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  1. I think the play calling put Bo in a much better position than UF . The O line play, some dropped balls and poor throws didn't help it look better though Fully agree that putting Gatewood in for a series may have been a worthwhile exercise . Also the condition and recruiting of the O line are squarely on Gus
  2. Appreciate you reading it all the way through. I'm not finding fault or trying to get in an argument about it. I find we have similar opinions more often than not . My only initial point was this was this loss was way more than just Gus . He's got a share of the blame for sure, If I thought there was a candidate that had enough upside to be worth the risk, I'd be game. I think he recruits really well, the players play hard for him and he draws some absolutely brutal schedules. The West is tough, our draws from the East are brutal, and Oregon is no joke
  3. Using this logic is flawed. Sure the coaching staff prepares the players, but players have to execute what their taught . I'm not at all saying Gus didn't have anything to do with the loss, I have plenty of suggestions of things he could have done differently. The horrible 1st down calls were just one example. However, do you also give the HC credit for every great play and every win? My only point is we were put into a position to win this game and we didn't. It was close and it stings that we should have won. Remember, that championship caliber defense is also Gus`s doing too, right? I firmly agree he is to blame for a underperforming O line. Our recruiting there has been lacking for a long time My only point is this is on the team as much as the coach. I've never once said he is not responsible for the results of the team. I said he is not solely to blame for a loss. I'm fairly certain you'll try to mince words and nitpick, but my point is the coach is responsible for the program, but he also doesn't play the games in a vacuum. Although it doesn't appear that you've also seen my criticism of Gus, I'm very much "in the middle" as well. I just don't think things are ever as simple as crying for one man's head when a game is lost. There's just more to it than that. Are there better coaches out there, sure, but we could also do much worse Do you also give Gus the credit for the defense? Thanks for the commentary on leadership. Yeah, that game was a complete train wreck. I drove through the night for 7.5 hours after my son's HS game to watch that sh*t show, and then drove straight back home so he could be at film review the next day...ugh. As frustrating as that was, I still wouldn't want to trade places with UT or where their program is. Bottom line for me - could we do better, sure. Could we do worse, absolutely. I wouldn't be against upgrading, but I truly don't see any real candidates that offer enough upside to make a change worthwhile. All of the coaches that I can think of that are proven, and field better results that Gus aren't going anywhere .
  4. This wasn't a loss due to Gus. He wasn't the one throwing the ball, jumping offsides, blocking horribly - whether run or pass, or even keeping a yellow hankie in his pocket while our D line was being held . He didn't give us terrible, terrible field position just about the whole 3rd quarter. He wasn't the one calling the same up the middle run that we run on 85% of every first down we have.... wait, scratch that one - he does own that. I'm as frustrated with losing the game as anyone, but just as frustrated by the coaching lynch mob that happens after every loss, with every coach we've had since Al Gore invented the internet.
  5. This loss was on a crap performance by the O line and 3 picks by a freshman QB. Not “blaming” anyone in particular, but it was execution more than play calling in my opinion. Could the plays have been better - sure, I think that can always be said. But the players have to execute as well.
  6. Too bad for Worm I love watching him run!
  7. Deep throws looking much better!,,
  8. He's playing very well. He just makes very good decisions. The only down side was the fumble you can just tell he's not used to people running him down from behind . That won't happen again I'd like for him to get a few more longer throws, then get Joey some quality reps
  9. Bo to Schwatz is dangerous for a TD every time-!