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  1. GoAU

    Now we know who Trump really is

    I typically don't wade into political discussions here, but there are some things I feel need to be pointed out, just to be intellectually honest. First, I am a pretty conservative guy, and as a result, Trump wasn't my first, second or probably even third choice, but he was significantly better than Hillary. For example, I strongly disagree with his tariff on steel and aluminum because I think domestic downstream manufacturing that uses these materials will be significantly impacted for the worse. The omnibus package was also a big mistake. However, lets look at a few points in this article, and see if they really stack up... The NDAs - First, I would argue that dictatorship governments don't use NDAs, they use gulags and firing squads... This is just hyperbole. Secondly, no president has had to deal with the overt leaks and attempts to fail his administration from the professional political animals in DC that he has had to deal with. People of both sides of the aisle feel threatened by his pronie to "drain the swamp" and will do anything they can to prevent it. The crimes Hillary and Co committed, whether through Uranium One, the e-mail scandal or the Benghazi cover up are very real, and I do think she needs to be held accountable. However, I also understand the appearance of attacking a political foe after an election, so maybe an independent council, that won't meet with Slick Willy on a tarmac in a private jet, would make sense? Another example of the bias of the author is in criticising Trump for talking to (& congratulating) Putin, but why wasn't Obama in the same way? The bottom line is that no president in history has had to deal with a more hostile media, since before day 1, of his administration than Trump
  2. GoAU

    2018 Spring Practice - Day 1

    The "no excuses" began on the first day of Spring practice, is it really necessary? With the exception of the bowl game (which many here said didn't matter anyway, & BTW I disagree) I don't consider last year a bad year, or needing an excuse. If playing in the SECCG becomes an regular event I'd say that's a step in the right direction.
  3. GoAU

    Prayers please

    I believe he is saying he is pausing what he is doing to pray - you know to focus BB - thrilled for the great news and will continue to pray for you guys!
  4. GoAU

    Prayers please

    Prayers for your son's healing, comfort for you and the family and wisdom for the caregivers!
  5. GoAU

    Men vs. Georgia

    I hate to admit it, but I haven't seen a game yet this year, and haven't really followed BB in years, but hearing the hype of this year's team, and seeing the UGA game on the TV menu tonight I went ahead and flipped on the game right after all time - WOW is all I can say. Extremely impressed. I can see me tuning in a lot more now.
  6. GoAU

    Demographic Curiosity

    Thank you! I always considered it a blessing to be able to serve my country. Thank you for your service as well!
  7. GoAU

    Demographic Curiosity

    46 Male Currently live in West TN, near Jackson, but I've had the opportunity to live in over 20 cities / states throughout my life. Definitely lived in the state of TN the longest (Knoxville, Murfreesboro - twice, and now here). Started at Auburn in 89 and graduated in 94. Got to take a short break in the middle courtesy of Saddam Hussein and Uncle Sam. Served for quite a while in the Army, but have been working in manufacturing ever since.
  8. GoAU

    Stidham Returning

    Great news. I think the O will only get better..
  9. GoAU

    Jeremy Johnson lands coaching job

    Best of luck to him, glad to hear it!
  10. GoAU

    The great debate

    Agreed, sorry for not being clear. What I was trying to say was if they didn't have traction issues for the SECCG, why would you change shoes for the bowl game? I guess it was for the looks. I thought they did look sharp, but not at the expense of performance.
  11. GoAU

    The great debate

    I gotta go with this as well. What seems odd to me is it didn't seem like we had any problems in the SECCG, so what / why would they have changed?
  12. GoAU

    Stop the BIG contracts.

    I agree that 7 years is a bit long, but can certainly understand why you'd want at least 4-5 for recruiting. However I think the market (i.e. the coaches and agents) are moving more in this direction due to the number of coaches being fired 2-3 years into every contract. If I were a coach, with the kind of job security they have I'd be pushing for these types of contracts too.
  13. GoAU

    What was the “tell”

    I saw / heard them call shots at least a couple of times, and noticed they were wrong a few times as well. Would love someone to do an actual objective analysis to see whether or not it is statistically true.
  14. GoAU

    Kerryon Johnson to Enter NFL Draft

    Hate it for us, but wish him nothing but the very best. He is a stud, played his heart out and always seemed to represent himself and the university well. We have a lot of depth at RB, there should be a wide open competition for the role. I don't expect Pettway to be back, but one can hope. Given his track record though I wouldn't put too many eggs in that basket. I really hope we develop multiple backs and take note of how UGA uses multiple RBs or the way we did we Caddy and Ronnie Brown.
  15. GoAU

    Season in review

    Good post. After watching our OL line yesterday, I'm not so sure we'll take a step back next year, we were that bad... Agree with this. Unless you have a very inexperienced QB, like maybe JS in the first few games, I think you have to give the QB the option to audible out of a disaster in the making.