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    Talked with an assistant coach tonight: Bo has impressed with his “ability to improvise and keep technique even under duress, throw with accuracy, and master the offense.” It’s more of a testimony of how good Nix has played than an indictment on JG. Gatewood should and will get “plenty of touches.” Coaches still like JGs leadership and think he is “almost unstoppable inside the 10.” I’m thinking about a 80:20 split for Bo/JG at this point.
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    From what I've heard and from my own perspective and opinions, I think JG and Bo were just about even coming out of Spring. It seems this summer has been more beneficial to Bo. I don't care who starts, who takes more snaps, or who finishes as the starter. I want a competent offense with a leader at QB. One that can pile up yards and score in the RZ. I want the spiteful play caller to return and the offense to pile it on. Whomever leads us there has my support.
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    Not going to post specifics but a few general observations: 1) OL did better at pass blocking today 2) The defense should dominate this year 3) it seems more and more likely that Bo is going to start but both looked good 4) Seth is amazing 5) FG kicking was off today. We will need this to be on in order to win games with our defense.
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    Love Tre Smith, but not just for the punt block, for the 100+ yds he put up in the IB when Caddy and Ronnie were both hurt.
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    OK had enought I will start another thread. Keep it civil or it will be locked as well .................................this is really unbelievable
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    I want Gatewood to do what he wants to do. He was very loyal throughout his recruitment, even through an OC change, and worked his butt off this year to be QB1. If he wants to be QB1, go for it.
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    You referring to kicking our asses at playing golf or just kicking our asses in general....but on a golf course?
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    Not the response most of you guys were looking for. RESPECT.
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    I didn't want to say this given how when I say something it can go left.....but this is football!!! You can't prepare for it by saying we're not going to get our guys hurt because even when you're taking it easy guys get hurt. You just have to go out there and give it your all. And us sitting at home need to appreciate these guys more. Injuries suck but they are going to happen. Only way is to not play but then you won't get better....it's a risk to this
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    Reading your summary of this thread put me in mind of a Robin Williams routine where he would play both sides of the conversation. Man I miss his comic genius.
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    He was running for his life in a lot of his hudl tape. Hard to teach that level of pocket presence. Stidham sure didn't have it.
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    I can’t help but feel we’re on the brink of something special here. Everything I’ve read or seen about Bo Nix tells me he’s gonna be special. Potential is just that as of today, but it’s really hard to not get excited about this kid. I’ve met his dad and he’s a special kinda person, and I think Bo has that instilled in him from a young age. I loved Gatewood from the start of his recruitment, and I think he’s gonna have his chance to shine too, because he’s too much of an athlete to keep off the field. Go Bo! Go Gatewood! Go Auburn! Go Gus Bus!!!! War Eagle 🦅
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    On a positive note, the logo hasn't changed.
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    I just hope people will give him time to develop if /when Bo makes some early season mistakes. This kid will be fine, but there’s bound to be some growing pains!
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    Please please please be able to make defenses respect his legs Happy for the kid and ready to see where Bo takes us!
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    Especially when the assumption is both are running threats. I don't think the game planning will be that drastically different, TBH. That's it. Y'all have convinced me. Wil Appleton will be named the starter.
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    Hah, yeah I tried to warn everyone that was thinking Cord might end up #2 behind Stidham last fall camp that he couldn't throw. I think he understands his role and it's good he's here.
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    I think we put way to much pressure on AC. The majority of kicks he missed were outside of 50 yards. The kid is good. It kind of like hitting your wedge inside of a 10 ft circle from 80 yards out vs hitting a 3 iron into the same circle from 200 . Also like golf some days you got it some days you don’t . What you look for is consistency “ most” of the time. AC won’t lose us any games but he might win us some. If you rely on a 50+ yd field goal to win then you really didn’t deserve it.
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    @Tiger HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I am a worm fan. I want to see him starting and getting a lot of carries lined up in the backfield and running between the tackles inside and out. I think he is our best tailback and definitely the toughest.
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    Perzactly! Even if Gus told me, to my face, who the starter for game one is, it wouldn't mean a hill of beans. And I don't mean this as a slight to him. Simply that his administration is fantastic at keeping info close to the vest. However, over the last few years I do take a lot of AU football news with a grain of salt. Cuz during the week it may sound like Shakespeare but too often by Saturday it looks like the Marx Brothers.
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    That is fair, but not at the expense of the other guy. Not saying you are doing that, but you have people getting way too defensive. There will be a couple of posters on both sides upset based on the pick and when that player messes up, they will be here to say I told you so. To me that is a little bit ridiculous.
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    I guess we will see. I'm still holding out hope it's gonna be Joey. You know... Gus and his games
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    Because I love high school ball I have slightly less than 7 days now.
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    "...highly interested in..." Reminding me of a jobless person turning down mailroom jobs because he's holding out for the CEO position. Jeez.... Dude, at this point, go ANYWHERE that will have you!!!
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    You need more than 3 studs to be anywhere close to the best in the nation - they can't play 80 snaps apiece and stay healthy. I'm concerned about depth on the DL with Jibunor gone and Newkirk probably done. Still no news about Miller, and now apparently Moultry is slightly banged up. If you poach Davidson and Coe to shore up DT inside, then you are going to have undersized freshmen in the DE rotation where we desperately need sacks. Not saying they will be bad at all... I'm just saying it's a reason not to be quite as bullish as some are. (Admittedly, it's really the OL that has me feeling pretty "meh" about preseason expectations, as that tends to impact the whole team. Hopefully they all prove me wrong)
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    The inconsistently applied PI penalties were the biggest obstacles in the LSU game. Make no mistake.
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    @aujeff11 did you get PTBs nugget... He keeps hearing (from the media) how it looks like Nix is going to start...but from his eyes (at practice...)
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    Don't think it's being thrown around like nothing. From a fans' perspective it's hard to ignore when literally every "expert" & college football media person in the nation is saying our DL is or should be one of the 3 best in the nation. That is going to put the expectation in most fans' minds that our DL will be or should be awesome. On the OL, asI pointed out earlier, their struggles before today have been real per reports & the 1st team OL has been going against back up DL as well as the 1s so there is legit concern there. Like you said, an individual can effect that greatly. I worry about Kim at C very much. The facepalms likely are there because the tone of your post can be seen as coming across as being combative. Just food for thought.
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    Agreed, that was an absolutely pathetic defensive game for us. They ran three plays and we did nothing to stop them, absolutely pathetic. Now the LSU game is one I lay at the feet of the refs. We shot ourselves in the foot a few times but the refs absolutely r**** us on national television and there's nothing we could do about it. They made damn sure LSU got within a chip shot of field goal range.
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    You have a 1 in 1,024 chance of guessing correctly.
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    I'll be impressed if Gus calls 3 pass plays ...
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    I agree. He has exposed you guys for the whiners and criers you are. Unable to accept the election of a duly elected president that you disagree with. Willing to lower yourself into the sewer to delegitimize a presidency.
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    Why would Bo be affected by what @GwillMac6 does in his spare time? I kid gwillmac, you're one of my faves. 😁
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    I love this kids fire and humility! He’s confident but never comes across as cocky or selfish, and that’s a rare combination! Can’t wait for him to play this season with a year of learning under his belt. Momma Worm raises them right.
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    Fox News interview — must be true.
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    The Human Highlighter Pens
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    Top 15 team historically. I wish we were more consistent being the Top 15 over the last decade.
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    I will do my dead level best, no doubt about it, make no mistake about it. I've gotten in one good practice regarding it so far. It was a vanilla attempt but I can pull out the whole playbook next time. Can't go fast tempo yet, but I'm making improvements every time. There will be no whirlybird involved. 🤣😁
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    I agree in that I do not believe white police officers sit around with white hoods thinking of ways to target blacks. I do believe there are dirty law officers and they stick together and cover each others arse. I also know a few Barneys that think the uniform gives super powers........I also believe their numbers pale in comparison to those that respect and honor the badge........I can't imagine life without law enforcement.
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    I'm probably the Dallas Cowboys of the board. Most polarizing. Either loved or hated. Not much in between. Just glad we didn't have a most disliked posters thread. lol
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    Been getting them since the early 80's................ met a blonde right off the bat, Stephanie, 6' tall long legs dated her for over two years ask her to marry me she said yes............uh oh................. found out she is married to a Miami Dolphins player. WTH didn't want to get my ass beat or killed but she kept calling me until the day I married. Been with my wonderful wife for over 30 years. PS I didn't get married until I was 37 years old was having to much fun.