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    Let me digest it a little bit. Initially, he is a good coach and very good at developing QBs. He runs a very flexible offense that plays to his players strengths. On the other hand, but, Gus...
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    That's a good letter from Greene. My position is the same as it's always been: Either support a coach 100% or fire him. Apparently Greene feels the same way.
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    I’m glad Gus is back to calling the plays. It’s his offensive scheme, it’s his offensive limitations, it’s his baby to take care of. I will not concede a season though. I’m a CFB fan that doesn’t even know how to follow through with that approach. Gus is resilient, a survivor of sorts of do or die seasons, and has outlasted every attempt to get him removed. He bet on himself and I’m going to root for him. There is no other option.
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    If Gus is going to call the plays, why do we need an OC?
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    Look at the people saying good riddance, same people that cry that say we don't have this and we don't have that to compete. Can't make this stuff up
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    Kodi adds passing game coordinator title and Gus calling plays...................................Hope this guy just rents this year
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    I don’t believe every thing I read. I think “reporting” has gotten to be like sharks in a feeding frenzy. My philosophy is that if you don’t know it to be true yourself, don’t post it as fact. If it’s your opinion, state it as your opinion.
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    IMHO One of the biggest issues messing with our offense last year was a philosophical mismatch between Gus and Chip. I think Chip was in charge, but Gus meddled with his play calling because he didn't like what Chip wanted to do. That slowed things down offensively and stopped us from finding rhythm. From what I'm reading, this seems like a good fit. The OC doesn't just call plays. They also plan plays and set offensive practice plans. It sounds like he (with Kodi) will do a lot of the behind the scenes work. I also read elsewhere that, at Memphis, Dillingham gave a recommendation of 3 plays to the head coach who ultimately decided which of the 3 to run. If Gus plans to use him the same way, this could work out well. Dillingham gets to do exactly what he did at his last job. Gus gets to be involved in the offense with no push back from the OC. If things work this way, we may lose some of the non-confident play calling and slow game play we had last year. I don't think this was the end all be all of problems, and things could still go poorly next year. But this was a good hire in terms of both fit and quality. If Gus can't turn it around with this guy, there is absolutely no shred of confidence left to be had by even the strongest Gus supporter.
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    Just exactly how do you know this to be true? Or does it even matter if its true? Do you have any kind of personal relationship with Bentley to know what was told to him? This continuous rumor mill and taking every single shot at Gus, whether he earns it or not, is getting REALLY old. Nothing against you, we are all frustrated, but how do comments like this even help?
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    Read the article Posted in this thread. What Kenny will be asked to do for AU is the exact same thing that he does with Norvel at Memphis. Norvel still calls plays and it’s Norvels offense.
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    Allen Greene sent an email out today. It discusses AU athletics in general and briefly touched on the football program. I don’t know who receives it or how to link it from my cell, but here are the screen shots.
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    Gus told Bobby that he isn't looking for someone to revamp things and change anything. He made it clear that the offense was not changing. Why are we allowing this guy to have Auburn pay someone $700k to do nothing. Now it is crystal clear why position coaches at lower tier schools are not willing to come here. What a thick skulled hard headed idiot he is.
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    This email is a little late, but now we have it in tbe bag. Thank God silly season is over. Coaching searches are not exciting. They’re nerve racking and come at a time when tbe program is the most vulnerable. Onward!
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    At first I was happy but I don't want to fall in that trap.....I'll wait until I see it. If our first possession of the season is run up the middle; wr screen; delayed hb draw......I'm going to slap the s*** out of somebody
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    Good Grief can you NOT READ? What is it with you people who don't comprehend plain English? No one denied anything or called Asa's Mom a liar. What was said was this....very clearly.....that there are ALWAYS two sides to every story and that no one knows exactly what happened. She spoke from her perspective, but there are other people involved who have by necessity had to keep quiet. There's nothing wrong with wanting to withhold condemnation because you don't know enough to form an educated opinion. 2010 taught some of us that rumor and innuendo can be very damaging, and the truth is hard to discern. That fiasco had plenty of "direct quotes" involved as well but none of them told us the complete story at that time. Some posters, based on past experience, are reluctant to join in on the latest hate-fest for very solid reasons. Apparently you still feel all upset about The hate for Gus seems to be spiraling out of control for some people. Football is supposed to be entertainment.....maybe a little perspective is needed.
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    He was a running back when he signed with AU out of Prattville. 1,400 yards his senior year in 10 games. Was converted after he got here and didn’t break out until he was moved back, which means they didn’t know what they had from the beginning. This is a pattern of incompetence that will soon come to an end. Crap like this plays in to why Gus is on borrowed time.
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    A lot of potential . Those who say that won’t admit it but bottom line is the coaching staff lost the trust of his parents and definitely his. Feel how you want about the player but that is despicable in my eyes.
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    Love this hire. Love that Gus is calling plays. Love that KB has an extended role. It's a win for everyone. No more blame game. If the offense falters, it's 100% on Gus.
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    I think it’s more everyone feels relief that he is openly admitting to playcalling now and that will leave no doubt if we crash and burn.
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    No, she said she had discussions with Chip and another staffer who she declined to name. Chip said Martin was going to play and then the other staffer told her that they were redshirting Martin after he'd already played 5 games. I know it's disappointing and inconvenient to some but the article is very clear and you can't pin this on the guy who isn't here anymore. Our problems aren't leaving with Chip. They're still here and getting worse as talented staff and players start filing out of that locker room.
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    Last ones to jump off are....dead?
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    I think it is rather rabid right now. Fans are taking every thing and acting like it is the end of the world. Hopefully, the really rabid ones will get so disgusted that they will slink away in the night. If not, I guess I'll go. I'm a fixer and would love to see things fixed, but I am not a hater (unless it's Bama). Life's too short to be stuck in a negative way of thinking. Bad for your health...
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