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    So no one has to give any clicks
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    I'm happy with that at this point. I'm all in my job right now but if I think somewhere else will be a better opportunity for me I'm gone too. Glad we have JG and hope he stays but will be a fan even if he doesn't.
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    @Mikey, I'm not the type to pile on you or really anyone else on here but this sword you seem willing to fall on for Gus doesn't make sense to a lot of us. As Loof points out Gus just isn't going to take us where we want to go. History is repeating itself. That's not to say he won't catch lightning in a bottle at some point. That's exactly what happened in 2013. The year in and year out results don't support the theory that he will be any more successful than what he has been. Gus is a nice guy, we all like him, but he is an 8 win coach 4 out of 5 seasons. That's the reality that we see.
  5. 5 points JG is a rare kid. Hope we utilize him a bunch more the second half.
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    If Auburn doesn't have a "100%" RB that can't play better than an "80%" Whitlow, then that's a MAJOR failure. I love Whitlow but he's not exactly Bo Jackson or Hershel Walker, etc.
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    I have always heard that smoking can take years off of your life. In our case it's 20. Time to end this drought.
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    @JMR when we win on Saturday will you PLEASEEEEEEEEEE resume your Sunday posts? They are my fav and I am so sad that you stopped. 😭 I am still listening to the podcast, but it’s not the same. Your insight was part of my post gameday traditions!
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    He'll be "All in" until he transfers.
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    Kinda like OL depth?
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    The Mayor of Chillville was my favorite
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    It’s not the amount of yards it’s the very unique timing of calls against their opponents or no calls against them. But thanks for your input🙄
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    No. We had more balance and diversity while he was out.
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    Previously noted 4-6 weeks after his surgery...and it's not been near that long. Could be making the trip because it is a big game and he deserves to see it....not that he is cleared to play. Unless this injury announcement was a big scam, it's unlikely he will play any time soon.
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    I'd have him stand on the sideline in pads and a helmet, but I wouldn't put him in.
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    Probably gonna be more like a "Bo-gate" situation.
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    Man, the one woman I got is all I can handle.
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    I almost downvoted until I thought about it. You are dead on. That is still a step of above , at least from a character standpoint then how many would handle the situation. I love Joey G. I still don't think he should be the starter this year. I think that has been handled properly for the most part. I would have like to see Joey get more reps of the whole playbook. Gus has let him do more than I honestly expected though. Yes right on. I will love JG and support that kid regardless of where he ends up. I hope it's Auburn, but regardless I support Joey G.!
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    Okay, this is going better than I expected! Oh. Gus is 19-21 in big games if you define big games as bama, uga, LSU, TAMU, our biggest non-con opponent, and post-season games. This includes wins over teams such as Louisville and Kansas State. He is 2-4 against LSU, 2-5 against uga, and 2-4 against bama. He is 7-7 against the SEC East, but he is 0-4 against that division in his last 4 outings. He is 2-4 in bowl games. He is 7-5 against TAMU and MSU. I had to add in the TAMU games to get that above .500. It's preposterous in anyone's language. But nobody has suggested that in English, which is the language that the rest of us predominantly speak on this board. Now, I know that you don't speak gif, twitter or any of the other sublanguages that are occasionally used, but nobody has expressed a desire to "randomly" "pull our next coach out of" a "grab bag" in those languages, either. I wanted to assume a lack of comprehension on your part because the alternatives seem less desirable. You may disagree with the names, and that's fine. But people didn't "randomly" produce them. It's an embarrassing, failed attempt at insult to suggest otherwise.
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    So we're right on track to lose in the national championship game!?!?!?! Sweet!!!!!
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    No nono no NO!!!!! I am superstitious, and need to read the "things I think" posts/threads Friday night before the next game for us to win. The season depends on this. . I missed the "Things at MSU" thread before the Florida game, and look what happened. Now I know why I can't find the "Things at Arkansas" thread. Suddenly, I am panicking about the LSU game.
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    you boys have been trolled but in a fun way by an old geezer. only triangle saw through the subterfuge and called me on it. but gosh it was fun, golf got some free love, bird was blamed, and we actually got through one post today with no negative comments and no arguments. yes i am a legend. even if in my own mind. also, maybe we are reminded that we do not need special days to show folks we care. grins. but anyway come at me guys i deserve it. grins
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    He’s probably not happy about playing defensive back
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    I don't see my name mentioned I'm assuming just a mistake on your part. all is well.........................for now
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    Must admit, it hearkens me back to Sean White or KJ. I assume they were cleared to play too, when it was CRYSTAL CLEAR after just a play or two each....that they should not have been. What that means? I don't know but it's certainly head scratching decisions, if not to play them, then at least CONTINUING to play them...
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    This is not logical. You are not making any sense. Your only valid point is that our program is "pretty solid".
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    If he's been cleared by the medical staff, I would let him play.
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    That's the truth, he was a day late to the Patriots game and 8 months early for Golf's Birthday.
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    I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but this is DEFINITELY a Gatewood game. You say that Auburn isn't know for long clock-killing drives, but I disagree. Auburn of the past was DEFINITELY a long possession team. 2013 comes to mind, Nick Marshall and whoever was in the backfield at the time would pound and slice the defense up for an entire half with horizontal passes, 3rd conversions from QB runs, and designed reads and gives and right when the defense was gassed: Shot play. We could certainly replicate those long drives but it won't happen because of obvious reasons. Still, I'm just saying. We have the horses to win, we just keep them in the stables the entire race. Right. With this secondary, those throws are MUST HAVE. Otherwise we're looking at the inverse: Giving drives away to a potent offensive attack. See my first reply. But you're sorta right here if we ignore that.
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    Thank you brother.......may your Devil's Lettuce be of the highest quality😁
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    Typically, championship team's have 1-3 elite, difference makers with the rest being really good position, role players. We are missing out on the 1-3 studs each year. Simply, that's the difference.
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    Bo can't miss on those short slants like he did with Schwartz last game and Seth against UF.
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    I use the composite which is a combo of all 3. The point @Gowebb11 was making is there is a real raw talent divide from those teams plus LSU & Texas this year & the rest of the teams that finish in the top 10 consistently. For example, we have a real good class. Even if we had kept Simpson & landed all our realistic highest rated targets our ceiling team ranking wise was the #7 class. We were #8 before Simpson decommitted so we were already at our ceiling based on what other teams have already done. The talent gap from 1 to 10 is bigger than it used to be, especially when teams are consistently piling top 3-5 classes so the margin for error in the areas we all mentioned has gotten smaller over time.
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    He's the definition of a snapping turtle. Stubborn, and has a deadly bite, but is still likely to recede into his shell of comfort.
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    Just like with running backs, there is nothing wrong with rotating quarterbacks. The big "IF" here is that the playbook has to be equal for both. If JG runs the ball or hands it off 80% of the time it's not hard for today's advanced analytics and common sense to realize what will happen. Just like, if a RB only comes in on passing downs then you're tipping your hat a little too much.
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    At this point in postmodernism, we're making up new words daily to describe the nutty s*** we want to be the new normal.
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    Who needs depth when Harrell, Brahms, and Horton are blasting SEC DL off the ball?
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    Here is the kicker DKW. IF an impeachment by the House is successful, then the Senate will conduct the trial which would begin in 2020, an election year. Senate Rules dictate that no Senator may campaign while an impeachment trial is underway. Six Dem Senators are campaigning, Booker, Harris, Sanders, Warren, Klobuchar, Bennett. Campaign attrition will be a factor, but of those remaining active campaigners who will be willing to forgo up to a month's time of campaigning to participate in a Senate trial ? There will be resistance to do so. A conviction requires a super majority, 67. 45 Dems, 2 Independents, 53 Republicans. How does that math configure a conviction ? A long stretch at best. This "impeachment inquiry" is doomed for failure. By design ? The "impeachment inquiry" is designed for the 2020 campaign, not a conviction. Is this what Americans want the House to be pursuing with their tax dollars rather than solving problems ?
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    Respectfully disagree. We obviously don’t have the margin for error those teams do but we can still compete with and beat those teams if we do a better job of talent retention and player development. Unless we catch lightning in a bottle someday with a Dabo Swinney type coach we aren’t going to recruit at a Super elite level. That is something we are going to have to accept. The way we have to beat that is be better than those teams in talent retention and player development. The level we are recruiting is close enough to where we can beat those teams if we do better in retention and development.
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    Fact is at his age, we need to celebrate weekly not knowing if he'll make it past Friday.
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    In fairness, that game has no bearing on anything outside of the states of SC & the Officiating will be stellar!
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    Presented to you, this day, the 23rd of October 2019 for a job well done. 😎
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    His logic is he doesn’t want his QB to have to look to two different sides of the field on one play. You know...common stuff they do in the league. Getting him to admit it...that ain’t gonna happen. Gus wants, at tops, a choice of two routes, both lining up on the same side of the field.