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    This team just has so much heart. Whether or not we have the horses remains to be seen, but I love this team.
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    Tonight we saw why CHUMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA has the most nba potential over all the eligible guys!!!!! Even over mustapha for me. OMGSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A STAR MAKING PERFORMANCE TONIGHT!!!!!!!!! Super clutch! He used and abused one of the tallest and biggest front lines in the league!!! That was incredible!!!! I AM IN SPORTS LOVE!!! WOOOOO!!!!!! LETS HEAR IT AGAIN FOR CHUMAAAAAA OKEKE!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!! Let this ride never end!!!
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    Irony alarm. Thinks Bruce is sleazeball but Saban is ok?
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    And now, a few words from the dark side: "We will not win. They want it more than us and are playing every second like its the last. Unreal their hand ball contact. Over and over again their extra effort shows." "Give credit where credit is due, AU plays VERY hard on both ends of the court. They play like I expected us to play when we hired CAJ." " Frankly, this game makes me physically sick because how Auburn played tonight is exactly what I want us to be. They weren’t the more talented team, but there was never a moment they weren’t the better team. We could never match their intensity and that is why we lost this game." "Auburn was set up for failure today and we gave up 40 and 50 per half. This was a lack of effort which is very concerning this time of year. They simply our hustled us and that should never happen at home or away." "This was the worst case game scenario for us. We just got out quicked, out shot and out played by a hobbled Auburn team. I thought it would be a tough out for us but I at least thought it would be close." "The second half surprised me. I thought Bama would stop AU's scoring but it only got worse. AU has quick, skilled players at every position and they look like they have played together for a while though they are basically about a year older than Bama's team." "It seemed like once Auburn started nailing the three's, (and the two plus ones), we just wilted. What is it with this team on the road?" And my personal favorite: "One last comment, and then I’m done piling on. I hate Bruce Pearl with a passion. I think he’s a dirty, lying, sleazeball of a human being. But there’s one area where I respect the hell out of the man, he is a master motivator. He can turn any minor negative into a driving force that unifies his team and channels every last ounce of effort out of them. He’s done it all season and he’s turned a better than average team into a legitimate final 4 contender. I wish to God we had that on our staff. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m starting to feel like I’m watching Grant again when things go sour. Avery starts to withdraw into the same shell, doesn’t make adjustments, and doesn’t light a fire under the team when the shots aren’t dropping. In no way am I calling for Johnson’s job. I still think he’s the best man for it right now. However he’s not the motivator I thought he would be. Last week we faced a Kentucky team that was in a can’t lose game. They responded and we folded when it counted. Tonight we had a clear advantage over an overmatched squad. Instead we played right into their wheelhouse and we folded once again. The next three games are now in must win territory and none of them will be easy wins."
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    “You gotta feel good for that young man.” No sir I do not, he can go back to ttown
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    Glad to have the trophy back. Piss on bammer for not singing the fight song... AGAIN
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    Sexton doesn't have Bama in his blood. Each game is part of his overall NBA interview. Good luck to him, he's a smooth player.
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    I am so impressed with this team. I had told my son's that I wasn't sure what would happen to this team after McLemore got hurt. I thought that they might become a 3 seed by the time the season was over but they proved me wrong. We started watching the game last night about 10 minutes in and I thought well this is great we have a 5 point lead I guess they are going to be able to hang in there as long as everyone else stays healthy. About 5 minutes later I realized that they were hanging with a very good Alabama team not only without McLemore but also without Heron and only had 7 scholarship players available. At that point I thought maybe we could stay with Bama the first half but surely we would run out of gas in the second half. So to win by 19 is so impressive. It has been so many years (if ever) since we have been able to have this much fun watching Auburn basketball. Coach Pearl is doing an outstanding job which is contagious and will spread to other parts of the athletic program. Bright day's ahead!!!!
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    Well, I think a lot of people would define improvement as change for the better. Either way, I think the OP could have gotten a more productive conversation had he asked the same question- how can Auburn's offense be better- but framed it a different way. Somebody mentioned defense. I'd be very open to having the same conversation about that side of the ball. As for the difference in perception between the two that somebody mentioned, I would argue that the defense was much more consistent than the offense. The point differential between their worst game and their best game was 27 points (we gave up 7 to Ga So. and 34 to UCF). The point differential between the offense's worst and best games was 46 (6 vs Clemson, 52 vs Arky). And those aren't outliers. *We scored less than 10 twice and more than 50 twice. Meanwhile, the defense only gave up more than 30 once, and that was in the bowl game. *Maybe this will be my response to the multi-qualifier "we led the SEC in scoring in regular season SEC games" refrain going forward. Change the 10 to 20 and the 50 to 40 and we're probably a much less polarized fanbase.
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    President Leath & AD Greene would seal their own fates if they tried to fire Bruce Pearl after this season. Barring Bruce Pearl being caught on tape/video with Chuck Person by the FBI, then there’s no way that AD Greene is coming to these games to cheer for Bruce Pearl when he knows that he’s going to fire him at the end of the year. If the NCAA punishes Bruce, then so be it. But Auburn better stand up and fight for Bruce Pearl and this team. This man is about to go on the greatest run in Auburn basketball history. And as good as we have been this year, I think next year can be even better.
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    That’s ridiculous! What’s the excuse this time? It’s a sportsmanship trophy. If you aren’t going to honor the sportsmanship portion then don’t give the trophy. Next time we lose to them I say we just keep the trophy.
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    "There is no better place for college basketball in American than Auburn University." - Coach Bruce Pearl
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    It's damn near impossible.....what has taken place tonight is just unbelievable!
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    i cannot wait to watch the highlights from this game! btw, crowd is fantastic tonight! good job students!
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    In football, the phrase evolve or die is just as applicable as in other areas. I don't think we need to scrap the O, but there are certainly some aspects that need to evolve and others that need to be tweaked. Our runnings game has become stagnant. We used to use misdirection as well as equally run inside and outside. However, Last year, we rarely ran outside and never used misdirection. We were very predictable. Our passing routes need to evolve to exploit the MoF and underneath the safeties. We also desperately need to utilize our backs in the passing game more than swing passed to Barrett. These types of things would evolve the offense into something that is even more difficult to defend. That's not a bad thing.
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    As I posted in the basketball thread, it wasn’t as bad as the video made it seem. The booing started when she said: “once the games are over, we are teammates.” They weren’t even booing her, they were booing a ridiculous speech. Before, during and after the game, we are not teammates with the classless, toothless, turds!
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    I missed most of the game because I'm on business travel this week, but stopping into say HELL YES!
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    Bama freaking sucks
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    I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty lit right about now after that beat down of the turds. I was sucking Xocoveza down like water.
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    Numbers for tonight: Harper leads the way with 21 points 6 assists, 4 steals and even 2 rebounds. All while committing only 1 foul and 3 turnovers. Stellar game from Jared Harper. Brown with 18, Okeke off the bench with 16 and Dunbar with 14. We also need to recognize that we out rebounded uat 41-35. Absolutely terrific performance tonight. Unbelievable season.
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    how the hell do i sleep tonight?.....tied up in knots, not sure how to grasp what these guys just did!!!!!!...this was one of the most awesome wins in AU basketball history
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    Okeke is the POTG.
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    "most amount of points bama has surrendered all year" LOVE IT!!!
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    This win is just phenomenal considering everything leading into it. War Damn Eagle!!!!
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    Spencer with the fly in slam. heck yes. suck it bama
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    Maybe Gus is taking notes...up two touchdowns and a field goal and the offense is still going balls out.
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    I just want them to call uat for a push off once for every 3 times they call AU for a reach.
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    The night Chuma became a man...I got me some tingles.
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    nothing changed about the crappy officiating...
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    No matter the sport...it seems like the bammers always have really ugly hair.
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    Also what are we looking for? We praised the defense. Finished #25 in total D. Then bash the offense and finished #15 in total offense. Maybe we will be top 10 in both in 2018 but this idea that our offense is bad or hampered by Gus or whoever the blame is today is foolish and not supported by facts.
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    Can Tre Smith play Basketball?
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    Get more sophisticated with the passing game and it is going to start with how well JS progresses . I am thinking , at least, in the beginning the passing game will have to open up the run. That means JS is going to have to make quicker reads and trust his deep threats more often. Also means the skeleton routes need to be progressed further along with more options. Of course what this offense needs is a QB who can move. Doesn’t need to be Cam Newton but able to escape and improvise . It is looking that way with the next 3.
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    I commented in the basketball thread as well, but I thought it was very classless to boo the UAt SGA pres while she was speaking. Disappointed!
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    well he's just passing through He's not really a bammer as a person he just happens to wear the uniform
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    Copious quantities of beer will do it for me.
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    Hate on brotha! Just enjoy it baby!!!
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    hey alabama we just beat the hell outta you rammer jammer yellow hammer go to hell alabama
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    Those guys have most certainly got Spike 80Df in their truck.
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    i have no words for these wonderful guys !!!!....hell, i am trying not to cry right now....unreal
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    When Murray fumbled that rebound, it killed momentum
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    Unbelievable. Harper was MAULED.
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    Spencer picked up his second. need to be smarter on that. can't lose him
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    Even better a slant to a big receiver like NCM or MM that has the ability to shield off a corner or safety rather than Hastings or Davis than get blown off their routes.
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    Firing Bruce Pearl would be just about the dumbest move ever.
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    That's exactly what I was thinking! Except I doubt the return will cover the ultimate cost
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    Somebody please explain it to Gus too