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    Don't worry. Long after signing has come and gone, I'll still be hanging around and posting. I can't let all my fans down who can't wait to see what I'll post next. Stay tuned.
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    Gus from Bruce, Player development and trust. I know zero about being a coach but from a player's perspective I responded better in development and attitude when I had a coach who wasn't afraid that I might make a mistake. Bruce plays his bench and those minutes are valuable when it gets late in the season, especially SEC tournament time. Your best six can't play 35 minutes for 4 straight days. Bruce knows and trusts his players to make plays. Gus doesn't seem to have much trust in the fact that experience is really the best teacher. The whole JG debacle could have been a much better situation for all concerned if he would have shown some trust. I just don't see Bruce leaving a talent like Joey on the bench if his starters are struggling. If coaching roles were switched last year I don't think we beat Kentucky without Chuma and might not have finished off UNC. Gus is just too tentative with having bench players ready to do too much other than a small role.
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    If you can find a ticket then...
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    I draw the line at some point. Make him an analyst. I don't trust him with on the field decisions.
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    In anything, never, ever !!!!!!! There are just not enough of their quality fans around to make me even consider it. Growing up in Bham in the 70's was rough. The fans disrespected Auburn then, they disrespect us now and for that they get zero from me when it comes to athletics.
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    Lol I am not for this conference pride BS. I wish nothing but the worst for will Wade and hope they lose every game.
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    A few things you don't trust the majority of this board on....db play; draft projections, basketball in general, qb there's exceptions to every rule of course but I'm comfortable usually when I'm in the minority of these subjects
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    If he would have just had some decent coaching at AU🤔.....
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    Agreed, but I wonder how much easier a roughing the kicker penalty is to swallow if the kicker is QB1...
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    If he doesn’t come to us then I hope Illinois pulls a shocker and he goes there instead of UGA lol
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    You don't say...
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    Eloquently said with it being Rumble Day. Thank you sir! Had to go with the best top rope moment ever!
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    Auburn LB Zakoby McClain is becoming a 'household name' Today 7:00 AM 7-8 minutes Auburn Football Zakoby McClain was somewhat confused when defensive coordinator Kevin Steele bestowed a new nickname upon him one day in practice during his freshman season last year. See, McClain had never heard of Ricochet Rabbit, the cartoon sheriff from the 1960s. The reference made by the 60-year-old Steele was too obscure and too much of a throwback for the young linebacker. It was simply way before his time — but it piqued McClain’s curiosity. When he got back to his dorm later that day, McClain decided to look it up, and he was instantly captivated. “I’m just like Ricochet, though,” McClain said. “Ricochet’s fast. It's really a rabbit, but he be moving though, like he be going fast. Fast. It's a compliment.” Ricochet Rabbit — the original Ricochet Rabbit, that is — was a cartoon sheriff in the town of Hoop ‘n’ Holler during a two-season run on “The Magilla Gorilla Show” from 1964-66. He was known for his speed and ability to bounce off walls, spurring a “ping, ping, ping!” noise The cartoon may be way before McClain’s time, but the nickname fit the 6-foot, 210-pound linebacker, and it has since stuck. His Instagram and Twitter display names are both variations of the nickname, and linebackers coach Travis Williams made reference to it multiple times during a video he posted to Twitter a couple days after the Iron Bowl, when McClain was named the SEC Defensive Player of the Week for his performance against Alabama. You may remember that game. McClain had a team-high 10 tackles during the 48-45 win, as well as a 100-yard pick-six, setting an Auburn record for longest interception return in an Iron Bowl and matching Walter McFadden’s program record from the 2010 Outback Bowl. “Coach Steele gave it to him because the way he just bounced around and made plays, just how he's just like a rubber-band man,” linebacker K.J. Britt said. “He gets knocked around, but he's still in the position to make plays. It's pretty impressive. But just — Ricochet Rabbit, that's how Zakoby is.” That’s not just how McClain is; it’s how he has always been. There’s a reason why Williams has used a variety of ways to describe McClain’s toughness. He’s “South Georgia tough.” He’ll “fight a chainsaw.” He’s the type of guy Williams has said he would want with him in an alley fight, and the guy who is typically Williams’ first choice to represent Auburn’s linebackers in the team’s one-on-one Tiger Drill — “because that dog right there will bite.” “You can tell he played in the backyard and came in with bruises and scrapes and came right back out,” Williams said. “The kid is as tough as nails.” That toughness started to show when McClain first began playing football at 6 years old. As he tells it — and says his father, Willie McClain, can attest — he would hit so hard that he would knock off other kids’ helmets and cause their mouthpieces to pop out. That grit blossomed during McClain’s days at Valdosta (Ga.) High, where he developed into a four-star prospect under coach Alan Rodemaker, who instilled a mindset in him and a willingness to play through the nicks and bruises. As Britt put it, if he sees McClain down or off the field, he knows it’s something serious. "I'm just built different,” McClain said. “… You got to be a dog.” McClain’s toughness was always necessary, especially at his position, where many considered him to be undersized. At just 6 feet tall and 210 pounds, McClain is Auburn’s smallest linebacker on scholarship. His size, he said, is why he never got an offer from the team he cheered for growing up — Florida State. It’s something McClain has not forgotten, a slight that he has carried as a chip on his shoulder as he continues to make a name (and a nickname) for himself at Auburn. He finished the regular season fifth on the team in total tackles, with 48, including 4.5 for a loss and three forced fumbles — including one against Samford where he made the ball ricochet about 10 feet in the air and into the waiting arms of cornerback Roger McCreary. “He’s not the biggest linebacker we have,” safety Jeremiah Dinson said. “Ricochet Rabbit, that’s his name. That’s who we call him. A guy that has bad intentions and is going to run to you full speed. He’s a tough guy. I know I’ve been saying it since he came in his freshman year, he’s going to be special. He’s another young guy that put the work in…. His toughness is unexplained. He’s going to run to you full speed no matter how big you are, no matter how strong you are, he’s going to run to you full speed. “His toughness, man, since a freshman he’s had that bite, been had that dog in him and I’m glad it’s showing.” Just how different is McClain’s toughness? For starters, his handshake with Britt is simply a headbutt — and that’s without either wearing a helmet. And he insists he actually would fight a chainsaw if necessary. "I'll fight anything, no matter what it is,” McClain said. That includes fatigue, which McClain admitted he had to fight during the biggest moment of his career a few weeks back in the Iron Bowl. With Alabama up 31-30 in the third quarter and near the goal line, facing first-and-goal from the 2 following a pass interference call the play prior, quarterback Mac Jones faked a handoff to the Tide’s fullback before edge-rusher Big Kat Bryant pressured him as he attempted a pass to running back Najee Harris in the end zone. Bryant’s hit on Jones was enough to make the quarterback rush the throw, which got to Harris before he was expecting it. As a result, the ball hit Harris’s back and fell into McClain’s hands in the end zone. McClain corralled the ball and sprinted more than 100 yards the other direction — though he says he ran out of steam near the 30-yard line — for a game-altering pick-six. Suddenly, Auburn led 37-31 courtesy of the 14-point swing. Teammates mobbed McClain in the end zone, calling him a legend. His family has echoed that descriptor, too. The following Monday, when classes resumed after Thanksgiving break, McClain received more smiles and adoring stares on campus than he can ever recall. "(The pick-six) changed a lot, because a lot of people know my name now,” McClain said. “Kind of what I wanted.” After his historic play in the Iron Bowl, they’ll know his nickname, too. “He's going to be one you hang your hat on, a household name,” Britt said. “He's everything you want in a linebacker.” Tom Green is an Auburn beat reporter for Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @Tomas_Verde.
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    BOOM Now let's finish up with Jones, Burks and Frazier and put a nice big beautiful bow on one heck of a class!!!
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    Nice, Garner’s a beast. And some were saying he’s lost it
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    I just now noticed 3PO came in for a closer look. Creepy.
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    He can cheat all he wants. I don't care about that. We do the same thing. I just absolutely despise him because he's a extremely unlikeable and insufferable coach. Same as Kirby to me.
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    Also, the game thread had to be weird without myself and @Maverick.AU . These early morning Saturday games don't work great for me and my work schedule.
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    Let's get this right: COLLEGE AGED, TOTALLY WOKE, CHICAGO DEMOCRAT VOTERS, not those Middle Aged, Fox Watching, Idiot, Fawning, Racist, Xenophobic, Misogynistic Trump-REPUBLICAN VOTERS, not those really smooth, sophisticated, learned, FED UP WITH ALL THIS HOOEY, hep-cool-groovy INDIE VOTERS, (like moi ) but COLLEGE AGED, TOTALLY WOKE, CHICAGO DEMOCRAT VOTERS...didnt even bring up Impeachment for 80 minutes and this is being reported by David Axelrod, Mega-Democrat and Obama Svengali. Want to Beat Trump? Do it at the Ballot Box. Talk about what the Democrat Voters are looking at. What all voters are looking at.
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    Hire McGee and its a marquee hire while inflicting pain on UGA while they reel from the Zach Evans debacle. That is a 'win-win' for me. Kinda like Auburn winning and bama losing on the same day.
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    Except Bruce has a long track record of being an outstanding recruiter. It's not a red flag for Bruce to be landing top prospects. It's a red flag when Hugh Freeze does out of nowhere though
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    Wanna bet no one knows bird and his vile mind as well as I do. I would bet your a DB yourself
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    When you beat Bama then lose to Minnesota, it just doesn’t feel the same.
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    BREAKING: Gus announces new DB coach - JB Grimes!
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    Man my heart is hurt
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    Agreed it happens everywhere, but the extent of schools' knowledge about it would be the real question. And your point might be better made if you hadn't used an example from nearly 30 years ago.
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    I never have been a Lakers fan but how can you not be a Kobe fan? I loved watching him play. One of the Greatest of All Time.
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    My gut feeling after a bowl of Fruit Loops, tells me we will land Jones! (lol) 😋
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    @Tiger Refuge Ghost in the Machine at Billy Strings in Oxford, MS. This is gonna get dangerous.
  46. 1 point in football, coaches make playing time decisions by what they see in practice. I guess DC earned some extra playing time today based on his last game....but he was back to playing like he had earlier in the year....and eventually ended up scoreless and on the bench. I recall a comment from last week by BP....if a guy does not play defense, he's not gonna play.. That's likely what we were seeing today. On the other hand, the players in the game for the last five minutes were downright scary as they failed to work the clock and took inadvisable shots and let the lead disappear.
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    I think they moved Coach Bick to DB Coach and looking for McGee for OL coach....that is what this thread has me believing. Convince me I am wrong!
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    Why would I ask him? It's your claim, the burden of proof is on you.
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    Sign gusto to 10 yr. $100Mil NOW! I can’t find a font yellow enough.
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