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    The Auburn Arena on the campus of Pearl University has a nice ring to it.
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    I’ve read many more favorable articles than bad ones. We are getting a ton of love from many outlets. Pretty surreal actually.
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    As I understand it the Jungle is the student section. The arena is Auburn Arena. The Jungle would be inside Bruce Pearl Arena IMO
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    The 3* part isn't entirely true, but our guys on the floor weren't anywhere near the level of national recruit that our opponents have been putting out there.
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    Put a sum in an IRA and let it compound for 40 years.
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    Good points. I'm just glad that that dude got drafted and paid.
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    Per the FBI, the ethnic make up of hate crime offenders in the referenced data is as follows... 25.7 percent were Hispanic; 25.0 percent were non-Hispanic white; 21.33 percent were black; 19.1 percent were unknown; 8.87 percent were mixed race.
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    Agree about the ZR. We need a QB who can throw and get the ball to the receivers. We have so many weapons with the WRs. Now, if we would only utilize those weapons and get them the ball......
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    You'll see it in the national media too. They'll want a traditional basketball national championship between Virginia and Michigan State. After we won our round 2 game against Kansas, I thought we were done, and I was fine with that. Getting to the sweet 16 was the next step for this program. Now that we're here, might as well win the dern thing against all odds, including the "experts."
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    I love seeing all these new posters on here! Hope y’all stick around a long time.
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    1. Gatewood is giving up 20 lbs to Cam, so I wouldn't say the size is there. 2. Schwartz as a running back? Huh? Try Shivers. Stove might be front of the line for that role, though. 3. Yes, Schwartz can stretch the field vertically, though, because he's a WR. Hopefully we have a QB who can take advantage. 4. I think it's a little disrespectful and off-target to say JJ was scared to take a hit. He was never supposed to be the running QB that many around here assumed he was. (Hmm, wonder why they assumed that.) He was more in the Jason Campbell mode and was probably drilled to not take hits. Funny, Sean White was called an idiot for not being "scared to take a hit". Auburn fans are funny.
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    It's now Wednesday and I still can't believe AU is in the Final Four.
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    Is that code for something
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    I also heard today that the floor is elevated. I hope that includes the bench and scorers table. I hate when the bench is lower than the floor.
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    Forget UnfinshedBuisness because this team has taken #WhyNotUs and ran with it. Love seeing it and I can't wait to take down Virginia on Saturday with our team full of "scrubs"
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    Gatewood hasn’t always been a crowd favorite. During this past Christmas, several were telling me he wasn’t cut out to be a QB. People are warming up to him though.
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    Name the entire damn arena after him. The court isn't enough.
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    If we could pull it off, I'd sneak Barkley into a uniform and insert him at the post position at half time. I'm sure it would give the team and the crowd quite a boost.
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    Basketball has my full permission to mow football's lawn for at least another week or two.
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    You sure he didn't have those skills before coming to Auburn? You'd think we would have had more guys with those skills if it was something he learned here. 2014 was less than ideal? I mean, we dipped 15 yards and 4 points per game... after losing Tre Mason, Jay Prosch and Greg Robinson... but we still finished the season 17th in the nation in total offense, higher than any other SEC team except Dan-and-Dak era MSU.
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    Not me. Basketball alone is about to kill me.
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    Look at the big brain on @AUDevil, lol
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    Why Virginia might be a perfect matchup for Auburn article:
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    Agreed. Go live but don't be stupid. Don't blindside with a kill shot. Stay above the knees and no head shots. Be smart and let natural selection take it's course.
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    It's no wonder you folks think a wall is a good idea.
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    Is he committed to us or UK yet? I think I read those were the two probable choices. Any chance he is an early enrollee? Just finding this "basketball" stuff/ threads. Did anyone know there was a basketball tab on this forum? 😎 I think I will go find the Equestrian tab next. I heard we were recruiting a horse from the blood line of Secretariat. I bet Ellitor has a thread on that horse.
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    The fairy tale " Russian Collusion" was a dry well. And the president? Since he fired the man leading one of the investigations, ex-FBI Director James Comey, there were questions about whether he obstructed justice. Trump Russia: The saga in 350 words
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    I know that is not happening haha, given that, someone calling you a drunk is like saying Bruce pearl stands during games, or saying Charles would beat kenny’s ass on national television, orrrrrrrr saying that auburn has beat 3 blue bloods in 3 straight games!
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    What in the hell kinda world is this- it's April and we're diagramming AUBURN BASKETBALL plays 😳 Having said that... Run the StJoes offense from several years ago when they went 30-2 or something ridiculous before losing late in the tournament. They ran Jameer Nelson, Delonte West, and 2 other guards with 1 big that year. We have the team to do it and this defense is perfect to show the look. 03 04 St Joe's I'd say Spencer, Harper, Brown, Doughty, McCormick. Dribble drives and kick out with lots of motion and screens to free up shooters. Rotate in Wiley and McLemore for Spencer. Rotate in Dunbar and Purifoy for Doughty and McCormick.
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    Throw a freaking strike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Remind me, what is football again? It sounds vaguely familiar..... A BIG War Eagle to Bruce and the Men’s basketball team!!! I haven’t been this giddy since the second quarter of the 2013/14 BCSNC Game! (Honestly, probably since we won the BCSNC in 2010/11)
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    My point here is, our standard offensive alignment is a 4 out 1 in set that we can utilize to stretch the pack line out more than it is built for.
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    I just want the QB race to be settled by the end of spring. I want the best man to win.
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    Gatewood hasn’t always been a crowd favorite. During this past Christmas, several were telling me he wasn’t cut out to be a QB. People are warming up to him though.  I was one of the doubters early on. ...had him transferring even... For some reason the HS highlights I saw earlier in the year didn't impress me. I had a conversation with @ellitor about that....his running seemed tentative at contact, much like JJ. However, I stumbled upon more highlights later in the season and they were so much more impressive than what I saw previously. Not comparing him to Cam but much more Cam-like. His poise in the bowl game (though in mop up duty) was a very pleasant surprise compared to the reports that came out through the season making him out as a bit in the doghouse. Maybe they were right, or not, but I'm guessing the "de-recruitment" went well and it sounds today like he's even possibly showing signs of leadership. If he truly has a leadership mentality then he is coachable. If he's coachable his passing will come along. Add that to his running ability and he certainly will resemble Dak Prescott, if not Cam. No knock on Bo but I'm still of the opinion that a Gus-run offense is much more suited to a QB who can run like a RB (as well as pass). That's why I'm team Gatewood. War Eagle!
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    Shows they don't always get 'em, right. Young man got some really bad advice to skip his senior year of HS. Just looking now, that final year might have been very good for him.....or a redshirt year. Whatever, nobody can say the resume's of our guys is anywhere near UNC or UK or Duke. But having juniors and seniors playing that game against a bunch of freshmen reinforced my view that our best route to a consistent winning program is with depth and experience. JMO but trying to out-promise the blue bloods is mostly a waste of time. All those HS All Americans are gonna be sitting home this weekend watching the blue collar guys play for the title.
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    I don’t root for them. I don’t root against them. I just don’t care.
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    Well, evidently McClain and Canella have stepped up as leaders, and Stove and Hastings are coming back, and every other pass being a screen to RD is off the table, so hell yeah, that should be interesting to watch develop. It might not be pretty. Might be downright ugly. But it should be interesting.
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    I’ll say this, over on the rant, they’ve been very dignified losers and have graciously given our Auburn Tigers their due. Very little “Auburn didn’t win, we lost” from them. Classy.
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    Don’t you know Bruce is loving poking his finger in the eyes of the NCAA and some of the MSM. No doubt the NCAA was trying to punish him and Auburn by sending the team to Salt Lake and facing a murderous row of Kansas, NC and KY. Look who is laughing now!
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    Claude Allen Greene IV is not Jay Jacobs. Until he proves otherwise, I refuse to believe he will allow his program to be set back by a coach he did not hire. We are paying top 5 money for a coach that no one in their right mind would call a top 5 coach. So you can accept things as JABA, but Auburn Athletics is under different leadership. Like I said, ADAG is NOT JJ.
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    I really don’t care who starts, just as long as they are not the Spring game MVP!!!
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    I believe this is the camel you are referring to? It ain't happening. We been through a herd of camel's already. Just accept that what we are accustomed to will happen again. Wasting your time thinking things will change. That goes for a lot of y'all.
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    Single, double, three walks, hit batter and two wild pitches from three Auburn pitcher in that lovely fourth inning. Georgia Tech now leads 5-3 going to B4. Wow, that reminded me of the pitching from my 13U team...makes you want to jump off the roof.
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    Is AOC the Anti-Trump? Like him in many ways, just polar opposites?