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    What a unique and fresh take on Gus. Thanks for the new insight.
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    Stay strong and keep fighting. We're all behind you.
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    We NEED Pappoe more. He is a linebacker, we'll always need those more. If you don't think so, just ask me!
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    So the kid who should still be in high school, who signed early and has had only a handful of SEC caliber practices is already a complete bust, but a different kid who is just a junior in high school, is our best hope? You serious Clark? Some of this stuff just can't be made up.
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    What are you talking about? Our entire 2 deep on OL is mid to high 4 stars with 5 star Ashley. Oh wait my bad Harrell wasn’t a 4 star so maybe I’m wrong on the entire 2 deep. Asa was what the number 6 back in his class and chose AU over Bama and everyone else. Kerryon was a 5 star on most sites. Tre Mason 4 star. Jovon was a 5 star. Everyone needs to stop with the whimpering and complaining about every detail. Our recruiting has never been better. Our offensive numbers have never been better. Bamas offense was the highest scoring in the conference last year. What happened when they played a good defense. Lost 26-14!!! UGA was steam rolling their pansy schedule what happened when they played a good defense. Lost 40 -17. The thing is if you are playing top defenses and you put up 24-30 pts you have to be in at least a position to win a close one at worst. UGA got a mulligan for their game plan and we played poorly with the early turnover in the red zone with a chance to go up 10-0 or 14-0. Auburn hasn’t and probably never will be a team that wins 11 games a year for multiple years. The schedule is just to tough. Bama LSU and UGA every year. And history it was bama UGA Florida and Tennessee. We are about 50 percent on UGA Bama LSU and Florida since Dye came to AU. We have a winning record against Tennessee. As I’ve mentioned before what is there to complain so much about? We have a respectful coach, although has some weird paranoia’s but a good man it seems and treats the players excellent. Stop looking across the state and trying to match what they do. We aren’t them and I don’t want to be them. Sure I’d take the dominance they’ve had the past 10 years but I don’t like the attitude or entitlement they have. They are in for a very rude awakening in the near future and last recruiting cycle although a great class is showing signs of chinks in the armor. Mom2kid this wasn’t meant as disrespectful and most of your post I love just so sick of the constant coach bashing. There was no one harder on Gus then me after LSU last year and UGA the year before. But what about the other 9 or 10 games where he out coached who many on this board say are better coaches?
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    As someone who has experienced 2 generations of substance abusers in our family and raised the second generation as a guardian, Zeke's parents and other family members are dying on the inside. It's truly amazing how the hold of these substances can take over a life and literally destroy it. For a recovering abuser, it only takes once to relapse and we've been through it several times. I sincerily feel sorry for them and him and pray that someday he will be able to overcome this.
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    First, for an OP that was intially scoffed at, funny this turned into a legit discussion. Props! As for Gus' trajectory... I feel like he has it in him to be truly great. Among the greatest even. ...if only he can grow past a handful of fatal flaws, which have been discussed to death on this board. Unfortunately (so far, for 4 years) the operative phrase for Gus is "if only".
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    Contrary to what the caped crusaders think, there are a lot of this who share this honest and balanced assessment. Well said. I have an emerging theory that Gus has to make a mistake twice before he learns it, whereas it might only take another guy once; on the other hand, though, he seems to have several innate talents that most coaches won't- maybe can't- ever learn. As for the discussion about which coaches I'd take over Gus, I don't think I could name 5.
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    Please explain how it matters. I personally think elitist opinions and attitudes like that are pathetic.
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    Saban, before the REC, was an average coach also.
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    @AUIH1 shared in another thread (one you might avoid because of the title) that he's having to do another round of chemo and radiation. Please lift up a prayer and/or some good thoughts for him.
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    The other thing about saban is that you can isolate certain in-game decisions and talk about whether or not bama lost because of them. And they've not been losses by 3 scores, and they've not been against bad teams, and they've rarely been in big games. Meanwhile, you look at some of Gus's losses and you're mystified by entire game plans or an entire half's worth of highly questionable decisions.
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    If it makes you feel any better, we telegraph the plays even when we have the same all-purpose back in on every snap of the game. Wait. I don't think that made you feel better. Bruh that's my bad.
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    Big story about nothing.....Green must have had space to fill.....Kmart might start if the season started today but since it does not start for 4 months it could be someone else. What a scoop...
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    Huh. Horton thinks we should have rotated backs more. https://auburn.247sports.com/Article/How-Auburn-Tigers-will-try-to-solve-late-season-production-dropoff-at-tailback-in-2018-117515292
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    @DAG Update on Nick. He's working out for a CFL team. Great to see him with auburn men again. And he's wearing #14 again so he could be playing QB again?
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    Just goes to prove you have to have the horses to win championships.
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    Badly needed sweep and to do it in impressive fashion is nice. Bats finally came around. Hopefully we can snag at least one in Gainesville.
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    Maybe your give a crap meter should have a Shut Up switch on it, so you can stop continuously posting the same old insults and negative remarks until you are fully recovered. By then maybe you might have come up with some slight bit of original material to work with. Continuously coming on here, posting the same old negative remarks and then playing the "Big C" card is tiresome. This isn't the first time you've used that excuse. Once was one time too many.
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    Well I'll be damn I agree with you. I will say I think he would have turned into a very good coach had he stayed at LSU but nothing like what he has now at turd land. LSU has nothing like the REC
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    Yeah, greatest pure runner in history, you probably try to feed him. The fact is, when you look at all the dominating rushing offenses, that vast majority of them aren't going to reveal a disparity like what we had last year. Also, we really have to get away from this "RB by committee or one guy gets 290 carries" conversation. We need RB1 to have fewer carries and RBs 2 and 3 to have more. Nobody's advocating some sort of hippie commune back there. Once again, even the most minor, constructive criticism of Gus can't be tolerated. He is a perfect coach who always makes the right decision. That is why we won the SECCG by a score of eleventy billion to zero. Because he made 100% perfect decisions about how carries were distributed among the running backs last season.
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    92. Can only hope I get there. May she Rest In Peace.
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    The potential for Gus to telegraph what the called play is based on what RB is in the game is way too high for my comfort right now. Also surprised at how many people are down on Kam Martin. I think he can be really good if he improves his pass protection.
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    Tre Williams was considered elite out of high school. He was a 5* recruit but I would give his play at AU a 4* grade w/ a 5* heart. While Morris would be more important for positional needs OP may be more important for the overall class. Because of his talent, personality, & charisma it may have a big effect on other targets. Big time CB Andrew Booth would be one to watch if we get OP.
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    Quoting from the article:" With that said, it’s important for Auburn to be weary of Georgia. " We are already weary of Georgia. In this case, I think we should be wary of Georgia as well.
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    They say this now until Gus sees the size of Washington's DL and gives him one carry per quarter
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    Not to diminish the pain, but this is a good time for us to have Rodney Garner as the coach for that position.
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    I know Wes on a professional and personal level. Great guy and coach. He was a great basketball player for Auburn back in the day (2nd all-time assist leader) and has experience as an SEC assistant coach at Mississippi State and has also had stops at UAB and Nebraska. He was an Associate Head Coach under Chris Beard (Texas Tech) at Little Rock and was promoted to head coach when he left. He has HC experience which is always helpful. It was some tough shoes to fill at LR and probably got the job before he was truly ready to take on coming off an NCAA tournament appearance. He has always LOVED Auburn. He’s a good recruiter and will tremdously help fill a void as an assistant. This is a great hire for Bruce and the men’s basketball program.
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    Auburn identifies frontrunner for starting running back job Updated 6:59 PM;Posted 6:48 PM By Tom Green The picture in Auburn's backfield is becoming somewhat more clear. The Tigers, who entered spring with five scholarship running backs competing for the starting job, haven't quite narrowed down the competition as offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey had hoped to at the end of spring, but there is a leader in the clubhouse as the Tigers head into the offseason. "If we were to play today it would be Kam Martin," Auburn running backs coach Tim Horton said Thursday before speaking to the Jackson County Auburn Club in Scottsboro. "He would be the first one to go out on the field. Obviously we don't play today and so is he going to start against Washington? That kinda remains to be seen but Kam would be first-team if we played today." Lindsey said last month that the hope was for the Tigers to establish a pecking order at running back upon the completion of spring practices. Following review of the A-Day game on April 7 and the final practice of spring on April 10, Horton wasn't ready to rattle off a top three and left open the possibility for the Tigers to take a by-committee approach to the position this fall. The veteran assistant was also hesitant to name a No. 2 running back behind Martin at this time, adding that he has been "really pleased" with the entire group, which includes Martin, Malik Miller, JaTarvious Whitlow, Asa Martin, Devan Barrett and even walk-on C.J. Tolbert, who was the A-Day offensive MVP. "If we had to play today it would probably be situational football," Horton said. "There's one guy that's probably a better pass protector. There's one guy who is probably a better runner. There's one guy who might be a better pass receiver out of the backfield. It would be very situational in the sense that whatever the down and the distance and the situation dictates." Martin was long expected to be in the mix for the starting job following the departures of Kerryon Johnson and Kamryn Pettway. The junior is Auburn's most experienced running back, having rushed for 773 yards and five touchdowns in a backup role over the last two seasons. The 5-foot-10, 182-pounder was Auburn's second-leading rusher last season, finishing the year with 453 yards and a pair of touchdowns while averaging an impressive 6.12 yards per carry. Martin saw plenty of time with the first-team offense this spring but was held out of the spring game due to a minor hamstring injury. Horton said Thursday that if it were the regular season, Martin probably would have missed the opener but would have been available by Week 2 or Week 3. Martin has been a full participant in the team's offseason workouts, which began this week. Whitlow was perhaps the Tigers' most impressive running back behind closed doors this spring. The redshirt freshman out of LaFayette received rave reviews from teammates, who compared watching him run to watching "Madden" video game highlights due to his ability to reverse field and keep plays alive. The 6-foot, 216-pound Whitlow is built more in line with the type of running back Auburn has relied on in years past under Malzahn, and the former three-star prospect -- who played quarterback in high school and signed with Auburn as a receiver -- excelled on A-Day. He rushed for 98 yards on 14 carries while displaying solid vision and elusiveness in the open field. Miller is Auburn's second-most experienced running back, with 50 career carries for 204 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He was lauded as a "steady force" in the backfield by Lindsey this spring, and he started with the first-team offense on A-Day. His spring game was cut short due to a knee injury after recording just three carries for 1 yard and a fumble. Asa Martin is a true freshman who enrolled early this semester after winning Alabama's Mr. Football award as a senior in high school, and Barrett saw the field in a limited capacity last season and split time at running back and receiver late in the spring. Auburn is looking for five criteria in evaluating its running back situation, according to Horton. "Can they protect the ball? Can they protect the passer? Are they going to miss assignments; do they know what to do? No. 4: Attitude, effort and body language; how do they present it? And then the last thing, and really the most important thing, at least in this competition for me is who can make a play? Who can go make the play?" Horton said. "That's where, hopefully, we'll continue to find guys who can create separation and make more plays, but that's kind of what we're looking for. Each one of them have done those things, but at this point I think Kam would be the first one." Horton would feel comfortable playing multiple running backs this season and wouldn't be surprised if it took a couple of games to establish a No. 1 option in the backfield. "We've had success playing multiple players but sometimes the cream rises to the top and one just kinda separates themselves," Horton said. "That's really what's happened the last two years."
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    Gus has had one very good year (2013). Followed by three below average years then one good year (2017) (except for the SECCG failure and the the bowl game failure which trends 2017 down a lot). I am said this before, and I am posting it again, I was on on the Gus Bus full force until Gus allowed UGA to abuse us in 2014. At that point Gus lost my trust as an AU HC, I want Gus to be a very good coach for AU but I have serious doubts going back to UGA 2014 that he can regain my trust . Regular season 2017 was a good starting point but Gus followed that up with the SECCG and the bowl game. I am not a fan of Gus at all. wde
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    I could. ....but they're almost all retired or dead.
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    Two backs that were great but not mentioned as much,well in my eyes were James Bostic and Rudi Johnson.
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    Let's just sum this up for real. Gus has got to stop doing stupid s$%^ that makes no freaking sense. You cannot do that which was the LSU game and other painful memories of doing stuff in games that make no sense then have 2 near flawless and perfect game plans for georgia and Bama. Like just be aggressive. It is painfully obvious once he goes in to tubbershell stuff like the lsu game happens.
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    I agree completely. We always talk about the OL, which receivers will step up, how the RB will be, if we will utilize a TE, can we throw intermediately, as well as all the QB talk. Defensively, it always seems we have a plan for continuing continuity As well as who is ready to take the next step. The defensive players seem to be experienced and really subscribe to the "next man up" thought process. Offensively it seems we always struggle if plan A is a bust.
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    Well that can't be...I've heard many times here that you have to be over 200 to be an every down back.
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    He will undeniably be more help than leaving the scholarship slot unused and lost after the recruiting year turns over.
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    My biggest issue.... is that we have stroked this topic into a 7 page discussion - without a single original thought posted in it. I hate the off season. Soooo long between spring game and fall practice.
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    This is a great thing for both programs. Plus locker room upgrades at Auburn Arena. http://www.auburntigers.com/genrel/042018aaa.html
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    Just trade out your AU stuff for UGA or SC stuff and you'll be happy
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    If Tuberville was our AD and Rocker our head coach football seating would already be upgraded to 250,000. Malzahn has got to go.
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    Don't see it happening I've talked to the horses and they are ALL saying uga is paying them some good cash to throw the riders. I know its a very bad joke but its the best I could come up with at the time.
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    People like to say he couldn’t be an every down, in between the tackles back, but he looked extremely solid on inside runs last year imo. Kmart should’ve gotten fed heavily in the SEC title game, especially with KJ’s injury. In that game UGA has 4 RBs with 5+ carries, we had one. KJ had 13, Stidham had 9. Everyone else was below 5 carries. I really hope we learn how to balance the workload. I think we have the talent in place to do so
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    He won't run like that in college. He is like JS. He's a pocket QB with mobility. He will not be a true dual threat in college.
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    My view, which differs from many, is that Auburn is not a sleeper. Auburn has the talent to compete with anyone. I will be attacked for this thought but Auburn's struggles and strengths are brought on by scheme, game plans, adjustments, and lack thereof. Just look at our losses over the last 2 to 3 years. When we decide to look bad or make stubborn boneheaded decisions we do it up right. While there aren't many college head coaches on this forum there are a good many folks who watch and say, "What in the *(&^ are we doing". To me it often isn't whether we are talented enough but a matter of what our talent is being asked to do; or more importantly what they aren't being asked to do. On the other hand, you can't argue with how we look when we are clicking on all cylinders. Steele has done a tremendous job on defense. Gus has put up great offensive numbers we have not seen before. I just wish he would take the next step and incorporate some different things into his offense so that we can reach the next level without being so predictable. Part of that wish is not putting the whole offense on one player and having more than 5 different plays regardless of who we are playing. That to me is the missing piece we need to be consistent and be a very good team every year. What would Lincoln Riley or Dan Mullen do with the offensive talent on this team in comparison?