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    First sentence negates the rest of the article. Malzahn USED to be recognized as one of the best offensive minds in football. Source... 17 straight runs on first down VS LSU and everyone including the TV announcers and my 9 year old daughter KNEW what was coming... That doesn't exactly equate to offensive mastermind...
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    So my dad took my nephew to the camp, he said Grimes did a lot of yelling! He said if any player jumped early or slacked, they all had to pay the penalty! CGM told them that last year we were close, but this year we're getting over the hump. My dad met/talked to CCL and CKS. He also talked to Willie Whitehead. I believe he's now in the ATL area and had brought a couple of guys over.
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    What I appreciate about this pair, is that they appear to be very well-rounded and have a lot of bounce. Put them in the right hands and we’re in for a lot of enjoyment.
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    Anywhere but Auburn. But yea. Kid is very talented but didn't have it all together coming out of high school. He has matured and will be a good one for AU. Has Sunday talent. Will be put on scholly sooner than later.
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    Happy birthday! Aging well. 72 years old and his brain doesn't seem a day over 4.
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    I guarantee that by game 5, Gus will have his role figured out and know what to do with him.
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    I say stop recruiting Arkansas and whatever effort we are putting there just move it to the Houston Area. Same goes for Baton Rouge. Let’s LSU and Bama battle for those players.
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    I took this surprise pic of my wife on our trip. It ended up being my favorite picture.
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    You know, a part of me screams out that we just signed a stud QB in Gatewood and already have an overachiever in Willis, so the talk of Bo coming in and starting as a true freshman just seems silly. However, with all the raving about his football IQ and arm accuracy, I can't help but to wonder. I still lean toward Joey or Malik starting in 2019, with Nix redshirting, but I do think it will be very interesting to see the competition at QB in 2020. Of course, what I'd really love to see is Gatewood come in and set the world on fire after Stidham moves on, then go pro after 2020 and have Bo waiting in the wings as the heir apparent, but it's exceedingly nice to have all this talent at the most pivotal position.
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    He's not from Rhode Island. Rhode Island is from him.
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    I live in Austin, and I'll add my 2 cents. UT is recruiting well again under Tom Herman, but he is once again selling the future, not the present. And the Big 12 is a liability. Auburn has a bigger brand than you think. And the SEC is a big draw. Texas produces about 350 Division 1 football players every year, the most of any state, about 25 more than Florida. A&M successfully sells playing in the SEC. But there are a lot of people who just don't want to be Aggies all their life. If you don't waste time on players likely to go to UT or A&M, there are still a lot of players left. And Auburn has just as much or more to sell as the rest of the schools recruiting in Texas. Outside of Oklahoma and LSU, everyone is weak or has the same geographical disadvantage that we do. If you can get an athlete to take a visit, they will be impressed, and we'll have some success. However, if the question is the bandwidth of the coaches, then of course they will have a lower hit rate trying to drag kids from Texas. But targeting some areas of need will pay off if the coaches have the time.
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    Some viewer ratings were released for super-regional weekend. @auburnbaseball has it on Twitter. AU v FL on Monday was highest watched since 2009
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    Well he does coach out there so it makes sense why the talent is second rated. Bad bad coaching. Just pray he doesn't move to the southeast and bring that areas talent down as well.
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    Just so everyone knows the entire history he did not live with his dad who coaches in Mobile but rather lived with his mother in Jackson so dad didn’t have a lot of influence either way just so all facts are on table.
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    I wonder if Mikey is going to be busting Suddes’ balls about using gifs🤔....
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    And criminally underrated on here. He was just about as clutch on the defensive side of the ball as Nick Marshall was on offense. Need a game sealing sack?? Dee's your guy. He had a fantastic BCS title game too. I wish we got to see him and Lemonier together, I think Corey's presence would've tipped the scale just enough for us to be national champions in 2013. One more dependable pass rusher would've pretty sweet.
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    Travel baseball at the younger levels, 12 and under are so watered down it's like all stars essentially. Once you get to 15/16u then you are starting to see the "Super" teams get together which I have no problem with plus these kids aren't going to another school to play their school ball they just do it for the summer. IMG is a totally different beast all together. It's a sports factory whether it is football or basketball. To each their own. I can tell you one thing I wouldn't send my 16 year old off like that. College comes quick enough. Enjoy being a parent and letting them be kids as long as possible.
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    If true, then I'm going to enjoy this cycle. I realize this kid is really good, but I just can't lose sleep over any WR's whims until this offense makes some big changes in how it coaches and uses the position.
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    I'm glad we all feel good that players can transfer at will and play in meaningless bowl games for starters who don't want to play anymore without penalty but the important question is have they proposed a rule yet to make it illegal to run the same dive play 17 times in a row?
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