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    Don't know what he has to hide, but why doesn't Mullen close bowl practice like the other 13 coaches? Could it be he doesn't have anything worth hiding? 😂
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    I remember Trooper talking about Gus once. He said he was immersed into offensive strategy. He would be eating lunch and using the salt and pepper shakers to diagram plays on the table. being HC has took him out of that realm of obsession. he must find his way back there. He has value because of that. being a ceo and letting someone else install a new system and run it is not valuable to us. we might as well have tuberville back. I love the uniqueness of Gus. I think he realizes he must go back to it.
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    So it sounds like we need to just make Gus OC again and bring someone else in to HC. He sure kicked tail as a coordinator.
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    I would be happy just to see Auburn and Missouri trade spots.
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    Haven't seen anyone say he can't recruit. Now he's not as good of a closer as Nick, Kirby, & Dabo but he can recruit. The biggest knock on him in the recruiting area is his talent evaluation can be questionable at times. See taking JF3 & deciding not to go after legacy Jonah Williams as examples.
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    I’m very impressed that our recruits didn’t run for the hills. Gus’s staff is doing a phenomenal job of holding onto what we got.
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    In Gus’s time as a head coach/playcaller from 2013-2016 there are only 2 games that I would put squarely on play calling as being the reason for loses and that was 2014 UGA and 2016 Clemson. You can blame player development, injuries, bad defense, and lack of depth which a lot of is on Gus but I’m not sure you can say it was play calling. I’d be interested to hear any other opinions on games Gus blew from a play calling standpoint.
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    scout.com Dye-Gest: Important for Football Tigers to Set a Positive Tone ByMark Murphy 3-4 minutes Coach Pat Dye (Photo: Johnny Lawrence/Inside the Auburn Tigers) Like a lot of Auburn fans out there I have a better feeling about the football team’s offense now the Tigers have hired a new coordinator and are moving forward. I really like the idea of Coach Malzahn going back and calling the plays in his own offense, which nobody knows better than he does. The coaches are busy this time of year with their recruiting duties and preparing for the Music City Bowl. It is important that they do well with both assignments. My take is beating Purdue in the bowl game will help recruiting and set a positive tone moving forward into next season. A player not making the bowl trip is freshman Asa Martin. I was a guest on a radio show in Dothan and the guy tried to make a controversy out of it. The running back wanted to leave and the redshirt issue had nothing to do with it. He quit because he wanted to quit. It will be interesting to see where he ends up. My guess is it will be at Jacksonville State, UAB or some place like that. He is certainly no Roc Thomas as far as talent is concerned. It is time for things to settle down and get back to normal as Auburn gets ready to play Purdue in the bowl game. While Purdue might not be as talented as some teams the Tigers have played this year I think it is going to take Auburn’s best effort to come back from Nashville with a victory. Purdue has a really strong offense and is a dangerous football team. We all saw how they dominated Ohio State this year. I am excited as I can be about Bo Nix coming to Auburn. The quarterback led his Pinson Valley team to the Class 6A state championship with his dad, Patrick, as the head coach. I am not the least bit surprised at the success Bo had because he comes from a great family. I knew Bo’s granddaddy, I recruited his daddy, who was an outstanding quarterback for us, and I can say without reservation that the Nixes are a great Auburn family. Bo is the type of young man who is going to do all of the right things both on and off the football field to be a success. He has the type of leadership skills that coaches love to see from their players. If some little thing happens here or there, the type of situations that happen in all programs, he has the leadership skills to take care of it. He is that type of kid from that type of family. I can guarantee you he has been raised right. I am also excited to see what Malik Willis can do at quarterback next season. He has been here for two years now and he ought to be ready to make a move. I don’t know as much about Joey Gatewood, who is redshirting this year, but I know he is a big, athletic kid. The other returning quarterback, Cord Sandberg, is a good athlete, too, and what I have seen from him I like. Click Here to Sign Up for Premium Content Subscribe to Inside the Auburn Tigers Magazine and Football Newsletter Quail Hollow Gardens ">247Sports
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    UF HEAD football coach Dan Mullen is opening the first 3 days of bowl practice v. Michigan to the fans...while Gus closes practice...it would go a long way to improve his standing with the Tiger community if he would open up practices; especially those that don't have an effect of the game plan.... Come'on Gus...what do you have to hide????
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    The decision remains with the editors of USA Today, however this is a public poll. Link: POLL: Who is the ALL-USA Football Offensive Player of the Year?
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    Don't want to be down on the compliance at Auburn, but from my experience when they were working on my 6th year waiver..... Welp.... That appeal ain't in the best of hands.
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    Chizik is a class act if you ask me. I've always thought Gus was a good OC, the offense we saw in 09 and 10 is not what we have seen the last few years and I don't know where Gus went wrong. Maybe other coaches figured his offense out IDK but it is not the same either. If Gus could just game plan and call plays he would be ok but there's more to it than that. I just don't see him as a good coach that can evaluate recruits and develop players, he is just a x's and o's guy is how I see him.
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    Pretty sure you're thinking of defensive end Craig Sanders? Great straight line speed and made a lot of tackles on KO team, but never really clicked on defense. Trott wouldn't hit water if he fell off a boat.
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    Something is not adding up. Plays one snap against god awful Arkansas . Not even a meaningful snap. Returns a kick against Mississippi State. But then he can’t see a lick of PT against Tennessee or Ole Miss? Why? I get if you don’t want him to play against UGA or the Aggies but then I have to wonder why you allowed him to see the field against LSU.
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    montgomeryadvertiser.com Recruiting visits paint positive picture of feeling inside Auburn football program Josh Vitale, Montgomery Advertiser 7-8 minutes AUBURN — The picture that had been painted from outside the Auburn football program in the two weeks since a 52-21 loss to Alabama in the Iron Bowl was not a particularly positive one. There were rampant rumors about Gus Malzahn’s future as head coach, despite the seven-year, $49-million contract he signed earlier this year. Athletics director Allen Greene acknowledged them in a letter penned to fans on Monday, writing: “those rumors and speculation have not served the Auburn Family well." But it wasn’t just that. Offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey left for the same job at Kansas, and Malzahn’s first two targets in the search to replace him — friend Hugh Freeze and former analyst Bobby Bentley — chose instead to go to Liberty and stay at South Carolina, respectively. MORE: Auburn hires Memphis' Kenny Dillingham as offensive coordinator This past Tuesday, former Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant chose to sign with Missouri just two days after finishing an official visit to Auburn, which ranked prominently among his finalists. On Saturday, running back Asa Martin — a former four-star recruit and the reigning Alabama Mr. Football — announced his decision to leave the Tigers after a puzzling true freshman season that may have included a mismanagement of his redshirt. But in talking to some of the 10 Class of 2019 recruits who finished official visits to campus on Sunday — both committed and uncommitted — one didn’t get the sense that negativity outside the program had penetrated the walls of the Auburn Athletic Complex. “I feel at home,” four-star Louisville, Miss., defensive end Charles Moore said. “It’s about the life after football. Good, honest coaches. What you see is what you get. They ain’t trying to spice it all up and send me a Disneyland picture or whatever. I know it’s going to take a lot of hard work when I get here; going to have to be 10 toes down and come here ready to work. “They didn’t even sell me a recruiting pitch or anything. I actually didn’t even feel like Auburn recruited me. I kind of feel like they said, if this is the place for you and you feel like this is where you fit, then come, but if not, we want you to be successful wherever you go. The relationship I have with these coaches, I feel like if I didn’t come to Auburn, I would still talk to Coach (Marcus) Woodson, still talk to Coach (Rodney) Gardner, Coach (Kevin) Steele. Those are the type of people that are up here, and these are the type of people I want to surround myself with.” Moore isn’t one of the 16 players committed to an Auburn class that ranks 12th nationally and fifth in the SEC with less than two weeks to go before the early signing period begins on Dec. 19. He’s actually pledged to Mississippi State. But he visited this weekend with close friend and four-star Auburn defensive end commit Jaren Handy, and while he remains committed to the Bulldogs, it’s clear the Tigers made some inroads with him. “I don’t want to just freak everybody out, but be looking for us to be beside each other in May or when the fall comes,” Moore said of him and Handy. “I really do want to play with Stone, and I love this place. My parents, my brother, my sister, they love this place.” Handy feels the same way. The Hattiesburg, Miss., native told reporters his commitment to Auburn is “more solid” after his latest visit and he may even decide to sign later this month. He “ain’t going nowhere,” and he’s trying to bring Moore (who won’t sign anywhere until February) with him. Four-star running back target Mark-Antony Richards also doesn’t plan to sign or even announce his decision until February, but it was clear after his latest visit that Auburn is very much near the top of his list. “I really got the chance to hang out with some of the commits and some of the players, like Jarrett Stidham, Will Hastings and Bo Nix, some of the other guys — Tyler Fromm, too,” he said. “I think that was something I didn’t do at any other school, was hang out with some of the other guys. Really, it just felt like I was already here, to be honest. “It’s always good every time I come here. I’ve been coming since I was in like eighth grade, so it really hasn’t … I haven’t had a negative side of it.” So maybe some of the perceived issues over the past two weeks have been overblown. Malzahn announced Sunday night that he had hired “rising star” Kenny Dillingham, formerly of Memphis, to be the team’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Greene wrote Monday that the Tigers’ head coach is “dedicated to this program and he has my support as we work together to move forward.” MORE: Gus Malzahn will call plays for Auburn's offense Even before that, the offensive recruits who visited Auburn over the weekend didn’t seem particularly concerned about the team not having an offensive coordinator. “I’m not worried,” Richards said with a smile. “I trust him, and he's going to make things work,” said Nix, a four-star recruit ranked as the No. 1 dual-threat quarterback in the class. MORE: Patrick Nix, Bo Nix write memorable script at Jordan-Hare Stadium “I’m not really sure who it is right now, but we’ll figure it out,” three-star wide receiver commit Ja’Varrius Johnson said. “I’m just always a confident person. I think everything is good.” Johnson, out of Hewitt-Trussville, is so confident that he plans to sign later this month after previously being unsure about whether he would or not. He also expressed optimism that the Tigers would hang onto their high-profile commitment from four-star Hoover wide receiver George Pickens, who also took an official visit to the Plains this weekend and spent a lot of time with Johnson and Nix. Pickens, who does not plan to sign until February and is still being pursued heavily by a bevy of schools including Alabama, Florida State, Georgia and LSU, did not speak to reporters Sunday. “I’ve always felt confident with him, because I personally know him really good. We played little league together,” Johnson said. “I just feel like… I know I have a feeling he’s going to stay.” Everyone has since the regular season ended a little more than two weeks. The last player to decommit from the Tigers’ 2019 class was three-star center Jakai Clark, and that was way back on Sept. 3. He flipped to Illinois in November, then to Miami on Monday. The top-rated member of Auburn's class, five-star Loganville, Ga., linebacker Owen Pappoe, reaffirmed his pledge to the Tigers last week, tweeting, “Let me clear things up…I am 100% committed.” Pappoe is on track to enroll early, as are Nix, four-star guard Keiondre Jones, four-star defensive end Colby Wooden, four-star defensive backs Zion Puckett and Cam’Ron Kelly, and three-star tight ends Luke Deal and Tyler Fromm. It doesn’t appear that the negativity projected outside the program has had much of an effect on the players Malzahn and his staff are trying to build Auburn’s future around.
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    LSU/UAT would love that ish AND they'd be fresh as a daisy come playoff time.
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    I'm not sure what you are trying to say... but what I am understanding you to say is not correct. There is no such thing as a REDSHIRT. It's a term used in the media. What it means is a year you are not playing. You always and only have 5 years to play 4. (of course unless you get a time clock extension which has been given out a bit more lately than in years past). In ASA's case. This year he played 5 games... so 1 of his 4 Play years is gone and 1 of his 5 Time clock years is gone. Currently, as it stand he has 4 Year left to play 3. Now, if he transfer he has to sit a year in residence taking a year off his time clock... at the end of that year he will have 3 years left to play 3. Also, there is no such thing as a medical redshirt. It's called a Medical Waiver that would give you a year back on the "Play" side. You still would only have 5 years time clock, so if you had previously sat a year out you'd need to get a extension on your 5 year clock too. In recent years the NCAA has been much better at granting that "6th" year IF you lost 2 year to injury.
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    No, the defense only gave up 27 points, 7 of which came after our offense fumbled the ball on our own 21 yard line. And check out the drive chart. 4 3-and-outs, a fumble and 2 picks (one of which was returned for a touchdown), one possession of 5 plays for -1 yards, and even one of our touchdowns was a 2 play, 55 second, 26 yard "drive" after a long kick return coming out of the half. Our defense played mediocre football but our offense was hot garbage.
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    He's probably our best coach of all time--and I'm hoping we can find a new version of him in the very near future--but sadly I agree.
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    OK last post on this......speaking of fragility ears. Her best song for making the big money.....on a side note the song is about Jane Fonda
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    Blurb from Nerd at CollegeAndMag
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    For every Elle, there is a person frightened concerned with the rampant ignorance of those who voted Hilary. Murica.
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    We seem to never play good on the west coast.......... looking bad lately should have already locked up the division
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    Amazing that with all the corruption in CBB, there is still a good bit of parity and nothing is decided 2 months in. Going to be a wild conference season.