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    I just feel like I don't want to hear anybody talk....I can't even be sure they know what good looks like so them saying he feels they have a chance doesn't domuch. Just acknowledge you underperformed and say you're going to work as hard as you can to not let that happen again
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    BIG CANADA IS BACK!! He said hello to UCF with a 2 run homer!!! 2-0 AU
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    I am one that believes they have a shot at being a good, to great, offensive line this season. I have confidence in CGrimes and so do they. I get all the complaints about his recruiting prowess, or lack there of, but most on this board, at one point, said he (cgrimes) was a really good oline coach and developer of players. Anytime you have 5 seniors in a position group you expect good things to happen! It’s not like these guys weren’t SEC caliber recruits out of high school; and we all know it can take a while for o linemen to develop, especially after CHand broke them and set their development back a year.
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    The last time he was 100% healthy aside from the precamps Cole said above, was when he was on the USA U-19 national team. His play was much better all around. That Wiley would have gone pro.
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    We could have held on to Hagans had the scandal not happened. Him being a silent isn't just something I made up. It came straight from Bruce's mouth in an interview last month.
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    Figured that would happen. Didn't have much of a choice with that fan base.
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    Gwill, when AU offered you when you were a toddler breastfeeding did that sway your decision at all?
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    Maybe it’s only me like this, but I never wanted to go to the local university that I grew up around. I wanted to branch out and be far away from the parentals.
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    He has openly said he will not run for his Senate seat as a Democrat as he does not consider himself a member of the party. It’s irrelevant who he caucuses with IMO. Bernie says he’s not a Democrat
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    That is exactly where I was in this whole mess. Its like TKAMockingbird. Innocents are killed to cover up for the guilty. This should be an outrage for 100% of the nation. Instead, it is not. Its a "handlers" issue. He was justified because of drugs... He's a nice guy, and we need to cover up for him, even though he is a 100% dirtbag, he's our dirtbag.... Back in the WayBack machine, there was a strong black man that went to the Lincoln Memorial and stated what we should strive for every single day. PLEASE NOTE THAT HE DID NOT GIVE ANY LEEWAY FOR PARTY LOYALTY NOR FRIENDSHIPS. EITHER DO IT RIGHT OR DONT DO IT. Are we going to judge JS on the color of his skin or on the lack of content in his character? He didnt do this because he was Black, Gay, or Liberal. He did it for $$$.
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    IMO, it further proves that calling the Democratics the party of the KKK makes no sense. I however never called the Republicans the party of the KKK, because I realize that the KKK doesn’t represent the majority of the party. You don’t have to be someone with KKK values to vote Republican. But most people with those values do vote republican.
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    Or perhaps its because his whole f****** campaign team is facing jail time for illegal activities ranging from tax fraud to conspiracy against the U.S.
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    That’s their big thing, Homer. You know this. They like to pretend that the old racists and KKK folks are still Democracts, knowing damn well they’re die hard Republicans. In fact I don’t see any klansman or skinheads supporting Obama, Clinton, Warren, or any Democrat. I wonder why that is since the Dems are the kkk party, according to these historical scholars? Don’t acknowledge this ridiculousness. They know who all the klansman vote for. They just don’t live in reality, with the rest of us.
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    I promise... BTW, I predict my man-crush will be just fine this year.
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    I'm going to gently nitpick before somebody gets unnecessarily worked up about that one small part: neither of our starting tackles were SEC caliber offensive linemen out of high school. One was a DE and the other started at UMass. Otherwise, I support your post.
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    Hey, get a load of this.................this guy's father was (he passed in 2015) Russian!!!!! Does that make Jussie a Spy? Late Smollett, a cable splicer, is the king and the guardian of Smollett family. He is of Jewish descent and migrated from Russia and Poland to America. He married a beautiful African- American woman, Janet Smollett. Joel Smollett is not a well-known personality but rather known through his famous children.
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    Move MD inside, put Coe in his spot, and then RJ or BCB at rush end with TD backing them up!
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    Barclay is priceless.... "America....do not commit crimes with checks....get cash man" "you think they put that on the receipt...face mask, roap, bleach?"
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    Different time and climate for the Duke kids. Remember they also got their day in court. Nifong, the original attorney, ended up getting disbarred and jailed for conspiracy to hide/tamper DNA. The stripper has since ended up in jail for second degree murder. Think the 3 of them picked up about 20 million in settlement each from Duke also. Think all are investment bankers now. I know the one kid that was a SR did have his JP Morgan Chase offer pulled. Then told them to get bent when they wanted him back after being cleared. The other two transferred. Others that were not given a trial have admitted that those incidents stuck with them and had negative impacts on their lives for nearly a decade later. Fantastic Lies is the 30 for 30 that deals with it. And no, I don't think they would of survived the incident in 2019.
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    For what Brother Homer? He is the most investigated man in political history.......and nothing. You post this Salon garbage. A bit like attention seeking Jussie.
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    Agreed. Or coordinators vs head coaches. Or college coaches vs NFL coaches. For reference, we can probably look up like 90% of coaches.
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    A thought, for those fortunate enough to be in a position to do so. Many of us have seen friends and family celebrate their birthdays on social media by asking their connections to support a cause in their behalf. Consider 72's GoFundMe for your birthday this year. And somebody remind me of this post in late May, please!