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    BREAKING: Gus announces new DB coach - JB Grimes!
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    You really raise the quality of discourse around here, Mikey. Way to add valuable content to the conversation. If we win 15 games in 2020, it will 100% be because Gus ceded most of the control of the offense to somebody who knows what he's doing. And that person will get credit for the offense working, and Gus will get credit for finally putting a stop to his ego ruining what should have been great seasons. Literally the only thing preventing Gus from being discussed in the same breath as the great coaches in the game is his lack of self awareness and the humility to let someone else get it right. He'd rather some play that he drew up with his salt and pepper shakers win one particular down than his football team win a game with somebody else's play calls. Not sure why you so badly want your fellow fans to be inferior people, but you only degrade yourself and others' opinions of you with stuff like this. Here's to hoping that you can be less obsessed with other fans and refocus your thoughts on football while posting in this forum.
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    Y'all so lame. If Gus said he would remain the play caller then all of you would have been upset. He announces what you wanted and y'all still crying. Sounds like people who whine and complain no matter what
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    Bro you don’t get enough of these posts in the football section? Why do this to us 8 basketball posters
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    Well gang, let the scapegoating begin. Gus has announced Chad Morris will call plays next season. Anyone paying attention knew this would happen since Gus is OC in odd years and CEO in even years.
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    That can’t be true; we were told Kevin wouldn’t coach for Malzahn anymore. That’s why he was gonna be the head coach.
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    Does anyone think Ed Orgeron is sitting around feeling sorry for himself because Joe Brady has taken so much credit for their success on offense this past season? The best thing that could happen to Gus is for Chad Morris to come in and revolutionize the offense. Gus, just like Ed, would be lauded for making the switch.
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    I hope this is Morris installing his own offense, as opposed to Morris just game planning and calling plays for Gus's offense. There needs to be a complete redo, beginning with OL splits, stances, running play tempo, QB drops and release points, etc....
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    I dont think Gus called the plays when we had Lindsey. Lindsey was clearly calling the plays. However Lindsey was calling plays that Gus preapproved beforehand. Gus would literally make sure the cameras saw that his mic was up. Lindsey absolutely called the plays. But as sure as I am that Lindsey called the plays, i am also just as sure that those plays were plays that Gus approved ahead of time. It was clear it was Lindsey calling the plays. It was also just as clear that it was not Lindsey's offense that he (Lindsey) was calling.
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    Supposedly a real good recruiter & knows the Alabama landscape very well which is important because this is a loaded in state class for 2021.
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    Call us what you will but the one thing you can't call us is gullible.
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    Sneak Peek of the Inevitable Gus and OC tug of war chapter 3 coming later this fall! lol
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    This bald eagle swooped down for roadkill near Lake Martin, and I had a great DUH moment that Alabama actually has bald eagles...have only ever seen one in Washington State...
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    Everyone should've seen this coming, it's an even year.
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    This sounds familiar...I suspect Chad will get the first 2 games, then Gus starts to intervene
  22. 3 points ESPN 300 final rankings are out. Tank at 20, Wesley Steiner at 42, Chris Thompson JR at 76, Z Walker at 93, Kobe at 114, Z Capers at 134, LaDarius Tennison at 140, JJ Evans at 143, Jay Hardy at 185, Desmond Tisdol 210, Eric Reed JR 229, Cam Riley at 280! and Jeremiah Pegues at 300!!! MUCH MUCH MUCH MUUUUUUUUCH BETTER than Rivals trash rankings.
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    Good to see our cycles are so linked together!!! Lol
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    Compare Chip's offenses at ASU and Troy to what we saw under him at Auburn. The 2017 offense was the exact same plays, minus a few exceptions, that we've seen Gus'entire tenure. We used the same formations, personnel groupings, and substitution patterns, while simultaneously avoiding attacking the same areas of the field and having bad situational play calls. Chip might've been calling plays, but it was clearly off of Gus' play sheet and with his approval. No way was that Chip's offense.
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    I've been around this forum long enough to know how this works. This is how the play calling will go on here in the Fall lol: Good play or executed play by players - Morris called. Bad play or improperly executed by players - Gus called.
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    The fact that we have this thread period, much less a thread like it every f'ing year under Malzahn, says every thing that you need to know about our head coach and his offense. But hey, it sets records! WWWWWOOOOOO!!!!! LET'S GGGGGOOOOOOO!!!!! WAR DAMN MORRIS!!!!!!!
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    No worries brother. That's what I'm here for.
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    Norvell gave him his big break in coaching, likely better job security in the short term, & FSU upped their financial offer this time around. It was the class before this one & yes but Alabama is loaded in 2021 so that may be a higher recruiting value. Can only answer for 2021 & not too good. Doubt it. More likely talent does.
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    To be fair during the Chip era he was not doing those things. He was off to the side with his hands in his pockets looking like he was counting down the seconds of the game to be over lol. The man was bored and said as much. He said he'd never not call plays again because football wasn't fun for him when he wasn't calling plays. This was per interview with Marty and McGee during their preseason shows where they interview each coach in the SEC. So, just 5 months after saying that he's all of a sudden going back to being bored? And willingly? I don't know how long he can sit on his hands before he cracks and calls a run up the gut on first and starts overruling Chad.
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    Well that's sweet. Not realistic, but sweet.
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    Along with predetermined passes, single receiver routes, and half-field reads
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    C'mon guys, Gus is still learning to be a head coach. Cut him some slack, he's only had 8 years of experience.
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    Good grief you guys/gals are a bunch of kiddies
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    Because Gus is a good Head Coach and a terrible OC now. Chad is the opposite.
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    It's like Deja Vu all over again- Yogi Berra.
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    I've talked about it before, but my biggest gripe with Gus is he coaches scared. He exudes fear. He doesn't try to win, he tries not to lose. So everything he does on the field is rooted in cowardice. He is petrified of Bo getting hurt. I can't stand it.
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    Exactly. Chip Lindsey called all the plays, too.
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    We played 2 teams in the top 5, 3 teams in the top 20, and 4 teams in the top 50 in passing offense. We finished 17th in scoring defense. Our DB play was not a problem. Methinks 64 is bored and looking to start some ish.
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    It's never been a question of Gus calling one play and his OC calling the next and I really don't understand how that started, even as a joke. However, Gus's level of influence over the play calling has definitely fluctuated from season to season, from game to game, and even from half to half. 2019 + 4 OCs in 5 years confirms the first, Gus publicly handing over play calling to Lashlee mid-2016 confirms the second, and LSU 2017 confirms the third.
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    Well done! Man, I really like the OF1920. The 1910 and the Rye are excellent as well. OF doing a great job with their product over the past 8-10 years. The OFBB is usually excellent but impossible to find.
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    🙄 Deflect, excuse, dismiss, accept, enable. You are no better than those you enable.
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    First play of the game.....wildcat First play after we get a first down run up the middle.
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    Don’t let your frustrations with Gus confuse you. Pearl is doing a damn good job on the recruiting trail.