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    I'm sure glad we didn't forget about Dre. 😁
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    There was a discussion about how thin we are at certain positions on the line. Someone counted all the "OL" we had which included counting walk-ons and long snappers. If you see someone make a comment about our 6'4 230 long snapper counting as on offensive lineman, it is part of this conversation. Anyway the certain poster said there was "plenty of depth" and counted 18 OL and said there was absolutely no problem of depth along the OL. In doing so, things like depth between interior OL and OTs was completely ignored... while that was the point of the entire conversation was the lack of serviceable OTs on the roster... Anyway the poster who will remain anonymous said there were 18 OL and 18 OL between 5 positions gave 3.6 players per position. So any time you see someone on here list a number containing a "." (such as 3.6 or 5.2 or 7.4) it's a laugh at the argument of the total number of players divided by 5 (for the 5 positions along the OL.) The list or link being requested is for the link to the claimed number of OL. This way the walk-ons and long snappers (like the pic below) can be pointed out they in fact do not count as "serviceable" OL especially for OT where we are actually lacking quality depth. We have recruited well on the inside of the line but have recruited OTs terribly. I am not claiming this to be 100% accurate. This is the rundown I can do off the best of my memory. Now I may have some of my numbers off a tad bit. But the story as a whole is as accurate as I remember it.
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    He also said that it is a great weekend for him to visit because he is such a big basketball fan (and player). So having KY with Gameday in town will be HUGE.
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    Well, it's certainly more dramatic and entertaining than 4-5 loss seasons. Gotta get our enjoyment somewhere....
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    I'm expecting something like this: DE: Bryant/Butler/Walker DT: Truesdell/Handy/Burks DT: Newkirk/Miller/Handy Buck End: Hall/Moultry/Wooden Walker and Hardy have the talent to make me eat my words, but I don't expect any of the freshmen to make a huge dent on the depth chart. We typically cut the rotation to 10 guys. I have 11 listed above. Moultry, Wooden, Walker and Hardy are going to be in a battle royale for major rotation minutes on the edge. Hall and Bryant and (in my opinion based on his film) Butler are the only locks. It's possible Butler shifts inside to compete with Burks. I think we have four locks for the DT rotation in Trues, Newkirk, Miller, and Stone Handy. I really can't think of a year where we played more than a five-man DT rotation. That's typically the cut off. Two deep with a fifth guy. At least one (here, Handy) swings between both spots. Once we settle on a 10-man group, I suspect you'll see a LOT of positional flexibility between Bryant, Butler, Handy, Moultry, and maybe Walker too. All those guys can play multiple positions.
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    I don't frequent this board enough to know what people were saying during the season, but I thought our DB's were spectacular. Especially when you consider the era of football we're in. If these guys were playing back in 2010 when SEC passing offenses weren't half what they are now they'd probably shut out every passing scheme. I wish people understood that while looking for the ball can be nice, the DB sort of has to watch the receiver as well. I always hate hearing this complaint from people. We play more man than zone, that's all there is to it. I'm glad that Gus went with two DB coaches when they allowed an extra assistant coach. Underrated decision there, everybody thought he'd use it for an offensive coach, and given the way offense has been struggling for a while who'd blame him for it really. Say what you want about Gus, but him giving the defense the resources to succeed is a very underrated aspect of him.
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    We really miss a steady hand like Harper right now. And next year a freshman will likely be playing 30-34 mpg at PG. We really need a grad transfer to come in. But it will be tough to find a guy with 1 year left to play to come in and be a backup. We were very lucky Ronnie Johnson didn't sabotage the locker room during his year here when Harper started as a freshman. I'm sure Ronnie was not expecting to be leading the 2nd unit. He doesn't get enough credit for that.
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    If he can pass rush at all he’s one of the most valuable guys we’ve had since 2017 lol
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    And that’s not the first time we’ve chucked a 3 and missed and got close to losing the game. Need more awareness and focus when it comes to finishing the last 5 minutes of a game.
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    As someone who understands the importance of our SEC peers having good seasons to help with our very own resume, I'm with @GwillMac6 on this one. Screw LSU and Bama. I want Nate Oates to be Bama's next Avery and I want Will Wade to be punished since there is a cloud hanging over our own head and we weren't even making strong ass offers to players in this FBI thing.
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    Jesus, dude.
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    It was @dyehardfanAU & he said Garner was past his prime. He may still think it but hasn't said it in a while so it's probably a good idea for the rest of us to stop picking on him about it by bringing it up & beating the dead horse in jokes such as the ones Clayton & Sizzle made above.
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    What should Bruce Pearl be learning from Gus ? Seriously ? Maybe do the sugar huddle at the tip-off.....
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    One of these days, we need a Nic Cage thread, maybe in All Things Considered. No one does this look better.
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    Hey, it might be mediocre football, but you can have as much of it as you want!
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    Tommy Thigpen would've used the thread that was already created.
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    Because, with actual chairs, they can't cram 48" waists into 32" seats and claim the stadium *comfortably* holds more than it actually does.
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    Y’all should give @Mikey that same courtesy about the oline argument! JMHO though
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    Purifoy has been solid for us this year. His shots aren't always falling but his effort and energy this year has been great. He's been fighting on the glass, and while he sometimes has a mental lapse he's at least mitigating some of that with his effort on other plays. And now that we are 48 hours removed from the game, I can be a little more rational when thinking about his 3 pointer with 18 seconds left on the shot clock when we were trying to bleed clock. I still will never forgive him for that. WTF was he thinking?
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    I don't think either of us believes that last part. That said, folks don't need to count anything to know whether or not a long snapper plays on the offensive line. The countless responses you've already received from numerous different people tell the story. But again, everyone already knows that, you included. Yet, you do your dance. Keep showing us those sweet, sweet moves.
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    photos of the new chairback upper deck seating
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    The NCAA capped it 30 a couple years ago in terms of new enrollees (25 with up to 5 counting to the previous class if there is spots available). We can enroll 27 new players. We enrolled 23 last year. @Rednilla here's a post & thread I created a year or so ago detailing the signing & enrollee rules & how they are different very thoroughly. I think you will enjoy the read.
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    You are correct. Has nothing to do with college/JUCO attendance; the clock starts when your high school class graduates.
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    Keeping the program clean is probably the best thing. And I say that as a Bruce fan as well.
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    @Auburn2Eugene He's so big & athletic he can potentially play all 3 DL positions. Garner loves versatile players. Depends on how he & the rest of the DL develops. Could be anyone of the 3. Don't overthink it. Just know he's a versatile guy that can rush the passer.
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    We will. Marquis Burks is still a take. While we have a number of guys that could end up at DT or strongside end in Dre, Hardy (most likely to end up inside), DFA, Burks is the only one who is a sure fire DT.
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    We even look thin at long snapper.
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    Here is the long snapper who was counted among the "OL."
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    Or we could go out on a limb and go after Tommy Thigpen. I dont think he has been suggested
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    Macaroni and cheese. 3 boxes for a dollar. I lived in a garage apartment on North College and visited the old A & P more than "Stupid Foods". Speaking of seminary, my father was a Methodist minister.
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    Good to hear. Rare to hear in reference to know, post count and all. 🙄
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    He will still be out of high school 3 years which is the way the NFL rule is written on declaring I'm pretty sure. He graduated high school in 2018. If that is correct he would be eligible to leave after 1 year at AU.
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    And Iggy just finished his 2nd year at CB. If this dude is already the #1 juco at any position, and he doesn't even *really* know his position yet? Hell. Yes. Fun fun fun fun.
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    Rhett said it best, Gus is coaching scared, my thought is he is coaching not to loose instead of playing to win that is a sure way of not developing your players because that philosophy hand cuff a player talents because of the head coach mind set you can't flourish.
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    Our DBs have been good/very good the last couple of years. Sure, they get beat but who doesn’t with the quality receivers we play regularly? DT was the one guy I got frustrated with semi-regularly being out of position but he was generally solid. Our scheme and, more importantly, the lack of a consistent edge rusher made people think they were worse than they were. Be interesting to see how things go with new players and a new DB coach this year
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    My gut feeling after a bowl of Fruit Loops, tells me we will land Jones! (lol) 😋
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    Gus from Bruce, Player development and trust. I know zero about being a coach but from a player's perspective I responded better in development and attitude when I had a coach who wasn't afraid that I might make a mistake. Bruce plays his bench and those minutes are valuable when it gets late in the season, especially SEC tournament time. Your best six can't play 35 minutes for 4 straight days. Bruce knows and trusts his players to make plays. Gus doesn't seem to have much trust in the fact that experience is really the best teacher. The whole JG debacle could have been a much better situation for all concerned if he would have shown some trust. I just don't see Bruce leaving a talent like Joey on the bench if his starters are struggling. If coaching roles were switched last year I don't think we beat Kentucky without Chuma and might not have finished off UNC. Gus is just too tentative with having bench players ready to do too much other than a small role.
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    Only on the scout team, he probably is getting reps. In games, if he had any, any ability to run the point he would have been in the mix. but as all of us see, PEarl has resigned himself to only using J'Von and then Samir as PGs, and basically bringing Okoro up to the 2 guard spot when Samir is in.
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    Gus sends the message to his team that his superior tactical mind is needed to out trickerate the opponent, as his players are not good enough to man up and win the play.
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    When I click on a post and see that it was started by a4e, right as the screen is changing....
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    That's normally a reasonable stance. But it was different with Joey. Gus said he would play. He was neck-and-neck with Bo. And then he did not get used in big spots where Bo clearly was not getting it done. Gus even changed his mind in between individual plays and yanked Joey's jersey to keep him from getting on the field. In a game where Bo was failing repeatedly and miserably. Gus mishandled Joey and showed extremely poor judgment. And it's hardly the first or even second time that Gus has misevaluated a quarterback. Never mind that Joey committed early, recruited his ass off for us, and stuck with Gus through three offensive coordinators- another position that Gus just can't get right- and seemingly some broken promises. The assumption that Joey was correctly evaluated and given a fair shake is very naive. Especially for anyone who has been paying attention to Auburn football for the last 10 years.