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    My son is a severe hemophilia B patient with inhibitors and we are on day 8 of a hospital stay with a severe ankle bleed. Although the bleed seems to have finally stopped, his pain has been a steady 7 or 8 throughout our stay. We are looking at another week at least and he is starting to wear down. Please pray for strength and healing for James. Thank you
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    Prayers work! James slept almost 10 hours through the night and woke this morning with almost no pain. The micromovements from last night have turned into almost full range of motion and he literally hopped out of bed and walked to the bathroom when he woke. The docs are baffled and thrilled at the same time. There is no other way to say it, there was divine intervention. Thank you to everyone that prayed and had others pray on his behalf. Please share God's healing of James with others as proof of his grace and love. We are humbled by the love you have shown us. Thank you.
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    Sadly, the offensive line decided to sit out too.
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    So what you're saying is, AU doctors need to quit prescribing weed to the injured players?
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    Right shoulder. MRI negative. No major structural damage. Probably out this weekend but ready for next week if i has to guess. We will see how well he practices next day or two.
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    It was a very winning weekend for Auburn athletics! #4 Auburn Equestrian rode to a victory over #1 Georgia in Athens! #10 Auburn Men's Basketball picked up a huge win on the road at Georgia, defeating the Bulldogs 78-61; it was the first season sweep of UGA since 1986. #13 Auburn Softball swept the Plainsman Invitational to open their season at 6-0; Auburn outscored their opponents 38-1 over the six games. #16 Auburn Gymnastics took first place in the Texas Women's University Quad Meet, earning their highest road score of the season (196.5).
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    On first bracket reveal… “We just looked at it, can you blankity blank believe this. Now on the day on that name does get announced with all the blood, sweat and tears you go through it is spectacular.” On Chuck Person’s arrest... “Chuck called me that morning. He told me briefly what happened. I was shocked. We don’t know what’s true, what isn’t true. We know what’s alleged. Unfortunately, Chuck is fired. I’ve got two assistants that have been put on paid administrative leave, Danjel and Austin don’t have their eligibility for this year. The university has put itself under a very strong investigation to go through this process.” On not complying with university’s Internal investigation... “We have complied enough to still be here. I think so many times when you have an internal investigation it should be internal. I wouldn’t be here coaching if there were greater problems.” On what he knew about Person’s alleged actions.... “Basically because we still have an ongoing investigation I can’t really comment on that other than that we are working through the process and I’m confident that when it’s all said and done I’ll still be the coach at Auburn for the right reasons.” On the future… “We take it one day at a time, but I love Auburn. I love it here. I’d love to be able to have a legacy. I’ve said this before — I don’t want a building, I don’t want a street, I don’t think I’ve done enough to ever get a court, but maybe a door. I’d love maybe at one of the entrances to Auburn Arena they call it the Pearly Gates and have it out front. I just hope at the end of the day they don’t show me the door.” *** Subscribe: Try Auburn Undercover's VIP package FOR FREE and get the latest intel *** *** Get free breaking news in the Auburn Undercover newsletter *** Author Michael Niziolek @michaelniziolek by Taboola Sponsored Links You May Like
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    Let's hope he does better than our last 4
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    During the game last night, there was a moment that perfectly defines this year’s Auburn basketball team. I call it a moment because it happened so fast and so purely that once it happened you wanted a still frame of it, because even a thousand words can’t express what’s it means for Auburn basketball. It’s a moment that it hope we see more and more of from Bruce Pearl’s time at AU (which I hope is forever). with 10 min to go in the second, Harper drives the lane looking to kick out but LSU get a piece of the ball before he can pass it and they go the other way. The up court pass is stolen immediately by Murray right at mid court. Everyone was headed the other way and Murray has clear sailing to go fly in and bring the house down. But wait, there is little Jared Harper standing under the goal and without hesitation Murray drops it down to him. My first though was, “Aw, there’s just gonna be a little bank shot to accentuate the steal here when we could see DeSean throw down the hammer?” But a soon as Harper catches it, he just tosses it in the air and here comes Dunbar flying in to finish the oop. It almost looked rehearsed it was so smooth, but it’s something I cannot stop thinking about from the game. There is another moment where Heron drove the lane not having scored since his 16 point star and he’s got a wide open 8 footer, but chooses instead to make a slick bounce pass to a crashing Okeke. But back to that first play. It shows an unselfishness and chemistry that AU has never known. Ever. I was there in 98-99 (probably the only other AU team that I would put up against this one), and they were phenomenal to watch, but this team seems to have it out for the success of the guys around the more than themselves, and that’s one sequence made that an absolute truth for me last night.
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    Hey Guys, I appreciate all that support my son on his future endeavors at AU. People are definitely sleeping on him. This will be just the same as he has had to do all his life, which is prove people wrong. People have been confronting us about him being a redshirt, riding the bench and even looking to transfer. If you ask anyone that truly knows my son, they will tell you that he plays like he is 6'2 300 pounds with no fear. Ive seen people attempt to hurt him & with that he has taken some hits that have made me think he was done and he got right back up only to score on the next drive. I say that to say, he isn't coming to AU to lay down. He works tremendously hard and his heart cant be matched. He plays with that chip because he has too and that's why GUS offered him. Ive seen the biggest of the toughest players from our area on top teams that he has played against, come to him after a game & give him props for not backing down and continuing to play tough in any situation. As you learn him, you will know that he has a love for the game itself. His football IQ has been high since a Pee Wee player. He never panics. He remains calm & plays his game. Don't look at his height and assume anything because you will be disappointed. He is a laid back guy, not into the fame just playing the game he loves so much. He makes people a believer because nobody ever believes in him at first glance. There is a story to tell about this kid. He gives others hope that they too can do whatever it is they please. When going to high school nobody really wanted him because they said he was too small, after his sophomore year, he could go where ever he pleased. His 1st high school coach said he would never play D1 ball, and then we played against that coach his senior year. After that game, the coach just hugged him tightly apologizing because he made mistake. At that game he rushed for 235 yards & 3 TD"s. NOBODY tells Shaun Shivers what he cant do, because he will actually do it better. He amazes me all the time. I'm not trying to make you fan, I'm just saying give him a chance before you cross him out. The picture below was captured during the American Heritage game. Pictured is the one of the top DT in the country, Nesta Silvera committed to UM. Worm has a reputation for being tough and standing 10 toes down against anyone and is well respected because of it.
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    To be fair, Lion has apologized personally and that takes some guts. We good. Moving on, point of this story is Pett has some major issues: It’s sad, disappointing, and frustrating. Why some of these guys can’t just keep things straight for their own long term success is maddening...but that’s what happens...the “thing” has more power over the person than it should. We can’t throw stones, or at least we shouldn’t. Whatever the “thing” is in our own lives often owns us to the point of self-sabotage. I know that I wish that I could take back all the stupid mistakes I made when I was younger. Another issue at hand, and one that has indirectly been pointed out, is how Gus uses a medical concern to cover over a personal struggle. Is that right/wrong/indifferent? I think that’s a worthy debate. For example, and let’s use a hypothetical here, if a guy has...I don’t know an injury to the AC joint and may be out for a few weeks, then the med staff clears him, and then the coach says that he’s not going to be able to play because the player has a “shoulder fracture” (which, I’m sorry, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense)...should the coach be more forthcoming? Is the coach just protecting his player? Is it important to know the details of the player’s personal struggles? Is it even the coach’s right to tell the press about such things. I honestly don’t know the answer to these questions, and frankly, I’m glad i don’t have to make them. It’s complicated and likely a decision that comes with quite a bit of prayer and consideration.
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    Got to keep winning big 10/11 games a year....imo losing those last two games at the end of the year does not help
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    Just allow all teams to play red shirts without losing eligibility and everyone who may go pro can stay home and watch on TV. At least then we'll get some value out of the game.
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    Maybe not have to play the #1, 6(twice), 8, 9, and 12th ranked defenses? Might help.
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    This is the best way I know how to show the roster down the road. I have put everyone who might return into the 2019 and 2020 rosters just to show where we are. The 2019 class will probably have at least 4 players in it because we lose 4 seniors. What happens this offseason will have a major impact on the next 2-3 recruiting classes. The large senior class combined with multiple underclassmen potentially leaving makes that 2019 recruiting class one of the more important classes in recent Auburn basketball memory.
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    Think Titan hit a homerun with this from the Bunker. He is 100% right. "I wouldn't mind seeing Auburn incorporate Penn State's plan into any north endzone expansion: PSU's stadium capacity will drop from 107,000 to 103,000 because they are replacing a lot of bleachers with chairback seats. UNC is doing the same. Would be one of the best things ever. Give me some defined personal space folks can't cheat over on. And they need to have cup holders. So tired of someone knocking over a drink all over everyone's stuff because there's no safe place to put the cups.If we did it right in combining it with an expansion at the same time, we wouldn't lose that much in overall capacity. But having a more comfortable seat would make being there for 4 hours much more enjoyable."
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    Being coached by Hand will not prepare you for the next level. Competing against first round DL week in and out will.
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    It’s good to be in the discussion with this kid. We need an elite “rated” running back to come in. I think we have some very good backs but AU should always be on Top 5 running backs minds. Always!!
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    Personally, I side with Tray Matthews' reasoning but that is just my own opinion.
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    This team just has so much heart. Whether or not we have the horses remains to be seen, but I love this team.
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    I'm an Auburn fan could you please explain what these are. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    We def will be praying for you Mac!!! You were the heart and soul of this team with your energy and defense. You will be missed! War Eagle Mac! You are going to come back next year even better than before! "I believe in work. Hard work."
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    I don't want to be any other programs. I love the Auburn Culture. It's a part of our DNA. I don't like the defeatist attitudes of some, the little brother attitude, but I do like the hard work attitude and blue collar team attitude. Gus has struggled in bowl games. UCF this year was just a flop and he's responsible for the teams attitude which was very poor. We have him for a minimum of the next 5 years. The more the fan base gets behind him as a coach the better the recruiting can get. When your own fan base trashes their coach the harder it gets to recruit. Players and potential players definitely have access to the internet. But I still stand by what I said about winning on the road. it's very difficult against good teams and we play 3 very good and well coached teams away from home next year.
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    This is exactly how Montavious Atkinson showed up on his first day at AU
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    My mother has had als (Lou Geri ggs disease) since 2013. She is completely paralyzed and is only able to breath with assistance. We have maintained and done well until she got the flu last Thursday. She is over the flu, but she is so much weaker than before. I ask for prayers of strength and healing for her.
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    I know I'm biased, but I love to see Monday and Sherwood's name all over this list. Hearing about their leadership and focus is great. We need that from both of them.
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    If I wanted to I'd join a UGA board
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    Is this the signing day thread or the whine about losing to UGA in the SECCG thread? Asking for a friend.
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    Thanks for all you've done and for all you do for this board, ellitor.
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    Mutual my ass. CT gave silent commits to all 3 teams on their in home visits last week. Gus found out what CT said to UF & the Cornies and said, "I ain't playing these games, especially since I have a Buck prospect like Jibunor and a very good DL option in Caleb Johnson".
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    I told a bammer today that Stidham had surgery. His reply was unexpected and kinda funny. He said, 'you mean they finally removed UCF's #18 from his back'.
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    I have not seen any articles or report to support Brad's statement but i'd certainly be interested in what police authorities would have to say. Was there just lack of evidence to sustain the charges or was it completely false? This is why i didn't rush to judgment either way when it first came out; especially since it was basically all coming from the writers and news people.
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    Tonight we saw why CHUMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA has the most nba potential over all the eligible guys!!!!! Even over mustapha for me. OMGSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A STAR MAKING PERFORMANCE TONIGHT!!!!!!!!! Super clutch! He used and abused one of the tallest and biggest front lines in the league!!! That was incredible!!!! I AM IN SPORTS LOVE!!! WOOOOO!!!!!! LETS HEAR IT AGAIN FOR CHUMAAAAAA OKEKE!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!! Let this ride never end!!!
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    That's the kicker. It's not THAT these Gus led teams lose 2-3-4 games per year. Anybody with any sense of FB knowledge and understanding of history/trends gets that "you can't win them all". It's HOW these Gus led teams lose. Hard fought losses where you just lost to the better team or had some bad breaks are understandable, if not acceptable. Looking under prepared, unmotivated, and down right inept is unacceptable and inexcusable. AU has suffered far too many of the latter types under Gus.
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    Or, put another way, we should score at least 10 points in every game. We should never surrender a 20 point lead. We should never have less than 200 yards of total offense. Etc.
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    Dear Auburn Basketball team, Please don't gak tonight. Sincerely, Long suffering Auburn basketball fan
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    He already possess one...
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    I suspect what AU has vs many (most?) programs is a head coach who actually puts a value on their personal accountability and who's willing to actually cut talented players from the team instead of sweeping their shenanigans under the rug because they can produce. That is actually to Gus' credit, IMO.
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    Are you kidding me?
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    Agree, the early signing period took a lot of the anticipation off of the February signing day. Kind of like opening Christmas presents early and getting all the cool gadgets and toys. Then you go to Grandma's and you might get something really cool or you might get underwear...which still fills a need.
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    Big news! Richard Gouriage is tagged in this VIP article from his 247 profile...
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    I wish he'd commit to Bama or Clemson already so I can move this thread to the Rivals Section already.
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    I did what I could from his film early in in the thread. His film is some of the worst I've ever seen. Not because of him, but it looks like it was filmed by an epileptic during an earthquake.