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    He had to replace a legend and did so by becoming one himself. Life is so precious and my heart goes out to Rod and Paula as well as their family and friends. Rod's voice much like Jim Fyffe, will never be forgotten.
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    Grieving! I went as part of a group date to the Valley High School senior prom with Rod and Paula, then dating, 1984. Have connected with him since and laughed about that night. Who would have ever dreamed that he would become the Voice of Auburn? She was so quiet and sweet. Just caught the news and am crushed. Stunned. Prayers rising and will continue. May an outpouring of love and support flood this family and all involved. Only prayer in times like these...nothing else. Until the Lord lays specific ways to help on our hearts...Revelation 21:4. (These are the Rod and Paula I remember.)
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    I am absolutely stunned. Devastated I just don't know what to say. I remember back in the spring of 2009 when a colleague walked into my classroom to tell me that Harry Kalas, the voice of the Philadelphia Phillies, had passed away. This is a similar feeling for me now. There's not much I can add about RB that hasn't already been stated, so I won't even try...except these things. 1. He's one of only THREE radio guys that convinced me muting the regular broadcast to listen to his play-by-play was the way to go (Kalas, Don Fischer (Indiana) ) 2. His love of Auburn and EVERYTHING Auburn was always apparent, and made every game he did a pleasure to listen to. There are "homer" announcers, and then there are people like Rod Bramblett. It seemed like he lived to call Auburn baseball, basketball, and football. 3. I am so happy, in retrospect, that he got to be a part of some amazing AU football history. Not only for him, but for us. His voice will forever be linked to those special moments like the 2010 NCAA championship and those simply amazing finishes against UGA and Alabama in 2013. And basketball. Wow. He got to be a part of that magical ride that we have never seen before, and it certainly would not have been the same without him. How many of you clung to his calls down the stretch against UK? 4. 3-Time (if I recall correctly) Auburn broadcaster of the year. 2013 National Broadcaster of the year. Thank you, Rod. Well done, and War Eagle forever. They're not going to keep you and Paula out of those Pearly Gates tonight .....
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    Thank you so much for bringing this up. This is exactly what's been going on in my mind as well. I am heartbroken, and literally had tears hearing of this, for the Bramblett family. God bless their souls and give comfort to their family. Also (not knowing any of the circumstances) I'm assuming this was pure accident and I CANNOT image being this 16-17 yr old kid who will have to live the rest of his life with this on his conscience. I pray for him and his loved ones as well. Absolutely heartbreaking, all the way around!!
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    I have been listening to Auburn football since 1962. Jim Fyffe to me was the best and I thought that no one could ever replace him, his excitement and voice as the voice of The Auburn Tigers. Well, then came Rod Bramblett. To me he took up right where Jim left off in his love ,zeal, and excitement for our Tigers. I tried to never miss a broadcast because I simply loved listening to his calls, and the fact that I grew up listening to my Tigers on the radio. That my friends is an Auburn football Saturday to this old man. Rod will be sorely missed by me, the entire Auburn family .
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    there are no upsides to this tragedy but i have seen nine or ten pages of condolences on another site and so many fans of other teams have shown so much love it is amazing. bama,lsu,miss st, and others are showing so much class. it is a testament to what a super guy rod was............
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    Let’s not jump to any assumptions. Right now all parties need to be in our prayers. Two lives lost tragically and another life I imagine will have physical and emotional scars from this traumatic event.
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    When I woke up to this news this morning it just took my breath away as I read about it. I never got to meet Rod but every time I listened to him it was like he was sitting in the truck with me. My heart goes out to their entire family. May GOD lay his loving hand upon those children and comfort them in their time of need. I also ask the AUBURN family to remember the young lady that was involved in this too. We don't know her circumstances but she needs to be remembered too. If she survives it will be a difficult journey through life to carry this burden. Praying for all involved. We tell our closest family how much we love them regularly. I'd like to take a second to say I LOVE MY AUBURN FAMILY TOO!!! WAR EAGLE!!!
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    Don't forget two runs to the College World Series in 94 and 97, including the biggest home run in Auburn history (David Ross's walk-off against FSU).
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    Absolutely love Rod and his passion and love for Auburn along with how just dang good he is at his job. It is always tough to replace a absolute legend and icon but he has done a great job. Prayers up for him and his wife. This is when the Auburn family is at its best when there is a tragedy. No one rallies better than the Auburn family. I pray that both of them will be ok. WAR EAGLE ROD!!!
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    Not to quibble but there's absolutely way he's being charged with murder, which under the law requires intent to deprive life. Manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide - my guess is the latter. I'm sorry for the legal analysis. It's been a rough morning, with this, and concurrently finding out a HS classmate of mine passed of cancer as well at 38. I think I will go find dogs, wives, and childrens to hug.
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    Another reminder of how precious and fragile life is and how we must appreciate it everyday. I know God has a plan that is greater than me but things like this make it hard to remember that sometimes. Praying for those left behind. Rod touched many in the Auburn family and when the sadness lessens will be remembered fondly. War Eagle.
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    This doesn’t do him justice but I was blessed to be able to chat with Rod many times. He was always nice and enjoyable to talk to. I can’t believe he’s gone. Prayers go out to his family and to the entire Auburn family. This is a punch to all our hearts. We will miss you dearly Rod!
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    “It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.” Rod will never be forgotten.
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    I’m going to put the kick six on loop and go to sleep with that iconic call in my ears. Devastated. Pray for their kids. Nothing compares to what they’re going through tonight.
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    He narrated the best season we ever had in both football and in basketball. RIP Rod.
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    I don't have breath right now. Dear Jesus, do what only You can do. Love you, AU Family. We make the most of every moment. Hug your precious ones a bit tighter tonight. The rainbow after this storm will have to be massive.
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    I have always been a big fan of Nick Marshall, but compiling the footage and data for this video made me appreciate him even more. Just image what Auburn could have accomplished during 2013 and 2014 with the defenses Auburn has possessed the past two seasons under Kevin Steele. Auburn scored at least 30 points during 22 of their 27 games from 2013-2014 but lost 4 of those games. With a better defense, Auburn is 24-3 rather than 20-7 and would have likely defeated FSU in the National Championship game. Nick Marshall was an impressive athlete who shined at the quarterback position in Gus Malzahn's offense. The mere fact Malzahn built his offense around Marshall is a testament to what kind of player Marshall was at Auburn. His calm demeanor was always refreshing as he rarely appeared to be rattled under any circumstance. Marshall was never too high and was never too low. He was the type of player in the neighborhood everyone would pick first to be on their team. He was a leader by example and always wanted the football in his hands when the game was on the line. I believe he lived for such moments and his overall career at Auburn verifies it. Hope you all enjoy the video...
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    These are what I was looking for...the "full circle" of the 1984 group prom was post-Christmas 2014, heading into 2015. A wild day on the court, early Pearl, and the Malzahns were there, too. These are now my favorite pictures of the day. Staying tuned for ways the Auburn Family at large and beyond will pull together to meet every earthly need Shelby and Joshua have. The Lord is mighty and He will see to the rest. We must grieve. And then we cleave. Love you, AUFamily.
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    Shock is the right word. We don’t know when our time may come to leave this earth, but theirs seems way too soon. Rod is as irreplaceable as Jim Fyffe was to me. It took me several years to get used to him, and now, it will take me years to get used to hearing someone else. Our Auburn family has lost someone very important. I’m so sad. Prayers for everyone close to them and Auburn fans everywhere.
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    Unbelievable news . When trying to find the AU games I knew all I needed to hear was Rods electric voice and I knew I was home . What a terrible tragedy. The best thing about Rods broadcast were his professional ability to call out bad officiating. His excitement after a big play, and his candid opinion of the game overall. I pray for Rods family, friends , and the AU family . I pray God puts his hands on all of us . Rod you will be so sorely missed . AU broadcast will never be the same .
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    Sleep isn't coming tonight. Don't let the academic title of the video disinterest you; it showcases Rod wonderfully and Professor Carvalho does a great job of letting Rod talk. An Auburn man through and through. Mentions that since he stepped on campus in 1984, he lived in Auburn all but one year. 52 years old. Just keep thinking of how we've been instantly robbed of decades more of his greatness performing his craft.. A teenage boy and young woman have been robbed of decades more of Christmases, vacations, family dinners. I pass by that intersection where the accident occurred multiple times a week. It'll forever hold a different meaning to me. RIP Rod and Paula. May those close to them shower Josh and Shelby with love and support in the coming days, weeks, and years.
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    In tears right now, a guy that I idolized my whole life, the guy that made me want to get into broadcasting, the guy that made me want to be an announcer, especially play by play, and to have the interactions that I had with him, and now this. I’m just gutted, life isn’t fair sometimes. I can’t say what I want to say Bc it would just be bleeped out, this is not fair to his children and family, just unreal.
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    It was a rear-end collision that caused it? My Lord, the rate of speed that must have been to cause all this. I've seen many speculations on the Auburn forum-sphere and I wish they wouldn't run rampant but it's understandable when everyone is searching for any nibble of the day and age we live in, seeing the age of the third person involved made my stomach sink further, hoping there's an explanation that doesn't involve human distraction or error. Whatever the cause, there are two families who should be whole tonight and aren't. Praying for everyone involved.
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    Lord put your healing hands on Rod. Only you are mighty enough to work miracles. This family needs you tonight.
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    Community is in pain right now. Praying for the Bramblett family. Lord may your almighty hands be placed on all involved in this accident. Heal this family that is so dear to the Auburn family. May your healing hands be on them.
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    This is terrible news. Lord, please be with Rod as he fights for his life and for their family. They are a part of our family, too. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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    he also added the touchdown auburn in his show as a tribute to jim. a lot of fans did not get that.
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    I tear up every time I read one of these statements from everyone. I went and watched his greatest calls with the same effect. He was definitely part of my extended family. I remember when he took over and gave his first "Touchdown Auburn" call. Come to think of it that brought tears to my eyes to as he honored his predecessor. I knew then that he truly loved Auburn. He will most definitely be missed.
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    This man brought life to the radio. I remember losing Fyffe when I was in my early 20’s and The first game I heard RB call, I thought to myself he is no Jim Fyffe.... man was I wrong but also was I right. I soon realized this man cherished everything Auburn as much as I did and he paid amazing respects to the late Jim Fyffe all through the 2004 season, all while finding his own place in the hearts of all Auburn fans. There is nothing that will make me feel better today but I am sure the entire Auburn family will pour out prayers, love and support to his family that is left behind. 2019 Jim and Rod will be calling games from heaven I can’t wait until the day that I will be there to hear it. War Eagle Rod and Paula Bramblett you will be missed.
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    Never met either of them, but lived through his voice on radio. I am crying as I type. So sad, and prayers for the remaining family.
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    Not even sure what to say other than I'll lift prayers up for the family. I just recently lost my mother on the day before Mother's Day and it's a terrible thing for anyone to go through.
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    I am just in shock at the moment. I can’t believe what I am reading. So many great memories listening to Rod. Many prayers going out to his and her family. Never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I hope to in Heaven one day. ”It’s never goodbye, but see you later.” Rest in Peace Rod and Paula.
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    This is devastating. We have been fortunate in my lifetime to have a few of the best at their craft giving us play by play of football and basketball. Jim Fyffe and Rod Bramblett were two of the very best ever. My heart breaks when I think about this tragic event. I will continue to Pray for the Bramblett family, for the kid who hit them and for the entire Auburn Family.
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    I absolutely hate this. Moments like this just feel so surreal and baffling. He definitely deserves a spot in Auburn’s history books. Not many love a community the way he loves Auburn. Name a building after him or something. Please God take care of his children. Losing your parents isn’t easy at any age but this I just horrendous. I know, and hope, the Auburn family will pull together to help in anyway possible.
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    I can count on one hand the times things involving people I don’t know personally have emotionally affected me. This is one of them. I’m 27, so Rod is the voice of Auburn to me. Prayers for his wife as she rests in the arms of her Creator and prayers for Rod and all those tending to him right now. Sick to my stomach right now
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    Just watched the movie Breakthrough last night. If you haven't seen it, it is all about praying boldly. James 1:6 Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought.
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    Hope Rod pulls through. If you've never met him, he's one of the nicest people out there. So sorry for he and his family right now.
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    Even though some on this board have stated that lives given by some in support of this country were "Wasted," thanks to you and your families for the sacrifice!
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    I’m so heartbroken... I’ve never met him but I’m crying. The kick six call is my ringtone and I was actually thinking it was time to change it the other day. Not gonna happen now. RIP sir and War Eagle Forever
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    In tears. This community has had a nightmare of a week.
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    I was living in alabama at that time and most everyone that was Auburn was very supportive of Barfield. 1979 was his 4th and he was showing improvement he went from 3-8, to 5-6 to 6-4-1 and then to 8-3. So I never saw in the press or anywhere Auburn was trying to replace Barfield in 77 or 78. In addition, Dye designed at ECU in December of 1979, so by that time Dye would have known Barfield was not going to be fired and certainly would not have resigned knowing Auburn was not going to fire the coach. His move to Wyoming made all the sense in the world. Dye was attempting to gain a coaching position in the SEC by being a coach that turnaround teams. ECU was a doormat before Dye arrived. In 6 years he never won fewer than 7 games but to continue to build his rep as a coach that turns around programs he needed to build his resume further so he took the Wyoming job which had only one winning season prior to Dye.
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    Someone on the rant made a great point. Our OL crutin is proof we are not paying players!!!!! lol.