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    I'm all for utilizing who is on the roster and forcing Gus to prove he can develop a QB he recruited out of high school. Time to earn that salary or not.
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    Yeah so refuse to let him play his last game... That's the real Auburn thing to do... SMH... No... it isn't. Last year people complained when a certain DB sat out the sick... And "missed" the bowl. Now people are complaining about wanting to force Stidham to sit the bowl game.. Some things just make no sense...
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    And just for record, our current QB coach is a 28 yr old from the Memphis coaching ranks with a couple of yrs experience in the AAC conference. I do not want to see Nix thrown to the wolves as a TrF QB behind this line with a not so reliable running game.
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    First off, half the people on this forum spell it “develope”.
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    Only a looser would spell it "develope".
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    I think when people say "develop a QB" they don't even fully know what that means. They just repeat what somebody else said
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    The PAC 12 sucks. We beat PAC 12 champs Washington this year. We got this..........
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    I find it odd that the "new approach" is actually coaching to try and win the game. SMH...
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    Good old reliable NBC .... and of course CNN and every other major news outlet ran the same story....the same exact the same time..not to mention the most inept members of "the resistance".... complete coordination or collusion here....I don't have the heart to post about the MArkets...I'm afraid I would be held liable for a couple of suicides by some on here after the giddiness of the declines of the last couple of weeks.... I give someone 24 hours to claim Trump time traveled to be able to do this to embarrass the press... Trump becomes first president since 2002 not to visit troops at Christmasstime Though he called military personnel on Tuesday, Trump did not visit a hospital or a military first president since 2002 not to visit troops at Christmastime Though he called military personnel on Tuesday, Trump did not visit a hospital or a military base. These reporters can’t even begin a news account of a presidential visit to a military base without working in a compilation of Mr. Trump’s controversies, contradictions, and failings. The point isn’t to feel sorry for Mr. Trump, whose rhetorical attacks on the press have often been contemptible. The point is that such gratuitously negative reporting undermines the credibility of the press without Mr. Trump having to say a word.
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    Just knowing what I'm going through.... Kids like that are HEROIC in my opinion. Good for him and God bless him!!
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    I've been to a Buffet concert. After 15 mins or so, the crowd couldn't care less what you'd sound like. They're HAPPY just the same. You don't even have to bring your own....just being in the middle of the crowd is "contagious" 😁😉
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    Not sure if you are kidding but of course Cox eligibility is done after tomorrow and fwiw the game is in Arlington, TX.
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    I think that Gus ought to go with who he has on the roster now. His recruiting highly rated QB's and then looking for a transfer every,or every other year is just pitiful and a waste of scholarships! Almost as bad as looking for OL transfers. He needs to get off his lazy butt, and get hot on the recruiting trail, and DEVELOP the one's that he has given a scholly to! That sucker has just flat-dab not done the job that he was hired to do! RECRUIT and DEVELOPE! I could also throw in the lack of surrounding himself with QUALITY assistants in certain positions. But that's another story for another day.....
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    Had a chance to catch up with some in the industry that were in favor of the “fairness” of the new transfer rule changes. Needless to say, they said they did not expect it to be exploited and used as it has been. They said expect changes and the ball was already rolling on discussions on the best ways to update it. Free agency was not the intention, especially during the school year. Careful with Pandora’s box.
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    Anyone who thinks the coaches should sit Stidham is a cotton-headed ninny muggins. Just my opinion.
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    Mario Cristabol is one of the best at that.
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    Thanks. Year where AU finished 6-6 and landed in the B'ham bowl and CGM chalked up his first and only bowl victory.
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    Yes sir ! Praying for you bud. Speaking of heroic
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    Fan's will just have to like it or lump it - just like we did this year. The Administration will work the media and bait us like they always do. They'll toy with our emotions as we twist in the wind and uncertainty abounds. Then they'll (Admin) will switch it all around on us in an effort to ease the worries & anguish with promises of a bright future, complete support of the HC, and they'll gather us all together in kumbya to help salvage the recruiting class once again. I've seen the Bait 'n Switch so many times in the past decade that I can call it blind folded. The entire charade for the past 10 weeks since the miserable MSU ass kicking has played out perfectly. The money's there! He has to beat OleMiss or he's outta here! The money's there! He better beat aTm to save his job! The money's there! He has to get the team to bowl eligibility to save his seat! The money's there! Bob Stoop's people are very interested. The money's there! Harbert negotiating contract reduction. But the Money's there! Gus is the Coach of the Future - the Pres/AD back him 100%! Hire some wet behind the ears OC (in name only) to coach QBs - Save the recruiting class once again! The Future's Bright!
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    And "should of", "would of", "could of".......grates on my grammar nerves when I see this.
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    "Tubberville" used to be a good one
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    In my football aware lifetime I have only seen Ben Leard, Jason Campbell, and Chris Todd end their careers as tangibly better QBs than they started out. This obviously goes beyond Gus but the QBs that Gus gets are rated very highly and sought after, and maybe I'm a prisoner of the moment, but seems like he's doing less with more than should be tolerated.
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    Lol if we faced a DE of Clowney's caliber this past season Stidham would've left the field on a stretcher. Remember Gus' genius plan to have Braden Smith pull from his LG position to try to block Myles Garrett on the opposite side? TWICE??? After Myles Garrett decapitated poor Sean White on the first one Gus' called it again and Garrett, untouched, almost swallowed SW whole.
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    Or maybe simple optimism, something you quite obviously eschew in the search for ways to put down the team for which you profess to be a fan.
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    I am so sick and tired of watching every single topic on every single Auburn board get ruined by people that want to bash Gus. It is getting Old. As far as this quarterback, Gatewood and he can do the same thing But has less experience.
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    Our last two QB coaches are now at SMU and Kansas....Just for the record. And JMO but "developing a QB" does not mean sending a recent HS graduate to play against SEC defenses right away. Sometimes you have to do that but it's not ideal and I hope it's not necessary with Nix.
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    I didn’t pick a fight with you. If you recall, you engaged me first. I stated that Obama had experience and you drew an insane parallel to Trump. Kudos to you for being on the loathe Trump train. I didn’t just get to the station yesterday. Every poster here who sees the disaster that Trump is has provided ample evidence for it in their posts, so it isn’t singularly “Trump sux.” If you see it as such you either have a “cheese stands alone” complex or you lack basic understanding. Democrats elected seven scientists in the midterms. Republicans elected three felons and a dead pump. This concludes today’s lesson on BOTH PARTIES AREN’T THE SAME.
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    My son and I are driving up the morning of the game. Nashville is an easy drive from Northeast AL. Looking forward to seeing my Tigers play again. War Eagle!
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    Seeing Willis/Gatewood/Sandberg playing in a bowl game will not give any of those QBs any meaningful ‘experience’ so why are we trying to make this point? If you want to argue the experience page, whine about Willis not getting more passing reps in 2017, not about starting Stidham in this bowl game. Calm down and back off the ledge.
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    I feel like this game is different than previous bowl games. It may be due to this is a weird must win for Auburn. A loss will send this team into an offseason of turmoil while a win will spark hope especially if the offense looks good. Last year was a perfect storm of disappointment going into the bowl. I don’t think the Bama game this year is still hanging over any of the players head like UGA last year.
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    Odd decision on the surface... could have been top QB taken and no way he has that shot next season. Tua will be a for sure #1 QB next yars draft. But maybe he doesn't want that pressure of being drafted by a bad team and having to perform immediately. Whatever he's reasons he just ensured we'll get to play a very highly rated Oregon team next season
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    Noticed this graphic in your article. We are #1. We may have thrown 4 but still had a +6 Int ratio for the game! At least we won. Lol
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    You always bring in good talent to raise the competition in any position room. Just don't promise the young man the job, create a true open competition. If Bo, Malik or the others win then that's the QB for 2019. I'm sure Gus knows he needs to win now so I doubt if he'll settle on a TRUE FRESHMAN QB to play a major part of his future. Unless that TRUE FRESHMAN QB won a very good open competition. I think the Jackson kid adds to the talent level in that position room.
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    Do you think Gus has any clue about Cox's eligibility?
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    I'm not diminishing Nix in the least, he looked phenomenal in HS. The shear speed of the SEC can't be replicated at the HS level, the kid will need to acclimate and he'll need a top notch QB coach helping him (dad may come in handy.) I've seen what happens to an experienced QB at the SEC level when he tries to work behind a shaky oline, no SEC caliber RB, and an ineffective rushing attack. Now throw in what will be a decimated Dline, a shaky secondary, a brand new/green OC who's never coached at this level, and another brutal schedule. Any true frosh QB will have a tough time. So far in nearly 10 yrs of coaching, CGM hasn't proven he can develop a HS guy to the point where they can compete in this league.
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    Easy to forget (understandably) we beat Washington this year. What a joke the Pac-12 is. Interestingly, we’re undefeated against every regular season OOC opponent not named Clemson in the decade since Tubs left. Safe to bet on Oregon though. And honestly it might be for the best—do we really want Malzahn to have a legit case to stay? I sure as hell don’t.
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    Hurts is the only one I know of that I’m interested in.
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    If we talking transfer ...Winbush from Notre Dame is worth a look
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    Btw the super fan will be a honorary team captain which is really cool tbh!
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    How can that be? ....many thought he might be the first qb taken or in the top couple. unless they win a national championship (extremely unlikely) he is unlikely to get a bigger bonus next season...JMO But would have been good with me if we did not have to play against him...
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    Weren’t we expected to lose at bama and at UGA this yr?
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    What did the man own to file bankruptcy over. Hell, he couldn't run a Sno-cone stand.
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    Would have but the fool killed himself a few years before I got to Key West. Man that would have been a story to talk about
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    Unfortunately, he stripped em too. Star bit screws are tbe best.
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    Not good for us. Any games before October is bad news for Gus and throw in the fact that he doesn't trust Malik Willis and won't trust Joey G or Bo Nix as freshman (plus inevitably losing key defensive pieces) we will be lucky to keep this one close IMO
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    @ellitor, I might believe that if not for the widely spread “rumors” that Hand was nudged to find a new job. He landed a great gig, but he was no less pushed out the door than Lashlee or Lindsey. It’s all been bad. I’m not giving Gus or Horton or Grimes a pass. I’m equally unwilling to give Hand a pass. Both our recruiting and development cratered during his tenure. He deserves his fair share of the blame.
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    Also the primary reason we lost to LSU, MSU and Tennessee. For the unit that was supposed to be the strength of the team, with all that experience and highly regarded players, they under-performed except for the Washington game.They certainly have the potential to keep Purdue's scoring down but I don't see why they'd suddenly start playing up to their potential.
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    Yep,. We apparently need to win the bowl game in order to be eligible for it.
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    Wow, I didn't know we were 5-7. Season was worse than we thought. Does anybody proofread anymore?