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    I read Stidham’s quotes after he was picked and I have even more respect for JS than before. Not once did he say ANYTHING negative about Auburn or his coaches. He gave positive comments about his time here and what he learned. He could have complained, thrown coaches under the bus(excuse the pun) but he didn’t. Does he have flaws ..yes. Some are his own, some can be on how he was coached. As disappointed as he could be from being projected as a late first or second round pick after his first yr at AU. And having a poor second yr and dropping down to late fourth rd had to weigh on him. But he took the high road. For that I’m proud he picked Auburn and can be claimed as a true Auburn man.
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    Well at least he tried
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    I absolutely love this for Davis. So nice when good things happen to good people.
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    I understand your point. Stidham could’ve been a first rd player possibly at another school, BUT everyone else played to their level. Dean maybe could’ve gone higher but his injury history was always going to knock him down a few rds. And it didn’t matter where Ryan Davis went to school, he was never going to get bigger or faster at another program. He is what he is, short and slow for an nfl receiver. His Hs ranking has nothing to do with how the nfl evaluates him. Same with Don Russell. He wasn’t even in the Rivals 250, yet he got drafted at 235. You actually should be making the argument that he got developed well. So did Slayton, so did D David and Chandler cox who were both 3 stars
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    I have only followed AU softball for about 4 years but thought that was the most gutsy performance by any AU pitcher I have ever seen. She appeared to maintain a confident , calm demeanor throughout the entire game. If anyone deserved the win, Harris did.
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    Go Steelers too! ..Stidhams going to learn a lot more from that organization...hope he hangs on. Pats have had 6-7 different QBs drafted after Brady...and none are still around. But its better to try to be his backup w Brady at 41, than in the past. lol..
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    COOP IS A BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GOOOOOOO BABY!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT HIM MAN!!!!!!!!!! Come on Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce lets close on him. Freaking love his game. He is so fun to watch and Must See T.V. SO glad FOR ONCE Auburn fans are all on the same page about a recruit and are all on the COOOOOOOOOOP Bandwagon. It is refreshing lol.
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    Woohoo! The siren is ringing in Dawsonville, GA! Chase wins at Talledega!
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    I’ve articulated a specific rationale about a President’s finances. You can articulate what you think the rationale is for all those things. As much as I’d like to see the academic records Trump has tried so hard to keep private, I don’t think I have a compelling reason to see them other than my belief they hardly reflect genius. I don’t see how that makes me a partisan hack.
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    So.... I just did a google search for "Jarrett Stidham" I wanted to see if there were more articles written about him today by the Pats media... As I was scrolling down... Look what I see...
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    Of course he is.......he is a Sears after all
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    C/O 2020 Mark Sears took things in his own hands as a floor general should do. Down 4 points in the 4th quarter, Sears had 3 consecutive drives to the basket to put the Fusion up by 2. This game, Sears was dishing the ball around him, looking for open players and creating opportunities for teammates to get involved. With his aggressive play down the stretch, Sears had several key free throws that helped locked in the Undefeated session 1. #alabamafusion #nikeyeybl #session1 #undefeated You just tell him things one time. That's it. Very smart and very coachable. I imagine people took notice this event of who he is. Proud of him. Awesome kid
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    2-2-1 with 4 holes Jovan just let one get away to be even in his match
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    Brought me to tears man! Waaaar Eagle 🦅
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    sure...take the big money, screw around for a few years and then get fired and walk away with a lifetime of security....we know your game....😀 as for those fired coaches....just thinking that if they recruited as well as or better than AU, they would probably still have their jobs....or perhaps they recruited better but could not coach the guys they had?
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    I do not think several "could". If we have a few Decembers 2018 maybe.
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    That could turn out to be a great match. RD is great after the catch!
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    Don't pretend to know what Trump thinks about the country Homer. He clearly loves it and wants it to grow and succeed. You are out of your league.
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    Assuming 2016's map is close to the same, Dems literally have to flip a total of 80k votes in three key states. That's it.
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    4th round steal! Guy passes his way through Georgia and Alabama a season ago, and doesn’t go till the fourth round? Belichik does it again.
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    Steelers hit it big with Snell.
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    Pulling for him...but not his new team. Ugh...
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    Don't care about Trump's tax return. His business....Trump's not a communist wanting to take my money. Sanders is an avowed communist (his own words)....and wants to confiscate private wealth in the name of every liberal panacea of the last 150 years....well, he wants to confiscate my wealth...not his of course....he gets to keep his 3 houses and his book deal and travel in carbon belching private jets....all the while preaching Green New Deal and every liberal wealth and power consolidation plan...well...ever. Oh, and did you notice how much of his own wealth old Bernie gave to charity? But he had the $$ to by another home when he got his big pay day; ...the guys's a communist dictator loving-thug and hypocritical piece of s***. He's been feeding at the public trough his whole adult life. His life is devoid of accomplishment, and it's a pretty damn sad state of affairs when people old enough to know better talk about him like he's some kind of sage.
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    “The vaccines are generally safe.[2] Fever occurs in five to ten percent of children vaccinated.[2] Temporary muscle pains or feelings of tiredness may occur as well.[2] In certain years, the vaccine has been linked to an increase in Guillain–Barré syndrome among older people at a rate of about one case per million doses.[2] It should not be given to those with severe allergies to previous versions of the vaccine.[2] “Vaccination against influenza began in the 1930s with large scale availability in the United States beginning in 1945.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Influenza_vaccine
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    Well you'd guess wrong.....very wrong..... but that's par for the course. I don't care what you take seriously, but I do object to your basically calling me a liar. Just because you quite obviously have no knowledge about the REC doesn't mean anything except that you are obnoxiously ignorant about it. Since many of the REC's recent misdeeds have been openly published in several news articles, and there have also been actual lawsuits and other records that are in the public domain ....you might want to stop posting such stupid remarks.
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    My God, that sounds interesting. This beer is soooo freaking good. The guava sour taste is so fresh, it’s unreal. At the risk of...the taste just runs down the back of your throat and fills the sinus cavity with tropical goodness. I honestly can’t remember ever drinking a sour IPA, but damn if I don’t think this couldn’t be one of the best. So balanced with tropical/sour citrus/fruity goodness.
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    apparently our first round draft picks chose to come back for their senior year. 😁
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    @homersapien When I was in Denver a few weeks ago, Adam Makos was actually doing a book-signing for Spearhead. It was a pretty big ordeal. People were lined up around the block, and they had a bunch of WWII vehicles/tanks etc.
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    I think Dabo is still underrated. It is not like Urbs or Saban who are/were dominant at historic blue blood programs. Dabo is dominant at a historically mediocre program (our little brother) and has turned them in to THE IT program in all of college football right now. They get all the high profile QB and WR recruits when they covet them and make them a priority. They recruit nationally as good as anyone right now. They are perfect for modern football and how the game is played and won now. They have elite QB and WR production.
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    $4 mill buyout isn't keeping him anywhere.
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    IMO, this is a program defining stretch. A moment like this may not come around again - it is crucial that we capitalize and build on this recent success. More top recruits and more tournament success will snowball and ensure the standard for recruiting/successful seasons is permanently raised. We want a program that is a contender long after Bruce is gone.
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    I AM enjoying the fact that Alabama is +41. Doesn’t matter the sport, a beat down of any kind for the turds makes me happy!
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    It would seem that Clemson is committed to excellence in football. Good for them.
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    Maybe we try to support Gus for 2019 first.
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    RJ might've pulled up since the QB was no contact. It would be interesting to see how it would've played out in a live game. If he flies in and attacks the mesh without hesitation, he blows the play up and possibly creates a fumble.
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    37 on defense was a bit slow to react. I think he could have grabbed Boobie and the qb.
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    He's a pretty good defensive backs coach, too.
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    The funny part of that is Meryl is also overrated.
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    I think we’ve beaten this to death...and I’m fully against Gus...but let’s move on to aTm
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    I don't know if it's far better. I think it went hand in hand. They were better I imagine, but he made them and the entire offense period look better than what they were. I mean when he got hurt the offense looked pretty much the exact way it has looked this season. With last year's o line
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    I understand that gets worse with age also.
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    We had an adequate OL. This year's group might make them look great in comparison but there weren't as good as KJ made them look. I think that was kind of what the OP was saying.