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    Well I looked up Narcissist in the dictionary and it had this picture with these 9 traits. I'm not going to argue with Webster's but I bet Homer will!! grandiose sense of self-importance preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love belief they’re special and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people or institutions need for excessive admiration sense of entitlement interpersonally exploitative behavior lack of empathy envy of others or a belief that others are envious of them demonstration of arrogant and haughty behaviors or attitudes
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    Oregon - 31-17 Auburn wins. Gatewood and the offense look impressive in the first game and defense looks as advertised. Kent State, Tulane- Auburn beats both by 50. TaMu- 38-21 Auburn wins. The offense is hitting its stride in game 4. This game is close early on but Auburn pulls away by pressuring Mond into mistakes and ground and pounding the defense. Ms State - 55-13. Complete beat down at home by Auburn. Morehead starts feeling some heat. Florida - 31- 23. Franks and the Gators keep this close by converting using Franks athleticism. Florida’s new Oline struggles agains Auburn’s front which ends up being the difference. Arkansas- 50-24. Arkansas shows some fight in year 2 but at they are still a year or two away from being competitive. LSU - 24 -20. Auburn wins a classic. Dave Aranda will give the offense fits. Defense wins the day. Ole Miss - 45 - 20. This could be a sneaky good game if Auburn isn’t careful. At home makes the difference. Auburn runs for 500 yds. Georgia - 38 - 28. Auburn struggles putting pressure on Fromm which leads to a back and forth matchup. Late TD at home by Auburn seals the win. Samford - 100-0 Bama - 45 -42. Surprisingly this game becomes a shootout ala 2014. Tua and Gatewood March their offenses back and forth all night. Auburn wins at home. SEC - 35-31 AUburn beats Georgia in a barn burner. CF playoff - Auburn 48 - Oklahoma 35. Auburn defeats Jalen and the high powered Oklahoma offense. Championship - Auburn 28- Clemson 27. Clemson misses a late fg to win. Absolute slobber knocker. There you Go 15-0
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    On paper yes. A lot of us said this but quite a few people, including me would not have been surprised if AU has loss. That’s why it was a lose - lose for Gus as far as perception from some. That’s just the truth.
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    Us golfers always have the best looking females
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    Spent a couple of days at Yankee Stadium this week. Unfortunately my Rockies lost both, but still fun. Did Monument Park for the first time and also walked through the Yankees Museum.
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    You know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment .. Thunderlips ??
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    We don't fracture. We are just a colorful family.
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    I believe in you! You can do it!
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    Yes between that and his smokeshow girlfriend I think you are right. That will help ease the pain! haha.
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    Was looking at the PGA money winners 2019. Brooks leads at over $7 million. While this may sting, I think he'll be ok.
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    One of 21k per year according to Homer. The squad’s meaning is clear even if you refuse to acknowledge it.
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    I can agree with that last sentence. The plan when they go out onto the field is for them to follow the rules. You know what they say in the military about plans right ? "A battle plan is only good until the first shot is fired" or "no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy." I'm sure Fairley asked them nicely to stop trying to blow out his knee the first 5 times and then he probably even said "please" 2 or 3 times. But at some point he noticed the UGa players weren't using the rule book anymore and he was in a war.
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    I know it's a joke but...
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    Damn, Clemson would lose 2-3 games playing our schedule. They basically have a cakewalk to the CFP.
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    For that prediction to happen, we'd need to lose to Oregon. 6-2 in conference won't win the division.
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    The players on the field for Purdue during that game were part of recruiting classes that averaged rankings in the mid-60s. To give you perspective, there are only 64 teams in the Power 5 (65 if you include Notre Dame). The school was literally being out-recruited by some MAC and AAC schools during those years. As long as we tried, Purdue had no chance just based on pure talent.
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    Starting barring an injury.
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    TE seems like a fit to me too. He has the height. I'd rather have an athlete needing to add muscle than a guy who has the size needing a little more athleticism. Anyway, he's an interesting recruit, and I hope we land him. Seems like a great kid.
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    You're too kind......Great minds think alike😁
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    They high/lowed him every time they could ...one would stand him up and the adjacent lineman went for his knees......and often chased after him blocking from behind even when the play was going the other way... Got him a few times and were certainly trying to "take him out" and refs were pretty much ignoring the stuff......but don't recall the NF every complained about it. He just hit Murray or the running backs harder in response.
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    You nailed it. I recall one game recently (I believe it was the 2015 LSU game) where LSU was killing us in the 2nd half and everytime they kicked off to us that half, their guys were headhunting, trying to make the highlight reel helmet-to-helmet lick or at least a brutal lick, which they were definitely accomplishing, fueled by the bench, crowd and the previous licks. Point being, those licks weren’t illegal then. They are now. Even though it sucked watching them lay out our guys, I would have been cheering had the roles been reversed. And I cheered every damn lick Fairley gave that season, illegal by today’s rules or not. My favorite the sack on Jordan Jefferson when he split a double-team, picked him up and earholed him. Brutal, brutal sack landing with all his weight on Jefferson. Some call it dirty, but it was allowed then.
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    What makes you say that? Purdue beat both #3 Ohio State and #25 Iowa and lost by 3 points to Wisconsin, Missouri, and 4 points to #21 Northwestern. How so many people just discount Gus’ accomplishments and rail him for things out of his control so fast just boggles my mind. Everyone needs to be fair in their criticisms.
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    "When I got to Auburn in 2009, we were the only team playing fast. Now when you look around, EVERYONE is playing fast....even the ones that had 'health issues'..."
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    Actually I'm pulling for bad weather wouldn't be an Open w/o out some bad weather imo
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    In his defense Gus hasn’t ran the offense since 2015. Against Purdue, which is a better opponent than some of the teams we’ve struggled to over those three years, they went pretty darn fast
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    41, I hope you do not mind me interjecting and offering my thoughts.....Brother Homer does not realize it but he is everything that he claims Trump to be. Not in the moral sense but in the psychological sense. In certain ways he is actually jealous of DJT. I have talked to him about it and AUNola has addressed him concerning the matter also. At the end of the day we simply argue then accept and love Brother Homer. 😁 I did mention in another thread that I took two psychology courses some 40 years ago.
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    "I don't care who you are, that's funny."
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    People have no idea what happens in the trenches and should before they pass judgement. There were a lot of things being done by the Georgia side, both to Fairley and other AU players, before Fairley took that shot. I remember a lot of chop blocking and some extra curricular activities going on in the pile. What Fairley did was no different than what a baseball team will do when one of their players gets intentionally hit by a pitcher. You have to stand your ground and send a message.
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    Ordinarily I would agree with you, but we have 2 Freshman: Zero game film on Bo and about 8 plays of tape for JG. Regardless of who Gus names, the Ducks DC has to prepare for all of Gus’s offense.
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    I want one to win and be great and other almost his equal. Then we need a team that wipes the floor early with a weak team so backup gets a lot of snaps in those games. One of our problems in recent years is how poorly we played against bad teams so we didn't get to play backup QB's and other positions.
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    I just don't see Nix leaving if he doesn't get the nod........his dad never left............I want the QB that gives Auburn the best oppurtunity to win.
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    Gus could take a page from Bruce Pearl's book of coaching and keep the backup engaged and prepared. It's certainly two different sports but the players have to know they have a role and sometimes it's a support role. Purifoy and McCormick we're ready in the post season when they were needed because they knew their role. The backups should play but they are backups for a reason... someone else is better at what they are being asked to do. It's no different for a quarterback. And if he thinks the grass is greener someplace else then so be it. Lewis Grizzard had a point though, the grass is always greener over the septic tank.
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    I never imagined saying this about an Auburn basketball coach but Bruce Pearl is my favorite all-time coach at Auburn. Bruce has made it so much fun to follow basketball. Sorry Pat Dye but you've been bumped from your seat.
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    I love that we can be a program now that can swoop in & steal a guy late. Taking him away from a quality program like WVU is impressive. Didn't even need an OV for him to pull the trigger.
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    yeah people who actually bring info to the bball board are few and far between. Gene will be missed by this poster though he was awfully childish at times. But no worse or better then about 75% of the people on here
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    There you go quoting another liberal rag. EVERYONE knows that the Woodland News is way to far to the left.
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    Sure, gets busted then claim he's from Auburn with no mention of JSU. Haha. But yes your point is correct.
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    Man, nobody can't ever say you're not a great friend
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    New way to safely consume ice cream.
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    Alpine Valley.
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    You’ll never know! 😆 and we’re growing bigger by the day! We’re not Shriners, but we do have a shrine!
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    Ellitor: Must commend you for setting up this thread. It has kept many other threads relevant to topic. While it is disappointing that you are not in the job you hoped to be at this time, it's been great having you back in the recruiting forum with your organization. Thank you for your hard work on this forum.