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  1. Not to digress back to the OP for too long, but we clearly have a lot of playmakers on the offense next year. I am convinced that the success or failure of the offense will rest on the broad shoulders of the O-line. The talent is clearly there, but nothing can happen without the fellas in the trenches.
  2. Hope he learns a lot behind Brady. Could evolve into a real good thing for him. Im not a Pats fan at all (Go Steelers), but it’s hard to argue with Brady being an awesome mentor.
  3. I truly wish I could un-see it - absolutely horrendous. Prayers for a fast and full recovery and very thankful for the medical staff.
  4. Dude has ice water in his veins
  5. Definitely seemed like we were getting fouls for thinking about defense, and we had a lot of guys getting knocked down w/o a U.K. foul, but it’s all ok now.
  6. We do have some 5* talent leaves, sure. We also have guys that come back and forego a near sure thing at the NFL draft, when everyone is sure they won’t. We have players that exceed expectations, and we have players that fail to meet expectations. I don’t know the issues they have that causes them to fall short. Maybe it is coaching. Maybe it is an issue of them feeling entitled and getting out worked by other guys. Maybe it’s a “fit” issue. Maybe there are personal issues that don’t hit until these kids leave home. My guess is it’s probably a little of all of the above. However, regardless of the reason, or the number of HS stars a player has, if someone is not happy at AU, or likely won’t crack the lineup and contribute its better for everyone for them to move on rather than become toxic to the organization or missing a better chance for themselves somewhere else. Best of luck to Calvin, hope he finds a better fit.
  7. It’s also true that every coach since Bowden has had a good run, and the fan base eventually formed the lynch mobs after 3-4 years and started screaming for the next coaching change. People getting tired of seeing the same thing could also run a very real risk of a change of scenery for the worse. There are lots of teams that made a move and ended up worse for it. I am not saying there may not be a better coach out there than Gus, or that I found this season acceptable, but I will also say we could do worse, much worse.
  8. I agree that feflect8ng the praise was the right way to go. I had a different take on his demeanor though, it seemed to me that he was freezing his arse off after getting the water cooler dumped on him lol
  9. Where did zGus say anything about using Bryant or getting Freeze? I must have missed that. I'll admit I was in the "1 more year" camp. I want Auburn to be successful and feel there are things he does well. Unfortunately, it is clear it's best to part ways. The fan base is tearing itself apart, and the media is absolutely fueling the fire. This will have a huge impact on recruiting and a "death spiral" is coming if we don't make a very good hire. We had 3 choices: support the staff, fire Gus and take a chance with the unknown, or peel the band aid off in a very slow and painful way - We chose option 3. I hope what you said isn't prophetic. People have been wanting Gus gone, and it is very likely to happen, just a year longer than most wanted. The question is how much damage will be done in recruiting and to the allure of AU to coaching candidates. All it takes is 1-2 bad recruiting cycles and we could be in for years of rebuilding. Granted, there could also be upside, but there are plenty of programs that have gone to other way too. I guess we'll see.... In the meantime, I won't be missing games, hoping for losses, or rooting for disaster. I follow AU football for fun and as a distraction from the stresses of the "real world". Unfortunately, in a lot of ways it has become more stressful.
  10. We'll, you can always look at it this way 😎 All of those teams that are on the receiving end of those offenses you are watching probably wish they had a defense like ours.... Yeah, having both would be nice too, just trying to be positive.
  11. Where is the option that says I think this year's team could be really good, even though JS isn't what I would consider a dual threat QB, but our O line needs work?
  12. For the 10 minutes I was waiting the SECN logo sure looked good, then the game went to start and the technical issues started.....
  13. I'm having streaming issues - is it just me??
  14. I'd be in for the UT game. This year, for Father's Day, my oldest daughter bought my wife and I tickets to the AU v UT game. Said she got tired of me talking about taking a trip back to UT every year but being consumed by my kids playing sports (I have 6 kids) and never making it down. Salhe will come home from college (she's at UT - lol) to take care of her siblings. Super nice of her, and I'm really looking forward to it. Before I get any grief for her going to UT, we've lived up here the vast majority of her life, it's in state, and any school that wears orange and hates bama can't be all that bad, right?