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    I did not plan on doing one of these this week. I thought Mercer might make a game of it, but honestly didn't think the game would be worth trying to write about. But, since I didn't have electrical power to do one after the Clemson game, here's an abbreviated version of things I noticed during the Mercer game..... In the interest of full disclosure, I'm nowhere near a QB coach. But we are all justifiably interested in what's going on with Jarrett Stidham, and I'm no exception. Stidham throws a beautiful ball. But it's obviously taking too long much of the time. It's nearly impossible to watch the wide receivers on pass plays without access to the All 22 tape. I honestly can't tell if there are receivers open, what kind of routes are being run, etc. But yesterday, there were numerous times when an Auburn receiver was extremely wide open when Stidham threw to them. I had a couple of thoughts as the game went along, and they are unfortunately only guesses. 1. I suspect that Stidham has been coached to death on not turning the ball over. If we think back to Nick Marshall's first year at AU, he came in with a reputation for throwing interceptions in junior college. Gus Malzahn drilled that out of him, to the point Marshall was prone to pull the ball down and use his considerable running ability more often than he probably had to. 2. The receivers are not running precise routes. I base that supposition on input I got from a former Auburn WR who told me last week, "those guys wouldn't know a precise route if it hit 'em in the face". I don't know if that's true, but for whatever reason, it's often taking an inordinate amount of time for the ball to leave Stidham's hand. Dropped passes continue to be a problem. Stidham has the accuracy to throw the ball into very tight windows, but sometimes that requires a little extra juice on the ball. Our wide receivers have dropped enough balls this season that it looks to me like Stidham is taking something off the ball much of the time. The Stidham interception was, in my opinion, on Nate Craig-Myers. NCM gave up on the ball and allowed the defender to go around him on a slant route, which has got to be hard to actually do. Auburn's offensive line was "average" in the game, which I'd translate to "poor", given the difference in talent and depth between AU and Mercer. Mercer's defensive linemen won around half the individual battles up front, and that's inexcusable for Auburn to let happen. I guess the good news is that after giving up 11 sacks to Clemson last week, we only gave up one to Mercer. That puts us at an average of 5 per game for the season. I think we actually saw the "Chip Lindsey Offense" this week. Can't be sure, of course, but the numbers indicate that Lindsey was heavily involved in calling the game. For example, Auburn threw the ball on first down 16 times, and ran it 18 times. Unfortunately, of the 18 run plays, Kamryn Pettway carried the ball on 17. That seems a little overly predictable, and leads me to believe Lindsey was pretty conservative, whatever the reason. I've been curious to see what Herb Hand's plan was for an injury to a starting offensive lineman. When Darius James went down, Casey Dunn came in at center, and Austin Golson moved to right tackle. No way to know if that same plan will apply if a starter at another OL position is injured, but I suspect that would be a good bet, since Golson can play pretty much any position. The Auburn turnovers, led by the wide receiver group, were pretty much all about ball security. Lack of discipline, and lack of attention to detail. I didn't see a single "he put his hat on the ball" type situation where a fumble is virtually unavoidable. I don't try to keep stats, but I'd be surprised if Auburn's running game on a per-play basis is not worse than last year. The offensive line, with the occasional exception of Braden Smith, is not moving defenders off the line of scrimmage, and Kamryn Pettway is slow enough to the hole that "overhang" defenders are able to collapse down and make tackles in the B gap. Stephen Roberts appeared to have another very strong game at safety. I was a little disappointed in the Auburn corners, going against a freshman quarterback and "decent" receivers. We will certainly see better passing games than Mercer brought to Auburn, possibly as early as this week vs Mizzou. The Auburn defensive line, the heart of our defense, was "good, not great" in this one, failing to generate a single sack. Speaking of sacks, Mercer got their lone sack via a delayed blitz, with every blocker occupied and no one to pick up the extra rusher in the middle. I'm not sure what, if anything, is going on with the AU passing game and "hot receivers", but that part of the game needs work. Not sure what is going on with Chandler Cox in terms of offensive utilization. Cox came out of high school with a reputation as an excellent receiver, and I may have forgotten, but I don't recall him being targeted a single time this season. Speaking of "offensive utilization", I'm curious about what is going on with the Auburn running backs. I have no dog in the fight, but I thought Kam Martin did pretty well in the opening game. I thought Devan Barrett was very close to breaking a couple of big plays this week, if he'd learn to pick his feet up. I don't understand why we are running the offense as if Pettway is the only running back on the roster. Whether it's his ankle, or something else, he looks slower to the hole than last year. Regardless, a change of pace in terms of speed/quickness would seem like a good thing now and then. The turnovers had a huge impact on the score in the game, but in the "hidden yardage" category, so did special teams. Roberts looked good on punt returns, but the unit as a whole is not generating explosive plays to give the offense a short field, and that has a major impact on points scored. War Eagle!
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    Good morning/afternoon all, I was going to write this post yesterday, however, I was instead writing my will as I felt like I was dying from food poisoning from one of my favorite restaurants in Auburn. I was at the game on Saturday to its entirety and thought I could provide some insight that was not shown on TV. I will apologize it I repeat anything that has been said already, I just was not able to even look at my phone yesterday. Darius James: Can I first state that I am really glad that young man is okay. For about 30 minutes everyone was just silent. I could not even figure out who it was. When I saw the stretcher and the neck brace, all I could think about was Kris Frost in 2014, and Zac Etheridge in 2009. MAJOR KUDOS to Mercer. Every single player of their got down on one knee, and about 90% of their players came on the the field near him and kneeled. I was happily surprised to see that and could not be more thankful for how respectful they were. The score: I know people are not happy with the score yesterday, but we actually played better than those think. If it were not for those turnovers, we would have had a score of 40+ points. Mentality: I think this goes hand in hand with the score. I could tell none of the players wanted to be there. During Tiger Walk, no one was pumped up, including Deshaun Davis and Tre Williams. On the sidelines no one was really talking. After a big play, no one was pumped up. Everyone also looked sluggish. I believe this was due to the 3:00 PM time slot, and the temperature/humidity. The fans were the same way. No one ever stood up, except when military personnel were recognized. Even when it was a one score game, I think our players knew we would win anyways, so they put in just enough effort to win. None of this is excusable, but my interpretations nonetheless. I do not expect this demeanor for Mississippi State. Gus Malzahn: Gus made a point this game to show everyone he was not interfering with Chip Lindsey. When we were on offense, he was always 20-30 yards from the line of scrimmage, and did not have his clipboard. He also had his mic flipped up for most of the game. And it showed. Our offense threw the ball like crazy. Stidham: Jarrett looked a lot calmer in this game. His vision was narrowed a few times, but he is becoming every game more and more the guy we knew he could be. That game was the second most efficient game in SEC history. Auburn did that. Wow. Sean White: I hate to see him spiraling out of control like this. I really liked him. I have a feeling this is lashing out over losing his starting job. I really hope he gets help because he is a talented quarterback. I will applaud Gus for dong the right thing. Like him or hate him, Gus really has come in and cleaned things up. He does not care how important you are to the team, if you break the rules you are gone. Defense: Man is it fun to watch a good Auburn defense. Our true freshmen played pretty well. I noticed we started playing third stringers/true freshmen on the third drive of the game. This can only help our depth. The only thing I would say, was I was hoping to see KJ Britt play in place of Dashaun Davis as I could see him limping on the sideline. We need him healthy for SEC play. I feel confident that from here on out under Steele we can "reload," not "rebuild." We need to pay our defensive staff whatever it takes to keep them. Around the country: Every other team is struggling it seems, with the exception of Clemson. Alabama showed it weaknesses, LSU's floodgates opened, etc. We are looking better and better with how we handled Clemson on their field. I would love play them again down the road when our offense is squared away. This forum: I have noticed lately that discussions on this forum have really escalated. Many from new posters on here, but some older posters too. Remember we are all on the same team. We all root for Auburn, and want to see those Oaks rolled. If someone disagrees with you, your first response does not need to attack their integrity and go on the offensive. That only makes them respond the same way. I am not perfect, but I try to set the example in how to respond to people who disagree with me. Disagreements are good. Maybe you see something I missed, and vice versa. We are in a unique position with everything going on. I believe in what 23 said in that we can really do something special down the stretch of our season. Defense is there, and our offense is making improvements. I know I am a noted pumper on here, and many may disagree, but it is just how I feel.
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    Sorry, but this is a dumb article as far as it relates to Sean White. So it is Gus's fault that we signed a better QB than Sean White and it apparently is Gus's fault that Sean White has substance abuse issues.
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    After watching most of their game last week vs Purdue .... some thoughts..... QB Drew Lock, talented and experienced as he is, seems to be a little out of sync with his receivers. I understand they had some critical drops in their first two games, and that may well have thrown off the rhythm of their passing game. Lock is experienced enough that he doesn't take many sacks, throwing the ball away when appropriate. Like all big-arm quarterbacks, though, he sometimes tries to force the ball into a window too small to fit. Can you spell I-N-T? Their top running back has struggled in the early season with an injury. Although he's played, he hasn't been nearly as effective as expected. Not sure when he's supposed to be fully healthy, but I can't think of any injury that "just gets better" when you're grinding on it every week. With the notable exception of DT Terry Beckner, Jr. (whom AU recruited hard out of high school), the DL has been disappointing to date. The Mizzou version of Tigers has been running a good bit of 3-3-5 defense, and that seems to have been the most effective alignment for them. They've also gone to a nickel and a dime alignment fairly often, but they've been most successful when they have three linebackers on the field. There has been quite a bit of searching in the secondary, both safeties and corners, for "the right combination." So far, the result has been inconsistency, as a half-dozen players are still contending for "starting" positions on the back end. The Mizzou punter is as good as I've seen in quite a while. I think he's averaging around 49 yards, but he has hit a 65-yarder and a 70-yarder in the last two games. A genuine field-flipper. I get the "sense" that a big part of Mizzou's struggles with their thought-to-be high-powered passing game can be attributed to their inability to establish a run game. If the AU defense continues their stellar play vs the run, those struggles should continue. Beckner lined up a few times as a zero-technique last week. In the event Darius James does not play, and Austin Golson is at right tackle, the matchup between Beckner and backup center Casey Dunn may be one to watch. From the little I've seen of Dunn, I believe he is up to the task. The "book" on Mizzou this year says the most effective place to run on their defense is outside the tackles. "If you can get 'em going sideways, you can make big plays". It will be interesting to see if Auburn's plan is to take the ball outside this week and work the perimeter run game, or if Malzahn insists on running the IZ over and over against a 3-3 box. Purdue averaged 4.1 yards on runs between the tackles, and 5.3 on runs outside. Not relative to the Mizzou game, but if AU can get the offense untracked this week, next week's Miss State game could be a great opportunity for AU to cash some chips. Mullen and Co. will have played consecutive games against LSU and UGA (on the road at that), and should have shown virtually all of their "best stuff". AU just needs to focus on continuing to improve this week, and good things can happen.
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    As frustrated as Auburn fans have become with Gus Malzahn over the past few seasons, we should separate the issues Auburn currently has now to those that have been constant issues from 2014-2016. In all fairness to the coaching staff in 2017: 1) Auburn has installed a new passing game into the offense, and they are still working through the kinks of this adjustment. This is SEPARATE from the passing issues Auburn has experienced in the past. Regardless of the status of the pass-offense before 2017, Auburn would still be working through the adjustments they are experiencing now. New passing schemes and starting a quarterback who hasn't played in almost two years has made it a slow start. Bottom line, passing issues in 2017 have nothing to do with passing issues Auburn had prior to this season. 2) The change to more zone blocking this season has been the greatest issue on offense this season. Changing to zone blocking and to be effective at it, takes some time for everyone involved to adjust. Added to this issue is two new starters in the lineup having to learn the new blocking concepts as well as gaining experience on the field as a regular. Zone blocking schemes also effect how the RB's play within zone blocking concepts. Kamryn Pettway and company now have to wait for running lanes to open up, whereas, in the past, there was a designated hole to run through based on "man" concepts. Again, this is another phase the offense must work through this season, which has nothing to do with how the offense performed from late 2014 to the conclusion of 2016. Even if the offense were hitting on all eight cylinders prior to 2017, Auburn would still be working through the OL adjustments made for 2017. There are certainly offensive issues needed to be addressed this season, which has carried over from 2016. To the staff's credit, they have addressed the running on 1st down 80% of the time this season. Auburn is no longer as predictable on 1st down as they once were. The continuing issues from past seasons are the use of personnel or the lack of. Auburn has players capable of making plays, but Gus Malzahn has been stubborn about putting them on the field for meaningful snaps, which is primarily the RB position. The use of the other RB's on the roster would require schematic changes on how Auburn runs the football. This would limit the constant inside plays Auburn has become dependant upon when utilizing Kamryn Pettway. On the other hand, the regular rotation of 6-8 WR's every game has been too much, IMO. I think this should be cut down to 4-5 so that Jarrett Stidham can build a relationship and trust with his "primary" receivers. It would be nice for Coach Malzahn to revisit his playbook from 2009 when Auburn utilized motion and shifts prior to the snap. Some of the plays dialed up that season often created space for playmakers to make plays. Dusting off some of those plays from eight years ago could easily be installed. If the passing adjustments and OL issues can be fixed, I believe we will see this offense looking like a more well-oiled machine. How the coaching staff elects to play their RB's and WR's moving forward remains to be seen. This is not to give Malzahn a pass for previous failures and struggles. I don't think he survives another 5-loss season and his past efforts will certainly come back to haunt him should it happen (another 5-loss season). My point is that the current offensive woes are not a carry over from 2016. Some of the current issues are typical growing pains when changes and adjustments are made to the design of the offense. The offense could take another step in progressing on the road in conference play against Missouri. No doubt the offense has stumbled coming off the line but nothing is written in stone, they cannot improve as the season progresses. If you have written off Gus Malzahn, you still have to wait for season's end for a possible change to be made. If anything, the players have an opportunity to improve and for the offense to contribute to a good season. I vote to support the players and hope they make the best of their opportunity to do so. The 1994 and 2002 Auburn offenses struggled early but improved as the season wore on. Here is to beating Missouri tonight and to building confidence moving forward! Auburn 27 Missouri 10 War Eagle!
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    My question is how many crybaby fans can one program possibly have. How ridiculous do you think you sound bashing a coach and wanting him fired after two games of a season with 10 to go? If he goes " Chizik 2012" it will happen the morning after the iron bowl. But he might go 2013 all over again. Drink a beer or twelve, hope for the best and live with what happens. But for gods sake quit whining. It's more embarrassing to me than the offense vs Clemson.
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    It can't be stated enough that: Lack of playing time + New Position (One that it's clear he probably didn't want to play.) + New DC in a different defensive scheme. (People will say it's the same, but it's really not. Especially with minor things like alignments and whatnot that are big on the DL) + Personal Family Issues = Transfer.... ------------------------------------------ No player should get roasted or criticized for a decision to transfer, because for many who have never played in college, it's hard to fathom that FINITE period of eligibility and how quickly it goes. Especially when you're banking a LARGE chunk of your future on your sport. For a kid who is raised by his mom, probably in less than ideal circumstances, the dream is to one day be able to make that money and buy your mom a nice car, put her in a house, etc.... Student Athletes want to compete and be successful more than they care about the school they're going to. I know this is hard for many fans to understand, but it's the truth. College Athletes have a mercenary mentality as is needed. Yes, it's possible to enjoy and love your school, but love for school will NEVER override opportunity for personal success except for in rare circumstances. Different players develop under different tutelages... I know Coach Garner (He was one of the main coaches who was pushing hard to get me on the team when I first showed up in the field house the whole time. And still talked to me long after my eligibility ran dry.), he's a great coach, but just because Cowart didn't develop under him, doesn't mean he won't develop under another coaching style and system. Also, he wanted and STILL wants to play edge, not DT.... That's a BIG part of it.
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    Coaches can't babysit these kids 24/7. Sorry but you're an idiot if you try to blame this on the coaches.
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    I have never thought it was all about a certain win total. Face it, much of your record is dependent on who you are playing and, in my opinion, we play one of the toughest schedules in America year in and year out. What I expect to see is a well coached and well prepared team. Looking back, the culture of our defense was terrible 3 years ago. Our offense went over to Tuscaloosa and set all sorts of records on a Nick Saban defense but our defense was so horrible they couldn't get a single stop and we lost the game. So Gus brings in Boom the next year and the whole culture of the defense was changed. Then he brings in Steele when Boom gets the HC job and our defense is now championship level. At the same time the offense regressed to be the worst we have seen since the Nallsminger fiasco. This was mostly blamed on Gus meddling in the play calling. The supposed offensive genius was now an idiot. The DC's in the SEC had figured him out. QB development was non-existent. The 20016 offense was rolling till Sean was hurt but it went totally in the toilet when he went out because the backup plan was a joke. Great defensive efforts against GA and Bammer were wasted because of the inept offense. So out goes Lashlee and in comes Lindsey with the new QB recruit who throws the beautiful passes. But the thing is the culture of the rest of the offense hasn't changed. The OL is the worst we have seen in years despite having a bunch of guys with a lot of experience and depth most coaches would kill for. Not only could they not block Clemson they couldn't even push GA Southern and Mercer around. The WR corps is horrible despite having the top ranked recruiting class two years ago that should be coming into its own right now. A 165 lb walk on is the best receiver we have. The coaching for those two groups is unbelievably bad for a supposed top level SEC team. When most HC's bring in a new OC they allow him to choose the position coaches, but not Gus. He brought in Lindsey but dictated the position coaches and thereby missed the opportunity to change the culture. It is very likely going to get him booted at the end of this season unless there are some dramatic changes in attitude in the OL and WR groups. The OL looks soft and WR group just appears to be lackadaisical in running their routes and catching and hanging on to the ball. IMHO they need to be back at practice with all positions in those two groups opened back up and going against the #1 defense every day till they find out who wants to play. Of course, you run the risk of injury when you do that but I would much rather see guys hurt during the week than see lack of effort on Saturday. As Bear used to say a lesser talented player giving 100% on every play will beat a more talented player giving 80% every time and if someone was going to quit on him he wanted them quitting during the week not quitting on Saturday. I still believe Gus can pull this out but he is going to have to get mean to do it. He and his assistants on offense are going to have to change their attitude if they are going to change the attitude of those two critical position groups. A real coach would have been all over those guys after what we saw Saturday yet he comes out with the same old tired excuses we have seen the past 4 years. He needs to take some lessons from Saban. Go on a rant. Get in guys faces when they start wallowing around instead of playing like we expect. Put some of those guys with all the talent who are out there just going through the motions on the bench and bring in some guys who are going to give 100% every play. That is what I want to see, a fired up and well prepared bunch of guys on offense to match the fired up and well prepared bunch of guys on the defense.
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    @corchjay, if we are 9-3 with losses to Clemson, UGA, and Bama, do you keep him? To me, the issue is not being prepared for games, poor separation of coaching responsibilities, and most importanty, the inability to evolve year in and year out and the inability to adjust real time during games. I believe, with the talent that has been assembled, we should be in each game with a chance at the end. So far it doesn't feel like we have been put in positions to win.
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    Game #3 Statistical Evaluation (Mercer Game) Offensive Report Card 01) Avg 6-yards per play on 1st down: [7.23] pass 02) Convert at least 40% of 3rd downs: [70.6%] pass 03) Avg at least 4.5 yards per rush: [3.39] fail 04) Score on at least 1/3 of possessions: [33.3%] pass 05) Keep 3 and out series under 33%: [8.3%] pass 06) Average 8.0 yards per pass attempt: [9.84 yds] pass 07) Score at least 75% inside red zone: [66.6%] fail 08) TD red zone above 60%: [50.0%] fail 09) Avg at least 30-yards per possession: [42.5 yds] pass 10) 40% of offensive snaps part of scoring drives: [40.0%] pass 11) TD / Turnover ratio above 1.6: [3/4] fail 12) TD ratio of at least 1 every 17 snaps: [26.7] fail 13) At least 8 impact plays: [10] pass 14) At least 2 big plays: [2] pass 15) Pass rating of at least 126.3: [163.7] pass *Minus 1 point due to four offensive turnovers Score: 9 of 15 (60.0%) Pass Defensive Report Card: 01) Avg under 6-yards per play on 1st down: [2.30] pass 02) Convert below 35% of 3rd downs: [33.3%] pass 03) Avg at least 4.0 yards per rush or less: [2.86] pass 04) Score 1/3 of possessions or below: [15.4%] pass 05) Keep 3 and out series above 33%: [46.2%%] pass 06) Average below 7.5 yards per pass attempt: [4.56 yds] pass 07) Score below 75% inside red zone: [100.0%] fail 08) TD red zone below 60%: [50.0%] pass 09) Avg under 30-yards per possession: [18.9 yds] pass 10) Less than 40% of offensive snaps part of scoring drives: [22.4%] pass 11) TD / Turnover ratio below 1.6: [1 /0] pass 12) TD ratio of at least 1 every 30 snaps: [67.0] pass 13) Less than 8 impact plays: [2] pass 14) No more than 2 big plays allowed: [0] pass 15) Pass rating below 125.0: [100.8] pass Score: 14 of 15 (93.3%) Pass Special Teams Report Card: 1) Punt Average (Above 41.3): [36.5] fail 2) Punt Return Defense (Below 7.8 YPR): [0.0] pass 3) Punt Return Offense (Above 9.8 YPR): [9.4] fail 4) Kick-Return Defense (Below 21.2 YPR): [0.0] pass 5) Kick-Return Offense (Above 22.3 YPR): [8.0] fail 6) PAT’s (100%): [3 / 3] pass 7) FG Pct (75% or above): [50.0%] fail Score: 3 of 7 (42.9%) Fail * 50% is a passing score. The Auburn offensive line continued to struggle, failing to overpower an FCS defensive front. Though Auburn threw the ball 48.6 percent of the time on first down, the Tigers failed to show any motion or shifts until midway in the final period. Take away Kamryn Pettway's long gain of 22-yards, and he averaged 3.2 yards per carry on his remaining 33 attempts. Saturday was a prime opportunity to allow other running backs to gain valuable playing time but Pettway was tasked to carry every snap from the running back position. Turnovers killed the offense, wasting 25 snaps that resulted in 174-yards. Three of the offensive miscues occurred inside the Mercer 30-yard line, thwarting three potential scoring drives. Jarrett Stidham played his best game of the season, establishing a new school record. Stidham completed 86.5 percent of his 37 attempts, setting the record for the highest completion percentage with at least 35 pass attempts during a game. The defense had a few missed assignments during the game but played well for the most part. Once again Kevin Steele was able to substitute a high number of players, which will continue to improve Auburn's depth. There was a notable drop off up front with Marlon Davidson out of the lineup. Eight different Tigers were involved in a tackle for loss, and nine different defensive linemen were involved in at least one tackle. As well as the defense has performed through three games, the lack of forced turnovers continues to be a concern. Auburn is currently averaging a forced-turnover every 63.3 snaps defended, the worst ratio by an Auburn defense the last 35 seasons. The defense has allowed only 3.2 yards per play on first down, the best average allowed since 1992. The Tigers are forcing a "3 & out" during 55.3 percent of the possessions defended, the best percentage during the last 25 years. Special teams finished with a failing grade, for the first time since playing Wisconsin during the 2014 season. Through three games, the defense has carried the team, recording an impressive 91.1 percent for the season. Special teams are second at 60.0 percent, and the offense is currently 51.1 percent. Auburn has faced 26 FCS schools from 1992-2017 and the 24 points scored was the second-fewest points scored during the 26 games. Efficiency wise, Auburn's performance against Mercer was the 14th best against an FCS program. The turnovers and lack of scoring dropped their efficiency rating. Regarding yards per play, Auburn's performance was 17th best during the last 26 FCS games. Auburn's 3.4 yards per rush was the 24th best rushing average during the last 26 FCS games. War Eagle!
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    I'm not sure why we continued to run IZ against their alignment, they were giving us the edge all night. However, we rarely called designated outside runs except the jet sweeps. If we had called a buck sweep with KMart, he would've scored almost every time. KMart needs to consistently be a part of this offense. I agree that we should've worked on our RZ game. Wildcat is not the answer against MSU, LSU, UGA, or UA. Fades, rubs, China, slant, digs need to be a part of our RZ arsenal Our passing was better, but routes were still long developing and would've been exposed against a pass rush. Our tree still seems limited to post, and deep outs. I'm not confident in us being able to get 5 yards on 3rd and 4 passing the ball like Clemson does with Renfrow.
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    WAR DAMN KEVIN STEELE!!!! I was so so SOOO very wrong about you. I was not impressed with the hire and was down on it. So glad you have shut me and a lot of other people up and are playing some of the best defense since the middle of the Tubs era.
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    Just because he's not on the team anymore doesn't mean you get to slander BC's name. He says he has no ill will to our staff and would still choose us over UF. Stop talking down on a kid for doing what he thought was right for he and his mom. Makes the fanbase look bad.
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    Game #4 Statistical Evaluation (Missouri Game) Offensive Report Card 01) Avg 6-yards per play on 1st down: [9.72] pass 02) Convert at least 40% of 3rd downs: [46.7%] pass 03) Avg at least 4.5 yards per rush: [4.96] pass 04) Score on at least 1/3 of possessions: [64.3%] pass 05) Keep 3 and out series under 33%: [0.0%] pass 06) Average 8.0 yards per pass attempt: [10.4 yds] pass 07) Score at least 75% inside red zone: [100.0%] pass 08) TD red zone above 60%: [100.0%] pass 09) Avg at least 30-yards per possession: [34.4 yds] pass 10) 40% of offensive snaps part of scoring drives: [60.8%] pass 11) TD / Turnover ratio above 1.6: [6/0] pass 12) TD ratio of at least 1 every 17 snaps: [12.3] pass 13) At least 8 impact plays: [6] fail 14) At least 2 big plays: [5] pass 15) Pass rating of at least 126.3: [179.5] pass Score: 14 of 15 (93.3%) Pass Defensive Report Card: 01) Avg under 6-yards per play on 1st down: [5.03] pass 02) Convert below 35% of 3rd downs: [30.8%] pass 03) Avg at least 4.0 yards per rush or less: [4.00] pass 04) Score 1/3 of possessions or below: [15.4%] pass 05) Keep 3 and out series above 33%: [30.8%] fail 06) Average below 7.5 yards per pass attempt: [5.54 yds] pass 07) Score below 75% inside red zone: [100.0%] fail 08) TD red zone below 60%: [100.0%] fail 09) Avg under 30-yards per possession: [26.1 yds] pass 10) Less than 40% of offensive snaps part of scoring drives: [18.6%] pass 11) TD / Turnover ratio below 1.6: [2/3] pass 12) TD ratio of at least 1 every 30 snaps: [35.0] pass 13) Less than 8 impact plays: [6] pass 14) No more than 2 big plays allowed: [0] pass 15) Pass rating below 125.0: [117.3] pass Score: 12 of 15 (80.0%) Pass Special Teams Report Card: 1) Punt Average (Above 41.3): [39.3] fail 2) Punt Return Defense (Below 7.8 YPR): [0.0] pass 3) Punt Return Offense (Above 9.8 YPR): [1.0] fail 4) Kick-Return Defense (Below 21.2 YPR): [21.0] pass 5) Kick-Return Offense (Above 22.3 YPR): [21.0] fail 6) PAT’s (100%): [6 / 6] pass 7) FG Pct (75% or above): [100.0%] pass Score: 4 of 7 (57.1%) Pass * 50% is a passing score. It was a night of big plays for the Auburn offense with five snaps of 74 accounting for half of Auburn's total yardage. Without the big plays, Auburn averaged 3.5 yards per offensive snap on their remaining 69 offensive snaps. Jarrett Stidham came into the game, completing only 1 of 10 passes thrown beyond 20-yards of the line of scrimmage. He was 3 of 4 throwing deep against the Missouri defense. Auburn primarily threw short and took an occasional deep shot with Stidham on the field. Of his 17 pass attempts, seven were within 5-yards of the line of scrimmage, leaving only three attempts in the intermediate range. Auburn did not attack the perimeter much in the running game, but when they did, it accounted for 43 percent of Auburn's 263-yards on the ground. The starting defense played well, allowing only one scoring drive and 179-yards during nine possessions defended. The starting defense forced two turnovers and had four "3 & out" series before they gave way to the backups. Nearly half the yardage allowed to Mizzu came with Auburn's starting defense sitting on the bench. Auburn finished with six tackles for loss, while the Auburn offense gave up only three for the night. The first-team defense allowed 19.9 yards per possession, while the reserves allowed 38.7 yards. Auburn's starters on defense allowed 2.4 yards per play on first down, and the reserves surrendered 9.2 yards per snap. Last season through four games, the Auburn defense allowed 12 plays of 30-yards or more. This season through 4 games, the Tigers have allowed only one such play, No. 1 in the country. Auburn had another opportunity to play their reserves tonight, especially on the offensive side of the football. Malik Willis played for the first time this season, and we witnessed some of the athletic skills the coaches have spoken of in practice. He clearly possesses great lateral movement but needs to adjust to the collegiate game. Those type of moves on one given play will not work as it did in high school. He attempted five passes tonight but what would have been his first collegiate touchdown pass was called back on a penalty. Leading 51-7 late in the game, Gus Malzahn was likely reluctant in throwing vertically downfield. Considering how the coaching staff played JFIII last season, Willis was fortunate to receive the reps he did in the passing game. It will be interesting to see if Willis will be utilized inside the red zone and short-yardage situations somewhere later this season. It was a much-needed victory and enough big plays for the Auburn offense to gain some confidence moving forward. This was a bad Missouri team, a shell of the last Mizzu team Auburn faced four years ago. Regardless of the level of competition, the team performed better on the road against a better opponent (Mercer) than they faced at home last Saturday. Auburn was never going to repair everything in one week, but a 37-point victory on the road was a good start. Looking back at the last 40-years of Auburn football, tonight's road victory was the third highest margin of victory over a SEC team on the road with a win percentage under 40 percent. The previous bests were 1978 Vanderbilt (49-7) and 2003 Vanderbilt (45-7). The team was better prepared to compete tonight than last week and the players executed much better as well. War Eagle!
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    Sean has ruined his arm/shoulder giving it everything he had for Auburn last year, to not have his back is mind numbingly stupid to me.
  18. 11 points
    Stop melting please. Look I am not happy about the score yesterday at all or the turnovers. There is some facts some people are ignoring. We ran Chip offense and executed very well except for turnovers. Stidham threw for 370 when was last time we had a qb throw for that many yards? I really don't know. If we don't turn ball overy we score 5p plus and win by 30 plus. Kam Pettway shouldn't have been used that much but he is a back who the more he gets hit the better he gets. Last year he took all the beating in spring and fall camp this year he has hardly been hit except for in games. We have the best defense in the his the SEC. We need to find a 3rd back but I expect Kerryon back by Mississippi state. Any doubters to just how good Clemson defense and offense is did you watch the game last night Clemson is the best team in the country rn. We shut their offense down basically except for a few 50/50 balls they got. Their defense shut the reigning heisman winner down until 4th quarter when they were up big and basically playing soft defensively. Undefeated until Iron Bowl.
  19. 11 points
    To be fair, Gus hasn't played him against Missouri yet.
  20. 11 points
    Some of you may recognize me as someone that posted several years ago, that suddenly disappeared. I left the forum because I found myself at odds with the opinions of the majority on this site a few years ago, and, rather than being part of a supportive fan base, I found myself feeling like an outsider. Though I stopped posting, I continued to read. That said, recent events have prompted me to feel the need to voice my opinion about what I have seen. What I am posting will be long, but will have multiple points. First, I should start by saying I was one of Gus's earliest and strongest critics (the topic that I found myself being an outsider on). Yet, despite the fact that I agree with many of you on Malzahn's incompetence, I think we need to pump the breaks on panic mode... Travel back in time with me to a happier period in Auburn football history.... Leaving the 2010 season, most of us felt like we were on an unstoppable high from winning the national championship. I was a student at the time, and that season gave me memories I will never forget. In 2011 though, things changed. Our defense continued to struggle. Our offense seemed to be failing to find its rhythm. It was in that season that I stepped off the Gus bus. The criticism I remember constantly hearing that year was that Chizik was handcuffing Gus Malzahn, and not allowing him to run his offense. But I had a different perspective. Over the course of the 2011 season, I began feeling like Chizik may have been slowing down the tempo, but thought that Gus Malzahn had MORE control over what plays were called. The epitome of this was a play against some throw away team (e.g. La Monroe) where we rolled out on 4th and 1 for a pass with Trotter instead of just handing off for a first down. Gus seemed to be overthinking every key play, and putting Trotter/Mosely in bad positions to win (i.e., 1st down-handoff, 2nd down-handoff, 3rd down- dropback pass). At the end of 2011, most people were upset that Gus was leaving. Personally, I was happy to see him go. I felt that he created an innovative scheme, but had no idea how to make adjustments to that scheme. I also felt like our quarterbacks (except for maybe Cam) had digressed under his instruction. Furthermore, with a lot of youth on defense and not a lot of depth, I felt that the uptempo offense contributed to Ted Roof's struggles while at Auburn. While Loeffler was a bust, I felt like Chizik went after the right TYPE of coordinator. Loeffler had a good history with quarterbacks, and CLAIMED to run a versatile offense that played to the skill of his players. I remember getting excited when players were saying that we used some up tempo, but mostly huddled, and I also remember hearing about the use of multiple formations including the pistol formation, which I don't think we ever actually saw on the field during that season. To this day, I think Chizik made the right decision to replace Gus, and I think his logic was sound to go after a guy like Loeffler. Unfortunately, Loeffler was a bust. After the conclusion of 2012, I felt that 4 groups/people were to blame for our problems, yet it seemed that everyone was emphasizing two of them as the key to our struggles. Everyone was fine criticizing Chizik. Rightfully so. After all, the buck stops with the head coach. Chizik should have been able to spot that Loeffler was incompetent, and should have ensured that he controlled his team. Everyone was criticizing Loeffler. If not for the bad offense, 2012 may have gone significantly better than it did. Some people criticized the athletic administration, mainly Tim Jackson, for being overly involved (and at one point taking over) player discipline for the football team. However, NOBODY was blaming Gus Malzahn. Yet it was Gus Malzahn that used overly simple passing routes, which likely left our receivers confused in Loeffler's offense. Yet it was Gus Malzahn that left is with a bare cabinet at quarterback. Yet it was Gus Malzahn that, in my opinion, ruined Kiehl Frazier. So, in 2013, I felt like we made a horrible decision to hire Malzahn. Yet, after 2013, I completely forgot about my feelings and put a foot on the Gus Bus, only to be disappointed less than a year later after our late season collapse. Ultimately, I have always thought that Gus Malzahn was a flop. I never cared for his offensive philosophy, and never thought he'd make a good head coach. However, my biggest criticism is that I think he is a slow learner. He fails to make adjustments quickly. Yet, I'm calling for all of us to slow down on the criticism. Did we look bad last week? Yes. Absolutely. Did we fail to score a reasonable number of points against an inferior opponent? Yes. Absolutely. Was that game embarrassing? Yes. Absolutely. However, one important thing did happen last week that I see as an essential turning point. Again, lets back up... In 2013, Gus hired Ellis Johnson. In the long run, his 4-2-5 ended up being a joke. A lot of people thought he should have been let go sooner than he was. Yet, Gus did let him go, and went after a coordinator that differed from his philosophy. Over a three year period, Muschamp/Steele have improved the defense into an elite defense. Last Saturday, while we were all complaining about the foolish errors, I saw Gus Malzahn make a similar move. For the first time in his career, he legitimately handed the offense off to someone else. To me, last night looked like a season opening game. Things were a little sloppy. Small errors were made. Adjustments are needed moving forward. However, if Lindsay is now in control of the offense, I think we may finally see an offense develop into its potential. So I'm calling for everyone to relax and give it another 1-2 weeks. Come the Moo State game, if we still look lost, let's hit the panic button. Until that time, let's see if Chip Lindsay can turn it around. I look forward to your thoughts, but want to let you know that I will not reply to your comments. Best, AUFriction
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    I had a DC I worked under tell me once, "Discipline doesn't necessarily mean punishing someone, it means instilling what is right and wrong. That is much easier accomplished with them on the team, surrounded by support and accountability."
  23. 11 points
    Sunshine pumping at its finest. This Auburn team shouldn't be ranked right now. This team is unfocused, undisciplined, and shows a tremendous lack of leadership. It can't even get a push on the line against an FCS team. This team will be lucky to go 6-6 and make it to a bowl game.
  24. 10 points
    Well I do something similar, I follow guys we passed on. Zach Cunningham was better than any linebacker we had on roster, we passed on Lamar Jackson but took a chance with jf3. I don't know what happened with jarrad Davis but how crazy is it him and Cunningham could've been here on the same team? We waited until the very last minute to offer jalen Ramsey and he had interest in us but it wasn't reciprocated at first....I don't know what the hell we were doing this past year at safety and we're going to feel that. I know everybody misses but we are doing it too bad, as far as guys right there in our lap that we're not closing on. Like how everybody made it not a big deal we didn't get Bentley....that stuff hurts. Actually the guys we let get away from the auburn/Opelika area hurts every single time whether we like it or not. But when we lose players like Tim Irvin and roc Thomas we try to convince ourselves that it's not a big deal......
  25. 10 points
    No they are not . We have not played like a top ten team. Stop with this nonsense . I support AU and the boys but they are going to have to earn their respect . Talent and potential is one thing. Going out there and getting it done is another.
  26. 10 points
    I am more than willing to criticize Gus when he deserves it. The asinine play calling vs Clemson for instance - totally deserved. But today Auburn came out throwing and didn't rest on the running game. Stidham was efficient. The WRs made some nice catches. The short and intermediate passing game was worked on. But there were 5 turnovers - four fumbles and one INT that I think NCM probably should have worked harder to prevent. And though there weren't a ton of penalties, the ones that happened came at the worst moments. If Auburn was a consistently undisciplined team that committed lots of turnovers and penalties, I'd say that's on the coach but we aren't. For instance, we had maybe 1 turnover vs Ga Southern and none vs Clemson. Today was just a bad day and I expect some extra running and ball handling drills this week. One game of that uncharacteristic play isn't coaching, it's players that need to get with it. I will stick with what I said earlier this week - these four games are about getting better, not doing the easy stuff to get a win only to run into the same problems we had at Clemson vs LSU, UGA and Alabama. I think we had a good plan to do that this week but shot ourselves in the foot with sloppy ball handling. If that becomes a pattern it's a problem but one game isn't a pattern.
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    Who is making the trip to Columbia? I have lived here my entire life and never thought I would ever see this week. My Auburn Tigers are coming to Columbia. I'm ready for this one
  28. 9 points
    Damn good game from him considering our receivers are garbage. Better than 86 percent completion and dropped passes. the interception was not on him. the receiver was in position touched the ball and lost it without fighting for it. in his favor : he had good pass protection and it was Mercer. that said he did well considering the lack of targets. I was there and did nothing but watch the receivers. they were covered most the night and the blocking by our receivers was awful. Got to look at Stidham as the sole bright spot for the night.but he won't always get this kind of protection and I imagine will struggle with what what surrounds him. tonight however he was a very bright spot.
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    Because we dont run the read-option. The only options we run are RPOs.
  32. 9 points
    37. So when we hit that number, please start another thread to let us know its time. Thanks for the cooperation.
  33. 9 points
    Sean, take this from a guy that has been down your road. You are at a point in your life that will decide your future in our society and for the rest of your life. In my case, I enlisted in the Marine Corps and it saved me from myself. I am not saying that is your solution but it was for me. I eventually became a Marine aviator and an officer and it gave me a purpose for living and direction. I hope the best for you young man, please don't screw your life up at this juncture, you have a long way to go. If you read this, please take it to heart.and seriously think about it. Semper Fi and War Eagle!!! Slammer
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    Thank you. This forum has gotten out of control.
  35. 9 points
    Sean White's off of the field issues are not Gus' fault. On the field, I think Gus was late to try to come up with a game plan that actually used SW's strengths, but when he (or Lashlee) did last season, SW was effective until he got hurt. Yes, I understand that hot streak was against poor opponents, but still SW and the O looked better then than anytime since 2014 no matter the opponent. Gus did not ruin SW on the field or off of the field. wde
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    Apparently it has taken every bit of every snap so far to "get the rust knocked off" of Stidham. While I wish that the two games against lesser opponents had been blowouts they weren't, and I don't think anybody can deny that Stidham needed the work.
  38. 9 points
    Sad that SW is making these types of decisions. At this point this is more about Sean getting himself together than how it affects the team.
  39. 8 points
    We need to turn the corner on offense this game ... a big showing could set us up nicely for a season-defining game with Miss. State.
  40. 8 points
    If you don't beat the man in front of you, play calling is irrelevant! I believe this gets lost too often with our pissing, moaning and fair weather fan base. That doesn't mean that we don't have some head scratching play calls.
  41. 8 points
    Who do we blame? What issues are you speaking of? Did the coaches put the bong to SW mouth and tell him hit it or take him out to parties? Did the coaches discourage Cowart from being a good player? Did they want the supposed number 1 player in the nation to fail? How do you not blame the people who are committing the actions? Now the on the field play I 100% agree if we don't finish as expected there comes to a point when we have all of the talent we have that you can't blame players, but with the SW and BC issues how in the world can you blame the coaches?
  42. 8 points
    This is horse***t. There are myriad valid reasons to criticize Gus. This isn't one of them. Cowart couldn't crack the starting lineup. Period. He came in with huge expectations based on his rating out of HS and he hasn't lived up to it so he isn't getting snaps.
  43. 8 points
    To me, trying to blame Gus for Byron's personal issues and inability to deal with hard coaching is just people who want Gus gone trying to pad the stats. This is on Byron. Period.
  44. 8 points
    It's not that. It's more of him having his head blown up that he was the best recruit in the nation, to realizing he could not even get past our walk-on offensive lineman, to being on the third string his junior year. If RG can't get him together, no one can. I hate to see anyone transfer, but if he is going to be a coward and bail during the season on us, it is hard for me to feel bad for him to be honest. And I was really pulling for him too. There is an article interviewing RG a year ago when he was saying, when Byron got here, he was going up against the walk-on linemen, they would walk away asking "He is a 5*?" Guys were lining up to go against him. Every year we have freshmen jumping ahead of him. If he was going to do this, it is better for us to open up that scholarship spot now for RG to recruit another top notch guy.
  45. 8 points
    If he's leaving I wish him success. I'm pretty fatigued of articles and reports about Cowart, Jackson, and White. Time to focus on the many great young men and players we have who are contributing to AU. WDE! 🦅
  46. 8 points
    Not only is this article ill-timed, it's disgusting. To equate or even compare the on-the-field lack of development (which is debatable) to a kid that has trouble making good decisions off of it (not debatable) is immature and reckless. This is a serious health issue, or at the very least a lack of judgment (i.e. Belonging to the player and the player alone) by a college kid. Bad, bad, bad "journalism" Would you blame a player's injury on a Coach? No different...even if related to a player's personal decisions. I'm no Gus supporter, but geez this is jumping the shark. Think about it. Seriously. Disgusting.
  47. 8 points
    I tend to agree. Sean wasn't underdeveloped. He had become a quite competent QB. But he couldn't stay healthy. I don't think this is true. Sean's issues were not that he wasn't getting better. He couldn't stay healthy and it wasn't even because Gus was trying to run him like Nick Marshall. He was getting hurt in the pocket for the most part. He had limitations in terms of the deep ball because while he had enough zip on short to intermediate throws, he didn't have great deep ball arm strength - which also could have been exacerbated by his injuries. Blame Gus all you want for the recruiting misses, for Jeremy Johnson's lack of development, for going after JF3 over Jerod Evans, for evaluating Woody Barrett too highly. But Sean White failed Sean White, not Gus.
  48. 8 points
    And Jeremy wasn't smart between his ears, Woody had no work ethic, JF3 just wasn't accurate, Queen was injury prone. Each one seems to have an achilles heel that cannot be overcome. It's bad coaching or bad identification....its been a while since Gus has had a success story.
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    I'm getting the impression that the clean shirts on here are no fun to hang out with. It's a public intox...big deal. Maybe we need a rebel gunslinger at QB but I'm not sure the nancies at Auburn will like that very much. The bottom line is that Sean White isn't a ***** and sometime people that aren't ******* like to raise a little hell, especially when they are 21. With the attitude of the board, Jeff Burger would have never played a snap at Auburn. And before you guys say "times were different back then...", well maybe they were better and we need to go back to acting like we got a pair. I like SW even more now. Hope to see him starting against Missouri.