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    Today was AU-Some! It was everything to see my son’s teammates come out to support he & Ant at the War Eagle Invitational today & it meant even more when I saw the Head Football coach, Gus Malzahn at the meet supporting them. It said a lot & it meant a lot. Coach Malzahn is a genuine guy & is holding true to his word that we spoke about during the recruiting process, which was allowing these 2 sport athletes to 💯% participate in track & field as they wished. They are some important pieces to the Auburn Football program but Coach G stood by his word! It says a lot about him as a head coach especially in the SEC & today I couldnt thank him enough! It gave me chills to see him & hang out with him today because he could have been doing something else with his free time today.... It made me feel like these guys are important to him & his program. This is what makes us a family, this is what its all about! Im proud to be an Auburn Mom #WarEagle🦅 5A1DE61C-9063-4708-8A92-38196CD9B62D.MP4
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    It is time to understand how this started from a contrived "dossier", fed to a corrupt FBI, resulting in a 30 million dollar waste of time. We need to clean up the DOJ.
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    Proud of the guys today. This was a series they really needed to help themselves out and give them some cushion. They could’ve laid down and rolled over after the home run to tie it up and then the stupid little dinker double chopped over Woley and into no man’s land, but Scheffler battled and singled, Holland battled and walked, and of course, Conor Davis, who was 0-4 on the day, and who I thought Ole Miss just had his number, he’s the one that steps up and wins it. This does so much for us going forward in that we stay a game up on the whole two at home, one on the road mantra. Since we swept Tennessee at home and beat S.C. on the road, we were two games above that mark, but Arky brought us back down to 1. With away series against Vandy and LSU, and a home series vs UGA coming up, we need some insurance. Big news to get a little cushion going into the last part of this schedule. Great to see Jack Owen back too. You can tell it will be extremely helpful to have him back. Hope we hear good news on DD soon too. If we can get the midweek straightened out, and just keep competing in the SEC, we’ll be just fine. If we steal a series or two we’re not supposed to from Vandy, UGA, LSU, we’ll be in host conversation.
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    This guy bleeds Orange and Blue and loves him some Auburn. WAR DAMN BRYCE BROWN EAGLE!!!!
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    Article says he now plans to visit Kansas as well, they may be the biggest threat. Has Auburn played Kansas anytime recently? 🤔
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    Happy Easter/Resurrection Day! Christ Arose!!!!!!
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    I give Gus credit for listening to his deserved criticism from the outside and evolving his decision making with the program. I think many would agree that this last season, off season Gus finally learned what it takes to be a coach at this level and has made some great adjustments to how he handles the program. I also think he realized that this could be his last chance to run a big time program and he has not really spent the time to enjoy much of it. With that said I also hope we see several changes to his offense as he has more weapons than he ever has had and he is gonna need to keep them all happy. There is also a Bruce Pearl Effect happening across the athletic department along with an Greene Effect.
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    free article #PMARSHONAU: The real story of Auburn and the NCAA ByPhillip Marshall 5-6 minutes So what’s the real story about Auburn and its run-ins with the NCAA? What does it mean? Some facts could be helpful for anyone who is actually in search of the truth. Though I express some opinions here, the facts are in black and white. This is not in any way an attempt to whitewash anything or to say that Auburn or anybody else has been mistreated by the NCAA. I move on with the full knowledge that some will take it that way, regardless of what I write. Hare are some facts, indisputable, hard, documented facts. --According to the NCAA database, Auburn programs have been hit with major sanctions by the NCAA seven times. Auburn is tied with 11 other programs, including SEC members Texas A&M and Georgia, for the fifth most all-time. Fifteen programs - including Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina and Mississippi State – are tied with six. SMU has the most major sanctions with 10. Arizona State and Oklahoma have nine each. Wichita State has eight. --Auburn football was last hit with major NCAA sanctions in 1993. If you are counting, that is 26 years ago. --Auburn lost basketball scholarships in 2004 when the NCAA enforcement staff found a way to call Mark Komara, a summer basketball guy and well-known Alabama fan and supporter, an Auburn booster. That was the last time Auburn was found guilty of major infractions in any sport. --Auburn underwent an investigation as thorough as anyone ever has in 2010-2011. The result was the Cam Newton was ruled ineligible for 24 hours. On Oct. 13, 2011, the NCAA informed Auburn in a letter that it had been cleared. --In the summer of 2011, oddsmaker Danny Sheridan said on the Paul Finebaum show that the NCAA had found the “bagman” that provided money for Newton and that he got the name from a source inside the NCAA. In an extraordinary response, the NCAA issued a press release saying "Danny Sheridan continues to make vague, unsubstantiated claims without backing them up with proof. Contrary to his claims of having an inside source with details on the Auburn investigation, the NCAA has not provided information to Sheridan or anyone else.” --Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl was accused of doing some unseemly stuff more than 30 years ago. He lied to the NCAA at Tennessee and got a three-year show-cause order as a result. He has never once been accused at any school by anybody of buying players. --Auburn’s response to Chuck Person’s arrest was to immediately suspend and soon fire Person, refuse to play Austin Wiley or Danjel Purifoy until things were resolved, consult with the NCAA and hit Wiley and Purifoy with suspensions recommended by the NCAA. If the NCAA had recommended a suspension for Pearl, that would have happened, too. To steal part of a line from “A Few Good Men,” those are the facts, and they are undisputed. And here are some opinions derived from those facts: --It’s too early to say Pearl will come out of this unscathed, though any kind of major action is highly unlikely. The NCAA has the wherewithal to sanction him for Person’s actions because he was the head coach when they happened. --Comparing anything about Auburn or about Pearl to a coach being caught on a wiretap talking about paying a player is off-base, lazy and is not in any way a search for the truth. --Pearl made himself look bad by refusing to talk to Auburn president Steven Leath until the FBI investigation was done. Since Pearl was not and has not been accused of anything by the FBI, I thought that was a mistake on his part in 2017 and I still believe it was a mistake. As a result, Pearl is often compared to LSU coach Will Wade, though there really is no comparison. Anyone who actually examined the situations would know that. --No matter how many times someone says “the head coach always knows,” it makes no sense that Pearl would have signed off on what Person has pleaded guilty to doing. It did nothing to help his program and a lot to hurt it. --Blaming anybody at Auburn because Ira Bowman allegedly was involved in an admissions scandal at Penn is a stretch beyond the breaking point. It’s laughable. --Most of the dirt in college basketball comes from shoe companies and filters through summer leagues. Auburn went to the Final Four without any of those one-and-done kinds of guys that shoe companies are willing to give big bucks to go to certain schools. --College football has its rogues, too, but it isn’t the same. Kids don’t wear football shoes to school. One great player doesn’t make nearly as much difference in football as in basketball.
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    Subtlety hilarious post of the year!! Lol!!!!
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    Partied hardy last night I guess
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    does anyone remember the name of the sports writer that said all the negative stuff against gus last year was a huge distraction? he said it did effect the team and not in a good way. i wish my memory was better so i could link or post the article. so believe it or not and i am sure some will laugh at this but i believe it to be true. and for the record i agree people have the right to believe as they see fit but when it gets to the point where it effects the team i have little use for your opinion. and last year many of the negative folks were making fun of sunshine pumpers at the same time some were hoping for the team to lose so gus can be fired.and yes many of the negative crowd turned into trolls. and frankly i am happy to see many of them have been removed or gone on to other sites. there is quite a difference between the two.................
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    We are not going to have a 7 or 8 win season. Mark my words. It’s GOING TO BE FUN. FAST AND FUN AND FAST SOME MORE
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    Yep, my dad lives in Frankfort and it was snowing today. They were expecting more storms today. Frankfort is less than an hour from Lexington.
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    Bruce said the week of his surgery when asked about it a few days later at the final 4 that it went great! War Eagle Chuma!!!!
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    It is absolutely true. His name is Don Fuell, a QB from Guntersville. I wrote sports column for the Plainsman in 1957 and hence got to know all the coaches and players. bama was really pissed that they lost Fuell to Auburn. They sent two guys to Fuell's apt. posing as encyclopedia salesmen just to check it all out. I could tell you a lot more details about this deal but will leave it there. But it cemented my dislike for all things bama forever.
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    "I do not believe a Christian should choose his government on the basis of which shall be more conducive to his faith any more than he ought to choose his toothpaste on that basis. To be sure, there are certain prohibitions. A Christian should not support a government that suppresses the faith, or one that sanctions the taking of innocent human life, just as a Christian should not wear immodest clothes. But the test of the good government, like the test of well-tailored clothes, is assuredly not whether it helps you save your soul." "Government is not meant for saving souls, but for protecting life and property and assuring the conditions for physical prosperity. Its responsibility is the here, not the hereafter, and the needs of the two sometimes diverge. It may well be, for example, that a governmental system which keeps its citizens in relative poverty will produce more saints. The rich, Christ said, have a harder time getting to heaven. But that would be a bad government nonetheless. This recognition of the separate spheres of church and state is not just a teaching of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. It is also, I think, the teaching of Jesus Christ who spoke of rendering to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's, and who is regarded as not having indicated any preference about government – except one: he did not want the people to make him king."
  18. 1 point Crystal Ball projections for Auburn targets ByKeith Niebuhr 10-12 minutes Easter-themed college football helmet concepts VIP The 30 Most Wanted for 2020 Quandarrius Robinson. (Photo: Keith Niebuhr , 247Sports) Auburn hopes the 2020 recruiting class is as solid as the others of the Gus Malzahn era. After making the top 10 of the final 247Sports recruiting team rankings for each of his first five seasons as coach, Auburn now has finished just outside of it the past two cycles. That said, those classes for the most part still were really strong. Proof of that comes in 1. the average rating per commit, 2. the number of true freshmen who contributed in 2018 and 3. the potential difference-makers in the 2019 class, starting with 5-star quarterback Bo Nix. The 2020 cycle is in full swing and already Auburn has gained a handful of pledges and handed out a bunch of offers. By our count, more than 200 recruits claim them. As of Thursday, the Tigers hold seven commitments, and the No. 15 class ranking. This class has an average rating per commit is 88.02, which is just below the 90.00 threshold for a 4-star average. It's down significantly from the 2019 class, when that number stood at 91.16. One thing to consider, though: Auburn’s average rating is being crushed right now by the 80.00 score that's currently attached to junior college offensive tackle commit Jonathan Buskey. 247Sports and the other sites used for the 247Sports Composite have yet to dig too deep into the junior college ratings. Once they do, Buskey's score is likely to shoot up. With the Crystal Ball, media members predict where top recruits will land. Even though it's early in the cycle, today we take a look at what the chatter is about some top Auburn targets. Quandarrius Robinson, DE, Birmingham (Ala.) Jackson-Olin: Not much has changed since our last update in March. It's still very close. To recap, Robinson committed to Auburn last summer then de-committed in January. Many assumed at the time he was all Alabama. But, according to a source close to him (and to Robinson), Auburn remains very much in the picture. He has visited Auburn four times already this year and called it "home" last Saturday after attending A-Day. For now, our pick remains on Auburn, but it could go either way. Robinson isn't expected to have a final decision for awhile -- possibly after the 2019 season. If that holds and Auburn has a good season, that might help the Tigers some. Kobe Pryor, RB, Cedartown (Ga.): There still is only one Crystal Ball pick for Pyror -- and it's now on "foggy." It's mine. I first logged a selection for Auburn on March 7. At the time, the Tigers had emerged as the team to beat for the 3-star back from Georgia. But now, Clemson has really surged as a strong candidate. Also, there's a chance Georgia could offer this spring. If that happens, the Bulldogs probably would become the favorite. Finally, it seems other targets have risen on the Auburn board. All it all up and there's a lot of uncertainty with this recruitment. Lawrance Toafili, RB, Pinellas Park (Fla.): FSU has a huge lead in the Crystall ball but Toafili recently made his first visit to Auburn and that has the Tigers very much in the mix. He spent three days at Auburn and much of that time was around running backs coach Cadillac Williams. Afterward, Toafili said he'd be back to Auburn soon -- probably in June. Rodney Groce, LB, Pleasant Grove (Ala.): Despite the fact both Alabama and Tennessee offered earlier this year Auburn continues to lead and the Tigers seem to be trending big. The 3-star backer goes back and forth on his commitment timeframe, but said last weekend he plans to do someone not long after his school completes spring practice in May. He's certainly someone to watch and probably will visit Auburn again soon. Tate Johnson, OL, Hogansville (Ga.) Callaway: Auburn offered Johnson in March and he now has visited the Tigers three times in the past three weeks, including twice last week alone. That has Auburn rising in our opinion. In fact, our current intel suggests the Tigers have emerged as the favorite -- even though FSU has the Crystal Ball lead. Don't be surprised if that's in Auburn favor at some point in the near future. Georgia Tech also is heavily involved. Also, visits are forthcoming to Alabama and Georgia. John Young, OT, Christian Academy of Louisville (Kent.): Young, a 4-star recruit, will announce his decision April 29. Auburn thinks it has a shot And, Young told us earlier this week the Tigers still were very much in it. That said, a source close to another school heavily involved in this recruitment told us Kentucky and Louisville were the programs to watch. Right now, the Wildcats are the favorite, Georgia and Ohio State also have recruited Young. Most of the chatter right now is about Kentucky. Tank Bigsby, RB, Hoganville (Ga.) Callaway: South Carolina seems to have some momentum in this recruitment and that is reflected in the Crystal Ball. Bigsby is one of Auburn's top running back targets and he visited the Tigers again last week. In turn, they have been to his school multiple times. That said, the Gamecocks are trending at the moment. Georgia is another team to watch here, especially if the Bulldogs go full throttle. While Bigsby seems to be high on Auburn, there is far more chatter about South Carolina at this time. Tennessee now has entered the mix. This one could go in a number of directions. E.J. Williams, WR, Phenix City (Ala.) Central: Clemson has been trending for awhile here. That's largely do to the great job that program has done recruiting him. But at Auburn, there certainly isn't any need to panic. The Tigers already have the top-rated receivers in the 247Sports rankings in Alabama (J.J. Evans) and Georgia (Kobe Hudson) committed. Auburn is continuing to recruit Williams, but also is pursuing other receivers with his body type. He will officially visit Auburn in June. Eric Shaw, ATH, Notasulga (Ala.) Reeltown: Only one pick is in thus far -- it's for Auburn -- and it belongs to me. Shaw, who could play on either side of the ball (receiver, defensive line, buck, linebacker) is an exceptional athlete who has garnered serious attention (and offers) from the likes of Notre Dame, Texas A&M and Georgia Tech among others, seems enamored with the local school (Auburn). If the Tigers push, they could be hard to beat. That's our thinking with this prediction. Cameron Riley, LB, Evergreen (Ala.) Hillcrest: I put in a Crystal Ball to Auburn for last weekend. Here's my thinking behind this pick: Auburn's recruitment of Riley has gone up a few notches so far this year. In fact, the Tigers are full throttle right now. They want the 6-feet-3.5, 207-pound 4-star recruit in the class and are making him feel like a priority. Mississippi State has done a really nice job here, no question. But pulling an in-state kid from the Tigers won't be easy. Oklahoma and Texas A&M are recruiting at a high level, so the fact Riley plans to officially visit each this summer is a concern. But he has visited Auburn more than anywhere else, feels at home there and has grown close with both linebackers coach Travis Williams and defensive coordinator Kevin Steele. Our sources tell us the Tigers think they're in a fairly good spot, but know there remains work to be done to land Riley's commitment. Ladarius Tennison, LB, Rockledge (Fla.): Tennison, a 4-star athlete from 247Sports, de-committed from Miami last week. That comes after a visit to Auburn in late March. People have talked about Clemson being a contender, but it appears as though that program is recruiting others harder at the moment. Meantime, Auburn likes the 5-feet-9, 193-pound standout a lot. He'd probably be a nickel with the Tigers. Auburn is trending up and the confidence level with the Tigers is said to be growing. Our pick is in for the Tigers at this time. Chris Thompson Jr., S, Duncanville (Texas): The top-100 recruit is projected to in-state Texas by the Crystal Ball, but his interest in Auburn seems to be growing. He visited the Tigers for the first time last weekend and plans to return for an official visit, probably in the fall. Auburn is expected to visit him next week. What kind of shot does Auburn have? It's too soon to known. Phillip Webb, Sugar Hill (Ga.) Lanier: Clemson is the Crystal Ball favorite, but it seems as though that program no longer is a factor. Some think Auburn and Alabama have emerged as the teams to watch. Webb made his third visit to Auburn last weekend and seemed to be impressed by the program's linebackers. He's in no hurry to pick a school so this one could drag on for awhile. Desmond Tisdol, Rochelle (Ga.) Wilcox County: South Carolina leads in the Crystal Ball and after he visited the Gamecocks earlier this month Tisdol put them back on top over Auburn. He plans to visit the Tigers sometime in the near future and potentially have a commitment decision this summer. This one still could go either way. Our pick is on Auburn at the moment, but we could certainly see him ending up with the 'Cocks, who have made him a major priority. Jayion McCluster, LB, Largo (Fla.): FSU has a huge lead in the Crystal Ball but following a recent visit to Auburn, McCluster said the Tigers had moved into his top group. Miami possibly is another team to watch. Right now, FSU would be our pick, but McCluster plans to visit Auburn again in June. We'll know more about the Tigers' chances after that trip. Andy Boykin, LaGrange (Ga.) Troup County: Boykin committed to Auburn in 2017 then backed off that pledge last year. Today, Auburn is very much in the mix, especially after he recently took an extended trip there. Alabama is another program to watch. Tennessee, too. It wouldn't be a shock to see him end up back in the class. 14COMMENTS Myles Murphy, DE, Power Springs (Ga.) Hillgrove: Clemson is a heavy Crystal Ball favorite to land the 5-star defender. Sources continue to say Auburn is his No. 2 and he has visited the Plains twice this year. The Auburn staff knows its work is cut out, but Murphy isn't expected to announce a decision until late in the summer. That said, the way Clemson is recruiting, it will be tough to beat here. ">247Sports
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    i swiped this from another auburn non pay board. Former Auburn football players were sent this letter today by Gus Malzahn. The coach is trying to open the door more to the past. Here’s the letter: Dear Former Players, We just finished up the spring season with A-Day on Saturday. For the first time, we had a 7-on-7 Auburn Legends game, and it was a huge success. We appreciate all the guys involved this year and will continue the A-Day Legends game moving forward. Our theme this year is “Ride for the Brand.” We are putting Auburn first in everything we do and making a strong emphasis on our core values. We will have the Auburn Creed hanging in every players’ locker and in every coaches’ office. I really appreciate everyone who came to Lettermen’s Day earlier this spring. We had more than 200 former players on the sidelines. That afternoon, I had a chance to visit with a few of you, and it was very insightful. I realized I need to make it a priority to keep you more informed as to what is going on in our program. I want all former players to always feel welcome. With that said, each month you will receive updates on our program from me and my staff. I’d like to invite you to come to our fall camp practices this August. I will send you those dates once they are set. I am also looking into opening some practices during the season and will be in touch as we get closer. This will be my 10th year at Auburn, and I love this place. This program would not be what it is today without you. Thank you for all you have done to make Auburn great! War Eagle!
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    Just my opinion but either a big push has to be made, to move to the SEC East, or your suggestion of alternating games will have to be done. With Jimbo recruiting so well at Texas A&M, it’s only going to get worse!
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    TAKE ALL MY LIKES!!!!!!! cluuuuuuuuuuuutch Blue Chips reference.
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    Dang ! We look like a mediocre 10U team today.
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    Congrats fam. Even though I hate everything Boston sports related besides Mookie Betts, JD Martinez, Chris Sale and Xander Bogaerts I AM still happy for ya brodie!!! WOOOOO!!!!!! But I still will be choosing to root against you every round until you meet the Warriors! lmao
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    Not sure it is a laughing matter - Memphis and a bag man. However, with so many programs getting nailed, maybe that stuff as chilled as of late. Funny how so many programs are getting nailed, but NONE of it is being reported on. But when they wanted a story - the drove the Cam story hard everyday. The difference: all the big programs getting tons of negative press would drive ratings down. The Cam story, by itself drove people to watch ESPN for updates and people pulling against him. Sad how ESPN strategically decides what is "news" and what is not going to be reported on.
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    Gus shows he’s is at least maturing as the overseer of the football program, and acknowledges his team, his staff, and himself represents Auburn in more ways than just being a football team. The way his teams have represented the Auburn values has always been underrated but maybe one day he will get the appreciation that he deserves for that. The worst things Gus have ever said are “fiddlesticks” and “we beat the dog crap out of them didn’t we.” Meanwhile, our rivals in Georgia cannot stay out of contention for the Fulmer Cup, and the other rival’s HC cries on national television at reporters. I realize Gus isn’t our pope and the expectancy of morals and Auburn values from our HC and his team is merely one requisite to be a good HC, so, if a man from Nazareth (and what good has ever come out of Nazareth) can rise from the dead on the third day, our dynamic read option offense can too. Bet the last 85,000 in your account on a 10 win season. Gusbus is going in dry.
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    SAN ANTONIO, TX—A local man was apprehended today while trying to smuggle a Chick-fil-A sandwich into San Antonio International Airport. The man was reportedly acting suspiciously as he approached a TSA checkpoint, looking around nervously and feeling something in his pocket. When he got to the scanners, he was called aside for a check, and sure enough, agents discovered the sandwich. He was taken away by force. Later on, during questioning, the man reportedly claimed he just wanted something to eat on the plane, but investigators weren't buying it. "It was obvious he wanted to bring hate and discrimination into this place in an act of terror," said a member of the San Antonio city council. "It's not ISIS or other extremist groups we need to worry about---it's Chick-Fil-A sandwiches." The TSA was praised for doing its job heroically. "We're just doing our jobs," said a TSA agent at the scene. "We're not heroes. Any ordinary American would have done the same for us, to ensure the people at this airport are protected from bigoted, hateful, Chick-Fil-A sandwiches." At publishing time, sources had confirmed that a TSA agent had confiscated the sandwich.
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    I’d like to know how early on in the investigation Mueller and his team knew there was no “collusion or conspiracy.” If he has known since before the last election, shouldn’t he have been compelled to let the American people know that? I’m sure that would have made some voters change their votes in the last cycle!
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    If the basketball team takes a slide, does the football you mosey on over to the basketball forum??😬
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    That’s fair but you completely dismissed my point lol. There is a difference between disliking his tendencies or even being cautious about his stature versus blatantly just hating on the man. There is the distinction. So yes there are two types of sides of the extreme and both are bias . You should not engage in a discussion with Mikey about Gus since he is clearly bias. You also shouldn’t engage in a discussion with GWILL because he is clearly bias. Both of their minds are clearly made up about the person. Speaking in terms of coaching experience.
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    Why are you a self proclaimed Gus hater? Come on man.
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    I’m watching the Vandy/Bama game and Vandy looks really good. 5th inning with 8 hits to Bamas 1! Tough weekend coming up!
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    Absolutely. This is perfectly summed up and put. I have always been a fan of Gus the man. I think he is a great guy. I just do not think he is a good football coach. I think all Gus haters like myself will readily admit that. It has nothing to do with what we think of him as a person when we are negative about him.
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    My post was just to explain why AW’s post ability is inconsistent. Obv we rather have a brook lopez type though
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    That is not our identity. We beat you with quickness, athleticism and the 3 point shot. Having bigs that shoot the three well and space the floor was one of the main reasons we were a matchup nightmare for teams these past 2 seasons. A team like us scares me way more than playing against someone who is more "traditional". If you mean we need guys who are BACKUPS to step in to the horace and Malik role than absolutely. The 3 point shot is the great equalizer and Bruce has figured that out better than almost anyone in college basketball. O and BTW you must be forgetting how A Mac was before his bad injury last year. He was absolutely a enforcer and and a rim protector who brought toughness. A Mac is the best shot blocker we have had since Kyle Davis. I expect THAT Mac to be the one we see next season. Your first season back you are not the same. It is usually that second season back where you return to normal.
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    Could be but we need some muscle and toughness...and AW has the body to be that guy.....somebody needs to protect the basket from guys like Williams and Silva and guys like that. So who is that gonna be now that Spencer and Dunbar are gone? It's not Amac. JMO but we are a soft team until someone takes the role of enforcer and defender.
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    Alot of the things we're suggesting he should do probably would get eased out on a staff with a low post assistant. Im not saying we need to hire one because it just doesnt matter in this offense, but a ton of our guys are very not skilled back to the basket.
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    I hope he comes back, we'll need him and he can rehab his knee and leave a star!
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    Can’t believe they called that third strike on julien. The baseball gods corrected the call with Connor Davis, but julien should’ve had a literal walk off. That ball was at the shins and inside, wasn’t even close. No shame in him looking at that. The umpire screwed up.
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    My favorite tweet was this...
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    The young arms that have started coming along deserve to have the old bats do better.
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    Joiner looked super lean on film . Huge upside with him . A lot of versatility
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    "Southern Pastor" attempting to use shame and guilt to get his/her social concerns addressed. Glad that's not my pastor. As 44 noted …..Christians and non-Christians alike have donated huge sums of money to help alleviate those issues year after year.....and frankly, most of those social problems can not ever be resolved.....but that does not stop us from trying. I mean, we might as well shame all those AU alums who donate big sums of money to the athletic program instead of helping build more public housing and providing free health care to the children of Auburn... .etc. etc.
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    And very few of them had been there very long to begin with. That door has been revolving for a minute. Might be harder to keep college kids focused than pro guys when they're learning their position coach's name every offseason.
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    the mueller report basically is supposed to be handed off to congress so they can do their thing with the investigation. so barr basically lying to the american people about the reports conclusions as well as redacting a ton of info that by law congress is supposed to be able to see so they can come to their own conclusions just seems iffy to me. what do you guys think? my personal opinion is barr should be removed from office. i think he is a disgrace and is acting under orders from trump. he turned his back on the truth AND the american people. maybe i am missing something?
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    You continue to quote partisan sourcing. Asha? She's a hack for CNN. Can it get any worse than that? No, it can't. Mueller lacked the evidence to do the deed you desired. Let's just call it what it is and end the needless spin. There is not a syllable in the text of the Constitution that supports the conclusion reached by either the Nixon-appointed OLC lawyer that Nixon was immune or the Clinton-appointed OLC lawyer that Clinton was immune. The foundation of Mueller’s reluctance to indict is rotten to the core. As I have written previously, both of the OLC opinions upon which Mueller relied have been described by scholars as “shaky” and “political.” Indeed, recent historical discoveries (of which Mueller might not even be aware) make them even weaker.
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    He's a pretty good defensive backs coach, too.