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    The job of Auburn's offense is to score points for Auburn. Historically, this has been the best offense ever at Auburn. Check out some of the many posts stat tiger has made on the subject. The job of Auburn's offense is not to get guys ready for the NFL. If NFL coaches/evaluators don't like Auburn's offense, they can go pound sand.
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    i rest my case! “That offense at Auburn, I’m not sure what the hell it is,” Lombardi said. “They run power, they run unbalanced… That offense, seriously, it might be one of the worst offenses in football. You can’t evaluate a quarterback. They can’t train a quarterback. That’s the other thing. He can’t train him."
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    The scouts must've read corchjay's posts from last year.
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    Clint brought the program from insignificant to national prominence. Corey is the person that put us back to where we were before Clint came. I'd say Corey "screwed this program over" literally and figuratively. We's still be at the top had Corey kept his pants zipped.
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    Just speaking with my son in Auburn. Looking like a window to get it in.
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    coffee beer beer........................j/k
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    My tech savvy daughter dug up this kids Twitter, instagram and whatever other social media. Did you notice that he’s only 19? He must have graduated early or got moved up. He’s 15 and 16 in his HS films. His new videos have him a lot more agile and he seems to be faster. Strong too. He was out lifting upper classmen at WKU. Grimes must see something in him.
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    Yep, it's time for Dean to go. He is way out of his league in recruiting and coaching.
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    It's like this: When Loretta Lynch met with B. Clinton on the tarmac to plot campaign strategy, that was a Hatch Act violation but since nobody recorded it it couldn't be prosecuted and that makes everything about the incident cool with some people. Since Conway was recorded, and more to the point, since Conway isn't a part of the Obama/Clinton cartel, it's some sort of ghastly threat to the republic....according to those same people that winked at the tarmac incident.
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    The bracket is out: We play Mizzou Wednesday at 3:00, with the winner facing Tennessee Thursday. Honestly, with the way we are playing, I don’t like our chances against any SEC team. But, I do like Mizzou and potentially UT better than a pod with Florida, Georgia, Bama, Kentucky, or LSU.
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    We just flat out needed that one. Please please please tell me this is the game our big guns needed to get going! Hope Burns can go next week. We’ll need him for sure. If we get him back and our big 3 hitters finally going at the same time, we are a dangerous team in the postseason.
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    A 9 run inning against bammer......I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!
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    Bliss is just that kid. He went back and touched home just to be sure....while no one was paying much So smart
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    The good news......Holland and Williams are hitting again!
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    We still have 15 healthy pitchers on the staff....but having many of them pitch less than an inning...and changing just to get and righty-righty matchup....uses them up quickly in a game like this.
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    Ward has such a great arm. He saved an extra base /RISP with that throw in.
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    I would not describe the way that we are playing as mediocre. I would describe it as terrible and inexcusable. IF, and this is an IF, Dean is as bad a coach at this level as he appears to be, expect a lot of transfers after the season is over, loss of recruits, and a continued downward spiral in performance. The team is cliff diving, not playing softball. I feel really bad for the seniors. They have experienced going from the penthouse to the outhouse. Maybe it will be a life lesson for them. It is easy to coach from the couch; however, a well coached team gets better as the season progresses, even if they lose a star player. Our team is on the opposite path. If the talent was not there, we would not have been so successful in the first half of the season. This leaves either some sort of inter-team turmoil, poor coaching, or both. Hopefully the team will do an about face and pull things together for the SEC tournament. As things stand right now, if we go to a regional we will be crushed.
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    This is actually very comedic - the article, that is. It doesn’t go in-depth whatsoever as to the exploration and development processes, but it’s meticulously written to get parrots, such as yourself, to sing a tune. “Trump is undoing something Obama did. Orange man bad! Parrots attack!”😂😂😂
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    I loathe Malzahn’s offense, but I don’t agree with this guy. His offense is made to make less into a cohesive weapon that outperforms its parts. The results are not surprising. We have limited success against stronger defenses and rack up numbers against average to bad teams. A quarterback like Stidham isn’t going to thrive in an offense like our’s the same as a more pro-style setup because our’s makes much less use of the total field and asks much more risk to the QB. Short of a generational talent like Cam, it’s hard to see any QB getting much NFL love from a Malzahn offense...but it does put up numbers.
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    That missed double play was killer
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    Ok, now I’m glad I stayed up for this one.
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    I love Ryan Bliss. He is a natural. Such good baseball instincts!
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    Couldn't hit his fast ball either....
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    So.. Bryant and Lawerence were rotating series? I didn’t realize Clemson was playing both of them. I thought Bryant was not performing well and maybe he was injured? And Lawrence stepped in and never gave up the starting spot? ‘To answer your question no.. Lawerence was clearly the better QB. It is a totally different situation for us.. in my opinion you pick a starter and go with him.. if Gatewood can’t get it done.. give Nix a chance .. but I am not a fan of rotating QBs.. replacing QBs who aren’t performing in a game is totally different than rotating them.
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    It's his 3rd time through the order, and bammer had him figured out. Brooks is still learning and the worst thing you can do to a young pitcher not having his best night is to leave him in too long. It was a good time to take him out.
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    Why pull the pitcher? Aint his fault the D didn’t turn a DP
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    I love it.....and I have 3 kids. My wallet just exploded.
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    nice fashions and good of my wife's favorites....
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    Serious, to late for me. I thought maybe they would agree to 2 seven innings tomorrow. Was the thing scheduled at 7:00 because of gradation today? We had a big rain delay years ago versus Virginia that went well into the night. I met and spent some of time with John Grisham. His son played for Virginia. I went home during a rain delay. Got one of his books the wife bought for me and had him sign it. Just watched a baseball movie based on one of his the other night called" Mickey." Little League stuff and entertaining
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    I typically give a coach the benefit of the doubt.....and Martin's injury hurt things badly...but even then, the team just seems to lack the fundamentals in too many areas. Clint put the program on a national level in just a year and AU invested in the program with improved facilities, etc........and it's painful to see it fall off so quickly.
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    This game needs to start soon. I'm shopping online for clothes to pass the time and I may go broke.....
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    I'm making a big pot of fresh coffee..... Coffee? I intend on putting the wife to bed and enjoy a ball game without her asking me why I am getting another beer. She is watching Hallmark now which means sleep for her coming soon
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    I was listening to Auburn beat Alabama in baseball. Multi-tasking
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    I'm making a big pot of fresh coffee.......64 needs to do the same thing!
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    We didn’t use that championship run to our advantage at all. Gus was asked about facilities upgrades after that season and he said the facilities that they had were “fine.” I don’t know if Jacobs would’ve allowed it or not, but with the support around the fanbase so high, we should have struck when the stove was hot. Never saw an uptick in recruiting either. We couldn’t sell an elite dual threat QB to be the next Cam or Marshall even though we had both and two championship appearances in a three year span. Should’ve been an easy sell.
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    Several of these are fine examples of games I can't get past when discussing Malzahn as a HC.
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    not many of ‘em. A much, much shorter list of elite offensive recruits that actually panned out here. Yeah in the third round. Since 2014 we have had zero prospects drafted in the first round. That’s alarming for a football factory that expects top 12 recruiting classes every year.
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    What do you think Harper will do? Virtually nobody is projecting him to be drafted, but what would you say are the chances of him simply signing with a team rather than coming back for his senior year? I would think that at this point, the only way he comes back is if no NBA team will sign him, because I doubt how well he will be able to improve his stock with another season in college. However, I have no read whatsoever on the pulse of NBA front offices, whether he stands a reasonable chance of signing when/if he goes undrafted or not. Honestly, at this point, I'd rather he not come back. That is in no way a reflection upon my feelings for Jared, because I love watching him (and will welcome him back with open arms should he opt to return), but rather hope that he'll get his shot in the League and an inclination that it's time to turn the page to Cooper at point.
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    For Sale...waterfront land...AZ
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    Auburn gets elite recruits believe it or not .
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    Record be damned. He was Director of Player Personnel as well as a GM/VP of an NFL team. That in itself holds more water than those who refuse to look at things independently rather than orange and blue goggles. Just sayin.
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    How dare this national pundit talk badly about an offense that since the 2013 season has produced 0(ZERO) 1st round draft choices? He is CLEARLY just out to get Auburn. He doesn't know ANYTHING about Auburn. He doesn't know how we do it, what we call success, and doesn't live by the Creed. How dare this unknowledgeable fool spout his lies?
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    Certainly not cool for me. Loretta Lynch deserved to be impeached for that meeting. It was stupid as well as unethical. But that is a piss-poor excuse for simply disregarding present violations. The law is the law. We don't get a pass to ignore it for whatever may have happened in the past.
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    Spread offense schemes and concepts are infiltrating the NFL no doubt about that. Players like Baker, Desean, etc are great in spread offenses and GM’s would be foolish to make them “.pro style.” Kyler and Kliff will be interesting to watch. Scouts maybe don’t know how to evaluate for the spread offense, which may cause anger when they see it. I don’t know. With that said, Gus wasn’t the only problem for Stidham. There were times where he could only blame himself such as against Tennessee when the offense was moving but he couldn’t protect the football. Or when he would run into sacks. I’m sure Gus wishes things went differently but that’s football, and he doesn’t owe Stidham an apology.
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    This offense has played for 2 national championships, so terrible it ain’t. On the other hand, I can’t argue with the premise that it doesn’t exactly have a track record of getting QBs NFL ready. Then again, there aren’t many NFL starting QBs from the Saban/Meyer systems either.
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    My grandson discovering the results of his caterpillar to butterfly kit. This one wanted to hang around and thank him.