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    I hope to one day reach a level of such incompetence that my employer pays me more than my salary to not show up to work. I swear I've been living life wrong this entire time.
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    Thanks @abw0004! PSA - Thread gets rebooted yearly on the 2nd or 3rd day of fall practice. Why not the 1st day? Well it gives a day for the hAUt pictures to surface enticing the masses and Gus will give his housekeeping announcements regarding departures and such on Day 1. When the fall camp schedule is released I'll drop a date for the thread. It's first come, first served. Players won't roll over from year to year. Why? This is a player support deal, show up to get your guy, otherwise there's plenty of other Tigers that could use support.
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    We could have built a football facility with all of these ridiculous buyouts
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    You get a lot of it now because we are in a no contact period which basically means no new information so people are bored for some this provides entertainment. I personally like Netflix for entertainment when there is nothing else. It is that or my wife's Honey-Do list.
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    I just applied for every open position available at Iowa State. In a few years I'll be making the big bucks from AU to keep my butt at home. It's pretty much science at this point.
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    This forum becomes more toxic every day. Doesn't matter the subject, a pissing match breaks out.
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    Yes, I am quoting myself. I wanted to give an update on the above story. I failed to mention that Leesa, the mother of the boy that died, is a good friend of mine. We weren't friends before the accident, but became close after. Daniel, the teenage driver of the car, is now 30. This week, my friend Leesa passed away from a sudden and massive brain aneurisym. Today, Daniel gave the message in church. He had been scheduled to give a message for weeks and had already written what he was going to say, but he changed his message and gave his testimony about how Leesa, and her faith and grace, saved him. It is a more complex story than what I am presenting here and there were all kinds of nuances and details, much like with the Bramblett case. But her one excrutiatingly painful simple act of forgiveness changed the lives of not only Daniel, but many, many other people in our community, like ripples in a pond. Again, consequences are absolutely necessary, but forgiveness is too. Can we not close this discussion by agreeing on this one point? And go out and hug the people you love. You never know when God will call them home.
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    He... punctuates... every... sentence... with... an... ellipsis (...)
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    The writer definitely was implying the possibilities where it concerns Auburn. He has that right as a reporter. All of us better keep an eye on our back on this one w/ the NCAA, b/c for now no one knows if they want to scold ALL coaches where there assistants were caught redhanded by the FBI. This HC coach accountability is a very grey area to assume what the NCAA will do. The only difference between our case and the NCST case is theirs involved recruiting violations, and ours involved existing scholarship players. Also, the NCAA issued punishment for the AU players, where I don't think the NCAA had done anything to NCST until now.
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    don't see this at all as a hit piece. It's got inaccurate information but not a stretch to link those together. Was the writer taking advantage of it, absolutely, but hit piece? No.
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    They do seem to be our Triple A affiliate. Next stop, the big leagues.
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    I reside in the Huntsville area, and went to see him play a few times when he was in high school. Looked great to me. Comes from a good family. Hope he does well.
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    As an independent and middle of the road guy I agree.... but don't hire someone who's name/history you know very well and then at a later date cancel them based off the same name you hired them under in the first place. The Confederate Railroad move isn't a simple issue regarding a business. A government official ordered it done cause he claimed it was hateful: Now the question is will he order the Illinois State Fair to drop Snoop Dog?
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    He is a walk on who is better than a lot of the guys we had under scholly for the barbee years and the first 2 years of Pearl.
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    Lol, actually I will. Not around here, or maybe I will and take all my red thumbs downs for being an optimist.. But ya, we lose to Oregon and we find a way to win out. I have no doubts we are in. If we don't, oh well I was wrong and have no issue with admitting that. And I agreed with you in regards to college football. Stated from Day 1 you have to be in playoff mode. Yes, looking at said schedule with a L to Oregon then there is a very great chance in regards to playoffs Auburn is ******. Those examples still go against logic, which was the original talking point. I'm just gonna enjoy the fact that I get to go to two Auburn games in Texas this year and hang out with friends and family.
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    And I hate that crap. I think you should have to win your conference to be in the playoffs.
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    I am an atheist, and yet I am a better Christian than 99% of the so-called Christians I have ever met or read about or seen on TV or media. The reality is, no conservative/pretend christian today would ever vote for Jesus Christ for political office, or vote for any other person espousing the Word of Jesus Christ, or voice their support for any person or policy or law that recognized basic respect, much less love, for ALL humans in ALL their variations, the way Jesus Christ did. Even an atheist such as myself can respect the morality espoused by Jesus. But apparently, most of those who claim to be his servant refuse his words and actions in their own lives. My wife always said "Jesus Christ himself could not be elected president of the U.S." And we would sorta chuckle, but we both knew it was true.
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    Very interesting comments all the way around. Bottom line for me is I hope Harper does great in the NBA (even though I have some doubts), and finishes his degree at some point. I love the guy. He'll never have to pay for dinner in Auburn again, and for good reason. And I'd like to reiterate my earlier assertion that he'd be a great coach. Bruce Pearl said many times that Harper knew basketball better than he did. The guy was a coach on the floor, even more so than most point guards. I think he'd be a great coach.
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    Few pics from this week on the Emerald Coast in Fort Walton. Daughter had Dance Nationals this week. It was a good week. Notice the difference in available beach towards the end. Surge from Barry made its way all the way to the stairs by Friday. Imagine if the storm was coming in right there. Oh and yes, that is a shark in the pics. Several hung around for about 3 hours. Some dead fish were dumped into the ocean and brought them close to shore. One pic is of a hurricane hunter plane that just took off from the air force military base nearby. I call the Sandcastle WINTERFELL Haha.
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    Auburn sucks at contracts. JABA indeed.
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    First off 50, I haven't removed anything...if something got removed it was the "unbiased" Mods being, well, , er, unbiased. Liberalism is a disease...period. When you don't know how many sexes there are, you have a mental disorder. When you put illegals rights above US citizens, you have a mental disorder. When murdering live born infants is "women's health care", you have a mental disorder. When everyone who disagrees with you is a racist (while your party still has a KKK hooded governor in charge of VA), you have a mental disorder and when "you still see Russians everywhere," you have a mental disorder.
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    We've had a question on citizenship for over 200 years. We have a right to know who is in the country. What one transient bureaucrat wrote is irrelevant. Trump should just ignore them and ask the question. Separate but equal branches don't need the blessing of another when they exercise their legitimate authority. The law on immigration is clear. This is why we need to clean out the swamp and the courts. I don't see how they can in one case set back on the districting cases and rightly find it's none of their business; and in the same week weigh-in on something so patently obviously not their business. This is as absurd as the individual mandate ruling. The petition to the court should have been, "I'm going to ask the question because I can. If you don't like it, I won't enforce your irrelevant ruling. Stay in your lane Bro".
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    We know he was cleared of ETOH, we know there was no cell phone activity, we know he had THC in his system but not when it was put there, we know the family he was with said he didn't drink or smoke at all the day of the accident, and we know he never hit the brakes. That's a lot of information that seems to corroborate the alibi more than taint it.
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    Sometimes PC stuff annoys the hell out of me. But my 'give a damn' is busted on what the NBA wants to call its franchise owners.
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    Another article "opinion politics" so not a lot of help. Hard to understand why any American would have a problem with knowing the citizen/non citizen population.
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    Congrats on being a moderator! You are perfect for this! WDE!! Doc
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    Illegal Immigration is a political tool for both parties.
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    First, if you find yourself in a deep hole, take away the shovels. We first need to replace Trump with a POTUS who won't demagogue the issue for personal political gain. Trump has no interest in actually addressing the problem beyond using it to appeal to to his base. Nothing positive is going to happen with Trump in office. Afterword, we need a comprehensive immigration law that addresses the short term issue of dealing with the flux of refugees. This means expanding our ability to handle the immediate cases of families seeking asylum, while treating them humanely. Our country can absorb these refugees and create a path for them to become citizens. They are appreciative and hard working. They will contribute to our economy. They make excellent prospects for citizens - probably better than the average, natural-born citizen. Part of this new policy does need to address border security, which we need. But our current policy of effectively restricting legal entry and refugee status application forces desperate people to cross illegally. Building a wall is not a magical technical solution any more than the Berlin wall was a solution for the East German communists. It's a waste of money that would be better invested elsewhere. The wall is nothing more than a political symbol. We can enforce border security without a huge physical wall. As a longer term measure to reduce the flood of refugees, we need to address the problems that are making these families so desperate to come here in the first place. IMO, people don't leave their countries and walk to the US to simply improve their lot economically, they would prefer their lot be improved where they are. But they cannot stay where they, their children and their livelihoods are being exploited by criminal elements and there is no rule of law to protect them. If a gang threatens to kill your children - are you know they will - you are willing to leave and take your chances. Some of the terrible violence and lawlessness in their home countries has been propagated by the insatiable demand in the US for illegal drugs. We have an indirect responsibility for this. In fact, revising drug policy should be another major component of this long term strategy of promoting democracy and rule of law in these countries. Our "war on drugs" has created the conditions that have allowed drug traffickers to overpower or control the governments in these countries. We need to legalize drugs and regulate their use as a medical problem instead of a criminal one. Take away the market for illegal drugs. I am skeptical about nation building, but we certainly should be doing more to directly create and support governments in these countries that promote rule of law and justice. A modern equivalent of the Peace Corp would be helpful. That would also provide an opportunity to young people for national service outside of the military forces. It might even be a way for us to reemploy refugees who would return to their homeland to improve conditions. Trump's tactics of cutting aid to these countries in order to "punish" them is absolutely the opposite of what we should be doing. And I wouldn't rule out military aid - or even as a last resort - intervention to effect regime change if necessary. We've done it before when we perceived Communism as the existential threat. We need to stop worrying about the type of authoritarian tyranny and concern ourselves with the promotion of liberal democracies regardless of where they are starting from. None of this would be cheap, but it's in our own long term interest to promote liberal democratic governments in this hemisphere and the world as a whole. Trump totally fails to understand the need for America to exert this sort of global leadership. He wants to take us back to the early 20 century. However you may feel about "globalism", that sort of thinking will ensure environmental disaster and make another global war much more likely. If it's not already too late. So as policy, we should leverage our power to encourage a world that nourishes and values liberal democratic forms of government. Whatever the costs, that would ultimately be to our own benefit.
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    The National Basketball Association (NBA) has recently "moved away from" calling NBA team owners "owners". That's right. The owner of an NBA team can no longer be called the "owner". Because last month, NBA commissioner Adam Silver told TMZ Sports that the NBA has “moved away” from the word “owner” because of its connotations with slavery. Political correctness fueled by unchecked liberalism has gone wrong and has reached sickening levels of stupidity. Just a few days ago, the Illinois State Fair banned country group "Confederate Railroad" from appearing at their state fair BECAUSE OF THEIR NAME. Even though their name was adopted in 1987, and they have no controversial songs. Again, political correctness fueled by unchecked liberalism has gone wrong and has reached sickening levels of stupidity. But my guess is this is only the beginning.
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    You should try professional sports or coaching....that is where the big money is made for not doing your job well.
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    I’m putting in my application in now for a job, any job, at Auburn. Then I’ll sit back and wait to get showered with cash upon my What buffoons.
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    There was a reference in another article that stated that Dr. Leath could not disparage the University or divulge confidential information. If true, we are paying him to be quiet. Usually referred to as hush money.
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    Because its Auburn, quite possibly the least fiscally smart University in America. Absolutely unreal the contracts tye buffoons running the show seem to consistently agree to. We pay the top 10 money to everybody for everything regardless of whether their past performance dictates anything close to it and then agree to these absurd (even compared to the market) buyouts. The sad thing is consistent stupidity like this will kill the schools chances of ever achieving what I feel AU could.
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    The census asks age, names, sex, occupation and other personal questions. To say the citizenship question doesn't belong there is nonsense.
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    Nope. Congress has plenary power over immigration. Of course, assuming by “immigrants” you mean immigration.
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    Yeah, like the push to rename "Man Hole Cover" to "Person Hole Cover" was in the 1980s. That was a topic of debate back then.
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    The protest to the Confederate Railroad thing is dumb. However, from a business POV, I totally understand the NBA wanting to move away from the owner term. Think about it like this: - 75% of the players are African-American - African-Americans make up 45% of the league's fan-base in the U.S., making them the largest group of fans based on race or ethnicity. - Gen Z (current 18-21 year olds) are participating in and watching basketball at much higher rates than Millennials or other previous generations. Note too that Gen Z is less likely to ignore connotations of words like owner when it's in reference to a sports team comprised of mostly minorities. Most fans don't look at it as a business, even though that's exactly what it is. I think a reasonable change could be something like this: The owner of my company's actual title is "Chairman". Why not do the same for the NBA if a large portion of your business is focused on marketing to and capturing the attention and dollars of the African-American and youth communities?
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    Play up to our potential *right now*. *This* season. Play as well as we can with what we've got. If we do that, we'll win the games we should, we'll win one or two toss-ups, we'll look respectable in losses to top-10 type teams, and Gus's job will be safe. That's my opinion, but I think it's a very reasonable one. If we look like a good football team this season, our class will be just fine. Probably won't hit the in-state numbers we want but it will be a good class. AFTER this cycle, though, the negative recruiting wouldn't hold water. We'd probably see real movement on the FOF. We should have a much better draft in April than we have had in a minute, which will appeal to kids in the next cycle. Actually, now that I think about it, all of those things would still be true if we changed coaches. And if we change coaches, we're probably going to get a splash guy who will generate a lot of excitement like every big time hire does at every big time program. The next guy would inherit gobs of talent all over the field and especially at the skill positions, but we'll have quick paths to playing time at a lot of positions. I see two possible bad scenarios next year: Gus forgets how to recruit or we hire a guy who doesn't know how to recruit. Both seem unlikely to me. OL recruiting is even adequate this cycle if we close like we think we can.
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    Sounds like there's a state that should be thinking about a name change. Illinois- noun, plural Il·li·nois [il-uh-noi, -noiz] /ˌɪl əˈnɔɪ, -ˈnɔɪz/. a member of a confederacy of North American Indians of Algonquian stock, formerly occupying Illinois and adjoining regions westward.
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    Absolutely ridiculous. They own the business, not the individuals. "Governor of the team"? Really?! The dumbing down of the world continues.
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    @ValleyTiger is the one who does this thread, so I will let him make the call! I know he does it in August. I'm just here to get the hype train rolling.