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    Some here know...some don't, but my son has a very rare and severe bleeding disorder. He has been in and out of the hospital his entire life and many of y'all have walked through each stay with us. My wife and I typically can take care of his issues at home. Unfortunately, we have been chasing a severe knee bleed the last 10+ days and the pain and continued swelling has once again led us to another hospital stay. He is beginning to show some beginning signs of compartment syndrome in his lower leg and his pain meds have now become ineffective to handle the level of pain he is having. James is unbelievably strong and resilient. That said, due to the pain and a sense of things not getting any better, he is emotionally drained and is starting to spiral into a depressed state. Please pray that the pain subsides quickly, the swelling doesn't lead to more complications, and for his continued strength and resilience. Thank y'all for always being here for times like these.
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    Fire him tonight. Make Steele interim. Go get Cristobal or Bob Stoops for next year. Tired of seeing inept offense from a guy hired to field dynamic offenses. Whether it's a failure of recruiting, evaluation, play calling, game planning or some of all of it, it's just not working and it's not going to get better. EDITED TO ADD: Two points of clarification since people don't read context... 1. I'm not done with Auburn, I'm done with Gus. 2. This was posted when we were down 21-0 and looking left for dead. I fully realize that won't happen after we made it a game. Carry on...
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    ... take a break or leave but stop it with all the insults and criticisms of other posters and players. I'm just a nobody on here but it's ridiculous reading multiple pages of posters who can't find their way to a PM. Now we've lost another member who brought an informative viewpoint and a perspective that we all need sometimes, all because a poster wanted to try to get cute with the insults. I come here for information and to have fun. I have zero inside info and so I lurk, post when I feel like it and try to make someone else smile when I can. If you're on here just to be critical and pick an argument with someone then I feel really bad for you. I have gotten to the point where I just skip a couple of posters on here because they're either self promoting, attacking or just ultra sensitive. I'm just trying to get everyone to think before you post and stop with the insults. When you think about it if you aren't able to enjoy coming on here then why are you doing it anyway?
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    I'm done. Literally the dumbest display of going into a shell I've ever seen, including the Tubershell years. Three quarters worth of KJ up the gut for two plays then flinging it into a crowd 40 yds downfield. The man is just so ******* stubborn and stuck in his ways he cannot and will not change. Hit the bricks, Gus.
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    Jeff can you try to not antagonize the medical staff? We don't need our closest source to the program to be run off. Sincerely, The Rest of the Board.
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    And the lack of a program. Each year is a toss up. There is no guiding principle, no foundation, no direction, no focus, and no identity. We don't have a football program. Each year is unknown. We never seem to build or develop towards the future.
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    Depends on which faction you ask: Kodi Hater - "The receivers dropped the ball because they weren't coached right" Gus Haters - "The receiver missed the ball because the route was so simple he was bumped out of place by the defender." Grimes Haters - "The receiver didn't have time to get open because the OL couldn't sustain their block"
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    To each their own, but I'm not close to buying. Great win but a lot of the same issues made this a much closer than was needed. JMO.
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    Talked with an assistant coach tonight: Bo has impressed with his “ability to improvise and keep technique even under duress, throw with accuracy, and master the offense.” It’s more of a testimony of how good Nix has played than an indictment on JG. Gatewood should and will get “plenty of touches.” Coaches still like JGs leadership and think he is “almost unstoppable inside the 10.” I’m thinking about a 80:20 split for Bo/JG at this point.
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    Gatewood looking great. Obvious leader for the team. WR group 1 look incredible. Offensive line Driscoll still a concern IMO. RBs are awesome. Defense, young and going to make some coverage mistakes. Worried about pass rush. DBs thin. Noah is my favorite player. Carlson looks more confident. Should be interesting with punt returns. Probably Tutt as he looks comfortable. looking okay on injuries. Knock on wood.
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    Game #12 Statistical Evaluation (Alabama Game) Offensive Report Card 01) Avg 6-yards per play on 1st down: [3.25] fail 02) Convert at least 40% of 3rd downs: [50.0%] pass 03) Avg at least 4.5 yards per rush: [3.43] fail 04) Score on at least 1/3 of possessions: [45.5%] pass 05) Keep 3 and out series under 33%: [18.2%] pass 06) Average 8.0 yards per pass attempt: [8.27 yds] pass 07) Score at least 75% inside red zone: [80.0%] pass 08) TD red zone above 60%: [60.0%] pass 09) Avg at least 30-yards per possession: [37.1 yds] pass 10) 40% of offensive snaps part of scoring drives: [57.7%] pass 11) TD / Turnover ratio above 1.6: [3.0] pass 12) TD ratio of at least 1 every 17 snaps: [26.0] fail 13) At least 8 impact plays: [9] pass 14) At least 2 big plays: [0] fail 15) Pass rating of at least 126.3: [156.8] pass Score: 11 of 15 (73.3%) Pass Defensive Report Card: 01) Avg under 6-yards per play on 1st down: [7.20] fail 02) Convert below 35% of 3rd downs: [27.3%] pass 03) Avg at least 4.0 yards per rush or less: [5.65] fail 04) Score 1/3 of possessions or below: [18.2%] pass 05) Keep 3 and out series above 33%: [27.3%] fail 06) Average below 7.5 yards per pass attempt: [4.47 yds] pass 07) Score below 75% inside red zone: [0.0%] pass 08) TD red zone below 60%: [0.0%] pass 09) Avg under 30-yards per possession: [28.5 yds] pass 10) Less than 40% of offensive snaps part of scoring drives: [19.7%] pass 11) TD / Turnover ratio below 1.6: [2.0] fail 12) TD ratio of at least 1 every 30 snaps: [30.5] pass 13) Less than 8 impact plays: [7] pass 14) No more than 2 big plays allowed: [2] pass 15) Pass rating below 125.0: [108.5] pass Score: 11 of 15 (73.3%) Pass Special Teams Report Card: 1) Punt Average (Above 41.3): [35.8] pass ( 3 of 5 punts inside 20) 2) Punt Return Defense (Below 7.8 YPR): [0.0] pass 3) Punt Return Offense (Above 9.8 YPR): [0.0] fail 4) Kick-Return Defense (Below 21.2 YPR): [33.0] fail 5) Kick-Return Offense (Above 22.3 YPR): [15.5] fail 6) PAT’s (100%): [3/3] pass 7) FG Pct (75% or above): [2/2] pass Score: 4 of 7 (57.1%) Pass * 50% is a passing score. Auburn came into the game, 4-12 against No. 1 ranked teams since 1951, and Gus Malzahn is now 3-4 against No. 1 ranked teams. The Alabama following will tell you the Crimson Tide were beat-up coming into the game but won't acknowledge their last two Iron Bowl victories came against Auburn teams without a healthy starting quarterback and running back. Enjoy and savor the victory Auburn fans as you witnessed one of the most significant sights in football. The win tonight confirmed how much this Auburn squad has improved as the season progressed. Auburn is a team that never quit despite the early losses to Clemson and LSU. Throughout all the turmoil, Coach Gus Malzahn assured the fan base this team would continue to improve and would be much better than their record reflected. Rather than allowing the media to distract his team with discussions of Malzahn possibly leaving the program, the Auburn coaching staff had the team prepared to take on Nick Saban's juggernaut from Tuscaloosa. It was another "team" effort required to take down Alabama's loaded roster and reputation of being one of the most elite programs in the history of college football. Auburn's players would not allow the magnitude of the game to become too much to overcome adversity during the contest. Every time Alabama made a play to work themselves back into the game, Auburn quickly responded in all three phases of the game. It was not perfect execution tonight on the part of the young men clad in blue, but an ideal attitude to make the plays when they were needed the most. Despite being the underdogs coming into the game, Auburn played like the favored team, showing composure and confidence throughout the game. Minus the three plays of 30-yards or more allowed against Alabama, the Auburn defense held the Crimson Tide to 245-yards on their remaining 58 snaps. The Auburn offense that has been so reliant upon the big play this season could not manage a single play of 30-yards or more. What we witnessed was exceptional play-calling on the part of Chip Lindsey, who composed three long touchdown drives against an Alabama defense that entered the game as the No. 1 ranked defense and the No. 1 scoring defense. Lindsey orchestrated the ability to counter the numerous blitz packages Alabama has traditionally demolished their opponents with in the past. The Auburn offense never flinched during the game, and the final touchdown drive was the death nail for Alabama as Malzahn did not choose to hold onto a one-score lead. With the game tied at 7-7, Auburn would score four consecutive times on 33 snaps for 228-yards. Auburn has so much more to play for but the closure of the regular season should not be forgotten or overlooked. If this season had taken place prior to 1992, Auburn would be outright conference champions tonight. Regardless of whether or not Kerryon Johnson will be available for the conference championship, it won't change how this team rallied around one another to showcase what might be the best team in the country when healthy. Gus Malzahn and his staff have built a strong football team through recruiting and player development. The players are committed to their coaching staff, and the staff has placed their personnel in a position to be successful. Other than wins and losses, what more can be expected from Coach Malzahn and his staff? As for now, the only obstacle facing the 2017 Auburn Tigers are health issues. War Eagle!
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    Let me address your ignorance before I remove myself off this site for good! 1st of all he deserves EVERYTHING he earned & some! Im curious to know why you feel like he doesn’t. I dont know where you have been but you better pay attention. Nothing he does is enough for you self proclaimed “football guru’s” who bash people’s children because you would NEVER be able to play at a Big SEC school. All you do is run your mouth without facts! That makes 2 of us that wishes he would have gone somewhere because the ignorance of some of you so called fans is sicking! Im so over this entire group with your negativity & immature comments. 1st you said he cant pass block... now your complaining that he can? Get a life please! Lastly keep my sons name off your tongue & out your mouth! He works damn hard every day, just because you arent a fan thats your business but you better watch your mouth the next time you decide to bash my son! You dont have to like him but you WILL RESPECT HIM! The next time my words wont be so kind & I mean that from the bottom of my heart!
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    He deserved all he got in the first half.
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    From what I've heard and from my own perspective and opinions, I think JG and Bo were just about even coming out of Spring. It seems this summer has been more beneficial to Bo. I don't care who starts, who takes more snaps, or who finishes as the starter. I want a competent offense with a leader at QB. One that can pile up yards and score in the RZ. I want the spiteful play caller to return and the offense to pile it on. Whomever leads us there has my support.
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    Tough decision for most Auburn fans on who to hope loses in tonight's game. For me it is real easy. I want UGA to get blown off the field. They have not won anything in 37 years but they look down on Auburn like they are a far superior program. I hope they get their little feelings hurt tonight in a big way. A win by them will make it miserable living around these barking necks and just make it harder on Auburn as well. Bama is Bama. We deal with it like the rest of college football every day. The last thing we need is UGA getting a trophy. Hoping for some bulldog butthurt tonight. Who is with me?
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    When you make a statement like this publicly, then the person you called out turns it around and fixes the problem, then mea culpas should be just as public. I was angry and I didn't see any way he was going to fix it. I was wrong. He learned from what lost us that game and we're sitting at 10-2, dominating wins over both our biggest rivals and a berth in the SECCG with a chance at the CFP. I can't ask much more than that (other than not blowing the rematch). I'm back on the bus, Gus. My apologies.
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    Final: Auburn 97 Eckerd 53 Tigers hit a few spells of sloppy play/bad shooting but overall showed obvious dominance over an outmatched team. AU shot 13-35 from the 3 point line, about 37% which is still pretty dern good considering the game lost our big time shooters from last season. I think this team will still be able to fill it up, but may not necessarily put up the volume we did last season. Purifoy, Samir, and J’Von have all improved their game and look really smooth. Can’t wait to see them play this season. Purifoy had 14, Samir had 14 and 4 assists, a McCormick dropped 20. Lights out from behind the arc. Those could really be three guys that we get Harper/Brown/Chuma production from. This team can run when they want to, and they look to still be good at it. There were a few times when we played sloppy on our fast break and had to slow it down. Eckerd played fairly well in terms of transition defense but we were still able to get a ton of steals and beat them down the court. Defensively, I thought we played very very well. Eckerd hit a few shots that I thought we had good close outs on and were able to contest, but they went in anyways. We generally out-muscled them for rebounds, as would be expected, and didn’t give up a whole lot of easy shots. We’ve still got really good hands as a team and were able to force a ton of steals. I believe we will be one of the best defensive teams in the SEC. Austin Wiley looks to be moving much better. Bruce hinted at this, but he seemed to be a little more dominant. Granted this was a D2 opponent, but he was coming out to the perimeter to block shots, he was battling for rebounds and generally could take it away from out of the air when there was a loose rebound. He also only missed one free throw and I think he took about 6. You can tell he’s been working on his touch and muscle memory with FT shooting. I’m hoping he can be a dominant big man this season. He still needs a little bit of a mean streak but it seems he’s getting there. He had a stretch where he blocked two three point attempts in 7 seconds of gameplay tonight. Love seeing him as a force inside as well as on the perimeter. I felt like McLemore lacked a little polishing tonight. Had a couple nice post moves/hit a three/had a highlight reel put back jam. He was certainly not a liability, just wasn’t very dominant or exciting tonight other than the jam. Hope we get to see the Mac from 2 years ago again. We saw it in the tournament last season and I’m hoping he carries it over to this year. Isaac Okoro disappointed me a little. I wasn’t necessarily expecting him to be the go-to-guy, but it seemed like he started really pressing on offense when he was having a rough time scoring. Air-balled a three and shot another one badly off the mark. He had a nice steal and a jam in the first quarter, but if I’m correct, he didn’t score again. He did quietly have 4 assists though. With all the hype he’s had around him, I hope he’s not feeling a lot of pressure to be his all-star lottery pick. Don’t want him to press, just want him to play. He’ll hit some threes this year but that won’t be his game. He’ll be a drive and dish or finish kind of offensive player, and will be a physical weapon in terms of rebounding and put backs playing that 3 position. Defensively, he is supposed to be an all-star. He had 4 fouls tonight and probably would’ve fouled out if he had played the last few minutes. Again, I really think he started pressing and just had a night that would be uncharacteristic if him. Hopefully he gets a little confidence and starts to light it up. The other freshmen were fine. Flanagan looks comfortable, but not necessarily flashy or exciting. He’ll be a solid, reliable bench piece that will be able to take good shots, make good passes, and not turn the ball over. Stretch didn’t have a whole lot of minutes. I’m thinking he may be kind of like the 8-9 guy in the rotation for a little bit. He’s got Wiley and Mac over him. He’s certainly athletic but got a little excited and lost the handle a couple times. He did have a nice thunder block that got the crowd into it. One of the best freshman moments of the night was Devan Cambridge running down an Eckerd player and pulling off a chase down block off the backboard, exactly reminiscent of a Malik Dunbar chase down block. He then proceeded to hit a contested three pointer, and throw down two really thunderous alley oop jams! He’ll have some highlight plays this season. The good thing about Cambridge was that you can see he can contribute, and he hasn’t even been playing with the team the last few weeks. Really excited about his development, as I think he can be like a more controlled and consistent version of Malik Dunbar. He’ll make the flashy plays without all of the out-of-control mistakes. Tyrell Jones was fine. Had a nice move through a couple defenders one time and hit Purifoy in the corner for a triple, which drew a few ooos and ahhhs from the crowd. All we need from Turbo is ball security and management. He’ll have players around him. If he can just distribute, our guys can score. Jaylin Williams was eh. Looks like a physically imposing kid but has a little timid ness in him. Hope that goes away as I think he could help us out a lot this season if he were to develop a little mean streak. Jamal Johnson was in for a little while but was kind of inconsequential. He played adequate defense and hit a three or two, but nothing big. He’ll be a role player for sure, but I do see him getting more minutes than some people thought he might. One of the oddest things, to me, of the game was that Javon Franklin didn’t play. Makes me wonder if he is hurt, in the dog-house, or just not really a factor in the rotation. I kind of hope it was just some sort of issue that happened that Bruce sat him for this one as kind of a slap on the wrist, but I would’ve liked to have seen what he could do. Overall, this is the most athletic Auburn team in a long, long time. We will compete in every game just because of the athletes we possess at every position. We’ve got options and it looks like we can run pretty deep. The freshmen are still freshmen, but I expect them to really begin to open up their game throughout the season. Bruce got hot a few times on the sideline when guys would do something wrong, and I’m glad he did. He treated it like a real game that counted and really laid into anyone that didn’t do something correctly, even the freshmen. I think he’s expecting a lot from them, and I really like that. I think it’s possible we experience a few growing pains with the freshmen as most of them still seem a little sloppy and not all the way sure of themselves, but they do play hard and I think they’ll slowly round into form throughout this season. Can’t really draw too much from an exhibition, but we did what we needed to do: dominate an inferior team with athleticism and power. We got to run the floor a little but didn’t as much as last season, and consequentially ran a lot of half-court offense. We were able to get the ball inside, dish it out on the dribble drive, or hit some step back threes all night. I believe the combination of J’von, Samir, and Danjel can replace the value of the big 3 that we lost. J’von Is quick and confident this season. He plays fast and seems to know what he wants to do at all times. Really seems like he’s worked on creating his own space off the dribble, and can fill it up if he steps back and shoots a three. Samir is smooth. Great handles, and a great finisher, plus a good shooter and defender. He’s the whole package for a shooting guard, methinks. Danjel might not be able to replace the inside -our passing prowess that chuma had, but I think his scoring will make up for Chuma. He’s just another one that looks confident, and more in shape that the past few seasons. J’von, Samir, and Danjel have really good chemistry and I’m really thinking they could replace Harper, Brown and Okeke without much of a beat. I’m looking forward to watching them play this season. Be patient with this team, but hold high expectations for the SEC schedule as I believe that’s when they’ll start to really find the chemistry, and play their best basketball. Just my thoughts from arena. War Eagle!
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    Just wanted to say, today begins my last week of radiation (week 7). Though I'm in lots of pain at times and feel so miserable in general, I am still so uplifted by those who pray for me and those who ask me for updates. After this week ends I get six weeks of recovery and then finally another PET scan. Please continue to pray as my blessed hope is NO MORE TUMOR! Thanks again and I love you all AUFAM!! War Eagle!
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    After the Washington and Alabama State game: During the LSU Game: After the LSU game: Arky/Southern Miss Games: Miss St/UT games: After Ole Miss: After upsetting TAMU: After promptly realizing Gus saved his job with the TAMU win: UGA/Liberty/Bama Games: Purdue game: but
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    Mods feel free to move if necessary i had surgery today on a very swollen lymph node that was about the size of a lemon, doctors were concerned due to its size when I went to see a surgeon last week, my anxiety and other factors really made me expect the worst, such as lymphoma etc, but it turned out to be an inflammatory infection filling with pus. This was really the best case scenario that could have happened. My premise for making this post was, one, because I feel like a lot of this board is a part of my family, as I joined this site after the merger when I started at Auburn. Secondly all the anxiety and everything over the past few weeks really put everything into perspective for me, especially after going to the game Saturday night etc. There is so much bickering back and forth these days on this board, but in reality we all express our love for AU to a different degree. Some may be quick to jump the gun on things but that is just how they react to things, some people are more laid back with a wait and see approach but again, that's just how they react things. Win or lose we all love AU and this great university and that's what truly matters. I love auburn because my dad getting season tickets gave me so much quality time that I would've never gotten to spend with him otherwise. I love Auburn because it always felt like home and was my home for 4 years in college. Auburn will always be special in my heart to the day I die and nobody can take that away from me While we were all frustrated with what went on Saturday with the offense there are definitely positives moving forward (and u guys know I'm no sunshine pumper lol), but I am glad to see Gus take responsibility and own what happened on offense on Saturday. Anyways, I hope this wasn't too much of a sappy post, but let's have a great week leading into Ark St. WDE everybody
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    All's well, thanks so much! Latest colonoscopy confirmed there is no physical evidence left of the tumor so now we're just working on keeping it from any further spread. God is so good! War Eagle!
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    This is the type of stuff that makes me really pull for Gus to make it and stay at Auburn. Maybe him loosening up off the sideline will help him to loosen up on the sideline.
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    LOL you got a better chance of being an NFL tight end playing for Bruce Pearl than you do playing for Gus!
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    Call off the season, cancel school, end the football program, the GusBus is on fire!! Unimaginable that a couple players would take advantage of a new rule to benefit themselves like the rule was intended
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    I thought this was going to be a thread about our offense.
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    It is absolutely true. His name is Don Fuell, a QB from Guntersville. I wrote sports column for the Plainsman in 1957 and hence got to know all the coaches and players. bama was really pissed that they lost Fuell to Auburn. They sent two guys to Fuell's apt. posing as encyclopedia salesmen just to check it all out. I could tell you a lot more details about this deal but will leave it there. But it cemented my dislike for all things bama forever.
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    No, he won't, regardless of whether or not you think he looks "ready to take his game to the next level". There is nothing for him to learn in this offense. He is better off sitting on any NFL team's bench and letting actual coaches teach him.
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    i am thrilled with this win, and i have been listening to some fans today call in various shows, i just can't understand what game they saw.....i am usually the one all pissed off about malzahn and the offensive strategy,play calling,etc, but i thought this was the best opening game AU has had under malzahn....they looked prepared for a change....shadow just called into the drive, and was ballistic about the secondary....huh?....i thought they played very well....hell, they made mistakes but they reacted to them quickly....they had a couple of PI's called that were shoves and should have went the other way....the tackling was a couple....i don't get the bitching about the game....that was a big win
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    Why extend the term of the contract? He'll be getting a handsome bonus "if" AU wins SEC Championship and an even larger bonus "if" they win an NC. I fail to understand how AU owes him a contact extension this season....... He wins one game vs a top 5 opponent for the first time since 2013 and a contract extension is in the discussion? What's wrong with giving an extension and a nice raise once he shows 3 yrs of consistency to make up for the 3 yrs of mediocrity?
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    Admittedly an oldie, but not SIAP:
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    Not going to post specifics but a few general observations: 1) OL did better at pass blocking today 2) The defense should dominate this year 3) it seems more and more likely that Bo is going to start but both looked good 4) Seth is amazing 5) FG kicking was off today. We will need this to be on in order to win games with our defense.
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    You should know by now I'm a full fledged member of the tin-foil hat brigade. I don't begrudge y'all who believe Saban is a football god in this day of parity and has worked a miracle worthy of Biblical proportion etc, but I personally don't buy it. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. But as for LBS, I got bigger things in my life to worry about than bammer cheating and getting a free pass from Emmert & Shaw but it is still my opinion and I stick to it. Beyond that, I don't worry about them. I just don't watch them or pay much attention to them. I worry about Auburn and want them to at least get to Clemson or tOSU type status. To me that's more realistic and more honestly obtained (not saying squeaky clean) than whatever the devil's workshop is doing in T-town.
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    Well one things for sure. Nobody cares if your sick of the negativity on this board. That's what a discussion forum is all about. As far as getting on board or get out, I'm already out. I've been out and I'll not spend another dime of my hard earned money to support Gus. Call it what you will. Not gonna affect me one way or another. Reading through your little rant just shows you don't have a clue about what people are upset over and what alot of folks see that are the things that lead to the deficiency of this guy's coaching. I'll watch the games from the comfort of my home and hope the kids do well, but I will not be given ultimatums by an over emotional grown man or woman about my fandom. Have a great holiday season.
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    Shout out to CKS. Brilliant game plan. Contain, contain, contain all night. It was frustrating at times watching our pash rushers not come after Hurts as hard as usual but in the end it was perfect.
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    Oh for the love man. Drop this crap already. No one is comparing to what saban is doing at uat. And what the heck are you talking about with expectations in year 2???? Gus is in year 5!!!! Chiz won the damn natty in year 2. We are wrong to want more than 8 wins in a season and not to get completely embarrassed by our rivals??? We are wrong to want a coherent game plan on offense? You act like we went to the title game last year. It was FOUR years ago and quite frankly the last huge win this guy had was the SEC Title game that year. My expectations are not to run off nattys like bama is doing but please explain why our program has gone nearly 30 years without back to back 10 win seasons? Please explain why a similar program like Clemson can reel off 6 straight 10 plus win seasons, two playoff appearances, two Orange Bowls and a natty against the mighty "unbeatable" Tide and we are supposed to dumb down our expectations??? WTH??? For the love of goodness find the guy who WANTS to go head to head with saban like Dye did with Bear. If you enjoy the Birmingham Bowl, the Outback Bowl and backing into a Sugar Bowl we didn't belong in and knew we would get thumped then enjoy. I would rather see more than that from our football program. We haven't had "crazy" success the last 7 years. We had 2 outlier years with a once in a lifetime QB in one and 2 miracles in the other. Between those we have been an average to below average football team.
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    Yabba Dabba Gomer Pyle
  46. 16 points a little respect for Auburn right before the iron bowl... The scarf belongs to Rick Good, the director of Bands at AU, who is in charge of the Macy’s Great American Marching Band every year.
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    You do realize that without two idiotic days of offensive play calling/game planning, we would be that #1 team, right? That's why people are mad. We see what easily could have been right now had our HC simply been average on his side of the ball during those two games. Not asking for spectacular from him. Just two average games from the offense, which is his supposed expertise. Do that and we're 8-0 and very likely the #1 team in the land.
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    This was posted in the Athletic this afternoon: Running backs coach Carnell “Cadillac” Williams • It’s safe to say Williams takes ball security quite seriously: “We carry the hopes and dreams of the team when we carry that football. Protecting that football is our No. 1 job, and I let those guys know, if you fumble, you cannot play here.” Williams went on to say that some fumbles are going to happen, but Auburn coaches won’t tolerate them if they’re the product of bad technique. The Tigers have had extra work on ball security drills after practice during fall camp. • When asked about which running back reminds Williams of himself the most, the first-year coach went with a somewhat surprising answer — sophomore Shaun Shivers. “I’m telling you man, this guy lights up a room. And it’s contagious. He’s great not only for my room, but for Auburn. … That guy, if he’s ever having a bad day, I don’t know. He’s always got a smile on his face.” Shivers has also been putting smiles on his coaches’ faces throughout fall camp with several explosive runs in practice. • Williams said some of the moves putting younger running backs in with the first-team offense this offseason have been by design. Auburn is looking to build a reliable rotation, because the back who once split carries with Ronnie Brown, Brandon Jacobs and Tre Smith knows the importance of keeping things fresh: “The ball is gonna find whoever puts in the work, and whoever wants it. So I mean, who knows how this thing is gonna play out? I’m sure it could (change on a) game-by-game basis, how guys are doing, who’s hot. But we want to keep our guys fresh, and we want to have a couple guys that are ready to play. Because in the SEC, backs are gonna get banged up.”
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    Looks like Toomer's has been rolled upon hearing the news. Check it out: