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    something to note on this game. Auburn had a total of FIVE turnovers the entire game. That's remarkable. Tenn. had 13. What a terrific basketball game that was. wow.
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    Thank you Bryce Brown, Horace Spencer, and Malik Dunbar! You 3 stuck with this program when we were at the bottom and now look at you? Amazing players and going out with an upset in your last home game!
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    I don’t think abuse is the right word at all. Horace held his own today.
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    Chumma is playing how I hoped he would....lead this team young fella
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    That Samir 3 still just continues to stick out to me, that was as cold blooded as it gets
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    😢😭 Why you got to post this? This has me emotional thinking about how much Spencer has meant to this team. Might not get the crazy stats or hold the record for most 3s or most points or anything like that but without Spencer there's no way in hell we would be where we are at today. He gave it 100% every time he stepped on the court and will definitely be missed by me.
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    Don’t come into the Jungle expecting a win if you’re an opposing team. Huge win for our boys War Eagle March Madness time!! 🦅
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    Might have to roll my front yard.
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    I’d also like to mention once again that Bruce is the frickin man! What he has done for this program is amazing. I know it took an odd set of circumstances for us to even get him but he sure has delivered. Dude is a rock star.
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    All opposing coaches have to do is show players this message board.
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    Chumma had 14 attempts most on the team. His defense was great. They all played great help side D. When they tried to focus on him it opened other guys up. This is exactly what I was talking about as far as running the offense through him. He shouldn't ever have less than 10 attempts in any game
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    I didn't post this this morning but I had a strong feeling Auburn was not going to lose today on the SR day of Coach Pearl's 1st full class at AU.
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    Seriously. You think five years ago, students would've put off spring break to go to an Auburn basketball game?
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    One of the best I've ever seen as an Auburn fan.
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    WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!! Love this win so much!!!!
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    Great interview by Bruce. Love this man as our coach. Auburn students and players would walk on broken glass for him it seems.
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    The crowd was top notch. As good of an atmosphere as I’ve seen on TV all year
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    FINAL. TIGERS WIN 84-80 WAR EAGLE!!!!!! What a great game that was.
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    Suck it you creamsicle idiots
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    I love this attitude by Thompson. If I had a son that had mlb talent, I would want him to play for a coach like this.
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    He signed bibles with the same hand he used to sign hush money checks to an adult film star.
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    Confirms he’s returning for his senior season War Damn Eagle Danjel!
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    Our starting Lbs were pretty good tacklers but were a step slow as compared to SEC standards. I did think Darrell looked a little faster than Deshaun.
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    WOW!!!! WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! I STILL HAVE NO CLUE HOW WE WON THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR ME I AM SPEECHLESS!! (NOT REALLY BUT YOU GET WHAT I MEAN!!!!!!! LOL) The first half had NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO of the usual ingredients that is needed for a team to pull off a major upset vs a elite team. They were hitting EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were doing the kermit davis ole miss vs us and hitting hand in their face tough shot after tough shot. BUT WE WITHSTOOD THOSE KNOCK OUT BLOWS AND ROCKY 4'd them in the later rounds (second half)!!!! LETS GOOOOOO!!!!!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    So incredibly proud of these guys! They played with a LOT of heart today. I saw NO plays that anyone took off. So much energy today. WDE!!!
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    Bruce has bought excitement for AU basketball. The players sure do love him. It’s good to at least be relevant in this sport. With that being said, I can’t sit and watch a whole game of these guys play lol. It’s way too infuriating for me.
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    I don’t think being in the tournament has been a question for a while. Everyone and everything I read says we in. Seeding is the question I think.
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    I'm glad we won this game. We should be in the tourney I think. Side note I'd hate to play ball with half of you.....the crying is incredible
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    Enjoy your soon to be yanked title, LSU.
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    He left the first game against Georgia Southern after two innings. The diagnosis at that time was forearm stiffness. “I would think we would start a throwing program in six weeks,” Thompson said. “That’s backing our projection up a couple of weeks. That’s a little deeper in SEC play. It might be (after) the first month before he’s available to us. I will evaluate how he’s feeling and how he’s throwing and try to get him not to make decisions to try to rush something and get back so quick just to help us if it puts his future in jeopardy any,” Thompson said. ‘We will take a measured, patient approach to getting him back and making sure he’s 100 percent before he gets on that mound, that he’s comfortable and his family is comfortable and we’re comfortable.”
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    “You know, I’m automatically attracted to Bibles I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”
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    I am biased, but blood over everything! But this may be a time I could change my mind about Brown and see if he's as good as some say
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    You don't understand this and think is't OK but, you will call someone wearing a "MAGA" hat a racist! You are a hoot and completely CLUELESS!!
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    He made a move inside to get two points that was something that has been lacking on our team and in his game as well. He is definitely improving.
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    amazing,ain't it....AD greene, pay da' man>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    Dear Lord I need the highlight video.
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    Oh really? I've been doing a big move and haven't been able to see any TV. That's great then. Playing good ball at the right time, I hoped for that too. Not the way I imagined it but beggars certainly can't be choosers!
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    Couldn’t be happier for the seniors. Very, very much deserved the win to cap their careers.
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    No. I have friends and family who support Trump. Don’t feel hate or disdain for them. I am baffled by folks inability to see through him, though, and to fail to see many of the larger concerns that surround the way he does business.
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    It is all good. This a unique situation, with having the FBI involved and the modern era of social media.
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    It's nice to see the Auburn fans applauding Patel as he leaves the game. He did an outstanding job and he deserves the recognition.
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    Now you're just being disingenuous . I'm not going go back and find the posts but you posted articles that explained why the MAGA hat implied that people wearing them were racist, just like the Confederate Battle Flag is racist. My statement stands and you remain CLUELESS! You can't have it both ways.