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    My AU Econ degree tells me that if the market perceives a good as inferior or unacceptable the producer will suffer declining revenues. You guys need to whine a little louder, the market apparently doesn't hear you. The income statement is telling Dr. Gogue that all is well.
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    If anybody wants to talk to Steele, just go hang out in the chip and popcorn aisle of the Moore’s Mill Publix. He will engage with any fan. One of the nicest, most humble guys in the business.
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    You don't say...
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    College World Series Final Four 9-4 in football I think that's how you get the highest profit year ever. Has nothing to do with football being a consistent winner.
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    I mean who is this PTB guy? Anyone who doesn't like biscuits can't be legit or trustworthy.
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    Beating. Alabama. Is. Not. Enough.
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    Steele has/had no intention of being head coach, and the last convo I had with him (around LSU week during the season), he was strongly considering retiring at year end. (Wanted to retire to the Beach he told me...grandkids?) As WDE mentioned, they threw the $$ contract at him. He deserves it.
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    Sadly their Oline is prolly the best he will have played behind.
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    You're right I don't agree with the jj stuff because he's like the anti this, how many refuse to criticize Bo jj couldn't get any credit. Also to me the way I look at the game being scared and not taking risks is just as bad as talking too many risk and that's why I've never been excited about white that and he never played against a good team. The worst QB I've seen was Frazier.....awful and Gus let him throw. But yeah this board will hate me for it but you know I don't jump on here and lie....the way Gus let Bo come in and do all the interviews and make all those mistakes and wouldn't even let the other QB's even throw the ball. The entire JG had to earn his number and all that stuff but Bo had everything given to him.......that's the one way you can lose a team. I know what I'm talking about. Playing with fire. And that's why they did JG the way they did. And as far as going to play for Kentucky I don't think that will tell the true story, because what would Bo do at Kentucky or Vandy? This team was a dream job for a freshman QB.
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    He's too busy spreading his salary all over his living room floor and making "cash angels"
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    If someone had ever told me AU would be in the top 2 for 2 top 4 projected picks in a draft I would have checked them in a looney bin. Yet that's where we are with Green & Kuminga.
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    With Pearl, Thompson, sometimes Gouge, and the occasional Gus at the gas pump, visit the Exon on the corner of Samford and Gay. Pearl and Thompson extremely approachable. Butch will talk baseball all day. Bruce enjoys talking about his non - coaching years he spent in the food service industry. Gus is polite but always seems to be headed to fire and him being the only man with a hose.
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    Sign gusto to 10 yr. $100Mil NOW! I can’t find a font yellow enough.
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    Unless the nose belongs to a cultist or a moron. 😆
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    I think Golf should be the new DB coach. If there is anyone that knows how to be a DB it's him. He is the absolute personification of a DB!
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    When I click on a post and see that it was started by a4e, right as the screen is changing....
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    So murdering a US Citizen with a Drone is A-Okay, even without a trial or even a legal investigation? But killing off a bad actor in a Army Uniform that has openly murdered 100s, if not 1000s, or even 10,000s to try and stop a war is a bad thing? Do you ever read your own posts? You are laugh-out-loud crazy at times.
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    I remember the shoe issue brought up so much before we went and hired Barbee and everyone thought we would get out from under UA, bc of the issues in basketball recruiting and AAU. Looks like it still can be a problem PEarl has to fight with, but it takes a basketball warrior to win those battles...and Pearl does. p.s. that was eye-opening that Cooper almost adjusted his signing period bc he wanted to be a McDonald all-american and to sign w/ a UA school might cost him that chance. Something ain't right....
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    I feel like I missed some really juicy stuff here, dangit.
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    Viagra should NOT be snorted. Use only as directed.
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    Because you can’t buy championships, and the teams that beat us are making and spending just as much as us.
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    Not sure about Frazier but yes on Burks, We are a few days closer from the last time you asked a similar question about them.
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    You're right- I misspoke. Maybe this is why my bank account looks like it does. Profit > revenue
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    Republicans controlled Congress and never raised this concern. Trump’s DOJ has not found a reason to do it. But go ahead. Throw in another investigation of Hillary, too. Crazy cultist.
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    Success would have us in the running for the SEC West championship into late November. We only have 3 games in 2020. And all three of those opponents brake in new QB's and have a lot of change. Not gonna get a much better competitive/schedule angle. We should win these games based on our offensive performance because we just hired Gus's prime choise for OC; and our sure fire; can't miss; legacy QB improves his completion percent above Phil Gargis's level. Our defense shoudn't go from first to worst. Qualitatively; success is I don't spend 1/2 of every game going "what the hell was he thinking" along with everyone on this board.
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    This is a position where you need the coach to be solid, more than a recruiter. Of course both would be fantastic, but it's not like wr or hb.
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    It would be a huge step in the right direction. The last time we were Top 25 in total offense was in 2014. Gus has cracked the Top 25 in scoring offense twice, once in 2017 and then back in 2013. Yet somehow the myth of an elite offensive mind hangs around like a stray dog.
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    Cooper makes McDonald’s All American team!!!!
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    There's a few on here who qualify to be the DA coach as well.
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    I'll take Things That Should've Been Planned a Decade Ago for $600, Alex.
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    We now have elite money. So let's get elite coaches and upgrade our facilities. The money is also evidence of our ascension from a regional brand (think current state of Iowa, Tennessee, or Oklahoma State football) into a national, top 10 brand. This program lacks for nothing. So let's stop using the excuse that Auburn is "historically an 8-5 school". We are making new history.
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    its everywhere, I dont understand it. You'd think Chad tanked FSU or LSU or something. This is a program that doesnt have a title in most of their fans lives
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    No idea, but I bet it's less than 75%. Did they mention who his agent is? Whoever our next hire is, they should stipulate his agent be ABJS.
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    On OA road back between the Dean Road intersection and N Gay. Had a small place back when but moved down the street to the DQ building early 2000 something. Still going strong. Had breakfast there last Saturday morning.
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    Purifoy's body has changed he has gotten thicker and much stronger and could do yeoman's work down low but he grew up as a small forward and has a small forward mentality.A couple of games this year when Mac and Wiley were in foul trouble he played down low and did very well battling down low for rebounds on defense and scoring. He has a nice shot very good form and can hit the three but he needs to get down low and bang more while still keeping other team honest when he has an open 3. He has the capability to be both a down low banger and also a 3 point shooter if he does both he will help the team and himself.
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    Just for accuracy sake, Frazier only threw the ball a total of 12 times while Gus was a coach at AU. Compared to getting 76 carries (16 of which came in the bowl game). He played in all 13 games and only threw a pass in 6 of them. But he was plainly not a good QB so he really shouldn't have been playing anyway. Trotter was probably the best QB of that bunch and he played in the least amount of games. As far as the number thing goes, it was reported JG had some attitude issues early on and the staff stripped his number from him to get him to act right. I don't see a problem with this, if it's true. I feel like if they let that alleged attitude problem fester it could've led to something like losing a team by letting a poor attitude permeate -- which is something that Gus has never done, no matter how ugly and bad it's gotten, and something Chizik couldn't navigate properly. If Bo had the same alleged attitude issue and the staff looked the other way then I would see your point but by all accounts that hasn't happened. Just some things that came to mind when reading your post. Very good question about what Bo would do at Kentucky. It will be a hotly debated topic here in a few years I bet.
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    Big time. But hey maybe he can still be a Dak Prescott type at UK. That would be fantastic for him
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    Also, what kind of naive clown spends that much time talking about Auburn football and still assumes something's true because Gus Malzahn says so? Ouch...
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    I would gladly take 2 years from him. That would be amazing and so clutch for AU.
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    Yup. When he's not in game mode he's as cool as the other side of the pillow. His brother Jeff works for AU Athletics also. The nice runs in the family.
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    I would like to understand your assersion that revenues should lead to wins. Can you expand on this thought?
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    And a 4th Auburn McD AA. Double the Ronald’s in 1 year Woop woop!
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    No idea about that. Maybe someone who has a better memory can opine on that. I just know He was in Malzahns doghouse a lot. Even when it was clear from the middle of the season on that Jovon was clearly the better back Gus still gave way to many carries to Peyton Barber. It was maddening. Especially in the Ole Miss and Georgia games where all we had to do was ride Jovon to the finish line and we would of won both games.
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    Seriously @Viper. half the board was saying the same thing and you decide to take 1 person and call them out... OUCH....
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    There is a video interview with Coach Rojas on the Auburn Athletics Softball site.
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    BREAKING: Gus announces new DB coach - JB Grimes!