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    Nick didn't have ice-water in his veins, it was pure liquid nitrogen. Dude was a stone cold assassin and I will always remember him putting that team on his back.
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    As a Pastor of 30 plus years, and a Christian since the tender age of 7, it is sometimes tough to remain silent on here but I realize that rules apply to all-- regardless. So I try to abide by that I said I would when I joined. But it is in this time of year I feel I can express myself the most and not offend or break that which I have committed to. Christmas is made up of so many things. Because of that, many have good and not so good memories of this time. But Christmas of itself is simple. It is the story of God loving man so much He gave His SON. It was the ultimate Gift. Where separation and no way to ever heal a broken relationship was, God came and extended His mercy and grace and love to a fallen race. When they could never come to Him, He came to them. He was that Gift! The Angel said it best to the Shepherds. God extended " Peace, Good Will " towards US..... a STRANGE way to save the World, is one song. It matters not whether you are a believer or not for Christmas goes beyond that. It did not happen for an individual, it happened for all. Merry Christmas my Auburn brothers. God is with Us. Emmanuel. May you all know the Joy and the Peace of Christmas.( regardless to where you are a believer or not)
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    One of the most valuable players to his team and Auburn history. I never felt like we were out of a game with him on the field.
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    Posted Jun 15, 2017 Philip Pierre-Louis' college football career nearly ended before it began. On the opening kickoff of Auburn's first game of the 2008 season, the speedy receiver tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee while returning the ball upfield. "All I remember is hobbling off to the sideline," Pierre-Louis said. "They checked my leg out and (I remember) them whispering in my ear that I tore my ACL. Being that young, I didn't know the injury time or if I could ever even come back. So I remember sobbing on the sidelines looking up at my parents." Following an excruciating year in rehab, Pierre-Louis returned to action in 2009. He appeared in six games for the Tigers, returning 11 punts for 49 yards and seven kickoffs for 140 yards. A few months later, Pierre-Louis went down again. During an impressive performance at an April 2010 scrimmage, his knee buckled underneath him."I automatically knew then that I tore my ACL," he said. "After that I was physically and mentally drained." Pierre-Louis managed to recover from his second injury and played on the scout team that fall, but never saw the field again at Jordan-Hare Stadium and finished his career without a single catch. "It hurt a lot knowing I couldn't help my team, my friends and the city itself out," he said. "But I did what I needed to I guess you could say, because we ended up winning a national championship." Pierre-Louis was academically suspended twice and was in and out of school in the years that followed. He ultimately decided to buckle down, and graduated from Auburn last month with a degree in economics."That piece of paper is very powerful," he said. "I always knew I was going to finish school, but I didn't have a timeline when. I just had to."
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    Good write up and from a different perspective...
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    Auburn Tiger fans, please enjoy a Christmas (and New Year's Day bowl) edition of the AU Football All-Access Podcast..... The stocking stuffers include favorite Christmas movies, the very exciting hire of Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris, a peek at the Early Signing Day haul of Auburn football recruits, the overall Auburn football vibe, and more. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
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    Top 5 QB in Auburn history, not sure he’s 2nd.
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    A 26 yard average is every exceptional, way above normal. Iggy and Worm are both track performers. If track team members returning kicks is not a threat, what would be? What sort of fear do you seek? Darth Vader with a light saber in each hand and the football held in his mask? There are things to criticize but kick and punt returns are not among them.
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    Remember the true meaning of today, Happy birthday Jesus, the greatest gift of all. He can take the ordinary and make it truly extraordinary.
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    Is there ever gonna be a thread on any subject that someone doesn't use as an excuse to start criticizing Gus? Geeze! Give it a break already. War Eagle On edit,,, Naysayers who want to poo all over the happiness that some of us have after the bama win and so on, keep those thumbs downs coming. I like 'em coming from that crowd. War Eagle!
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    Thank you for reminding us of the real reason for Christmas. Celebrating our Lord and all he has done for us. Merry Christmas to all.
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy War Eagle!
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    Merry Christmas to all !
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    Did it age well? I think so! 🥰😁Another fallback for some if needed! #ThxTWill #KeepsOnGiving #DefensTations
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    Agreed. Nick is one the best players in AU history, no doubt about that. Absolutely love that guy.
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    We literally sit here and bemoan our safeties being unable to keep up with the deep ball so often, our OL looking poor at best some games, and then at the same time, say we have the same athletes/talent as UGA and Bama? What is that based on? This was a mid year for Alabama at the OL position, and their main guy, Leatherwood, was out there throwing Derrick Brown. He’s not even their only 1st round OLman! there’s a clear distinction between Bama, UGA, Clemson, maybe OSU in athletes and the second tier
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    I dominated feats of strength.
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    OK...tucked in and ready for Santa 🎅.
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    God Bless you all and Merry Christmas. Here's wishing you and your families a Happy and prosperous new year.
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    Forgot to add when I started this topic: " a win over Nick $aban and Alabama which cost them a shot at being in the college football playoff for the 6th straight year." Miracles abound. It just gets better and better. Merry Christmas and War Eagle!
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    Present from my non-football Auburn mom! Love, love, love.
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    All of them young men with issues. Life is about choices and you can only do so much as a coaching staff to raise these young men up. Talent can only take you so far. Prayers that they find or have found the way to success, even though it may not have been at Auburn.
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    We had a deep catch overturned and a first down/TD drop in the open field.
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    Why would we not want an All American O Lineman, especially an instate guy?
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    There have only been 13 kicks taken to the house in the last 3 seasons in the SEC. That is about 4 a year. Iggy has one of those.
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    Any thread with positive content is a troll thread? The whiners, complainers and gripers not feeling invited in doesn't make it a troll thread. You are free to not post. It's easy, really. I refrain from posting in some 95% of the "Gus is an idiot and he's ruined AU football forever"" threads. If you post still more negative crap in a thread not intended for that stuff, what do you expect?
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    Hope everyone has a wonderful day today. Merry Christmas everyone!
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    You got it backward. If it wasn't for our head coach having a brain lapse for the first 50 minutes, we run UGA out of the stadium. How does Gus not see Bo is a totally different QB with the 2 minute offense? They couldn't stop anything we did once we went up tempo.
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    Merry Christmas!! Luke 2:11
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    What makes you say that? I knew this thread would have a lot of interesting takes in it but I wasn't expecting that.
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    Iggy averaged over 26 yards per return on 8 returns. That was one of the best return averages in the SEC. Albeit on 8 returns. (With the new kickoff rules, few returned more than 8-10 kicks all year) And Tutt was second in the SEC on punt returns behind Waddle. So statistically we did pretty well versus the rest of the conference.
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    Schwartz had 35 receptions and 11 runs for 46 touches, and he missed the equivalent of about 4 games due to his injury limitations. If healthy the whole year, he would’ve easily had more touches than any other receiver. Hopefully, he can stay healthy all year in 2020.
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    Didn't Cory Grant return kicks. Nonetheless, I agree. Schwartz doesn't appear to have the field vision to return kicks. Have to be able to make the first couple of guys miss.
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    You wouldn’t get fired for that in Louisiana...😬
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    Malzahn has always defied common sense on special teams. He used to put Kerryon back there. Not only is KJ not a returner, he would also be gassed and hit to start the drive. Schwartz needs to be back returning, especially since Gus has so much trouble getting him the ball.
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    Shug was a great coach. Shug was coaching in a different time and college football was not as it is today. He coached when there were no scholarships limits and a certain coach in the same state got most of the recruit just because of who he was. As for the conference titles, in 1972 he went 10-1 in the regular season and beat Bama and, by today’s standards, would have won the conference title. However, during those years Bama would play one extra SEC team (for this very reason) and won the conference title out right due to the percentage.
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    Maybe they returned because of the culture and team spirit that Gus helped build? Of course, culture is always more than 1 person, but I think we can at least all agree that players being “bought in” and being committed to the team has never been an issue for Gus.
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    According to that Bleacher Report list, Boise State and Iowa State are both going to finish ahead of Auburn, Penn State, Notre Dame, Texas and Oregon in 2020. That writer should have saved his scribbling for April Fool's Day!
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    Congrats on the 3 losses! It's like being named the tallest midget in the class.
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    Insane. With what I have stashed away in Weller 12 and Antique, at those prices I could take a great fly fishing trip probably, lol. Our local store was selling the Kentucky Owl Rye for $260 and 10 year WhistlePig for $110.....ridiculous.
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    Man, he got some serious arkansas haters. They are the BF that asks for the breakup but stay creeping on social media after the ex moved on. Let it go!
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    Fwiw, I expect our OL to be better next year. Addition by subtraction