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    College Game Day just announced they will be coming to Auburn for the first time ever next saturday for our matchup with Kentucky. This is HUGE.
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    Well I was All SEC as a DB but I'm not dead just yet...............sonny boy
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    Yea, Defending the Constitution and the Nation is always a bad thing to some.
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    When I click on a post and see that it was started by a4e, right as the screen is changing....
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    Hope you ready to crown Texas A&M forever champs. At least we'll finish top ten.... Forbes list of most profitable football programs. 1. Texas A&M / SEC 2. Texas / Big 12 3. Michigan / Big Ten 4. Alabama / SEC 5. Ohio State / Big Ten 6. Oklahoma / Big 12 7. Georgia / SEC 8. Notre Dame / Independent 9. Florida / SEC 10. Auburn / SEC 11. LSU / SEC 12. Tennessee / SEC 13. Penn State / Big Ten 14. Oregon / Pac-12 15. Florida State / ACC 16 (tie). South Carolina / SEC 16 (tie). Arkansas / SEC 18. USC / Pac-12 19. Washington / Pac-12 20. Nebraska / Big Ten 21. Iowa / Big Ten 22. Michigan State / Big Ten 23. Wisconsin / Big Ten 24. Mississippi / SEC 25. Clemson / ACC
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    Okoro did a great job on their first round NBA pick Haliburton. Held him to 12 points. Bolton had 23 points but on 6 for 19 shooting. Iowa State is Def better than their record. Good offensive team that smoked bama. They will get some upsets in big 12 play at home and should make the NIT. This game reminded me very much of the vandy game. We played really well for 36 minutes. Love love looooveeee!!!! Getting teaching moments and a lot of things to learn in a win instead of a loss.
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    I will never forgive Danjel for taking that shot
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    Big biiiiiiiig shot by Purifoy to put us up 11 going in to halftime!!! We needed that after they went on a quick 5-0 mini run to cut it to 8.
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    Wanna bet no one knows bird and his vile mind as well as I do. I would bet your a DB yourself
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    I have no doubt he has considered retirement. CKS has been doing this a long time on some of the best teams in the country against the other best teams in the country. When you stop for a minute and look at his resume you wonder why we don’t have to fight each year to keep him. It’s a good thing him and his family enjoy Auburn. I hope we are his last stop 🦅👍🙏
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    I think Golf should be the new DB coach. If there is anyone that knows how to be a DB it's him. He is the absolute personification of a DB!
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    We now have elite money. So let's get elite coaches and upgrade our facilities. The money is also evidence of our ascension from a regional brand (think current state of Iowa, Tennessee, or Oklahoma State football) into a national, top 10 brand. This program lacks for nothing. So let's stop using the excuse that Auburn is "historically an 8-5 school". We are making new history.
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    Lol I am not for this conference pride BS. I wish nothing but the worst for will Wade and hope they lose every game.
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    Miami is really not a very big school, does not have a large affluent alumni base, and therefore the school does not have resources to build the facilities necessary to recruit the best players and pay for the best coaches, etc. The talent in South Florida is as good as anywhere, but Miami can’t prevent the local talent from leaving the area for better programs
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    Saw him following Gus around at the BB game today( I sit right next to the recruiting section). He's one big, strong looking guy...(not Gus)
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    <pops a cold one to celebrate Auburn's latest win. And 17-2 record>
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    Purifoy and his decision making almost made this thing a one possession game. WTH taking a 3 with 18 left on the shot clock?. Low IQ play to play hero ball right there. That was my scream at the tv play....Lack of offensive rebounds hurt,too
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    Teaching moment in a win vs a power 5 opponent. I'll take it
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    This is a bunch of seniors playing like freshmen....
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    What the heck was DP thinking.....AU trying to give the game away......just foolish basketball the last few minutes....
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    They are used to staring at the JAY BRO tron to tell them when to get loud!! Lol
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    Bro we won the SEC, won the sec tourney, made the final four and started 15-0 this season. What are they waiting for!?!! Lol
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    Our fans will figure it out. They're new at this lol
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    Shocking, big block... and garbage foul call. Learn how to do your job or quit
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    10000% agree with this. Get up get loud
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    That moment when the "burden of proof squad" won't provide it.
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    Over 12 minutes into game and only 3 fouls called. These are may favorite refs of the year! We up by dbl digits!
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    There must have been something similar prior to 1977, which is what McDonald's lists as the first year of their game.. Auburn's first scholarship black athlete, Henry Harris, played in a national game like the McDonald's game and it was a big deal for AU fans at the time. Henry's freshman year at AU was 1969 so that game was probably in the late winter or spring of that year.
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    Will Mike Price be there? Will it be rolling?!
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    Auburn is a big time name in athletics. Don’t let anyone kid you. I’ve traveled the whole country wearing my AU stuff . No one has ever asked me who they are. Do we get the tv media hat other do? No. But we have good history. And the football has been good the last Decade just not great. But not far off of it.every year we have a couple of bad games do to dumb mistakes. We have the talent, we have the position coaches. We have the resources. Most of the time we wind up shooting our self in the foot with stupid things. Like rotating 3 QBs in a game with one being a FB. Sitting on several leads instead of winning because the HC was scared. Playing a RB that was hurt instead of trying something different. Continuing to run a RB that is fumbling the football when you have good talent behind him. Playing favorites instead of playing the best qualified players. Playing veterans when you have better talent in the younger guys. All these thing can be corrected . We also need to quit being afraid of firing someone that’s not doing their job because we are afraid that we can’t do better. We need to quit excepting excuse. Be like Liberty Mutual and only pay for what you get. 😁 K off my soap box.
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    Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if Jeff was still there. I figured with Kevin there, and Auburn being a wonderful place in general, that he would still be there. If you had ever met their parents when they were alive you would fully understand why they are both so humble and nice. Truly the most approachable 2 people I have ever met, Pete and Margaret Steele.
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    Craig T Nelson. He was great in All the Right Moves. At least he recommended the db go for the ball.
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    Every time we get our Athletics EOY statement, we go off on a rant, one way or the other. Most of us know, it's a combination of a lot of factors that go into why revenues increase or decrease. It's a moving target. All I want to see is just these 2 things: 1. consistent review/improvements in facilities 2. 10+ win seasons....the budget will take care of itself then.
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    I'll take Things That Should've Been Planned a Decade Ago for $600, Alex.
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    Hey, Salty, his sweet grandson is one of my WorldChangers this year. JP used to give my dad extra large portions of BBQ when he would walk over from his Funchess Hall office for lunch...his last stages of cancer. Heart of gold. The sauce recipe has been requested...but not given to date. 🤣 Here's a shot of my mom and JP.
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    I think Tommy Thigpen, who do you suggest?
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    I want another Steven Clark
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    The Play by Play is great! Send the video to ESPN.
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    When you beat Bama then lose to Minnesota, it just doesn’t feel the same.
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    Very moving insight. It all makes sense now.
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    First play of the game.....wildcat First play after we get a first down run up the middle.
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    Aubie needs to be fired. How long has it been since he won a championship? He's making way too much money for mediocrity.😉