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    I’m going to pump some damn sunshine into this thread. Caddy is the reason I wore 24 in high school and played RB. The dude ran hard and with an attitude! Always respected his style and had the Bucs not rode him into the ground the NFL would have respected his career even more. He should develop into a great recruiter for us. Develop being the operative word. His IMG connection can’t hurt and if they had him coaching there of all places he’s probably not bad as a coach. This isn’t a “proven” hire for sure but dagnabit I love Caddy and I think the kids will too. They say don’t meet your heroes but I’ve never been disappointed with my interactions with him. War Eagle! I absolutely cannot wait to see him being interviewed by Ronnie Brown lol.
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    I hate to wish ill on 18 year old kids, but I hope Pickens' grade issues are real and he has to go JUCO. And if he ever actually makes it to UGA, I hope the first play he's on the field against us, one of our DBs lights him up just for the hell of it. I'll accept the 15 yarder. He's in my "Will Always Hate" Hall of Fame with Yeldon and Foster. I don't mind kids changing their minds. I get it. But you don't have to give us the middle finger and a big "F*** You" while doing it.
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    Signing Day Ceremonies: -3* LeDarrius Cox Ole Miss -4* Charles Moore SIGNED WITH AU! -5* George Pickens: UGA - -4* Mark-Antony Richards SIGNED WITH AU! -3* Kamaar Bell SIGNED WITH AU!! -3* Kameron Brown SIGNED WITH AU! -4* Ira Henry: 2:00 CT -3* Octavius Brothers Signed with AU!! Already Signed: 4* QB Bo Nix- Enrolled 3* RB DJ Williams-Enrolled 3* HB Grad Transfer Jay Jay Wilson4* WR Jashawn Sheffield 3* WR Ja'Varrius Johnson3* TE Tyler Fromm- Enrolled3* TE Luke Deal- Enrolled 4* OG Keiondre Jones3* OT/OG Justin Osborne4* DT Jaren Handy4* Buck/DE Colby Wooden- Enrolled4* Buck Derick Hall- Enrolled 5* LB Owen Pappoe- Enrolled4* CB/N Zion Puckett- Enrolled4* CB Cam'Ron Kelly- Enrolled4* CB Jaylin Simpson3* CB Nehemiah Pritchett Not projected to land or be a factor for: -Maurice Hampton to LSU -Jamious Griffin to GT -Quashon Fuller to FSU -Dewand Jones likely to tOSU -Bamidele Olaseni to Utah -Jammie Robinson to USCe -Wisdom Asaboro to UNC Here's what Malzahn said about Auburn's Wednesday signees: Kamaar Bell (OL, 6-4, 325; Colquitt County HS, Moultrie, Georgia) "He was a priority. We only signed two linemen the first signing period, and this is a guy that can play center, he can play guard. We think this guy can come in and have a chance to help right off the way from Moultrie, Georgia. Octavius "O.C." Brothers (LB, 6-2, 230; Rockledge HS; Titusville, Florida) "What really stood out to our staff is his versatility. He played some wide receiver. He plays linebacker. He plays corner. He can do a lot of different things. I got a chance to watch him play basketball. I know Coach T-Will is extremely excited about this guy. He plays with an edge. He's a very physical guy that can really run." Kameron Brown (LB, 6-0, 230; Lanier HS; Sugar Hill, Georgia) "We're very excited. That's Derrick Brown's brother. He had 187 tackles. I believe he either led the state of Georgia or was second in the state of Georgia in tackles. It really reminds me of a lot of the Deshaun Davis story. A guy that wasn't highly recruited, but he has all the physicality, the want to, all the intangibles." Charles Moore (DL, 6-4, 275; Louisville, HS; Louisville, Mississippi) "He was a guy that was a priority for our staff. Our guys did a super job recruiting him. He was wanted by a whole lot of people. Very athletic. Very strong. I really think this guy has a chance to be an impact player." Mark-Antony Richards (RB, 6-1, 200; Wellington HS; Wellington, Florida) "He's a guy that we recruited for three years. His brother, Ahmmon, was a guy that we recruited very hard that ended up going to Miami, had a great career. We kept in touch. Mark-Antony, I really believe, was the most versatile running back in the country. He can do a lot of different things. He's a great running back, but he catches the ball out of the backfield. I know a lot of people were recruiting him to play defensive back and all that. He really reminds me of Kerryon Johnson. He can do a lot of different things. This guy is a real special player." National Rank 12 Prev. Year: 12 Next Year: 15 SEC Rank 6 Prev. Year: 3 Next Year: 5 Avg. Rating 0.9148 Prev. Year: 0.9022 Next Year: 0.9052
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    To those participating in the general RB usage debate please stop! Especially in a recruit's thread. Most participating have posted their stance countless times while derailing many threads & nobody's opinion is going to change. So please stop pounding that dead horse & accept people have different opinions on the matter & move on.
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    How do we know Gus didn’t try to bring in an well experienced RB coach? Could it possibly be that some of those top notch coaches are smart enough to know not to jump ship from a stable job to one that can change in the blink of an eye?
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    I don't see it as embarrassing for Auburn. It is more a reflection of the type of person Pickens is.
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    How's their OL? Just asking for a friend.
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    Not to derail, but they get the scholarship, unlimited food, free dorm (nice one too), a cost of living stipend, and most get 5 grand from FASFA each year. I was a fundraiser for AU as a student. I raised thousands for the university. I believe for the year it was close to 2 million raised by the group. We all made minimum wage, paid for school, food, and housing.
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    I like the hire. Those who don't seem to base their opinion on two assumptions. The first is that since Gus hired him and they believe Gus to be inept at everything, so he must be bad. That's their view and they are entitled to it, although I wish that they didn't feel the need to constantly remind the rest of us that that's their view. The other assumption is that since he has limited coaching and recruiting experience, he will fail at both. I have no idea how good a coach he will be, but he certainly knows more about playing running back at the highest level than anyone on this board and deserves the benefit of the doubt if for no other reason than he has been successful at everything he has attempted. While it's true that his ability to recruit is unknown, he has all the tools to be a great recruiter. He was recruited by every elite program in high school, and has a knowledge base there that will prove valuable. Every high school coach in the country know who Cadillac Williams is, which puts him ahead of almost every other first year coach on the recruiting trail - and his accomplishments on the field earn him respect from those same coaches. Any kid who Googles his name will see a highlight reel unlikely to be matched by any other recruiter. Parents will get to meet a genuinely great individual who is the best example of what Auburn can do for their son - great college and pro career, managed his money well, got his college degree, and is now coaching a game he loves at a school he loves. Please remember, all of the negatives people are throwing out about this hire are the same things that could have been said about Pat Sullivan when Pat Dye hired him in 1986, and all he did was revamp our offense, beat bama four straight years, and win three SEC titles. Would it really be the worst thing to support Cadillac and give him a chance?
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    I think he will be an excellent coach. Why anyone would think he doesn't have the ability to convey his RB knowledge to the kids he coaches is just hard to understand. He has already been coaching the same kind of kids he will be recruiting. He knows what it takes to succeed in the SEC and at the highest level in the NFL. He can be the example for them to follow. There may be some things he needs to learn but he is a hard worker so he'll get it done. It's not like he's in completely unfamiliar territory....and the kids will listen to him because he has been so successful. I am somewhat surprised by the lack of support for Caddy on one hand....but on the other...the negativity that has overtaken this board about everything that Gus does is so pervasive that it's really not unexpected. Welcome back to Auburn, Cadillac and WDE!
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    Javaris will be running. He just came out
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    Don't think this is the recruiting pitch you need to use in 2019. Caddy will do well on the trail. Going to have to learn some stuff and be hungry at his job (recruiting). He isn't as naturally gifted as T-Will, T-Will has the motor and is a born leader, where Caddy is more laid back. Nice to see Caddy visiting one of the top RB's for 2020 yesterday. Something Horton wasn't doing.
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    Good ole Auburn has moved on and Freeze has moved on. The media hasn't moved on.
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    In Newsletter&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_campaign=190205_082009_Auburn Tigers&utm_content=Link&liveconnect=99-FD-B8-99-12-20-A9-E2-F9-3F-82-B8-8B-2F-6B-53190205_082009AuburnTigers his words: Why Derrick Brown returned, what he sees in '19 ByBRANDON MARCELLO 10 hours ago Share 3 Comments Auburn defensive tackle Derrick Brown (Photo: Jim Brown, USA TODAY Sports) Derrick Brown returned to Auburn to set an example for his son, his team and for players not yet Tigers. The Auburn defensive tackle had the best grade from the NFL and among draft analysts as a potential first- or second-round selection in the upcoming draft, but he instead chose to return to Auburn. Sitting in the Rane Room, surrounded by trophies of past Auburn accomplishments, he was surrounded by half a dozen rising seniors who also decided to return to Auburn. Their words were as strong as their reasoning and their bond to each other: they're returning to Auburn to win a championship. But why did the past player of the bunch return when everyone assumed he was only a tweet away from signing off as an Auburn Tiger? Let Brown explain himself, in his own words, as Auburn's anchor on defense discusses his decision process, his teammates and the future of Auburn football. *** Try us FOR FREE for 7 days and get the latest Auburn recruiting and team scoops *** *** Get FREE Auburn breaking news in your inbox *** ON TIMELINE OF RETURN I mean, I definitely thought about it a lot. The main point of coming back was to go ahead and finish my degree. I had 27 academic hours left, of my major left. It was like, come back and do it now, do it two semesters, or try to do it in the spring, and take the next three to four years to be able to accomplish that. WHO DID YOU TALK TO? The only opinion I really took into evaluation was my parents. They weren't telling me to stay or telling me to go. My parents told me they were happy with any decision I made. That made it so much easier on me with them telling me, and just letting me be a man and be able to handle business about it myself. DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU COMING BACK LED TO OTHERS COMING BACK? I mean, I'm not sure. I haven't really got the chance to talk to everybody yet, because we've been busy with workouts and class and everything. We're on such a different schedule right now. But I mean, I think that I've benefited from all them coming back and I hope they did the same from me. WAS THERE A TIME YOU THOUGHT YOU'D LEAVE FOR THE NFL? I mean, having (son) Kai, that break between having Kai on Dec. 20 until the (Music City) Bowl game, I was so busy doing everything with Kai, then going to the bowl game, being busy with the bowl game, and then as soon as the bowl game was over, going back to be a dad. It was so crazy with so much going on, that I really didn't get a chance to sit down and talk about everything until that January 1st week going into everything, sitting down and talking with my parents. ... Football's gonna be football at the end of the day, I feel like everything is what it is, and I chose to be different and do something out of the ordinary. WHAT'S THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING A DAD? Oh man, seeing my son just smile. Even if he's crying or smiling, just any interaction you can get. WHAT MADE YOU THINK ABOUT THE NFL? Definitely just like, obviously that's a goal you want to do. That's a goal that you want so much growing up, that like, you finally got an opportunity in front of you. You've got to look at everything that goes on with the class you're about to come out with, and all that. ... I felt like I was a top-tier guy in that class and I'll be, hopefully, a top-tier guy in this class. I've never been afraid of competition, so like, this is just something that comes along with it. WHEN DO YOU START MAKING DECISION? My suggestion is don't think about it until after the bowl game. Because it got to a point in the year where I was thinking about it, it was putting so much pressure on me, and like, I perform so much better being calm, cool and collected. And like, in the bowl game, I told myself, if this is my last game, I might as well go ahead and give it all. If it isn't, then I'm just playing another game and I'm gonna give it my all. I finally got back healthy at the bowl. I was able to be Derrick again and I had fun with it. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO PLAY WITH LITTLE BROTHER KAMERON? I mean, yeah, it will be exciting to have my little brother on the Plains this year. He'll be here in May after he graduates, so I'm kinda excited about that. He signs Wednesday, so I'm gonna go back home for that. WHAT DID YOU SAY TO KAM? I'm a big brother, but at the same time, it's like I live life the way I wanted to, and I chose the decision that I chose, so I'm gonna let him do the same. Because at the end of the day, I'm not gonna be there to guide him through all the process. I mean, any questions you may have concerning what he wants to do for school, I can answer things that I've experienced with my personal experiences, but when it came time for him to make decisions and where he wanted to go to school, I let that be on him. WHAT HAVE YOU NOT ACCOMPLISHED YET THAT YOU WANT TO? I think I came back with the opportunity now to play for national awards. Last year, I kind of took an injury so it kind so my mentality got messed up a little bit. But I think going forward now, having Kai, I mean it's crazy how much more motivated everything becomes, the little things in life don't mess or bother me any more because it's so much more beneficial to have him in my life because I'm getting so much more out of him being here. DID YOU GET A DRAFT GRADE? Late first to second (round). DID YOU GET ANY FURTHER FEEDBACK? You send it in and they send you a grade back. ... You can take the grade for what it is, but at the end of the day, the GMs are the ones that make the decisions. CHECKLIST OF PLACES TO GROW Since I've been here, (defensive line) coach (Rodney) G(arner) has talked to me about my pad level and stuff like that. Those are things I want to be better at. I want to be better. I want to take care of all the little things now, so I when I get to the next level it won't be a problem. Also, just putting myself in position to win national awards. I also know that, in doing that, I can only be beneficial in improving myself by helping all these other guys out, being one on defense and being one as a team. DID YOU TALK WITH DE MARLON DAVIDSON DURING THE DECISION? We were in communication a lot about it. At the end of the day, he made his decision, and I made mine. Last time we talked, really, was the bowl game. I called maybe once or twice and was like, 'I love you. Whatever decision you make, you know I love you.' He gotta do what he gotta do, and I gotta do what I gotta do. WHAT WAS COMMUNICATION LIKE BETWEEN YOU GUYS BEFORE ANNOUNCING IT? It was just like, 'Let's do it.' It was me, Marlon, DT, defensive guys, we talked to each other. We said that, if we're going to do this thing, let's do it right. DOES COACH GARNER START BEING NICE TO YOU AFTER A WHILE? Nah, coach G don't change. It's just one of those things. You know, I love coach G because, on the field and off the field, he treats us like we're his sons. That's beneficial to us. He's not just yelling at you. Everything he says, it's all for a purpose. When I first got here, I didn't understand that. Being here for a while now, you understand that. He's here for you more than you think. Coach G is going to be coach G on the field. As soon as you step foot on the grass, a switch flips. He gets the best work out of us. Having someone push you like that and treat you like a grown man, that's all you're going to get at the next level. You may not have someone who cares about you as much as coach G does. DO YOU TELL YOUNG GUYS THAT ABOUT COACH G WHEN THEY COME IN? Yeah. Coach G is going to treat you like a grown man. He may say something to you. You really need to get over it. At the end of the day, you're going to be so much of a better player if you grow up now. When you get to the league, nobody really cares. Just talking to the guys who have been up here before me — [Montravius Adams, Carl Lawson] — you get an understanding that it's business. People punch in, in the morning time and go home in the evening. They go home to their families. They're not wanting to hang out in the dorm. The whole culture changes. DO YOU TALK TO KIDS ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF WANTING TO COME BACK TO GET YOUR DEGREE? Oh yeah, definitely. My parents have education a high priority all my life. Whenever we get Cs, that wasn't OK in my house. It was a big problem. Going forward, I'm going to preach that to my kid. Any speech that I ever give to young kids, that's something important that I'd instill in them. DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'RE SETTING A NEW STANDARD WITH YOUR STUDENT-ATHLETE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL PARTICIPATION? I'm trying to be the first one to change the culture. For so long, a lot of these things didn't involve football. I want the young guys to see it's possible to do both. You don't have to be quiet. You don't have to hold back your voice. Last year I sat down and talked to Ms. Robinson. She was asking if I wanted to run for anything in the student-athlete advisory committee on the executive board. I was like, 'I don't know.' She was explaining to me how football players complain about a lot of stuff, but then they have no representation. They make the most money that's being brought in, and then they complain about things, but they never have any say because they don't have any representation. I just took that as a challenge. I want to be the difference maker. I want to be the one who steps in and makes that change. DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR ROLE WILL BE A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT? I need to step up and be a leader. A lot of guys that left before me, they were leaders for the team. I did my part, but I feel like I'm the guy who does his work and doesn't say much. I give the team the best I've got, and I don't say much about anything. Now I've got to step out of that and get comfortable being a leader. WHAT ABOUT THIS DEFENSE NEXT SEASON? 3COMMENTS We faced adversity every single day going through all this. It's one of those things where we had a down year, and everyone kinda took that personally. That's not our brand of football. That's not what we want to put out on Saturdays. Everything is different this year. We've all got different mindsets on how we want this thing to go. It's just one of those things. It's not everyone talking about it. We don't have to say nothing about it. I really wish every player had his ethics!
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    Out at the Kansas St part. We don't compete with the Kansas St's of the world. We compete in the SEC West. It is a recipe for disaster to look for STARTERS on the OL in grad transfers or even transfers. The grad transfers have helped AU but that player isn't always going to be available. And also damn at the Jackie Sherrill part. We want to strive to be "moo state" under Jackie Sherrell? Damn people.
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    The fact that he told him that, reminds me of a coach I’ve encountered before. Ticks me off. Happy Deshaun proved him wrong, loved auburn, and never looked back. Deshaun is a player I will always hold dear. He was the epitome of what you want in auburn man and he deserves everything good in life that can come his way.
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    His recruits in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama will have parents that want his autograph. And with his gigantic sheepish smile as parents go through the nostalgic “I remember when” stories he will be stealing mommas heart and simultaneously gaining five star commitments. Book it and take it to the bank!
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    I good with the hire. Going to be a huge learning curve for Caddy on the trail. I was just warning people that he isn't a T-Will type recruiter. The two have totally different personalities. All I was saying.
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    Schwarts tweeted a money bag
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    If we lose both of our OL recruits (Henry and Bell) to FSU, after whiffing on every other desirable OL prospect, something has to be done about Grimes. We cannot afford to have such a gaping hole in recruiting at this position any longer.
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    If any conservative whatsoever made that comment he'd rightly be demanded to step down from whatever position he held. Maher should not get a pass for this.
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    Of course the good Gov should resign. If he was a Republican, OMG...Antifa and BLM would be there tomorrow EVEN IF HE DID RESIGN. I got to say this. I have done stupid on steroids, many times. But I have NEVER been in such a way that I would don Black Face nor a KKK Hood. That takes a seriously sick person. And no, I do not believe for a second that he is remorseful a bit. He is just sad he got exposed.