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    The Iron Bowl in Auburn: Ain't nothin' like it nowhere Ray Perkins warned you. He warned all of you whose all-purpose exclamation is Roll Tide. Nothing good can come of it if Alabama goes to Auburn. It's why, as successor to the Bear, he stuck his fingers in his ears and said "Lalalala, you can't make me" when Pat Dye suggested the very idea. Perkins left Tuscaloosa for Tampa Bay, of all places, rather than take a football team to Auburn. After three decades of jaw-dropping, face-palming crimson chaos on the Plains, can you blame him? The Iron Bowl anywhere is special. The Iron Bowl in Auburn is a Mount Olympus of big-time players making big-time plays, a Dante's Inferno of decisive and derisive moments, a Magic Kingdom of beautiful madness - the biennial bipolar opposite of joyless murderball. Twice as often as not, the endgame of this game to end all games is Alabama's ass on Auburn's grass, and they're not going to keep 'em off the field that night. So it was Saturday, 30 years removed from the cold day Perkins vowed would never come, when Alabama first traveled to Auburn but Auburn won the day in the fall of college football's Berlin Wall. Auburn 48, Alabama 45 took that tradition unlike any other to a new level of intensity wrapped in audacity inside an enigmatic epic. Alabama's heroic backup quarterback threw a rivalry record six touchdown passes - but alas and alack, Mac Jones, two of those scoring tosses went to Smoke Monday and Zakoby McClain, who play for Auburn. Pick Six Part Two saw the ball ricochet perfectly from the unwitting receiver's spine to McClain's opportunistic paws with nothing but 100 yards of green grass dead ahead. Which reminds me. A pass play? On first-and-goal at the Auburn 2? With Najee Harris channeling his inner Derrick Henry? Steve Sarkisian has some 'splainin' to do. Time tends to stand still when Alabama travels to Auburn, and it doesn't matter which head coach asks the referee for just a second. Saban did it in 2013, and that moment in time became the Kick Six. Gus Malzahn's request for an extension of the first half was granted Saturday, and Anders Carlson lasered through the 52-yard field goal quicker than Saban could say @#$! Ever since Van Tiffin delivered "The Kick" to give Perkins his last Iron Bowl title in 1985 at Legion Field, the last thing Alabama's wanted to see is this rivalry become a game of inches - and feet. It's a kick in the gut every time. Much respect for Alabama kicker Joseph Bulovas for taking responsibility after his final field goal to tie with two minutes left was sent back by an upright masquerading as Mamadou N'diaye. No use for anyone who felt the need to cyber-assault the Alabama kicker. Because even after that miss, this game wasn't over until Malzahn bamboozled Saban with the trickeration heard 'round the nation. Against most coaches in most places, Saban is the Big Bad Wolf. Against Malzahn in Auburn, he's Wile E. Coyote. With a minute and change to play, it looked for all the world like Auburn would be forced to punt to Jaylen Waddle, a recipe for disaster for the home team and a sixth straight playoff trip for the visitors. Waddle already had scored four touchdowns and set multiple land-speed records. Karma appeared to be conspiring to put Alabama in position to win an Iron Bowl in a manner other than bludgeoning. Except when Auburn subbed in its punter, it stationed him at wide receiver and didn't sub out its quarterback, this subterfuge designed to keep Waddle stationed safely on the sideline. In response, because Saban has yet to hire an anarchy analyst devoted solely to Malzahn's machinations, Alabama subbed out its return team to sub in its defense - but Waddle stayed put. So Alabama had too many men on the field, allowing Auburn to keep the ball, empty the clock and overpopulate the playing surface with men, women and children, at least those who didn't get swallowed by the hedges. Precocious Bo Nix, who made some grown-man throws at critical moments, secured his third straight state championship, and this latest greatest game in the greatest rivalry known to man begat too many nicknames to count. The 12th Man. The Unfair at Jordan-Hare. Punt Bama Punt ... Psyche. By any other name, this crazy game took its place alongside Nix the Elder to Sanders 1993, the Screen 1997, Go Crazy, Cadillac 2003, Honk If You Sacked Brodie 2005, the 2009 Drive, the 2013 Kick Six and other extraordinary Iron Bowls on the Plains. It was Auburn's 10th win in 15 Jordan-Hare Iron Bowls, its second straight there and third in the last four. Malzahn would be saved from the hot seat, his three wins in seven meetings with Saban perhaps even more impressive than Tommy Tuberville's six straight over Dennis Franchione, Mike Shula and Saban's first Alabama team. Saban would be excused from the playoff, but one postseason on the sideline doesn't diminish a decade and change of dominance. For most programs, that's a lifetime of unattainable accomplishment. Imagine if Alabama didn't have to take the trip Perkins desperately wanted to avoid every odd-numbered year. It's been proven against other big-name coaches and big-time programs, but the home-field advantage in Jordan-Hare Stadium is real and second to none - especially against the one visitor who fought the longest and screamed the loudest to stay away. Welcome to the Iron Bowl in Auburn, Alabama. Welcome to Excruciating Lee County. They didn't keep 'em off the field after Auburn 48, Alabama 45. (Todd Van Emst/Auburn Athletics)
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    I wonder if the munchkin thinks THIS TOO is unfair???
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    The 1913 unclaimed championship. Before the age of championship rings, the team received a gold charm. Auburn, coached by Mike Donahue, was undefeated at 8–0, outscoring opponents 224–13. This was in the possession of my late aunt.
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    I hope we get CM. He is a great QB developer, great OC and Great recruiter. Let's all be honest about our positions here. If you like Gus you would say he would let go of the Off. and let CCM take care of it and just give his input. If you hate Gus you say why would he come when Gus would never let go of the Off.. The reality probably is somewhere in between. Which ever view you take I think you are not being honest if you don't say that in every way he would be a great pick up for us and we will be better if we get him.
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    I think it's time for Jaylen to graduate and go into the draft. Bama won't do it, because of cynical rules. Auburn should step in to redress this injusice. I suggest that Auburn grant Jaylen a bachelor's degree in kinetic studies, with a double major in receptions and returns. He has attended Auburn and proved his mastery of the subjects on our campus. Further studies at the college level are just a waste of everyone's time. Bob in Winter Haven, Florida
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    baseball and basketball both have really good coaches, football not so much, the fans are supportive of all sports but the pulling together is just another excuse for an 8-5 coach being paid at a championship level without the results.
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    You should always be very careful when you look up to a bird, just in case.
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    We should split up the A-Day roster for a scrimmage between those that committed to the University of Auburn against Auburn University. I wonder who would win?
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    Teams with nfl offensive lines, Heisman contending qbs and wrs that run like scalded cheetahs are going to score. We made less mistakes than other teams that played them. Our dbs are fine.
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    JG was given opportunity in multiple scrimmages, TWO spring trainings and TWO fall camps and practice every week for two years. The coaches watched all these practices, they also filmed all of these and studied hours and hours of film. They then made the choice of the QB that they thought would give us the best chance to win. Everyone has opportunity in practice, nobody is guaranteed or entitled to opportunity on game day. That is something that is earned in practice. I was pulling hard for JG, he committed to us early and from all indications he is a great guy and true AU man. My sources tell me that he was just too inconsistent throwing the ball in practice. He is clearly a better runner than BN, so all he really had to do is be even, or very close, to BN in passing and he would have been the starter which would CGM would have loved as it would have given him many more options. Selfishly, I hated to see JG go, but I don't blame him for looking for greener pastures. Just because he was not good enough to be the starter at AU right now, does not mean he will not be good enough to start at another program. See Jalen Hurts. Remember, as bad as a team's starting QB may look in the game, the backup on the sideline holding the clipboard is there because he performed even worse in practice.
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    #1--There’s a very big difference between being a biblical Christian and being a Mormon. It’s a totally different concept of who Jesus is, who man is, who God is, how we fit in the universe, how we get right with God. In Mormonism it all hinges on participation in the Mormon Temple ritual; in Christianity it all hinges on throwing ourselves on the mercy of God and claiming Christ as savior. While Mormon's are good people and some of the nicest that I know, I would not characterized them as being biblical Christians. #2-- You are correct, BYU (95%) , University of Utah (50%) , and Utah State (35%) are the major schools in the state. 62% of the state of Utah are Mormon. Jake Bentley is not a Mormon, that is why it caught my eye that they predicted 100% Utah
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    Look at Gus. Good head coach. Bad OC. Used to be a good OC. Chad Morris no matter if he calls plays or not gives us a elite QB coach and a really good recruiter. Sign me up as well!
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    I see you're removing all doubt.
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    I don't even think it matters if JB stays or goes, just need better recruiting/evaluating from Gus. Which it appears is happening.
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    Our plan against lsu was to give up yards. We played softer coverage to keep them in front, knowing that when they got to the red zone we’d be able to cover them tighter. Which is why burrow scored one of their touchdowns. Our open field tackling was one of the best Ive ever seen. You are crazy if you think this wasnt a good db year
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    Sounds like drama for the sake of drama to me. It looks like Dilly is leaving to be an OC for a guy he’s close to and he has worked for. Maybe he will have more say in the offense at FSU. This doesn’t look like a Chip Lindsey situation to me.
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    Am I the only one here that finds this one of the most disturbing things ever posted on this board?
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    Morris AND Luke would be good.
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    Check MJ's stats....almost no play in 2018 and only played this year because Tua was injured twice during the season and missed all or parts of several games. He could have left after 2018, or in 2017 when Tua was recruited behind Hurts and he knew he was not gonna play. But, h was ready when his time came.... did not check out when Hurts and Tua were getting all the playing time and waited for his moment. I'm happy that Cord S is ready to play if needed. . As for being treated differently....the only thing I am aware of with JG is that coaches spent two years trying to help him become a starting QB in the SEC and tried to find a role for him. It did not work out....but your constant and unsubstantiated complaints about favoritism sound like Nick's complaints of an "unfair" play.
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    Yeah, that one was a classic. Most people on here really can't quantify talent, so it wasn't that much of a surprise.
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    Always a conspiracy theory when it comes to Auburn football. Me, I am just going to watch things unfold and enjoy... life's too short to worry about something I have absolutely no control over. War Eagle
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    Wow Saban’s analysts Staff next is going to be unbelievable, he still has Butch Jones and can add Matt Luke, Chad Morris and Barry Odom, Willie Taggart and Charlie Strong.....😂😂😂
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    I agree. Minnesota is better but as a program we’d benefit more from beating the bigger brand. Plus, I’d like to finish the year with a win and we know Gus is usually not stellar in bowl games against similar talent.
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    I just dropped by to say THESE STUPID FANSVILLE COMMERCIALS SUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!! BRING BACK LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!! JUSTICE FOR LARRY!!! WE WANT LARRY!!!! lol. Way way way more funny than these fansville commercials.
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    Think you probably should go back and watch some film of Riggins. You do realize the guy was a sprinter in his younger days right? I realize that players have gotten bigger, and faster as a whole, but don't sell Riggins short. Joe Gibbs himself would tell you that the acquisition of Riggins made the Redskins an immediate Super Bowl contender. Guy was that good. Apologize for the derail.
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    I still say it was the same. I saw little to no progress in their play this year. Same guys, a year more experience but same level of play. But Ryan was a key cog of the offense and a reliable guy to make something out of nothing passing. Throws to him definitely improved Stidham's passing numbers. I'll give you Seth, but this RB corp wasn't appreciably better overall than what Stidham had to work with. The top three RBs in 2018 generated 1616 yds. This year they generated 1458 yds. Add in Shivers and you get to 1735 yds. The real difference isn't DJ Williams in this year's rushing attack, it's Bo Nix with 301 yds vs 1 net yard for Stidham. I'll also say at least in the passing game, our H-back/TE were not an improvement over Chandler Cox. Yes, Jay Jay Wilson had a few more receiving yards but he almost never lined up at H-back or TE even though that's what he's listed as. He lined up at a WR position when he was in the game. Nigh and Shenker combined for 16 yds receiving. While true, he did demand attention that gave Seth some openings last year - a role that went largely unfilled this season. Shed is a beast blocker. But Stove and Hastings are not the 2017 versions of themselves and their playing time has reflected that. Yeah. The footwork and learning to step up in the pocket rather than bailing early needs to happen for sure. But I do see the same as you - that "dog" in him whereas with Stidham I saw what looked like fear at times.
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    Their careers also indicate that if they do have to make a tough decision based on their future, that you should refrain from calling them "that type of person" unless "that type of person" means "awesome teammates and leaders who gave more to the program than most players ever could or would".
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    Without a doubt want LSU. I don't want Georgia to get another national Championship. Them struggling helps with recruiting. I love Coach O. He deserves a title. He's had a long road to get where he is.
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    I detest and hate both. I am so sick of losing to O every year. I am so sick of losing EVERY TIME WE GO TO RED STICK FOR THE PAST 20 years!!!!! I am so sick of losing to average to beatable Georgia teams. I guess I will pull for LSU because it is so funny to see them get further and further away from 1980.
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    Chad is the ying to Gus’s yang!
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    Can't get over how much dude just looks like a football player. Like, if you're making a movie or show about football, you want a dude who looks like him. And you'd probably call him something really football-ish. Like, I dunno, Tank or something.
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    I mean, there have been games where Phil probably couldn’t have done worse. 🤷‍♂️
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    I have no idea what it might be about, but I never assume we hear the full story. In fact, I always assume the opposite.
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    Well I think UK gives him the best chance to start versus going to a more prestigious program. Getting there a year early and learning the playbook gets him a step up IMO. Now it’s up to him to show out and prove himself
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    We had a top ten secondary in the nation, what else do people want??
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    COME ON!!!!! GET HIM TF OUT OF GEORGIA!!!!!! I want him to be saying WOOOOOO PIG and calling them hogs at a press conference by tomorrow! lol. I am so beyond sick of recruiting against him. It is such a mismatch of biblical proportions when it comes to Pittman vs JB.
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    Going strictly on ratings, 3 years of eligibility, and mid-year enrollee, I wonder why we weren’t going after him earlier instead of some of the other JUCOs.
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    I can never root for UGA to win at any sport, no matter the implications of how it might possibly help Auburn.
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    I saw a great comment by a AU twitter account. The difference in Freeze and Lane is Lane knows how to use burner phones!!! lol. ACCURATE!
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    Oh Good. Another thread to complain about Gus. Offense sucks, can’t develop Qb, can’t recruit Oline, can’t beat UGA, LSU, Bama, He’s an 8-5 high school coach with an elementary passing scheme, can’t win bowl games, chews double bubble, 9-3, about to be back to back Pac 12 champ. What did I miss?
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    ...and our special teams gave up 7 points. So Kevin Steele and his defense lost the game 38-14. Why haven't we fired him yet. SMDH.
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    Yep. I always say there's nothing better than learning a bunch and still getting a win? Awesome. Building blocks for a team to make a major run
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    Agreed. I saw Nix talking to Whitlow at the end of the first half about getting down and saving time instead of fighting for the extra yards. Stidham would’ve smiled in that moment
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    In all honesty, they'd be stupid to play. DB is a Top 10 pick and is about to get PAID. MD is at worst a 2nd day guy. To risk injury and the money that comes with those draft positions for a glorified exhibition game would be really dumb. Those two guys have given AU everything for four years. If I was the coach, I'd flat tell them it's in their best interest not to play and thank them for everything they've done for this program.
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    Has anyone else seen this story. Young man lost his dad to a heart attack in 2017 and his mom to cancer the following year. His dogs accompanied him on senior day and he will earn his masters in December. Wish him the best.
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    No, I just don't choose to ignore the glaring issues.