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    My for what it’s worth opinion. JB Grimes is a well respected OL coach. He is probably one of the better OL technique coaches out there. If you bothered to ever watch some of the practice video you would see that. JB was not a great recruiter, not because of his lack of knowing OL talent but because he is not a big conversationalist like other coaches. That said he did well at AU. Most forget about his earlier success like in 2013 and 2014 when AU lead the country In rushing yardage. If you bother to remember JB suffered some serious health problems a few years ago. It was JB’s choice to leave to go follow his son and it was JB’S decision to leave now. You can be assured he was never asked to leave either time. In fact when Herb left the first number Gus called was JB’s and he accepted because of his relationship with Gus and his love for Auburn. Life as a D1P5 coach is a lot more hectic than most on here seem to realize. 18 hour days, 6 days a week sometime 7. It is a major grind especially for someone his age and who has suffered illnesses he has. Complain if you wish about the lack of productivity you feel wasn’t accomplished this year at the OL position. But rest assured Auburn was very lucky to have had JB Grimes as coach . I can guarantee you every young man that played for him is eternally grateful for his guidance and his friendship. I wish the best for JB in all his future endeavors.
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    I have the Oregon/Arizona game on and at half time they did a piece about Auburn and giving three reasons they should be number one. Now I’ve been watching Auburn sports for 50+ years and it hit me that this is something I never expected to hear, EVER. I like it!😎
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    Leach couldn’t even compete in the pac 12 now all of a sudden he’s going to somehow win in the sec west? Man shut up
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    That's like saying that girl is hot except for the hunchback and pegleg...
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    Gus typically can't figure out what player packages he wants to run until after game 3....and look at how we usually struggle with such predictable play calling against all of our rivals (less bama). Gus gives 'games' away. That is why the fanbase is disappointed this season: nobody is disappointed with our team considering true freshman started and we opened and beat Oregon. It's how close we lost to UF, LSU, UGA and Minn - in each we were predictable to a fault. The Minn coach said as much.
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    Both bodies should compromise and accomplish something.
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    I think Klemm is the better coach out there as well as Pugh & Searels. Any of these 3 candidates will work for me. Waiting on Big Birds choice. I may have missed it. I think the Bird has a good take on the OL position.....just waiting for his selection. It is good to be back from the near dead. I almost died from a bad reaction to one of the meds I was prescribed. Thank God I got this out of my system and am doing much better and now can be aggravated with Gus all over again! WDE!! Doc
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    He is married. He left early bc he is 27, married and shuttling back and forth between Australia and Auburn must have been tough for 2 years. When these type of guys sign, they are simply trying to get as much experience and learning in order to try the NFL. And he probably was ready to give it try and make some real money, especially since he is married. He made the right decision based on all that...
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    You guys have probably seen this game played on social media. The idea is to build the best possible fantasy team you can while staying within an allotted budget. So let's do one comprised of Auburn players of the last decade! I'm splitting up the posts so that you can play this game any number of ways - building just an offense, just a defense, or an entire team! If you like this game gimme a LIKE, Daddy needs kudos for all this work. We will start with offense. BUDGET: $40 Quarterback QB: Cam Newton $5 QB: Nick Marshall $4 QB: Jarrett Stidham $3 QB: Bo Nix $2 QB: Sean White $1 Runningback (Choose 2) HB: Tre Mason $5 HB: Kerryon Johnson $5 HB: Mike Dyer $4 HB: Onterrio McCalebb $4 HB: Kamryn Pettway $3 HB: Cameron Artis-Payne $3 HB: Jovon Robinson $2 HB: Corey Grant $2 HB: Boobee Whitlow $1 HB: Peyton Barber $1 Wide Receiver (Choose 2) WR: Sammie Coates $5 WR: Darvin Adams $5 WR: Seth Williams $4 WR: Duke Williams $4 WR: Darius Slayton $3 WR: Ryan Davis $3 WR: Emory Blake $2 WR: Anthony Schwartz $2 WR: Ricardo Louis $1 WR: Terrell Zachery $1 H-Back TE: Phillip Lutzenkirchen $5 FB: Jay Prosch $4 TE: CJ Uzomah $3 FB: Chandler Cox $2 TE: Sal Cannella $1 Offensive Line (Choose 5) Greg Robinson $5 Reese Dismukes $5 Braden Smith $5 Prince Tega Wanogho $4 Chad Slade $4 Shon Coleman $4 Ryan Pugh $4 Brandon Mosley $3 Lee Ziemba $3 Alex Kozan $3 Austin Golson $3 Marquell Harrell $2 Casey Dunn $2 Jack Driscoll $2 Byron Isom $1 Darius James $1 Mike Horton $1 Flex - Must fill slot with one previously unselected RB, WR, or H-Back
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    The main question is, if Jones signs here, does he immediately unseat Matthew as everyone's favorite Broderick? Discuss.
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    He doesn't like losing, to suggest otherwise is silly but he doesn't hate it enough to try to win all the time. Unless he's just an idiot and thinks doubling down on something that isn't working will magically start working. Because that is truly idiotic. He's given up in games before they've started (Clemson 12 QB experiment) or in the middle of them (Iron Bowl 2018). That's not the mark of someone who will do whatever it takes to win because they hate losing so much.
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    If he honestly hated to lose games then he wouldn't allow crap on the field like the 5 headed QB monster/the idiotic twirly bird or running the ball +15times straight vs LSU. If he hated losing so badly then he'd have allowed Gatewood PT in the UF/LSU game to see if some bench time for Nix to settle down and regroup would've helped. There are so many things to point at that show Gus doesn't hate to lose or he'd have reacted and planned better to prevent it. Has he said 2019 was a disappointing season and he is pissed about having 4 loses again with another bowl loss? Did he have any comments about how s***ty the 2018 season ended?
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    This is the type of player I've been saying I want us to land one day. An alpha guy in every way
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    This quote from Bruce made me think of Gus. Gus may think he hates to lose but he doesn't because Gus is actually the one that takes plays off in our football program. Outside of Seth Williams at times (and this needs to be coached out of him) I have not seen anyone take plays off that's on the field. To be clear, I'm referencing Gus essentially giving downs away with the runs up the gut after first downs. That is what I equate to someone taking a possession off in hoops.
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    If one body makes legislation with poison pills for the other, what have they really done? Now both parties should be making real legislation, and i see your "Well at least they did something" point. But if they Republicans voted thru an Abortion Ban, do we blame the Democrats for not voting on it?
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    There is a difference in house oversight and "unlimited presidential harassment".😉
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    We lose Mac next year also which makes a big man even more important. Stretch will be our only big man and he has potential but has a big learning curve. From the little I have seen of Stretch unless he gets better control of his game he will have foul issues so ideally we need a big man who can start and Stretch as a regular backup who can develop his game.
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    They do seem to be putting it together though.....i was hoping they wouldn't and we could laugh at them as they flounder. But there is just too much talent on that team for them not start to put it together. Oats has them playing harder on defense and they are gonna be tough
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    Yep. And if we can only get one one and done type player I would rather it be Makur or Sotto than Green or Brown due to Wiley being gone after this year and we don’t have an established big man presence behind him.
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    I wish Bama all the worst as they try to push through conference play.
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    I don’t think you “accidentally “ shoot down a plane. What happened and why ...we might not ever know. Refusing to cooperate in any investigation is telling.
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    Sure. Takes two willing parties. Mitch is solely concerned with judges. He passed his deficit ballooning tax cut with a Republican house and has no other agenda.
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    With how weak this draft is and how okoro has been better than we expected on the offensive end I fully expect him to go in the top ten. *Knock on wood* he of course keeps up his good play as a scorer!!! He is the ideal 3 and D wing if he can develop a three point shot. I personally think he can. His shot is not ugly and bad looking. He has been a lot better at the free throw line lately as well *knock on wood*. NBA teams have shot doctors and I think it may take 2 full offseasons but he can be a 35% three point shooter in the league. NBA body? Check. NBA athleticism? Check. Is he great at something the NBA covets? Yes. Defense. Teams are going to fall in love with him during the draft process. He is going to be coveted.
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    Last response was tongue and cheek, obviously. I've never been, but can't imagine its that much better than Starkville. I'll take your word for it though! I have no doubt that MSU may be an easier sell than TTU. My response earlier was really to the idea that there was some abundance of recruits in Mississippi that doesn't exist in Texas. Everything I know suggests otherwise, but I'm no expert.
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    Cooooop comes in at number 9 on best high school bball players of the decade!!!!! Wooooo!!!! Let's goooo!!!!!
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    They'd have to change from Sooo-eeee Pig to Woooo-eeee pig.
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    He has three years of coaching experience on his own and has done pretty well.....seems maybe he learned something while he was here that he has been able to apply elsewhere....
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    That's not a coaching lineup, that's a Jerry Springer episode
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    I may have to take this back but I don’t think Mike Leach in the SEC will work. Miss State is the perfect school for him to end up at but I m not worried about him being good on a consistent basis. Every where he’s been he’s been average or below for the most part with a special season mixed in. I’m more concerned with Kiffin than Leach.
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    Thankful for Arkansas. Keeps us out of the cellar 😎
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    Production is not as important as potential. SB Nation newest mock has him going at #4 (!)
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    EXCEPT for the fumbles, I think he's a solid back and did well running behind our o-line. I don't see him having much success in the NFL at this point, but that's a pretty darn uninformed opinion. That said, as our line improves, I think we're going to see some other backs shine in ways that they haven't up to this point, especially those who possess breakaway speed. I really think Whitlow would be viewed entirely differently if he possessed better speed. But, he doesn't. And that's just the way it is. Anyone else excited to see MAR healthy?
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    First person to quote your whole post will be banned instantly.
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    I want them all to stay but if we had to IMO Boobie's play can be replaced with DJ. And less fumbles. Swear the kid must have naked pics of Gus for him to ditch his "if ya fumble once, your career is over" mantra. It's bizarre how much Gus keeps rewarding him with carries despite Gus' pet peeve of not holding on to the ball. Serious question, have we ever had a RB with as many fumbles in a 2 year period as Boobie? Somebody is gonna take this as bashing the kid but I'm not. He's been a stud for us in some crucial moments.
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    Rumor has it that Worm is the reason Xavier McKinney decided to forgo his senior season and go pro.
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    Don't underestimate how well Bruce develops these guys. Freshman Harper/Mac/Brown etc were wooorlds different than the soph and junior/senior versions of themselves.
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    I want to see an OL coach that is going to get the line to fire-off and hit someone in the mouth...keep their motor running and not die on contact....too much hand checking by our line in the past several years....we also need to get MUCH stronger in the trenches (both sides)....who can do that, then I am for hiring that me a coach who can get our OL where it needs to be is more important at this time then someone who is considered an outstanding recruiter....the past several years in my opinion, the person working with our OL wasn't very good at doing either...