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    I won’t speak for Fred, but I’ve recently seen the AU loss in the 2013/14 BCSNCG, AU loss to Arkansas baseball in Fayetteville 2019, and AU loss to Ole Piss at Oxford 2019. I won’t go to Baton Rouge(ever again), but apparently every Auburn fan that ever goes into that godforsaken place has the crudfungus for the past 20 years. My dad’s record is even worse seeing AU at away games. 😕 My record seeing AU at home and on my couch is much more favorable. I will say, that the rebelsharkbears new basketball arena is nice. That’s all I will give them. **** Kermit. P.S. Will Wade can eat it too. Just because.
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    It's not the amount of work. It's the right kind of work and having a QB developer running it
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    Has he made an appointment to share this with Gus, yet? You know, heightened expectations and all?
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    I saw it well explained on a Hog Board. Gus, just to spite Arkansas, was responsible for aiding Morris in getting the Arkansas job. This was done by Gus to tear down the Hog Empire. Not only did he do that, he did it with a guy born in Texas, went to school at aTm, a past conference foe that was responsible for all the cheating and hating that went against Arkansas (due to Texas favoritism). Not to mention all the favoritism that was shown for the state of Texas over Arkansas. He even had winning seasons at SMU, another old conference foe from that state of Texas that viewed Arkansas as the second class citizens that they are. This is all about Gus leaving Arkansas and joining forces with Texas to destroy the hogs. All major hog issues tie back to the state of Texas.
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    Not from this person who I'm pretty sure we all trust. Chad wouldn't have taken the job had he not been sure 100%, iron clad, full control. So there is at least legitimate hope for a change. Also there is at least some short term proof. Never in Gus's past as AU HC would he have hired a guy he wasn't connected with like Bicknell. That hire was all Chad.
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    And I thought Trump derangement syndrone was bad. This Hogs Derangement Syndrone is a whole 'nutha level of crazy.
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    To be fair our bball program isn't *dirty* like some are insinuating. We had a rogue assistant going into business for himself. Nothing he was doing was giving AU an competitive advantage like what was going on at other schools in this FBI scandal. Bruce wasn't giving STRONG ASS OFFERS out here to kids to commit and help AU achieve success. This was Person's personal mission to steer kids to a financial adviser for his own financial gain. He was doing this on his own time, not on Bruce/our recruiting time. I think it's ok Bruce didn't know what was happening here with this and also I think in some of the transcripts released Person was recorded explicitly telling Danjel and Wiley not to mention this stuff to Bruce. This isn't Pitino implementing strippers into official visits to entice kids to sign. Is Bruce supposed to wipe Person's ass too? I get the HC should be on top of all his assistants but IMO a HC can only be in control of basketball related activities and recruiting when it comes to assistants and the Chuck Person BS was not happening in those quarters. Compare with Will Wade who himself was facilitating payments to prospects. And all others who were looking to benefit their programs and gain a competitive advantage. Chuck was not trying to do that -- but yes, while trying to do that some kids lost eligibility -- and I think that is where the common ground stops when we are looking at our situation and other schools' situations. Not trying to attack @keesler or @abw0004 with this post, and I apologize for the tone if it comes off as abrasive, it's just I'm salty at how we got our name thrown into this crap when we were just caught in the fray. I just don't think we should be considered DIRTY when we weren't cheating. Yes, I understand it was against the rules to give Danjel and Wiley money but we, as a team, as a program, gained nothing from giving them money -- they were already on our roster.
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    You know, I forgot all about him. Our two safeties and nickel are pretty damn good this class
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    Exactly. Burrow ran the LSU offense to perfection. Cam was the offense.
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    How dare you put Wade Christopher's name third on that list!?!
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    You're showing your ignorance here. The reporter and Pompeo's team were both clearly understanding each other. The email chain shows that. Pompeo's team could have easily canceled the interview after she stated Ukraine would not be off the table. They didn't. Pompeo is 100% in the wrong here. This isn't a matter of "a fuss between a media person and a politician". It's a matter about the truth, one which doesn't support Pompeo based on all evidence we have. It also cuts right to the core of the First Amendment and a free press. The reporter did nothing wrong here and now Pompeo isn't even allowing her to travel with his attending press corps, something that hasn't been an issue at any point until now. He's simply retaliating because she asked something he didn't like, which is horse crap. Accepting this type of behavior from our officials puts us one step closer to totalitarianism.
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    And Derrick Brown wouldn't have been. Or Carl Lawson. We win some and we lose some with how we do business. (Not a retort to anything you said. Just talkin' 'crootin.)
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    If FSU and Miami can't make it back, then they will go undefeated throughout the regular season until Dabo retires
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    This exactly. One email in the string from the reporter specifically states to not taking any line of questioning off the table as a rule, which is good journalism.
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    I love this movie. “ you trick me” ! Check check check.
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    NPR released undisputed emails between the parties that show Pompeo is lying his sorry childish ass off.
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    @AuburnNTexas It's ok to lose confidence if you want but don't let that tweet be the reason. He wasn't going to decommit after an OV there. More than likely it's a SOP tweet. I think you read way too much into that tweet. I'm not sure UGA leads but if they do it's likely no more than 55/45. FWIW AU people connected to the program are still confident.
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    Neiko definitely belongs on that list, but I'd have to say Blake Countess and Jonathan Jones were criminally underappreciated. Not as much hate directed at them, but they were both BALLERS. I'm not sure why folks didn't see it. It's an under the radar fact, but Auburn has been an NFL DB factor since Muschamp's last tour. Since that season, we've had five drafted (Countess, Holsey, Ford, Davis, and Dean). The last two guys were undervalued and have already out-performed their early 2nd round draft slot. We've also put Jones and Matthews (briefly) into the League as UFAs. We're about to add Noah and Dinson onto the draft list, and JD has a chance to jump into that group as well. That's a low-key but very, very impressive pipeline.
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    NOT YET!!! He is still in the process of obtaining his circle of trust pass from Gus for those top secret meetings for the offensive side of the ball!!! lol.
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    Totally different sports. As dirty as college football crutin is.......... College Basketball is X89349848934 times worse. Dirtiest sport out there easily. I will say that Gus does seem to be one of the "relatively" cleanest ( I mean COME ON we are still a top 10 program! of course we operate in the grey area and bend the rules with as much as we can get away with.) coaches out there. He refuses to play the game as much as a certain coach in Athens does. Pickens would of been in a Auburn uniform this year if Gus did.
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    OVing AU this weekend. Could be a guy we take as best available regardless of position if we miss on 1 or 2 others.
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    ... political ideas that you'd easily be able to compromise and work with your opposite party on. Try and list specific aspects of the idea you'd concede on as well. Also, list 1 or 2 absolute non-starters that would automatically disqualify a candidate for you. Thought it this might be an interesting exercise in seeing where some memebers would overlap and where compromise could begin.
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    In my opinion, Height is easily the most underrated player in our class, and probably the most underrated in GA overall. I also think Robinson is one of the more overrated players in the Southeast. TIFWIW
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    Rivals TxTech mod changed his FutureCast from TT to AU.
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    Oh I definitely know that we are but we are doing it within reason. Bruce ain't gonna get sloppy with it after all he's been through. The Will Wades and Sean Millers and Bill Selfs of the world though, they're being reckless. I don't think we are reckless on the trail. And that's the happy medium. Those that want us to be as clean as the ivy schools are just gonna have to count the wins as they pile up through their disappointment. We have to "play the game" to keep up but there are more clever and smarter ways to do it than for the HC to tell a kids handler that he's looking at a strong ass offer.
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    Agreed. I'm shocked Wade isn't suspended right now.
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    MUHHHHHHHHHHHHH boy @Tiger knows that. He is not naive enough to think we are not doing that. All he is saying is that we are not being as blatant about it as Will Wade is.
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    Depends on what you call "dirty" I guess. I have a strong feeling that we're "playing the game" with the level of talent we're recruiting.
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    In regards to Coop going one knows. Its mainly assumed he could have the shot just cause he is so highly ranked. We'll have to see how his game translates to college before anyone knows for sure. Based on his size and his game i would expect him to stay a couple seasons. Now if he comes in and lights it up like Trae Young did at OK then all bets are off. Right now Coop is on the smaller side of PG at 6' and he is pretty skinny as well. He has amazing bball IQ and is great at setting up team mates. He scores a bunch in HS but a lot of his scoring is based on getting to rim versus a deadly outside shot. At 6' no one is sure how that "get to the rim" ability will translate to the college level.
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    Any preview or prediction comes with the understood caveat that if we miss every shot we will lose. My point basically is that is what it will take in this one, for us to lay an egg. They just don't shoot it well or defend well. Bama has been a high scoring team all season and UF plays pretty good defense. We would have to play well below average and Ole Miss play well above average. Still a road win is not easy, so I hope our guys are dialed in mentally.
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    I hope so. There are a lot of people who are genuinely incapable, though, of acknowledging or understanding any nuance whatsoever and cannot process any information other than pure stats. And not even deep stats. Plenty of people will stay locked into "Burrow more TDs, Burrow more gooder".
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    There's a Hog Empire? Who knew?😏
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    Here's the email exchange for those who haven't read it. Bold emphasis mine. For those who don't know, Martin is Pompeo staff member. Kelly is the NPR reporter. “Just wanted to touch base that we still intend to keep the interview to Iran tomorrow,” Martin wrote. “Know you just got back from Tehran so we would like to stick to Iran as the topic as opposed to jumping around. Is that something we can agree to?” Kelly responded, “I am indeed just back from Tehran and plan to start there. Also Ukraine. And who knows what the news gods will serve up overnight. I never agree to take anything off the table.” Martin replied, “Totally understand you want to ask other topics but just hoping … we can stick to that topic for a healthy portion of the interview … Wouldn’t want to spend the interview on questions he’s answered many times for the last several months.” Kelly: “My plan is to start with Iran and, yes, to spend a healthy portion of the interview there. Iran has been my focus of late as well. And yes – I also would not want to waste time on questions he’s answered many times in recent months.”
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    Are you familiar with her resume? Do you really think she's going to start lying and trying to deceive politicians now? This isn't some TMZ hack trying to make a name for herself. Think about this logically. Predictable from you, but you should be scaring yourself a little bit by being so compliant with your government trying to control the media at this level. I wish I could say that you minimize at your own peril, but it's your kids and grandkids who will suffer much more than you if things continue in this direction.
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    We all love the story where the underdog wins. Its human nature. You are right it doesn't happen often but when it does it gets hyped up a lot and people remember it.
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    They are now in perpetual motion.
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    These guys will manufacture an excuse for behavior they would’ve roundly condemned the week before.
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    Hence why I want to bring in a Grad Transfer PG if we have a spot for one. Then Turbo can move to the 2.
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    I'm treating this like a Missouri mule, show me. He is referring to the same team that is replacing virtually the entire offensive line, two potential first round draftees off the defensive line, and are less than a month removed from being pushed all over the field by the Minnesota Golden Gophers.
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    I have been impressed with out DB play the last couple of years; I would rather them get beat with them hanging all over the receiver than what we used to do. We would hold them on 1st and 2nd down & teams would have 3rd and 18 and complete it every single time (that was so frustrating).
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    I expect Hall to take the Buck position... JMO