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    I read Stidham’s quotes after he was picked and I have even more respect for JS than before. Not once did he say ANYTHING negative about Auburn or his coaches. He gave positive comments about his time here and what he learned. He could have complained, thrown coaches under the bus(excuse the pun) but he didn’t. Does he have flaws ..yes. Some are his own, some can be on how he was coached. As disappointed as he could be from being projected as a late first or second round pick after his first yr at AU. And having a poor second yr and dropping down to late fourth rd had to weigh on him. But he took the high road. For that I’m proud he picked Auburn and can be claimed as a true Auburn man.
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    Also Ryan Davis to the pats . Brady will love him . He has got every bit of quickness as eddleman . Great hands and hard worker . He will be a great addition for the pats
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    The emotion is so real. Your dream comes true. But you know you still have work to do. WAR EAGLE DESHAUN!!!
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    So Slay went late 5th, 17th receiver taken. Happy for him. Happier for my reproductive organs.
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    Auburn Tiger Paws‏ @AUTigerPaws 7m7 minutes ago Congrats to the 2019-2020 Auburn Tiger Paws!
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    That's a better percentage than the mainstream media was giving Trump one day before the last election. Who the Dems put forth is more important than Trump's approval rating. If they can't do much, much better than Hillary, Trump will win again in 2020.
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    I think I've literally seen this exact same thread posted the last 4 seasons.
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    Great setup for him imo
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    Only to a bammer. They think it's a chicken
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    Count me in as well, this kid is just an absolutely fantastic person. Pretty damn good linebacker also. I pull for all our guys, this one is just a little bit special to me for what he's been through and how gracefully he's handled it...he didn't get bitter he got better.
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    I totally agree on this, BUT... Dont we have the right to see Clinton's Medical Records? Dont we have the right to see Kerry's Service Records? Dont we have the right to see Obama's College Transcripts? Dont we have the right to see HRC'S Emails While running Dept of State? I think we should see it all. Evey smidge. Now, if you are a Free Thinker you know I am right. If you are a Partisan Hack, you will call me wrong.
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    I absolutely love this for Davis. So nice when good things happen to good people.
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    This right here concerns me more than anything else. These guys should be topping out, not getting worse.
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    Seems like the exact type of receiver that will make it with the Pats. His punt returner ability should also help him make a roster
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    I understand your point. Stidham could’ve been a first rd player possibly at another school, BUT everyone else played to their level. Dean maybe could’ve gone higher but his injury history was always going to knock him down a few rds. And it didn’t matter where Ryan Davis went to school, he was never going to get bigger or faster at another program. He is what he is, short and slow for an nfl receiver. His Hs ranking has nothing to do with how the nfl evaluates him. Same with Don Russell. He wasn’t even in the Rivals 250, yet he got drafted at 235. You actually should be making the argument that he got developed well. So did Slayton, so did D David and Chandler cox who were both 3 stars
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    I have only followed AU softball for about 4 years but thought that was the most gutsy performance by any AU pitcher I have ever seen. She appeared to maintain a confident , calm demeanor throughout the entire game. If anyone deserved the win, Harris did.
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    Rules of Presidential Approval Ratings: 1. Presidential approval ratings only matter when our guy has good ratings and their guy has bad ratings. 2. If our guy has bad ratings, it's because of the unfair media coverage. 3. If their guy has good ratings, it's because the media isn't telling you the full truth about them. This reality distortion field can be adapted for almost anything in the political realm. Because after all, it's far more important for me to continue believing in my team than it is to understand the truth.
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    Still wish he would've come back, maybe upgrade his stock a bit. But idk that he would have gotten to expand his game that much with a new QB. So probably a good decision.
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    Indeed we do, but I think he's a culture changing type of coach. I mean, we've seen what kind of crowds he's been drawing to the arena, and he now has 2 SEC titles and a Final Four run here on the Plains. All he has to do is more of the same, and whenever he does retire, there are going to be a lot of passionate fans (not to mention a roster full of talent) waiting for whomever takes over next, so this will be a plum destination for a hot shot coach.
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    It will be hard to beat Trump if the economy stays as is. Most certain with the voters you mentioned. Dems have not walked out anyone that can beat Trump IMO .
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    Slayton has very good physical traits with big play potential and RD is undersized with a tape full of 6yd bubble screens. That being said, the Patriots are a perfect team to take advantage of his skills and give him a chance to make an NFL roster. Hope he makes it.
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    Good point. This is what a scout said on about Stidham (but we already knew it): "That was a really dysfunctional offense this year. The offensive line was bad, the receivers couldn't get open and the coaching was a big problem, I thought. He didn't play well, but he didn't get much help either." -- National scout for NFC team
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    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The New England Patriots continue to explore possibilities to succeed Tom Brady in the future, as they selected Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham on Saturday in the fourth round of the NFL draft. Stidham, the 133rd overall selection, was the seventh quarterback picked overall, following Kyler Murray (first overall, Cardinals), Daniel Jones(sixth, Giants), Dwayne Haskins (15th, Redskins), Drew Lock (42nd, Broncos), Will Grier (100th, Panthers) and Ryan Finley (104th, Bengals). That's similar to Brady, the 199th overall pick of the 2000 draft who saw six quarterbacks -- sometimes referred to as the "Brady 6" -- selected before him. EDITOR'S PICKS Patriots bolster receiving corps with ASU's Harry Kiper's Day 2 winners, head-scratching picks from the 2019 NFL draft "Tom Brady is obviously a great player and, from what I've heard, a great teammate," Stidham said Saturday on a conference call. "So I'm just looking forward to spending some time with him. You can't play for 20 years and not have so much knowledge of the game, so just being able to sit there and soak up everything that he's gone through and pick his brain here and there about different things." The 6-foot-2, 218-pound Stidham joins veteran Brian Hoyer and 2018 seventh-round pick Danny Etling on the depth chart behind Brady, and added that he's looking forward to working with them as well. Auburn wide receiver Darius Slayton, a fifth-round pick of the New York Giants on Saturday, said the Patriots are a perfect fit for Stidham. "I think he can be Tom Brady-esque because Jared's really smart, he throws well from the pocket, he's good at making quick decisions. I think that is a great fit for him. And he loves Tom Brady to death. I'm sure that is like getting drafted by God for him," Slayton said. Stidham completed 470 of 739 passes for 5,952 yards, with 36 touchdowns and 11 touchdowns over the past two seasons at Auburn after transferring from Baylor. His completion percentage dipped from 66.5 in 2017 to 60.7 in 2018, which has sparked questions. "I think there's different things that happen throughout the season, and I think myself, Coach [Gus] Malzahn, Coach [Chip] Lindsey, if we were all to kind of look back through the season, I think we'd just open it up a lot more," he said. "When you lose a guy like [running back] Kerryon Johnson, and Braden Smith up front, some of those guys that have a lot of experience, you just have to find out your identity. And I think we found our identity during our bowl game against Purdue. 2019 NFL DRAFT COVERAGE What you need to know from Rounds 1-7: • DraftCast: Live pick-by-pick analysis » • Team-by-team coverage » | Pros, cons » • Best available prospects » | Full order » • More NFL draft coverage » "It's one of those things, but I wouldn't trade my time at Auburn for anything. I loved it there, and the great thing about Auburn is that it can really help prepare you for the next level. And sure enough, I'm lucky enough to sit here and be a Patriot and further my career a little bit." How much longer he furthers his career, and how well the 22-year-old Stidham ultimately develops, could help the Patriots transition to life after Brady, who turns 42 in August and has said he hopes to play until he's 45. At the least, Stidham should have the luxury to develop behind the scenes in 2019. Hoyer, the team's veteran backup, enters the final year of his contract. Meanwhile, Etling will vie for a backup spot after spending his rookie season on the practice squad. When Stidham visited the Patriots' facility in April, he said he shared lunch with Etling. "I'm extremely excited," Stidham said. "I couldn't think of a better situation."
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    Alright. Flush it. Vandy might not lose another game against an SEC opponent, they’re really good. Need to take care of business at home against UAT. Sweep would be incredibly convenient
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    Go Steelers too! ..Stidhams going to learn a lot more from that organization...hope he hangs on. Pats have had 6-7 different QBs drafted after Brady...and none are still around. But its better to try to be his backup w Brady at 41, than in the past. lol..
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    O yeah?! Gus got a larger buyout......
  33. 2 points Auburn Football Recruiting: 2019 Class Might Not Yet Be Done Auburn is hoping to add at least one more signee to the 2019 class. AUNerdApr 26, 2019, 9:30am CDT Justin Ford’s HUDL: Hello there strangers. My apologies for the drought in recruiting news. A captivating run by Auburn’s basketball team paired with a busier than usual work life lead to me slacking off on my #crootin duties. But have not fear! I’m back and there’s plenty to talk about as action on the recruiting trail starts to pick up heading into summer. Auburn’s 2019 Recruiting Not Yet Done Typically, the passing of National Signing Day signals the end of one recruiting cycle and the beginning of another. However, Auburn is hoping to add at least one more prospect to their #11 ranked 2019 class it appears. Earlier this month, former 4* DB Cam’Ron Kelly announced his intentions to transfer from the Plains due to family concerns. He later committed to North Carolina, the program thought to have finished 2nd for his services last December. That was a tough blow to the Tigers as Kelly was expected to have a role in the DB rotation in 2019 before becoming an important contributor in 2020 and beyond. Given the fact that Jeremiah Dinson, Daniel Thomas and Javaris Davis will all graduate after the 2019 campaign and there’s a very possible change Noah Igbinoghene puts together a strong enough junior campaign to warrant an early trip to the NFL, Auburn could find themselves down a plethora of talented DBs. Enter Justin Ford. The 3* JUCO cornerback initially signed with Kansas in December but later reopened his recruitment following the February signing day. He will reportedly have three years to play two at his next school of choice. Ford took a quick unofficial visit to the Plains yesterday and told AuburnUndercover’s Keith Niebuhr that he has a top two of Auburn and Utah. There’s a chance he could take an official visit to Iowa State but as of now it appears to be down to those two schools with the Tigers in a very good spot. Ford’s decision should come in early May. At 6’2” 185 lbs, Ford would give Auburn some much needed length at the corner position. He was an All-Conference performer at Golden West College last season and his tape is aptly titled “Playmaker”. With quick hips, great instincts and outstanding closing speed, it’s easy to see why Auburn would love to sneak in him as a late addition to the 2019 class with Kelly’s departure. The 2020 class is a bit light at DB so getting any help now would be big for the Tigers. Offensive Line Recruiting Update Obviously with so much time having passed since my last update, I can’t NOT touch on every Auburn fans FAVORITE recruiting subject. Auburn’s offensive line recruiting took a bit of a step back (shocking I know) when 3* OT Trey Zimmerman picked UNC over the Tigers in late March. With another top target, 4* OT John Young, trending to Kentucky, I was going to be very perturbed if Auburn let talented local 3* OT Javion Cohen just waltz his way to Columbia, SC with no resistance. Thankfully, that won’t be the case as the Central High star decommitted from the Gamecocks last week and landed an Auburn offer that following Friday, vaulting the Tigers into the thick of the hunt. Cohen’s stock is very much on the rise. He’s been a standout on the camp circuit this spring including capturing the Rivals Camp Series’ OL MVP in Atlanta last weekend. One of the holdups for Auburn was reportedly concerns over his ability to play OT at the next level given his 6’4” frame. But those concerns appear to have been mitigated and Cohen is now a top target for Auburn. The Gamecocks won’t go quietly, he is taking an official visit there this weekend, but it’s hard to not like Auburn’s chances moving forward. Another fast rising prospect in the southeast is 3* OG Tate Johnson. The former teammate of 2019 Auburn signee Keiondre Jones and the current teammate of major AU RB target 4* Tank Bigsby, Johnson has been another top performer on the camp circuit early this spring. Florida State, Georgia Tech and Auburn have all made the Callaway stand out a top priority early this cycle but a recent visit to the Plains appears to have pushed Auburn slightly ahead. This will be a fight to the finish but the Tigers appear to be in a good spot. Finally, 3* Marlon Martinez is down to three schools and is closing in on a decision. Auburn, LSU and Florida all made the cut and I think if he was announcing today, the good looking Tigers would be the pick. But Martinez plans to take an official visit to the Baton Rouge before shutting things down which feels ominous. While not sporting the flashiest of ratings, Martinez is near the top of the board for the Tigers. He could play anywhere along the line though he’s being projected at OT for the moment. Snagging Martinez, Johnson and Cohen by the end of June would sure be a nice way to combat Auburn’s recent struggles landing talented prep OL talent. Other names to continue to monitor on the offensive line: 5* OT Broderick Jones (Georgia) - Visited AU earlier this year and hasn’t been a frequent visitor to Athens despite his pledge. However, Jones is a pretty private kid from all reports so it’s hard to know how good a shot or not good a shot the Tigers have at the flip. Getting him back on campus for something like Big Cat Weekend would be huge for Auburn’s chances. 4* OT Joshua Braun - Keep an eye on this one. The Tigers weren’t considered much of a threat until a recent visit and now might be sitting #2 behind Florida. 4* OT Marcus Dumervil - Teammates with Marlon Martinez, Auburn is trying to make a strong push in this recruitment. With that said, Oklahoma looks to have the early lead with Alabama, LSU and Georgia all in the hunt as well. 4* OT Jalen Rivers - Auburn did not make his top 5 but an unofficial visit to the Plains earlier this spring put the Tigers back in the discussion. Still a lot of work to be done by the Tigers if they want to make it to the top of his list. 4* OG Chris Mayo - The Rhode Island native dropped a top 8 earlier this month that included the Tigers. Kentucky is thought to be the leader after his official visit to Lexington but he’s expected to give Auburn an OV as well. I definitely think he’s a name to track closely in the coming months. 4* OG Miller Merriweather-Lewis - LSU is his top team, Merriweather-Lewis has said so himself. But Auburn appears to be lurking at #2. If they can get him on campus a few more times this one could get interesting. 3* OT Bradley Ashmore (Vanderbilt) - I’m not 100% sure where Ashmore sits on Auburn’s board. I suspect he’s a down the line guy if the Tigers miss on a few more names but if Auburn likes what they see in person during the current evaluation period that could very well change. War Eagle!
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    Caught Cooper slipping, leading the event in steals playing that quality D 😉
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    Woohoo! The siren is ringing in Dawsonville, GA! Chase wins at Talledega!
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    Yep! Last year was his last year to go 8-5. This year it's Piss or get off the pot. Any man making his salary amt. needs to win a minimum of 10 games a year.
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    A Pulitzer Prize Winner is irrelevant? Wow... Damn there are people on this site facepalming anything these days.
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    Yep...tremendous pressure all game but especially in the extra innings. She had adequate defense behind her...but was mostly on her.
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    This must have been highlighted for umps to start calling more strictly by the rules committee or something. Used to be back in the day, as long as you were in the ball park of the lane, you were ok as a runner. The runner in the picture above with one toe in the chalk would have been fine. Hell I have seen much worse not called.
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    Don't pretend to know what Trump thinks about the country Homer. He clearly loves it and wants it to grow and succeed. You are out of your league.
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    Didn't matter!! Dowel takes 3rd on a passed ball and McCrackin goes to deep CF to sacrifice the run in. We win 2-1!!!' War Eagle!!!
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    Well you'd guess wrong.....very wrong..... but that's par for the course. I don't care what you take seriously, but I do object to your basically calling me a liar. Just because you quite obviously have no knowledge about the REC doesn't mean anything except that you are obnoxiously ignorant about it. Since many of the REC's recent misdeeds have been openly published in several news articles, and there have also been actual lawsuits and other records that are in the public domain might want to stop posting such stupid remarks.
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    He hasn't changed one iota. For instance, his oc hires. He continues to hire coaches that are not qualified to be an oc at auburn. The reason he does not hire qualified coaches is that they would overshadow him and show the world how much he doesnt know about college football. He had a chance after the 2016 to make a splash hire as an oc but he undermined his own interview process so those five canadiates he interviewed declined so he hire lindsey. He only knows one way because in high school it always worked for him so now he is at the college level he does not know how to adapt.
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    "After not having a player drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft for a fifth consecutive year, Stidham, Jamel Dean and Darius Slayton are three of a handful of former Auburn players hoping to be selected within the next two days." After reading this quote I think he needs to be evolving, specifically in the areas of recruiting and player development.
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    $4 mill buyout isn't keeping him anywhere.
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    It would seem that Clemson is committed to excellence in football. Good for them.
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    I don't know if it's far better. I think it went hand in hand. They were better I imagine, but he made them and the entire offense period look better than what they were. I mean when he got hurt the offense looked pretty much the exact way it has looked this season. With last year's o line
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    I understand that gets worse with age also.