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    Let’s not jump to any assumptions. Right now all parties need to be in our prayers. Two lives lost tragically and another life I imagine will have physical and emotional scars from this traumatic event.
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    Don't forget two runs to the College World Series in 94 and 97, including the biggest home run in Auburn history (David Ross's walk-off against FSU).
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    He narrated the best season we ever had in both football and in basketball. RIP Rod.
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    Lord put your healing hands on Rod. Only you are mighty enough to work miracles. This family needs you tonight.
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    This is terrible news. Lord, please be with Rod as he fights for his life and for their family. They are a part of our family, too. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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    he also added the touchdown auburn in his show as a tribute to jim. a lot of fans did not get that.
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    Yes, if Larry Porter is able to overcome our obvious deficiencies in recruiting OLs and snag one, he gets credit. Yes, our head coach who is also our actual OC and the OL coach will continue to be blamed for our obvious deficiencies in recruiting OLs. Yawn.
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    The way it happened is gonna eat at me for a while...Gotta make this year special for Rod.
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    There are few days when it's almost impossibly hard to be an Auburn Tiger...this is one of them.
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    During the mid-1980s dairy farmers decided there was too much cheap milk at the supermarket. So the government bought and slaughtered 1.6 million cows. How come the government never does anything like this with lawyers? - P.J. O'Rourke
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    Tough news to hear this morning. Prayers lifted for those left behind.
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    In tears. This community has had a nightmare of a week.
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    Their children are Shelby (AHS, Class of 2017) and Josh, several years younger. Please lift them specifically.
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    I used to referee Upward basketball in Trussville. Had the most fun doing that. I was involved with youth ministry and loved those kids...
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    I was living in alabama at that time and most everyone that was Auburn was very supportive of Barfield. 1979 was his 4th and he was showing improvement he went from 3-8, to 5-6 to 6-4-1 and then to 8-3. So I never saw in the press or anywhere Auburn was trying to replace Barfield in 77 or 78. In addition, Dye designed at ECU in December of 1979, so by that time Dye would have known Barfield was not going to be fired and certainly would not have resigned knowing Auburn was not going to fire the coach. His move to Wyoming made all the sense in the world. Dye was attempting to gain a coaching position in the SEC by being a coach that turnaround teams. ECU was a doormat before Dye arrived. In 6 years he never won fewer than 7 games but to continue to build his rep as a coach that turns around programs he needed to build his resume further so he took the Wyoming job which had only one winning season prior to Dye.
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    You just gave the best reason to conduct a coaching search instead of having just one person waiting in the wing to take over. Auburn should have a search committee which would include the AD to interview several prospects. That would decrease the uncertainty of hiring a coach vs just having one waiting to take over. I remember the last true coaching search Auburn conducted, it was not planned but forced on us when Dooley turned us down for HC. We ended up getting a good coach named Dye. In fact, if it could lead to a true coaching search, I hope the first guy that we offer would turn us down.
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    Interesting take. He makes some very good points.
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    Why is it "an incredible payday" but just for student athletes and not for other scholarship students who are allowed to earn money while keeping their scholarships? College sports is a huge,billion dollar business. It's the height of hypocrisy to call it "amateur" in any sense of the word except for those kids who are doing most of the work and making the big sacrifices. Your outlook is completely out of touch with reality.
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    Come on man ... the “if you don’t like it, do something else” argument fits most all employment. It’s a valid point of view just about across the board. also, money isn’t the be all, end all of success. It is only a piece of the discussion in what I consider success for me. I've mentioned this before ... Chris porter is a failure to some people based on “what could have been”. But in my view the guy has made a living playing basketball for nearly 20 years and traveled the world. That’s a pretty cool life for a lot of folks. IMO it’s about making a living - and living - not about making money. Of course that’s only my view.
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    it is ok. i am sure most folks figured out he is being charged. and i could be wrong. hard to link a paragraph from someone. it will all be out soon. it sure has been a tuff week or so for auburn and auburn fans. i pray this streak of bad luck is over with.
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    i am a five point nam vet that never was sent out of the states but spent my time in the pentagon. each memorial day i am usually sad and pray for the nam vets that gave their life for their country only to be vilified by so many americans. i pray they got to see america and thank these boys for their sacrifice. the hate i saw for our soldiers was off the charts and very heartbreaking..............
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    The celebration in the press box for the Kick Six is my favorite. At first you don't realize that he is announcing live while that is going on.
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    That is awesome! We will get to truly see the psychopath he is in AEW
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    I'm crushed. I loved Rod and I really enjoyed his broadcasts. I listened to him instead of the network broadcasters. I'll never forget listening to him during the Kick 6 Iron Bowl. Or that night Creed Simpson hit a walk off home run against Clemson. My prayers go out to the families of Rod and Paula.
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    Thoughts and prayers for the family. I never met Rod, but his mother was my high school principle at VHS. What a tragedy. I can't even imagine what those poor children are going through.
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    Heartbroken. May God wrap His arms around this family.
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    This is just devastating. Shug Jordan is such a dangerous road at that intersection. This whole town is stunned and heart broken. Those are going to be so monumental shoes to fill. I cannot imagine listening without hearing him...Going to be hard for a while...Rest easy Rod and Mrs. Paula.
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    I imagine Stan White is crushed right now. Horrible.
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    Heart wrenching week. Thoughts and prayers with the Auburn Family
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    No words. Praying for his entire family.
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    So sad to hear. Prayers lifted for all involved.
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    Our inability to land sufficient numbers of quality OL is absolutely mind boggling
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    Good research, Slot. I wouldn't know how to find that stuff. I do seem to recall that, when we were looking for a HC in 2017, Patty Gasso got a huge raise. Same scene as in football. Of course, she had just won her second consecutive natty. Gajewski, I believe, is fairly well known by longtime softball fans; but not by me. Jimmy Kolaitis at UAB is also fairly well known, had been at Oregon for a time before accepting the UAB job. They were under .500 this year; we'll see what happens going forward. Kennesaw State is a program that seems to perform above expectations, at least last year. Don't know the coach's name there. I don't really perceive that we underachieved this year. With Martin coming back, we were picked to finish 9th in the SEC. We lost her and finished 10th, with a tourney run to the semis. I think the fact that our two easiest SEC series were the first two, followed by an unexpected series win in Knoxville, created a perception that we were better than we really were; that led to some disappointment in ensuing weeks. I do think we underachieved in Fayetteville; we should have won at least one game over the Hogs.
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    The ole turn-a-blind eye whilst pointing fingers at the other side ploy has been alive and well in politics since the dawn of civilization.
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    see dude? the cat is standing up for what he thinks is right. not only do you insult him basically questioning his manhood you also are implying because of his actions or beliefs his citizenship should be revoked as well as basically saying he does not deserve to live in this country. you are really some kind of special. the more you run your mouth the worse you look. there again you talk down to someone that dares to discuss something you disagree with. instead of showing some class and maybe explaining why homes might not be very accurate you attack with venom.at worst you could agree to disagree with him. a lot of folks judge a man by how he treats others. remembering that will help you down the road.
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    Man. Every Auburn coach's career is special. Eric Ramsey, some PTB's daughter, Tony Franklin, 3-9. It's better to burn out than to fade away!
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    So the fan base is what comes up with the 5 QB rotation game plans, the 17 1st down dives and Whirlybird cox-cat play calls, executes the play calls, and under recruits positions of needs. Yep, that tracks.
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    Thank you for always managing to want to cap the ceiling of our program and limit what we can accomplish. We are the biggest sleeping giant in the sport and there is no ceiling with the right coach.
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    Want to clear up one thing in this thread. The AU job is a coveted job. A great job. AU will not have a problem getting a top shelf HC the next time around IF the search is done right and legit. Not like it has been done the past 15 or so years. I'll say the search will be done right this time around. If it comes to that in the near future.
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    This is the kind of 101 stuff w/ Gus that baffles me. It starts in the trenches, you’ve had this program for years, what’s your priority? Look, we just get another transfer receiver.....
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    I meant Bob It's okay, we have depth. Aranda Streeter Scott Beamer
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    This is a pretty scary situation for our program. For those of us that want Gus replaced I'm feeling like it may actually be better for the health of our program to get through this year with Gus then let him coach through the inevitably debacle of a season we will endure in 2020 (yes I'm already throwing in the towel with our OL absolutely wrecking our season) and show him the door after that rather than have a new coach be straddled with having to recruit a completely new OL from day 1. Ugh...
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    Hard to argue against that. -Tubs had 9 or more wins in 3 of his first 6 years at Auburn, and that was before we went to 12 games a season. -He had 9 or more wins for 4 of his last 6 seasons. -He had a 3 year run of 13, 9 and 11 wins. -That run, his 3-year best at Auburn, began in his sixth year. -He won 5 games in his first season and 13 in his sixth. -Tuberville was 5-3 in bowl games. He failed to reach a bowl game in his first and last years. -Gus has had 9 or more wins twice in his first 6 years. -His best run of wins by season was 12, 8 and 7. -That run began in his first year. -He won 12 games his first year and is extremely unlikely to win more than 8 in his 6th. -Gus is 1-4 in bowl games.
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    I'm not sure I entirely agree with this anymore.  Agree with Loof here. The defense is not regressing due to fired up and inspired play. They're getting worse every week. That's not a sign of continuing to play your best. FTR, I don't blame them either. As I've said before, it's gotta be SO hard to maintain top level defensive play when the other side of the ball can't even wash your laundry.
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    I don't think the players do camps for free. My brother swam for AU and I know that he got paid pretty well in fact for working those summer camps.
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    You would honor the fallen more fully and sincerely with recognition that didn’t read like a guise to take a swipe at others. This shows you don’t honor them enough to just that recognition stand by itself.
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    This is crushing news. Jim Fyffe passed in the month of May.
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    Auburn fans being Auburn fans- talking about firing a coach a whole season away because of an article on the offensive line 😂