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    This isn't football related per say but I wanted to post here because this is the forum checked the most... I am joyfully overwhelmed right now! I've been hired by the Security/Event company who handles the events for Auburn University & Athletics. It had broken my heart to not have worked most of this season representing AU athletics. I had been working events with the previous company from 2010 til before this past football season. A new company came in & wouldn't hire me due to a worthless check conviction from 2012. The time has passed where that egregous mistake is no longer a factor. This may not mean much to some but working in a supporting role representing AU means the world to me! Just wanted to share with the family.
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    Game #1 Statistical Evaluation (Washington Game) Offensive Report Card 01) Avg 6-yards per play on 1st down: [5.81] fail 02) Convert at least 40% of 3rd downs: [50.0%] pass 03) Avg at least 4.5 yards per rush: [3.3] fail 04) Score on at least 1/3 of possessions: [41.7%] pass 05) Keep 3 and out series under 33%: [8.3%] pass 06) Average 8.0 yards per pass attempt: [7.6 yds] fail 07) Score at least 75% inside red zone: [80.0%] pass 08) TD red zone above 60%: [40.0%] fail 09) Avg at least 30-yards per possession: [35.0 yds] pass 10) 40% of offensive snaps part of scoring drives: [56.8%] pass 11) TD / Turnover ratio above 1.6: [2/0] pass 12) TD ratio of at least 1 every 17 snaps: [40.5] fail 13) At least 8 impact plays: [ten] pass 14) At least 2 big plays: [0] fail 15) Pass rating of at least 126.3: [145.1] pass Score: 9 of 15 (60.0%) Pass Defensive Report Card: 01) Avg under 6-yards per play on 1st down: [8.54] fail 02) Convert below 35% of 3rd downs: [35.7%] fail 03) Avg at least 4.0 yards per rush or less: [3.1] pass 04) Score 1/3 of possessions or below: [36.4%] fail 05) Keep 3 and out series above 33%: [27.3%] fail 06) Average below 7.5 yards per pass attempt: [9.3 yds] fail 07) Score below 75% inside red zone: [66.7%] pass 08) TD red zone below 60%: [16.7%] pass 09) Avg under 30-yards per possession: [36.2 yds] fail 10) 40% or less of offensive snaps part of scoring drives: [40.0%] pass 11) TD / Turnover ratio below 1.6: [1/2] pass 12) TD ratio of at least 1 every 30 snaps: [65.0] pass 13) Less than 8 impact plays: [Nine] fail 14) No more than 2 big plays allowed: [2] pass 15) Pass rating below 125.0: [138.0] fail * Bonus point for 1 TD allowed in 6 red zone possessions Score: 8 of 15 (53.3%) Pass Special Teams Report Card: 1) Punt Average (Above 41.3): [39.0] fail 2) Punt Return Defense (Below 7.8 YPR): [0.0] pass 3) Punt Return Offense (Above 9.8 YPR): [14.0] pass 4) Kick-Return Defense (Below 21.2 YPR): [0.0] pass 5) Kick-Return Offense (Above 22.3 YPR): [16.0] fail 6) PAT’s (100%): [2 / 2] pass 7) FG Pct (75% or above): [60.0%] fail Score: 4 of 7 (57.1%) Pass * 50% is a passing score. Before the season opener, Auburn under Gus Malzahn was 3-8 in games the offense was held to under 150-yards rushing and 1-7 against ranked competition. Jarrett Stidham's 26 of 36 performance for 273-yards was the key on offense to skate past the No. 6 Huskies. The heavy dose of intermediate routes over the middle was a breath of fresh air as Washington was content with not allowing anything over the top of their secondary. Of Auburn's ten impact plays, eight came via the passing game. During their previous 16 meetings against top-10 opponents (2013-2018), Auburn averaged 7.6 impact plays per game on offense. Of Auburn's 26 completions, 11 were completed to a running back or H-Back, a good sign for the Auburn moving forward. Spreading the football around will only make the offense more difficult to defend. Utilizing Chandler Cox as a runner and receiver was a nice touch and another sign of the offense being less predictable. I thought the running backs played well considering the lack of holes created by the offensive line. They ran hard and did not have many opportunities to break into the second level of the defense. The offensive line has adjustments to make, but they did play against a quality defense in the Washington Huskies. The lack of a consistent running game hurt Auburn the most inside the red zone as the Tigers scored only two touchdowns on five trips inside the red zone. Ryan Davis looks to be off to a great start returning punts as he did not hesitate to move upfield after making one move. With Jatarvious Whitlow the No. 2 running back, it might be a better move to have Shaun Shivers returning kickoffs. Speaking of Whitlow, there will likely be the fan expectation of moving him up to No. 1 at running back, primarily on the game-winning touchdown. He packs more power than Martin, but the winning score had more to do with design (double-teaming at the point of attack), than the run itself. I do believe Martin and Whitlow will end up being a good 1-2 punch down the road. After gaining 280-yards on offense, Auburn mustered only 146-yards during the second-half. Once again, the lack of a consistent running game hindered the Auburn offense. Despite the lack of explosiveness in the running game, the Auburn offense threw the football 42.4% of the time on first down. This was another indicator the offense is continuing to grow under Chip Lindsey and becoming less predictable. Only time will tell how impressive the season-opening win was, but it was wonderful to register a "team" victory against a quality opponent away from Jordan-Hare. War Eagle!
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    Alright so here it goes. There is always confusion and complaining about DBs and why they are not looking back for the ball. Hopefully this will help clear some of it up. The answer is different for each player, but concept remains the same. Basically, the rule is, when a DB is in phase and in a position of control they can turn and find the ball. Well, what does that mean? In phase vs out of phase. In phase means the DB is running hip to hip with the receiver. Out of phase means the DB is trailing and trying to catch up to the WR. Position of control Typically, the position of control is when the DBs shoulder is ahead of the receiver or when you can read his opposite number. The DB can affect the receivers speed and route and therefore can control the receiver. From this position, a DB can "lean and locate". By feeling the receiver with your off arm and body you are assured not to lose him. If the DB is not in phase and in a position of control and he looks back, he slows down and the separation increases. The DB should keep eyes on the receiver, track him down, and play the ball through the basket by raking or clubbing when the ball arrives. Any questions, ask away.
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    He had to replace a legend and did so by becoming one himself. Life is so precious and my heart goes out to Rod and Paula as well as their family and friends. Rod's voice much like Jim Fyffe, will never be forgotten. https://youtu.be/sHq7SQ_B0hI
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    Spare me the "don't blame refs" or "we had our opportunities." I'm not in the mood. LSU got bailed out multiple times to extend their drives late and we had two of our drives killed because the refs apparently only notice pass interference when Auburn does it. But Greedy Williams can grab and redirect a player off his route and flat run a WR over and no flag. Complete horse***t.
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    The moment everyone has been waiting on. My complaints of a Gus run Auburn Football team in the current state of 2018. Please excuse the ramblings if they appear in this post. Gus as a head coach - I think he’s a tremendous ambassador for AU. A good man and a good coach. I think he’s a little to introverted to ever be accepted as a true Auburn Man. I think he’s to reactionary to critics as he seems to want to make people happy. Offensive scheme - I love our base offense and scheme. The complaint about route trees I understand but when the play action is working the deep pass game is devastating. Only real complaint about pass scheme is on shallow and intermediate crossing routes you need two receivers to put the linebackers in limbo not just one like we see most of the time. Our pass game has to throw the post or skinny post enough to free up the safeties from just crashing on the deep go or fly routes. Stidham is the first QB not to throw the post or skinny post so not sure if that’s Gus, Chip, or Stidham moving away from it. Our offense as far as blocking scheme and passing tree will only be successful when we are able to run the football. When that is shut down we will struggle but we should be able to run on any team because of our run scheme. However not making the right read on the zone read and not having a QB that can run the keep 10-15 times a game directly affects our ability to match 7 or 8 in the box. Just not enough blockers unless you are able to eliminate one or two on the read. So in my opinion I disagree with everyone else that wants to bring in another “passing” OC. I say bring in another run OC that maybe has some different alignments and maybe a couple more pass concepts out of those alignments. Offensive player usage - can’t stand the player personnel usage by Gus and the pigeon holing of players to specific plays. If they are a running back run all running back plays with them... if they are poor at something work around it. If they are a slot WR they should run all slot routes and speed sweeps regardless if they are the “best” at it. Stop whole package situations for every 3rd down and every 4th and short. Garbage time - please run the entire offense regardless who is on the field in garbage time even if it pisses off the sisters of the poor’s Coaches. They will enjoy their paycheck just the same. Just at the friendly handshake before the game just tell the other coach if it gets to a certain situation that you will bring in some young guys to run the full offense. They will understand because they would like the same opportunity if given. Game time management - in my opinion Gus is just average here not good or bad. 2 minute offense has been decent in his career. But time outs and ending the half and games I’d say he’s pretty average at best. What’s crazy is Chizik was probably the best I’ve ever seen with end of half and end of game time management. One more thing on time management if we call a fricking time out on first and 10 because we can’t get the call changed to the perfect play I’ll flip my lid. Just run the frickin original play call take the 2-3 yards and move on to 2nd down. This goes to the end of game and end of half situations when you only have 1 time out because you tried to get the perfect play called in earlier in the half. Spring and fall practice - all players unless injured should go full speed and full contact. We baby to many of the upperclassmen and QBs that they aren’t game speed ready to start the season. All they have really done is 7v7, normal grouping techniques, a few scrimmage plays, half speed reps, and possibly some thud stuff. This might be my biggest complaint. Auburn has always been feared just because of the toll it would take physically on your team when playing us. Let’s get away from the we gotta get our edge back stuff and just come out with your own players and every other team you play it’s gonna be a war when you play against Auburn. Sometimes the other team can out scheme you, that what Gus tries to do tries to out scheme other teams and he does a pretty good job most of the time but sometimes when they out flank you you just have to hunker down and say we are just gonna punch you in the mouth over and over until you quit and I’m not talking about run play after run play I’m talking the mentality you impose on your own players that I’m gonna kick the guy I’m assigned to ass all game long. Yes at a high level scheme and game plan are ultra important but so is desire and physical play which I think was lacking this year especially on offense. Overall team - please self scout hire some analyst that are better at it. Some outside of the program not GA’s trying to get into coaching that played for Gus. Please be more multiple on defense. I think Steele has brought a great approach of discipline and accountability to the defense but his defense is way to simple. Man to man almost every snap. I’m sure no one can scheme against that all they have to worry about is where a blitz may come from. We’ve all bitched about how predictable our offense is well the defense is 10 times worse. Grading - Gus at AU I would give him an overall grade of a solid B... 2018 I would give him a D+. Inexperience at major positions were more then I thought it would be. We never had that one player or one group step up to be leaders on and off the field. The team didn’t quit and that’s a good thing but I saw very little “desire” after the LSU loss.
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    Things I Think I Saw: AU vs Washington…. In case you haven’t seen this before, I named it as I did because I’ve watched thousands of hours of film, tape, and video of football games, and always been surprised at how differently I saw things each time I watched. Rather than watch replays of our games endless times, I just go with my first impression in these columns. So I may be wrong, and you may see things entirely differently. These are just my takes on assorted things from the game. Jarrett Stidham seems much more confident than at any point last season. He wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but he was pretty darn good. Missed a couple, and made a bad decision or two, but given the magnitude of the game, the quality of the opponent, and the proficiency of Auburn’s pass protection, he was outstanding. We are fortunate to have him as our QB. I remember when Auburn grabbed Daniel Thomas from one of the Montgomery high schools after making a last-minute offer. The kid has seemed to play with a chip on his shoulder since then, and he was an exceptional tackler in this game. In fact, the secondary as a whole tackled really well, especially Thomas, Dinson, and Javaris Davis. All of those guys made huge plays in the open field. Jamel Dean came up with his first interception, even with a “club” on his hand to protect his injured finger. Dean’s a heck of a competitor, and it was great to see him starting such a big game after all the injuries he’s had. Remember, he originally signed with Ohio State, and only came to Auburn after failing his physical at OSU. While the Auburn defense gave up some plays and yardage, once it was over it was great to see that Myles Garrett was limited to 75 yards on 17 carries. Gaskin is one of the top running backs in the country, and the fact that he was unable to hurt AU is very impressive. One of the concerns for Auburn going into the game was the center position. Kaleb Kim eventually won the job in fall camp, and got his first-ever start in this game. Kim was neither “great” nor “awful”, but for his first game as the starter, against a great nose tackle like UW’s Greg Gaines, he did reasonably well. Won some battles and lost some, and looked very tentative at times, but logic says he will get better with experience. I was reasonably happy with what we got from him. I was disappointed overall with the offensive line play. Tega didn’t always keep his feet under him in pass protection, but most times he was able to use his long arms to keep his man off Stidham. Newcomer Jack Driscoll wasn’t quite as “finished” as I’d hoped he would be, but he may have been our best offensive lineman in this game. Marquell Harrell looked a lot like he did when he was forced into the lineup last year…..uncertain and tentative…. and Mike Horton played maybe the worst game I’ve seen from him. LOTS of work to be done by J.B. Grimes and his group, but I never saw a lack of effort, so I’m expecting the improvement to happen over the next two weeks. After Gus praising the improvement of punter Aiden Marshall, the kid shanks one for 30 yards in the first game of the season. To be fair, Mike Horton was one of the up-backs in the punt formation, and he just waved at a Washington player running by him, almost getting Marshall’s punt blocked. Arryn Siposs replaced Marshall after that. He punted reasonably well, but did look a little nervous. He will get better with experience, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Marshall doesn’t make a run at the starting job again. I’m sure some fans are frustrated with the officials for the game, as the two teams combined for over 200 yards in penalties. I didn’t see any obvious “bias,” just some inconsistencies in how pass interference was called. Bottom line from an Auburn perspective, we played a very sloppy game on defense. Numerous offside penalties, personal fouls, a face mask, etc. Not totally surprising for an opening game, but atypical for a Kevin Steele defense. I feel certain those issues will be cleaned up over the next few days. After getting good pressure on Jake Browning right out of the gate, Auburn seemed to struggle a bit generating pressure during the middle quarters. I didn’t check every play, but I did notice once that while AU rushed 4, UW kept 7 in to block. I don’t care how good your defensive linemen are; if your four are going against seven, it’s gonna be pretty tough. All of last season, Auburn fans were crying for Gus to let Chip (Lindsey) run the offense. I don’t know how involved Gus was in this game, but the passing game we saw from Auburn looked pretty close to those I saw when Chip was at Southern Miss and Arizona State. There were some frustrating things in this game, especially in the running game. Lots of inside zone, despite UW’s defensive alignment being less than “ideal” for that play stood out to me. I’m all for not backing away from a challenge, but pounding your head into a wall when there’s a door open doesn’t make a lot of sense. Converted corner Noah Igbinoghene got quite a workout from Washington receivers. In his first game at corner, Iggy was picked on by the Huskies. He wasn’t bad at all in coverage, but his ball skills have got to improve. Of course, it doesn’t help when the receiver is allowed to push off, which UW’s did all day. Was kind of fun to watch Washington run their pick play down on the goal line. Everybody in football runs some kind of pick plays, but Washington’s was one of the more obvious I’ve seen. West Coast teams are usually mostly about finesse, and I was surprised to see that “blunt instrument” play from UW. Nick Coe has worked hard since arriving at Auburn, and was impressive as a backup last season. I was happy and surprised to see him named a starter this week, and he really delivered. The play he made causing Browning to fumble on an option play on third and goal at our three was tremendous. I look for more big plays out of that young man. Noticed our interior offensive linemen struggling with a simple twist stunt by UW. That can (and hopefully will) be corrected right away. Andrew Williams was impressive as part of the DL rotation. Not surprising, as he was very effective last year as well, but it’s good to see him remind us that there’s no drop-off when he comes in the game. Speaking of defensive linemen, Dontavius Russell has become a dominant player, very quietly. He and Derrick Brown owned the middle vs Washington. Young TD Moultry is having his problems. Coach Garner has been pushing him pretty hard, and the kid made a couple of discipline errors in the game. Gonna be a week of tough love for TD and his coach. He’s a talent; I hope RG can get him on track. Speaking of youngsters and mistakes, Big Kat Bryant jumped in the air on a pump fake by Browning, allowing Browning to take off and pick up a key third down conversion. I’m sure Bryant has been told “Never leave your feet” before, but I’ll bet he will remember next time. Experience is a tough teacher, but also the best. When stories came out saying Gus was going to give Stidham more latitude to change plays at the line, I thought about the “teaching” that Gus and Chip would have to do to make Stidham proficient at doing that. Saw one time in this game where UW was obviously going to blitz from the secondary, and Stidham didn’t seem to see it, didn’t change the play, and was ultimately called for intentional grounding. The game is literally always “a work in progress.” I absolutely loved the blitz call by Kevin Steele on UW’s last offensive play of the game. Even a four-year starter like Jake Browning didn’t know what to do once he saw all those Auburn defenders heading in his direction. On Auburn’s failed two-point conversion after the first score, I was fine with the decision to go for two, but not crazy about the play, and certainly no fan of the execution. In defense of whoever drew it up, Auburn did appear to have the motion man wide open, but Malik Willis chose to run. After watching the game carefully, we have LOTS of things to improve on. But, the game actually played out very well for us, as we got some great teaching tape, and ALSO got a huge win on the national scene. As a friend told me right after the game, “It’s good that some of these problems showed themselves early. Otherwise, we’d have had some nasty surprises later in the season.” I agree. Now we have two weeks to get our issues corrected before we face LSU, and a game next week with Alabama State to hopefully get some things tuned up. War Eagle!
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    Hate posting new topics, but maybe we can consolidate info here: Dean still day-to-day with metacarpal fx. May be held out next week. J Davis with Stinger vs Shoulder contusion. Day-to-day with likely held out next week. J Stidham with bruised shoulder from lick on the sideline. Sore but ok. Good to go. Noah I: bruised hand. Good to go. R. Davis: bruised chest wall/"wind knocked out." Good to go. Wde!
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    I barely know where to start. If you have followed my posts, you know I grew up in Auburn, daughter of the late Dr. John Freeman, AU botany professor and my sweet mom, an Auburn High biology teacher who still lives there. Daddy was a rabid football fan, and his job, as part of the Lions Club, was to guard the TV tower, so he always got in free. Though AU student tix for football cost only $4 when I was there, guess who couldn't care less about going? RIGHT. But my parents were part of a botany/microbiology department supper club that lived and breathed hoops. I can remember all of the guests coming back to our bedrooms to greet us where we were company-confined, hopefully watching "The Brady Bunch" or if we were really blessed, "The Wizard of Oz" on its reruns. Those were the Sonny Smith years, and his daughter was one year ahead of me in school. Those were also the "Coach Pat Dye" years, with his son one year below me. (You know, these coaches have real kids with real lives and to us, they're just people we know.) Did I care one thing about basketball? NOPE. Elitist I, "college is for academics", thank you. Go ahead and laugh at my transformation. Fast forward to now. No one is more surprised than I at myself and how I have changed over time into a college sports fanatic...pretty much Auburn primarily and whomever plays "the other." It brings me into new memory moments and great conversations with my husband, too. I've followed the ups and the downs of "the sport in spring training" right now, and I'm not going there. (My posts already do.) But several days away from the threshold of the Final Four, I just cannot get this thought out of my mind: "Pearl and the team have abso-blooming-lutely made basketball FUN, fun, fun." They have united our fanbase behind a deserving bunch of never-quitters. The sheer enthusiasm and passion of Coach Pearl has captivated us...especially G.Will Mac, and I am right there with you! They have gone high when others would go low, and they have left sports media with their jaws dropped. They have, by being themselves, taught the bluebloods a thing about humility and perseverance. They HAVE made Auburn University a basketball school, and they have made "the other" insanely jealous that they are not. I guess my memory lane is to say, if any of them read AU Family...thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for giving us something fun and meaningful behind which to rally. Thank you for taking my mind off of other sports (truly). Thank you for being so passionate to let us in to who you are. I truly, truly believe it's YOUR year, and I believe YOU will take it all. But even if not...this run has been more than I could have ever imagined. I don't know these young men personally, but I want to adopt every one. I saw Coach Pearl going into the movie theater on East University Drive a couple of years ago when I took my mom to a movie...AND he autographed my phone when I took it to an early game. He was as intensely marvelous then as he was now. He is his own cheering section, but he'll have the most reluctant on his feet before long...you just can't NOT. Life is short. I believe in leaving it all on the field, the court, the mission field. There is no question in my mind that Coach Pearl is changing lives beyond how to nail a 3-pointer, and it's clear to see why the young men continue to play and pray as they do. I can't EVEN...and I'm glad. What an amazing surprise it all continues to be. Carry on, now...this is the place to pour out your soul... ❤️ P.S. Daddy would have LOVED this. Mama is having a blast.
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    We all have heard of 72's story. Many have asked me privately about what they can do or how they can help. Through prayer and council from his pastor, his family has decided to set up a go-fund-me account. This was a struggle for him because, like most of us, we don't like to admit that we need help. Well, I'll say it for him. He and his family do need some help. That said, do not feel obligated or coerced to help. However, he is part the Auburn family and this is a chance to live that. Imagine what a blessing we could provide if we all just skipped a cup of coffee or a Coke. A single dollar compounded would be a huge gift to one of our friends and brothers. Just take a chance and read his story. If you feel like you want to help, great! If not, that's okay too. If you don't feel led to support financially, another way to help is just to pass on or repost his story to other friends or social media. That exposure can be a great help. https://www.gofundme.com/help-fund-nathan039s-cancer Again, please do not feel obligated. This is just a chance to help one of ours.
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    Can't speak for you but I've had a pretty rotten 2018 by most standards. Whether agreeing or disagreeing on the state of Auburn Football or whining about whining (pretty funny actually), I have had so much love and support from people who post on this forum. Even from those who disagree vehemently with each other regarding various subjects, they all had one thing in common....an ability to pray for, love & support someone they've never met in person. I have been truly blessed by so many here. Regardless of our position on the state of Auburn Football. They treated me like AUFamily. So, in my experience, yes.... AUFamily is the PERFECT name for this group of people. War Eagle & God bless you ALL!!!
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    This is how a leader sounds.
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    Tubberville was once asked how he kept four running backs happy. His reply: "I don't have to keep them happy. They have to keep me happy."
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    Sitting out under the stars tonight with my lovely Bride drinking coffee and enjoying a c-o-o-l. breeze. Current temp is 67 (forecast low of 64 overnight) with a quite obvious lower humidity than recent days. Mowed the lawn this afternoon and noticed that “different” scent of late season clippings. Could hear the rumblings of HS marching band practice echoing “Eye of the Tiger”...(Our HS mascot is Tiger as well). Some years it is a real stretch to make THE call.....not this year. ............The Nip was declared @ 10:15 pm CST on this day of our Lord 8-22-2018. (Per protocol, my brother David and best friend Jeff have been notified) ?? The Auburn Tigers are in preparation for Our Season Opener. The 2018 Season is upon us. God is in His heaven...and all is right with the College Football World!! Rejoice my Brothers and Sisters ...Rejoice!!! War Eagle and bring on the Huskies!!! ??
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    Jeff can you try to not antagonize the medical staff? We don't need our closest source to the program to be run off. Sincerely, The Rest of the Board.
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    And the lack of a program. Each year is a toss up. There is no guiding principle, no foundation, no direction, no focus, and no identity. We don't have a football program. Each year is unknown. We never seem to build or develop towards the future.
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    Defense still very good. Smoke was all over the field. LBs played very well. OLine looked a little better, held blocks especially in passing. Going to be key to get rid of the ball early. Still underwhelming. WRs looked rough today. Not crisp routes. Dropped passes. RBs are tough and fight for everything. Cadillac has them tough and hitting holes in the interior hard, even if there’s not a lot of room. Several backups played well...always tough to gauge. Qbs...all I keep hearing is how Nix is going to start, but still looks like JG is the leader to most I talk to...so who knows!?! No INTs today. What does the QB do when the play breaks down? The QB that handles that better will be the starter IMO. No major injury updates. Lots of sore dudes but came out OK. It was blazing hot! Certainly not Nip-worthy...yet.
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    I just wanted to give E a shoutout for the outstanding job he’s been doing to keep this recruiting forum top notch! He’s getting a well deserved break right now, but things will heat up again after spring ball with transfers. I don’t do pay sites, but they can’t be much better, and I get all the info I need right here. Hope others will show him some AUBURN love for his work. He also keeps everyone civil for the most part, but he definitely needs to continue to up His sarcasm radar game. Thanks E, Toddc
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    I’m going to pump some damn sunshine into this thread. Caddy is the reason I wore 24 in high school and played RB. The dude ran hard and with an attitude! Always respected his style and had the Bucs not rode him into the ground the NFL would have respected his career even more. He should develop into a great recruiter for us. Develop being the operative word. His IMG connection can’t hurt and if they had him coaching there of all places he’s probably not bad as a coach. This isn’t a “proven” hire for sure but dagnabit I love Caddy and I think the kids will too. They say don’t meet your heroes but I’ve never been disappointed with my interactions with him. War Eagle! I absolutely cannot wait to see him being interviewed by Ronnie Brown lol.
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    If I wanted to ride a roller coaster I’d go to Six Flags. I will support my brothers on the field but the HC has lost my backing. He’s on his own.
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    You know, I was talking to my father (also an Auburn alum) earlier today about one of my proudest moments as an Auburn Tiger. It was in 2009, when we played the eventual national champion Alabama Crimson Tide down to the wire, but came up short. After the game, the Bama fans who were there were chanting their classless Rammer Jammer cheer over and over, when something incredible happened. Rising from the rest of the stands, Rammer Jammer was overtaken and drowned out by "It's Great to be an Auburn Tiger." There were those clad in crimson who were looking around in utter confusion because they'd just won the game, and we were still chanting over them. That's what it means to be an Auburn Tiger. Through good times and bad, it's ALWAYS better to be part of "that Cow College", as Bear Bryant famously called us, than it is to be for anyone else. Our orange and blue doesn't go in the drawers for next season when the current one goes sour, like Alabama's crimson does. I, for one, wear it all the more proudly, because it's a part of me, no matter what. Now, here, amongst ourselves, we are free to criticize and second guess and complain all we want. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it's ALWAYS great to be an Auburn Tiger. I think some of you guys need to keep that in mind while lashing out about the play of the football team. If you're just a bandwagon fan, go ahead and get off now, because we're more than that. Always have been, and always will be. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!! No matter what.
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    A pumped up Boobee is always better than a deflated Boobee! ....I just....I'm sorry. Low hanging fruit is just hard to resist...
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    This became true when we made the Final Four, but the CWS berth made me do the research. Auburn has now made each of the following: - College Football NC game - Men's Final Four - Women's Final Four - Men's Baseball World Series - Women's Softball World Series Only 5 teams in the history of American Collegiate Athletics have done so. Auburn, Texas, LSU, Oklahoma, and Georgia. SPREAD. THIS. STAT.
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    It's been a while since I posted, but I've been getting more into film breakdown (Brett Kollman does a great job, but focuses more on the NFL) and thought this would be a good game to take a look at why our offense exploded against Purdue. Was it scheme? Execution? Playcalling? A mix? Let's find out. All of the screenshots and plays are taken directly from Auburn Football's highlights video on YouTube. Play #1 - Wheel Route TD to Boobee Whitlow This is the 3rd play of the game, and it's 3rd and 1. Purdue has clearly watched film of Auburn this year, and based on our offensive tendencies, they're selling out for the run, betting that we'll stick to our usual gameplan and run up the middle. To accomplish that, they're lined up in a 3-4 set, but have brought both safeties down 10 yards off the LOS and have their corners in press coverage. At this point, Auburn can be fairly confident that they are bringing pressure, which dictates that we should probably get the ball out quick to avoid a sack. Pre-snap, Chandler Cox is lined out wide to the right side of the offensive formation, but he is immediately motioned back into the backfield. This motion is designed to help identify whether the defense is running a man or zone look. The defender (Safety #27) follows Cox through the motion, which (along with the press coverage) indicates that this is a man blitz. With Cox in the backfield, it's a little easier to see the man coverage. Stidham knows that Purdue is probably bringing 5 blitzers, with 2 additional possible (LOLB and MLB). He also knows that his "hot" route is going to be the RB on the rub. Looking at the play design, first the rout concepts: Auburn is sending 4 players out in the formation, and the primary target on this play is Boobee. Both Seth Williams and Anthony Schwartz are running slant patterns, but notice that both receivers presnap are looking at the LBs- that is because their first objective here is to get in the way of the LB covering Boobee (in this case, the ROLB). With no safety help over the top, this "pick" or "rub" action is what causes Boobee to be so wide open on the play. On the other side of the formation, Darius Slayton is getting an outside release and running either a fly route or a comeback, but he's out of view so we can't tell. Meanwhile, looking at the blocking: This blocking setup is designed to cause the LBs to hesitate (giving the WRs more time to get in their way, which will free up the wheel route). We're blocking down towards the wide side of the field, but are pulling our strong side guard back to the left, which typically indicates a run to the left side of the formation (either QB on a Power or Read Option or RB on a counter). Meanwhile, the DL all gets washed down away from the playside, giving Stidham a "bailout" to the playside if he needs one. Notice the split between the DT and the DE on the left side of the offensive formation- this split makes it a lot easier for Tega to get leverage on the DT. Play at 50% speed: Seth Williams does a good job of "rubbing" the ROLB, which leaves Boobee wide open. Stidham hits Boobee in stride an lets his guy go make a play. Verdict: Scheme, Playcalling, and Execution made this play work. Play #2: Fly Route to Seth Williams Auburn comes out in 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 FB) with 2 WR to the wide side of the field, while Purdue again puts 5 guys on the LOS. This time, they have their corners at a 5-6 yard depth. Notice that all of the DBs are looking inside, not at the player in front of them. Also notice that S #27 is lined up on the opposite side of the formation from Boobee or Cox. Both of these are indicators that this is going to be a zone coverage, but it's not yet determined what type of zone it will be (cover 1,2,3,4). These "cover" monikers refer to the number of safeties that are the last line of defense, so in Cover 1, there's one man back who is responsible for the whole field, in Cover 2 there are 2 who are responsible for half, and so on. Each of these different "covers" dictates a different read on the play. There are lots of resources out there detailing how to attack zone coverages, so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here. Offensively, after the snap, Seth Williams (top of the screen) runs a fly route and Ryan Davis (slot, right of the formation) runs a little "bubble" route. The goal of this play is to fake the bubble screen, have the corners bite on the fake, and hit Seth Williams over the top for a chunk play: Purdue ends up running a Cover 4 here (so 4 safeties over the top, each responsible for a quarter of the field, also called Quarters coverage), which should take away the fly route that Seth Williams runs. This shouldn't be a problem, because all of the defenders going so far back opens up underneath routes like Ryan Davis's will be wide open. After the snap, Stidham immediately looks towards Ryan Davis, who is 14+ yards from the nearest defender. In accordance with the called play, he gives Davis a pump fake and throws it up to Seth Williams. This was a very dangerous decision. To his credit, Williams did have a step on the defender, however he was incredibly fortunate that the CB and Safety were so preoccupied watching Seth Williams that they didn't look for the ball because the pass was also underthrown, causing Williams to have to come back for it rather than hitting him in stride. Given that the CB wasn't looking for the ball, I won't call this a terrible decision by Stidham, but it was a dangerous decision, especially on 1st and 10 where we didn't need to pick up chunk yardage like that. The safer decision would've been to hit Ryan Davis in the flat, gain 5-6 yards, and keep yourself in a good spot for 2nd down. This play worked against Purdue, but I can about guarantee it wouldn't have worked against Alabama, LSU, or Georgia. Full Play, Half Speed: Verdict: Playcalling was good, but the play worked due to poor defense and a good catch by Williams. Play #3: Screen pass to Darius Slayton Auburn is up big, but is in a bit of a hole on 2nd and 18, so we come out in a 2x2 set. This is a bit of a misnomer though, since one of the receivers at the top is Chandler Cox, who is seldom used in the pass game. Again, we're using motion to determine the defensive playcall, but this time we're doing it with Kam Martin. He motions into the backfield, nobody follows, so it's likely a zone. Presnap, Purdue is showing us a Cover 2 look from a 3-3 Nickel formation. Notice that they've got a LB covering Cox at the left side of the formation. Also notice that their corners are playing "off", not press. Offensively, Gus is betting that Purdue is going to be pinning their ears back and coming after the quarterback, and rather than try to stop them from doing so, he's going to use that to his advantage by calling a screen pass. In this case, he's going to utilize a "tunnel" screen, which will attempt to get WR Slayton (far left of the formation) the ball behind a wall of blockers. That wall will come from Cox and the OL, who will simply let the DL run by them. A couple things to notice: #1 - Tega (LT) is staying in to block. This is intentional, because it will help prevent the DE on the play side from either batting down or intercepting the ball. #2 - Cox is going to block the ROLB covering him, not the CB covering Slayton. Again, this is intentional, but this time it's because the DBs are in a "bail" technique, typical of off coverage. Their hips are already partially turned, and their goal is to force everything back inside where they have help over the top rather than trying to jam the receiver at the line. The playcall was a good one and Tega did a good job giving his QB time to throw. Additionally, Slayton's blocks set up nicely: Unfortunately, this play was not perfect. Even with ample room to throw, Stidham's pass was high, and Slayton had to jump to catch it, losing precious time. Additionally, Chandler Cox was unable to maintain his block on the ROLB, who executed a swim move to the inside. By the time Slayton recovered from his catch, here's what the picture looked like: Realistically, there are now 4 defenders who can possibly make this play: The ROLB that got away from Cox, the CB initially covering Slayton, and both Safeties. Even so, at this point Slayton has a lead blocker and is already back to the LOS with a blocker in front of him and room to run, so the play should be a success. Harrell takes care of the CB and Slayton out runs the ROLB, but now is without a lead blocker and has 2 safeties in pursuit. Both are still a ways away, so this should at least get Auburn back to 3rd and manageable. This picture is the reason Slayton scored on the play: Safety #27 messed up. He took a bad angle, and on top of that he left his hips wide open. See how Slayton is watching him? My guess is that #27 hoped to simply hit Slayton out of bounds, but before he can do so Slayton makes a great open-field move with a "hesitation" or "stutter step" move and a little jab step inside, which caused the #27 to hesitate. Once he did so, Slayton turned on the jets and beat him to the boundary. Full play, half speed: Verdict: Playcalling and execution made this play a success, but an individual effort by Slayton made it a TD.
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    No worries, @StatTiger. I got this: WAR DAMN EAGLE
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    Good evening AUFamily. Sorry for "bumping" this thread but I didn't want to derail another football thread since the season's getting so close. However, as many of you know I had completed 7 weeks (5 days a week) of radiation a few weeks ago after having had roughly 8 months of hard-core chemo before that in order to fight a VERY rare and VERY aggressive malignant colorectal cancer that had spread to my liver & lymph nodes. I'm not sure if I ever shared this but we were told that one of my specific cancers (of the 4 I have...ugh) is so rare and deadly that only 70 cases have ever been studied over the last several decades and 70% were gone in less than 1 year from diagnosis....the other 30% never made it to year 2. The Lord has used me for HIS miracle! ....today we got the news we have been praying for.... NO SIGN OF CANCER!!!!! I temper the news with the knowledge that by my being Stage 4, the cancer is in my bloodstream, so I'll never be "cured" according to the Drs but my organs are at least a blank slate again. Praise Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior!!! Thankfully and prayerfully, I am blessed that He has more purpose for me and I get, hopefully, many many many more years to be here for my family, watch my girls grow up, and I can bless y'all with my genius Auburn Football insight and legendary wit for a while longer. Sincere thanks to all of you who have prayed for me, supported me, sent well wishes my way. Y'all have even brought me to tears on many occassions with sharing your own stories and I've seen the absolute BEST of our AUFamily. I'm so blessed and I love you all! God bless & War Eagle!!!!!
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    1) I was heavily involved with this move and remain on the faculty: The medical school was privately owned, and they were coming here anyway. The fact that Auburn met them halfway as an institution was out of necessity. It also occurred despite Auburn’s initial resistance. 2) the GPAC is almost entirely funded by donations. Lots of them. $$$ 3) ok. I guess he can take credit for a move made, in large part, from the great money-raising campaigns in Engineering over the last decade. (Here’s a kudos to M. Arnold!) 4) this was a compromise between academia and athletics. It had more to do with state assistance in tenured spots. So yes...Leath did one thing. He was terrible. He can go suck on lemons. My opinion, there should be some accountability on the knuckleheads who hired him. As far as Bruce is concerned, I don’t think his history is “Lilly White” as Pat Dye would say, but every time he talks, engages, works, takes time in the community—he helps Auburn. I sure hope he has learned his lessons and plays by the rules. Or at least if he cheats, he cheats like Kansas and Kentucky and UNC. Just my opinion.
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    I'm sick and tired of "let's fire Tommy;" of "let's fire Chizik;" of "let's fire Gus." I've said this before, and I'll say it again: Auburn is Auburn's own worst enemy. There is so much negativity festering. There has been so much, "get rid of Gus" one year after a great season. This guy's recruited well, hired well, taken us to a national championship, beaten Saban twice when no one's beaten Saban. This was a brutal year: O-line devastated by departures, Stidham in his head, vicious schedule, fan base calling for his head, admin trying to pull a bullcrap move against him. Guy's playing against a stacked deck. He's apparently a stubborn, arrogant guy who refuses to change or adapt. But oh by the way, this O beat UGA and UAT last year. On top of which he's shown how committed he is to AU, donating $2 mil to the AD, staying here instead of jumping to his home state and dealing with this fairweather fandom. I'm sick of this negativity, most of it from people hiding behind a message forum. Get on board, or get the &%$* out. War Eagle.
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    To me there is no way back. Gus and the relationships a coach must have to be successful are all toxic. The coaches, the board, the president, the school, everyone has taken a hit and the common denominator is Gus. After Gus called their bluff he should have been removed and a new staff brought in. That is the only way AU football can successfully move forward. If Gus remains this year(which he most likely will) AU football will start the year 4th in the West at best. UA, LSU, and TAMU will all have passed us and Moorehead and MSU will be close. If you look at the SEC as a whole, UA, UGA, LSU, TAMU, UF, and UTk, and MSU will all be in better positions than AU and will all be on an upward trajectory with competent coaches leading the way as we try and start over.
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    It's like you know we need to make a change, but can never want your team to lose.....happy to win. But sort of disgusted at the super celebratingat beating a&m. Disgusted at the answer of Gus saying difference of offenseat the end of the game was JS had more options.... I said at the beginning of the year our strength on offense was our wr's. Our talent level there was outstanding. You have a capable QB with heisman hype and an o line that's not good at run blocking and a bunch of new hb's.....and you still didn't cultivate a pass game this year. I hope the players can show their athleticism going forward and still get looks to continue their dreams despite being let down going forward. The most disappointing thing out of this is the board's Gus task force will use those two drives to try to vindicate Gus being a good coach for another week...👍
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    I would fire him right now, name Steele the interim coach the rest of the year.
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    Upon Further Review - Washington Game Despite scoring only 21 points against the Huskies, the offense did gain 420-yards and registered 27 first downs yesterday. The offense played well more often than not but struggled inside the red zone. In the past, red zone scoring has been an issue, but it is a good sign this offense could work its way into the red zone against a quality opponent. Of their 12 possessions, the Auburn offense worked it's way into scoring territory seven times. Though Ryan Davis has returned punts in the past, he looked more natural and explosive against Washington. One of the reasons I contribute to his new look is all the screen packages he makes the majority of his receptions. Davis has grown accustomed to catching passes and running through traffic as a wide receiver on screen plays. His vision and his athletic abilities are now showing up as a punt returner. Like the screen passes, he has adjusted to making one move laterally and then jetting up the field as soon as possible. Of the 31 combined carries by Martin, Whitlow and Shivers, only one attempt was held to a loss. The offensive line had some issues against Washington but the number of tackles for loss were limited. Auburn's defense registered 9 tackles for loss compared to Washington's three tackles for loss. After rushing for 103-yards on 28 attempts during the first half, Auburn was held to only 44-yards rushing on 17 attempts during the final two quarters. The Big-10 officials made sure to make their presence known during the game. There was a combined 22 penalties assessed for 209-yards. During Auburn's last 7 games, the Tigers have attempted more passes on 3rd down than 1st down only one time. Prior to the last seven games, Auburn attempted more passes on 3rd down than 1st down during 14 of 22 games. Placing Jarrett Stidham in better passing situations will be a good trend to continue for the Auburn offense. The Huskies averaged 8.5 yards per play on 33 first down snaps. On their remaining 32 snaps, Washington averaged only 3.6 yards per play. This and red zone defense was a primary key to Auburn's victory over No. 6 Washington. Auburn under Gus Malzahn is now 36-9 in games the pass-offense has a pass-rating of 140 or better on first down. Auburn threw the football over 45 percent of the time on first down against Washington. It was the third most percentage of pass attempts on first down against a Power-5 opponent since Malzahn took over has head coach. From 2013-2018, Auburn's leading passer and rusher have combined for at least 350-yards during a game on 23 occasions. From 2013-2015, Auburn was 10-5 in those games. Since Kevin Steele took over on defense, the Tigers are 7-1 in those games. Auburn is now 39-5 under Gus Malzahn when the Tigers have more rushing yardage and attempts than their opponent. Auburn is also 24-2 when they don't lose the turnover and tackle for loss battle during the same game. From 1986-2018, there have been 75 games Auburn faced a ranked opponent and was held to under 150-yards rushing. Jarrett Stidham's performance against No. 6 Washington was the ninth best efficient performance by an Auburn quarterback. From 2009-2015, Auburn faced 38 ranked opponents, allowing 31.5 PPG, while holding only eight opponents to under 20 points (21.0 percent). Since Kevin Steele arrived on campus, Auburn has held their 13 ranked opponents to 20.2 PPG and eight were held to under 20 points (61.5 percent). **Looking back to last year, Auburn's speed-sweeps were not efficient late in the season. Eli Stove ran it 10 times during the last 4 games of the season, netting 55-yards, failing to register a run play of 15-yards or more. I believe Chip Lindsey knew Washington had all summer to prepare for the speed-sweep and it took it out of the game plan. (He later commented after the game, UW's wide alignment at DE made running the speed-sweeps less effective.) He substituted swing passes and flat passes to a motioning back or receiver instead. Auburn connected on 10 such passes against the Huskies for 82 yards of which two netted more than 15-yards. War Eagle!
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    Depends on which faction you ask: Kodi Hater - "The receivers dropped the ball because they weren't coached right" Gus Haters - "The receiver missed the ball because the route was so simple he was bumped out of place by the defender." Grimes Haters - "The receiver didn't have time to get open because the OL couldn't sustain their block"
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    I’ll eat some crow on AU being embarrassed by Pickens flipping. Pickens is getting destroyed on the radio for the way he did his recruitment.
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    I rarely post on here anymore, but I visit the boards very frequently. I want to say that I've been on and off the Gus Bus since he was hired. I in part blame him for Chizik's failure because I think he failed to develop the quarterbacks he coached while he was a coordinator (and let's face it, Cam was going to be good with or without Gus). But I've noticed a lot of unwarranted negativity on this board and I think it needs addressing. First of all, we are 3-1, and were one play away from being 4-0. It is true that we haven't looked stellar on offense, but let's not act like we haven't been here before. So... let's go back in time. 2010: Offensive line play looked iffy in games 1-3. Cam was missing wide open targets. There were folks saying Cam was only a running quarterback, and that he wouldn't be able to throw. In fact, it took a field goal to beat a bad Mississippi State team, and a missed field goal to beat a mediocre Clemson team. By game 6, the offense found its groove and ended up being one of the best in the country, and finished the season winning the national championship. 2013: To start 2013, we barely beat Washington State, that ended the season with a losing record. We looked mediocre at best against Arkansas State. We looked bad (but won on a last second play) against Mississippi State. We lost to LSU. Early in the season, people on this board were saying Tre Mason didn’t have it in him to be a go to running back. It wasn't until Ole Miss that we found any real continuity on offense. We made it to the national championship game, and came up 13 seconds short. 2014: This season was weird. We ended up losing 4 games in the regular season, but the Mississippi State game was the second worst officiated game I've ever seen (with the LSU game this year being the worst). We lost to Texas A&M on a fumble, but this primarily happened because we had no defense. I think the loss to UGA was due to the shock of the previous week's loss. We lost to Alabama because we had a bad defense. Most people remember this as the season that Ellis Johnson's defense let us down. However, most people forget that our offense was not very good early in the year. We put up points through the air against bad defenses, but struggled to run the ball behind a shaky offensive line. It wasn't until 3-4 games into the season that the offensive line found its groove and we started being able to run the ball. 2016-Another weird year. Injuries lost us 3 of the last four games. White, being hurt against Vandy, played terribly against Georgia, could not play against Alabama, and got injured again against Oklahoma. We unfortunately had no depth at the QB position. However, when we had a healthy Sean White, we looked relatively good... Or so people remember. We lost the opening game against Clemson, a game that included 5 people taking snaps at QB. We looked bad in games 3 and 4 against Texas A&M and LSU, with Les Miles being fired after we won with 5 field goals. Starting after that game, we went on a several game run of very sound offense. Had Sean White not been hurt, we may have ended the season with a national championship. 2017- After a good performance against a bad Georgia Southern team, we had two absolutely terrible games in back to back weeks. Against Clemson, our offensive line played so poorly that Stidham was sacked a ridiculous 11 times. We struggled to run the football and throw the football. We put up 24 points against Mercer. With the exception of that embarrassing LSU loss, we went the rest of the regular season without a loss. we went from one of the worst offenses in the country to one of the best. Had Kerryon not been hurt, he probably would have won the Heisman, and Auburn probably would have won the national championship. So what’s my point? I’m a packers fan, so I’m going to quote Aaron Rodgers… RELAX! If history tells us anything, it tells us that will get our offensive woes straightened out. If we do, we have the potential to be a very dangerous team. The wide receivers are some of the best we’ve had in years. I still believe Stidham has the potential to do great things if we can find any rhythm offensively. We have a good stable of running backs, including Kam Martin. (I think he’s getting too much criticism. His running style requires a crease, which he isn’t getting from the offensive line.) I believe our struggles are twofold, but I think these two problems share a common cause. Problem 1- Offensive Line Play. Everything we want to do requires better play from this group. We want to run the ball, which we can’t do without better O Line play. We want to throw deep, which requires a decent pocket from our Offensive Line. Problem 2- Tempo. I was not a fan of the up tempo offense, and still think it does more harm than good if you don’t have depth on defense. That said, our offense absolutely works better when we go up tempo. Right now, we aren’t doing that. I believe this is in part due to problem 1. The coaches desperately want to run the ball because they think it will be important later in the season. However, the coaches also want to score points. I think the coaches are struggling with this conundrum. Do they commit to running the ball at a fast pace? Or do they focus on the passing game, in turn looking more like an air raid offense which may make for a liability later in the season? I think this discussion/consideration is slowing down our tempo. The fix: The coaches either need to commit to the run and work on getting that offensive line to look like a single unit, or they need to admit to themselves that this year needs to be a pass first team. So, I guess what I’m advocating for is more time for things to straighten out. Quit insulting Stidham. Quit insulting Gus and CCL. Quit insulting Kam Martin. Quit acting like the sky is falling. It is too early for that! If we lose to Moo State in 2 weeks, you may have an argument. But for now, complaining about any of these things is premature, especially when you consider that we’ve looked bad like this early in previous seasons.
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    I want to point out that this wasn’t a simple patella dislocation. This athlete had total dislocation of BOTH knees with tibial fractures. This would be a devastating injury on one knee alone. In addition, with total knee dislocation, there is disruption of the blood flow to the leg. The staff on scene from AU and LSU were amazing, and in effect saved this athlete’s legs from possible amputation (if things had gone unrelieved for too long) with their quick and thorough work on scene through her hospital care. Prayers for her and WDE. Kudos to LSU.
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    The job these guys are doing recruiting our "existing" players, and keeping them in the fold another year speaks volumes. WDE!
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    It's incredibly frustrating to have a game put away at the half and not use the 2nd half to get a potential starter (QB in particular) ready for the next season by letting them execute the entire offense. This constantly handing the ball off does absolutely nothing to prepare those players for the future. Run the frickin' offense that you ran in the 1st half regardless of who is taking the snaps. Frustrating as hell.
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    Urban is a slimeball. I'll pass on having Auburn permanently stained by being his 3rd cycle of the win-lose-scandal-fake illness routine.
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    Let me digest it a little bit. Initially, he is a good coach and very good at developing QBs. He runs a very flexible offense that plays to his players strengths. On the other hand, but, Gus...
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    Half of y’all need to turn your fan cards in.
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    There was dissension, primarily around the idea that Stidham was already going pro and knew that coming into the season. Some of the players didn’t think he was fully invested. We had one player that felt that coaches were oblivious to his participation on the offense (turns out he was right). Then after our poor offensive showing in many weeks, some of our players on D were particularly vocal about their reciprocal “checked out” attitude. They would come into the locker room, sometimes after being ejected from the game, and had no indication of being affected by the outcome of the game. That got under the skin of some of the leadership on D. Sorry—this is truth. Now were we were sold hyperbole and exaggeration? Maybe. But this didn’t come out of thin air. Winning is good, losses stir dissension. Cubelic wanted everything to stay internal, and that’s probably a good thing. If your job is to report what’s going on, then I guess it’s up to the writer to stir his/her ethical ego to come up with the best plan as to what/how much to report.
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    #WAREAGLE! It's almost game day! I just want to thank everyone that believes & supports my son on the this forum. I was on Auburn Undercover & I saw some things people were saying about my son. Not only was it ignorant but it was HILARIOUS! I have never seen a person be so upset about someone elses opinion. If people have good things to say about Worm they kind of get ridiculed for it lmao.... they always try to leave him out of the mix as if he wont ever be a vital part of the team. I just laughed at the comments as I read them because we are from SOUTH FLORIDA baby and we don't scare easy.... actually if you live in my house, you are a part of #TeamNOFEAR! So with that being said, we aren't going anywhere!!!!! again I want to say, THANK You and your support is very much appreciated. See you on the Plains