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    If you have time, go look at all the posts you start on this forum and compare that to how many people actually respond to those posts.
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    Not for some. Just wait til the election nears.
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    I thought it was climate change???????????????
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    Our best bet is getting Jalen Green first and then get our staff, coop and JG pitch a super team to him.
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    I'm not sure which is better, Slate or Vox
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    My father in law was a butcher at a small factory with very long work hours and my mother in law could not drive. Neither were educated beyond the 8th grade in Mexico and they struggled with the language. Every case is different. I don’t argue that it is the same or easy for everyone. But I encourage you to take a look at Anyone can register to vote on there by providing their name and address. They can also receive an absentee ballot from there with a click of a button. Time investment: 2 minutes. They never have to leave their home. There is a list of each state’s ID requirements. And yes some states require Voter ID. But almost all of them provide multiple alternatives like a copy of a utility bill, drivers license, social security card, etc... In addition for voters who are too indigent to obtain an ID there is a form available to declare that, and the ID requirement is waived. Now, I know you’re thinking that everyone doesn’t have internet or a cell phone. True. But someone at the town hall, Post office, library, church, mayors office, or your neighbor, son, daughter, cousin, uncle, aunt, etc....does have one and will be happy to help. The point I speak too is not just about voting. I fear we are losing the spirit of ‘ can do’ and initiative. I know people like my parents who got married at 18 with no money, walked to work, raised a large family, bought a home, voted, etc...They figured it out. I know others who navigated a complex immigration system to get from their country to America without having money, resources, or education. They figured things out. There are and always will be those who fall through the cracks when it comes to voting. And we should work to minimize that number. For those truly committed to voting, I am confident there is a way and resources to make it happen. I will let you have the last word. I appreciate the fact that we have been able to exchange respectful perspectives and ideas on this important topic. I can appreciate your passion on this issue. Our differences aside, may we all unite to pray for safety and healing in these difficult days. War Eagle!
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    It's almost like asking for quotes or proof and being completely ignored. Each group does it routinely. Neither have a monopoly on deflection and evasion.
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    At least "Russia Collusion" is a term of the past.
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    Look Homer, we get it. Nobody is smarter than you. And there is absolutely no chance of global warming models being wrong, even with "adjusted" temperature data. Just promise me that if it turns out that all this AGW is hogwash, you will enter this forum and admit you were wrong. That's all. No need to get personal with us deniers. BTW I am not a climate denier. I fully admit there IS a climate, and it will change and always has regardless of what us "deniers" and the hand wringers are doing and how much money we give to the mfwic"s with the fingers in the dike.
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    QB is pretty much the only position where I'm that way. Morris might change things, but this is not a place where projects become products. And I think that's true going back further than 2013.
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    General thought seems to be he will be soon. He’s only played quarterback one year and did pretty damn good at it in the best state competitive wuse
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    You’re consumed with hate for Trump. It’s not healthy and we all need to be healthy nowadays.
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    A list of topics: Coronavirus is a hoax, Russia, Russia, Russia, Impeachment, Ukraine and the Bidens, this should take awhile as I’m not going to play you game.
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    Don't watch all those Hallmark movies with our wives either..... they are all the same with a slightly different twist.
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    I know you always quote Trump in full context, but CNN doesn’t. What he said is that he wouldn’t call them back, but VP Pence does. Maybe you should stop posting half truths.
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    Of course things could have been better and reaction time could have improved. I’m not sure why the media and a few posters are fixated on comparing Trump to perfection? There was not enough reliable data early on to act as swiftly as some would like. This is not a political disaster, it is a human disaster. During the press conference yesterday Jim Acosta, asked what a lot on the left would like answered, and Dr Fauci gave a good answer: CNN’S ACOSTA: This may be an uncomfortable question, what would the models have looked like that Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci showed us if we had started the social distancing guidelines sooner in February or January when China and South Korea were doing those sorts of things? … If we had started these practices sooner, could these models be different right now? PRESIDENT TRUMP: Yeah, I’m going to let them answer the question, but remember this. And again, I say it and everybody says it. You know who says it better than anybody is Dr. Fauci. I had a decision to make. Maybe it was my biggest decision. China was heavily infected, and thousands and thousands of people were coming from China to the United States. And against the wishes, not even wishes, but they disagreed with the decision. I made a decision to stop China from coming in. Took a lot of heat, even from China. They weren’t exactly happy. I just made a trade deal, a big one, $250 billion trade deal. And I’m shortly thereafter saying, “You can’t come into our country.” That was a big decision. That was earlier than the date you’re talking about. So that was a big decision. That was probably, and by the way, not because I did it, that was probably the biggest decision we made so far. But if you look at the one graph, the problem New York has is New York started late, but the other ones didn’t start so late. Now New York is also more complicated, because for obvious reasons, but it got a late start. But do you maybe want to answer those questions? DR. BIRX: I don’t know if you can go back to slide two, because I wanted to explain two things that I think is really important, because we had a lot of questions about mortality and what it meant. Okay. So you see this confidence interval? So here’s the line. This is the confidence interval. This is where we have the ability to push it down. So you have a large confidence interval around the line. And so we’re trying to move that gray down tighter and below the dotted line. So I think that’s really important. And then if you can go to the next slide. So we really can’t answer your question until we can get antibody testing out there. Because what we can’t tell you, and we can always do this, there’s always samples in hospitals and other things. It’s the way we really define the HIV epidemic in the United States. We were able to go back to blood samples when we had the test and really find out where it was and what was going on. We really need to look in here. And really see was there virus significantly circulating in early March and late February? And what did it look like? And where was it? And was it all in the metro areas? And I think that’s what Dr. Fauci and I are very, very focused on is getting serology testing out there to really figure out when it came, and really have those samples to be able to do that. CNN’S ACOSTA: You understand the painful part of my question, and please, I don’t mean to put you on the spot-up there may be Americans at home saying, “If we had started this sooner, we might not have 100000 to 200000 Americans dying.” DR. BIRX: No, we understand, but we can’t answer it until we see that. Well, that makes an assumption that it was here, a lot back here, that we didn’t see. And until we have the antibody tests, I can’t really answer that. DR. FAUCI: Just to underscore what Dr. Birx was saying, if there was no virus in the background, there was nothing to mitigate. If there was virus there that we didn’t know about, then the answer to your question is probably yes. Now the only trouble with that is that whenever you come out and say something like that, it always becomes almost a sound bite that gets taken out of context, but I think that’s very important, what Dr. Birxs has said, is that if there was covert infections here that we didn’t know about, and we didn’t mitigate them, that they would’ve made a difference. If there was virtually nothing there, then there’s nothing to mitigate. And I don’t know the answer to your question. CNN’S ACOSTA: But they were early. They started early. We were watching South Korea, excuse me, and China and Italy, and we weren’t taking action when those countries were spiking. DR. FAUCI: In a perfect world, it would have been nice to know what was going on there. We didn’t, but I believe Jim, that we, we acted very, very early in that. So you either believe the CDC staff or not, but they are talking the same story. It’s not Trump saying this it’s the CDC staff. BTW, has anybody seen Homer post while Jim Acosta has been on TV? Hmmm
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    You post articles that take Trump out of context all the time. You may quote the full context, (I’ve never seen one) but your media buds are hard at work tearing him apart.
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    Of course we need to focus on next steps. But the notion that nothing could have been done is patently false and assumes quality of leadership doesn’t matter. A few facts:
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    That and location will be what tips it if he goes there.
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    The libs never quote Trump verbatim. They take bits and pieces of his sentences and revamp them to mean something completely different to suit their own agenda. Pretty sure Nancy Pelosi's goal is to make them all as delusional as she is, so that she seems to be more normal and coherent.
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    And there's a solid resume for that scenario. Michigan, Florida, Kentucky... I'm probably leaving out a few.
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    Not a guarantee. But these 5 stars have tremendous confidence in themselves and each other. Bring 3 together under the coach that won big during what promised to be a rebuilding year— I suspect that’s what Sharife is selling.
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    Is that why your not coaching there?
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    There it is. The "I"ve got better things to do" card. Always humorous. Asking for backup was a nice double-down. Hey, look, a puppy.
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    And I won't go so far as to say I entirely dismiss the thrust of where Soave is coming from. As much as I appreciate the #metoo movement and the good it's brought, the downside is that when you frame it as "believe all women," there is a presumption of guilt. That being said, I think his comparison to the Kavanaugh situation is harebrained. There's a reason he picked that one rather than the Roy Moore accusations too, seeing as WaPo nailed it on the journalistic integrity front there, even sniffing out an attempted catfish by O'Keefe and his merry band of miscreants.
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    I think it would. Biden will probably get thrashed, especially among women, if there is any truth to this. No, but it's early, so maybe it's simply a matter of "not yet." I think the situations and/or the accusers are quite different. With Trump, it could hardly be called a "he said/she said" situation because they literally have him on tape. With Kavanaugh, the situation was more or less thrust upon the media, but she actually turned out to be pretty credible. Modestly political, respectable career, a family and a lot to lose from coming forward. Not to mention the narrative she told was pretty consistent, and she had receipts from having spoken to her therapist and the like years prior to Kavanaugh becoming a household name. Not unless more comes to light on Biden's accusation.
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    Well at least we’ve got a lot more to show for it than Nebraska does. Bright side and all.
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    I wouldn't get overconfident. You've been around here long enough to understand why.
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    A real sore point for me. Voting is a great privilege in this nation. One which many take for granted. Elections, particularly national elections do not spring up unannounced or at the last minute. If over a 10 or 12 or 14 month period you can’t (i.e. don’t) figure out how to get an ID or verify your voting status, you dont deserve to vote. There is plenty of time to call your town or city hall and figure it out.
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    That’s because most of their championships ARE pretend.
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    I tend to agree, but did you see this cat's highlights? yeah, Yeah, I know they are 'highlights' for a reason, but geez, this kid can play. I like him about as much as that Cedar Hill kid, on page 1 - Salter. 28 TD and 6 picks as a junior, but 6 TDs and 4 picks as a sophomore - this kid is coachable! Drone threw for 46 and 10.... big boy football and coachable also. I think he can flat out play. 1st season getting more than 30 snaps.
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    We could do better and should do our best to make voting as easy and efficient as possible. You and I have different approaches to the issue but I appreciate your perspective. This discussion has led me to do more research on the topic. War Eagle!
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    My church is planning a "Drive In" Easter Service where we will set up a stage right outside the church with a screen and speakers, and the congregation will stay in their cars to celebrate Jesus' resurrection in unison, without breaking government ordinances. i believe Trump would give us a thumbs up on this. I know God will.
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    You have to work twice as hard to not give Trump any credit at all. That’s great that South Koreans are going back to school. Their population is about the same as California and Florida, so apples to apples there.
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    Just as I thought. It's easy to tell by the ad hominem insults and attacks on the source - its all you sycophants have in the way of response. This thread is a perfect example.
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    That may help us with Thor. Hope it doesn’t hurt us with Jalen.
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    It’s in the last couple pages on each recruit thread. Green on the 15th and Brown on the 24th. Obviously. Doesn’t mean it will happen though.
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    My in laws are first generation citizens from a third world nation who are very poor and lack a ton of amenities I have in life. Yet they vote in every election. So I’m very aware of inflexible jobs and I consult with poor farmers on a regular basis. I stand by my premise. If it was 1960 you had an 8 hour window to vote and only one option and location to do so, I would be more amenable to the argument. But it’s 2020 and every voter in this nation has a very long window and lots of options when it comes to voting. Is it more difficult for some, yes. If people are committed like my in-laws do they find a way, yes.
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    Or just move election day to a Saturday. It's not that hard.
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    There’s no reason to make a move now. There’s a $1.8 million buyout which is already been alluded to plus we have the coronavirus going around which has stopped nearly everything sports wise besides the NFL. College athletic economies are going to hurt. We need to get through this pandemic and see where our finances are before making a move on Flo and then trying to get a quality coach.
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    The Weeknd’s new album is a banger. So well produced.
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    Forgot to post these as well. Before Coronavirus hit, I was in Florida at our HQ for work. Before my flight left that evening, my boss said "get out of here and go have some fun before you take-off". So I ended up at Gulfstream Park. Took a conference call by the paddock at one point. Good times. Also had another thing where we got a backstage tour of the Cowboys offices and practice facility in Dallas. The pic with the helmet is from Jerry Jones's seat in the War Room. Those trophies are the actual ones they were presented on the field. VID_20200221_143807.mp4
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    This one hurts. From Tyler Mahan Coe, David Allen's son who does the Cocaine & Rhinestones and Your Favorite Band Sucks podcasts: And, by literally every single account, one of the kindest people in entertainment.
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    This young man has good hands, something our current Center lacks