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    Going to go enjoy the rest of my day after a pretty solid AU win, and stay away from whiny forums - everyone should do the same. Auburn won, go celebrate! War eagle!
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    A box of chocolates where each piece is that nasty cherry one. You keep hoping for something good, but you keep getting that gross cherry toothpaste flavored piece.
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    Regardless if screwup, I think Asa should be playing since boobie is hurt. Gus's comment yesterday that he would be playing special teams is stupid. Develop your young players you idiot!!!
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    If he didn't turn the corner after last year's Amen Corner he never will
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    Since the Mega Millions Cash option is $372 million tonight. If I win, I will pledge to pay the buyout of Gus's contract.
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    Gus is like Santa Claus as we go into the season looking forward to our new team, all excited. THIS Santa Claus....
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    112th ranked rush D. Yeah, our OL and RB looked awesome!
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    Super happy for the players and AU for the win today, they needed it. Gus still needs to go regardless. WDE
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    What else is he going to say. Yeah he sucks, I am finding a way to get him out. I will wait to see what happens if we end up 5-7. 6-6 and he will be good for now.
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    Money for Nothing by Dire Straits seems to sound about right.
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    1st play if the game...5 wide and hit a crossing route across the middle for 8. Do we see that again? Hell no, why would we.
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    Ok, I feel like one of us has to make this post at least twice a week but here goes....the whole “we better have a big name lined up” and “we might get someone worse than Gus” and “there just aren’t many good names out there” BS is just maddening. First of all, you shouldn’t continue to wander in mediocrity just because you are scared of striking out on the next hire. We can wait around for 20 years and no Saban, Meyer, Dabo or Bob Stoops is walking through that door at Auburn. So being as that’s the case nearly any hire we make is risky. Because of the situation Auburn is in it has pretty much always been that way. There are no sure things but we shouldn’t just keep this disaster because of that fact. Second, Auburn has enough resources and enough recruiting base to pretty much keep any competent coach from coming in and having a really bad run like say Doug Barfield. Coach Dye changed the program enough where that should no longer be a concern. And our last 4 coaches are testaments to that fact. I wouldn’t call Bowden, Tubs, Chiz or Gus “elite” coaches by any means and yet each one of them letft Auburn with a winning record and a special season/SEC Title/Natty. So even if we don’t hire the next Lombardi I doubt very highly that we hire someone who will completely strike out either. What these last 4 have shown is that if we do happen to hit on the right guy then he can take what Auburn has been in the past, and elevate it to a new standard. Auburn is not the only program that goes through this. The bams wandered through the wilderness between Stallings and Saban for a full decade making bad hire after bad hire. Heck one of their hires never even made it to opening day. The days of Bobby Bowden, Paterno, Shug, Bear, Dooley etc. are long gone. Coaches change. It happens. Do I wish Gus had been the man? Of course I do. I like the guy on a personal level I beleive he wants to win and is disappointed with how this has turned out. But I also want to enjoy Auburn football again. Not just in spurts but consistently. I don’ t mind losing. But losing the way we have been losing is not acceptable and is certainly not fun to watch. So no, there are no guarantees with a new coach but it seems there is a guarantee with our current one...
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    If Lane kiffen won here , all would be forgotten. I want winners.
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    There's only one way to fix our problems and it's not Chip, Russell, Grimes or any of the other scapegoats. If they don't replace the HC, there's no sense in making ANY moves. It's just window dressing otherwise.
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    This is just me personally, but I'd like to see him gone even if he did that. I'm tired of this roller coaster of not understanding what he has and frittering away opportunities for championships because of stubborn, predictable play calling and substandard recruiting efforts at key positions. I'm ready to get Auburn to a place where 8-4 is a down year, not the norm.
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    I have had strong suspicions for years that he has Asperger's. I don't think it means anything other than 1) it explains some of his unusual tendencies 2) it serves as a motivation to those with Aspergers that they too can make $7 million a year one day. no doubt.
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    Everything else has been already. Hear me on this... Gus is stuck in this contract just like we are. Obviously. He is adapting slower than we want. Probably due to his ego that his offensive system is great and he is smarter than everyone. During '15 & '16, we forced him to change OC and let go of playcalling. He has not genuinely done that. He is the most stubborn coach I've seen. I can't listen to him talk anymore. I say, Don't fire him. Don't offer him the easy way out...while costing AU millions. This will answer a lot of questions. Buying him out answers nothing. If he is going to be this stubborn, I want to see him humiliated on the sidelines. I don't care if we lose every game, I want to see what kind of human Gus Malzahn is. You got two options Mr. Gus Malzahn. 1. Win 2. Lose Either way, you are stuck on Auburn's sideline.
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    So, reading this stuff about Leath (Iowa State scandal, stupid contract to Gus, etc)..... So WHO hired Leath? Sounds like whoever was involved in THAT decision are dumber than whoever agreed to Gus' contract. Is AU run by fiscal morons?
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    I mean.... Good Lord! Even the guy from The Batchelorette can figure this out.... Gus! C'MON MAN!!!
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    I think Kiffin is our best bet when it comes to actually getting a offensive genius AND a guy who would bring that fire and alpha intensity this program so desperately needs. The thing that stands out about most about Kiffin and seperates him from dana and gundy is he is a ELITE recruiter. He would kill it on the trail. IDK if those guys can. He is the most well rounded out of these candidates and he is our best bet to go against the powerhouses that are kirby and saban on the trail. Him and Kendal Briles assuming he would bring him to AU and snag him back from houston would be hellish on the trail. Just imagine Bo Nix with those 2 grooming him. Dana or Gundy as well. We know he would not be wasted like with Gustav. I am not worried about getting in trouble with the NCAA. I mean we NEED a guy like Kiffin who is one of our best bets to be our Pearl for football. A guy who will come very close to that line and skirt it but not go over. Operate in the grey area. I rather have a guy like that than gus who is just way to clean for recruiting honestly. And can it get any worse than it is now? Having all this talent and gus wasting it? That is worse than just having little talent and being so bad! lol.