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    Chumma is playing how I hoped he would....lead this team young fella
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    One of the best I've ever seen as an Auburn fan.
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    Dang proud of this team right now
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    No. I have friends and family who support Trump. Don’t feel hate or disdain for them. I am baffled by folks inability to see through him, though, and to fail to see many of the larger concerns that surround the way he does business.
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    Not worth the clicks. Updyke is a bona fide piece of trash and should be in prison.
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    Of course if we keep having headlines like “Trump autographs Bibles in Alabama” The Onion will suffer.
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    Oh no! I love Proud Larrys. I've been to some phenomenal shows there over the years. Maybe they've increases their capacity I'm not sure. It's always been a tight space but I was also 20 years old and likely could have cared less. If you were all the way back to the stairs, then there isn't a way I could see you enjoying a show either. I don't ever recall the room being that full. Snapped this when I was there a couple months ago, for people who want perspective. @ShocksMyBrain, I don't ever remember not being in front of that sound board. This picture was taken from the stairs.
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    It was on the SEC network. These last two games, the team has reverted to the Coach Flo teams of previous years. Lots of effort and hustle, create lots of turnovers but can't score much and many shot clock violations. There were four or five of those tonight, plus any number of rushed, off balance shots taken as the clock was winding down. It's deja vu all over again!
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    It's nice to see the Auburn fans applauding Patel as he leaves the game. He did an outstanding job and he deserves the recognition.
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    The Texas a&m game was frustrating to watch because AW played great that game. He was really banging their big guy and was changing shots, rebounding great, and he would have his man sealed off and they wouldn't throw the ball in the post. You have to reward your big man
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    And someone tweeting out things about Israel and Jews is likely to be seen as anti-Semitic.
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    Plus the social media has become the gauge of what is acceptable in the public eye. JMO but NCAA can't have all this stuff being blogged, tweeted and Face Booked all over the country and pretend it does not know what's going on. For years we've discussed the fact that NCAA is not the same as court of law....and there is no "due process" involved. Plus the FBI has helped the NCAA overcome one of it's biggest problems which is getting actual evidence about the miss-deeds. Again, JMO but a few years ago a coach like Wade could say "I have no idea what they are talking about"....and pretty much get away with it. Now, when the whole country gets an FBI transcript or hears a taped conversation, you look silly trying to deny it.
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    That's all I wanted. I even put it in my season prediction just want us playing well around this time. Everything else that happened this season was just learning experiences to make us better
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    Huge win. We need to show up for the SEC. We can really move up with this momentum.
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    This was a total team effort every player had a big important play Spencer some key blocks Doughty with a key 3 and two FT's at end of game. Harper taking over in last minute, Chuma playing one of his best games Bryce hitting some key 3's , Jvon one of his better games and Mac with a key 3 and some solid D. We had a few cold spells every team does but we didn't have the super long one like we have at times. WHAT A WAY TO END THE SEC SEASON ON SENIOR DAY
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    AU was in after beating MSU. These 2 wins might bump them to a 6 seed.
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    And I was just wanting him off the court for his bad defense.
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    Samir, why do you leave the guy with the ball and SEC POY award wide open for 3?
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    hate to see us starting to run the offense with 8 seconds on the shooting clock....
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    Grant Williams deserved to miss that FT more than anyone in existence! horace! Great effort!
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    Lol if that was an auburn player with that reaction, he would’ve been T’d
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    We're not playing badly. They just have better players.
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    did I see that wrong. Looked like UT had hold of Spencer's arm
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    Oof Spencer needs to hit that easy shot under the basket.
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    Jared has to disable the flashy pass badge
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    Well at least we know we’ll have Jared back next year
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    We have no half court offense. We don't even try to pretend that we run offensive sets. This was a good year overall, but we are 0-7 against AP ranked teams. If TWF will mesh her defensive coaching with some offensive organized basketball, I believe we could achieve something, provided recruiting continues to trend upwards. However, if we insist on playing this brand of basketball, I believe that this season is close to the ceiling that we can expect to achieve.
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    This is merely more of the same Republican hypocrisy. When the leader of their party called men marching in the streets chanting “Jews will not replace us” very fine people there was no criesof anti-semitism. When a man radicalized by right wing boogeyman theories about Jew George Soros walked into a Shabbat and massacared 11 people there were no cries of anti-semitism from the right. When George Soros himself received a bomb, crickets again. But let a Muslim woman speak about Israel and its outrage extraordinaire. But this outrage plays to a right wing evangelical base that feeds on loving Israel and hating Muslims.
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    There's a difference. The first involves our government, the second does not. Brad is correct.
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    No need for the sarcasm & I apologize if I got under your skin. Just giving historical reality based on outcomes in the past. Now if that changes here with the committee making an ultimate decision based on public opinion then I will be the 1st to say I was wrong & give you kudos. However, given history, I'll believe it when I see it...much like something Gus says in a presser actually panning out on the field.
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    I get it. There aren’t many kids that size that can run the length of the court as quickly and as often as our system requires. And the ones that can want to go to a blue blood school. On the other hand, we’ve got to have some size to keep from getting killed in the paint. On those cold shooting nights we need another way to win.
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    Went to Oxford to see these guys. The room capacity stated 103. There was 250 easily. And re-entry. TINY room Apparently we’re old AF because we just hung in the back of the room with the other 30+ crew. I was incapable of getting in my “zone” because people kept asking “what band is this??” and moving left or right to let people up the stairs to the toilets...to sell or use drugs because that’s 100% what was happening. Set break dropped and the place emptied out...to go back to their houses to get smashed. Made it 2 songs into 2nd set before bailing because the chatter was louder than the band. I’ll be interested in seeing Spafford again in a few years. I think their jams, while tight, sound identical from one song to the next. Dont see a show at Proud Larry’s. I saw Yonder Mountain at some rando club in Opelika when I was living in Auburn circa 2003/2004 and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Wasn’t anything like Oxford. Who is it @Barnacle? that went to OM?
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    I will say this is a different animal than the WH Press Corps. Being excluded from covering a public official on a daily basis is very different from being excluded from having broadcast rights to a debate being held by a private organization. And I don't think the DNC will exclude Fox from covering the event backstage or having access to post debate interviews in the spin room. Remember too that the broadcast rights are exclusive for that night in the primaries for whatever partner gets them, so it is a lucrative venture for whoever gets those rights. In that sense, I understand the DNC not wanting to feed the beast that often bashes them.
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    Horrible loss. They were without their best player who averages 23 ppg AND it was set up perfectly for them to go to the sec tourney finals because if we won we would of faced double digit seed arky in the semifinals instead of South Carolina. SMH. Halfcourt offense continues to be this teams problem. This team does not have a lot of 3 point shooting. Also they needed to feed the post more. Our girls had good position but yet the continually pounded all of the shot clock only to hoist up a rushed shot with a couple of seconds left. We need better guards and more shooting. IDK how you lose when you force the other team to turn the ball over 25 times but of course Auburn would manage to find a way lmao. sighhhhhhhhh.
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    He will be out another 2 weeks probably. I missed the injury report tonight but that was the word midweek.
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    No problem with the visit. But Signing the book like he’s the author? You and Nola are cult members. Hitting close to home, I see.
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    Sorry, didn't know that you are on the committee and know how they discuss things. Also amazed that you can read people's minds in the future on the reasons that they may make a statement.
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    Only thing I found was his highlights... http://www.maxpreps.com/video/watch.aspx?videoid=df396352-0b9a-479a-b337-7fa2283f1b6c
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    I was there, and I loved it. But it was sort of a fluke. I was also there in 85? IIRC when Auburn thought they had the IB won but lost in the last few seconds? IIRC Jelks was involved and maybe Van Tippen? Not sure I'm remembering everything correctly but I was crushed. The Kick 6 IB was certainly won on a crazy play....but it happened because our coaches put Chris Davis in a position to make it happen, and Auburn was in the game anyway. The Camback was just Cam doing what he did,refusing to lose and leading his team back from the edge. And there was the T-Bell KO of Ginger Mac that was so improbable. And the way the bammers treated Cam made that win extra sweet. The IB sure has drama....
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    They also were highly rated recruits like Bo. How many Division 1 teams recruit legit 5 star QBs? It’s not unheard of for a freaking 5 star QB to come in and start. We aren’t talking about chopped liver here. Ponder that next time before you post.
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    My answer would have to be yes he will return. He hardly has any good tape from this year for NBA scouts. I think he almost has to come back unless he goes overseas. There are plenty of 7 footers in the world but only a tiny percentage of them have the coordination, footwork, and skills to be effective at the NBA level. I dont think he has proven to be one of that tiny percentage yet. On the flip side i hope he does not play again this year. To be honest the team plays better without him on the court. Horace and Mac can take care of the paint. They did great last year until Mac got hurt and the team went downhill from there. It seems to me that this team is in sync and playing well right now. Putting him back on the court hurts more than it helps. I mean for crying out loud he is almost 7 feet tall and cannot dunk right now even when standing right next to the rim. Defensively when Wiley is in the game the team seems to not crash the boards as hard nor do they roll in to help defend.
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    damn!!!!!!.....this guy has some skills for being nearly 7'....everybody in the whole damn country is probably after this guy
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    I actually think he can be an asset in our system when completely healthy. He was vs Duke and a few other games this year. He definitely has been in various games as a true freshman. We don't have guys that can make good entry passes but he's also just not a polished player on the block (not great touch, often times isn't aware of where he is in relation to the basket, doesn't handle double teams or make quick decisions with the ball, etc) so getting a ton of post touches isn't really what would be best for this team, or him really. Now, I'm not saying he can't develop a nice hook shot or a go-to move down low but as of right now he doesn't have it. He also has had a less than ideal time at AU with injuries and the FBI thing stunting his development a bit. I think his rebounding and rim protecting is a big deal for us and would love to see him continue to grow his game at AU. We have to remember he got injured just prior to the season and it has been a battle getting to 100% since with tons of bumps in the road.
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    Went to an oyster roast on a tiny little island near HHI yesterday. It was a fundraiser. Really great event. Bucketful after bucketful of oysters, drinks, fun little boat ride to the island complete with dolphin sightings, music, low country boil... Just perfect really.
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    You know officiating is bad when the most calm, collected player on the team is having to be pulled away from the refs by coaches. Those 2 calls against Harper have to be up there in the “worst calls in AU basketball history” list.
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    At 6'3" and 225 pounds has really good size for a safety which he plays in JC and because he can play Safety should have good cover skills at LB. He has the frame to add another ten pounds which would make him an ideal size for today's hybrid linebackers who need to be able to stop the run and cover TE's and RB's out of the backfield. The only negative thing I saw is on to many tackles he goes for the big hit without wrapping. The coaches can fix that.