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    I just wanted to give E a shoutout for the outstanding job he’s been doing to keep this recruiting forum top notch! He’s getting a well deserved break right now, but things will heat up again after spring ball with transfers. I don’t do pay sites, but they can’t be much better, and I get all the info I need right here. Hope others will show him some AUBURN love for his work. He also keeps everyone civil for the most part, but he definitely needs to continue to up His sarcasm radar game. Thanks E, Toddc
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    Worst part about this is we just lost ANOTHER offensive tackle to a rival.
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    As down as I am on the Gus bus and ready for a change even when I consider the basketball team to be underachieving this year I have nothing but love for Bruce. I hope we are the last job he ever has. just think, our 2nd best year in recent history and we grumble... Bruce has put us in a different place.
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    FWIW - the NFL was aware of, and rightly concerned, with the injury Tre' Williams was struggling with his senior season. No team wants to waste a draft pick on a player they were pretty certain was going to sit out the whole season (if he ever played again). This turned out the best for Tre' and he looks to be back to 100% now and has already been picked up by the Lions. I know more about his circumstances than many since he had to miss my wedding because of the timing of the surgery and recovery. 😛 He went through a lot and I am super happy for him to be given a chance now to show what he can do.
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    We have a Gus Malzhan curse
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    Soo when was someone going to tell me? There have been some debates that have kept me on my toes. Usually a day to a week later than the pay sites but it gets here.
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    War Eagle... Long time reader, first time poster.
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    You can call him "her" if you want....but at 6'7", 320, I'm just going to call him "Sir".
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    What you miss is not the decision but the total lack of respect he showed for Auburn. Why should he show any respect toward Auburn? 1. we were his first D1 offer AND HE COMMITTED 2. the coaches remained committed to him for 550 days 3. the Auburn players he spent countless weekends with, stood by his decision to visit other programs 4. the weekend before NSD, he told players and coaches he was still coming All this would be 100% different if he had just decommitted and pursued all options and been honest with players and coaches. He could have still chosen Auburn on NSD...Had he done this, Auburn could have had a contingency plan on NSD. I would be endlessly embarrassed had my son done something so trashy. Even if he is 18, there would be consequences in my family for such.
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    Others have done it, but only Bama would find a way for him to do it without the necessary credits. They'd just claim an additional 13 credits
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    Some of y’all watching too much Netflix documentaries.
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    Brandon Mosley. Started on the National Championship team, as well as 2011 for us. Drafted to the New York Giants. Also, the community college he came from, get this, is also Coffeyville. Would love to duplicate those results when at Auburn!
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    LOL EXACTLY! Never forget where we came from. Sometimes this side of the board needs a little refresher for some perspective. He took us from the depths of basketball hell to conference champions during the SEC's rise. And this is just the foundation.
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    All that & yet I can still provide depth on the OL.
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    That's weird since you've recently and repeatedly been counting him as one of our OL reserves who can be depended upon.
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    Lol at folks quibbling over whether these guys were 5*s, consensus 5*s, partial 5*s, 4*s.... WE HAVE AN ELITE RECRUIT PROBLEM, PEOPLE
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    So you don't like big, athletic OL with good feet? Interesting to know.
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    CA showed up overweight and Herb Hand questioned his toughness before Grimes ever showed up. The book on Sammoms was that he was going to be a project when coming out of high school. I don’t see how Grimes is ruining the program? If a player can’t cut the mustard, then so be it. Not every recruit will. Rodney Garner is a hell of a coach and recruiter and Byron Cowart was possible the highest rated recruit we have ever gotten and he washed out so do we rail coach RG?
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    Calvin Ashley obviously felt that he wasn’t good enough to play or he would have stayed and WON a starting job. Roc Thomas was given every opportunity to play and was injured and/or didn’t get the job done. That goes for most every player that has been mentioned in this thread.
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    I think we're still piling on him for 2015-2018.
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    google it yourself, I wasted 10 minutes of my life already on your fairy tale. Hell just watch football on Saturdays or look at injury reports. Simple fact is that players have gotten too big and injuries are gonna happen. They are happening everywhere, have been for years. It is what it is, their are no conspiracy theories other than bad luck. Every fan base claims that their team is hit with more injuries than others because they do not pay any attention to other fan bases. Simply look at Georgia RB's and injuries that are in the NFL. Ole Miss WR's and injuries. Tennessee Defensive players, Florida Defensive players, etc, etc, etc.