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    To be honest.... the coaches are the same all the time. All of the coaches are direct in the form of being truthful. It has been a family environment since day one. Its always a warm feeling when dealing with the coaches. Our funny story was my 1st time at Auburn. It was before the Clemson game. Coach G always greets his top recruits one by one. So they come tell us that Coach G wants to see Worm. We are standing waiting &. I notice that the guys taking us to Coach G are talking to Worm but are looking at me weird. So when its our turn to go in, the guy says, Im sorry ma’am whats your affiliation to Shaun.... Im like his mother lol.... so then I find out that everyone thought I was his girlfriend instead of his mom because they said I looked really young lol. I guess because most of the other recruits brought their gf so they thought Worm did too lmao I didnt have a pitch, I wasnt a fan of him playing running back at all. Until I realized he was extremely good at it. I like him on defense. He was always a hard hitter & his football IQ was through the roof. But I knew his size would hinder him at some point with some defense positions. I dont really know the specifics of the scandal. But I do know that our coaches develop a great relationship with the athletes & their families as far as I can see. If you dont make it at AU, it is clearly because you did not do your part. So Worm’s dream was always to play for the team located in Tuscaloosa but Saban wouldnt extend the offer because Worm isnt the typical size for his RB’s or to play for UM, that also wouldnt extend the offer because of his height. Then Worm got the offer from AU. It was exciting because I am a Dillard High School Alumni. If you know about DHS relationship with AU then you know that at one time DHS had a pipeline with AU in regards to athletes. So AU was holding a camp & wanted Worm to come. But we had just come off a week long college tour so I couldn’t afford to hit the road again but I was able to afford to send Worm. At the time he didnt want to go. So I talked him into letting me send him for one day to the camp, he didnt have to participate in the camp but I wanted him to see the school. He agreed & I sent him & didnt hear from him all day until he arrived back at the airport that night. He got in the car & said Ma Dukes (thats what he calls me lol) Im committing there. I was like oh no hell your not. You havent fully seen anywhere else yet. He said, Coach Malzahn said this isnt a place for knuckle heads & Im no knuckle head. It felt like home & I love it there. & from that pointhe fell in love & never changed his mind about AU. Plus he spent alot of my money by making me bring him to games. So he was going to be stuck going there even if he changed his mind. Plus Im not into committing & decommitting. I explained to him before he committed to AU. Dont committ unless you are sure because its not a good luck to keep changing your mind.
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    And just to piggy back....which I don't normally do this & I wont do this again, however I get sick and tired of people making it seem like Worm wasn't highly recruited by AU and that he is some kid that just committed to commit to AU because he had no where else to go. Worm held well over 25 offers from D-1 schools.... HE CHOSE AU! what people don't know is that Worm's offer came straight from Coach G...... Here's how Worm was recruited, Crime Dog was there at the time & saw Worm practicing. He like what he saw and instantly he hit Coach G up and told him about him. Coach G immediately looked him up and watched his film. Coach G called back and personally offered him, himself. if people are giving accurate stories that they get from the inside, so they say, they will know that EVERY coach on that team knows, Worm is known as Gus guy. That's the intel and that's why I ignore all ignorant comments when it relates to my son lol. Sometimes I feel like people disrespect the fact that he and Joey Gatewood were the longest recruits committed for this 2018 class and NEVER wavered. If nobody ever believed in Worm, Coach G did and he expressed that when he explained why he recruited him, which was because I liked how he played with a chip on his shoulder, wasn't afraid of anything and the knows the game of football.
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    I'll go out on a limb here and say Worn has twice as many carries this year as M. Miller this year. Told by at least 3 people that Worm has turned the coaches heads so far at practice.
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    I'm not God's gift to football--i do other stuff--from what I've heard/seen, the Dline is incredible, we will win several games on defense alone. I'm not worried about RB but I am concerned about WR. The O line I think will sort itself out, and I have super faith in Grimes (and almost none in Hand)
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    I'm going to speak as an AU fan, not his mother. I am very educated in football because I have had to be lol ( I have one more son) What people have to think about, he is not small, he is just short. That's 2 different things. His size is the size of an average player, look at his legs, They may be larger than the average football player. His height is the issue when it shouldn't be. He has impressed so many because they under estimate his power because of his height. When he is coming through that hole, if you stand there waiting on him, your season is over. I know this personally, I saw this happen a couple of times.. He actually looks faster than his high school football season that just ended some months ago. People learned early to stop saying he is too short, because he plays so big. He is the 2nd All time leading rusher out of Broward County. He is going to shock a lot of people. I saw practice Saturday before fan day and I was very impressed with the team as a whole. Its way different than what I say in the Spring!
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    Yeah they aren't looking to add a lot of weight on Worm. He just weighed in when Fall Camp started and they have him listed at 5'7 179 pounds (I saw the scale lol). I think the originally weight they wanted him to be was no bigger than 185-190 (is applicable) due to the fact that they want him to maintain that speed. We must remember that he had only 4 percent body fat coming into summer. The stronger he gets the faster he gets. He was born fast, so he can only get faster. He was #2 in the nation at the age of 7. So he wasnt trained to be fast. Its an athletic trait he was born with. He looks lean but he is bulky for a guy his height. His legs are whats more important because that's where his strength really lies.
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    The 1st team OL order today will be the one we start vs UW.
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    You have to love and admire Holly Rowe. She has been through so much and stays strong, positive, confident and busy!!
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    I just met @Momma Worm at Fan Day. My day is made!
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    Coach Tub could do that.
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    Looks like stretch is going to reclassify
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    Probably a little bit of both. How do I say this diplomatically...Grimes values toughness and likes grinders/meanness. Just my prediction from the "whispers."
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    My prayers are with you and your family. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and I am praying for you. I will checking in on you periodically to see how you are doing. Don't you give up, you keep fighting. I think everything is a test of faith. Thank you so much for your support. I am very proud of him & we are blessed to have people like you supporting us. God Bless you, much love #WarEagle
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    Thanks so much! Trust me I'll be around... I may not respond but I don't scare very easy. Trust me, I already know that people can be extreme critics at times. Ive been on this site since my son committed so its been almost 2yrs. I see the hurtful/ rude comments people say about my son. But I am aware that people think they are perfect and don't make mistakes..... Its the world we live in.... Ive learned that people are most definitely entitled to their opinions. I keep a spot available for that. People's opinions don't make or break me.... they are just what they are opinions. I am tougher than some men, on & off the surface. I just ignore a lot of things. Laughter keeps me looking younger!
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    He always wants exactly what you listed. Four on scholarship at all times and a few walkons to get beat up on the scout team as they prepare themselves for a career in coaching.
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    I, for one, can't believe anything I've read about a TE/big body guy in this offense. We had an NFL level talent and didn't use him properly.
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    If Sal could just make one big time catch in the early part of the season I believe we would see a different player out there. It seemed like the game day environment/experience got in his head a bit last season.
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    I don’t want to hear another fan/person say anything about AUburn being Tigers but cheering War Eagle. I mean, these guys are Rebel Black Bear Sharks for crying out loud!
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    And he thought RG was tough on him