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    He took an entire 8 hours to make that hire and the results the last two years reaffirmed his effort
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    I didn't just look at the box score. The stats were for your benefit and to back-up my discussion. I watched the game and saw what I'm saying. The Minnesota O-line was pushing our guys all over the place and exactly where they wanted them. They had blockers making it to the second level consistently and closing off run fits. Our O-line was having a hard time just holding ground against their D-line let alone open holes or generate any push. It's interesting you mention Bo and Stidham. Stidham got clobbered early in the season in 2018 and for the remainder of the season he was watching his back and keeping an eye on his line instead of down field. As a result, throughout the year we saw him miss chances to hit open receivers and wound up holding on to the ball too long because of it. He lost trust in the O-line. Same thing with Bo. I agree that several times this year he ran out of the pocket well before he needed to and sometimes right into trouble. I wonder why he did that, loss of trust and confidence in the O-line maybe? Actually, I thought that was the argument, at least my argument. Our bad O-line was a good part of the reason we could not establish a run game and also why Bo didn't have the type of season we all hoped he would have. Those things go somewhat hand-in-hand. My point goes to your argument about outstanding coaches not needing great line talent. You're actually making my point for me. They had great line talent and yet they didn't have the unfettered success you would expect with your outstanding coach argument. Georgia, and especially Fromm, didn't have the numbers he had the previous year. Their O-line play and his protection wasn't where it had been the previous year and so his passing suffered for it. Alabama's O-line, while still very talented and pretty good had some breakdowns at inopportune times which cost them in tight games. One was the Auburn game. They played pretty decent most of the day but at times they weren't up to snuff. Case in point: They managed to get all the way down the field and inside the 10 but a breakdown on the O-line allowed Big Cat to get to Jones unblocked which forced him to throw much sooner than he wanted and was ready to and well before the receiver was ready causing an errant throw and a 100 yd pick six. Was that on Saban or the O-line? The thing is, Auburn dealt with that sort of stuff the whole year besides not being able to run with much success. Hence you had a freshman QB (albeit a very talented freshman QB) looking over his shoulder or getting happy feet when he should be building confidence and getting comfortable in the pocket. He spent a lot of his time getting out of trouble (real or just perceived) or throwing the ball away when he should've been looking for open receivers. His talent and athletic (escape) ability kept him from getting more sacks and I think that skewed some protection stats also (JMO). I really thought it was my point: a good O-line a good coach doth make. Just like a bad O-line can make a coach, a QB, a RB a WR, etc. look pretty pedestrian or pretty bad. I think the fact that Auburn was more talented than Minnesota in most positions was a reason they were able to stay close score-wise because it could've easily been a blowout the way the lines were playing. Actually what some of us are saying is that a bad O-line can be responsible for a lot of things. Not just the QB getting sacked but yes that also. If you can't run, then play-action and other motions won't misalign or affect the defense like they would if you could. Safeties don't feel the need to cheat up in run support, linebackers can drop back in coverage and just read, making it that much harder on short passing and slants, CBs can spend more time and effort covering their guy rather splitting time in run support also. All these things make it harder on the QB and they all can stem from poor O-line play. Now, please don't think I'm saying this was the only reason Bo had a less than stellar year because I'm not. It was just a very big part of the reason. It also was a factor in why the defense struggled at times. They had to spend more time on the field because of it. All phases suffered for it. I think we're not that far apart in what we are saying or thinking. I also don't want anyone to think I'm blaming Bo for how the offense went this year. I think he did a stellar job with what he had to deal and work with as well as being a true freshman QB in the SEC. That's why I can't see the new O-line coach and replacement of most of the senior lineman as being anything but a step (hopefully a big step) in the right direction. I only wish we had done the new coach part sooner. Could've probably helped us with O-line recruiting sooner also. Just imagine what Auburn could've been this year with a better O-line and with the D we had.
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    Andy Kennedy is the best commentator in the sport. Love listening to him. Just wish we weren't playing like ish and getting our ass beat lol.
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    They go with an old church style, cheap laminated shiny ‘70’s crap that someone’s Grandma got second hand from the flea market. We go with thick cushioned, high quality folded chairs. Appropriate lumbar support, stylish yet practical. Preferably with the AU logo.
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    Lol. I get the feeling if Gus gave everyone on here a gold ingot, there would be a majority who complained that he placed it in their wrong hand...
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    It seems to me that the issue is that it looks as though you're being intentionally obtuse and refuse to concede the point that having a lot of offensive linemen on scholarship is not the same thing as having good depth at all the positions on the offensive line. To take the total number of offensive linemen on scholarship and divide that by 5 tells us nothing about depth if 15 out of 18 of the scholarship offensive linemen are centers or guards. And then to declare that you won the argument when you missed the whole point of the comment and to claim that people are giving you crap about it because they're just 'sore losers' just makes you come across as haughty and stubborn. Is your goal on this messageboard just to win the argument, or is it to have a productive discussion so that all parties involved come away with food for thought and, hopefully, a better understanding of things? Or is your goal to defend Gus Malzahn at all costs? Personally, I'm ambivalent about Gus. I think he's been a good coach in a lot of ways, but there are many areas that he needs to improve (managing o-line recruiting being one of them). I'm still hopeful that he can figure it out (but not optimistic); because, for better or worse, we're stuck with him for the next few years.
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    The knee jerk reactioners are really going to lose their minds when they realize this isn’t an Elite 8/Final 4 team this year but 99% of us are very aware of it. I wanna see Jamal Johnson and Devon Cambridge and some of the other young bucks get meaningful minutes and improvements on a tournament team so they’re seasoned for next year. Enjoying the ride this year, regardless of how bumpy
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    Lol bro. Come on. This is college basketball. Games like this happen. You know this. Especially when the talent gap is not wide at all between 2 teams. I can see us having a lot of games like this on the road this season. We have talked all season long how bama is a lot better than we thought.
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    War eagle, everyone. No one expected to go undefeated all year but it really SUCKS to have our first loss come to the turds in turdtown. Absolutely worst game we've played all year and if we played like we normally do on the offense we win this game. 21 turnovers isn't gonna cut it. Shooting 32% from the field isn't gonna cut it. Having our guards have more turnovers than points isn't gonna cut it.
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    Granted we've sucked, but I've been impressed w/ Bama tonight. They've hit free throws and Lewis has killed us. Every single time he's blown by us. He's killed Samir.
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    This ref crew has been as atrocious as our play.
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    On the Politics forum, if you are needing a daily fix, the one who cannot hear very well will oblige you with a thumbs down or a facepalm...! @bigbird
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    I will add, every game thread I created last season during the tournament we won!
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    I just can't support Bruce anymore man, I like winners and in 6 seasons we have 0 titles, 0 title games. Bruce can't get us past the final four, and even that was only once (we really paying 4 mill a year for "participation trophy" seasons?) I guess some fans are cool for settling for "might have been" and "so close" seasons. 🤷‍♂️
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    Gus isn't a CEO. Some people are; some aren't. I will forever be thankful to him for his contribution to 2010; and his efforts in 2013 and getting so close to a Natty. However, his day has come and gone. He has not evolved or made any effort to reinvent himself or address the systemic issues leading to underperformance; which is the hallmark of a good CEO. He's is now 1) an above average recruiter in skill positions and a below avg recruiter for linemen, 2) a once oustanding position coach who has become an average position coach, and 3) he has a track record of misfires on assistant coaches; the lifeblood of recruiting and player development. He's basically Kevin Sumlin.
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    Pretty sure this thread has run it's course...
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    So like I said adjustments will be made, you can't depend on our guards. Their guards ran circles around us and our perimeter defense has been showing signs for a while.....Wiley looked ok tho........If you follow my posts you shouldn't be too surprised It's just one game and we'll get back to work and get better!
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    I was steaming mad during last spring when Kira Lewis and Petty decided to come back. So Oats walked in to a fairly talented team. It is not gutted like the situation Bruce walked in to. That is what really pisses me off. If they lost those 2 they may of been like Vandy last year and that would of been amazing to see. Kira was the best player on the floor all night long and it was not close. GOD I hope he goes to the NBA after this year. He is hell to guard and stay in front of. At least Avery put the clamps on him with that trash offensive system! haha.
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    Love how honest he is and I have 100% confidence that he'll have those young men ready to play on Saturday and we won't play that bad again this year. Every team needs to get punched in the mouth and the way Bruce coaches, there's no way these players aren't going to get back up ready to throw fists.
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    We all knew that we would not go undefeated. But to lose to uat in anything is the absolute worst. I can stomach a loss when you play well and just get beat. But to play this badly does not sit well. Bruce has to get their attention again and not let this happen again. War Damn Eagle!!! And good night.
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    We all do....but it’s not a season breaker.
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    Welp we have a heck of a nice thunderstorm going on here in North AL tonight so I think I’m gonna just turn the ole tv off and enjoy the rest of the night. Gotta just move on. WDE.
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    Losing to ******* bama. In basketball. Of all the teams in the country. We lose to bama. I really hope this doesn’t start a terrible slide.
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    Bama is not even playing that great. We are just playing freaking abysmal.
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    For a lot of them it is. And their last for the year.
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    Seriously. The lead isn't insurmountable so we are in it we just have to let the worst half of ball we've played all year be behind us
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    He needs to sit in the 2nd half and think about his game. The last few games have been more like the 1st half of the season last year for him.
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    Refs are allowing Bama to play way more physical than anyone we’ve played this year.
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    Frisby plantation gin smokestack. On the banks of the Tensas River in Tensas Parish, LA.
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    Clemson will win the natty in 2020. Book it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....
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    I'm not sure we were watching the same team. I seem to recall Bo having to run out of the pocket and throw the ball away lots of times this year as well as there were not many (if any) games where he was not sacked. I also don't remember too many games this year (at least against teams with a pulse) where our running backs were able to carve up the defense or run unimpeded because they had huge holes to run through. These things happened because of O-line play or lack there of. So what does that make Saban and Kirby? Their lines are slap full of 5 star talent and yet, neither team made it to the playoffs or went undefeated in the regular season even. By your definition then, neither is an outstanding coach or has the ability to overcome their teams shortcomings or they didn't have their entire teams prepared. Heck, one of them lost to Auburn's coach and his mediocre coaching. Pretty sure you would have a hard time convincing anyone that Saban is not an outstanding coach though. So what happened? Maybe, just maybe, their offensive lines didn't play up to snuff at certain times and their high talent level wasn't enough to get them the win. Their RBs couldn't run at will and their QBs got pressured into bad throws and/or sacked. Bottom line, their offensive lines had lapses and got beat by the defenses they were facing. Now, multiply that by 10 and you have what Auburn was playing with all season. And Auburn did not have the talent on the O-line to beat teams just by showing up like those 2 teams do. This part you can easily blame on Gus. His O-line recruiting has been lousy to say the least and it has bitten us repeatedly the last few years or so. A short passing attack doesn't explain 215 yards rushing with a 4.4 yd average. Not to mention, they didn't throw only short passes since they averaged almost 10 yards per pass and their no#1 and no#2 receivers averaged over 16 yards per catch. No way they could do that if the offensive line wasn't opening holes and closing off the edge for the RB and protecting the QB so he could go 20 of 30 passing for 280 more and no sacks. No question their O-line whipped our D-line. Very evident just from watching the game without even looking at stats. Our D-line guys somewhat admitted to it after the game. Auburn tried quick, short passes also. Averaged 6.5 yards per pass. Problem was Auburn was only able to rush for 56 with a 2.2 yd average and Bo was sacked 2 times and forced to throw it away several more times. All because our O-line got beat especially on run plays. They got absolutely no push. Their O-line gave their QB lots more time than Auburn's did for Bo also. I'm not trying to be argumentative and I think you made some good points but I think you are vastly underestimating the difference line play makes in a game especially for the offense but really on both sides of the ball. Now if you want to blame Gus for something blame him for bad O-line recruiting. I think that's one of his major fallacies. Hopefully this hire and this years recruiting will be the beginning of curing this nagging ailment we've had to deal with for years now. I sure hope so. If not, he's gonna be gone.
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    All these last 10 or so posts are really good evaluations of the current situation. Which is all the more troubling since, other than friggin Minnesota, we almost won every game against those amazing teams we barely lost to. I'm an old fashioned guy; it starts up front. If we fix the line; we fix the root of most (not all, but most) of what afflicted us this year. If we fix the line, we can actually get some 1st downs and control the ball. Even Terry Henley was SEC player of the year; it had nothing to do with him...I was faster and had more moves than he did; not back then; but now! He ran behind one of the best Olines in Auburn history. A good line makes up for a lot of sins. If our line can actually protect for more than 2 seconds; our innacurate QB might have time to set his feet and make a throw. He is not very good on the move. The less he has to move the better. With a good line; the game slows down dramatically for a young QB. With more time, maybe the receivers will be able to create some space...if not everytime then at least some more of the time. All of you guys point out legit shortcomings. But we must have talent; a lot of talent; given our recruiting rankings how close we came to winning all those games this year with all those shortcomings. But if we can fix just one thing; it needs to be Oline 1st.
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    I think most saw a loss coming soon. All of our faults that we have had for the last several weeks finally caught up to us. It all snowballed. turnovers. Poor FT shooting. SD has been struggling lately. too much 1 v 1 and no rhythm on offense. We Have to win with defense since we have trouble scoring. This team is better than we showed tonight but the seniors need to step up or we will see more losses. Im not a sure what BP will do with Purifoy and SD. Purifoy might need to come off the bench.
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    He’s been off mentally and you can tell in his body language that he’s frustrated. I agree on the somebody to take his spot tho. I would like to see a Mccormick, Okoro, DP, Mac, Wiley lineup tho. I know that would throw a lot of wrenches in the rotation, but I’d like to see it
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    Truth doesn't lie, Cole! You do you! Fly higher...
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    love BP, he was absolutely insane to say Doughty was a better on ball defender than Bryce earlier.
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    We are not playing good at all but this officiating is so one sided it is ridiculous.
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    We just got unlucky with Cambridge and Flannigan going to the line. 2 worst free throw shooters in our rotation. Even over j'von. Wiley missed 2 in a row which he hasn't been doing hardly at all this season.
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    Okoro needs to shoot every possession for the rest of the night.
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    Doughty is just not there tonight.
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    Damn, I love what Pearl said so much.
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    Why take a pay cut to go to NFL?