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    Yeah so refuse to let him play his last game... That's the real Auburn thing to do... SMH... No... it isn't. Last year people complained when a certain DB sat out the bowl...er...got sick... And "missed" the bowl. Now people are complaining about wanting to force Stidham to sit the bowl game.. Some things just make no sense...
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    Only a looser would spell it "develope".
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    I've been to a Buffet concert. After 15 mins or so, the crowd couldn't care less what you'd sound like. They're HAPPY just the same. You don't even have to bring your own....just being in the middle of the crowd is "contagious" 😁😉
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    Anyone who thinks the coaches should sit Stidham is a cotton-headed ninny muggins. Just my opinion.
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    And "should of", "would of", "could of".......grates on my grammar nerves when I see this.
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    "Tubberville" used to be a good one
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    Lol if we faced a DE of Clowney's caliber this past season Stidham would've left the field on a stretcher. Remember Gus' genius plan to have Braden Smith pull from his LG position to try to block Myles Garrett on the opposite side? TWICE??? After Myles Garrett decapitated poor Sean White on the first one Gus' called it again and Garrett, untouched, almost swallowed SW whole.
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    Or maybe simple optimism, something you quite obviously eschew in the search for ways to put down the team for which you profess to be a fan.
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    Our last two QB coaches are now at SMU and Kansas....Just for the record. And JMO but "developing a QB" does not mean sending a recent HS graduate to play against SEC defenses right away. Sometimes you have to do that but it's not ideal and I hope it's not necessary with Nix.
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    I didn’t pick a fight with you. If you recall, you engaged me first. I stated that Obama had experience and you drew an insane parallel to Trump. Kudos to you for being on the loathe Trump train. I didn’t just get to the station yesterday. Every poster here who sees the disaster that Trump is has provided ample evidence for it in their posts, so it isn’t singularly “Trump sux.” If you see it as such you either have a “cheese stands alone” complex or you lack basic understanding. Democrats elected seven scientists in the midterms. Republicans elected three felons and a dead pump. This concludes today’s lesson on BOTH PARTIES AREN’T THE SAME.
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    Hurts is the only one I know of that I’m interested in.
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    If we talking transfer ...Winbush from Notre Dame is worth a look
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    How can that be? ....many thought he might be the first qb taken or in the top couple. unless they win a national championship (extremely unlikely) he is unlikely to get a bigger bonus next season...JMO But would have been good with me if we did not have to play against him...
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    Weren’t we expected to lose at bama and at UGA this yr?
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    What did the man own to file bankruptcy over. Hell, he couldn't run a Sno-cone stand.
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    Drank PBRs with Hemingway no doubt.
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    Unfortunately, he stripped em too. Star bit screws are tbe best.
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    @ellitor, I might believe that if not for the widely spread “rumors” that Hand was nudged to find a new job. He landed a great gig, but he was no less pushed out the door than Lashlee or Lindsey. It’s all been bad. I’m not giving Gus or Horton or Grimes a pass. I’m equally unwilling to give Hand a pass. Both our recruiting and development cratered during his tenure. He deserves his fair share of the blame.
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    Yep,. We apparently need to win the bowl game in order to be eligible for it.
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    Id rather them show nothing than that
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    This would be a chance to see what Willis can do. All these practices at the number 1 and turn him lose. Ledges ass I'm tired of everyone being so tolerant of mediocrity. Tell Gus after Iron Bowl Willis will start the bowl game practice accordingly. If he didn't like it he could quit no buyout win-win.
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    8-4 would be the worst possible scenario. How bad would we look? And no, I'm not talking about Moon's little fanfic.
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    It is extremely common in run blocking. Not so much in pass blocking. It carries the risk of the guard not being able to get to the edge rusher in time which is what happened with Smith.
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    Facts don’t back me up? WTF are you talking about? I am so sick of people like you who generalize. You never look outside the box. Obama didn’t get s*** done? Consider that the GOP for eight years was nothing more than obstruction. In fact they obstruct progress continuously. If Democrats didn’t have to spend all their time cleaning up the nesses made by the GOP you’d see progress. But I’ll be glad not to talk to you until public education is Number #1. I don’t really enjoy people who can’t look outside the box.
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    true....has about the same experience as the previous QB coaches but at least will not be "burdened" with worrying about calling the game plan and should be able to concentrate on coaching the QBs...even during a game. .
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    You know as well as anyone that it's not the game plan or the play selection - it's all about perfect execution. Gus has told us this over and over and over. Gus will not "create" a new offense, if he ever had any notion of doing so, he'd have done it a few yrs ago when his ass was red hot. And he's not running his old offense at all right now, we aren't HUNH, we aren't fast-paced, we aren't a power "run first" offense anymore.
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    This has to be the most commonly misspelled word on the board, rivaled only by misuses of “to”, “too”, or “two”!
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    I’ll also add that I highly suspect Stidham might not have even announced the plans to go pro at this point. He did so on the day Kelly Bryant made his decision which place to transfer. Probably asked to do this by Gus himself to help this recruiting effort. So you don’t stab him in the kidney.
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    I am probably worse. It’s so bad it’s not even humorous.
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    Care to expound on where everyone is getting it wrong?
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    Yeah I know, he just doesn’t look like a legit 4.5 guy. Cam was only a legit 4.59 at the forty.
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    Stidham is going pro let him. START AND PLAY THE OTHER QBS.
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    Me too. Would have been 1 less duck for us to deal with year.
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    So.... Asa Martin is not an Auburn Tiger anymore. Also, it appears to be possibly due to him feeling betrayed by a coaching staff that has trouble counting games. So it's a closed issue with Asa but a deep rooted issue with the coaching staff. And now some posters are telling others what they should or shouldn't be allowed to continue to discuss as related to Auburn football and it's future. ...on a message board, no less. Hm... Okay:
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    You asking us or the coaching staff?
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    Well they should have done more research in other places than Facebook.......durrrrrrr!! Perhaps multiple sources vs Facebook ad's would have provided a more informed voter. Hell man........ are the Russians behind Coke ad's? Is China destroying America with the McRib? Are the Mexicans winning me over with Topa Chico ads? Is big Pharm really causing ED with all their ad's making millions they think they can't get it up without a pill now? If you read a facebook ad.... regardless of who it was by or supporting.... and that was your deciding factor in the election. Well I laugh at you regardless of knowing the origins or not.
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    Perhaps Nick needs to be transparent like Dabo (where’s that yellow font...).
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    Bo Nix may end up being a very good QB, but comparing him to Jake Fromm is ridiculous. For starters, Fromm has/had a much better supporting cast around him. He had 2 NFL RB's in Chubb and Michel, and had a great O-line, great WR's and TE's to throw to last year and still had a great supporting cast this year. Fromm is likely going to go down as possibly the best UGA QB in history before he leaves, even better than Aaron Murray. Nix isn't going to have near the supporting cast at Auburn that Fromm has at UGA. Stidham isn't that bad of a QB and he regressed this year. Expecting Nix, a true Freshman to be as good or even better than Stidham is really unrealistic. I look at Nix being more like Sean White who's going to will us to 7-5 or 8-4. Stidham was supposed to be the QB that took us to the next level and he almost did that by getting us to the SEC Championship game last year. And Stdham also had a good supporting cast in 2017.
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    To be our best OL last year was not exactly mission impossible.
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    I’m in ‘Show me’ mode on our level of prep. I was let down last season, after hearing Gus and our players talk about how fired up and ready they were. A win in this bowl and a good offensive showing would help shift some of the negativity back to some optimism.
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    I don't even have my hopes up about your next post.
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    It's because we pigeon hole our receivers and the routes we allow them to run
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    Shame on you PT for using a tragically misinformed and psychologically damaged gold star mother to burnish the political image of General Bonespurs. In fact, it sounds like something your Dear Leader would do himself.
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    Congrats Gus for deciding to do your job. Idiot Just shows how stubborn and blind he is to reality. Clemson and Tennessee say hello. "Cox said the specific focus has been on improving the preparation from last year. Malzahn spoke about the importance of the game as a springboard for the future, so it makes sense that there’s more of a drive to win a game that, on the outside, looks like an unspectacular ending to a season that started with expectations of playing a far more important postseason game." Auburn, one of the worst prepared teams in football under Gus
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    That's precisely the reasoning I was referring to. I hadn't fully factored in the implications of maintaining U.S. forces in such dicey circumstances with Trump as CinC.
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    Good as of a time as ever to showcase ourselves. We always do our best when expected to lose anyways
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