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    During spring camp, Coach Gus Malzahn spoke of running the offense at a high tempo and the need to limit substitution. He noted opposing teams were able to counter Auburn’s substitutions with different personnel groupings, which defeated Auburn’s intent of substituting specific players to execute individual plays. One of Malzahn’s goals this spring was to identify players who could play multiple roles on offense to limit substitutions. One of the players who could benefit from this plan is Harold Joiner, a redshirt freshman with plenty of talent. At 6-4, 220 pounds, Joiner was signed as an athlete with the potential to play wide receiver or running back but finds himself in more of an H-Back role in 2019. A-Day Assignments: During this year’s A-Day Game to wrap up spring practice, Harold Joiner moved around on the field to take advantage of his athletic ability. He lined up as a running back 12 times, in the slot eight times and at flanker five times. An additional role he might carry this season is the wildcat quarterback, a formation not executed during the final scrimmage game. His versatility will allow Auburn to play him at multiple facets, which should create mismatches against the opposition. Charles Clay and Mario Fannin Role: During the Malzahn offensive era at Auburn, Gus Malzahn has utilized certain players in a “role” capacity. These are players who are not full-time starters but take enough snaps to make a major contribution to the offense. These “role players” have accounted for nearly 25 percent of Auburn’s impact plays in Malzahn’s offense. While at Tulsa, Gus Malzahn converted Charles Clay, a three-star running back into an H-Back during his freshman season. At 6-3, 222 pounds, Malzahn took advantage of Clay’s skill set to become a significant contributor during the 2007 season. Under Gus Malzahn, Clay ran the football 82 times for 449 yards and caught 107 passes for 1488 yards during 2007 and 2008. Clay finished his Tulsa career with 3455 combined offensive yards and 38 touchdowns. He was later drafted into the NFL as a tight end and entered his ninth season in the NFL this year. When Malzahn arrived at Auburn as the offensive coordinator, he made the same adjustment with Mario Fannin, who had been a part-time starter at running back under Tommy Tuberville. Malzahn converted Fannin into more of an H-Back role during 2009, and 2010 and Fannin finished his last two seasons with 1266 yards and ten touchdowns as a role player. Though Mario Fannin only had 154 offensive touches during his last two seasons, he accounted for 25 impact plays. Harold Joiner 2019: Should Harold Joiner be utilized in the offense, in the same manner, Charles Clay was implemented at Tulsa, Joiner could be one of the leaders in impact plays this season. Clay ran vertical routes as Tulsa’s H-Back, often making plays downfield on seam routes and wheel routes. Malzahn frequently ran his offense with two-back sets, featuring Clay more as a receiver out of the backfield, though he ran the ball like a running back. Auburn showed this look only one time during A-Day, on Joey Gatewood’s first offensive series at quarterback. Malzahn at Tulsa would flood both backs out of the backfield on the same side of the field. The first back (often Charles Clay) would run a seam route and the second back would check down short. This often left one of the backs uncovered, making an easy read for the quarterback to throw to the wide open running back. With the success, Malzahn had with Charles Clay at Tulsa and Mario Fannin at Auburn, it is not a stretch to see him replicating it with Harold Joiner this season.
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    Today was AU-Some! It was everything to see my son’s teammates come out to support he & Ant at the War Eagle Invitational today & it meant even more when I saw the Head Football coach, Gus Malzahn at the meet supporting them. It said a lot & it meant a lot. Coach Malzahn is a genuine guy & is holding true to his word that we spoke about during the recruiting process, which was allowing these 2 sport athletes to 💯% participate in track & field as they wished. They are some important pieces to the Auburn Football program but Coach G stood by his word! It says a lot about him as a head coach especially in the SEC & today I couldnt thank him enough! It gave me chills to see him & hang out with him today because he could have been doing something else with his free time today.... It made me feel like these guys are important to him & his program. This is what makes us a family, this is what its all about! Im proud to be an Auburn Mom #WarEagle🦅 5A1DE61C-9063-4708-8A92-38196CD9B62D.MP4 A3CD231E-FDD0-4AC3-ABB7-57E670EFF951.mov
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    It is absolutely true. His name is Don Fuell, a QB from Guntersville. I wrote sports column for the Plainsman in 1957 and hence got to know all the coaches and players. bama was really pissed that they lost Fuell to Auburn. They sent two guys to Fuell's apt. posing as encyclopedia salesmen just to check it all out. I could tell you a lot more details about this deal but will leave it there. But it cemented my dislike for all things bama forever.
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    What I enjoyed in regards to Nix's performance is when plays broke down or were taken away he continued to try and extend the play through the air and not necessarily scramble. We haven't had a QB be a playmaker through the air in quite some time.
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    IMO, the big winner of the spring was Gatewood. 180d turn around for the kid. Gus has a lot of flaws as a coach but the way he handles his kids is not one of these flaws.
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    One thing you have to say about Gus is he runs a clean program. You also don't ever have to worry about his own personal conduct embarrassing Auburn. Most of the players he recruits have been a credit to the university and become fine young men. The small minority that don't are dealt with quickly and professionally. He has recruited very good talent to Auburn while going against some tough competitors. He obviously loves Auburn and wants the program to do well. All of those things are very important. Now if he can just get those wins to be 9 or more, instead of those 7s or 8s, that will be good. Edit: A thought about a minimum 9 wins per year. Gus's biggest obstacle in achieving that has been losing the games he never should have lost. We all know which ones those were. That is when those 8s could have very easily become 9s and 10s. He knows that too so I'm hoping he has corrected that trend.
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    I agree about being a favorite. To me, one-cut backs make this play even more dangerous. Their ability to get the defenders to flow outside and then stick foot and go generates even more space. Shivers would be a demon running this play.
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    This might be unpopular, but to me, I think Shivers should start over Whitlow. He is much more dynamic and powerful. Also, he has the attitude I want in a RB. I feel he would be the type of back that gets stronger the more you feed him. 7-10 wouldn't even begin to tap his ability. IMO, Whitlow = P. Barber and Shivers = T. Mason. At the time I thought he was a really good hire. I'm way more impressed after the few months he's been at work. He is doing great things in recruiting and has brought in a whole new energy/vibe to the offense. A very personable and contagious attitude and personality. The kids love him. His work with the QBs and their rapid progression is a testament to him as a coach and teacher.
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    I said in another thread that Gus is/has changed his approach to the team and program this off-season. This is another positive.
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    It’s the subbing during the series that kills the pace. Nothing wrong with subbing between the series, which is what I am hoping for. Have a menu of plays for each skill groupings sent onto the field for the given series. This would allow Gus to expand his overall playbook and would force him to utilize all of his skill players.
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    i swiped this from another auburn board...........um non pay board. Former Auburn football players were sent this letter today by Gus Malzahn. The coach is trying to open the door more to the past. Here’s the letter: Dear Former Players, We just finished up the spring season with A-Day on Saturday. For the first time, we had a 7-on-7 Auburn Legends game, and it was a huge success. We appreciate all the guys involved this year and will continue the A-Day Legends game moving forward. Our theme this year is “Ride for the Brand.” We are putting Auburn first in everything we do and making a strong emphasis on our core values. We will have the Auburn Creed hanging in every players’ locker and in every coaches’ office. I really appreciate everyone who came to Lettermen’s Day earlier this spring. We had more than 200 former players on the sidelines. That afternoon, I had a chance to visit with a few of you, and it was very insightful. I realized I need to make it a priority to keep you more informed as to what is going on in our program. I want all former players to always feel welcome. With that said, each month you will receive updates on our program from me and my staff. I’d like to invite you to come to our fall camp practices this August. I will send you those dates once they are set. I am also looking into opening some practices during the season and will be in touch as we get closer. This will be my 10th year at Auburn, and I love this place. This program would not be what it is today without you. Thank you for all you have done to make Auburn great! War Eagle!
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    They are all helping eachother. The whole staff is taking a team approach to Recruiting. I was told once upon a time, but can't remember who was credited with the idea, but I really think it was Gus. He has done a lot of different things this off-season to reshape/retool the program or at least the way they/he approaches things. I honestly can't think of another coach since '91 that has a genuine love for Auburn like Gus does. He wants to be here. He wants to prove himself right and all his doubters(myself included) to be fools...I hope he does. I want a winning coach that loves being at Auburn and isn't looking to use us as a stepping stone. Gus could be that...maybe. I hope Gus has changed/evolved/reinvented/recharged himself. Now that he has taken back the O, I hope he proves why we all loved him as our OC. He used to have a little FU in his play calling. I've heard he has a little bit of that attitude this off-season too. I hope it manifest Into a great fall for us all.
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    free article #PMARSHONAU: The real story of Auburn and the NCAA ByPhillip Marshall 5-6 minutes So what’s the real story about Auburn and its run-ins with the NCAA? What does it mean? Some facts could be helpful for anyone who is actually in search of the truth. Though I express some opinions here, the facts are in black and white. This is not in any way an attempt to whitewash anything or to say that Auburn or anybody else has been mistreated by the NCAA. I move on with the full knowledge that some will take it that way, regardless of what I write. Hare are some facts, indisputable, hard, documented facts. --According to the NCAA database, Auburn programs have been hit with major sanctions by the NCAA seven times. Auburn is tied with 11 other programs, including SEC members Texas A&M and Georgia, for the fifth most all-time. Fifteen programs - including Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina and Mississippi State – are tied with six. SMU has the most major sanctions with 10. Arizona State and Oklahoma have nine each. Wichita State has eight. --Auburn football was last hit with major NCAA sanctions in 1993. If you are counting, that is 26 years ago. --Auburn lost basketball scholarships in 2004 when the NCAA enforcement staff found a way to call Mark Komara, a summer basketball guy and well-known Alabama fan and supporter, an Auburn booster. That was the last time Auburn was found guilty of major infractions in any sport. --Auburn underwent an investigation as thorough as anyone ever has in 2010-2011. The result was the Cam Newton was ruled ineligible for 24 hours. On Oct. 13, 2011, the NCAA informed Auburn in a letter that it had been cleared. --In the summer of 2011, oddsmaker Danny Sheridan said on the Paul Finebaum show that the NCAA had found the “bagman” that provided money for Newton and that he got the name from a source inside the NCAA. In an extraordinary response, the NCAA issued a press release saying "Danny Sheridan continues to make vague, unsubstantiated claims without backing them up with proof. Contrary to his claims of having an inside source with details on the Auburn investigation, the NCAA has not provided information to Sheridan or anyone else.” --Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl was accused of doing some unseemly stuff more than 30 years ago. He lied to the NCAA at Tennessee and got a three-year show-cause order as a result. He has never once been accused at any school by anybody of buying players. --Auburn’s response to Chuck Person’s arrest was to immediately suspend and soon fire Person, refuse to play Austin Wiley or Danjel Purifoy until things were resolved, consult with the NCAA and hit Wiley and Purifoy with suspensions recommended by the NCAA. If the NCAA had recommended a suspension for Pearl, that would have happened, too. To steal part of a line from “A Few Good Men,” those are the facts, and they are undisputed. And here are some opinions derived from those facts: --It’s too early to say Pearl will come out of this unscathed, though any kind of major action is highly unlikely. The NCAA has the wherewithal to sanction him for Person’s actions because he was the head coach when they happened. --Comparing anything about Auburn or about Pearl to a coach being caught on a wiretap talking about paying a player is off-base, lazy and is not in any way a search for the truth. --Pearl made himself look bad by refusing to talk to Auburn president Steven Leath until the FBI investigation was done. Since Pearl was not and has not been accused of anything by the FBI, I thought that was a mistake on his part in 2017 and I still believe it was a mistake. As a result, Pearl is often compared to LSU coach Will Wade, though there really is no comparison. Anyone who actually examined the situations would know that. --No matter how many times someone says “the head coach always knows,” it makes no sense that Pearl would have signed off on what Person has pleaded guilty to doing. It did nothing to help his program and a lot to hurt it. --Blaming anybody at Auburn because Ira Bowman allegedly was involved in an admissions scandal at Penn is a stretch beyond the breaking point. It’s laughable. --Most of the dirt in college basketball comes from shoe companies and filters through summer leagues. Auburn went to the Final Four without any of those one-and-done kinds of guys that shoe companies are willing to give big bucks to go to certain schools. --College football has its rogues, too, but it isn’t the same. Kids don’t wear football shoes to school. One great player doesn’t make nearly as much difference in football as in basketball.
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    Don’t know how to word that better but hey!
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    Many think he was the #1 player in the state last year. Is the best athlete by far in the state. Way way to early to say AU leads. Huge battle going on for him. But we are in his top 2.
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    The girls effectively dispatched the Hornets 8-0, scoring two in each inning while committing no errors. Handley started and retired the first 8 batters before yielding a walk. The next two batters got bunt singles before Lexie assisted on the 3d out herself. Swindle got 3 groundouts on 8 pitches for her night's work, and Harris finished it off in the 5th, getting one out by slapping down a line drive headed for her face and throwing the runner out at first. We loaded the bases in the first with no outs on hits by Snow and McCrackin, and a walk to Rivera. Tannon drove in the first run with a sac fly to the warning track in left. Rivera then essayed to steal seecond, and the catcher threw down, allowing Crack to score. Rivera, who had 3 stolen bases on the night, was safe also. Taylon passed the 100-hit mark as a sophomore, the first to do that since Cooper in 2015. The other highlight of the night was a 2-run homer by Bree Fornis.
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    He wasn't there last spring either and was the most talked about during Fall camp lol... Actually nobody that was highly publicized in the Spring was used as much as discussed in the season. But hey what do I know (shrugs)
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    I like Wiley and think he has a lot of potential. I just think it won't get realized at AU. He needs a big man coach to help develop his post moves and awareness. Him at AU sorta feels like pairing Lamarcus Aldridge and James Harden together. I think Bruce's scheme needs a big man more in the mold of a Clint Capella, Steven Adams, or Rudy Gobert. An athletic, tireless rebounder and rim protector that is a good low-post passer and is more of a facilitator on offense.
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    RIP in Pieces to Aubiefifty thread 😂😂😂
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    Gus didn't take a pay cut. But if this season goes off the rails, I don't think it will, then watch the buyout not be as high as it was last year. As far as Stoops? You would be surprised. Real surprised. Not talking about Yellowman. All that is in the past and is best to be kept there. I'll give Gus credit, he wants to be at AU. He did everything he could to keep his job and seems to be righting the ship. AU has athletes all over the filed. More than what bama has, per some of the same people who have been to both bama and AU. Get us some players on the OL and keep loading up the Dl and watch out. As long as Gus can get out of his own way and keep an identity on offense.
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    Yes, everyone should probably just decide for themselves what they want to believe. For example, I choose to believe @bigbird when he provides exact quotes and attributes them to "former coaches and players". If you choose not to, then I'm guessing that Bird really couldn't care less. I'm curious, though, what the reaction would be if these anonymous comments were positive in nature. I wonder if they'd be held to the same, strict "rumor and gossip" standards. Also, these are just observations and opinions. Who cares who said them?
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    This guy bleeds Orange and Blue and loves him some Auburn. WAR DAMN BRYCE BROWN EAGLE!!!!
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    Watch Joey Gatewood flex his NFL arm to complete a deep corner route to Seth Williams. I am not saying Gatewood is ready for the NFL. This type of throw is the type of pass he will need to make consistently to make it to the next level.
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    Article says he now plans to visit Kansas as well, they may be the biggest threat. Has Auburn played Kansas anytime recently? 🤔
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    This is easily the best and most civil Auburn board around. Even when people disagree it never gets out of hand and escalates. (Well besides that one time a guy wanted to meet up and fight in a parking lot! Lol) Everyone here is great people and even the ones I disagree with on most everything I still have a fun time talking and conversing with. I am glad there is a lot of disagreements and it is not a echo chamber in here. It makes for a more fun and entertaining board.
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    I want to believe he has changed but, I'm still skeptical. I would like nothing more than to have him prove me wrong and turn Auburn into the juggernaut we all know is possible. I've heard BBQ sauce is good with crow and am quite willing to try it. No, I'm not crapping on his letter to former players. I think it's a great move and am glad he did it.
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    Agree; hopefully the Gus haters won’t be out in full force over this one.
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    Because Government officials have long been a pillar of honesty. Lying to the press was unheard of until Trump and these guys took over....
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    Some of the more seasoned fans will need to verify this, but his catch had a Beasly-esque nature to it. I'm not 100%, but it seemed to match up with the way my parents would describe how TB would, at full speed, lay way back for the catch.
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    Same offer here. I’ll even create a new identity and argue with myself, talking about how ellitor sucks. It’ll work!
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    Most of us are not connected to the program so when info is posted from most of us then we have to post a link or give a bibliography from where the info came from. There are a few people connected to the program who get 1st hand info or 1 link in the chain away from 1st hand. They don't need to post links or give bibliographies much because 1. They don't come from links. & 2. They have already established their credibility. If they outed their sources then they, & subsequently us, don't get the info anymore. That means losing the info that is often times more to reality that what is posted in linked articles.
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    He will replace Dunbar. He is an elite athlete that can jump out of the gym. Has ties with Wes Flanigan.
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    I'm sorry you hate it. The truth doesn't pick sides and just because you dislike it, doesn't make it untrue. And FTR, they're not anonymous to me. 😁
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    He was a spiteful SOB as our OC that wanted to score as much and as often as possible on anyone. He tried to embarrass defenses and would openly mock them. That's what I miss., That's what I want him to recapture, and that's what has been missing since the 2014 TAMU game.
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    AU the team to beat gang. UNC not even in it. Gotta think his previous relationship with Coach Flannigan wins it out for us
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    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! They did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (How'd I do, Gwill???)
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    No you are not!! I am also and I am old and I know stuff. I am really tired of the negative "Nancies" on here that the only sport on here is Gus bashing. Gus is way ahead of the midget across the state in coaching success for the time has been a head coach. Granted he as made mistakes but who the hell hasn't. God save us from all the "experts" on here that think they know more than people that coach for a living. I've had a few glasses of wine so I guess I am just venting . I am just tired of all the negativity I see on here. Ok, I'm gone. Bash away!! WDE till I die which probably isn't that far off.
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    My youngest two with their new barrel horses!
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    IMO, It's gonna have to start with limiting substitutions, letting our skill players have multiple roles, and utilizing the entire playbook no matter who is on the field.
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