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    Tulane ain’t too bad. What a comeback!
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    So, would you rather have a jacka$$ as a coach that wins 9+ games a year, every season? Or someone like Gus (& family) that will win 8+ and sometimes 10+? Most successful coaches these days are abrasive, demanding, etc. Most saying that those are mutually exclusive but it's hard to find. I'm hoping Gus calling the plays this year works out! It's gotta be tough to let go of the side of the ball that got you where you are!!!!
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    That was his daughter. Smokeshow!!
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    That was a very entertaining game. I really like Tulane.
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    That was amazing!!! 2 plays and 71 yards. Awesome
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    I will not be the head coach at Alabama, ... They’ll have to carry me out of here in a pine box... I believe it is in my best interest to step aside and focus on my health and family...
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    TERRIBLE penalty call at end of the game
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    Your wish is our command!
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    Thank you go hug Gus & whisper "kick Jimbo's @&&" in his ear
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    This will be short but it's sort of agitating to me reading headlines in regards to Antonio Brown. Let me start by stating I don't particularly like Brown in the first place. However, it seems ridiculous to me that Nike and Xenith have both dropped him over sexual assault allegations. At what point do we honor the concept of being innocent until proven guilty? He might not be the best example considering brands may be tired of his antics in the first place but literally anyone can make an accusation about anyone. Just one of many examples where celebrities and professional athletes are punished before anything is definite or proven. Reminds me of people losing their jobs over tweets from 5+ years ago. Not a fan of the pitchforks and torches mentality of social media and brands bailing out on their partnerships without any actual convictions yet; maybe pull a product or commercial until thinks are cleared up but it's crazy how quickly these things can happen. For the sake of discussion, do you think brands would respond differently if it were a Tom Brady type?
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    Mark my words: Tulane will end up being a quality win by the end of the year. Is it too late in the season for Mark My Words? 😂
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    As many have said it "prevents" you from winning sometimes.
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    Did not realize Zac Etheridge was DB Coach for Houston.
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    EXACTLY.....but for whatever reason people are thinking we should be grateful as if we're lucky to be 3-0 right if we've went through a gauntlet. I'll be happy like that if we beat lsu, uga and bammer
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    I'll NEVER be excited about bearing Tulane or Kent st, call it arrogant or whatever you want to call is what it is
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    As @Tiger Sue so eloquently put it......nothing but another Trump bash copy and paste. Jeez Brother Homer. "In 2017, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley expressed concerns that Iran hasn’t declared all of its nuclear activities to the IAEA."
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    The Houston QB is special.....Tulane having lots of trouble keeping him under control.
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    Not worth arguing over fellas.
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    Years ago somebody posted a pic of Kyle Field and another of an opened fishing tackle box. Pretty darn close.
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    Pat Mcafee is a total clown of a broadcaster. Someone just tell him to shutup please. Sounds like he smoked a pipe before the game.
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    All three starters are expected to be a go at full strength. Schwartz now has the cast off his hand.
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    A great article about her role on gameday and what she means to the team and those she encounters around auburn...
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    Rpo, uno, or UFO. We don't see slants period
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    Man, I was JUST about to start this topic.
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    Maybe I should’ve added the yellow font
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    What hump are you talking about? He went 11-2 in the two years preceding Deshaun Watson, going 7-1 in conference and winning the Chick-fil-A against LSU and the Orange Bowl against Ohio State. He beat Auburn and Georgia. Clemson finished as a top 10 team in both of those years. If winning the national championship game is "the hump", then okay.
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    it's too late. You are compromised. Get out of there, NOW!
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    Was in Section 16, Row 48. During the storm event I went down on the concourse in one of the stairwells and met recruits coming and going (Mike Dyer for one). I loved that all the students stayed in the stands during the rain including my freshman son. So he sees me after the game and said his phone got wet and crapped out along with a lot of his friends phones. All kaput! The next week I think we played Ball State...rained again in that game! So Section 16 is next to the student section and I'm thinking "there are going to be a lot of phones not working again", when low and behold I see all the students with their phones out...but inside of zip-lock bags! I was convinced then and there that Auburn University was indeed a place of higher learning!
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    It also lessens guys using a shoulder shiver as a weapon. TBH they need to get rid of helmets & pads all together a la rugby.
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    Everything in this post is undeniably true.. I am going to do the board a favor . Good day. May the odds be ever in your favor. War Damn Eagle
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    Most of that is on Gus as far as the first paragraph, it's not just the o line sucks, the o line really hasn't been horrible in pass protection. Uga has tremendous hb's, I bet uga haven't been in 3 rd and 2nd and long near as much. I'd be interested to see an actual number on how many throw away, every throw away doesn't account to o line fault either. It could be wr, hb, or qb. Like his throw away s rolling out My analysis on us utilizing Bo is as such: 1.) We're out of time for him to really "Adjust" the past 3 games were adjustment games. Oregon was the opportunity to get his lumps out of the way and see where his deficiencies lie. Tulane was an opportunity to scale down the competition a bit and work the kinks out. Kent State was the tune-up game to allow him to fully put those tweaks made in week 2 to work. Its conference play time. 2.) His DOWN THE FIELD ACCURACY hasn't improved significantly which is his biggest need considering his upside is his ARM TALENT. If you have a QB that needs to develop a trait in order for you to maximize his potential and fully develop, you don't start throwing him into the fire where he has to use INSTINCT rather than sound coaching just to survive. That's how you end up with QBs developing weird habits like White & Stidham's weird fall-away follow through motion. You allow them to train in a controlled environment where they can focus on the specifics of what is missing in their game. If you're telling me that we are going to ride a QB's LATENT arm talent in an offense where there is nothing to set up situations for him to utilize and develop the requisites for that arm talent meaningfully: Subpar Pass Protection, Basic Routes, Premier Pass Rushing League, Deep Threat only WRs, NO TEMPO PASSING, Non-Existent TE Play ETC then I think that's a recipe for disaster. - I'll go back to the Kent State Game because that should be the culmination of his progress and subsequently where he would get the largest yardage. We knew he had a few struggles in accuracy in Tulane so Kent State would have been the opportunity to see a marked improvement against lesser competition. -A 10 Yds per attempt average tells the tale of the fact that (Sans a flea flicker in which you have an uncovered receiver streaking downfield which reduces the YPA to roughly 7 if removed) this accuracy is basically taking what's given + yards AFTER the catch by the WRs. If you're taking what is given to you in an offense that's main passing game strength is hitting SHOT PLAYS down the field, then a competent defense will simply eliminate those shot plays. Pair that with an average offensive line in pass pro and you're not looking at QB play that's going to win you games against opponents who have had a chance to watch film. (Oregon did not have this opportunity.) That basically means the coach will need to scheme your completions which is not our strength obviously. If your QBs upside is passing, then they need to be averaging at least 11-12 yards per attempt because then you're moving the chains through the air. If its below that, then the risk of turnover compared to the reward of passing is a recipe for a losing turnover differential. Our WRs also aren't built to really function as completion machines or get yards after the catch. They're all HOMERUN THREATS. That requires good accuracy when the defense knows that you're a 50-50 ball offense in the air. - This same Kent State team that held us to roughly 160 yards,(111 yards if you subtract the flea flicker) gave up 284 yards with an average of 18 yards to another True Freshman QB in Jayden Daniels of Arizona State. Kent State does not have a good pass defense at all and if we were only able to put up 111/161 (depending on the stats you use to evaluate that) against a poor passing defense, imagine what that will look like against SEC competition with good prep time. That's not a good passing offense when you're using a pass-first methodology and a QB who's strength is his arm. Sure there is a rosy picture being painted about development, but as I said earlier, the training wheels are off and when you're trying to learn in an environment that is not conducive to learning, it tends to give you a complex about things..... 3.) He is going against a defense in which his greatest helper: THE RUN GAME may be taken away from him. This is going to force him to have to play hero ball and young gunslinger QBs + Hero Ball = Turnovers galore = Possible Confidence hit. Look at Baker Mayfield in his NFL games. He has been consistently trying to do too much and has thrown turnover after turnover this season. The difference is that Baker may have the swagger to brush off those interceptions but they still affected him. Also that swagger was built through seasons of tough college games and good core around him. What is Auburn without its run game (Which Gus is already doing a wonderful job of neutering.) Heroics work 100% of the time in movies and documentaries, but failed careers are made of heroic ambitions in football. Texas A&M turned Travis Etienne into a 3.3 yard per carry rusher. That's a Top Draft Pick at RB being erased from the game. Lawrence had to win this game with his arm. I like Whitlow, but imagine what Elko is already thinking having watched film on our backs. Think about what other DCs will think when they get an opportunity to gather meaningful information and analytics from our future games. Point: There is a LOT to be excited about for Bo. The kid has the makings of a great, but that excitement and optimism can ultimately sour and ruin great potential if not held in check and tempered with reality. Look into the bigger picture of the numbers and understand that Gus has a lot of work to do with Bo if he is going to ride Bo through the rest of the season and this work involves Gus doing what he dislikes doing the most: CHANGING.
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    The ending of this Texas A&M game is going to do a couple of things in this forum: It’s going to shut people up or it’s going to shut people up. I can’t wait for this game because it’s SEC play, but moreover, it will finally answer a lot of questions for a couple of factions on this board. I am thinking victory this Saturday.
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    I agree . He needs the ball 10 times a game . His size and athleticism are needed . He reminds me of the ole miss tightend . Ingram I think
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    Whether it's true or not it's embarrassing that this comes out at this point of the season.
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    Uhhh… we did this horse and pony show last time with some posters acting like it was a done deal and that Gus was out. Then, Gus had a new contract instead and everything was proven to pretty much be a "nothing burger". Believe what you want but Bob Stoops isn't the answer here and he's not likely to come out to Auburn. If the guy wanted to be coaching somewhere he would already be doing so. Josh Heupel, Bill Clark, Mike Norvell, or some young coordinator are more likely options IF something happens. Honestly, it's looking like we might finish (9-3) and that would all but guarantee Gus another season. Now, the 2020-21 season might be the melt down season with all 5 OL graduating and a slew of defensive talent going pro or graduating. No booster is getting Gus out of here while we're (3-0) and sitting in the top 10 nationally.
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    Dudes like Jackson and Herschel and before that Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, John Riggins, etc. weren't normal human beings. Coaches back then would probably have criminal charges pressed against them in today's soft world. Even so, go run a 40 yard dash as fast as you can and then turn around and do it again 5 seconds later. I'll bet money your time is slower. More to do with physiology than conditioning. And you don't have to SUB the guy out. Just call a different player's number on the next snap. This ain't Rocket Surgery.
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    His demeanor looked different against Kent State. I forgot to mention that in my thread. He is becoming more and more confident. I am scared for the other teams when his confidence is 100%.
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    I know I know I've posted many time but I do love Ronnie Hammond just such a damn shame with such a good voice to lose so young. ARS forever
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    Beats reading game threads where people are accusing the coach going all 1950's and not letting someone throw cause of their skin color though. If that is the talk it takes to improve without absolute proof (especially given the coach in question grew up in the days of Moon and Cunningham) then Rocky Top it is.