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    What a unique and fresh take on Gus. Thanks for the new insight.
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    Fake News!!! Pete Thamel said CBP would be fired. He’s never been wrong!
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    Stay strong and keep fighting. We're all behind you.
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    We NEED Pappoe more. He is a linebacker, we'll always need those more. If you don't think so, just ask me!
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    Having a male figure that young black males can look up to sure does help. And yes I am black. It’s not a whole lot of us in these type of roles.
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    It’s all a big scam and we, the ticket buyers, the cable tv subscribers, are the ones footing the bill. Just one man’s opinion but $7M/year for any coach, much less an inconsistent one, when most of us skremp to make ends meet, is beyond ridiculous. /rant
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    My daughter, Meg, and I attended the Auburn-Arkansas softball series. Meg is my 22-year old daughter who has a genetic condition that presents like high-functioning Down Syndrome patients. A few years ago, I caught the softball bug. She noticed what I was watching and joined me watching the regionals and super regionals. For the last two years, Meg has been A FAN, and so have I. We drove over to Clearwater, FL to see Kaylee Carlson pitch a perfect game against Ohio State. This year, we set our sites on the Arkansas series. We stayed with my sister in Marietta and drove down for the games. The rain forcing a Saturday double-header saved four hours of driving and was great! Getting to the game was much more pleasant than for football. There were shuttle golf-carts that were very welcoming for Meg, who has hip joint issues. The drivers were probably Auburn students. I can confirm that they were WONDERFUL, extending un-self-conscious hospitality. Jane B. Moore Field is a lovely venue! Meg and I instantly felt at home. The scale of everything was approachable and personal. During the break of the Saturday double-header, I was able to pick up box seat tickets for the second game, which is really helpful with my old hips. I remember attending a few baseball games in 1976. The atmosphere here was similar. The crowd ragged on the opponents, but only in a friendly way. Everyone was displaying friendship and hospitality... and a love for our Auburn ladies, who dug deep to win the series. I got to shake Philip Marshall's hand. I have been reading his columns for about 30 years and agree with and admire his principles. The autograph sessions were wonderful. Meg was able to get pictures with all of her favorite players. Alyssa Rivera, who went to Meg's Lake Region High School was WONDERFUL. That being said, Kaylee, Makala, K. K., Kendal, Tannon, Taylon, Courtney, Victoria, Morgan, Justus, and the others were not to be outdone in hospitality to two rapt fans. I have pictures with all of them hugging Meg. The announcer said the sessions would be "approximately ten minutes," but the players were there for the duration. As long as fans wanted to meet them, they were not leaving. If Meg wasn't with me, it would have been one of my best Auburn sports experiences. With Meg, it was my best Auburn Sports weekend EVER. I thank all the players and Coach Dean. Meg and I are already plotting our return. Bless you all and we will be watching! Beat Aggies! War Eagle! Bob Sammons Class of '76 Winter Haven, Florida
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    Big donors have been pushing for this for awhile. They want to make sure we have Bruce lock down for a long time
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    Drafted: Braden Smith: 37th overall to the Colts Kerryon Johnson: 43rd overall to the Lions Carlton Davis: 63rd overall to the Bucs Daniel Carlson: 167th overall to the Vikings Free Agents: Stephen Roberts: Eagles Tray Matthews: Vikings Tre Williams: Jets Austin Golson: Jets Jeff Holland: Broncos Darius James: Jets Kam Pettway: Vikings Roc Thomas: Seahawks
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    He is either going to continue to kill it on the recruiting trail and win pretty big or that program is going to explode in huge flames. No middle ground. AU coaches, T-Will, still feel extremely confident about Owen.
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    Public service announcement: This post does not contain a gif. That is all.
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    Kid told the coaches two months ago he was in. Never wavered. Huge pickup.
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    I'm not picking on you, Zeek. So this is not personal. I don't understand how ANY Auburn fan can EVER say that they aren't worried about a single game on our schedule. We're so inconsistent, every year and every week.
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    Only possible way we could defeat Kirby's good old-fashioned elbow grease and can-do attitude.
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    My B-I-L captioned it "you have to play it as it lies". Actually saw this happen. It's about 10' below the cart path. Yes, a gator lives in the pond. Bros grabbed their bags and kept playing.
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    If I've done my job to the best of my ability, there is nothing that an offense will show that we haven't seen and repped. Yes, execution is on the player, but not being prepared to execute is not. We have been woefully unprepared when a defense adjust to take away what we are doing. That is not execution. Period. Running a jet sweep into a 9 man front that has shifted in the direction to the run because everyone knows the play shows a level of preparedness that our opponents have had for a few years now. Our offense has not shown the same level of rediness needed to counter the elite defenses we face.
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    What are you talking about? Our entire 2 deep on OL is mid to high 4 stars with 5 star Ashley. Oh wait my bad Harrell wasn’t a 4 star so maybe I’m wrong on the entire 2 deep. Asa was what the number 6 back in his class and chose AU over Bama and everyone else. Kerryon was a 5 star on most sites. Tre Mason 4 star. Jovon was a 5 star. Everyone needs to stop with the whimpering and complaining about every detail. Our recruiting has never been better. Our offensive numbers have never been better. Bamas offense was the highest scoring in the conference last year. What happened when they played a good defense. Lost 26-14!!! UGA was steam rolling their pansy schedule what happened when they played a good defense. Lost 40 -17. The thing is if you are playing top defenses and you put up 24-30 pts you have to be in at least a position to win a close one at worst. UGA got a mulligan for their game plan and we played poorly with the early turnover in the red zone with a chance to go up 10-0 or 14-0. Auburn hasn’t and probably never will be a team that wins 11 games a year for multiple years. The schedule is just to tough. Bama LSU and UGA every year. And history it was bama UGA Florida and Tennessee. We are about 50 percent on UGA Bama LSU and Florida since Dye came to AU. We have a winning record against Tennessee. As I’ve mentioned before what is there to complain so much about? We have a respectful coach, although has some weird paranoia’s but a good man it seems and treats the players excellent. Stop looking across the state and trying to match what they do. We aren’t them and I don’t want to be them. Sure I’d take the dominance they’ve had the past 10 years but I don’t like the attitude or entitlement they have. They are in for a very rude awakening in the near future and last recruiting cycle although a great class is showing signs of chinks in the armor. Mom2kid this wasn’t meant as disrespectful and most of your post I love just so sick of the constant coach bashing. There was no one harder on Gus then me after LSU last year and UGA the year before. But what about the other 9 or 10 games where he out coached who many on this board say are better coaches?
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    T-Will was an undersized LB from Spring Valley High that had one offer from a division one program. Auburn. And that offer was in the process of being pulled when a visit from coach Whitt to pull that offer turned positive when coach met his family. That visit changed T-Wills life and he is Auburn inside and out because of it. Love the guy!
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    OL is an extremely hard position to identify at the HS level (especially OT) hence why you will constantly see top NFL draft picks at the position coming from random as hell schools. These kids obviously weren't 5-star signees out of HS, otherwise they wouldn't have ended up at the Central Michigans of the NCAA sphere. So it IS entirely plausible to identify lesser-known talent that can be coached up or developed physically into All-SEC caliber. The problem here is that we have an old-as-hell OL coach who obviously isn't known for traveling to scour talent, and that is what you need to do to unearth these kids. So much of our OT recruiting seems to be targeting 'X', 'Y', and 'Z' nationally ranked kids who all end up signing elsewhere, and then we don't even have anyone left on the board.
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    First, for an OP that was intially scoffed at, funny this turned into a legit discussion. Props! As for Gus' trajectory... I feel like he has it in him to be truly great. Among the greatest even. ...if only he can grow past a handful of fatal flaws, which have been discussed to death on this board. Unfortunately (so far, for 4 years) the operative phrase for Gus is "if only".