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    This is how a leader sounds.
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    Sadie and I went to an Atlanta United game today and lordy was it fun. Place was rocking. 71,000 for a soccer game. Times have changed. And anytime I do anything in Atlanta from now on, we're doing it on MARTA. Convenient as hell.
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    @Momma Worm, just wanted to pop in and say I clicked your profile and noticed we have the same birthday. After meeting you at fan day, I knew we had a special connection! Thank you be for being here and thank you for how you raised your son. I hope you both weather this storm and come out on top. I know that AU fans all over love Worm and I hope we see him more and more. Thanks for being part of this forum as well. I’m sure to a player’s parent, this amount of disgust is hard to read. I’m not sure I’d be able to stomach it.
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    It was because ole miss is dead last in run defense in the SEC. Your confidence will sky rocket when you can just do what you want, anytime you want. Texas A&M is #1 in rush defense, so we will see how confident they are in two weeks. I remain skeptical.
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    It's sad that our players understand the fan base more than the head coach.
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    It's not really associated with Auburn football but we are the War Eagles, right? 😂 This was a 60 Minutes episode Sunday. It is very interesting to see this way of hunting that is thousands of years old and they still hunt this way today.
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    i just wanted to give you your first like. lol welcome to hell.
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    Gus has had some bad luck. Jeremy Johnson didn’t pan out. Sean White got hurt. Pettway got hurt. Kerryon got hurt going into SECCG. Its hard when your rival across the state is buying all the best players and you’re trying to run a clean program. The Gus offense will still work. Just needs the right QB, a good OL and no injuries,
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    You should really come around here during the off-season. I was a big Gus defender. He's absolutely lost me though and I freely admit that. Losing to a mediocre MSU and a bad Tennesse team will do that. As for saying I don't know what's going on behind the scenes: you're right. But what statements have you seen from Gus that shows he understands our fan base at all over the last six years? When a 21 year old LB can eloquently put his pulse on the situation better than the 50+ year old HC, well I find that to be an issue. Sometimes we as fans need to hear these things. Yeah, the season sucks. But that little bit of honesty from a leader basically saying the fan anger is justified is refreshing. It shows that at least someone inside the program has the same expectations that we do. I go back to last year's loss at LSU when Gus said "it isn't the end of the world". That's not something I ever want to hear out of of our coach. Every loss should piss them off to no end. Great coaches hate losing more than they love winning. I want that and I just don't see it.
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    I have to ....this is the most asinine post I have seen in a while. Just because he doesn't say it publicly doesnt mean he doesn't know what is going on. Its cool if you wany to be upset at the win-loss record but you don't know ish about what is happening behind closwd doors. The only people who have given up on CGM is the likes of you. The players haven't and the AD hasn't. Gus ain't going nowhere and it does bery little, if any, good (other to show how much you and others hate CGM). It sounds like a broken record. Gus this, Gus that, Gus too much money, everybody in the world knows our struggles but as fans we yend to go way over the top. Live in the glass half full world sometimes, its a lot less stressful.
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    Jeff Brohm is an excellent coach. Would look good in Orange & Blue.
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    Nothing will top the horrific Ryan Davis redshirt screw up his freshmen year. Put him in for that squatting tiger play against TAMU and completely burned his redshirt FOR ONE FREAKING PLAY in 2015. Still not over that knick nack paddywhack BS by gus.
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    "You could tell, I don't know what he's talking to himself about, but he has a different swagger about himself," Davis said. "I don't know if it's because we're in the position we're in. We're 5-3 or whatever our record is right now. But he's a different guy, I can tell you that.". Endless question- Why couldn't Gus just have the different swagger to start the season. 49 million should have a swagger guarantee built in IMO.
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    The noise is catching his ears.
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    Look bro if they can take down an elephant then a fox should be easy...😁
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    wings this is a decent board. give it time.there is just a lot of anger from some folks. do not give up on us.
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    I’ll echo what the intelligent posters have already said. I have no doubt Anders can sink 60 yarders. However, he was asked to do too much too soon. Hope he gets his psyche right and unless it’s 40 or less let’s go for it.
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    Side note to AUF members, please proofread your comments before posting. Autocorrect function is one thing but completely misspelled words is entirely different. Sorry for the interruption. Carry on.
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    I just wanted to say I love this kid. Love his attitude and his toughness. He seems to run with that awesome mixture of reckless abandon and patience.
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    Also. If you're going to run the wildcat and sub for Stidham, why not let Willis be the wildcat qb. At least make the defense worry about the RPO.
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    Poor Cecilia has HFM. Been crying all day, almost nonstop. Finally found something that calms her down. Remember how I said rats are great pets? Lo and behold.
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