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    I don't seem to remember the anti Gus (reality crowd) starting this post. Actually it was a poster making an argument why we should all be ecstatic about a 14 ranking. Then, he, and a few others started whining when everyone didn't see it that way. Whining goes both ways, and the Gus apologists are champions at it.
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    I'm tired of coming on hear and reading about reality! Why can't everybody agree with me and fairytale this up? Stop criticizing Gus. It hurts my feelings and I didn't come here to get my feelings hurt. I mean why would I come to a football board of a team who was physically whipped by a bunch of 3 star prospects and expect to see blue skies and rainbows? I don't know but I want it to be different NOW!
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    This one should be fun, let's jump right in. This is not the bama team of Grant or Avery, this one likes to get up and down and get into shoot-outs. They also, don't like to play much defense and this looks to be . a pretty high scoring matchup. Bama leads the SEC in team scoring at 83 per game, and we are right behind them at 81 per game. Offensively, these teams are very evenly matched with bama getting more outside scoring and AU doing more damage from 2. However, we have an advantage in the turnover area that could prove to be the difference. We average 12.9 turnovers per game, and bama averages 15.5, we need to win this battle within the game as much as any other area. Both teams are solid rebounding teams and it will be important for us to keep this battle tight as well. Where the stats start to show some separation is on the defensive end. Bama allows opponents to score 78.7 pts a game, while AU is at 66.3 per game. Alabama has allowed two teams to score 100+ on them (one in OT). They allow 12+ assist per game (AU allows 10), they allow their opponents to shoot 42% (AU is at 40%), and this trend continues across the board. bama isn't in the top 100 in almost any defensive statistic, while AU is in the top 100 in many areas. Petty and Lewis lead them in most categories, including scoring, rebounding, assists, minutes, steals. Those two are the key to this bama team. Shackelford can score and Jones is a good contributor as well, but bama will not beat us if we hold Petty and Lewis both in check. Between the two of them they score and generate offense for the rest of the group, but they also each have some turnover issues at times. I am optimistic our guards and wings will be able to pressure them into some turnovers, and limit Petty's ability to get open jumpshots, but Lewis is my biggest concern. He can drive the ball and create disruption. If he gets going we could be in trouble. I don't think Samir is quick enough to handle him so McCormick will need one of his better defensive efforts. It will be interesting how we approach these two. I think Lewis is the more difficult matchup. Bama doesn't block a lot of shots and dont have the rim protectors they have had in the past. I honestly don't think we will have much trouble scoring unless we are careless with the ball or we settle too much for outside shots. I expect us to continue driving the ball, drawing fouls and getting second chance points. This will be a tough test, but if we are able to to keep up our defensive intensity, the bama team has shown some mental lapses and folded in a few games. I expect a tight game, but I also think there is an outside chance we could open this one up if bama isn't making outside shots. War Eagle!!
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    Seven active posters saying the same thing every day. Don't sell yourself short, buddy!
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    The problem is those couple of games were Florida and LSU.
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    You know, I was in a pretty good mood until I saw this topic. Now I’m forced to relive how awful Auburn football is and deal with the fact that for what seems like the fourth year in a row, if we had just had a pulse on offense, things could have been so much different. Instead I’m told I should be grateful that we’re ranked 14th and came so close to beating these four teams, as if the games were ever actually that close (Do some of you even watch the games, or just check the score at the end?). We held LSU to what, 24 points? No one else came close to that, and because we couldn’t even fart out an offense we lost, again, to a super beatable LSU team. I don’t understand how some of you look at that and feel like that’s an accomplishment, like it’s something to be proud of. Maybe if we were UAB, sure. We’re Auburn. We’re better than that. I can appreciate my guys’ work without labeling these yearly performances as acceptable. I can go on and on but I won’t
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    🎶 Here's the story of a man named Brady. Who helped LSU win a title of their own. Then the next day the Panthers came a calling, Now Coach O is all alone.
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    Man oh man if our offense had just scored some points. Pretty sure that missed holding calls on LSU's offensive line didn't prevent that. Auburn fans are heavy with the moral victories today because of how our defense played against LSU. I'm just that much more frustrated that our self-appointed play caller turned a playoff-caliber team into a 4-loss team. Again. If this was intended to be a Kevin Steele & Co. appreciation thread and I missed it, my apologies.
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    I'd say it was easily about 80-90% of the problem. RBs couldn't find a hole and Bo rarely had the time to scan or the pocket to step up in. I've been hypercritical of Gus' predictability, his game plans, and the timing of certain play calls. However, this year there was a lot less of those criticisms. I actually agree with him this year that most of the issues were due to player execution and to me, that was mostly due to the very poor OL play and inconsistencies
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    ^^^Perfect example of a Beta right here folks ^^^ My business would never survive if I allowed that type of low level acceptance of mediocrity from staffers. SMDH
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    Tim Hudson joining Auburn baseball staff ByJASON CALDWELL 9 minutes ago Share8 Comments AUBURN, Alabama—A former Auburn All-American and a winner of 223 games in 17 seasons in the major leagues, Tim Hudson will be joining the Auburn baseball staff as a pitching coach for Butch Thompson. With veteran Steve Smith leaving to take the head coaching position at Tennessee Tech, a spot opened up for the Tigers as the full-time pitching coach and the call was an easy one for Thompson to turn to Hudson. "I came here as the head coach," Thompson said. "I don't want to be the pitching coach. I have been one for 16 years in the SEC. I see all of these prongs that are in place to help someone like Tim Hudson, somebody that won 223 major league games and is a World Series winner and pitched game seven of a World Series. Somebody that was the top collegiate baseball player in college. His experiences round us out that this is the best developmental pitching plan in America." One of the most consistent pitchers in MLB during his time in the big leagues, Hudson won at least 10 games in 13 of his 17 seasons. His best year came in 2000 when he went 20-6 with an ERA of 4.14 for the Oakland A’s, who selected him in the 6th round of the 1997 draft. In six seasons with the American League club he compiled a record of 92-39 before moving closer to home to pitch for the Atlanta Braves. Hudson’s best season in Atlanta came in 2010 when he was 17-9 with an ERA of just 2.83 in 34 starts after missing much of the previous season with an injury. His time with the Braves was good enough to earn Hudson an induction into the Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame. Tim Hudson works with Cody Greenhill (Photo: Jason Caldwell/Inside The Auburn Tigers, 247Sports) During his nine seasons in a Braves uniform, Hudson ranked ninth in wins and 17th in innings pitched. His .611 win percentage is the third-best mark in Braves history and he ranks fifth in team history in wins (113), ERA (3.56), strikeouts (997) and innings pitched (1,573.0). 8COMMENTS A four-time all-star, Hudson finished fifth in the Rookie of the Year voting in 1999 and finished in the top six three different times in voting for the Cy Young Award as the top pitcher in his league. While at Auburn, Hudson earned SEC Player of the Year, First Team All-American and First Team All-SEC honors following one of the best years any player has ever had for the Tigers. Helping Coach Hal Baird’s program to the College World Series in 1997, Hudson went 15-2 on the mound with a 2.97 ERA and 165 strikeouts while also hitting .396 with 18 home runs and 95 RBI at the plate. Hudson led the NCAA in wins while his strikeout total was also the highest in the SEC. Additionally, his wins, ERA and RBI numbers are second in single-season program history.
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    Lol every single SEC rival of ours want us to keep Gus forever because of seasons like this one and some of our fans want us to be satisfied with it. If our rivals are happy with our how our seasons end up why the hell are any of our fans happy about it? Some of yall need to re-assess how you're viewing our program if it aligns with how our rivals feel about us.
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    I don't disagree with what you are saying, however, a good offensive line can make up for a lot of offensive mediocrity though. Good example: Even though they had some good to very good players, Minnesota did not have 1st round talent in their wide outs, QB and/or RB positions but because our defense never got to the QB he was able to pick us apart, the receivers were consistently able to get open and make catches and the RBs were able to run all over us and have a record day. A major reason for this was that their O-line beat our D-line for most of the game. They kept the QB upright (0 sacks and few pressures) and gave him time to find the open receivers as well as allowing the receivers to get open, they opened holes for the RBs and also allowed them to get to the outside. They pretty much made our first and second round talented D-line look as bad as they have all year. Auburn has been an example all year of what a mediocre offensive line can do to 4 and 5 star talent at the QB, RB and WR positions. The QB can't pick apart the defense or throw to deep routes if he's running for his life or stay in the pocket if he doesn't have trust in his protection. The RBs can't break long runs if they can't get past or around the line of scrimmage and the wideouts have a hard time getting open if the CBs and safeties don't have to worry too much about the run game. If anything (but not the only thing), Auburn's offensive line woes were very apparent in the bowl game but showed up throughout the year and even including some the previous year with an NFL caliber QB in place. While O-line might not have been our only problem offensively, it was a major part of it. Everything goes through the offensive line. It can make up for a lot of weaknesses and it can sure amplify and create some also. I'm definitely not saying our problems are solved (nowhere near that) but I'm also not sorry to see our previous line coach gone as well as our senior O-line guys if anything only because I'm not sure either would ever get the job done. Pass blocking wasn't bad but the lack of a consistent run threat didn't help our receivers get open or give the QB time to find them. While I definitely appreciate their effort and what they did for us, I don't see us getting better offensively if we didn't have a change in either or both. Are we going to be better this year with the new line coach and the new O-line? Don't know, but I'm sure I was ready for a change there and I'm probably not the only one.
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    After 7 yrs of the same old crap, I can no longer find the will or energy to blame refs for the mounted losses this staff sustains every single year. Every season is bizarre in some form or fashion and excuses flow like water from fans in an effort to cope with the consistent deficiencies of the HC. I don't thing I've ever seen a fan base consistently throw out a myriad of excuses in order to try to explain why a top 5 paid staff can't for the life of them string together back to back 9 win seasons. It's unfathomable in today's world of 12 game regular seasons that this crew can not achieve that minimal benchmark.
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    It’s premium content but it kinda seems like he shut his recruitment down
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    That is one of the most beautiful, perfectly stated examples of a loser's mentality. Thank you. 14th is a victory? Just wow...
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    Henson is by far a superior recruiter. However, I believe Bicknell is a superior developer. I can't really talk with regards to Bicknell's recruiting prowess. I believe, with the players we have on the team now and the JUCOS coming in, the need for a dynamic developer outweighs the need for a dynamic recruiter.
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    I appreciate the optimistic perspective, but the flip side is UF, UGA, and Minnesota would not have finished in the top 10 if we had handled our business. A good but frustrating season.
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    AUBURN, Alabama--Auburn announced on Tuesday evening it has hired Brent Crouch of Southern Cal to take over as head coach of the Auburn women’s volleyball team. That position has been vacant since Rick Nold stepped down on Dec. 2nd following a disappointing 2019 season in which the Tigers won just one SEC match. Nold posted a 127-139 record in nine seasons at Auburn. Crouch has been head coach at Southern Cal for two seasons where he led teams to the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Tournament the past two seasons. “Volleyball in the SEC is on the rise, and it is only a matter of time before it leads the country,” Crouch said. “I want to be at the forefront of that growth. Auburn volleyball is ready to take off, and I'm excited to partner with the department to ensure this happens. “Once I knew I was aligned with the core values, mission and the specific vision of volleyball at Auburn outlined by Allen Greene, it was a simple decision to come on board,” he said. “The Auburn family is going to see a volleyball program playing a fast, aggressive style of volleyball and to continue to develop young student athletes at the highest level on and off the court. “I expect us to be earning a bid to the NCAA tournament very soon, and I know our athletes are up for that challenge,” Crouch added. “It's a great time to be an Auburn Tiger." Brent Crouch is shown while coaching for Southern Cal. Greene, Auburn’s athletic director, said, “We are excited to welcome Brent, his wife Marcy and sons Jonathan and William into the Auburn family. Brent is a well-respected teacher, motivator and tactician which have guided him throughout his accomplished coaching career. “Most importantly, we feel that Brent’s leadership will further enhance the Auburn experience for our student athletes,” Greene added. “We look forward to the development and growth of the Auburn volleyball program under Brent in the years to come.” Southern Cal finished 22-11 in 2018 with a 13-7 record in Pac-12 play, which put the Trojans in second place. The 2019 team finished 18-14. Crouch was the 2016 West Coast Conference Coach of the Year after taking over an 0-27 team at the University of Portland and improving to 7-23 in season one in 2014, 16-15 in 2015 and 17-13 in 2016. Prior to taking the job at Portland the new Auburn head coach worked at Saint Mary’s College in California where he was an assistant coach from 2010-13 for the Gaels, who posted a 73-40 record during that period. In 2013 he was named head coach of the startup Saint Mary’s College beach volleyball team that finished 8-2 with a No. 9 national ranking. Other coaching experience includes working with the USA Volleyball program. He played the sport collegiately on Texas A&M’s club team and professionally from 2005-07 on the AVP?and CBVA events with a top finish a second at the 2005 California Cup state championship. Crouch earned his bachelor's degree in history in 1998 plus a master's in philosophy in 2000 from Texas &M?along with a doctorate in philosophy from Oregon in 2006. He has taught philosophy at Oregon, San Diego City College and Saint Mary's College since 2000. He and wife Marcy have two sons, Jonathan and William.
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    "Pepsi- because everyone can't be first."
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    In keeping with the OP Pepsi is still celebrating victory being #2 in America's cola poll.
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    Clemson will win the natty in 2020. Book it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....
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    Dude I loved Mike Shula and Avery Johnson. Some of my favorite coaches of all time tbh
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    Gus struck gold in 2013. He stubbornly spent the next 7 years still digging in the same spot, even though it was clear there was nothing else left in that mine.
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    Keeding aside. I will say for all the gnashing of OL teeth many of our fellow posters did on this opening and what they were expecting Good Ol' Gus to do...I think this is as good as a hire as many of the others that have been successful for Gus. He has NFL experience. Check. He has coached in the college ranks and even in the SEC. Check. He has a pedigree in his family tree. Check. He has proven track record of very good OLs in the pros and college. Check. He's not a Gus groupie or in the Gus' offensive tree of coaches. Big CHECK!
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    I'm sorry, but in modern college football, the freshman/young QB thing at a major school is a crutch that doesn't work anymore. Some examples: - Jake Fromm won the SEC and went to the natty as a freshman. - Tua led a massive comeback in the natty and won the game for Bama as a freshman. - Trevor Lawrence won it all as a freshman. - Justin Fields had limited playing time at UGA. Took Ohio State to the playoffs as a sophomore. - Jalen Hurts was a true freshman when he started at Bama in 2016 and took them to the title game. In today's game, you can either play or you can't. And if the excuse is "well we started a freshman QB", then all blame and concern needs to go to those whose job includes roster management.
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    Paying 6th highest salary in the entire country to our HC. Finished 14th. 3rd in our very own division. That ain't a victory here at Auburn. This is the post-Cam Newton world. We play for championships here. This ain't Mississippi State.
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    Best 4 loss team in the country!
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    As much talk as there is about non-CFP bowl games not mattering, I somehow felt better about an 8-win season after drubbing Purdue in the Music City Bowl last year. Go figure...
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    Does this mean Auburn gets a participation trophy for our case? I know it was a difficult schedule but we still didn't win anything. Great teams beat other great teams. Otherwise your just a good team. We're paying for greatness and we're getting "but we were so close".
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    Six teams on our schedule FINISHED in the top 10. We started and ended the regular season by beating a team that finished in the top 10. We lost to the national champion final by 3, #4 & #10 by a TD and #6 by 11 (notwithstanding Derrick tripping on a blade of grass). I don't rant about refs but man oh man if they just called HALF the holding of Davidson & Brown by UF, UGa and/or (especially) LSU...
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    All these last 10 or so posts are really good evaluations of the current situation. Which is all the more troubling since, other than friggin Minnesota, we almost won every game against those amazing teams we barely lost to. I'm an old fashioned guy; it starts up front. If we fix the line; we fix the root of most (not all, but most) of what afflicted us this year. If we fix the line, we can actually get some 1st downs and control the ball. Even Terry Henley was SEC player of the year; it had nothing to do with him...I was faster and had more moves than he did; not back then; but now! He ran behind one of the best Olines in Auburn history. A good line makes up for a lot of sins. If our line can actually protect for more than 2 seconds; our innacurate QB might have time to set his feet and make a throw. He is not very good on the move. The less he has to move the better. With a good line; the game slows down dramatically for a young QB. With more time, maybe the receivers will be able to create some space...if not everytime then at least some more of the time. All of you guys point out legit shortcomings. But we must have talent; a lot of talent; given our recruiting rankings how close we came to winning all those games this year with all those shortcomings. But if we can fix just one thing; it needs to be Oline 1st.
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    Yup. They didn't even make to December before they gave up more than 24 points in a game. Pathetic, especially with such a soft schedule and with a dominant, clock-eating offense like ours.
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    Just thought I would share a license plate I saw today. Maybe the most appropriate bammer tag I've seen 😛
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    Right. So Minnesota coaches knew that their o line wouldn't have a bunch of time; so they had a game plan, they got the ball out quick, they kept us off balance. I'm sure it wasn't ideal but apparently he's a good coach
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    That's what I'm saying, I know our coach hasn't been great and because of that you know what I expect to find????? People on both sides. You know what I expect to find on another board? People on both sides. If a policeman shoots somebody? People on both sides, President? People on both sides. Coke or Pepsi? People on both sides. What kind of an ass you have to be to really feel that you can log on a forum and say this ENTIRE side stop posting because I don't want to read anybody disagreeing with me
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    Me, to my bammer buddy: I hate nick saban and I want him to go away. bammer buddy: Lol. I looooove Gus Malzahn and want him to stay forever. This was after this most recent IB.
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    Spent up to 2017 trying to replicate it and then still needed Art to bail him out.
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    Excuses were whatever they needed to be to make people feel good about accepting mediocrity. Same as it ever was.
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    What were the excuses for four losses last year again? They're all running together on me. Can't seem to keep track.
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    🎶The Corndog Bunch... The Corndog Bunch....🎶 That's the way they remained the Corndog Bunch...🎶🎶🎶 (Y'all know I have loved this year for Coach O, though.)
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    Ye p it is so much fun to come to a forum and see comments by the same people making the same arguments about the same things day after day, week after week, month after month. Makes one Wonder why a forum with hundreds of members has pretty much ended up with about six active posters most days.. perhaps it is because they can turn any interesting OP into a b**** session. Shared ignorance is a wonderful thing I guess. .