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    My tech savvy daughter dug up this kids Twitter, instagram and whatever other social media. Did you notice that he’s only 19? He must have graduated early or got moved up. He’s 15 and 16 in his HS films. His new videos have him a lot more agile and he seems to be faster. Strong too. He was out lifting upper classmen at WKU. Grimes must see something in him.
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    It's like this: When Loretta Lynch met with B. Clinton on the tarmac to plot campaign strategy, that was a Hatch Act violation but since nobody recorded it it couldn't be prosecuted and that makes everything about the incident cool with some people. Since Conway was recorded, and more to the point, since Conway isn't a part of the Obama/Clinton cartel, it's some sort of ghastly threat to the republic....according to those same people that winked at the tarmac incident.
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    The bracket is out: We play Mizzou Wednesday at 3:00, with the winner facing Tennessee Thursday. Honestly, with the way we are playing, I don’t like our chances against any SEC team. But, I do like Mizzou and potentially UT better than a pod with Florida, Georgia, Bama, Kentucky, or LSU.
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    Bliss is just that kid. He went back and touched home just to be sure....while no one was paying much So smart
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    The good news......Holland and Williams are hitting again!
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    Ward has such a great arm. He saved an extra base /RISP with that throw in.
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    So.. Bryant and Lawerence were rotating series? I didn’t realize Clemson was playing both of them. I thought Bryant was not performing well and maybe he was injured? And Lawrence stepped in and never gave up the starting spot? ‘To answer your question no.. Lawerence was clearly the better QB. It is a totally different situation for us.. in my opinion you pick a starter and go with him.. if Gatewood can’t get it done.. give Nix a chance .. but I am not a fan of rotating QBs.. replacing QBs who aren’t performing in a game is totally different than rotating them.
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    Why pull the pitcher? Aint his fault the D didn’t turn a DP
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    I love it.....and I have 3 kids. My wallet just exploded.
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    Serious, to late for me. I thought maybe they would agree to 2 seven innings tomorrow. Was the thing scheduled at 7:00 because of gradation today? We had a big rain delay years ago versus Virginia that went well into the night. I met and spent some of time with John Grisham. His son played for Virginia. I went home during a rain delay. Got one of his books the wife bought for me and had him sign it. Just watched a baseball movie based on one of his the other night called" Mickey." Little League stuff and entertaining
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    I'm making a big pot of fresh coffee..... Coffee? I intend on putting the wife to bed and enjoy a ball game without her asking me why I am getting another beer. She is watching Hallmark now which means sleep for her coming soon
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    We didn’t use that championship run to our advantage at all. Gus was asked about facilities upgrades after that season and he said the facilities that they had were “fine.” I don’t know if Jacobs would’ve allowed it or not, but with the support around the fanbase so high, we should have struck when the stove was hot. Never saw an uptick in recruiting either. We couldn’t sell an elite dual threat QB to be the next Cam or Marshall even though we had both and two championship appearances in a three year span. Should’ve been an easy sell.
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    For Sale...waterfront land...AZ
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    How dare this national pundit talk badly about an offense that since the 2013 season has produced 0(ZERO) 1st round draft choices? He is CLEARLY just out to get Auburn. He doesn't know ANYTHING about Auburn. He doesn't know how we do it, what we call success, and doesn't live by the Creed. How dare this unknowledgeable fool spout his lies?
  15. 1 point Could Auburn rotate multiple quarterbacks in 2019? Kenny Dillingham ‘can see a scenario.’ Josh Vitale, Montgomery Advertiser Published 7:00 a.m. CT April 24, 2019 7-9 minutes FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — The mere mention of “rotating multiple quarterbacks” still strikes fear into the hearts of Auburn fans. The last time it happened — really, truly happened — is a memory most would rather forget. You know exactly what game that sentence is referring to — Sept. 3, 2016; the season-opener against Clemson in front of 87,451 at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Head coach Gus Malzahn named Sean White the starting quarterback over Jeremy Johnson and John Franklin III nine days earlier, and while that was technically true, it lasted only two plays. White took 37 snaps from center, Johnson 20, Franklin eight, and H-back Chandler Cox and running back Kerryon Johnson six out of Wildcat formations as the Tigers made 23 substitutions in a nationally televised primetime game against the defending national runner-up. Auburn mustered only 262 yards of offense in a 19-13 loss. “We thought it would be successful,” Malzahn said three days later. “Obviously, it wasn't.” Kenny Dillingham had no knowledge of that game when it was brought up to him before he spoke to the Lanierland Auburn Club at Eagle Ranch in Flowery Branch, Georgia, on Tuesday. The first-year offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach was just beginning his first season at Memphis back then. So when asked if he could see the Tigers playing multiple quarterbacks during the 2019 season, whether it’s rotating series or creating packages for different players, Dillingham said, “I can see a scenario.” “I can see a variation of scenarios from that standpoint,” he continued. “Hopefully people separate themselves, but at the same time, we’re going to play the best people who we feel it’s necessary to win football games. If that’s 17 quarterbacks, I don’t care. If 17 quarterbacks give us the best chance to win, and playing six different Wildcat guys, it doesn’t matter to me. We’re going to put the players back there who we feel is necessary to win football games.” While it did not work with White, Johnson and Franklin under center, it makes for an intriguing discussion given what Auburn has at quarterback going into the 2019 season, which begins Aug. 31 against Oregon at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The Tigers went into spring practice with junior Malik Willis, redshirt freshmen Joey Gatewood and Cord Sandberg, and true freshman Bo Nix battling for the starting job vacated by two-year starter Jarrett Stidham. Malzahn and Dillingham left with the desire to put those four players into some sort of pecking order. That hasn’t happened yet — they are still conducting player exit interviews — but, in an “ideal situation,” Dillingham said, they’ll be able to narrow the competition down “to two guys we feel like can win it.” The reason that is important, the first-year assistant continued, is so that the quarterbacks know where they stand going into offseason workouts and the rest of the players on offense know who to look to as leaders. It’s possible Malzahn could make an announcement as early as next Wednesday, when he and men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl will kick off the alumni association’s annual AMBUSH tour in Dothan. “People always ask if there’s a timeline. When are you going to make a decision?” Dillingham said. “Every situation is different. A decision is going to be made on our starting quarterback when one of the guys on our football team rises up and they make the decision. It’s a decision the offensive coordinator and the head coach make, but at the same time, it’s a decision the player makes. When the player separates themselves from one another, that’s when the decision is made.” The two players that seemed to separate themselves in that competition this spring are Gatewood and Nix, as they received all of the most meaningful first-half reps with the first-team offense during the team’s A-Day spring game earlier this month. And if that is, in fact, the case, they present an interesting contrast to one another, as both carry a different skill set. Gatewood, as Dillingham described him Tuesday, is “just a physically dominant creature.” Teammates have described the 6-foot-5, 233-pound redshirt freshman as another Cam Newton. He completed 8 of 12 passes for 130 yards and a pair of touchdowns on A-Day, and that was with an orange, non-contact jersey limiting his considerable rushing ability — “when you let him go live, it’s a little bit different,” Malzahn said. Nix is more of a “sneaky athlete” at 6-foot-2 and 207 pounds, Dillingham said, but he rushed for 2,112 yards and 34 touchdowns during his record-setting career at Pinson Valley High. It’s his talent as a passer, though, that made the son of Auburn legend Patrick Nix a five-star recruit ranked No. 1 at his position in the Class of 2019, and he certainly didn’t look like a true freshman when he completed 11 of 16 passes for 155 yards and a pair of scores in the first half on A-Day. “They’re all a little bit different,” Malzahn said after A-Day. “That’s always good.” There are examples of college football teams finding success playing two quarterbacks. Steve Spurrier did it multiple times during his career at Florida, most notably with Rex Grossman and Jesse Palmer in 2000 and Chris Leak and Tim Tebow in 2006. Often those rotations have featured a primary passer and a rushing threat, such as Mason Rudolph and J.W. Walsh at Oklahoma State in 2015. Alabama might not have made the CFP National Championship game the past two seasons had it not had both Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts on the roster. Auburn showed brief flashes of trying something similar last season when it brought in Willis to provide the rushing threat Stidham didn’t, though those were rare occasions and he never stayed in the game for more than a few plays. Gatewood is actually familiar with that type of setup, as he spent his entire senior year of high school splitting time at quarterback with Riley Smith, who is now at Boise State. “We kind of felt like the way to do best by them and best by our football program was just to keep training them as QBs and let them hone their skills, and it ended up being great for us,” Bartram Trail coach Darrell Sutherland told the Montgomery Advertiser last month. “When Riley made a great play, we almost got 12 guys on the field, because Joey is out there past the numbers celebrating with him. He’s just that kind of guy.” Of course, there are also plenty of examples of a two-quarterback system not working. Ohio State’s offense regressed playing both J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones in 2015 despite coming off a national championship. Georgia tried to keep five-star true freshman Justin Fields involved in the offense last season despite having an incumbent starter in Jake Fromm, and the result was the former transferring. Clemson also had a quarterback transfer after junior Kelly Bryant and true freshman Trevor Lawrence went from splitting time to the latter taking over the starting job. But if Auburn approaches that Aug. 31 date with the Ducks with two quarterbacks it feels are capable of being the starter, maybe that would be one of the “scenarios” Dillingham mentioned where both might play. “I do think the offense will be adapted around our players,” Dillingham said. “I think that’s one thing Coach Malzahn has always done good, is he’s adapted around his players, and he’s gotten his players and playmakers the football in things they do good at. That’s one thing they do a phenomenal job here, is they put players in positions that they can be successful at — not something that the offense does, something that those players can do.” Josh Vitale is the Auburn beat writer for the Montgomery Advertiser. You can follow him on Twitter at @JoshVitale. To reach him by email, click here.
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    Come on Elliot. You're about all we've got. Don't give them hope.
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    Julien, Davis, Williams, and Holland are now 9-15 on the day with a HR and two doubles. That’s awesome news.
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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing Williams and Holland stroking the ball!
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    Bases loaded no outs for us!!! Would love to get those 3 runs back and have a less stressful 9th...
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    Former New England Patriots scout Jim Nagy is a huge supporter of former Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham. Nagy, now the executive director of the Reese's Senior Bowl, labeled Stidham as the best offensive player at the Senior Bowl in January. He also said he had the best mechanics of any quarterback seeking an NFL career in the 2019 draft. Four months later, Nagy's former employer selected Stidham in the fourth round to fight for a job as Tom Brady's backup. "My first exposure to Jarrett was at Auburn's pro day two years ago," Nagy told in a story published Sunday. "He was just lighting it up. I don't know if you've seen him throw live yet, but he's the most beautiful thrower of the football in this year's draft class. He was so accurate that day to all levels, I grabbed a couple buddies on the coaching staff and asked, 'Is this him every day or is this an aberration?' They were like, 'This is him every day.' So my first exposure to Jarrett was so good, I've been on the bandwagon since." Nagy also went into detail about Auburn's eight-win season, which didn't live up to expectations and included heartbreaking losses to LSU and Tennessee — the latter of which included a fumble by Stidham that was returned for a touchdown by the Volunteers, who won their first game against an SEC West team in 10 years. "Now Auburn didn't have the year they were supposed to have this year and the fan base was disappointed. And Jarrett will tell you he didn't have the season he wanted, either," Nagy said. "But when you evaluate the quarterback position, even more so than the other positions, you have to evaluate what's going on around the quarterback. It was just kind of a s***storm: A young offensive line that never jelled, they had protection issues with their young running backs ... but Jarrett became the whipping boy. I went to bat for him. I think Jarrett could end up as one of the steals of the draft." Stidham's production dropped in his second season as the Tigers' starter, but he still managed to finish with 18 touchdowns, five interceptions and 2,794 passing yards in his final season. Stidham was at his best during his first season at Auburn in 2017. He led the Tigers to an SEC West title, victories against No. 1 teams Alabama and Georgia, and threw for 3,158 yards and 18 touchdowns with six interceptions while completing 66.5 percent of his passes, the best completion rate in the SEC. Stidham was impressive at Auburn's Pro Day in March. He was downright surgical with his throws. His release at the correct height and his feet were set perfectly on his three- and five-step drops. He connected on 48 of 50 passes, one a miss on a seam route and another on a corner route from the 10-yard line. “Today was an A-plus day for him, for sure,” Los Angeles Rams general manager Les Snead told Auburn Undercover at the time. “I was not dialed in at the (NFL) combine on QBs as much, and I heard it was a very similar day. But I think this day definitely helped him.” “It’s probably the best [Pro Day] that I’ve run,” said quarterback guru Jordan Palmer, who trained Stidham. “You’re talking about Deshaun Watson and Sam Darnold and Josh Allen, and Kyle Allen, who had an unbelievable pro day last year. He went undrafted, but he started and he’s going to be a guy in Carolina now. Yeah, that was about as impressive as I’ve seen.” Mock drafts had Stidham all across the board with him as high as the second round to as low as the third and final day of the draft in the final four rounds. Stidham was critiqued every way imaginable since the season ended. NFL personnel wanted to know why he struggled, why he crumbled in big games and why he ran away from pressure rather than stepping into the rush and throwing the ball during his final season at Auburn. NFL teams constantly asked him questions about the changes between his 2017 and 2018 seasons. Which quarterback would they get should they pick him? The perception of a Jekyll and Hyde career was reflected in the mock drafts spreading his name across the board. "I think there’s different things that happen throughout the season, and I think myself, coach (Gus) Malzahn, [offensive coordinator] (Chip) Lindsey, if we were all to kind of look back and go back and read through the season, I think we’d just open it up a lot more," Stidham said after he was selected by the Patriots in the NFL Draft. "When you lose a guy like (running back) Kerryon Johnson and (right tackle) Braden Smith up front, some of those guys that have a lot of experience, you just have to find out your identity. And I think we found our identity during our bowl game against Purdue. It’s one of those things, but I wouldn’t trade my time at Auburn for anything. I loved it there, and the great thing about Auburn is that it can really help prepare you for the next level. And sure enough, I’m lucky enough to sit here and be a Patriot and further my career a little bit."
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    I’m aware of that. I’m talking about taking guys out when they’re throwing well. And I’m not just referring to AU. It’s pervasive in college and the MLB. I’m just not a fan of it.
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    agree...and usually the guys are not in the game long enough to figure out what the ump is doing or to get into a groove. before they are gone...Plus most of them just are not ready to face the first batter....and throw strikes....
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    Teams have learned how to pitch Big Canada and play defense against him so he has to mostly rely on mistakes to hit until he can learn to adjust. He was upset with himself last night so he knows......he's got to learn to hit what they give him. Last season was a gift because he was unknown and he won't see it again.
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    Seeing our uniforms today makes me wish we would unleash the orange jerseys in football.
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    Weren't two of those solo homers by Veach?
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    Did I see correctly ... the arky pitcher hit 74 mph? Good grief also ... that low and away strike they are giving the arky pitcher is gonna be tough to hit at 70+
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    Yes I am Brother Homer. Are you aware that you still do not realize why President Trump was elected?
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    Again, what did you misunderstand about the word "No"? And you did misrepresent me (lie about what I said). Now you are just weaseling. Just like Barr.
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    No, the article doesn't go into depth. So what? The basic fact is what is expressed in the title. I find it "comedic" that you demand I go into depth regarding these regulations. Normally I get criticized for the length of many of my threads. And this has nothing to do with Obama. It's about protecting the Gulf of Mexico. Opposing it certainly doesn't make me a "parrot". Please don't slip back into your sophomoric mode. I was getting to like you.
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    That was a tough one. Lau’s DP ball is almost always a single to CF. The shortstop got lucky on where he was on that one.
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    I’m convinced that Houston has a Hollywood acting coach on the payroll
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    My grandson discovering the results of his caterpillar to butterfly kit. This one wanted to hang around and thank him.
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    Yep...looks like he is about 30.
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    Just when we were starting to take control of that rivalry. Such an unfortunate series of events for our program.
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    Not positive....but I think Brooks Fuller could be the starter tonight. Hopefully this game won't head into extra innings.
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    That's cool..........Do you coach HS football?.........learned many life lessons from my coaches..........from ball park through HS I still remember things from each that helped shaped me as a man to this day..............greatest thing about being a part of a team is dont see color and your teammates are brothers in can get in a shoving match at practice because a teammate is getting the best of you that day..........let an opposing team player shove that teammate.......its like he shoved your mother.
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    You would think that a team following up an NCG appearance would acquire some players worthy of 1st round selection.
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    And guys make it to the NFL too....believe it our not.
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    Elite recruits want to make it to the NFL. Period. Point Blank. Our offense is not designed for that. Like it or not guys. Until our offensive players stop having such a difficult time transitioning to the NFL, our offense will continue to warrant deserved criticism. You guys are acting like he is picking on us. He is stating FACTS. Hard facts. The truth hurts sometimes. And this truth has clearly hurt some of your feelings. He is stating truths about our offensive scheme. This isn't a spread vs pro style thing. It's our version of the spread. Oklahoma QBs going #1 overall two straight seasons show this as fact.
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    Says the man who owns a 130-189-1 record while either being the Director of Player Personnel or a GM/VP with Browns, Eagles and Raiders. He obviously has a great eye for talent.
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    This is a BS article as we have had serious success under this offense when it is clicking.
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    You’re getting worked up over something that may not be true? Joey didn’t show up ready to play last year. Even had his number taken away. Lastly, I believe he had a thumb injury at this time as well.
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    One man's opinion doesn't carry much weight in my book. Cam and Nick didn't have much of a problem with the offense.
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    That's gonna make some folks here unhappy. I think he's spot on.
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    Gee....if it is so easy and a sure thing, why haven't you guys taken advantage of that opportunity.? Best I can tell, none of the guys broke any laws.....just took some big risks that most of you would never take with your money and took advantage of our tax laws. JMO but the working class folks should be more upset with all those big dems on wall street who settle for 7 or 8 figures salary and bonus plans from investment banks. Again, just my opinion, anyone who pays more taxes than legally required is stupid.
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    Man Lawyer Tillman was a beast. Ton of highlight catches in that video.
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    In Tuscaloosa, it's a Dodge Charger. There, we got it out of the way early.
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    Wouldn’t be breaking to me. He might then again he might not. So far I’m not hearing anything to that effect. Gus just stated 1 + 1A going into summer. That doesn’t mean next year is set in stone. Either one could get injured and that would put Willis back at least at 2. He has had a couple of years here. I’m sure he has friends and would like to stay. Could even go the Kodi Burns route. I’m not going to get too worried about it. It’s this way every year. I’ll say this though I think Willis has it in him. He still is about the closest thing we have to a Nick Marshall at the moment. As long as he wears the Orange and Blue I will be pulling for him.
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    It’s actually worse than .190 she is hitting .056 in SEC play and has 2 hits in SEC play this year both came in the same game.