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    Oh...sorry. I apparently have stumbled upon the UC-Berkeley football forum.
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    I'll keep this short but my mom (one of the most die hard Auburn fans) has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. This is the first time she's had this issue since 2011 when she beat it the first time. This is coupled with my wife and I just sold our current home and are buying a new one, I'm interviewing with new potential employers to be closer to my parents, and (while this is premature) I think my wife may be pregnant with what would be our first kid (as teachers I'm looking at our bank account with some trepidation). No idea how all of this has timed itself to all happen at once but I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed. Thought I'd share with you guys since I've spent years and years with this message board (I think my original account was created in 2010 or 2011). Plus my mom doesn't want to share her situation yet and there's something cathartic about telling some people who don't know her but, as I know you guys will, truly come through with support and prayers. Sorry for dumping my problems on you guys but thank you for being great friends.
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    I’m in the claim em all crowd. It doesn’t really matter, and after a certain amount of time, it becomes the legend.
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    Welp.... Sitting in the Fla Cancer Specialists parking lot about to go in. Trials, day 1. God bless!!!
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    They need to charge the people in power that were well aware of the video and chose not to press charges prior to it becoming public.
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    Well...I mean, I get it. But it’s dumb. Lots of things in life get tagged with military imagery...the battle against Cancer, the war on drugs’s a fine balance. Words have meaning, but to put too much value into words is also fool-hearted. I for one never say the “go to h— Alabama” chant, because even tho I despise the little turds, to me, “go to h—“ would go against my morality. Now, it’s just a phrase, it doesn’t hurt anybody, but it’s just not my philosophy. sounds like this guy just needs to let things go—as do we.
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    Day 1 👍 At least I wasn't puking my guts out, LOL! Thank you for the prayers. Should know if it's effective in 5-6 weeks. 🙏🙏🙏
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    On November 19, 2005, the Auburn Tigers hosted the 9-1 Alabama Crimson Tide, who was coming off their first loss of the season at the hands of the LSU Tigers. Alabama was ranked No. 8 and was still alive in the race to win the SEC-West but needed LSU to lose one of their two remaining conference games. Because Auburn had surrendered 27 points to Kentucky and 30 points to Georgia during their last two games, many thought Auburn’s defense was the cure Alabama needed to their offensive woes. Not only would this not play out in favor of the Crimson Tide, but the Auburn defense also rose to have one of its most dominating performances in years. When the dust cleared, Auburn would hold Alabama to just 188-yards in total offense, recording 11 sacks against Brodie Croyle, Alabama’s starting quarterback. Of Alabama’s 188-yards of total-offense, 102-yards came during the last two possessions, when the game had already been decided. Bama gained only 86 yards of total offense during their first 12 possessions of the game. The outcome, for the most part, was over by the end of the first quarter. Auburn's first-quarter performance was their best in their long-heated rivalry with the Crimson Tide. Auburn held Alabama to four consecutive “3 & outs” to start the game as the Tide netted minus-46 yards on 12 plays, while Auburn scored three touchdowns to go up 21-0 during the opening period. The eleven sacks recorded by the Auburn defense have not since been duplicated. Auburn has competed in 184 games since the 2005 Iron Bowl, with seven sacks being the most sacks since dumping Croyle eleven times. This Auburn Flashback highlights the 2005 Iron Bowl and how dominant the Auburn defense was on that day.
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    "I'm never going to be able to call myself a War Eagle" That's very good, because we don't call ourselves War Eagles. "..or say 'Go War Eagles'" That's good, because if you did people would think you are very ignorant. This yahoo should have educated himself before he posted those remarks. I hope he's better informed on the subjects he teaches students than he is on Auburn sports. PS: Are we sure this guy is real? He seems too stupid to have graduated from high school, let alone have earned an advanced college degree.
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    Momma Worm.... With your permission, I'm going to show these pictures to my cancer cells and see if that won't scare them away. 😁
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    Silently working.... this is how & why he is able to make plays like the classic Iron Bowl play.... getting it from the muscle! Dont sleep it’s a lot of pressure in that frame with a huge ❤️ & NO FEAR❗️#HeartOverHeight #UnderDog #WarEagle IMG_6080.MOV IMG_6080.MOV IMG_6080.MOV IMG_6080.MOV IMG_6080.MOV IMG_6080.MOV IMG_6082.MOV IMG_6092.MP4 IMG_6081.MOV
  13. 11 points Gus Malzahn, Bruce Pearl, Allen Greene earn combined $175,000 in APR-related bonuses. By Tom Green | Gus Malzahn, Bruce Pearl and Allen Greene are set to collect a combined $175,000 in bonuses due to Auburn’s academic success as measured by the NCAA’s academic progress rate (APR). The NCAA recently released its APR scores for the 2018-19 academic year, with Malzahn’s team accruing a score of 976 and Pearl’s team earning a perfect APR of 1,000. The football APR was a dip from the team’s 993 score during the 2017-18 academic year, while the men’s basketball score remained perfect for the second consecutive year. In all, 11 Auburn sports earned a perfect score for 2018-19, including women’s basketball, men and women’s cross country, men’s track, men and women’s golf, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball and women’s swimming and diving. The NCAA’s APR score “holds institutions accountable for the academic progress of their student-athletes through a team-based metric that accounts for the eligibility and retention of each student-athlete for each academic term.” Because Malzahn’s football team earned an annual APR above 975, the coach picked up a $75,000 bonus, per the terms of his contract. Pearl also picked up a $75,000 bonus for his team achieving a perfect APR score, while Greene earned a $25,000 bonus for all Auburn athletics teams earning a multiyear APR score exceeding 950. All of Auburn’s team achieved at least a 970 multiyear APR score, with baseball being the lowest multiyear rate at 970 over the most recent four-year rolling period. Malzahn’s team has a 980 multiyear rate, while Pearl’s has a multiyear rate of 995. Soccer, gymnastics, volleyball, men’s and women’s golf, and women’s cross country all have perfect scores on their multiyear rates.
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    Then put the damn years in the stadium that we are officially recognized as National Champions. Only having 57 and 2010 under the category of National Champions inside the stadium is sending a message that you do not claim in fact 6 national championships........
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    How do these people get out of bed without injuring themselves every day?
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    I make Rocker my girlfriend. I dump Fairly...he’s just not worth risking my heart over. And I marry Brown. He’s reliable—won’t leave me over spilled beer. wait...did I do this right?
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    Our Time: Why my legacy at Auburn will be defined by winning By Samir Doughty 5/21/2020 10:00:00 AM In the “Our Time” series, the five Auburn seniors will tell their stories in their own words. Fifty-five. In the two years I played at Auburn, it didn’t matter how many points I averaged per game. It didn’t matter how many assists I dished out or rebounds I pulled down. What mattered to me – the only thing that mattered – is that we won 55 games while I was here. See, I don’t have to be remembered as one of the best players to play at Auburn. But I do want to be remembered as one of the winningest players to ever put on the Auburn jersey. It’s been that way since I was little. I was so competitive that when my brother and I used to get off the bus from school, we would run home to see who could get there the fastest. When we got in the house, it was who was the fastest to turn the TV on? After that, who wants to play 1-on-1 basketball outside? There has always been that competitive nature. My brother is competitive. My dad is competitive. All my friends are competitive. Growing up in Philadelphia, especially where I grew up, everybody had that edge. It makes you want to win at everything. I don’t like losing. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be chess and if I don’t know how to play chess, I will learn how to play to win at it. I’ve seen a lot of different people get caught up in the environment I grew up in. Each and every day that you step outside, you always have to be looking over your shoulder, protecting yourself. You try to make the right and smart decisions because there’s always somebody that will hurt you or your family around here. My big brother growing up, he did the best job he could to keep me out of the streets. My family did a great job. Mom and dad have always been together and always provided for me, so I never had to really make wrong decisions. It’s always been about basketball for me. Through basketball, I put my life on the line every day just to win for us as a family. It’s what drives me. My objective has always been to better my situation for them. I remember my first year at Auburn. I sat out after transferring from VCU and I just worked on developing my jump shot because I knew how many 3s BP [Bruce Pearl] wanted to shoot. I knew how important the 3 ball was to him, so I was constantly in the gym. The next year, when I got to play, I was ready. I knew all the schemes. My shot had improved. Yet, I was still a role player. And that was OK. For me, not having as big of a role, that is what makes great teams – everybody playing their role and knowing how to be great in their role to become a better team. It was all about winning for me at that point. If I had to be the guy that wanted to be defending the best player or making an open 3 or making the big free throw or whatever the case may be, it was all about winning and putting the team first. I just tried to step up into my role and excel at that. What was crazy about that team is we talked about the Final Four before the season began. We knew it was something we were capable of doing. So while we were winning all those games in March, it wasn’t surprising. Maybe it was a surprise seeing we were one of four teams still playing – it’s a surprise to any team who makes it that far – but we knew we belonged. Honestly, thinking about that team is what makes losing this past season so hard. The decision to stop the season was made for the right reasons. Has it been hard to hang my head knowing that I didn’t get to finish my senior year the way I would have loved to finish it? Of course. But this is more important than basketball right now. I realize that. I just wish this team had the opportunity to go win a national championship because like last year’s team, I think we were capable. No matter what, we will always be able to reflect on the season we had. We accomplished a lot of great things, things that will never get taken away from us. My favorite memory is the LSU game when J’Von [McCormick] made the last shot. I just love how he willed us at the end of the game to give us a chance in overtime and allowed me to make a few baskets. I would not have been there without J’Von giving us a chance. When I think about last season, I always come to that game and am always impressed by how he carried us through the final few minutes. Our team continued to make history, which is why I came to Auburn. Now, as I leave Auburn, I have developed into a better basketball player. More importantly, though, I can honestly tell you I’m a better person. Bruce preached – not even preached, it’s the way he carries himself – just trying to be better each and every day as a person, as a basketball player, as everything in life. That’s what a lot of people don’t know about him. They don’t know how hard he works and how much he wants greatness from each and everybody – from him, his coaching staff, his players, everyone. He just wants you to always be your best self. I never had anyone that brought the best out of me like that. He challenged me all the time. I wasn’t always the guy that wanted to be challenged, but he brought that into me. I do feel as though we made each other better because nothing mattered to him but winning and you being a better person all around in life. We were just on the same page, and I was always able to see eye to eye with him. Even if I thought he was wrong, I knew where he was coming from because he just wanted to win and wanted you to become better. It’s because of BP, the other coaches and my teammates that I’m now able to chase the ultimate goal – the NBA. I feel like I belong at the next level, and all I’m trying to do is get there. At the top of my resume? Fifty-five wins. That's how I'm leaving Auburn. A winner. It’s because of BP, the other coaches and my teammates that I’m now able to chase the ultimate goal – the NBA. I feel like I belong at the next level, and all I’m trying to do is get there. At the top of my resume? Fifty-five wins. That's how I'm leaving Auburn. A winner.
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    Good points. The casual observer could ascertain that he might have... 1. Wanted to be funny. OR 2. Wanted to make waves. OR 3. Wanted to state his opinion, right, perspective, yada. OR all three...or none of the above. HOWEVER, teachers of all ages know the sacrifice of keeping a lot of what you think inside in order to build the bridges needed for your students to emote what they think...and continue to become. It's not about you, when you're a teacher. Ask any currently teaching if they're cautioned by their PTB to watch what they post on Facebook, etc. NUMEROUS PD sessions yearly on this. Countless jobs are lost, though legally challenged yearly, because of the idiocy of what people post themselves saying and doing. Same reason many deny their rights to purchase what they might at the grocery store...because of eyes that could be watching. If you're not in the field, you don't understand the role model aspect to what we do. We just don't get to flaunt it all, purposefully...and sadly...often without meaning to. Sure "we're all adults" in the university environment, but what we say or do still affects our influence. It's fine to differ on whether or not his mission was accomplished. But it's not hard to debate the wisdom of it.
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    If I had, you'd have heard a knock at your door
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    Touching story about Wesley Steiner's background. I've been excited about this guy specifically because of what an athletic freak he is and the enthusiasm he displays, but after watching this I'm really pulling for the guy to succeed. I never would have guessed that his childhood experiences could have produced such a positive person. Just remarkable. I won't be surprised if he's another guy who has an impact on the program long after his playing career is done.
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    I’m sorry, I can’t! I only watched the state game last year & I didn’t know he had an offer until he committed ... I missed regular season games do to travel for AU football. But I will see this year as my younger son will play varsity & is on the defensive part of the ball
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    2004 is beyond dispute. We should have claimed that one the second USC had to forfeit all their games.
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    No, I'm going about my business as usual except for using hand sanitizer as I leave stores. If the employees in a given establishment are wearing masks I wear one too as a courtesy. If they are not, I don't. I don't live in a town and I fish, hike or ride horses for recreation so social distancing isn't something I have to be concerned about. All I miss is the wife and I's once weekly trip to some restaurant. Local ones opened up yesterday, so we'll be heading out this week. Age 77, no underlying health concerns and not worried about the virus. If we get sick, we get sick. The numbers favor not even knowing we were exposed, should we become exposed. PS: One other thing I miss: Baseball at Plainsman Park. This has been a beautiful Spring, weather-wise. Tanner Burns and Jack Owen were ready to mow 'em down and we're all locked out. Bummer.
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    Hi JapanTiger. Thanks for checking in. The best thing is, as always, prayer. Honestly, I am feeling better than I have in years!! That's not to say my neuropathy and physical pain are gone (but they are very much more bearable with treatments) but I have been overwhelmed the last several days with an incredible sense of well being.....and even peace. I'm going to say it... I've been washed by The Holy Spirit! On Mother's Day, it hit me like a nuclear bomb!!! I've never, in my life....even when I was saved, felt what I felt that day. I'm even going through the process of figuring out how to start my own blog. Thoughts, feelings, stories (not necessarily even all of a strictly Christian nature) have been flooding my mind, especially in quiet moments. It's truly AMAZING!!! I don't mind "announcing it here first", so to speak, because I have received SO MUCH love & support from SO MANY posters on this site even though, for a while, I was getting very down & cranky about.....let's just call them "the things of this world" that I'm sure some have been disappointed in me (as I was in myself) and perhaps even written me off. STILL I am receiving so much prayer and support I am constantly overwhelmed with beautiful emotion!!! Sorry if this rambles a bit. I truly LOVE y'all!!!! God bless! Nathan
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    Turns out there's a creek behind our neighborhood. Been here 8 months and never knew it was there.
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    Wow. So for FIVE years, Auburn has signed 39% fewer high school linemen on average than our main (and generally more successful) rivals. We have signed 3 guys for every 5 of theirs. For FIVE years. That includes Grimes and Hand. Our head coach is an offensive coordinator by trade. Insanity. If he has finally gained the humility to acknowledge that his way doesn't work and he needs to let somebody else do it better- which seems to be the case on at least this one issue- then better late than never, 100%, and I tip my cap to him. But man. That is some learning curve.
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    Maybe now we can finally put to rest the debate over why Kaepernick took a knee.
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    People are dumb. Nix will be a JR when Davis gets on campus. Sit a year or maybe two behind Nix, redshirt and learn the offense. Take over a a RS freshman or RS sophomore. Win win win for all involved.
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    Davis has been recruiting for AU for over a week FWIW.
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    I'm certainly not arguing anything with or against you here but just thought I'd take this pointed clip to relay an amusing anecdote (but a genuine situation I found myself in recently), that covers all 4 of your points in 1. Hard as this may be to believe, I promise it's a true story.... In my situation, one of the many health organizations I see is for pain management. I was there a month or so ago, simply for the visit required to update a pain script. That's all. "Same pain? Yes. New script? Done". That should (and normally would be) it. However, the Dr (who I'd actually never met before as I'd been seeing a PA previously instead) comes in and before even one mention of me or my situation (barely even saying hello....literally), went into a 20 minute diatribe that covered everything from his disdain for the current WH administration, his worshipping of Dr. Fauci (who there's now disagreements as to his worth in this), and spewed some fairly wild conspiracy theories about why certain things are going on to manipulate policy & the economy. (He covered all 4 of your points, LOL)....I kid you not. Again, this is a true story. ....thankfully he DID finally approve my script refill after I sat in stunned silence with my jaw dropped open (though he couldn't tell due to my mask) the whole time. Oh, he DID do one cute thing, showing me how to make a homemade mask using a pleated paper towel, rubber bands & staples. So, I did get SOMETHING useful from his ..... whatever you call it. Not sure if he samples his own product or what but..... anyway. Moral of the story, if y'all haven't noticed, those in leadership, the multitude of varying sources of statistics & models & everyone on these forums (like AUFamily, facebook, social media, etc.) are constantly contradicting each other. This situation is unprecedented in modern history. There ARE no experts (on this particular situation). But plenty who THINK they are. Just think for yourself, research as best you can & make your own informed decisions from there. Chances are a bunch of people will agree with you....a bunch of people will disagree with you......and the rest will just insult you. Be safe out there & may God bless!
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    Oh, Zeek! First off, prayers, prayers. Next...testimony. (I'd share it privately, but maybe it will help someone else, too.) My dad was in his last stages of a rare thyroid cancer that metastasized to his liver in the early 90's. I was teaching in KY and my husband was finishing seminary at Asbury. We moved back to Montgomery (Methodist at the time; we knew moves) to be closer to Auburn. Had no idea if he would live to see his first grandchild...because children weren't on our radar yet; I'm the oldest of two. God's perfect timing...we were able to announce that our first was on the way on their wedding anniversary, having confirmed the news in Japan, while visiting my brother. "We went to Japan as two, came home as three." She was born three weeks early like first babies are "never" supposed to be (HA) on March 31, instead of two days after his birthday, April 16. He saw a year of her firsts and was "physically" there for her first birthday party, scheduled for March 30 at 6 PM in Auburn...Easter Sunday. Ten minutes later, at 6:10, he went HOME. (Her March 31st birthday has always been the rainbow after the rain.) As a teacher/preacher couple, I relate to income concerns! As one who hoped to conceive before Daddy went Home, I can relate! I want to promise you that IF YOUR WIFE IS PREGNANT, this is the very thing that will give your sweet mother all kinds of things to enjoy in this time. Her mind will be on the baby...and if not yet on that...she will be so overjoyed to have you closer. IT IS SO MUCH FOR YOU RIGHT NOW...but you are right; our prayers are with you and God is big enough for it all. There was always just enough, income-wise, even in the nine years home with our two in between teaching seasons. I absolutely rejoice that your home is sold and that the new one is coming. Any principal would understand your situation and welcome you, given an opening, especially coming with experience...and know that I'll be praying to that end, also. This verse carries me in times such as you describe: Philippians 4:19--"And my God will meet ALL your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus." Be strong and courageous! What He'll do for one, He'll do for all who call upon His Name! His peace and presence are our guide, even when His ways and answers are mysterious. Thank you so much for sharing! (Now, hug your wife for me!)
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    As many of you know, I wanted Jalen. I wanted Jalen Green to Auburn more than I’ve wanted any recruit to come to Auburn since Byron Cowart on signing day. When it began to be leaked that Jalen was probably signing with the G-League, I, as a human, was not saddened or disappointed. I did some work, went to the bathroom, got a Powerade from the vending machine, spoke with Miss Lisa about purchasing a new part for a project, and went back to my desk. The Auburn fan part of me at his desk in my mind with highlights of the Elite Eight win over UK playing on a TV above an orange and blue desk wearing a Chuma Okeke jersey and with 15 shakers around his desk... that guy put his head down and sobbed. I say this to say, no this did not effect me as a game like this should not. Speaking specifically as a fan, however, that was tough. I saw Jalen and Cooper being the greatest backcourt to ever play at Auburn. I saw incredible athleticism taking place. I saw ESPN at Auburn Arena every weekend, I saw scouts all over the arena, I saw the crowd going absolutely berzerk for each lob thrown by Cooper to Green, and for a while, I thought we had it in the bag. I thought Jalen was AU bound. Then the Corey Evans article came out, and my vision took a huge hit. I didn’t understand why he said Jalen was still a Memphis lean as everyone else seemed to have Green to Auburn easy. Slowly, over the next few weeks, that confidence I had in all that happening, turned into optimistic hope, which turned into fleeting hope, which became desperation, which finally became extreme disappointment. It was certainly a n extra push to the knife in my AU fan’s chest when Green said it would’ve been Memphis had he gone to college. I was so excited at the prospect of that happening. I thought “a backcourt of Cooper and Green would change the game for Auburn. I can’t wait to see something I’ve never seen before with those two on the floor together.” Here is the thing I realized though: the incredible displays of athleticism, the hunger to win, the berzerkness of the fans, the expectation to win, the barrage of talent and the ESPN trips to Auburn Arena... I don’t need that to start happening now... it’s already been happening. Auburn has made 3 straight NCAA Tournaments. Auburn has won back to back SEC Championships. Auburn has been to a final four. Auburn has not only played with, but has stayed blue bloods. Auburn played in Maui and competed. Auburn has beaten Kentucky at least once per season 4 out of the last 5 years. Auburn Arena has been featured on prime time ESPN coverage, and hosted College Gameday this season. Auburn has had 5 star athletes on its team. The Auburn Arena crowd is known as one of the best and loudest in the country. The Tigers have a better home record than any team in the SEC over the course of the last 3 seasons. What helped me get over Jalen? Auburn doesn’t need Jalen Green to save the program with his commitment. Auburn is already a contender. They already have everything they would have if Green showed up to play for Auburn. While he makes Auburn a legitimate threat to win a national title, Bruce has proven he can win with his guys. No bad blood for Jalen, as I wish him all the best in his career, and I’m looking forward to watching him play in the NBA. I am happy with the state of the Auburn Basketball program, and Jalen Green simply would have been a great addition to a program already on fire.
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    I hear you Loof but the reason I personally used the term snowflake is because he takes exception to a descriptive word being war. Now if we we're talking about an actual war that would be different in my opinion but the use of the word war as an adjective to describe the eagle is no more offensive than me being upset at the term bald eagle because my hair is extremely thin on top... Come to think of it I just had a birthday recently and I'm now offended by golden eagle too.
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    Our JROTC program puts out one American flag in honor of every victim in front of our high school here in Social Circle, GA every September 11th.
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    it's the "Auburn factor" that Rivals has solidified in the recruiting circles. Just a simple algorithm. Cooper will be ranked a 4 star player by the time August rolls around. If Secretariat had signed with our Equestrian team, that horse would be a 2 star before signing day.
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    You're not alone
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    I’ve been wondering how you were. Glad you fit the trial criteria. Keep the faith, my brother. I told you about my wife. 31 years ago, she was given 6 months to live by two oncologists. She had metastatic melanoma. There was less than 5% survival rate at that time with melanoma in that stage. She got involved in a trial at MD Anderson. It was very hard on her body but she is still here and doing well. You will do well with the trial because of your faith and all the Prayers. We continue to keep you and your family in our Prayers.
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    What would this place be like without bird and golf?!? I do not want to know.
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    On the question of 2020 football and opening the country up in general: I think (or at least hope) that most of us encountered a balance scale at various points in our Auburn education. Realizing that there is no win-win with this virus situation, lets put this on our scale and weigh the misery. On one side of the balance put one hundred thousand deaths due to the virus, and assume that there will be another one hundred thousand to come. That's two hundred thousand deaths. On the other side, put 39 million people who lost their jobs. Weight the family financial tragedy, increased alcohol and drug abuse and domestic violence caused by the lockdown and 39 million lost jobs. Include the undiagnosed cancer and similar diseases. Include the scheduled knee and hip replacements, hernia repair and spinal surgeries that have been postponed. Lets don't forget the 18 and under folks that are at very minimal risk yet have had their educations and important (to them and their development) social lives interrupted. There is no comparison, our balance crashes down hard on the side of the misery caused by the lockdown. The deaths are tragic, but they are far, far outweighed by the many other tragic consequences of closing America down. It's time to put the lessons we've learned about confinement and nursing homes into practice and open back up.
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    On October 15, 1994, the No. 6 ranked Auburn Tigers traveled to Gainesville, Florida to take on the No. 1 ranked Florida Gators. Despite defeating Florida the year before, part of a current 17-game winning streak and returning 16 starters from that team, Auburn was a 16-point underdog. Many considered Auburn fortunate to have defeated Florida during the 1993 season and would likely lose the rematch with the Gators. Two interceptions during the 1993 game resulted in a potential 28-point swing in favor of the Tigers. It was a game Auburn won 38-35, despite Florida outgaining Auburn in yardage, 560-yards to 383-yards. In 1994, Florida was rolling, having won 11 of their last 12 games, including a 5-0 record to start the season. The Gators average score before facing Auburn was 51-12, and Auburn had met only one team out of six that would finish the season with a winning record. Steve Spurrier’s explosive offense and aggressive defense were expected to exact revenge for Auburn’s upset victory the year before. For Auburn, they saw the 1994 Florida game as an opportunity to prove they were worthy of their lofty ranking and current winning streak. Not only did Auburn defeat Florida for the second straight year, Auburn proved to be the better team on both sides of the line of scrimmage. What transpired that day in the Swamp was one of the greatest games during the modern era of college football. It was a showdown of two highly ranked teams that were conference rivals with national and conference titles on the line. The game had a slew of exciting plays with six lead changes, ending on a last-minute touchdown pass to decide the outcome of the contest. What made the Auburn victory so special was the fact Auburn was expected to lose, and Florida could not use the same excuse, they overlooked the Tigers as they did in 1993. The Auburn victory required great individual performances on both sides of the football. Pat Nix threw for over 300-yards, while Thomas Bailey and Andy Fuller had over 100-yards in receiving. Stephen Davis ran for over 100-yards and Frank Sanders had 95-yards in total offense. The offensive line allowed no sacks to a Florida defense that finished No. 19 in total defense and No. 16 in scoring defense. Brian Robison recorded 10 solo tackles and intercepted three passes, while Gary Walker and Mike Pelton led a defensive charge that recorded five sacks and six turnovers. Florida had always been a challenging venue for the Auburn Tigers. From 1960-1993, Auburn was 5-12-0 at Florida and 13-4-0 at home. Steve Spurrier’s Gators were 15-0 at home in conference play when Auburn came to town in 1994 and 26-1 overall at home. This 18th installment of Auburn Flashbacks breaks down the key moments of this historical match up and why it is one of the greatest triumphs in school history.
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    I live in TX Fifty. "total cases are up" because testing is thru the roof. May to date has 330k tests; March and April combined had 330k tests...but you knew that, right; because you followed thru and conducted a thorough analysis rather than looking for the cheap "shock" headline. So you also know that hospitalizations are down as well as case % (that is testing/positives)...down to 3% now; it was 14% in April. This is why TX is open for business. One area was delayed moving to phase 2 for another week due to numbers being higher than expected. Using actual info to make decisions. Seems like a prudent reaction. Retail back open, restaurants now at 50%; haircuts happening, youth sports back on, baseball and basketball OKd to start back; sans audience...gyms open Friday; my daughter plans to be at hers. Still too slow in my view; but a sensible response given the abounding hysteria. Looking forward to a great Memorial Day week. My oldest son Commissions tomorrow....God Bless him; and all those young 2nd Lt's we've gotten to know these last 4 years. Last driven duck hunt of the season Sat morning, fishing and spending Saturday afternoon kayaking down the Guadalupe with the family. Eating out in a restaurant with other human beings pretty much every meal from Wed thru Sun. Play the games...
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    Dude sounds like a real a**hole.
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    Well I guess the turds can claim another title.
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    My number 1 fan Mag Pie. Her momma and daddy like the break they get when I play and she comes sit with me. Moved outside and didn't notice she sneaked out while playing. Looking at me like what are you doing. Start back. We were up till 3 am. She's partial to Jason Isbell and Blackberry Smoke.
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    “When I told Coach (Bruce) Pearl that I was coming he was excited! The first thing he did was yell, “War Eagle!” He told me being there was a lifetime commitment. That’s exactly what I wanted; I didn’t want a four-year school I wanted a school that was gonna be my family for the rest of my life. I can’t say enough about the fan base there.“
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    If y'all want to be like Tenn. go ahead. Losing one recruit (which we haven't even lost yet) doesn't mean the sky is falling. Many of you get all upset every time we miss on someone but fail to say anything when we beat out one of our rivals for someone else. It's just the way recruiting goes. We will end up getting our share and who know we may end up with this guy. Bunch of whiners!!!
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