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    He deserved all he got in the first half.
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    One of the worst takes I've seen. Try knowing what your talking about before posting.
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    When Oregon and Auburn take to the field this coming Saturday, the Tigers will have the more talented roster based on recruiting rankings. For those who follow recruiting, it will give you the “warm and fuzzies” but those that value experience and coaching, the rosters could be much closer. Looking at both team’s last four recruiting classes, Auburn has recruited 4-5 star talent, 63.6 percent of the time and Oregon is at a competitive, 43.9 percent. Auburn fans need only to look back at last year’s losses to Tennessee and Mississippi State and know the recruiting rankings meant nothing in those games. When it does come to recruiting rankings, I value the players national ranking more so than star power. Looking at the rosters between Auburn and Purdue, the national player rankings indicated Auburn should dominate the Boilermakers, and they did. Keep in mind Gus Malzahn was aggressive, throwing the football vertically, which allowed Auburn to take advantage of their talent level. With this in mind, I examined the national rankings of each team top-17 players on offense and defense, who most likely will see the most playing time this Saturday night. Comparison: On offense, Auburn will check in at 437.0 and will face an Oregon defense ranked at 413.8. The average rankings are very close with a slight edge in favor of the Ducks. IF the national player rankings hold true, Oregon should hold it’s own against the Auburn offense. In fact, if you take Auburn’s OL vs. Oregon’s front-7, there is a huge difference in favor of the Oregon Ducks. Auburn’s OL checks in at 700.8 vs. Oregon at 451.7 in their front-7. The Duck's advantage here is why coaching and experience need to make up the difference for the Tigers. Auburn’s advantage when on offense will come in the skill players, where Auburn quickly makes up for the talent deficiency upfront. IMO, this means Gus Malzahn will have to be creative in his schemes and play-calling against the Ducks to take advantage of his personnel at the RB, QB and WR positions. On defense, Auburn checks in at 396.2 vs. Oregon’s average ranking of 732.5 on offense. The talent rankings here is a significant talent advantage in favor of the Auburn Tigers should we focus on talent rankings only. Examining the matchup of Auburn’s front-7 against the Oregon OL and it favors Auburn at 237.6 vs. 395.0. These rankings in favor of Auburn is why I believe it will be vital for Oregon to be able to run the football Saturday night. They need to lean on their veteran OL and two solid RB’s to keep their QB on his feet. I believe the Auburn defense has the better shot at keeping the Tigers in the game than Oregon's defense vs. Auburn's offense. Because it is the first game of the season, I see around 40-45 combined points. It could be a similar game to what we witnessed against Washington last season. With that being said, if Auburn can run the football and their defense is dominant, it could be a long night for the Ducks. WDE
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    I believe that both these guys are transformational players. They will make strides for both sides of the ball. 5 star players that will actually play like they're supposed to. They both constantly put in the work. I've heard on the locked on Auburn podcast that Bo chewed CKS's ear off after a scrimmage asking him what he did to disguise coverages and all about the defense. OP has been on T-WILL too. These guys won't just be ordinary freshmen. I fully expect both to be first round selections when they leave.
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    We don't know if jg can throw, if it was close the practice games have passed. My problem is you could've at least got your back up comfortable if a situation arised and he was needed
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    I know a guy who would kill for the job
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    Wish @augolf1716 and any of you others in probable path the best. Almost a year after Micheal PC and Mexico Beach area continue to be a mess. Advice to anyone near predicted landfall area is get out if possible.
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    One of the worst Malzahn crap the bed performances I’ve seen, and that says a lot. So much to be disappointed about from beginning to end. I have absolutely no idea what Gus’s plan is but it doesn’t look good for him.
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    I DGAS but how can you say this with absolute fact? Too me, the way he recruits and the people on his staff, he would be battling it out with bama for the top spot year in and year out. And would most likely have a .500 record with them. He'd drop a game or two along the way sure but his teams would be as strong as any in the SEC year in and year out.
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    Thank you. It's amazing to me that as soon as you point out or talk about glaring issues that Hellen Keller could see, certain posters jump in to defend the indefensible. It's not like those that see and talk about these issues don't want AU to be's quite the opposite.
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    That might say more about you than him Fiddy.
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    I’ll take “Things you don’t say a week before a game” for $500, Alex.
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    Things are never as bad or as good as the two sides would have you believe. Things get taken out of context all of the time and if not they are placed in a vacuum neither of which are actual reality. Has this team performed well so far this season? Yes and No...depending on your point of view. Some will point to the record, others will point to the mistakes, but neither tell the whole story. The successes and problems we have seen so far this year do exist and are real. What isn't real is the context that these get thrown about in. Below is a breakdown of some of the complaints and issues we have seen over the past few years with a blurb about why they might not actually be the same as years past. Are these real issues that the team is having? Yes! Are they happening because of the same reasons as past years? Not necessarily! I just want to point out that I appreciate arguments from both sides of the thoughts on Gus and the team. I think many of these are valid and are true depending on the lens/point of view you are looking from. With that said I just wanted to point out some the past deficiencies and even though we are not seeing the results we hope to see I have noticed some things going against those past tendencies. This doesn't mean things will work out and we win 10 games or that we lose every game against higher ranked teams, but I wanted to acknowledge and point out these changes. Maybe by listing these out many people will see it is just not as black and white as what they believe. I think we have the talent to be competitive but the team needs to a little more time to form that cohesion and to figure out what is going to be successful this year. We start the season off against a very good teams. Sometimes this works for us and sometimes against. We had Clemson near the beginning of the schedule for a few years in a row and damn near beat them even with the mess that was put on the field by AU (3 QB rotation anyone?). Clemson's slow start against us didn't seem to affect their season overall. Then we beat Washington and Oregon these last couple of years and even though last year didn't go as well as we would have liked that doesn't mean this year will be the same. The 2nd half of the Oregon game showed the potential on both sides of the ball against very good competition. How do we replicate that for an entire game will be a key point for this season. Gus running it up the middle ALL of the time? Well in the past this was valid point and I agree that it is painful to watch when we do this but what I see that is different this year is that we are throwing it a lot more. In fact, I think we might be throwing it too much. It appears to be the inverse of the running too much issue. It seems like Gus is trying to use the Pass to open up the running game instead of using the run to open the passing game. This may very well be a product of the poor OL play but at least it is sign that we are trying something different. Why don't we ever throw it in the middle, have shorter routes, or throw it on first down more? Again this has been a problem in the past but I have noticed a slight up tick in those plays being called. The issue with them now is that the intended targets drop the pass, QB under-throws/throws high, or the ball gets tipped at the line of scrimmage. I believe we have thrown the ball quite a bit on first down with a lot of success, though. I think if we could just get some positive runs after that initial pass play we could really get on pace and play well. Offensive Line play is terrible There is not much to say on this except that it is not as good as some people think nor as bad as others think. I would like to see some back ups get some playing time if the starters are going to not play with an edge. I'm sure the starters beat out the back ups based on experience and probably overall better consistency. But I think it takes more than that to be successful on the OL. We need guys who have an edge and get pissed off when they get beat. I don't need the aww schucks golly gee I got beat attitude...that may be ok for a player here and there but not the entire OL. Honestly if they could just get some kind of push, not even a lot I think our running game will improve drastically. We actually saw a bit of this when we used pulling guards to the outside and got some good runs. It may be that we need to be a perimeter rushing team this year and not an up the middle one. Give it a bit more time and I think we will see it start to open up, especially if the passing improves. Lack of Running Back by committee I think this is the case for 3 reasons. Lack of Trust, OL play, and Injuries. The lack of trust in some of the other RBs ball security makes sense, although with Whitlow fumbling 3 times I hope the competition opens back up. We don't really know what happens at practice and maybe there is an issue with fumbling we are not privy to. Also an apparent injury limited JD William's use last week. I hope Cadillac is able to get his preference of using a committee, but currently there hasn't been much opportunity with the way the OL has played. Shivers can be dynamic but he needs to have at least a couple of yards to get going. Can't blame him when he is getting hit immediately after getting the ball. Maybe put him on the jet sweep sometimes instead of Stove? Play calling This seems to be an issue that everybody can agree on as being part of the problems we are seeing. Sometimes I feel like Gus is purposely running plays (sometimes the same play) over and over because he thinks at some point it will work. At other times I think he does it to set up a big play after lulling the defense. Think of a boxer that constantly jabs over and over and then all of the sudden comes in with a hook. Actually Gus may think both of these things at the same time. I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with this approach I just think Gus needs to pick his spots better to use it. Maybe get the chains moving using the 2 minute drill (pass or run, I don't care), and then try the explosive play. Again this only works if the players execute meaning don't overthrow, don't drop the pass, get push at the LOS, and no penalties. I think Gus does best when the offense can find a rhythm, but we haven't done so much this season so far due to player execution, play calling, and penalties. I have noticed several people in attendance of the games mention that there are sometimes wide open guys that don't even get seen by the QB because they aren't the first read. I think that will change the more comfortable Nix gets. Right now I'm of the belief it is very vanilla in order to build chemistry with the WRs. Bo has it with Hastings and Williams, but now we need to get Stove and Sal involved. That TD pass in the Oregon game where Bo saw Stove uncovered I believe was 100% improvised and not the play called. The more comfortable Bo gets the more I think he will see the field and find the open guy. We just need to Gus to remain loose and take what the defense gives us for the most part, then hit them over the top with an explosive play when they get comfortable. Conclusion It seems to me that even though it appears we are struggling in some of the same areas as before, it is for different reasons than we have seen in the past. I believe it all stems from the OL play which has to improve, no doubt about it. I think that Gus is using the pass to open up the run which may or may not be the best approach for a TF QB but you don't know until you try. He most likely was trying this due the play of the OL. We may very well see him using the run to open the pass against Kent St, as per his usual pattern. I'm not sure at what point this happens but Gus usually finds out what his bread and butter for the season is by the 4th game. Unfortunately that game is usually LSU but is A&M this year and could very well be a loss. I wish it could be sooner but that just appears to be the way things go based on the personnel being used. Nobody seems to separate or establish themselves until then (For example Cam Newton against Miss St and Nick against LSU in the 2nd half). TL:DR You can dislike the product on the field and still love Auburn! You can also Love Auburn and be optimistic that the season is not lost! You can also believe that even though there are issues and growing pains that it can work out if some of the correctable issues get resolved! The issues we are seeing today aren't necessarily because of the same old patterns we have seen in the past. Some are yes, but not all. There is also some evidence to try different things to figure out what will work for this team for this season that goes against the tendencies of the past.
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    So you admit it's the same complaints for the past several years. I would hope those things would've been fixed by now.
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    But got better once at OU
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    I think Bo needs all the time we can give him to hone his 1st.
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    As posted on the other thread. I think Gatewood is a better match for Gus, but man, Bo played his tail off near the end. Especially given the adversity. The kid will be something special but people do need to remember that he won't be able to be a running threat all season. Those hits will pile up in the SEC. Gus needs to (but won't)tweak his offense to Bo's strengths. The kid is a short and accurate slinger that can take a shot downfield. What we're seeing is Kyler Murray at TAMU, if he would fix the offense then we'd have Kyler Murray at OK. As someone said, Gus needs to be a better coach to utilize Bo to his fullest, but Gatewood is the QB that can cover up Gus' mistakes and issues. Those deep routes w/ seemingly no option are basically improvised running plays for a "Scrambling QB" to compliment the run game. Think of them as built in chase off routes that require DBs to have to come out of zones after running stride for stride w/ receivers downfield to hit a big and fast target and then line up again, diagnose window-dressing motions and decipher who gets the ball next. That is the "Trick" of Gus' offense.
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    Game week guys .. here’s to a great year!
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    Im sorry, but its true....All the time! And I would run with him to the end zone and the finish line. College football is the 1st time that Ive ever sat down during a game. and to be honest, I was never in the stands last year when he scored. I was downstairs running while watching it on tv. I'm just passionate. I never knew it meant that much to him, until I watched this video. So I teared up the first couple of times I watched it too.
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    This post feels like the final round on SNL’s Celebrity Sean Connery is going to finish with “Suck It Trebek”.
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    Watch this for some humor...
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    sunshine pumpers be like....
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    Challenge accepted -64
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    I don’t think so. The future looks bleak I hate to say. Next week will say a lot. It’s frustrating seeing somebody like LSU make so much progression and we are stuck.
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    Checking in from Summerville, SC, just outside Charleston. Very glad to say my family and most we know are in good shape. Some are without power, and I don't have internet back so I don't know about downtown flooding. All in all, very blessed today.
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    Dude y'all have to read this.
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    I really saw the spike in the endzone as reactionary to emotions as opposed to celebratory taunting.
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    Please god tell me someone has Andy’s call on the TD play?!
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    Steele, yes, Bo Nix yes, the O-line possibly although Oregon was worn down. Gus however deserves any dissing he gets.
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    Same school as safety commit Chris Thompson. Please sweat baby Jesus let us develop a pipeline to Duncanville!
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    I'm going to say it like I've been saying it: don't sleep on Oregon. They have their entire offensive line back, along with 17 or 18 starters on offense and defense and arguably the best NFL QB prospect in college football, so we have to bring our A game to Jerry World. That said, I've got a funny feeling we're going to win 41-17. I'll take a 1 point victory, but for whatever reason I think we're going to hit a stalemate with their offense (which is saying something considering how good our defense should be) and tear their defense a new one.
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    OK had enought I will start another thread. Keep it civil or it will be locked as well .................................this is really unbelievable
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    I want Gatewood to do what he wants to do. He was very loyal throughout his recruitment, even through an OC change, and worked his butt off this year to be QB1. If he wants to be QB1, go for it.
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    Not the response most of you guys were looking for. RESPECT.
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    Not so much for me. My favorite player is Boobee for 2 good reasons.
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    We don't have any control over the season???? Why didn't someone tell me before I circled the block 5 times, changed game day shirts at the beginning of each quarter, eating only the unbroken chips and walking carefully to the refrigerator trying not to step on any of the lines of the floor. The A&M game will be much less stressful for me now.
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    Honestly, I think we are trying to keep other teams from having film. If Gatewood threw it more, other teams (including A&M) would strategize around that. By making him exclusively a runner in these early games, defenses will expect him to be only used in that capacity. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Gatewood throw a deep pass next week when they sell out to stop him from running it. I was a little surprised about the flea flicker. We have kept things really vanilla so far, aside from that one play. I think Gus has some stuff up his sleeve for later. Also, I noticed he had Joey and Bo in at the same time during some plays. I expect that will turn into some kind of reverse pass at some point this season.
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    No kidding. Rumor is that Smokey has entered the transfer portal....
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  47. 6 points sorry if already posted. Very classy move. @aubiefifty
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    I think every president since Clinton has had grandiose narcissism.
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    Supposedly Gus has encouraged Bo to be a gunslinger in practice which surprised me to hear.
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    He was running for his life in a lot of his hudl tape. Hard to teach that level of pocket presence. Stidham sure didn't have it.