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    On first bracket reveal… “We just looked at it, can you blankity blank believe this. Now on the day on that name does get announced with all the blood, sweat and tears you go through it is spectacular.” On Chuck Person’s arrest... “Chuck called me that morning. He told me briefly what happened. I was shocked. We don’t know what’s true, what isn’t true. We know what’s alleged. Unfortunately, Chuck is fired. I’ve got two assistants that have been put on paid administrative leave, Danjel and Austin don’t have their eligibility for this year. The university has put itself under a very strong investigation to go through this process.” On not complying with university’s Internal investigation... “We have complied enough to still be here. I think so many times when you have an internal investigation it should be internal. I wouldn’t be here coaching if there were greater problems.” On what he knew about Person’s alleged actions.... “Basically because we still have an ongoing investigation I can’t really comment on that other than that we are working through the process and I’m confident that when it’s all said and done I’ll still be the coach at Auburn for the right reasons.” On the future… “We take it one day at a time, but I love Auburn. I love it here. I’d love to be able to have a legacy. I’ve said this before — I don’t want a building, I don’t want a street, I don’t think I’ve done enough to ever get a court, but maybe a door. I’d love maybe at one of the entrances to Auburn Arena they call it the Pearly Gates and have it out front. I just hope at the end of the day they don’t show me the door.” *** Subscribe: Try Auburn Undercover's VIP package FOR FREE and get the latest intel *** *** Get free breaking news in the Auburn Undercover newsletter *** Author Michael Niziolek @michaelniziolek by Taboola Sponsored Links You May Like
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    This team just has so much heart. Whether or not we have the horses remains to be seen, but I love this team.
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    Maybe not have to play the #1, 6(twice), 8, 9, and 12th ranked defenses? Might help.
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    We def will be praying for you Mac!!! You were the heart and soul of this team with your energy and defense. You will be missed! War Eagle Mac! You are going to come back next year even better than before! "I believe in work. Hard work."
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    Hey Guys, I appreciate all that support my son on his future endeavors at AU. People are definitely sleeping on him. This will be just the same as he has had to do all his life, which is prove people wrong. People have been confronting us about him being a redshirt, riding the bench and even looking to transfer. If you ask anyone that truly knows my son, they will tell you that he plays like he is 6'2 300 pounds with no fear. Ive seen people attempt to hurt him & with that he has taken some hits that have made me think he was done and he got right back up only to score on the next drive. I say that to say, he isn't coming to AU to lay down. He works tremendously hard and his heart cant be matched. He plays with that chip because he has too and that's why GUS offered him. Ive seen the biggest of the toughest players from our area on top teams that he has played against, come to him after a game & give him props for not backing down and continuing to play tough in any situation. As you learn him, you will know that he has a love for the game itself. His football IQ has been high since a Pee Wee player. He never panics. He remains calm & plays his game. Don't look at his height and assume anything because you will be disappointed. He is a laid back guy, not into the fame just playing the game he loves so much. He makes people a believer because nobody ever believes in him at first glance. There is a story to tell about this kid. He gives others hope that they too can do whatever it is they please. When going to high school nobody really wanted him because they said he was too small, after his sophomore year, he could go where ever he pleased. His 1st high school coach said he would never play D1 ball, and then we played against that coach his senior year. After that game, the coach just hugged him tightly apologizing because he made mistake. At that game he rushed for 235 yards & 3 TD"s. NOBODY tells Shaun Shivers what he cant do, because he will actually do it better. He amazes me all the time. I'm not trying to make you fan, I'm just saying give him a chance before you cross him out. The picture below was captured during the American Heritage game. Pictured is the one of the top DT in the country, Nesta Silvera committed to UM. Worm has a reputation for being tough and standing 10 toes down against anyone and is well respected because of it.
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    Tonight we saw why CHUMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA has the most nba potential over all the eligible guys!!!!! Even over mustapha for me. OMGSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A STAR MAKING PERFORMANCE TONIGHT!!!!!!!!! Super clutch! He used and abused one of the tallest and biggest front lines in the league!!! That was incredible!!!! I AM IN SPORTS LOVE!!! WOOOOO!!!!!! LETS HEAR IT AGAIN FOR CHUMAAAAAA OKEKE!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!! Let this ride never end!!!
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    Somebody please explain it to Gus too
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    I'm an Auburn fan could you please explain what these are. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    My favorite, from Twitter ...
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    That's the kicker. It's not THAT these Gus led teams lose 2-3-4 games per year. Anybody with any sense of FB knowledge and understanding of history/trends gets that "you can't win them all". It's HOW these Gus led teams lose. Hard fought losses where you just lost to the better team or had some bad breaks are understandable, if not acceptable. Looking under prepared, unmotivated, and down right inept is unacceptable and inexcusable. AU has suffered far too many of the latter types under Gus.
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    Or, put another way, we should score at least 10 points in every game. We should never surrender a 20 point lead. We should never have less than 200 yards of total offense. Etc.
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    Gif of the night.
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    In football, the phrase evolve or die is just as applicable as in other areas. I don't think we need to scrap the O, but there are certainly some aspects that need to evolve and others that need to be tweaked. Our runnings game has become stagnant. We used to use misdirection as well as equally run inside and outside. However, Last year, we rarely ran outside and never used misdirection. We were very predictable. Our passing routes need to evolve to exploit the MoF and underneath the safeties. We also desperately need to utilize our backs in the passing game more than swing passed to Barrett. These types of things would evolve the offense into something that is even more difficult to defend. That's not a bad thing.
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    It’s so Auburn to have a clout of uncertainty during all of our great seasons. I wish we could enjoy our rise to the top as a basketball program and not worry about losing the most popular coach in Auburn. Again, so Auburn.
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    President Leath & AD Greene would seal their own fates if they tried to fire Bruce Pearl after this season. Barring Bruce Pearl being caught on tape/video with Chuck Person by the FBI, then there’s no way that AD Greene is coming to these games to cheer for Bruce Pearl when he knows that he’s going to fire him at the end of the year. If the NCAA punishes Bruce, then so be it. But Auburn better stand up and fight for Bruce Pearl and this team. This man is about to go on the greatest run in Auburn basketball history. And as good as we have been this year, I think next year can be even better.
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    Irony alarm. Thinks Bruce is sleazeball but Saban is ok?
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    And now, a few words from the dark side: "We will not win. They want it more than us and are playing every second like its the last. Unreal their hand ball contact. Over and over again their extra effort shows." "Give credit where credit is due, AU plays VERY hard on both ends of the court. They play like I expected us to play when we hired CAJ." " Frankly, this game makes me physically sick because how Auburn played tonight is exactly what I want us to be. They weren’t the more talented team, but there was never a moment they weren’t the better team. We could never match their intensity and that is why we lost this game." "Auburn was set up for failure today and we gave up 40 and 50 per half. This was a lack of effort which is very concerning this time of year. They simply our hustled us and that should never happen at home or away." "This was the worst case game scenario for us. We just got out quicked, out shot and out played by a hobbled Auburn team. I thought it would be a tough out for us but I at least thought it would be close." "The second half surprised me. I thought Bama would stop AU's scoring but it only got worse. AU has quick, skilled players at every position and they look like they have played together for a while though they are basically about a year older than Bama's team." "It seemed like once Auburn started nailing the three's, (and the two plus ones), we just wilted. What is it with this team on the road?" And my personal favorite: "One last comment, and then I’m done piling on. I hate Bruce Pearl with a passion. I think he’s a dirty, lying, sleazeball of a human being. But there’s one area where I respect the hell out of the man, he is a master motivator. He can turn any minor negative into a driving force that unifies his team and channels every last ounce of effort out of them. He’s done it all season and he’s turned a better than average team into a legitimate final 4 contender. I wish to God we had that on our staff. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m starting to feel like I’m watching Grant again when things go sour. Avery starts to withdraw into the same shell, doesn’t make adjustments, and doesn’t light a fire under the team when the shots aren’t dropping. In no way am I calling for Johnson’s job. I still think he’s the best man for it right now. However he’s not the motivator I thought he would be. Last week we faced a Kentucky team that was in a can’t lose game. They responded and we folded when it counted. Tonight we had a clear advantage over an overmatched squad. Instead we played right into their wheelhouse and we folded once again. The next three games are now in must win territory and none of them will be easy wins."
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    “You gotta feel good for that young man.” No sir I do not, he can go back to ttown
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    No point in keeping this thread alive. There is absolutely zero proof that he has an addiction and at this point, it is nothing but baseless assumptions.
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    The purpose for Shaun having fewer carries is because he isn't a selfish player. Once we are up on an opponent there was no need for him to continue. He knows how to share the ball. Which resulted in him having fewer carries because he never played in the second half of games because they were blowing out the competition. The is logic reason behind the less carries.
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    If losing one bad game to Iowa and twice overall on the road in 6 years means that Urban Meyer struggles on the road, then Gus Malzahn flat out, super duper, mind blowingly, unbelievably sucks at coaching on the road.
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    I had a conversation with my dad a couple of years ago before he passed of brain cancer. We were talking about old times and how much things have changed. I have been teaching in the Texas public school system for 17 years and I have 2 daughters (10 and 14). We were talking about how scary society is compared to when we were both growing up and what it was going to be like for his grandkids. I made the comment that kids have changed so much. He said something that has stuck with me and really made me a better parent. He told me kids haven't changed, parents have changed. In my opinion the way we raise our kids as a society is the single most important factor in how this country will progress. I am in a profession where I get to the results of poor parenting. Fortunately for me (and it is the reason I got into the profession) I have the opportunity to make a difference in some these kids lives.
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    No offense, but you had to list 3 coaches to get to almost as many losses as Gus had on the road this season.
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    And we should never end the game with the same total points we had at halftime. That's begging for trouble in the SEC.
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    Two posts in a row: zero exclamation points; zero gifs; very few capital letters.
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    Oh yeah, like Peyton Barber who left with two years of eligibility, went undrafted and is now making a half million dollars a year and was finally able to give his mom a home? He's a real selfish bastard, not giving Auburn fans everything we deserve.
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    117 yards of total offense against Clemson. 20 point lead over LSU blown. 7 total points scored in the SECCG. That was just this year.
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    I am so impressed with this team. I had told my son's that I wasn't sure what would happen to this team after McLemore got hurt. I thought that they might become a 3 seed by the time the season was over but they proved me wrong. We started watching the game last night about 10 minutes in and I thought well this is great we have a 5 point lead I guess they are going to be able to hang in there as long as everyone else stays healthy. About 5 minutes later I realized that they were hanging with a very good Alabama team not only without McLemore but also without Heron and only had 7 scholarship players available. At that point I thought maybe we could stay with Bama the first half but surely we would run out of gas in the second half. So to win by 19 is so impressive. It has been so many years (if ever) since we have been able to have this much fun watching Auburn basketball. Coach Pearl is doing an outstanding job which is contagious and will spread to other parts of the athletic program. Bright day's ahead!!!!
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    Glad to have the trophy back. Piss on bammer for not singing the fight song... AGAIN
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    Sexton doesn't have Bama in his blood. Each game is part of his overall NBA interview. Good luck to him, he's a smooth player.
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    The university has made it's decision not to fire Bruce Pearl. Now, should the NCAA come up with something that requires him to be fired, that changes things but Auburn isn't waiting around for the end of the season. If it was going to be Auburn's doing, he'd already be gone. He's not gone so....
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    If he was going to be fired that would have already happened.
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    Coach, Mikey, It's a message board. I like both of you and I enjoy reading your posts and I am glad you are on here. Everyone isn't going to agree on everything. The truth of the matter is, Gus is going to prove us right or wrong on the field and in recruiting and we are just talking about it. For a fan base to be so divided on what type of coach he is may or may not be disturbing. In my mind Gus was gone this year before the UGA and Bama games. He coached like his job was on the line. It looked as though it meant more to him than usual and I think his demeanor during and after those games showed that. Subjectively, something has happened to Gus' offense and it isn't what it was. We will certainly disagree on what that is and might even disagree that there is anything wrong with it but the facts show that Gus is not considered an offensive mastermind or genius like he was touted before. For the record, I think Gus is a great person. I think Gus has zero and I mean zero shadiness to his character. I do think he represents the University extremely well and I can't fathom a Hugh Freeze situation where Gus embarrasses Auburn or his family. Hell I don't even see how Gus was really good friends with Hugh after seeing what went down. I just don't want you guys or any others feeling like my main objective is to disagree with you or be negative. Myself and others are just talking football and Gus from a different perspective.
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    No reason to show a replay of that. SEC Network should be ashamed of themselves.
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    I agree with Coach Pearl. If they had anything on him he wouldn't be coaching now. The media is still butthurt from being wrong in the Cam non-issue. The attorneys and schools get the same or better info than the media gets. If Coach was guilty or even suspicion of guilt, he would have been suspended or fired. Person was fired and arrested based on aquired info. The players involved were suspended based on the info available. Why would Coach Pearl not be if there was damaging info on him?
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    Rarely is right. To the point of redundancy.
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    Have you ever made a post that did not include a gibe at Malzahn?
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    Hasn't Saban struggled to stop Georgia State or Southern, didn't he lose to UAB at LSU, La Monroe at bama.... For fricks sake... All that and considered the greatest coach in college football history. Seems the same year he lost to La Monroe he finished 1st in recruiting. Guess the struggle bit doesn't hold much water. Gus is 2-3 against Saban. Gus is 2-4 against UGa and really one of those was a terrible loss on the road last year. Gus' AU teams have won the West twice in 5 seasons, won the conference once. Other then Saban who can say that? No one... All I have stated is facts as well but it's much more fun to bitch and moan about what we don't have then what we do have. You think Uga wins the west this past year... nope. Got smoked by AU and also lost on a neutral field to bama. I have no beef with anyone on this board but the constant complaining about a very good coach and a good ambassador for the school is mind blowing. I guess the expectation is to be perfect. I coach that way but know it isn't a realistic concept. Auburn football is fun. Auburn's offense is fun to watch. Do we lose some games we shouldn't? yep. Do we win some we shouldn't? yep. That's football. Do I want to win every game every year 100-0? Yep.
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    The problem is that every year we believe that Gus has found the fountain of coaching intelligence and that his complete bafoonery and dipshartary have been removed and he will never do such stupid things again. And every year Lucy pulls that damn football out of the way and we realize we were all duped again. And then we have these same conversations on the board about why we are so against Gus.
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    Loof addressed everything else, but I'd like to refute this one point. This Gus led team lost to CU and looked BAAAAD (offensively at least) in doing it. They lost to a far inferior LSU team and looked BAAAAAAD in doing it. However after seemingly learning important lessons, righting the ship, and defeating our dreaded rivals in amen corner, there were entire threads dedicated, almost exclusively, to us "Gus Bashers" ALL eating crow, hat in hand, and throwing bouquets of the most exquisite valentines his way. All willing to forgive and forget as he truly seemed to come into his own as the Auburn head football coach. So to this statement:
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    Actually, the first comment was that Gus has struggled on the road. Then somebody said, "What coach doesn't?" Then 4 coaches were (accurately) named. You yourself were responding to that assertion. So you can't really play that card. And I'm a huge fan of ending this habit you share with others of labeling every single critique of the 7 million dollar man as "bashing". 117 total yards of offense against Clemson. 20 point lead over LSU blown. 7 total points scored in the SECCG. 19 total points scored against bama and uga last year. 16 point loss in the bowl game and it wasn't actually that close. How many times does it have to be said? It's not just that he lost, or even that he's losing over 4 games a season on average the last 3 seasons. It's how he's losing. I don't know if y'all are incapable of acknowledging that or just refuse to, but it has a lot to do with the tone of the conversation. That's where the exasperation from all us "bashers" is coming from.
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    You turned "struggle" into "never has trouble". Those are closer to meaning the opposite than the same.
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    I don't want to be any other programs. I love the Auburn Culture. It's a part of our DNA. I don't like the defeatist attitudes of some, the little brother attitude, but I do like the hard work attitude and blue collar team attitude. Gus has struggled in bowl games. UCF this year was just a flop and he's responsible for the teams attitude which was very poor. We have him for a minimum of the next 5 years. The more the fan base gets behind him as a coach the better the recruiting can get. When your own fan base trashes their coach the harder it gets to recruit. Players and potential players definitely have access to the internet. But I still stand by what I said about winning on the road. it's very difficult against good teams and we play 3 very good and well coached teams away from home next year.
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    I missed most of the game because I'm on business travel this week, but stopping into say HELL YES!
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    Also what are we looking for? We praised the defense. Finished #25 in total D. Then bash the offense and finished #15 in total offense. Maybe we will be top 10 in both in 2018 but this idea that our offense is bad or hampered by Gus or whoever the blame is today is foolish and not supported by facts.
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    I agree. We are just discussing Auburn. Gus will make believers out of some of us or he won't. Heck I hope he proves me wrong. I hope I have to tell all of you just how right you were. I certainly don't hope or wish for the worst. I just have seen enough to form an opinion. Others have seen enough to have a different outlook and opinion. It's all good. My opinion is not on the radio on your commute to work. I'm not whispering it through the dividers in the cubicle beside anyone at work. It's just a message board and as sick and tired as everyone is of seeing anything negative said there are others sick and tired of reading how good Gus has been and how he has finally learned from his mistakes.
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