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    Great win over a stupid school.
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    We didn't even play that well offensively and we beat them thoroughly. Outstanding. Not to mention we are going to be a much better team bout time March hits.
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    In gymnastics! Didn’t see it posted anywhere and I love saying it! Auburn beat bama again!
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    Roof made some of the best 2nd half adjustments I’ve ever seen.
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    So, I took the time to crunch the numbers and it's amazing just how different they are. At the 15 Minute mark: Georgia Southern: 8 Points out of 83. 75 points the other 35 minutes. Davidson: 12 points out of 76. 64 points the other 35 minutes. South Alabama: 5 points out of 70. 65 points the other 35 minutes. CSUN: 22 points out of 116. 94 points the other 35 minutes. Colgate: 15 points out of 91. 76 points the other 35 minutes. New Mexico: 9 points out of 84. 75 points the other 35 minutes. Richmond: 9 points out of 79. 70 points the other 35 minutes. Furman: 6 points out of 81. 75 points the other 35 minutes. St. Louis: 2 points out of 67 .62 points the other 35 minutes. NC State: 8 points out of 79. 71 points the other 35 minutes. Lehigh: 6 points out of 74. 68 points the other 35 minutes. Lipscomb: 9 points out of 86. 77 points the other 35 minutes. Miss State: 6 points out of 80. 72 points the other 35 minutes. Vandy: 6 points out of 83. 77 points the other 35 minutes. Georgia: 5 points out of 82. 77 points the other 35 minutes. We've scored 113 points total in the first 5 minutes or on average 7.53 points per game. That breaks down to 1.51 points per minute. We've scored 1,098 points total in the remaining 35 minutes or on average 73.2 Per game. That breaks down to 2.09 points per minute. If you take away our 100+ point game which is an anomaly: We've scored 91 total points in the first 5 minutes or on average 6.07 Per Game. That breaks down to 1.21 Per Minute We've scored 1,004 total points in the remaining 35 minutes or on average 71.71 Per Game. That breaks down to 2.05 Per Minute. Now I went further and started since the Furman game because I feel like that is when our offensive troubles really started: We've scored 48 total points in the first 5 minutes or on average 6 per game. That breaks down to 1.2 Per Minute. We've scored 579 total points in the remaining 35 minutes or on average 72.38 Per game. That breaks down to 2.07 Per Minute. At the 10 minute mark: Georgia Southern: 19 Points out of 83. 64 points the other 30 minutes. Davidson: 21 Points out of 76. 55 points the other 30 minutes. South Alabama: 13 Points out of 70. 57 points the other 30 minutes. CSUN: 36 Points out of 116. 80 points the other 30 minutes. Colgate: 24 Points out of 91. 67 points the other 30 minutes. New Mexico: 17 Points out of 84. 67 points the other 30 minutes. Richmond: 19 Points out of 79. 60 points the other 30 minutes. Furman: 17 Points out of 81. 64 points the other 30 minutes. St. Louis: 13 Points out of 67. 54 points the other 30 minutes. NC State: 25 Points out of 79. 54 points the other 30 minutes. Lehigh: 10 Points out of 74. 64 points the other 30 minutes. Lipscomb: 17 Points out of 86. 65 points the other 30 minutes. Miss State: 9 Points out of 80. 71 points the other 30 minutes. Vandy: 16 Points out of 83. 67 points the other 30 minutes. Georgia: 13 Points out of 82. 69 points the other 30 minutes. We've scored 269 total points in the first 10 minutes or on average 17.93 Per game. That breaks down to 1.79 Per minute. We've scored 958 total points in the remaining 30 minutes or on average 63.87 per game. That breaks down to 2.13 per minute. Once again, taking away the CSUN game: We've scored 233 total points in the first 10 minutes or on average 16.64 Per game. That breaks down to 1.66 Per minute. We've scored 878 total points in the remaining 30 minutes or on average 62.71 per game. That breaks down 2.09 Per Minute Since Furman Game: We've scored 120 total points in the first 10 minutes or on average 15 Per Game. That breaks down to 1.5 Per Minute We've scored 508 total points in the remaining 30 minutes or on average 63.5 Per Game. That breaks down to 2.11 Per Minute So, if you take our best per minute average which is 2.13 points per minute and multiply it by 40 that would put our scoring offense at 85.2 points per game which would put is in a tie for 2nd in all of college basketball.
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    Shout out to Allen freaking Flannigan for by far his best game as a Auburn Tiger!!!!! That was amazing!!!! Him and okoro had just superb 🔒down defense on Edwards!!!! That was a thing of beauty.
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    I'm going to go ahead and claim him as my breakout player of the year next season. He looks ready right now. He just has too many guys in front of him.
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    I say give BP a lifetime contract now.
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    Only still doing it for the record lol. Jk partially 😂. I’ve been an active part of game threads since bruce pearl took over. Glad to have people appreciate my play by play my play by play, u won’t know when the other team scores, just when AU does 😂
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    Big W for the boys!! Great job!! May have been the best top to bottom game of the season. And The Jungle was at its peak also!!
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    Probably the best game all year.
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    Major props to the Jungle today, they’ve done their part
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    Are the students chanting "overrated" to Anthony Edwards? Not a good idea.
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    It wasn’t to validate the move. It was to avoid paying a buyout on his asu contract.
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    Leach is the winningest coach in Texas Tech history. Leach had 5 winning Big XII records and only 1 losing record. Tuberville had a losing Big XII record in all 3 years he was there. In fact, since Leach left Texas Tech in 2009 they've never had a winning Big XII record. 2000-2009 2010-2012 2013-2018 2019 Leach is the 3rd winningest coach is Wash St history. Leach took Wash St. to a bowl game his 2nd year in 2013. They hadn't been to a bowl game since 2003. Are people really that unaware of how bad Wash St. was when Leach got there? Leach finished .500 in the Pac 12. 55-47 (36-36) Wash St's 2nd winningest coach Mike Price only had 6 winning seasons in 14 years there. Price finished with a losing Pac 10 record. 83-78 (49-63). Price only won 52% of his games. Leach may not work out for MSU but Leach's record is not as pathetic as some folks think it is.
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    Broderick changed his name to Matthew? That definitely means he is flipping now. Recruiting has always been a 'war game' between us and Georgia.
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    My for what it’s worth opinion. JB Grimes is a well respected OL coach. He is probably one of the better OL technique coaches out there. If you bothered to ever watch some of the practice video you would see that. JB was not a great recruiter, not because of his lack of knowing OL talent but because he is not a big conversationalist like other coaches. That said he did well at AU. Most forget about his earlier success like in 2013 and 2014 when AU lead the country In rushing yardage. If you bother to remember JB suffered some serious health problems a few years ago. It was JB’s choice to leave to go follow his son and it was JB’S decision to leave now. You can be assured he was never asked to leave either time. In fact when Herb left the first number Gus called was JB’s and he accepted because of his relationship with Gus and his love for Auburn. Life as a D1P5 coach is a lot more hectic than most on here seem to realize. 18 hour days, 6 days a week sometime 7. It is a major grind especially for someone his age and who has suffered illnesses he has. Complain if you wish about the lack of productivity you feel wasn’t accomplished this year at the OL position. But rest assured Auburn was very lucky to have had JB Grimes as coach . I can guarantee you every young man that played for him is eternally grateful for his guidance and his friendship. I wish the best for JB in all his future endeavors.
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    Auburn upsets no. 10 Bama! War Eagle!!
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    No offense to you, but I’m so tired of this line.
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    And I hope it starts Wednesday night
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    Seriously this! Us guys that were at Auburn during the Cliff Ellis years when we had some success and have suffered along with everyone else through the Lebo and Barbee years have waited a long time to have a coach like Pearl. Auburn better do anything and everything to keep him. Pay the man top money and lock him in, because eventually there WILL be teams trying to hire him away. He has built Auburn into a contender and with the depth already enrolled and the recruiting class coming in AU isnt going anywhere! I really never thought I would see the day where whether they like it or not the rest of the country has to recognize that AUs baketball program is a top tier program and it isnt a flash in the pan. And how about the Jungle! When I was in school there you could yell during a game at Beard Eaves and everyone in the place could hear you! LoL. Now the Jungle is like what I grew up watching at Rupp Arena when UK played, loud, intimidating, and a ton of fun.
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    We win by 22 and Anthony Edward’s +/- was -27.
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    I'm bored so I'll start working on it. Will put together 8 minutes and 10 minutes vs the rest of the game. I'm really curious what the stats are for both numbers.
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    Agreed! But I'm not doing it.
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    I just did the math myself.... This season we are averaging 38.3 points in the first half and 42.8 in the second. In our last 5 games that changes to 34.6/46.4. If we get out of the gates strong we can absolutely step on some throats.
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    I probably would do a legit play by play if there wasn’t the 30 seconds between messages thing, which is hard in basketball.
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    Imagine even an average foul shooting day. We missed three front ends on the 1 and 1 so it was worse than the numbers. Okoro and Flanagan were great defensively. Edwards is fantastic, and they tilted him. Wiley was better than his numbers too. This TEAM is dangerous.
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    Doughty was the only starter in double digits scoring and we score 82 and have a 20 pt win. That is pretty cool. TEAM WIN
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    Hahahaha are you kidding me!?!?! Are you freaking kidding me!?!? I didn't even think we played well on offense and we still put up over 80 and won by 20 plus!!!! Wooooow!!!! Wooooow!!!! Let's freaking gooooo!!!!! War damn Bruce Pearl eagle!!!!
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    Final 82-60 AU! Great game! Be safe in this weather everybody! 15-0
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    Jaylin williams with the slam! 82-58 AU
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    What a stupid stat to throw up on the screen for Auburn. Were 12-0 when leading at half. Also we're 2-0 when not.
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    Where was the ball don't lie for us in our favor!?!? Both calls were absolute trash that went against us!!! Can they help us out and miss the free throw at least!? Got damn!!!! Those are not calls that should go against a top 5 team in the country at home!!!!
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    Not sure I like the overrated cheer - don't tug on superman's cape
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    Still a massive shout-out to the crowd for showing up despite all of that.
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    Game Thursday night - hard to watch. Our opponents are averaging 46.5% to our 41.8% overall and 37.4% to 29.3% on 3s. They have higher free throw percent and they actually contest our shots. We are occasionally getting a hand in someones face but not nearly often enough. Players are passing up open shots - my guess is that the "play" isn't for them to shoot and they don't want pulled for not running the play. Unique was pulled early Thursday night and only played 28 minutes. Coach says they haven't bought into defense but she started 3 players from last year - so are they suddenly not playing defense? The full court press wasn't working - there was no need to keep running it. Basically - they cannot buy into a defense that doesn't work. The freshmen are not new to the game - they may be struggling a little with the speed of the game - but they know basketball. We may well loose the rest of our games as it's going to be hard to break this losing steak based on body language and the lack of positivity I see from Coach on the sidelines. Sooo sad!
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    Saw a bit of the event last night.....a great and enthusiastic crowd. This was a substantial win over a higher ranked team.
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    Clinton Foundation— cleared. Trump Foundation— absolutely hammered in case you and your fellow Trump defenders missed that. Trump campaign officials, convicted. Trump national security advisor, multiple criminal acts clearly established. Russia/Trump— not fully investigated due to massive obstruction. Eventually the finances may come out. You’ll ignore those, too. Your ignorance is willful.
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    Excuse me, but on what planet is RB Coach at Arizona State a lateral position to WR Coach at Auburn? RB Coach to WR Coach is generally a "promotion" within itself. Coaching WR's is much more demanding, hence why the WR Coach is almost always paid more. No, he did not need to give him a Co-OC title to validate that move.
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    I say no. Bro Jones would make a significant move, but he’s never made the ladies move like this:
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    1972 Gator Bowl. The Amazin's played Colorado. Don't remember much about the game. I think we won 24-3, and the Amazin's were amazing. Before the game when they brought Ralphie the buffalo out, they had 4 or 5 guys trying to control him. They were running out on the field when one of the handlers in the front lost his balance and tripped the guy behind him and that buffalo drug those guys all around the field. LMAO.
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    Ask either how they like coaching vs. Gus?
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    Personally glad for the time change. I was reluctant to go at 5 but now plan to go.
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    Winning 54% at WSU is success. And he had hardly worn out his welcome. They just had extended his contract through 2024...
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    Would make sense for Brady to jump. Coaching success is fleeting....his perfect synergy with Burrow may not happen again. He’s the toast of football at the moment.
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    Probably Gus’s fault
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    Part of my formative years has died. Knew they quit touring because of Alex Lifeson's arthritis. Never knew Neil was sick. This sucks. RIP, Neil. Thanks for the memories.
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    RIP Neil. Dammit, what a drummer.
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    Goodness - PLEASE let this happen.