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    Lol. I get the feeling if Gus gave everyone on here a gold ingot, there would be a majority who complained that he placed it in their wrong hand...
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    Really good coach. It's telling he was Luke's 1st hire and the man he wanted as OL coach. His lines have always had a little bit of an edge to them. He is a good developer. I'm not sure how he is as a recruiter but know he has brought in some deep classes at OM
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    Man oh man if our offense had just scored some points. Pretty sure that missed holding calls on LSU's offensive line didn't prevent that. Auburn fans are heavy with the moral victories today because of how our defense played against LSU. I'm just that much more frustrated that our self-appointed play caller turned a playoff-caliber team into a 4-loss team. Again. If this was intended to be a Kevin Steele & Co. appreciation thread and I missed it, my apologies.
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    Can he recruit? That is all I care about at this point. Just upgrade the talent at this position for the love of God. We have not had a really good - great OL recruiter since Jeff Grimes. It has been our weakest position on staff in terms of recruiting for going on a decade.
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    I appreciate the optimistic perspective, but the flip side is UF, UGA, and Minnesota would not have finished in the top 10 if we had handled our business. A good but frustrating season.
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    Henson is by far a superior recruiter. However, I believe Bicknell is a superior developer. I can't really talk with regards to Bicknell's recruiting prowess. I believe, with the players we have on the team now and the JUCOS coming in, the need for a dynamic developer outweighs the need for a dynamic recruiter.
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    Now you're just talking crazy talk.
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    That is one of the most beautiful, perfectly stated examples of a loser's mentality. Thank you. 14th is a victory? Just wow...
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    Six teams on our schedule FINISHED in the top 10. We started and ended the regular season by beating a team that finished in the top 10. We lost to the national champion final by 3, #4 & #10 by a TD and #6 by 11 (notwithstanding Derrick tripping on a blade of grass). I don't rant about refs but man oh man if they just called HALF the holding of Davidson & Brown by UF, UGa and/or (especially) LSU...
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    You realize this was our head coach's 7th season, right? He doesn't get to blame the roster. Also, as @Brad_ATX pointed out, several other extremely successful teams have also played freshman QBs. Why didn't they lose 4 games, also? One more thing. We had a championship caliber unit on this team. It wasn't the one that our head coach has micromanaged into abject mediocrity. Our defense was good enough to win every game but we still managed to lose four games because of our offense. The same guy who's been calling the shots for 7 years. You call that victory?
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    Our offense was lethargic. Boring and awful to watch. LSU brought in Joe Brady and won a national championship. Please can we get rid of Gus, I'm tired of watching his boring and outdated offense.
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    All I know about this guy is that he has a much better resume than Dustin Frye or Kendall Simmons. I have a feeling that this is going to turn out to be a really good hire by Malzahn.
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    Oh my. That shot of Coach Ensminger and his son Steve sharing a tearful moment got to me. So sad and yet so happy. Praying for them and Carley McCord’s family.
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    Actually, it's called animosity. An apathetic person is indifferent and probably wouldn't bother to post anything. But I get it..
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    90% of the posters on here I would hate to have on any team i played on or coached. And for the naysayers, yes I did both . I played semi professional baseball and coached in high schools. The whining and crying , non endless, is sickening. I can understand disappointment as only a win was acceptable to me as a player. But to not see that we WERE NOT the best team in the SEC this year is to be blind. To not see the problems why we were not is to be blind. To whine is to be -- I don't know what-- but it ain't acceptable in individuals who are mature and accept reality. Gus Gus Gus..... Yes Gus is a problem, but so was a freshman QB, a line that never lived up to it's billing, and mistakes that plagued us at the worse times. Injuries at certain positions , in certain games.... You call them excuses- but i call them reality. Great teams overcome such. We were not a great team. We were a good team that did not get the breaks we needed to go all the way. There comes a time you either grow and heal, or you back up and you keep festered in the problems of the past....
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    I'm sorry, but in modern college football, the freshman/young QB thing at a major school is a crutch that doesn't work anymore. Some examples: - Jake Fromm won the SEC and went to the natty as a freshman. - Tua led a massive comeback in the natty and won the game for Bama as a freshman. - Trevor Lawrence won it all as a freshman. - Justin Fields had limited playing time at UGA. Took Ohio State to the playoffs as a sophomore. - Jalen Hurts was a true freshman when he started at Bama in 2016 and took them to the title game. In today's game, you can either play or you can't. And if the excuse is "well we started a freshman QB", then all blame and concern needs to go to those whose job includes roster management.
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    Is being #14 really your definition of "victory"? Based on our staff payroll, the amount of money we invest in football, and our recruiting rankings over the last decade, #14 is underachieving.
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    Does this mean Auburn gets a participation trophy for our case? I know it was a difficult schedule but we still didn't win anything. Great teams beat other great teams. Otherwise your just a good team. We're paying for greatness and we're getting "but we were so close".
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    Looks like a great hire. Lot's of good experience, HC experience, NFL experience, has brought in good classes at other schools. I'm sure over the next couple of weeks we can pick the guy apart so that by the time Spring practice starts he will be the worst hire of all time.
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    We scored 7 points in the SECCG, didn't make it to the playoffs and lost our bowl game against a G5 opponent. Not exactly taking a shot at glory.
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    I got a positive. Our previous qb would run around and get sacked because no one was open. This year, our qb would run around and throw it out of bounds because no one was open. Am I doing this right?
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    Clemson "fans" are now starting a thread on their boards questioning if he minds losing.😉
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    I believe he was BC's Center in the '82 Tangerine Bowl against Auburn. ....there's your Auburn connection.
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    I just hope this guy will turn our O-Line into biters. We need a little meanness and we need to be able to get away with holding like every other team we play against.
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    As a 2 year starter at center on my middle school football team that had a grand total of 1 wins I support this hire. If you believe the chatter about this new crop being meaner and possibly better than the line this year then Bicknell sounds pretty good. Still going to need to bring in some quality depth at OT in this next recruiting year class.
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    Announcing during the national championship game just screams “we are excited about this hire and want to let everyone know” just don’t understand how Gus thinks
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    Tim Hudson joining Auburn baseball staff ByJASON CALDWELL 9 minutes ago Share8 Comments AUBURN, Alabama—A former Auburn All-American and a winner of 223 games in 17 seasons in the major leagues, Tim Hudson will be joining the Auburn baseball staff as a pitching coach for Butch Thompson. With veteran Steve Smith leaving to take the head coaching position at Tennessee Tech, a spot opened up for the Tigers as the full-time pitching coach and the call was an easy one for Thompson to turn to Hudson. "I came here as the head coach," Thompson said. "I don't want to be the pitching coach. I have been one for 16 years in the SEC. I see all of these prongs that are in place to help someone like Tim Hudson, somebody that won 223 major league games and is a World Series winner and pitched game seven of a World Series. Somebody that was the top collegiate baseball player in college. His experiences round us out that this is the best developmental pitching plan in America." One of the most consistent pitchers in MLB during his time in the big leagues, Hudson won at least 10 games in 13 of his 17 seasons. His best year came in 2000 when he went 20-6 with an ERA of 4.14 for the Oakland A’s, who selected him in the 6th round of the 1997 draft. In six seasons with the American League club he compiled a record of 92-39 before moving closer to home to pitch for the Atlanta Braves. Hudson’s best season in Atlanta came in 2010 when he was 17-9 with an ERA of just 2.83 in 34 starts after missing much of the previous season with an injury. His time with the Braves was good enough to earn Hudson an induction into the Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame. Tim Hudson works with Cody Greenhill (Photo: Jason Caldwell/Inside The Auburn Tigers, 247Sports) During his nine seasons in a Braves uniform, Hudson ranked ninth in wins and 17th in innings pitched. His .611 win percentage is the third-best mark in Braves history and he ranks fifth in team history in wins (113), ERA (3.56), strikeouts (997) and innings pitched (1,573.0). 8COMMENTS A four-time all-star, Hudson finished fifth in the Rookie of the Year voting in 1999 and finished in the top six three different times in voting for the Cy Young Award as the top pitcher in his league. While at Auburn, Hudson earned SEC Player of the Year, First Team All-American and First Team All-SEC honors following one of the best years any player has ever had for the Tigers. Helping Coach Hal Baird’s program to the College World Series in 1997, Hudson went 15-2 on the mound with a 2.97 ERA and 165 strikeouts while also hitting .396 with 18 home runs and 95 RBI at the plate. Hudson led the NCAA in wins while his strikeout total was also the highest in the SEC. Additionally, his wins, ERA and RBI numbers are second in single-season program history.
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    I'm tired of coming on hear and reading about reality! Why can't everybody agree with me and fairytale this up? Stop criticizing Gus. It hurts my feelings and I didn't come here to get my feelings hurt. I mean why would I come to a football board of a team who was physically whipped by a bunch of 3 star prospects and expect to see blue skies and rainbows? I don't know but I want it to be different NOW!
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    Keeding aside. I will say for all the gnashing of OL teeth many of our fellow posters did on this opening and what they were expecting Good Ol' Gus to do...I think this is as good as a hire as many of the others that have been successful for Gus. He has NFL experience. Check. He has coached in the college ranks and even in the SEC. Check. He has a pedigree in his family tree. Check. He has proven track record of very good OLs in the pros and college. Check. He's not a Gus groupie or in the Gus' offensive tree of coaches. Big CHECK!
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    Interesting take. You know what's really old for me? The same old BS from Gus no matter who the personnel or assistant coaches are. The floundering against our rivals over and over and over again. The not living up to his salary. The off-season hope to only see the same sh*tshow on offense every year. The waiting for Gus to *get it* and grow out of his coaching infancy while being paid top dollar and showing minimal results when it comes to evolving and improving. THAT is what gets old. 7 years old to be precise. Some of us are quicker to catch on though and pivot our thinking.
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    This is where I'm at. When we hire a coach that specializes in an area, I want that area to improve. Stuff to get better. I don't want to hear all the reasons it's not good; we're hiring somebody that looks at the problem and says yeah this is crap.....but I can fix it
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    That would be weird. Their coach barely ever loses and usually shows up well prepared for big games.
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    Come on everyone. As bad as our OL and recruiting has been lately, let’s give him a chance before we hammer him or Gus.
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    I don’t think anybody predicted this and most wanted an out of the box hire that wasn’t a “Gus guy” right?
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    Now compare it to JB's previous stops and experience
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    It is called apathy, my friend.
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    I'm pulling for LSU because I drove through Baton Rouge a couple of times. That's my connection. 😁
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    I'm not sure who has the most fans but I know which fan base has the most teeth!