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    1) I was heavily involved with this move and remain on the faculty: The medical school was privately owned, and they were coming here anyway. The fact that Auburn met them halfway as an institution was out of necessity. It also occurred despite Auburn’s initial resistance. 2) the GPAC is almost entirely funded by donations. Lots of them. $$$ 3) ok. I guess he can take credit for a move made, in large part, from the great money-raising campaigns in Engineering over the last decade. (Here’s a kudos to M. Arnold!) 4) this was a compromise between academia and athletics. It had more to do with state assistance in tenured spots. So yes...Leath did one thing. He was terrible. He can go suck on lemons. My opinion, there should be some accountability on the knuckleheads who hired him. As far as Bruce is concerned, I don’t think his history is “Lilly White” as Pat Dye would say, but every time he talks, engages, works, takes time in the community—he helps Auburn. I sure hope he has learned his lessons and plays by the rules. Or at least if he cheats, he cheats like Kansas and Kentucky and UNC. Just my opinion.
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    Steven Leath enters the Transfer Portal.
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    Just wanted to say, today begins my last week of radiation (week 7). Though I'm in lots of pain at times and feel so miserable in general, I am still so uplifted by those who pray for me and those who ask me for updates. After this week ends I get six weeks of recovery and then finally another PET scan. Please continue to pray as my blessed hope is NO MORE TUMOR! Thanks again and I love you all AUFAM!! War Eagle!
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    To be honest.... I don't think they discuss the matter at all. I know that my son loves Gus particularly for the opportunity that he gave him on becoming an Auburn Tiger. I think Gus is a great guy that cares a lot about his players. Things happen and often don't turn out how we would like them. But this year, I think it will different. I can feel it! The freshman were played a lot last year and were in the learning stages of college football. They had to grow up fast and I think they did fairly well. I think we will be impressed by them even more this year. Besides being excited about my son, I'm particularly excited to see Seth Williams emerge even more than last year. He gives me the same excitement that I get when watching my son play. I can honestly say, he is a MOMMA WORM FAVORITE!
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    Just another reason to drop football and concentrate on basketball.
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    Enjoy! https://auburntigers.com/news/2019/7/15/general-everything-school-from-the-desk-of-allen-greene.aspx From the desk of Allen Greene General 7/15/2019 2:00:00 PM By Allen Greene 'Everything School': From the Desk of Allen Greene Story Links We are a(n) Football Everything School It's great to be an Auburn Tiger! It's been 27 days since the last pitch in Omaha and we're 38 days away from our first fall competition of 2019-20. Many people have asked, "What do you do in the summer?" and my response is simple: "We prepare for the fall!" Before we completely turn our attention to the upcoming year, the successes of last season deserve a quick pause to reflect on a banner year. After all, we have a lot to be proud of. Count Only on What I Earn Final Four. College World Series. National championships. Let's take a moment to review the excellence Auburn's student-athletes achieved this year. With Coach Malzahn again calling plays, Auburn scored 56 first-half points in our 63-14 Music City Bowl victory – the most points scored in any half of a bowl game. Ever. Three months later, many of you returned with us to Nashville to watch Coach Pearl's team roll off four victories in four days, winning the SEC Tournament for the second time in Auburn history. If the season had ended that day, it would have been one of our best ever, but our guys were just getting started. From Salt Lake City to Kansas City to the Twin Cities (we like 'cities'), Auburn captivated the country with fast-paced, unselfish play, beating Kansas, North Carolina and Kentucky to become the first team in the history of our state to reach the Final Four. When the season ended, our Auburn men managed to shine even brighter in defeat than they had in victory, handling the disappointment with grace and class that earned admiration from coast to coast. My experience as a student-athlete and professional baseball player taught me to keep battling and never quit, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Coach Thompson is instilling that same quality in our baseball program. Despite significant injuries and regular-season slumps, our Tigers persevered. Down to our last pitch in a key game against the host team in the Atlanta Regional, Steven Williams hit a home run for the ages. Then in Chapel Hill, with the College World Series on the line, Auburn scored 13 runs in the top of the first inning. Their grit carried them all the way to Omaha after winning the first super regional in Auburn history. In the history of Division I, Auburn is one of only four schools to win a bowl game, advance to the Final Four and reach the CWS in the same season, dating back to 1947 when the College World Series began. No wonder folks are rightfully referring to Auburn as an "Everything School." There's a common theme throughout the halls of Auburn Athletics: we are more concerned about the success of our teammates than we are about our own. Auburn's legendary equestrian coach, Greg Williams, puts it like this: "Plant a seed for a tree you'll never shade under." With unselfishness as a guiding principle, Auburn equestrian was once again second to none, completing the first perfect season in the sport's history. On a Saturday morning in April in Waco, Texas, the national championship came down to the final ride. Ashton Alexander came through in the clutch for Auburn and for her teammates. What was on Ashton's mind as she prepared for the make-or-break ride? "I had to put the 39 other girls before me and to know all the work they've put in," she said. "It was for them, not just for me." The night before, another Auburn woman won a national championship when freshman gymnast Derrian Gobourne earned the highest score on vault. Never to yield. That's what our women's golf team did at the NCAA Championship this spring. After advancing to match play, Auburn trailed top-seeded Texas significantly and it was getting late on the back nine. Then came an epic rally, with freshman Brooke Sansom clinching a spot in the Final Four with a birdie putt on the 20th hole. Coach Melissa Luellen, who has won national championships as a student-athlete and as a head coach, called it "the most unique moment I've ever experienced in sports." Women's basketball returned to the NCAA Tournament. Softball pitched back-to-back shutouts at the SEC Tournament, becoming the lowest seed to ever reach the semifinals. Jovan Rebula won the SEC men's golf individual championship. Gymnastics advanced to the Sweet 16. Soccer made the NCAA Tournament for the fifth consecutive year. Our men's golf and women's swimming and diving teams each finished 12th at NCAAs. Track and field's Kylee Carter, from nearby Beauregard, brought home the silver medal in javelin from the NCAA Outdoor Championships, then won the gold for Team USA at an international competition in Mexico, just as she did at the SEC Championship. I Believe in Education While our athletic success was well documented, the work of our student-athletes in the classroom deserves some chalk. Auburn is a formidable institution that boasts of top-ranked programs in business, engineering, veterinary medicine and many other disciplines. Not only do our student-athletes compete against the nation's best while in uniform, they also compete against the nation's brightest in our labs and lecture halls. Auburn student-athletes have averaged a 3.0 or better cumulative GPA for 11 consecutive semesters, dating back to the spring semester in 2014. Talk about a winning streak! Ten of the baseball players who took the field in Omaha are part of the 62 Auburn student-athletes who earned a selection to the 2019 Spring SEC Academic Honor Roll, joining the 74 Tigers on the Winter Honor Roll and 57 from those playing fall sports. Kevin Wyss, a senior on Auburn's track and field and cross country teams, received a 2019 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, earning three years of financial support totaling $138,000 while he continues his studies. I Believe in the Human Touch As a community, this spring has tested our resolve. We've shed tears for the 23 lives lost when tornadoes hit Lee County. Our student-athletes and staff helped clean up and rebuild. We grieved again when Auburn Police Officer William Buechner was killed while protecting and serving our itcommunity. We celebrated the lives of Rod and Paula Bramblett and pledged to be there for their children. Auburn has lost its voice, but the same Auburn Creed that guided Rod and Paula guarantees we will never lose our way. I Believe in Auburn and Love it Personally, serving as Auburn's director of athletics has been my most rewarding professional endeavor. We have 550 student-athletes who sacrifice, serve and lead. The opportunity to compete for and win championships while developing Auburn men and women, raising the profile of Auburn University through excellence in intercollegiate athletics, motivates me and our staff every day. Having joined the Auburn team in the spring semester of 2018, this marks the completion of my first full season to have the privilege of leading the orange and blue. To see our student-athletes hoist trophies and diplomas is fulfilling in ways that are difficult to describe. Watching them become servant-leaders is equally gratifying. Looking to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, we will continue to work aggressively to make sure Auburn has everything it needs to support our student-athletes at the highest level. Whether it is facility enhancements, mental health support or a simple acknowledgement of their work ethic, we will pay particular attention to the holistic development of the young men and women who represent Auburn. Many of you have already pledged to join us, and we will continue to ask others to invest in the programs that bring us such joy. Your commitment, generosity and steadfast assistance will position Auburn to compete for championships for generations to come. As the historical marker on Ross Square reads, "Owing much to the past, Auburn's greater debt is ever to the future." Together, we will ensure Auburn's future exceeds even the best days of our past. Thank you for the many sacrifices you make to purchase season tickets, travel to away games, or sneak away from a function to watch the Tigers on your phone. Rest assured, your passion makes the difference in the lives of our student-athletes. Most importantly, thank you for believing in Auburn and loving it! War Eagle!
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    I keep seeing a (very) few bring up the "we had to" encore on the $49 million. Completely disagree. No we did not. "Blackmail" or fear-based decision-making, however you view it, seldom and should never pay off. Here's hoping future contract negotiations for anyone concerned include benefits for BOTH sides, and are tied to future benchmarks, not past performance.
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    If by mutual you mean he was told to GTFO and he replied, "Ok," then yes, it was mutual.
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    Much improved OL with a full year learning off of Coach Grimes. Last year they only had 6 months with him. All juniors on the defense returned with the exception of Dean Javaris Davis is going back to his normal position Linebackers should be better this year as time goes on All running backs and WR's return Will Hastings and Eli Stove return Addition of MAR and DJ Williams are big time Last year, all of those freshmen come back with real-time experience Gus is officially calling the plays Dillingham being his spotter on the field like Lashee was in 2013 and 2014 Dillingham will also give Gus 3-4 plays to choose from and Gus will take it from there We have two very capable QB's that have stepped up and truly fit our system Good recruiting class that has arrived I personally do not think we lost our best player on either side of the ball. I love Deshaun Davis, but Derrick Brown is the best guy on defense. On offense, I am actually going to say Seth Williams is our best guy. I also think either Gatewood or Nix can become a better QB than Stidham, at least in this offense. If none of this excites you, than the mere fact that we get to go back to Auburn for gamedays! Love that feeling every time.
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    Bottom line the person driving 89 to 91 mph in a 55 mph zone approaching an intersection is guilty of causing the accident period. Doesn’t matter if he was high or asleep or if the other car was changing lanes or backing up. Guilt will not be an issue. Premeditation and circumstance cold be used in the punishment phase. That said, in my honest opinion ( which has absolutely nothing to do with my desire either way) barring any unknown prior record which I doubt exist, the defendants lawyer will successfully push for youthful offender status. I suspect he will lose his license for quite a while and do some time in juvenile and have his record purged as an adult. His family could and most likely will face civil judgement as well. I would expect the civil judgement to be successful against the defendants ( family of the minor is also responsible in a civil judgement). Nothing is going to bring anyone back or make the suffering of the children and family any less. The sooner everybody can move on the better. Focus should be on #1 preserving the memory of Rod and Paula and creating memorials such as scholarships and such and #2 helping the children as they move forward. I’ll also add a #3 as Phillip L.’s Dad has done and use this as a learning lesson to go teach young people about as to why you need to avoid substance abuse, as well as following road rules and never driving when your ability to drive 100 percent is affected. Don’t just drive for yourself but for al those that might be on the road. Also we all need to say a prayer for the children and the defendant. Their life will forever be change let’s pray they can make I through this time of trouble successfully.
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    Check me if I'm wrong, but I would think making a QB want to quit the sport would be a badge of honor for any D lineman
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    Having a 6-5, 250 QB in 2010 to defend kind of opened things up. I am sure we will see plenty of elements of 2010 should Gatewood start this season. Newton and McCalebb made for a great inside-outside combination. I would imagine Gatewood and Shivers would pressure opposing defenses too.
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    I hope to one day reach a level of such incompetence that my employer pays me more than my salary to not show up to work. I swear I've been living life wrong this entire time.
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    I have a 21 year old that you would lump into that category. Went to a Christian private high school, received a Presidential scholarship to Auburn, wound up following right in my footsteps.... Until he got caught. In the spring of his freshman year he was charged with three felony counts of distribution of a controlled substance (was buying Xanax on the dark web in pretty large quantities), wound up on WSB news here in Atlanta. I can tell you that I very frequently thank God that no one died ingesting what he was selling, he had no idea what it was. In his case he was very fortunate that his father could afford a very competent attorney that was well connected (and I believe highly respected) within the Lee County justice system. In this case I believe my son was the poster child for "youthful offender" as he has always been well behind his peers in his ability to maturely evaluate situation and outcomes. I clearly believe that our justice system is the greatest in the world and, in my biased opinion, works incredibly well. I trust that the facts will be exhibited by highly capable attorneys in a court of law, a very capable judge will preside over the case and potentially a jury of decent human beings will determine an appropriate outcome for this young man. I can tell you from experience that my heart breaks for him and especially his family. My heart is also irreparably broken for the Bramblett and greater Auburn family. I don't know what shapes your opinion, I certainly hope it isn't one of first hand experience...I also hope it's not simply knee jerk. As an aside, I found out about an hour ago that my son had his request for early termination of probation granted. He can now go back to pursuing his college education and growing toward being the "better" flawed person we all know he can be. Just like me...and maybe you?
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    You don’t change the most beautiful and iconic uniforms in college football. Auburn doesn’t need tacky gimmicks. Period.
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    The opening SPARQ scores 2019 Steiner 148.17 2018 Pappoe 147.12
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    Stay the hell out of Iowa..............please
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    I agree in regards to the type of young men that CGM brings in. During recruiting.... he advises, "This is no place for knuckleheads." I remember picking Worm up from the airport the 1st time he went to AU and he said I'm committing there! CGM said this is no place for knuckle heads and I'm no knuckle head. It felt like home. To me it gives the young man a sense of responsibility for their actions, if that makes sense.
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    I understand your logic completely, for a kid wetting their pants at school or making a mistake the first day on the job. But lives were lost here. Emotions are high. It changes everything. We all tend to self serve our interest in these cases. If one of my sons had done this same thing at 16, I would certainly be trying to keep them out of jail. It was a “youthful mistake”. If my parents were killed by a driver driving recklessly at 90 mph, I would be appalled if they didn’t serve time behind bars for it. It was “dangerous and selfish behavior”. There’s no easy answer on this one. It is tragic all around.
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    Keep hearing about the Miss St game over and over. Folks don't realize what the locker room was like. It was a mess. Was a mess for most of the season after LSU. No leadership from anyone, including the coaches. No one on offense knew who was doing what. Fly by the seat of their pants. The D players could see this. Left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Told it was part of the reason that a lot of the players came back. To right that wrong. For anyone here to say that the D was the main reason for AU's record last year is just plain stupid. As dumb as can be. Sure the D didn't play as well as they should or could have but the O damn sure didn't help them much at all.
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    Murray was assaulted by Fairley. Of course, UGA ripping the dreads from our players head was perfectly ok. Right....👌🏼
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    If the OL had played like 2017 in 2018, JS could/would have.
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    This will probably be moved or something but who are some of you all's favorite posters?? For info it's @WarDamnEagleWDE I don't think he's appreciated enough. No bias just give you the info good or bad. He's been nice enough to take to me sometimes through pm's to explain things slow to a big dummy as well. You always appreciate somebody that offers their time when they don't have to. @ellitor usually knows what's going on with recruiting. He's a nice guy to communicate with as well. @StatTiger is great at showing you when something special is actually happening and you need to appreciate the moment. @McLoofus is a great example of how a poster should be IMO. Everybody loves this guy just great to talk to about anything. @DAG is great to interact with and has great non biased opinions. If we're doing something well he'll tell you and if we're trash he'll point that out too. I appreciate @Tigerbelle she's good at reminding you that we're competitive and everything but in the end we're talking about good kids here. Human beings. And she's not afraid to let you know that 😂. @Tiger and @AuburnNTexas are some of my favorites in the basketball forums. Well actually both forums but some of the basketball guys have a little fraternity like feel I guess lol. But they give good insight about the game and they know their stuff IMO. You can always learn a little from them. Shout out to @AUBwins and @oracle79 they swoop in give you good stuff and are out that quick lol! My favorite mods are @augolf1716 and @bigbird they don't ever try to power play you or anything. If they say something to you twice about one subject you're really doing something, they don't ride you and they offer good stuff as far as knowing football and basketball too. Golf knows the history of Auburn pretty good because he's so old he was there on the first day of classes 😮 bird is good with stuff like secondary play. We talk about that alot as I played that myself and I have a bunch of interest at those positions. @aujeff11 is fun to argue and joke with. He has unique perspectives. This is starting to get too long I'm certainly could add a bunch of people, and maybe that's what I'll do just keep coming back and adding to this but this could be a reference I guessto like minded people or new members a list of people to check out if you want interesting content to look at!
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    Baby Barnacle in the house! Sweet baby girl. I'm in big trouble.
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    I wish we had some O lineman that had enough nasty in them to rip the dreads out if an opponents head. We haven't had true meanness/viciousness/nastiness in a O lineman in quite a long time.
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    Bill gets real close to the root of the issue but can't quite force himself to say it: Gus has to stop throwing winnable games. There was no reason to lose to Tennessee last year. None. There was no way we should have lost to LSU after being up two scores, at home, in the second half. I don't care how many NFLers Mississippi State had last year, it was embarrassing to not reach the endzone against them and lose that one too. It's one thing to let a game or two get away in year two, it's something much worse for this to keep happening in year six. Gus did GREAT to scoop the division in '13 and '17, but it's been painful to watch much of the time in the other years.
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    I was just impressed that he thinks those games are critical. Wow. The most critical will be the first one. Then the most critical will be the 2nd one. All these games will be critical this year for Gus. He has lost at least 2/3 of the fan base. He better not let a UT game happen again. Losing is one thing. Compete hard and losing a game happens to them all. But the way Gus loses games has to stop.
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    I view a good University President like I do a good sports official. If they're doing their job correctly, you don't notice them or even realize they are there. If they start to become noticed, something is wrong.
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    I wanted too, to show this just because I think it's awesome. My Aunt and her church group made me a prayer quilt and it's beautiful. Can't wait to live in TN where I can use it a lot more HAHA.. Don't mind the ugly guy...just enjoy the quilt 😁
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    I agree Gus couldn’t have turned that program around, but I sure would have liked to see him try.
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    First of all, I have lived in Arkansas. I was there when he made his run at Shiloh and grew into the national ranks at Springdale with the Springdale 5. You talk a lot for someone who doesn’t even know the variables of a place. Have you ever stepped foot inside of the state of Arkansas to make such generalizations? Like here, Gus is a polarizing figure at Arkansas. Half the state loves him; half the state hates him. The majority of the state hated him once he left Arkansas and ended up at Auburn. His dislike was exacerbated when he recruited the likes of Dyer and KF to Auburn successfully. He did himself no favors when he returned to Arkansas State. Now, during the 2017 season, a good amount of their fans were curious about his motives. They were suspiciously open to him coming there. Mike Irwin, who is one of the most trusted media figures on the hill, called Gus’s bluff and knew it was a maneuver to get leverage and security at Auburn (rightfully so). Another thing to consider was at the time, Arkansas AD, Jeff Long was at odds with Gus. When Gus made the trip back to Jonesboro, he wanted the Arkansas gig, but he was passed up for BB (who was a quality hire at the time). This did not sit well with Gus (insider information, Arkansas politics, blah, blah). Anywho, during the tumultuous 2017 season Long finally got the boot. More of it to do with his hiring of BB and the failure of a contract, but insiders also reported there was a hand to make room for Gus as a clear way to satisfy Gus’s worry as well. They offered him a significant amount of money and autonomy. The fans wanted him to prove that he loves the state, so why not take this offer once and for all. Now, seeing how Gus moves in the past, I seriously doubt he honestly wanted to go to Arkansas. Gus knows it is terribly hard to win at Arkansas and one of the biggest critiques he got from the fans on the hill and the hogville brass which was against the hire is that he was not winning with Auburn talent and he needed a DT QB to win. However, once again, they were at a prove me wrong mindset. I don’t know why you think Arkansas has a "poor little ole me" mentality, but they do not. And they don’t respect Auburn. After Petrino came and was successful there, they know their heights, and they expect to get back to that level, so just being happy with the Shreveport bowl is egregiously inaccurate. Gus knows this, as well. Gus did not want to go back to Arkansas. Period. He knows he has it good at Auburn, despite all of the hooplas that surrounds his name. Arkansas now knows that too, and he is very much disliked by the majority of the fanbase now. He still has his Springdale loyalist, but they are few and in between. Sorry about my rant to the others out there. But I wanted to displace baseless generalizations.
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    First in with this gif. Sweet....
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    I’m really upset by this. No way we can get the President’s mansion remodel done now....
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    People have no idea what happens in the trenches and should before they pass judgement. There were a lot of things being done by the Georgia side, both to Fairley and other AU players, before Fairley took that shot. I remember a lot of chop blocking and some extra curricular activities going on in the pile. What Fairley did was no different than what a baseball team will do when one of their players gets intentionally hit by a pitcher. You have to stand your ground and send a message.
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    Onterio McCalebb was a 4-star running back recruited out of Florida. Auburn signed him based on his speed, and he played from 2009-2012. He was never intended to be a full-time starter at RB because of his size. He always found it difficult to add weight to his 168-pound frame. Playing primarily in Gus Malzahn's offense from 2009-2011, McCalebb carved out his own contribution as a role or utility player. Malzahn schemed to place him into space to take advantage of his speed. Despite averaging only ten touches (All-Purpose) per game, McCalebb finished his Auburn career with 4566 All-Purpose yards. McCalebb ranks 4th all-time at Auburn in this category, which I found to be an amazing statistic, considering his limited touches. He played a significant role in Auburn going undefeated during the 2010 season. Some were critical of his performance because he tended to slip and fall during some of his runs, but his career numbers speak volumes of his production. The video highlights in this production demonstrate how exciting McCalebb was at Auburn but note the statistical data provided, which hammers home just how much he contributed to the Auburn offense. I cannot think of another "role player" on offense that had the impact Onterio McCalebb did within the Auburn offense. https://youtu.be/zBFsRVd8kus
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    For all the criticism you see around here, I hope you also see a lot of praise for Gus for instilling that culture and for recruiting kids who respond to that mentality like Worm does. For all of our issues with what sometimes happens on Saturdays in the fall, we really are grateful to Gus for running a program and for attracting ambassadors that we can be very proud of off the field. It's a lot of fun to pull for these players.
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    DD has just so limited in his athletic ability. Don't take that the wrong way as he was a great player. But he was being keyed in on last year with OC's attacking his weakness, speed. Won't have that problem this year. These LBers are fast.
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    We are all pro Auburn fans. Being a diverse community it just means we just see things 50 million different ways.
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    Sad to say but the opener is critical. Lose that one and the non Gus folks will be rabid.
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    There are way too many here to list. It's probably easier just to list the ones I hate. 1. Golf 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    I'm splitting into categories but I know I'll miss someone. Most Appreciated @ellitor, @WarDamnEagleWDE, @StatTiger, @passthebiscuits Most Entertaining @GwillMac6, @AUsince72, @McLoofus, @bigbird Most Informative @Tiger, @cole256, @boomstick, and all of the appreciated ones from the list above. Best Discussion to Eavesdrop @DAG @aujeff11, @Tiger @AU64 Most Enjoyable posts @abw0004 thanks especially for the football game recaps. Most Inspirational @ToraGirl, @AUsince72 Newscaster of the year @aubiefifty Just a few but I enjoy a lot of posters.
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    My Grandmother once gave a list of favorite grandchildren. I didn't make that list either.
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    Real world: budget cuts Aufantasyland: buy out 33 million dollar Gus, hire Stoops, renovations across the board, lifetime contract for Bruce, less seats, beer at games, FOF on fleek, and annual championships
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    I thought you were supposed to release bad news on a Friday night?