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    Thanks @abw0004! PSA - Thread gets rebooted yearly on the 2nd or 3rd day of fall practice. Why not the 1st day? Well it gives a day for the hAUt pictures to surface enticing the masses and Gus will give his housekeeping announcements regarding departures and such on Day 1. When the fall camp schedule is released I'll drop a date for the thread. It's first come, first served. Players won't roll over from year to year. Why? This is a player support deal, show up to get your guy, otherwise there's plenty of other Tigers that could use support.
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    We could have built a football facility with all of these ridiculous buyouts
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    This forum becomes more toxic every day. Doesn't matter the subject, a pissing match breaks out.
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    Yes, I am quoting myself. I wanted to give an update on the above story. I failed to mention that Leesa, the mother of the boy that died, is a good friend of mine. We weren't friends before the accident, but became close after. Daniel, the teenage driver of the car, is now 30. This week, my friend Leesa passed away from a sudden and massive brain aneurisym. Today, Daniel gave the message in church. He had been scheduled to give a message for weeks and had already written what he was going to say, but he changed his message and gave his testimony about how Leesa, and her faith and grace, saved him. It is a more complex story than what I am presenting here and there were all kinds of nuances and details, much like with the Bramblett case. But her one excrutiatingly painful simple act of forgiveness changed the lives of not only Daniel, but many, many other people in our community, like ripples in a pond. Again, consequences are absolutely necessary, but forgiveness is too. Can we not close this discussion by agreeing on this one point? And go out and hug the people you love. You never know when God will call them home.
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    The writer definitely was implying the possibilities where it concerns Auburn. He has that right as a reporter. All of us better keep an eye on our back on this one w/ the NCAA, b/c for now no one knows if they want to scold ALL coaches where there assistants were caught redhanded by the FBI. This HC coach accountability is a very grey area to assume what the NCAA will do. The only difference between our case and the NCST case is theirs involved recruiting violations, and ours involved existing scholarship players. Also, the NCAA issued punishment for the AU players, where I don't think the NCAA had done anything to NCST until now.
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    As an independent and middle of the road guy I agree.... but don't hire someone who's name/history you know very well and then at a later date cancel them based off the same name you hired them under in the first place. The Confederate Railroad move isn't a simple issue regarding a business. A government official ordered it done cause he claimed it was hateful: Now the question is will he order the Illinois State Fair to drop Snoop Dog?
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    Lol, actually I will. Not around here, or maybe I will and take all my red thumbs downs for being an optimist.. But ya, we lose to Oregon and we find a way to win out. I have no doubts we are in. If we don't, oh well I was wrong and have no issue with admitting that. And I agreed with you in regards to college football. Stated from Day 1 you have to be in playoff mode. Yes, looking at said schedule with a L to Oregon then there is a very great chance in regards to playoffs Auburn is ******. Those examples still go against logic, which was the original talking point. I'm just gonna enjoy the fact that I get to go to two Auburn games in Texas this year and hang out with friends and family.
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    And I hate that crap. I think you should have to win your conference to be in the playoffs.
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    Few pics from this week on the Emerald Coast in Fort Walton. Daughter had Dance Nationals this week. It was a good week. Notice the difference in available beach towards the end. Surge from Barry made its way all the way to the stairs by Friday. Imagine if the storm was coming in right there. Oh and yes, that is a shark in the pics. Several hung around for about 3 hours. Some dead fish were dumped into the ocean and brought them close to shore. One pic is of a hurricane hunter plane that just took off from the air force military base nearby. I call the Sandcastle WINTERFELL Haha.
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    First off 50, I haven't removed anything...if something got removed it was the "unbiased" Mods being, well, , er, unbiased. Liberalism is a disease...period. When you don't know how many sexes there are, you have a mental disorder. When you put illegals rights above US citizens, you have a mental disorder. When murdering live born infants is "women's health care", you have a mental disorder. When everyone who disagrees with you is a racist (while your party still has a KKK hooded governor in charge of VA), you have a mental disorder and when "you still see Russians everywhere," you have a mental disorder.
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    Sometimes PC stuff annoys the hell out of me. But my 'give a damn' is busted on what the NBA wants to call its franchise owners.
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    Another article "opinion politics" so not a lot of help. Hard to understand why any American would have a problem with knowing the citizen/non citizen population.
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    And yet she somehow has a soft-spot for terrorists. What exactly was she being taught in American schools? Or what was she taught in her home, by her I'm sure 100% America supporting parents?
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    Congrats on being a moderator! You are perfect for this! WDE!! Doc
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    Why don't we just hire Sexton to negotiate all our big contracts?
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    It's worth noting that the band "Confederate Railroad" adopted their name back in the 1980s, when confederate flags were a non-issue, mainly because most people (including me) failed to understand the flag's origin and true meaning. I certainly wouldn't glorify a Dixie flag in any way today, nor would I refuse to make a simple cake for a gay couple. Unless I was asked to depict two grown men kissing one another. No way I'd do that. No apologies.
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    Not playing in Massachusetts, but probably popular in Alabama.
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    You know it won't be long till the Auburn Alma Mater and War Eagle will be targeted and have to change due to the use of the word Dixie.
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    Hi Dan....or Legless, whichever you prefer 😁 I'm doing pretty well at the moment, thanks. I'm 2 weeks into recovery from the radiation so I'm starting to feel better. If all goes well we're actually going to go up to Knoxville, for a week, at the end of the month for a family reunion. SO looking forward to travelling somewhere besides a Dr 🤣😂. I have a Pet scan Aug 6th, so in another month we'll see where we stand!! 🙏🙏🙏 Thanks for the continued prayers and support! It's so greatly appreciated. War Eagle!
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    Ok. But its still the hypest I've seen.
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    ugh, choice resign or get fired. So he resigns...….then he did not fulfill the contract. Now if he was able to negotiate in his contract the if he resigns and gets paid then I need the name of his agent because that is some powerful negotiating. This does not make a bit of sense. If the BOT bleed OB then WFT are they thinking!!!
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    And I thought coaches left AU with full pockets. Who would trust this BOT to hire a new President after this disaster?
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    No he can't get any better for the NBA doing roles on this team that he won't in the NBA. Being shoot first and not looking to pass the ball in the post won't make him better
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    Yep and I hope he does.. .I was answering the comment that he had accomplished all he could at AU.....which I disagree with If he were making a lot of money or got a nice bonus...that's understandable.....but no degree and no championship …….and thinks he can't get any better playing for BP in the toughest conference. ?..
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    It’s interesting to me that those on the left love to spout “separation of church and state” with things such as abortion and prayers in school are the topic. Yet when illegal immigration is concerned they love to pull at the heart strings of the Christian belief system to sway the popular opinion to their side. They play that game very well. You can’t have it both ways, can you? We are a country of laws.
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    Hahaha. You're the guys who don't think it's our head coach's fault when we lose.
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    All of this conversation about counselors responsibility and such made me think about when I was in high school. Maybe it's because I didn't struggle in school, except for Chemistry, but I never even visited the guidance counselor and he never approached me that I recall. It's definitely different today versus then but I wonder how many who need guidance slip through the cracks. I would think that the coach and counselor would be aware of any shortcomings but the student has to do their part. Parents have got to get involved too. This shouldn't be a senior year discovery for anyone and a student that studies doesn't forget how or why they're doing it during their final year. Hopefully Bell has done enough to get in and has learned something bigger in the process. Sometimes it just takes a shock to wake you up.
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    I have a 21 year old that you would lump into that category. Went to a Christian private high school, received a Presidential scholarship to Auburn, wound up following right in my footsteps.... Until he got caught. In the spring of his freshman year he was charged with three felony counts of distribution of a controlled substance (was buying Xanax on the dark web in pretty large quantities), wound up on WSB news here in Atlanta. I can tell you that I very frequently thank God that no one died ingesting what he was selling, he had no idea what it was. In his case he was very fortunate that his father could afford a very competent attorney that was well connected (and I believe highly respected) within the Lee County justice system. In this case I believe my son was the poster child for "youthful offender" as he has always been well behind his peers in his ability to maturely evaluate situation and outcomes. I clearly believe that our justice system is the greatest in the world and, in my biased opinion, works incredibly well. I trust that the facts will be exhibited by highly capable attorneys in a court of law, a very capable judge will preside over the case and potentially a jury of decent human beings will determine an appropriate outcome for this young man. I can tell you from experience that my heart breaks for him and especially his family. My heart is also irreparably broken for the Bramblett and greater Auburn family. I don't know what shapes your opinion, I certainly hope it isn't one of first hand experience...I also hope it's not simply knee jerk. As an aside, I found out about an hour ago that my son had his request for early termination of probation granted. He can now go back to pursuing his college education and growing toward being the "better" flawed person we all know he can be. Just like me...and maybe you?
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    I don’t give a damn about the NBA owners/ governorship....except it is ridiculous. Just not worth the battle and really nothing to argue about. The Confederate Railroad deal is different. I saw this band about 25 years ago. Paid for by someone else but I had a good time. I only remember one song. “I like my women a little on the trashy side “. Very forgettable music but actually got to meet them briefly after the show and they were a hoot. Flirted going big time but didn’t. Probably make a modest living. Nothing easy about beating the bushes from club to club. They had a big confederate flag stretched across back of stage. ( most people here know my opinion on the flag. I personally don’t display it and don’t want it on public buildings but it’s not a dealbreaker if others like to display it and are truly too ignorant to understand the implications it will make). Just old school country boys making a living chasing a dream back then. Fast forward to now I was actually surprised they would be invited to play an Illinois state fair. But they were booked to perform. With the same name they had for nearly 30 years. Then dropped only because of the name. No problem cited with them at all. That’s discrimination all day long. I would understand if they were asked not to display the flag ( if they even still do). But still allowed to play. At the very least pay them the agreed amount. But this kind of political correctness helps nothing. It just hurt folks trying to stomp out a living. But worst of all it hurts the already divided country we have. It makes the far right angry. It pushes people in the center farther right and this bullsheyt is why we have Trump. The political correctness left must learn to pick their damn battles better. Not one individual who sees or hears about this will be influenced to participate in the democratic process and vote( who already don’t vote straight blue). This s*** right here will stir up shitgibbons who never planned to even register to vote to buy those gd MAGA hats and become Fox News fanatics. The left is almost as sickening as the deplorables.
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    The protest to the Confederate Railroad thing is dumb. However, from a business POV, I totally understand the NBA wanting to move away from the owner term. Think about it like this: - 75% of the players are African-American - African-Americans make up 45% of the league's fan-base in the U.S., making them the largest group of fans based on race or ethnicity. - Gen Z (current 18-21 year olds) are participating in and watching basketball at much higher rates than Millennials or other previous generations. Note too that Gen Z is less likely to ignore connotations of words like owner when it's in reference to a sports team comprised of mostly minorities. Most fans don't look at it as a business, even though that's exactly what it is. I think a reasonable change could be something like this: The owner of my company's actual title is "Chairman". Why not do the same for the NBA if a large portion of your business is focused on marketing to and capturing the attention and dollars of the African-American and youth communities?
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    No less than 90% of commitments stick. Which is probably higher than the average of commitments that are fulfilled in any other industry, discipline, relationship, social setting, or other general area of life.
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    Kids say the darnedest things. Actually, this is the kind of kid we've started getting more of and I love it. Good kids, but also open, honest and entertaining kids. I WANT SOUND BITES. And I'm not going to get them from the head coach.
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    Sounds like there's a state that should be thinking about a name change. Illinois- noun, plural Il·li·nois [il-uh-noi, -noiz] /ˌɪl əˈnɔɪ, -ˈnɔɪz/. a member of a confederacy of North American Indians of Algonquian stock, formerly occupying Illinois and adjoining regions westward.
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    Absolutely ridiculous. They own the business, not the individuals. "Governor of the team"? Really?! The dumbing down of the world continues.
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    Winston is not that well developed as a QB and certainly not as a person. He has been enabled too much. Having to stand on his own 2 feet and be a leader has been an issue for him in the NFL. Ponder and Manuel were drafted but not much happened for them after that in the NFL. This is not a thread for piling on Gus. Go to one of the 10,000 other threads about him and do it there.
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    What topic? It’s all rumored based. Unless you see a thread with an official announcement , you aren’t getting anything from this one.
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    I'm now not sure anything has even happened with the contract...nothing official has been said just a bunch of unconfirmed rumors...
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    So, you approve of double standards. Nice.
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    I think Harper made a huge mistake by going "pro". He has no real future as a "pro". His ceiling is as a college coach. I think he'll flame out in the "pros" within a couple years, and be back at Auburn as a BP assistant, awaiting a chance to coach a small college team for a meager salary. And he'll regret throwing away his senior year. Just my opinion. But how many undrafted players end up thankful that they burned their senior year in college? Not many, I'd wager.