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    CBD does contain trace amounts of THC, and before you argue - I am a pharmacist responsible for some of the drug testing for the state of Tennessee. If you use CBD oil and are tested using the appropriate panels, you will test positive for THC. This has been demonstrated in a number of controlled studies and I have had positive results come back where an investigation revealed the source to be CBD oil. Please do not believe or spread the myth that CBD oil use will not show up on a drug screen, it may cost you employment.
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    Bottom line the person driving 89 to 91 mph in a 55 mph zone approaching an intersection is guilty of causing the accident period. Doesn’t matter if he was high or asleep or if the other car was changing lanes or backing up. Guilt will not be an issue. Premeditation and circumstance cold be used in the punishment phase. That said, in my honest opinion ( which has absolutely nothing to do with my desire either way) barring any unknown prior record which I doubt exist, the defendants lawyer will successfully push for youthful offender status. I suspect he will lose his license for quite a while and do some time in juvenile and have his record purged as an adult. His family could and most likely will face civil judgement as well. I would expect the civil judgement to be successful against the defendants ( family of the minor is also responsible in a civil judgement). Nothing is going to bring anyone back or make the suffering of the children and family any less. The sooner everybody can move on the better. Focus should be on #1 preserving the memory of Rod and Paula and creating memorials such as scholarships and such and #2 helping the children as they move forward. I’ll also add a #3 as Phillip L.’s Dad has done and use this as a learning lesson to go teach young people about as to why you need to avoid substance abuse, as well as following road rules and never driving when your ability to drive 100 percent is affected. Don’t just drive for yourself but for al those that might be on the road. Also we all need to say a prayer for the children and the defendant. Their life will forever be change let’s pray they can make I through this time of trouble successfully.
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    I hope he gets life without parole and sings like a canary...........regardless whose named recieves the boggles the mind how this devil was allowed to be wrist slapped.
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    Hatchet buried. Thanks E. I do still reserve the right to thumb down the wrestling gifs, in all good nature and fun manner. Back to Steiner, Glad we got him!
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    Checking on the guys who are playing. Julien is off to a great start this summer. He did make it to the Cape to play for Hyannis. He’s hitting .389 (7-18) and has a hit in all five games he’s played. He has 4 doubles, one in each of his first four games. Ryan Bliss is also playing well at the plate. He has an 8-game hit streak and has hit safely in all but his first game for Brewster. Brody Moore is off to a fast start in his league. He was named the Player of the night three nights ago after a 4-4 night that included a HR and a double. He’s playing everyday SS for Elmira. Carson Skipper got his first start (second appearance) tonight. He went 4.0 IP, 2 ER, 3 H, 7 K, 1 BB. Also of note, Peyton Glavine has joined the same roster with Skipper and Devin Warner.
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    I been patience enough. If anyone can help cole please PM him Sorry cole had to lock it......... just can't let the thread get too out of hand. Maybe someone will PM you.
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    Better or worse? Previewing Auburn's defense in 2019 Glenn Sattell | 2 days ago Editor’s note: Last week we previewed every SEC East defense. This is the 3rd in a series on the West. Coming Thursday: LSU. Defense at times last season kept Auburn’s season from spiraling into a complete tailspin. The Tigers ranked fourth in the SEC in scoring defense last season, allowing 19.2 points per game. Though they gave up yardage in bunches — 355.4 yards per game, 8th in the SEC — the Tigers were able to keep the opposition out of the end zone enough to salvage an 8-win season, including an impressive 63-14 Music City Bowl victory over Purdue. But how will the Auburn defense fare in 2019 with the graduation of three linebackers and another hole to fill in the trenches? Some of those questions started getting answered over the spring, but there’s still a lot of work to do if the Tigers hope to match or exceed last year’s success. Here’s a very early breakdown of the 2019 Auburn defense and how it compares, better or worse, to last year’s. Pressuring the QB: Better The Tigers did a pretty good job of attacking opposing QBs last season, ranking 3rd in the SEC (tied with Kentucky) with an average of 2.92 sacks per game. Only Mississippi State and Alabama recorded more (3.0). Auburn’s top two sack artists, sophomore Nick Coe (7.0), and junior Derrick Brown (4.5) return, as do sophomore Big Kat Bryant and junior Marlon Davidson, both with 3.5 sacks last season. That group figures to only get better this season, as the Tigers appear once again to possess some of the top pass rushers in the conference with Coe leading the way. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO CONTINUE READING Run defense: Better Auburn ranked 6th among SEC teams against the run, allowing an average of 135.92 yards per game. That’s not bad, but the Tigers need to shore that up a bit if they hope to contend in 2019. By all indications, they should. The Tigers return Coe, Brown and Davidson along the defense line. That’s as good a trio as any. Tyrone Truesdell could fit in at the other slot along the line to fill out one of the most formidable fronts in the SEC, if not the country. The big question mark remains at linebacker. Chandler Wooten and KJ Britt must step up to lead the unit. Zakoby McClain and 5-star incoming freshman Owen Pappoe, as well as redshirt freshman Michael Harris could also be asked to play significant roles as well. The length of time it takes for this group to jell will determine just how good the Auburn run defense will be in 2019. Passing defense: Better While the Tigers again look to put pressure on QBs, as illustrated above, the secondary should be a strength, especially at safety. Auburn ranked 7th in the SEC against the pass last season, allowing 219.5 yards per game. That’s too many for a team with championship aspirations in the nation’s toughest division. Safeties Jeremiah Dinson and Daniel Thomas return to lead the way, but the Tigers’ secondary is filled with experience. Christian Tutt and Noah Igbinoghene can now be called veterans in a secondary that also includes redshirt senior Javaris Davis. This should be an area of strength and in turn improve on the numbers posted last season. Special teams: Better The Tigers were very good last season. They ranked 3rd in the SEC in kick and punt return yardage allowed. In addition, Auburn ranked 4th in the conference in punting. To improve upon that is going to take some doing. Auburn allowed an average of just 3.36 yards per punt return and 23.9 on kick returns a year ago. Add to that, punter Arryn Siposs returns after averaging 44.21 yards on 56 punts last season. It’s a tough call to make considering how well the Tigers were last season, but we’re going to project a slight improvement based on experience. Overall: Better Hopefully this isn’t just pumping sunshine, but it certainly looks like the Tigers could very well be on their way to improving in all aspects of defensive play in 2019. There’s experience in nearly every unit and young talent behind it. The group of linebackers, it appears, could determine whether Auburn’s defense reaches elite status, or struggles somewhat in gaining valuable playing experience in betw
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    Get married. If you find the right one, like I was fortunate to, it will be the greatest thing in your life. Just don’t get divorced, lol.
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    That's what I'm saying, beating a #1 when you're #5 isn't a big deal and shouldn't warrant a field storming unless it's something insane like a Kick 6
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    I would think it could be a little of all of what you suggested. OFC, there are AU fans who only see beating Bama as the goal.
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    😂 little dog throws a rolling block..........big dog stays in stride......hilarious.
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    Are you referring to the incident involving the recruit that went to Illinois and got caught up in alleged recruiting violations? If so, that occured in 1988-89. Pearl coached at Iowa (as an assistant) until 1992. He wasn't fired over that. The job at Southern Indiana was as HEAD COACH and his first head coaching job.
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    That seems like a silly idea, going off the census average white household earned like 25k a year more than for black households... which is for sure a gap, but I dunno where she came up with the "10 to 100" number. Giving someone a house isn't going to help them overcome the wealth gap, you have to help the income factor itself. High school graduation rates are nearly the same between black and white (5% diff). Whereas a bachelors degree sees a much larger difference (around 14%), and in today's America where any well paying non-trade school job is likely to demand a bachelors or higher that lack of education is going to hold you back big time. 100 billion is a huge number for sure, but if I was gonna be for anything getting 100B extra thrown at it, my vote would go to education. Also in the same vein as her plan, black home ownership may be the lowest, but it's markedly low for all non-whites. Even Asians with the highest average degrees and highest median salary in this country still fall well short of white home ownership. This is likely due to two chief causes, one being white homes being passed down generations and white living areas being scattered more generally across both urban and rural regions. Home ownership being much more easily obtainable in small rural areas around the country.
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    So both Cousins and Rondo are going to the Lakers...yeah, this is going to end well.
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    A very minute side-note: defense attorney maintains that the driver was not impaired at time of accident - which would have direct bearing on what actual homicide charges can be brought/success on the charges already brought (i.e., vehicular homicide v. negligent homicide). I expect a plea deal, regardless. In other words, I do not anticipate a trial. As you alluded to, general guilt is not at issue. It’s only a matter of charges at this point.
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    I would rather win 3 or 4 titles than 1 kick six. The thrill of competing for titles every year is better to me than the prayer in jordanhare. I would rather alabama and georgia go into the game with a hope of a kick six to win and we going into the game with the confidence of being a double digit favorite. I HOPE you guys feel the way I do but while I am happy and cheer kick six and punt bama punt we were not the overall better team in those games so there was no transition to the future. The reason for this attitude is small thinking at Auburn. Alabama goes to the NFL to get a head coach we get a loser from ISU and a high school coach. AND APPARENTLY THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE ANYTIME SOON.
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    Great post. If you look at the true bluebloods of college football (UAT, Ohio St, Michigan, Oklahoma, Penn State, etc) the vast majority of them are the state school. Thats where it begins for AU. As the ‘other school’ in your own state, everything comes a little harder. You are out numbered by fans of the state school, and the media does you no favors. You have to fight for every inch. And that’s what made me fall in love with AU. We are the blue collar, bring your lunch pail to work, underdog. Fight, claw, scrap, bite; whatever it takes to compete. Everything we get we have to get with Bama in our backyard. LSU doesn’t have that type of competition in state. Neither does Georgia. On the positive side of that, we win our share of championships and certainly have some spectacular seasons/moments. On the negative side, the inconsistency of our program is maddening. To your point though, because our road is laden with more obstacles, our big moments are more precious to us. Auburn is in my DNA. Going to school there changed my life. We could limp to a 6-6 season this year, or contend for a spot in the CFP. Either way I will be there hanging on every play, proud to be an Auburn Tiger. Forever, and ever. War Damn Eagle 🦅
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    64 and Mikey trying to formulate a counter attack on the "Wolfpack" lmao. P.S. I LOVE this movie but you got to work with what resources you got!!!! lol. No shade on the actual movie grumpy old men! hahaha.
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    Bought myself a nice 55 inch TV for my birthday to replace my 30 inch set but had to change the small room to suit it. Took out an old corner cabinet that was bought when a 26 inch TV weighed about 100 pounds and was as deep as it was wide. The set is about 48 inches wide with QLED picture. Built the cabinet as a kit down stairs and moved pieces upstairs and assembled it in the room which only took a couple days to get it all square and level. Then just slid it into place. ... finished it yesterday....set up the TV and here it is. Next step is to build a duplex home office computer set-up for wife and me....same sunporch style as this unit. Getting under way with it now. The chair and big computer work station in the right side of the picture will be gone soon...I hope. Will also replace floors and repaint everything when I get the big furniture out and my built-in pieces ready. Paint and floor samples on the floor to see how they look to wifey. Right side has pullout shelves for "stuff" and left side has a standard 3 drawer file tucked inside. That corner previously had a big painted corner cupboard plus a 24 inch by 6 foot book case. This makes it look less cluttered. Gonna go for a light green/mushroom or something we have elsewhere that looks nice. House is like one big room so everything has to be compatible with our "universal" trim color. Trim is eider white or something like that. Been a while since I did anything big like this....having a great time.....😁
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    Did not know there was one. Said I love to swim naked🙂. No desire for nude beaches. Everyone's butt is disgusting.......JMO.
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    Only time I stormed the field was when CPD and Bo finally beat the other team in the state that I will not name at Legion Field, and we tore the goalpost down.
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    The real Wolfpack, if you are one then you know. If you don’t understand this, then your not.
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    The embracing the underdog mentality and yearning to be a underdog and relishing in it is exactly the kind of mindset that holds us back as a program. I have no clue why so many of our fans are obsessed with being the underdog. That is not how a big time program LIKE WE ARE should think and have the mindset of. A lot of our fans act like we are South Carolina or something. We are not. We are a top 12 program all time and one of the best college football brands out there.
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    Man if we Dos a Cero Mexico again tonight, I’m just going to laugh my ass off.
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    Fighting with my family is great IMO. It got me looking more into Paige's career after that and I am a bigger fan if hers since. Just a shame her career in the ring is basically over now. Rock has a minimal role in it, so I would not really consider it a feature for him.
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    Boy, I really was trying to make Person even more broke. You're right... $30,000/mo. I just hope Person didn't cause Auburn MORE problems in the near future to get a LOI b/c of the rules regarding HCs and being responsible for their staff's actions.
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    I’ll clean the recruiting thread later today when I’m fully awake. But new additions to the roster really do need to be in the recruiting thread. I’ll add something about the transfers in the OP also
  28. 1 point Good discussion on the issue …..check it out....
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    Is he at nickle and J Davis moved back to corner? I’m cool with that
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    I liked how he was used in the A-day game!
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    Buddy, I wasn’t the one that disliked the post nor am I the only one who thought the OP was very weird. Please quit acting like I’m the problem here. I’d also encourage you to read the FA thread where multiple people have a run in with OP. It ain’t me stalker
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    A freshman.....lots of time to work on that issue with CMD......glad to have her at AU...
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    Theoretically this is the year where he gets back, last year it was expected that he wouldn't be 100%
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    Alums might feel that way but for students? was a big deal beating a hated rival....especially since most of them grew up listening to the bama BS that swamps the state media …..therefore a big difference in the uga and bama wins......and doing something that even most alums thought was impossible. Wonder how many folks were on this forum "guaranteeing" that AU was gonna beat bama? I agree that rushing the field should be for special victories …...but special is in the eye of the beholder. ...and students and younger alums have a shorter span of experience. JMO I guess but if I were at the game, it would be headed for the exit....but I can understand why some fans, especially students might see the outcome as worthy.
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    95% of the stuff posted on here is just ill-/uninformed opinion. Some just take their ill/uninformed opinions a lot more seriously than others. I appreciate those people that bring real info- but they are few and far between. I’ve come to recognize most of the truly informed and enjoy the opinions of those who aren’t (except the stuffy, overly serious ones). Mostly it’s nice to come here to be entertained, see what opinions people have and waste a little time. Those people expecting much more than that are probably going to be pretty disappointed. But, life is too short for that..... P.S. That’s why @GwillMac6 is a great poster. He’s entertaining, definitely does not take himself too seriously, and is always enthusiastic as hell. WOOOOOOO!!!! LET’S GO!!!!!!
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    It is the time of the year when every time I see a new post I anxiously open it hoping for real information. Most of the time I am disappointed but at least some (I repeat some) of the GIF's at least give me entertainment.
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    I love to do this another place in DYI, I put up a couple pix of my recent project.....I get antsy if I'm not making sawdust after a while....making lots of it now...and having fun... Plus it's hard to find good help to do smaller jobs around the house....
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    I think Caldwell may be piling on to an extent, but likely recognizes the greatness that lies within this head coach. Even if we're still at the bottom of the SEC we're likely in the top 10 in the country. I haven't seen Vandy's facilities lately, but I'm betting they're not on par with Florida, LSU, Miss State, aTm, Arkansas....good Lord those are college baseball shrines. Founders Park in Columbia rivals any minor league facility...those guys have won big, and they've lost big....will likely be looking for a new HC in the next two or three years. We've experienced the misery that comes with being tied to a mediocre coach. All that Allen Greene has to do is figure out a way to keep Butch Thompson in Auburn and everything eles will take care of itself. Tim Corbin should be the blueprint.
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    80k A MONTH As if I needed more reasons to not get married LOL
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    Too many mouths to feed in our backfield, especially if Joey is QB1 and he has a lot of carries. And I'm not complaining one bit. Also, I LOVE that Kam got Nick Marshall's jersey number for his entry on this list.
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    Very important that golf is in there sucking
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    Best I could do. Works better with a pig since they have bigger litters.
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    I'm incompetent. Happy to be a university pres for 2 years. Au BOT, give me a call.
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    That brings tears to my eyes. My prayers are with the family and I am so proud that Coach Pearl did this. To me doing this is even better than going to the final 4.
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    My favorite part of all of this, the ways I’ve seen the prez’s name spelled so far: Leath, Leathe, Leach, Learn, Leaf, Lean. Please...keep going. ETA- leethe
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    Lache Seastrunk. The greatest football recruit of all time to never play at AU. He was most famous for calling out Saban at a Toomer's Roll after an AU win.
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    Alright Moon, wake up! We need some more of that good ol' rumor mill fodder to dissect because we're getting at each other's throats. Feed us!
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    Go to the "Epstein's Connections" page and read about DJT and WJC. The Herald White Washed it quite a bit. The reasons I hate Trump are far more delicious than politics. Like all of the Elitists in this Country, even being caught red-handed with underaged women wasnt enough to stop him from running for President.