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    Im still ticked about the clock issue. Killed anything on that first drive.
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    I am pretty much a sunshine pumper, but seeing your post made a HORRIBLE thought come to my mind: I sure hope after the game we are not saying "DAMN the Green Wave!!!" Ha!!!! Not going to happen! War Eagle!!!
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    Yes, you and Bernie have your head up your ass. You don't need to show the picture; we all already know it.
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    As he said in one of his campaign stops when asked if he would adhere to his policy about banning combustion engines; “Well, I’m not going to walk to California.” So, I would presume he would fly. Typical Socialist, I’ll tell you how you should live, but I am exempt from that policy.
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    @RunInRed if you want to create your own that is completely fine. I just didn’t not see a thread started yet. A few notes: Will Hastings will start. Hastings and Stove appear to be running full speed. Coynis Miller appears to be fine. Running around. Same with Newkirk. War Eagle!
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    If you can’t find humor in that 1) you take things way too seriously and 2) you really don’t understand Auburn athletics. Thats some funny stuff.
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    Locksley...former bama OC if I recall correctly....
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    Off topic, but Matthew McConaughey just took the tiger head off of Lee and chucked it. Amazing. I hope the LSU fan base melts down hard core.
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    Sounds like an AU article from a couple years ago.
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    I think Truesdell's play, in particular, was a revelation!
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    I'm fairly confident that no one, in the history of this board, has ever compared or considered Bo or Marshall remotely similar.
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    His throwaways were the most impressive part of his play in my view.
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    7 hours of the candidates trying to out-crazy each other. Mission accomplished!
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    i thought that was
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    The white out looks like a success! I love Penn State’s white outs so.
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    I think he will suffer the same problems that the Oregon QB faced. It will be a hard fought game maybe but I like Auburn's chances.
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    I was glad it never worked out between us and him.
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    And Mond will have the accuracy of Annie Oakley against us.
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    Our sports interests for the PRO's do not line up. I always wish nothing but pain and misery when it comes to your sport teams!!!!! lol. so AB who I love and is one of my favorite players going to the Pats your team is not ideal!!! hahaha.
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    What is all these passes over the middle? I didn't realize that was legal
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    Well....he kinda is that guy. I can't stand the whole Clemson personality now and he fits right in.
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    Harbaugh hates America, confirmed
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    With our defensive talent and Coach Steele's ability to make adjustments......I feel pretty good about it too.
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    Isn't that what we saw last week from Oregon?
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    “I don’t belong to either side but I always defend Trump”
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    Looks like some haters need to wipe nasty egg off their face.
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    A normal, well adjusted male or female wouldn't touch this nothing burger with a ten foot pole. But many in our beloved media and their childish puppets can't help themselves. Sad, but not surprising. So carry on. The real adults in the room have come to expect it.
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    They played well and that's been noted elsewhere. I haven't seen any gripes about the awful kick coverage and while griping about kick coverage may be a thankless task, somebody has to do the hot, hard, dirty work around here!
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    I just want to know why the hell Northwestern is spending $270 million on anything related to football.
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    So let me see if I have this straight. You think Iran has the capability to preemptively take out our satellite capability Thanks for conceding my point.
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    He can definitely move, my point is most of them can. It's actually more rare to find a guy that can't, just like this post is just looking at yards and deciding if you can move or not. It's so much more than that......just like you see it said a guy can run and can't throw isn't a dual threat, a guy that can throw and move isn't necessarily a dual threat....You have to know how to run, how to protect yourself, when to run, ball security.....etc
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    Checking in from Summerville, SC, just outside Charleston. Very glad to say my family and most we know are in good shape. Some are without power, and I don't have internet back so I don't know about downtown flooding. All in all, very blessed today.
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    Absolutely nothing. We should not be so surprised that someone intent on breaking the law by murdering people is suddenly going to follow the law by abiding by a mandated UBC on a private sale. In fact, that's the height of naivete.
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    @Momma Worm, they don't know how tough you are, do they? You handled that cat perfectly. You go, girl! Worm will get his chance to shine. Meanwhile, we all need to remember this:
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    Wasn't he out all last year with an injury?
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    I predicted Joey would be able to play 2 quarters based on the disparity, I’m hoping that holds true
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    I'd play them all this week and rest them next week. Tulane is better than Kent State, and we need this week to work on cleaning things up.
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    I may be remembering Tre wrong, or maybe it's the competition, but Goodwin looks quicker to me. Between him and Tank (not to mention Worm, Boobee, DJ Williams, and Richards, all of whom are sophomores or lower), I think we have RB locked down for a long time.
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    Boom. Second tournament in a row in which she pitched nothing but shutouts. #nogoalpatrol
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    Still can't get into IPA's. 90% of them taste like they were brewed with soap. That said, this Twitter quote about the Bud Light Super Bowl ads was on point: "Based solely on Twitter, it sounds like the Super Bowl was a long, boring battle in which two beers nobody should drink fought about the inclusion of an ingredient that no beer should contain. Is that about right?"
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    Snake Handler is out now. Still good, but still a distant second to Hopslam.
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    Second term...yes. Liberals and Democrats have expressed their hatred for America, capitalism, republicans, conservatives, Christians, businesses, energy, meat, normal gender, traditional marriage, and self reliance. So yes I am fully behind Trump and all that he is doing to destroy every liberal and their rotten destructive philosophy. Keep it coming DT. Don't let up.
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    You clearly have a propensity to invent arguments that I supposedly made but didn't. In this case, I agree with you, the original comparison was mindless. My only point was that as far as it might affect me personally, letting people use heroin is preferable than allowing people or organizations to aid terrorism, thus highlighting the mindlessness of the original comparison. I have no interest in interacting with you after you have made false attributions about my posts. I've tried it before and you reverted to instant hyperbolic irrationality. You clearly have temperament issues. In the future, please don't bother responding to my posts. It will make it easier for me to ignore you. Thanks