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    Breaking News: Wade Christopher hired as new OL coach. Bio: Christopher built the hospital he was born in, located in Jupiter, Florida. Known for his incredible time management, he doesn’t wear a watch, instead choosing what time it is. Christopher has never flushed a toilet, instead he scares the crap out of it. When crossing the street, cars look both ways. Christopher has received legendary status as an Auburn player, holding every major record, and now he joins the coaching ranks. Christopher has commented saying, “I plan on taking our rag-tag group of OLinemen and building them up into a lethal crime-fighting team, like the Power Rangers or A-Team.” Coach Gus Malzahn added, “We’re really excited about Wade joining us. He’s got talent, no doubt. He’s promised me that we are gonna have good weeks of practice now. We are gonna go up (motions with right hand as if climbing a roller coaster) from here.”
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    None of these hires, including and especially Muschamp, were orchestrated by Gus. Consider the case of Garner: Malzahn had been hired with just one year of HC experience at Arkansas State. His network of coaching contacts was nonexistent because he didn't even come up like a normal coach does. You think that an introvert like Malzahn convinced Garner to up and leave Georgia, or do you think that the PTB at Auburn made the phone call and convinced Garner to "come home"? It should be obvious what actually happened. Demeyune Craig is another example of a hire that was HANDED to Malzahn - its also why they never got along. Malzahn actually wanted to bring Casey Woods to coach WR's, but the PTB knew that they couldn't let him just bring his Arkansas State staff and expect it to compete in the SEC from a recruiting standpoint.
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    Kevin steele, Rodney Garner , Travis Williams . Those guys seem like home runs to me
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    One of the best I've ever met or had the pleasure to be around many times and proud to call him a frat brother. I have mention this before but Shug had a photographic memory if he met you one time he never forgot your name or hometown
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    Always blows my mind that Shug coached 10 b-ball seasons here and several more at UGA. Oh and let’s not forget the WWII service and Purple Heart in between. As impressive a man as I think you’d ever find anywhere I’d imagine. I would have liked to have met him.
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    He was the easiest person to meet and communicate with that I've ever encountered. I was doing some research on a cotton field across from Shug's house and he'd walk his little dog there, sometimes at the same time I was checking cotton. He'd ask where you were from, in my case he asked how a boy from Miami ended up at Auburn and other personal things. The second time he was out there when I checked the field, he congratulated me on my old high school winning a big football game a few days before. As @augolf1716 said above, Coach was amazing.
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    They’re chanting “We want Auburn” in basketball stadiums on the other side of the country. Boys and girls, it’s starting to look like we’ve made it.
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    I did not link this entire article, but found this interesting. Proves a lot of Alabama fans just hopping on for the ride. Part of this article indicated Auburn fans hate Alabama slightly more than Alabama fans hate Auburn. I think it’s more than slightly 😊. IGTBAAT!
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    San Diego looking pretty good with a mostly favorable schedule....they may go the distance...meanwhile I just hope we are 16-0 come Thursday morning.
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    You have some logical points about "Iron Bowl", but forget it. The phrase is too catchy and too well established to go away. Besides, Shug is the one that came up with the term and it needs keeping for no reason other than that.
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    The athletic department is a self funding organization with requirements outside the scope of normal educational requirements. I don't think you will find any athletic upgrade plans covered by Auburn University's facility management. Last year when AU decided they had a need for a football only facility they had to put together a new committee to manage the project. Auburn is behind most upper tier football programs in what it can offer in quality of life to student athletes. Can't claim to be doing an excellent job in managing funds and facility planning when every program you want to compete with is doing better. Auburn's athletic department is consistently in the top 10 of revenue ($140M) per year. But last year they had to put together a new committee to start exploring the idea of a football facility. Most other schools they compete with have already completed theirs. Where is Auburn athletics putting all that money? I'm saying that there should be a full time organization under the athletic department that already knows every requirement, and every approval step from cradle to grave. Often these people should be identify the requirements before the customer even knows they have it. And they should have been working on the approval and then the funding years ago. They should have already went to AU Facilities Management and secured the space. The fact that a new committee had to be formed speaks to the fact there is no actual cohesive planing taking place.
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    Eaves was quite a coach.....developed what was knows as the "Auburn shuffle" and during the years I was in school, he rarely had a player taller than 6'7" who played a meaningful role. Mostly the weave and cut/drive offense with lots of layups and a team that generally shot about 50% from the field. He left us to become the AD at Georgia. And yep...will be tough for any coach to match his record.. Cliff could have caught him on the number of wins if he could have avoided NCAA problems...and at the rate he is going BP might catch him if he stays around here a while. ...and advantage of playing quite a few more games each season than AU played back in Joel Eaves' day where a typical season was 22-23 games total. .
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    Aren't you cute.............................. Auburn Coaching History[2] Tenure Coach Seasons Won Lost Tied Pct. Conf. Conf. Pct. 1905–1921 Donahue 16 74 80 1 .481 – – 1921–1924 Hutsell 3 16 24 – .400 – – 1924–1925 Bunker 1 3 11 – .214 – – 1925–1928 Papke 3 38 18 – .679 – – 1928–1929 Bohler 1 6 15 – .286 – – 1929–1930 Lee 1 1 10 – .091 – – 1930–1933 McAllister 3 25 18 – .581 4–7 .364 1933–42, 1945–46 Jordan 10 95 77 – .552 61–56 .521 1942–43, 1944–45 Evans 2 4 28 – .125 3–18 .143 1946–1947 Edney 1 3 18 – .143 1–15 .063 1947–1949 Doyle 2 21 25 – .457 12–18 .400 1949–1963 Eaves 14 213 100 – .681 124–75 .623 1963–1973 Lynn 10 130 124 – .512 84–88 .488 1973–1978 Davis 5 70 61 – .534 42–48 .467 1978–1989 Smith 11 173 154 – .529 84–114 .424 1989–1994 Eagles 5 64 78 – .451 29–55 .345 1994–2004 Ellis 10 186 125 – .598 73–87 .456 2004–2010 Lebo 6 96 93 – .508 35–61 .365 2010–2014 Barbee 4 49 75 – .395 18–50 .265 2014–present Pearl 6 115 72 – .615 43-50 .462 Total 113 1,372 1,206 1 .532 610–742 .451
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    Figured since I put in the effort in the game thread, I could make it into it's on topic. I love stats/numbers so it was interesting to look at. So, I took the time to crunch the numbers and it's amazing just how different they are. At the 15 Minute mark: Georgia Southern: 8 Points out of 83. 75 points the other 35 minutes. Davidson: 12 points out of 76. 64 points the other 35 minutes. South Alabama: 5 points out of 70. 65 points the other 35 minutes. CSUN: 22 points out of 116. 94 points the other 35 minutes. Colgate: 15 points out of 91. 76 points the other 35 minutes. New Mexico: 9 points out of 84. 75 points the other 35 minutes. Richmond: 9 points out of 79. 70 points the other 35 minutes. Furman: 6 points out of 81. 75 points the other 35 minutes. St. Louis: 2 points out of 67 .62 points the other 35 minutes. NC State: 8 points out of 79. 71 points the other 35 minutes. Lehigh: 6 points out of 74. 68 points the other 35 minutes. Lipscomb: 9 points out of 86. 77 points the other 35 minutes. Miss State: 6 points out of 80. 72 points the other 35 minutes. Vandy: 6 points out of 83. 77 points the other 35 minutes. Georgia: 5 points out of 82. 77 points the other 35 minutes. We've scored 113 points total in the first 5 minutes or on average 7.53 points per game. That breaks down to 1.51 points per minute. We've scored 1,098 points total in the remaining 35 minutes or on average 73.2 Per game. That breaks down to 2.09 points per minute. If you take away our 100+ point game which is an anomaly: We've scored 91 total points in the first 5 minutes or on average 6.07 Per Game. That breaks down to 1.21 Per Minute We've scored 1,004 total points in the remaining 35 minutes or on average 71.71 Per Game. That breaks down to 2.05 Per Minute. Now I went further and started since the Furman game because I feel like that is when our offensive troubles really started: We've scored 48 total points in the first 5 minutes or on average 6 per game. That breaks down to 1.2 Per Minute. We've scored 579 total points in the remaining 35 minutes or on average 72.38 Per game. That breaks down to 2.07 Per Minute. At the 10 minute mark: Georgia Southern: 19 Points out of 83. 64 points the other 30 minutes. Davidson: 21 Points out of 76. 55 points the other 30 minutes. South Alabama: 13 Points out of 70. 57 points the other 30 minutes. CSUN: 36 Points out of 116. 80 points the other 30 minutes. Colgate: 24 Points out of 91. 67 points the other 30 minutes. New Mexico: 17 Points out of 84. 67 points the other 30 minutes. Richmond: 19 Points out of 79. 60 points the other 30 minutes. Furman: 17 Points out of 81. 64 points the other 30 minutes. St. Louis: 13 Points out of 67. 54 points the other 30 minutes. NC State: 25 Points out of 79. 54 points the other 30 minutes. Lehigh: 10 Points out of 74. 64 points the other 30 minutes. Lipscomb: 17 Points out of 86. 65 points the other 30 minutes. Miss State: 9 Points out of 80. 71 points the other 30 minutes. Vandy: 16 Points out of 83. 67 points the other 30 minutes. Georgia: 13 Points out of 82. 69 points the other 30 minutes. We've scored 269 total points in the first 10 minutes or on average 17.93 Per game. That breaks down to 1.79 Per minute. We've scored 958 total points in the remaining 30 minutes or on average 63.87 per game. That breaks down to 2.13 per minute. Once again, taking away the CSUN game: We've scored 233 total points in the first 10 minutes or on average 16.64 Per game. That breaks down to 1.66 Per minute. We've scored 878 total points in the remaining 30 minutes or on average 62.71 per game. That breaks down 2.09 Per Minute Since Furman Game: We've scored 120 total points in the first 10 minutes or on average 15 Per Game. That breaks down to 1.5 Per Minute We've scored 508 total points in the remaining 30 minutes or on average 63.5 Per Game. That breaks down to 2.11 Per Minute So, if you take our best per minute average which is 2.13 points per minute and multiply it by 40 that would put our scoring offense at 85.2 points per game which would put is in a tie for 2nd in all of college basketball.
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    She needs to be gone today. Today's game is probably the most humiliating loss in program history.
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    A4E...that's just too long. I can't even. 🤮😭🤣
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    Bill did all that stuff that Wade claims.....twice
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    Not sure how that works...Burrow could have "showed" OSU by staying there and Fields could have "showed UGA" by staying there and the list goes on. JMO but it's a matter of timing and Joey was at AU at the wrong time. I expect he showed Gus and Dilly all he had while he was at AU...and what ever turns out at UK probably does not mean anything if he had stayed at AU as the back-up. I'm happy if he does well but not envious of UK.
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    Okay, finally some details into what the beef is with some of you. Some of it's superficial, and possibly could be considered skirting impermissible benefits, since all it takes is one normal student complaining he can't get a haircut (free?) from the team barber. But now I see why some of you think the university is not up to the levels of other teams.
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    The delay in getting this position filled might indicate that JB actually did leave on his own.
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    You really think Gus can attract talent like that? Honestly? My honest thought: he and Chad Morris are trying to agree and hire someone. Between a recently fired HC and Gus' own reputation, he is struggling to hire a good OL coach. That's my take. Kodi already is occupying the "Co-OC" position. Hard to get a lateral move here.
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    I watched a pre-game presser with both coaches and Fleck was praising Gus up one side and down the other. Saying that he didn’t know what to expect from Gus’ offense when he has this much time to prepare. Gus’ expression was that of agreement and was soaking up all the praise. Fleck played him and Gus fell for it. The game was over at that point. I want Fleck as our coach. ETA: I totally agree about the difficulty Gus will have recruiting quality QB’s with the new coaches in the SEC. We just went down 2 spots on QB’s priority list.
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    Can you give an example what other schools are offering in quality of life for athletes that Auburn doesn't offer?
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    They targeted three bases with the least number of troops and hit non personnel targets. To me, it looks like they retaliated to save face without trying to escalate matters.
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    So.... No new news on OL coach.... Or is Kodi now coaching them too? Sorry. Got lost in all the last 2 pages
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    I'm bringing a perspective based on a cause and effect relationship. If you disagree, fine. But your replies thus far have been juvenile, which is beneath you.
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    Wade is a complete tool. If ever there was evidence that the NCAA is completely feckless (or Wade has a pic of Emmert with a goat) the fact that Wade is still coaching at LSU is Exhibit A.
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    Watched it. I can’t believe Will Wade is still coaching after getting caught talking about paying players on the ******* phone. Yet we’re still over here waiting in the wings about players we sat for being entertained about being paid to leave the university. **** Will Wade and **** MSU for s***ting the bed. Also, Will Wade might be the most basic boring ass looking corn fed white boy coach I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe players actually get up for that boner.
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    Well I remember the one billion dollar drive about 5 years ago that was too help replace and add educational buildings on campus and if you've been to campus lately one can see the progress. I assume athletic facilities will be in the upgrade loop soon. Is that the type of plan you're referring to because an alumni letter went out concerning the fund drive. Did you get the letter?
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    I'd never watch AU basketball if we ran a UVA system. It's like watching paint dry.
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    UVA looks awful. 35 points in 34 mins. Ouch.
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    No offense to you, but I’m so tired of this line.
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    It was a disingenuous way to get Kodi out of his contractual buyout at ASU. He had to leave for a "promtion", he'd owe ASU money if he left to be a position coach elsewhere. And for a guy with next to zero coaching experience? The whole thing has stunk from the beginning.
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    Nell Fortner’s teams were much better. Clampi’s were epic. This is totally unacceptable.
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    I heard we are in talks with him. And it’s looking good. He’s got a few demands. For example he is tired of coaching P.E. But it is looking good.
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    Attended the game with Arkansas yesterday. If the Coaches knew they were a team that shot 3s perhaps we shouldn't play a zone defense that doesn't provide good coverage on the corners. Ladies worked hard to get back and forth - I'd like to see our Coaches try to make it work. There are multiple ways to defend the 3 - Flo has yet to figure that out. the full court defense is no longer a shock to our opponents and they are breaking it most every time down the floor. As in previous years, we seem to have no offensive identity. Ball handling and basic skills of those returning don't appear to be any more developed than last year. I feel for the players, they are trying to do what they've been asked to do and it isn't working. It's time for Coach to adjust or be gone.
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    I hate to say it but Flo has to go.
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    I’m starting to wonder if Gus has landed someone off the LSU coaching staff or the Clemson coaching staff, or maybe it is someone from an NFL team. Usually, we’d hear of another hire by now. It seems like they are waiting for something.
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    Seems to me he learned quite a bit while he was here. . . At least that seems to be the opinion of schools that hired him after he left Auburn.
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    I still think duke has the best wins but man Baylor winning at fieldhouse!?! Yooooo!!!! That def raises my eyebrows. First time they ever won at lawrence too.
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    We were looking in late 2015 and early 2016. Mortgage rates were very low then. We could afford more for our money than ever. Wanna be clear. We had friends there. The music scene and nightlife if good if you are younger (chronologically or psychologically). I live within distance and still visit my friends there. If you are a foodie, the restaurants are okay, not fab. The local symphony is respectable, not fab. The open-mic nights at bars are good, not Nashville, but good. The artsy side (galleries, exhibits, etc) are good for the south. Municipal Internet is very fast. We did not like the traffic situation at all -- commutes from any direction outside city proper is a genuine PITA. And the crime rate is really high -- among the highest in the SE. Yes, there are great locations to live in the city and there is a terrific vibe for those interested in the arts and entertainment. And shopping is good for a southern city. Other than Signal Mountain, you might look closely at Hixson and East Brainerd and Red Mountain. We considered Cleveland seriously -- north of Chattanooga off of 75. Not a long commute, a nice community, fair housing prices, but in the end, the commuter logjam at 75-24 was a fail. Along with crime. This is a city-wide problem, IMO. I have more friends who live just south of Nashville. The housing is more expensive, but Nashville is a bigger city. I personally did not like the music scene as much, but I don't like country music (hate on me). I actually think the arts scene in Chattanooga is better than Nashville. But there are some excellent restaurants, better than Chattanooga, in Nashville (pay the price). If you like the country music vibe, this is the place to be, and don't get me wrong, if you like just folk and open mic, it's great for that too. As for fine arts -- the edge goes to Chattanooga. And remember, Nashville is the Capitol of Tennessee and the politics are extremely conservative, so consider if that's parallel to your own politics. Chattanooga is not exactly progressive, but not as marching-right as Nashville. Personally, I love Huntsville, AL. Highest standard of living in the SE. Low crime, dominated by NASA and the aerospace industry, high tech, automobile manufacturing, and biomedical research. Easy drive (2 hr) to Nashville or Chattanooga. Housing costs are good. However, there is a state income tax, and the art/food vibe is not as good (though improving). One thing to think about. Tornado alley runs from Mississippi through B'ham area, Huntsville area, and Chattanooga area. Memphis and Nashville get some really severe weather. If this is a concern for you and family, that's an issue to think about. Our checklist included -- no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no severe winters, no income tax, proximity to hiking mountains and outdoor life, low cost of living, good home value (including appreciation/resale), cultural life (music, arts, restaurants, etc), low(er) crime rate, transportation/commute, internet/cable quality, political issues, etc. Create your own checklist of things that are important to you. That's my thoughts. Ask more questions if you like. We decided against these areas -- but then, we had our own personal priorities. We decided on none of these cities, but we still visit all three pretty frequently because of friends. My advice, look closely at what you are looking for as a comfortable habitat, and be careful where you buy.
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    Ask either how they like coaching vs. Gus?
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    4* 6'5" 205 lbs. LSU receiver is an immediate transfer option (though not a position we'd likely take) 4* OT from Texas A&M / Diesch but it says he's 100% ASU; he's an immediate transfer 4* OT from Stanford / Devery Hamilton is an immediate transfer 4* OT from USC / Clayton Bradley is an immediate transfer Some 4* OG's as well
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    I want to see an OL coach that is going to get the line to fire-off and hit someone in the mouth...keep their motor running and not die on contact....too much hand checking by our line in the past several years....we also need to get MUCH stronger in the trenches (both sides)....who can do that, then I am for hiring that me a coach who can get our OL where it needs to be is more important at this time then someone who is considered an outstanding recruiter....the past several years in my opinion, the person working with our OL wasn't very good at doing either...
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    Was just thinking about the facilities. There should be a 5 year, 10 and 20 year blueprint. A living document to plan and manage funds, facilities & equipment to include real property, IT and finances. There should be no guess work, or last minute approvals. Fund raising should be a constant for a general fund not for one building at a time. A full time staff to manage it to include Civil engineers, financial specialist, IT engineers, & AD rep that's knows each organization's current and future requirements. And a Project management professional to run it all. Does AU have this? Cause from the outside it seems like they just wait until a requirement becomes a dire need and then they start trying to raise money. Everything seems so amateurish.