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    Wait. Nevermind!! HAPPY STRESS FREE, AUBURN FOOTBALL FREE SATURDAY!!! Enjoy your day!!!
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    Come on. I don’t like him as a coach but Having your head coach on a national televised show is good for the program.
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    Bottom line, even with the attitude problem Asa has/had, the staff screwed up. No if ands or but’s to this. No excuse for what happened. This alone should have Horton packing.
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    Trump is not a la carte. You don’t get to pick what you like about him - like judges & tax cuts - and pass on the hateful, violent rhetoric. If you support him & help maintain him in office, you’re supporting the whole package: the hate, the division and the stoking of violence.
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    Can I brag about how I was a kicker at Trussville? LOL.
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    He was recruiting at the Trussville game last night, on national television today. Heck, he's having a steak dinner with his wife tonight and then watching the A&M game, which makes him seem like an actual living breathing person instead of a robot. I have no issue with him today. Also let's be honest, what is he going to do today that would help us win next week? We've seen the man coach for 6 years now, he ain't making an earth shattering coaching move a week before a game.
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    So it’s Saturday and your team is off. And where are you? Trying to figure out how to beat A&M? No. Out recruiting some offensive linemen you desperately need? No. You are on TV playing “Analyst” for the GA/FL game. So he’s not capable of analyzing his own team’s deficiencies and figuring out how to overcome them but he’s going to analyze a game between two obviously better coached teams. Maybe he’s looking for a full time gig? You know $32 million doesn’t go a far as it used to!
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    I do beliveve just about everything ive been critical on this past summer has been huge problems this year.
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    I have and I’ve said the same. Way before the season started. Miller has been ok. K-Mart? No business being the #1 RB to start the season. Lack of recruiting and development by Gus and Tim.
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    Year 3 of an absolute rebuild of a team like the one Pat took over to year 6 of Gus? Come on OP, don’t be dumb. Every situation is very different. Dye had his problems but fixed them for the most part. Gus just does nothing. He isn’t the problem. Hires Grimes back, who was moved on from AU in the first place.
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    The guy was a psycho. My goodness. If the rhetoric of Trump's critics also inspired him, are they "responsible" too?
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    Kentucky just defeated Missouri 15-14. Kentucky's offense was awful all game. Trailing in the 4th, 14-3, they got a punt return for a score. Then got the ball with 1:20 to play and 1 timeout trailing 14-9 and got it down the field to the 20. Took a sack. With 4 seconds to play, they throw it to the corner of the endzone, time expires, but defensive pass interference on Missouri. 1st and goal at the 2 after time expired for 1 untimed down. QB throws to the front left corner of the endzone and gets a completion and touchdown to win the game. Great game.
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    I hate him so much it’s unhealthy.
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    I agree on this 3 game swing. Ole Miss bought Gus some time, but several people that follow the program say his support has cratered amongst the people that matter. If AU is trying to raise money for capital projects in football, that's going to be hard to pull off with a coach that the money people aren't behind.
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    Stop. You’re going to upset @Rednilla @AU64 and @Mikey...Gus is great, Gus is good, let us thank him for our....uhhh 7-8 wins a year. By his hands we are fed....uh....excuses and scapegoats...thank you Gus for taking all our bread?
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    Or why not just the downward trajectory of Malzahn's tenure at Auburn.
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    I typically resist, as a type of false equivalence, the notion that Texan is bringing up here, but I think there is some merit. The right has some awful talking heads looking to manipulate through fear and hatred, but the left has some using the rhetoric of punitive reparations that provides ammunition to those talking heads on the right. Both parties need to deal with their radical elements or this cycle is going to spiral further out of control. Somebody's got to represent being the bigger person.
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    My reaction: have a little sense of humor. 😃 Coach Willie is getting his @ss handed to him at home, (48-0) and he is currently 4-4 in the ACC. Who in Tallahassee thought it would be a good idea to replace Jimbo Fisher with Coach Willie?
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    Nice try to avoid admitting you were wrong. YOU said NO previous POTUS was as violent as Trump. You didn't put ANY time frame on it. Jackson was previous so you were wrong no matter how you try to spin it.
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    I’m also counting how by all rights we should’ve lost to uga in 13 if not for the miracle and how we blew a 21-3 lead in that NC game when the offense went in the tank most of the second half and how we went into the SECCG with seemingly the same exact offensive gameplan only this time with a clearly less than 100% KJ...
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    Yes, it IS a happy & stress free Gameday. Go Gators! Beat Jawja!!!
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    This guy has been a miracle to our punting unit, flipping the field.
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    I could have gotten behind Kasich. He seems like a good intelligent man. We have that in common I guess. Also how in the living **** do you go from Kasich to Trump? Kasich even hates Trump. I can understand Cruz. He's a dirtbag just like Trump. But Kasich?!
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    My biggest admiration of him is that he doesn't see politics as a zero sum game. A good idea is a good idea. Who cares who came up with it? That willingness to work with the opposition party and actually listen is sorely needed.
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    I liked him in 2016 and I'd still support a 3rd party Kasich run in 2020.
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    That was my guy, and Cruz (but let's face it, in retrospect, Cruz needs to stay put). Really wish more people would've supported Kasich.
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    Ya and I didn't point out a picture that had multiple races in it, linking an article where they self-identified as non-white, and then you tell me my standard of what is white is to high either lol. Get right on that when you go back and answer all the questions you never have on this board. You want to talk about chips and crap fine. Go back, look at your responses to me when we disagree and how you address me starting with the very first reactions. Then come back and tell me I should have anything but a chip on my shoulder/grudge/ill will regarding you. Funny thing is, when I called out people for doing the same s*** to Obama that you do with Trump now you were really cool with me. Thoughts and beliefs are still 99% the same when I supported Obama. Now I'm part of the problem, a liar, an a**hole, batshit crazy, insane, loony, with too high of a standard for what is considered white in America. Pretty interesting how quickly you turn on someone when they are consistent in their standards if they fall out of line with your ideas..... and that my friend is part of the problem with the modern left that I really dislike. Narrow minded as many of the people you claim to despise. I will say the same thing I said when Republicans bitched about Obama. Stop bitching, listen to the people, and get on top of putting someone in there to beat his ass. Want to end Trumps rhetoric then pony up a damn quality candidate.
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    The history of Auburn athletics is a very interesting and entertaining one. It's been decades since my own research, but the state law to play the IB in Legion Field arose from the reluctance of teams (UAt, UTenn and GT and maybe a few others) to come to Auburn because the roads were so bad. In earlier days, teams came by rail, but they wouldn't come by bus in the automotive era. Not certain that Bryant ever played a part, but UAt fans were not happy at the thought of the game returning to Auburn, which of course made us like the idea even better. If you haven't yet researched Auburn football lore, here's an Auburn story you'll enjoy: Look, I understand the desire for Gus to succeed. Life would be easier for everyone if he would just pull it together and do smart things. But here are a few things some of us older guys know about people in general that taint our faith in Gus changing: Gus is control freak and control freaks only squeeze tighter when stressed. They're the pilot's who fail to eject from a tail-spining aircraft because they just know they can 'save it'. To be successful, Gus would need to turn things over to his coordinators. Control freaks just can't bring themselves to do that sort of thing. People tend to stick with the formula/methods that won them success in the first place until they're forced to change. Thanks to Slippin Jimmy, Auburn has no leverage to force any changes to the way Gus runs things. Gus is an introvert. He's not getting better with the press. The human mind becomes less flexible as one ages. So if you think Gus is stuck now, well, you're right, but he's likely going get even be less flexible in the next 7 years. Due to the way the human mind develops and ages, the best predictor of a man's future behavior is his past behavior. In my experience, very few people change their personalities for the better after the age of 40 without some Divine help and, while I'm fairly certain God is an Auburn fan, I'm confident He's not going to change Gus Malzahn's personality to save the football program. Good luck on the new OC idea. The world now knows he designs and runs his own offense no matter who sits in the OC carseat next to him. No OC worth his salt is going to OC under Gus. The caveat to that may be someone who is fresh out of high school or a small college who wants to learn the ropes or someone looking to rejuvenate their reputation. But again, the steering wheel in the OC carseat is for show and not physically attached to the rack and pinion system on the Gus Bus. As far as the aTm game goes, I think we can win it or not. I don't believe it's a foregone conclusion we lose. We have great players who play their hearts out and can make great plays. Gus may tweak a few things, but don't get your hopes up for different.
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    It wasn't a bluff. At that moment there were three SEC schools looking for a new head coach, and who knows how many elsewhere. It was a seller's market with big demand and short supply. Gus got the market rate, no more. We paid what it would have taken to get him had he not been already at Auburn, if it helps you to look at it that way.
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    Hi Fam. I'm not feeling good as yesterday was a mutha if a chemo treatment but wanted to share some fantastic news. In fact that's what my Dr wrote on the page 😁.... "Fantastic"! Per my Pet Scan results from last Thursday, no cancer is showing in my lymph nodes now, the one cancerous area of my liver has disappeared while the other has shrunk and the large (main) tumor in the colon seems to have shrunk by at least half! I have at least another 2 months of the heavy duty chemo & I, according to the Dr, will "probably have cancer the rest of my life" but it will at least be manageable with a "maintenance" chemo going forward. Of course God works miracles so I'm not ruling out total eradication...Dr's are surprised every day 😁. Again, Thank you all for the prayers and support. It's WORKING!! War Eagle and God bless.
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    The issue with many is not that someone is hard on Trump in these circumstances - it is the fact that they are only hard on Trump. But, when an incident occurs such as Steve Scalise being gunned down, the entire conversation changes - it's no longer a politics thing, and anyone who tries to "blame the left" is wrong. Your attitude towards the Scalise shooting is a great example. While your position on that incident was sound, it lacks in consistency. Hence, it is the inconsistency that is troublesome for many. I know you probably disagree, but I am just offering a separate view. I understand you have your personal justifications for the change in position, and that's fine. We don't have have to engage in endless debate.
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    Lord help me but for some completely unknown reason I’m starting to think we have a shot at aTm and thuga...I have no idea why...
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    What does that say about our program and where we are at when a win against Ole Miss one of the worst SEC defenses you will ever see is what secured his job for another season? O how far we have fallen. We need to stop kicking this can down the road. Enough is enough. We KNOW what Malzahn is and that is 8-5 most years. Get him the heck out of here. PLEASE! He is not nor will he ever change. He is to stubborn. If he was going to he would of already.
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    98K twitter followers? Did you know you can buy followers? and considering the country has 300+ million people that's a pretty small following anyway. So again..... I note the guy is a nut job with a minor following and has no political impact and your assertion about his influence on conservatives if way off base.
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    Wifey and I were married one year ago today - also a bye week - so we're able to celebrate again without my keeping one eye on a TV screen somewhere. War Eagle y'all. Hope everyone is reconnecting to what's really important this weekend.
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    The gaslighting from people like McCarthy about civility when called on their bull**** is laughable. Everyone with a brain knows exactly what that tweet was meant to convey.
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    Wonder where he was radicalized?
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    And might I won’t be Gus.
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    When you have to go back 176 years to find a Democrat that was horrible to defend Trump you’re losing the argument.
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    I remember, for several years, you had nothing but negative things to post about our LBs and recruiting LBs. I also remember that you were absolutely correct. WDE was absolutely correct earlier in the year regarding his observation of our Oline and RBs. I like to hear from people who spread the knowledge and are willing to post, even though it may not be sunshine.
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    Miller is slower than most defensive tackles and clearly isn’t going to be the answer against top-tier opponents. Instead of developing or giving opportunities to other guys who could give us a chance against them, we’d rather derp around with mediocre talents and praise them for what they do against hapless opponents.
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    Sooo much this & it's been verified by nearly every one connected to the program on all AU boards.
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    That's where the "internet" part comes in. I'm sure there were grumbles but if you heard them, they were just a newspaper editorial here or guys sitting at the bar there... It's given a voice to those who probably shouldn't really have one. I believe today, a low "grumble meter", in reality (regarding anything in life now), gets magnified to a "tidalwave of discontent" because of social media & message boards.
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    SMH. I was hoping we could converse about Kasich for a little bit, not what you think about DT. But I guess I'll just have to start a Kasich thread.
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    Yep.... and aside from teaching she also reads minds....and maybe foresees the future ...
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    Gus deserved an extension, but when he pitted us versus Arkansas we should have called his bluff. Go ahead. If you are the type of person who considers leaving Auburn for a place like Arkansas then maybe we shouldn't entrust the program to you. Not exactly a Bear Bryant fan, but there's a story about him recruiting a kid from Birmingham back in the day. The kid told Bear on an in home visit it was down to Bama and Vanderbilt. Bear shook his hand, told him "good luck at Vandy" and left. Bear later explained to the assistant he had with him on the visit, "if he is the type to be torn between us and Vanderbilt, we don't want him."
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    no attention to detail, predictability, team is soft, no urgency or intensity. Aggressive play is non existent, Gus said they would be now they play scared. Lack of any noticeable improvement obvious that whatever is done in the spring and August has no bearing on the season. This isn't on the players but the coaching staff. Another wasted season with the only hope is messing someone else's up.