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    If Sal could just make one big time catch in the early part of the season I believe we would see a different player out there. It seemed like the game day environment/experience got in his head a bit last season.
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    I, for one, can't believe anything I've read about a TE/big body guy in this offense. We had an NFL level talent and didn't use him properly.
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    Plus both could play safety so it would give Woodson and O-Brown-Wan a lot of options.
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    Thanks so much! Trust me I'll be around... I may not respond but I don't scare very easy. Trust me, I already know that people can be extreme critics at times. Ive been on this site since my son committed so its been almost 2yrs. I see the hurtful/ rude comments people say about my son. But I am aware that people think they are perfect and don't make mistakes..... Its the world we live in.... Ive learned that people are most definitely entitled to their opinions. I keep a spot available for that. People's opinions don't make or break me.... they are just what they are opinions. I am tougher than some men, on & off the surface. I just ignore a lot of things. Laughter keeps me looking younger!
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    We tried last season and he refused to catch the ball.
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    I haven't seen one yet. I guess I'll get it started on a season outlook thread. Sept. 1: vs. Washington (in Atlanta) - win - I think we win by stopping the run and with special teams. Close 27-17 but very close late in the gameSept. 8: vs. Alabama State - win - 52-10Sept. 15: vs. LSU - win - 30 - 17. Payback. Not as close as score. Late TD by the faux TigersSept. 22: vs. Arkansas - win - 44-13Sept. 29: vs. Southern Miss - win - 40-10Oct. 6: at Mississippi State - win - 41-20. We get 3 INTs on 4 possessions in the middle of the game to blow it out.Oct. 13: vs. Tennessee - win - 20-14. Scary game the offense just doesn't click for whatever reason and Pruitt has them all out to beat AU. We look flat.Oct. 20: at Ole Miss - win - 33-20. Nov. 3: vs. Texas A&M - win - 23-20. aTm is able to control the game with their run game and makes it sloppy. They play ball control but we squeek it out.Nov. 10: at Georgia - loss - 27-24. Fromm and the WRs are the difference. AU leads much of the game but mistakes in the 4th gives the game to the dawgs. If this game were week 3 I'd pick a win 30-20 for the good guys.Nov. 17: vs. Liberty - win - 1billion - 0....Nov. 24: at Alabama - loss- 42-40. Settle for to many FGs in an offensive shootout but a couple defensive (questionable) penalties against the Tigers in the 4th quarter keeps a bammer drive going and they take it in to take the lead late on a busted pass play. So 10-2 with a chance late in the season to play for a conference and national championship but disappointing losses (again) to our main rivals. Road games are tough. What's yours?
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    I read them in the 90's. Then picked up On The Road again last year... Not as good this time... I get where your coming from... "I can dig it"
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    I might as well save up for a new tv now smh....
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    Are you a your claw sharp
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    Same as it has been for a few months. The Good guys
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    I old get over it...................... can't help myself
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    Momma Worm, you may have already answered these questions in some fashion, but can you tell me about our coaches’ personalities on the recruiting trail and up to this point? Funny stories? Next, I’m especially curious what was their pitch to your son on why he should play RB for Auburn? Have you heard about the current Maryland scandal? Do you believe our coaches to be just as much legitimately concerned with the well-being of their student athletes as wins and losses and other football related achievements? Lastly, how much input did you and your family have on Shivers’s decision? You don’t have to answer my questions, but I figured I’d give it a try. Thanks 😁
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    How about both you geezers stop. LOL
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    Only if it supports the narrative. If it doesn't support it then no...
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    If we finish how it's looking like we can, this will still be one of the better classes I can remember. Edit: with regards to the secondary
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    I like to tease about Sal, body double and all that stuff, but the truth is I'm really pulling for the guy. He has the size and enough speed to be a good one if he can just get the catching part solved. Maybe some sticky gloves ? Come on Sal, you can do this.
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    He always wants exactly what you listed. Four on scholarship at all times and a few walkons to get beat up on the scout team as they prepare themselves for a career in coaching.
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    I'm not God's gift to football--i do other stuff--from what I've heard/seen, the Dline is incredible, we will win several games on defense alone. I'm not worried about RB but I am concerned about WR. The O line I think will sort itself out, and I have super faith in Grimes (and almost none in Hand)