would almost definitely get him fired.
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    I don’t watch unless there’s a chance they could lose. There’s not much of that. It’s boring and sucks. Then you have to hear him scold students for leaving early or not showing up or god forbid a sports journalist ask a question he doesn’t want to answer. He goes all a**hole. Piss on the little gnome.
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    Does Kirby realize he has Justin Fields sitting on the sideline? Should have him do the sneak.
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    Says the kid who has spent the entire thread denying Trump's hate mongering has absolutely no affect on people like Sayoc. Trump’s Incoherent Rally in Charlotte The president calls for harmony, then attacks. He demands honesty, then lies. He insists on an end to personal attacks, then insults his opponents. ........“Political violence must never ever be allowed in America and I will do everything in my power to stop it,” he said. “We must unify as a nation in piece, love, and in harmony.” In literally the next breath he began a lengthy rhetorical barrage against the press, as though it was the mainstream media and not he that had celebrated and incited violence. “We all say this in all sincerity”—he was not being sincere—“but the media’s constant unfair coverage, deep hostility, and negative attacks—you know that—only to serve to drive people apart and to undermine healthy debate,” he said. “It is time for us to replace the politics of anger and destruction with real debate about the real issues,” he said. “We want honest coverage from the media. That’s all we want.” If you insist, Mr. President—but a good place to start would be a little reciprocal honesty. In Charlotte, Trump claimed once again that he would cut taxes 10 percent before election day, an entirely chimerical promise. He said that Democrats wanted to eliminate Medicare (if anything, they want to expand it) and to eliminate protections for people with pre-existing conditions, while saying Republicans would protect those people. In fact, the Trump administration is seeking to roll back protections, and Republicans around the country have voted to do so or sued to try to eliminate the protections. It is a remarkably brazen lie.....
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    That's a classical "begging the question" logical fallacy - a favorite of weasels everywhere. My goodness, stop underestimating everyone's intelligence.
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    I see what you’re doing Legal Eagle. You’re using the Rocky method. You can’t out punch me with logic so you’re trying to wear me down. Trump’s rhetoric incites this kind of violence. You can spew all you’d like about Supreme Court cases, criminal liability and psychos, but it doesn’t change the fact that the bomber was a fanboy of Trump and targeted everyone that Trump vocally attacked.
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    He is friends with kira who graduated early to play for them. We were recruiting Kira as well