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    Some here know...some don't, but my son has a very rare and severe bleeding disorder. He has been in and out of the hospital his entire life and many of y'all have walked through each stay with us. My wife and I typically can take care of his issues at home. Unfortunately, we have been chasing a severe knee bleed the last 10+ days and the pain and continued swelling has once again led us to another hospital stay. He is beginning to show some beginning signs of compartment syndrome in his lower leg and his pain meds have now become ineffective to handle the level of pain he is having. James is unbelievably strong and resilient. That said, due to the pain and a sense of things not getting any better, he is emotionally drained and is starting to spiral into a depressed state. Please pray that the pain subsides quickly, the swelling doesn't lead to more complications, and for his continued strength and resilience. Thank y'all for always being here for times like these.
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    Fire him tonight. Make Steele interim. Go get Cristobal or Bob Stoops for next year. Tired of seeing inept offense from a guy hired to field dynamic offenses. Whether it's a failure of recruiting, evaluation, play calling, game planning or some of all of it, it's just not working and it's not going to get better. EDITED TO ADD: Two points of clarification since people don't read context... 1. I'm not done with Auburn, I'm done with Gus. 2. This was posted when we were down 21-0 and looking left for dead. I fully realize that won't happen after we made it a game. Carry on...
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    ... take a break or leave but stop it with all the insults and criticisms of other posters and players. I'm just a nobody on here but it's ridiculous reading multiple pages of posters who can't find their way to a PM. Now we've lost another member who brought an informative viewpoint and a perspective that we all need sometimes, all because a poster wanted to try to get cute with the insults. I come here for information and to have fun. I have zero inside info and so I lurk, post when I feel like it and try to make someone else smile when I can. If you're on here just to be critical and pick an argument with someone then I feel really bad for you. I have gotten to the point where I just skip a couple of posters on here because they're either self promoting, attacking or just ultra sensitive. I'm just trying to get everyone to think before you post and stop with the insults. When you think about it if you aren't able to enjoy coming on here then why are you doing it anyway?
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    Jeff can you try to not antagonize the medical staff? We don't need our closest source to the program to be run off. Sincerely, The Rest of the Board.
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    Depends on which faction you ask: Kodi Hater - "The receivers dropped the ball because they weren't coached right" Gus Haters - "The receiver missed the ball because the route was so simple he was bumped out of place by the defender." Grimes Haters - "The receiver didn't have time to get open because the OL couldn't sustain their block"
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    To each their own, but I'm not close to buying. Great win but a lot of the same issues made this a much closer than was needed. JMO.
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    Talked with an assistant coach tonight: Bo has impressed with his “ability to improvise and keep technique even under duress, throw with accuracy, and master the offense.” It’s more of a testimony of how good Nix has played than an indictment on JG. Gatewood should and will get “plenty of touches.” Coaches still like JGs leadership and think he is “almost unstoppable inside the 10.” I’m thinking about a 80:20 split for Bo/JG at this point.
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    Gatewood looking great. Obvious leader for the team. WR group 1 look incredible. Offensive line Driscoll still a concern IMO. RBs are awesome. Defense, young and going to make some coverage mistakes. Worried about pass rush. DBs thin. Noah is my favorite player. Carlson looks more confident. Should be interesting with punt returns. Probably Tutt as he looks comfortable. looking okay on injuries. Knock on wood.
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    He deserved all he got in the first half.
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    From what I've heard and from my own perspective and opinions, I think JG and Bo were just about even coming out of Spring. It seems this summer has been more beneficial to Bo. I don't care who starts, who takes more snaps, or who finishes as the starter. I want a competent offense with a leader at QB. One that can pile up yards and score in the RZ. I want the spiteful play caller to return and the offense to pile it on. Whomever leads us there has my support.
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    Just wanted to say, today begins my last week of radiation (week 7). Though I'm in lots of pain at times and feel so miserable in general, I am still so uplifted by those who pray for me and those who ask me for updates. After this week ends I get six weeks of recovery and then finally another PET scan. Please continue to pray as my blessed hope is NO MORE TUMOR! Thanks again and I love you all AUFAM!! War Eagle!
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    After the Washington and Alabama State game: During the LSU Game: After the LSU game: Arky/Southern Miss Games: Miss St/UT games: After Ole Miss: After upsetting TAMU: After promptly realizing Gus saved his job with the TAMU win: UGA/Liberty/Bama Games: Purdue game: but
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    All's well, thanks so much! Latest colonoscopy confirmed there is no physical evidence left of the tumor so now we're just working on keeping it from any further spread. God is so good! War Eagle!
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    This is the type of stuff that makes me really pull for Gus to make it and stay at Auburn. Maybe him loosening up off the sideline will help him to loosen up on the sideline.
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    LOL you got a better chance of being an NFL tight end playing for Bruce Pearl than you do playing for Gus!
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    It is absolutely true. His name is Don Fuell, a QB from Guntersville. I wrote sports column for the Plainsman in 1957 and hence got to know all the coaches and players. bama was really pissed that they lost Fuell to Auburn. They sent two guys to Fuell's apt. posing as encyclopedia salesmen just to check it all out. I could tell you a lot more details about this deal but will leave it there. But it cemented my dislike for all things bama forever.
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    Not going to post specifics but a few general observations: 1) OL did better at pass blocking today 2) The defense should dominate this year 3) it seems more and more likely that Bo is going to start but both looked good 4) Seth is amazing 5) FG kicking was off today. We will need this to be on in order to win games with our defense.
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    You should know by now I'm a full fledged member of the tin-foil hat brigade. I don't begrudge y'all who believe Saban is a football god in this day of parity and has worked a miracle worthy of Biblical proportion etc, but I personally don't buy it. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. But as for LBS, I got bigger things in my life to worry about than bammer cheating and getting a free pass from Emmert & Shaw but it is still my opinion and I stick to it. Beyond that, I don't worry about them. I just don't watch them or pay much attention to them. I worry about Auburn and want them to at least get to Clemson or tOSU type status. To me that's more realistic and more honestly obtained (not saying squeaky clean) than whatever the devil's workshop is doing in T-town.
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    You do realize that without two idiotic days of offensive play calling/game planning, we would be that #1 team, right? That's why people are mad. We see what easily could have been right now had our HC simply been average on his side of the ball during those two games. Not asking for spectacular from him. Just two average games from the offense, which is his supposed expertise. Do that and we're 8-0 and very likely the #1 team in the land.
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    One of the worst takes I've seen. Try knowing what your talking about before posting.
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    I was fine with that last night. It was Rod’s night. His words from Kick 6 were ringing in My ears when they hit the field. I had tears in my eyes
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    Bottom line the person driving 89 to 91 mph in a 55 mph zone approaching an intersection is guilty of causing the accident period. Doesn’t matter if he was high or asleep or if the other car was changing lanes or backing up. Guilt will not be an issue. Premeditation and circumstance cold be used in the punishment phase. That said, in my honest opinion ( which has absolutely nothing to do with my desire either way) barring any unknown prior record which I doubt exist, the defendants lawyer will successfully push for youthful offender status. I suspect he will lose his license for quite a while and do some time in juvenile and have his record purged as an adult. His family could and most likely will face civil judgement as well. I would expect the civil judgement to be successful against the defendants ( family of the minor is also responsible in a civil judgement). Nothing is going to bring anyone back or make the suffering of the children and family any less. The sooner everybody can move on the better. Focus should be on #1 preserving the memory of Rod and Paula and creating memorials such as scholarships and such and #2 helping the children as they move forward. I’ll also add a #3 as Phillip L.’s Dad has done and use this as a learning lesson to go teach young people about as to why you need to avoid substance abuse, as well as following road rules and never driving when your ability to drive 100 percent is affected. Don’t just drive for yourself but for al those that might be on the road. Also we all need to say a prayer for the children and the defendant. Their life will forever be change let’s pray they can make I through this time of trouble successfully.
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    I said it. Mario Cristobal. Head Coach. Football. Auburn University. 1. Played and coached Oline. 2. Has head coaching experience. 5 yrs at FIU (built them from nothing). Plus 2 yrs at Oregon. 3. Coached 4 yrs for Saban at bama 4. Great recruiter. Has spent career recruiting Florida and Alabama. If we fire Gus....we should hire Cristobal. All the other choices suck.
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    Its Im here... Its just been tough so Ive been keeping quiet. Nobody can run me off, I don't scare that easy lol
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    Being happy with 8-4 or 9-3 is the problem...
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    He called a good game. It would've been a blowout if we make all the throws, but such is life! Good game!
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    I see & notice everything lol
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    At least "Coach" Barbee got to see it in person.
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    Seeing the thread title and who started it, I really wasn't sure where this was gonna be heading.
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    I'm not questioning your feelings for Gus, but calling someone a coward when all of us on this forum hide behind cryptic handles of anonymity doesn't jive.
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    In order Yes Yes and lost it when it should have been over at halftime. Yes and he's lost 4 times, 6 if you're counting his OC status which you appear to be. Last year he even said ''Uncle" before halftime. Yes and then proceeded to lose the chance for another NC appearance by putting all of his eggs in KJs basket. And followed that up but losing to the University of Mickey Mouse- good team but should not be in Auburn's class ever, at all. The above is largely why these threads are happening.
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    When Oregon and Auburn take to the field this coming Saturday, the Tigers will have the more talented roster based on recruiting rankings. For those who follow recruiting, it will give you the “warm and fuzzies” but those that value experience and coaching, the rosters could be much closer. Looking at both team’s last four recruiting classes, Auburn has recruited 4-5 star talent, 63.6 percent of the time and Oregon is at a competitive, 43.9 percent. Auburn fans need only to look back at last year’s losses to Tennessee and Mississippi State and know the recruiting rankings meant nothing in those games. When it does come to recruiting rankings, I value the players national ranking more so than star power. Looking at the rosters between Auburn and Purdue, the national player rankings indicated Auburn should dominate the Boilermakers, and they did. Keep in mind Gus Malzahn was aggressive, throwing the football vertically, which allowed Auburn to take advantage of their talent level. With this in mind, I examined the national rankings of each team top-17 players on offense and defense, who most likely will see the most playing time this Saturday night. Comparison: On offense, Auburn will check in at 437.0 and will face an Oregon defense ranked at 413.8. The average rankings are very close with a slight edge in favor of the Ducks. IF the national player rankings hold true, Oregon should hold it’s own against the Auburn offense. In fact, if you take Auburn’s OL vs. Oregon’s front-7, there is a huge difference in favor of the Oregon Ducks. Auburn’s OL checks in at 700.8 vs. Oregon at 451.7 in their front-7. The Duck's advantage here is why coaching and experience need to make up the difference for the Tigers. Auburn’s advantage when on offense will come in the skill players, where Auburn quickly makes up for the talent deficiency upfront. IMO, this means Gus Malzahn will have to be creative in his schemes and play-calling against the Ducks to take advantage of his personnel at the RB, QB and WR positions. On defense, Auburn checks in at 396.2 vs. Oregon’s average ranking of 732.5 on offense. The talent rankings here is a significant talent advantage in favor of the Auburn Tigers should we focus on talent rankings only. Examining the matchup of Auburn’s front-7 against the Oregon OL and it favors Auburn at 237.6 vs. 395.0. These rankings in favor of Auburn is why I believe it will be vital for Oregon to be able to run the football Saturday night. They need to lean on their veteran OL and two solid RB’s to keep their QB on his feet. I believe the Auburn defense has the better shot at keeping the Tigers in the game than Oregon's defense vs. Auburn's offense. Because it is the first game of the season, I see around 40-45 combined points. It could be a similar game to what we witnessed against Washington last season. With that being said, if Auburn can run the football and their defense is dominant, it could be a long night for the Ducks. WDE
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    I believe that both these guys are transformational players. They will make strides for both sides of the ball. 5 star players that will actually play like they're supposed to. They both constantly put in the work. I've heard on the locked on Auburn podcast that Bo chewed CKS's ear off after a scrimmage asking him what he did to disguise coverages and all about the defense. OP has been on T-WILL too. These guys won't just be ordinary freshmen. I fully expect both to be first round selections when they leave.
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    Somebody should take that hammer, shine it up real nice, turn dat sumbish sideways, & stick it straight up Pat Forde's candy ass!!!
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    Thank you for always managing to want to cap the ceiling of our program and limit what we can accomplish. We are the biggest sleeping giant in the sport and there is no ceiling with the right coach.
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    2017 easily. We were playing for a championship and playoff spot in December. That's where you want to be every year.
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    Spent this week with those I love the most, traipsing in our forefathers' footsteps...DC, Williamsburg, Jamestown. Still completely infatuated with Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, and Pocahontas. So very, very grateful for the sacrifices then and now, of which I have only a distant glimpse of the courage and the cost. I am a Thanksgiving-all-year girl. Blessed, incredible Thanksgiving to you and your families, one and all, and to our precious, incredible God who loves us each so recklessly, be the gratitude and glory.
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    I would describe the AU fan base as angry and frustrated as opposed to apathetic. Apathy is when people stop buying tickets and coming to games, not when they leave early when it’s cold. I’m not advocating for Gus but I don’t think the comparisons with Taggart are accurate. FSU is a hot mess, not competitive, and recruiting is falling off. AU is still recruiting great and highly ranked, with two losses to top 10 teams on the road. Those are very different scenarios for an AD.
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    It's no use. The "we lost to top 10 teams" crowd will never process this.
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    I wish we had some O lineman that had enough nasty in them to rip the dreads out if an opponents head. We haven't had true meanness/viciousness/nastiness in a O lineman in quite a long time.
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    I understand your logic completely, for a kid wetting their pants at school or making a mistake the first day on the job. But lives were lost here. Emotions are high. It changes everything. We all tend to self serve our interest in these cases. If one of my sons had done this same thing at 16, I would certainly be trying to keep them out of jail. It was a “youthful mistake”. If my parents were killed by a driver driving recklessly at 90 mph, I would be appalled if they didn’t serve time behind bars for it. It was “dangerous and selfish behavior”. There’s no easy answer on this one. It is tragic all around.
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    Any proposals that don't allow both teams to have possession of the ball should be a non-starter. I think the current CFB OT system is a good one and provides for some exciting football. The NFL system is idiotic.