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  1. Has it started? Did you mean “Has another thread about firing the coaching staff” started? I would say say we should merge all the threads about the impending doom facing us this season, but then there’s only be a handful of threads to read here.....
  2. It was clearly an oversight, and I can’t possibly imagine him doing it intentionally. He apologized. The apology was a little over the top, but I’m sure he regretted his mistake and intended no ill will. A lot of people these days look to hard for things to be offended about.
  3. If you can’t find humor in that 1) you take things way too seriously and 2) you really don’t understand Auburn athletics. Thats some funny stuff.
  4. Agreed. But I will say, my sone and I couldn’t understand why we didn’t go for the 2pt conversion. So glad it didn’t matter.
  5. He made a few mistakes in the 1st half, but they were done trying to make something happen. The thing I loved is that didn’t rattle him at all and he kept balling. Well done and a real leader as a true freshman. I hat an awesome experience that he will certainly benefit from.
  6. If you blame Gus for the plays that don’t work, isn’t it only fair that he gets the credit for the ones that do? Now, in the real world it’s never that simple, but there were some people that were looking to blame Gis for anything and everything negative. The big key to me is this team rallied in the face of adversity, instead of folding. A testament to the players and coaches.
  7. Not to digress back to the OP for too long, but we clearly have a lot of playmakers on the offense next year. I am convinced that the success or failure of the offense will rest on the broad shoulders of the O-line. The talent is clearly there, but nothing can happen without the fellas in the trenches.
  8. Hope he learns a lot behind Brady. Could evolve into a real good thing for him. Im not a Pats fan at all (Go Steelers), but it’s hard to argue with Brady being an awesome mentor.
  9. I truly wish I could un-see it - absolutely horrendous. Prayers for a fast and full recovery and very thankful for the medical staff.
  10. Dude has ice water in his veins
  11. Definitely seemed like we were getting fouls for thinking about defense, and we had a lot of guys getting knocked down w/o a U.K. foul, but it’s all ok now.
  12. We do have some 5* talent leaves, sure. We also have guys that come back and forego a near sure thing at the NFL draft, when everyone is sure they won’t. We have players that exceed expectations, and we have players that fail to meet expectations. I don’t know the issues they have that causes them to fall short. Maybe it is coaching. Maybe it is an issue of them feeling entitled and getting out worked by other guys. Maybe it’s a “fit” issue. Maybe there are personal issues that don’t hit until these kids leave home. My guess is it’s probably a little of all of the above. However, regardless of the reason, or the number of HS stars a player has, if someone is not happy at AU, or likely won’t crack the lineup and contribute its better for everyone for them to move on rather than become toxic to the organization or missing a better chance for themselves somewhere else. Best of luck to Calvin, hope he finds a better fit.
  13. It’s also true that every coach since Bowden has had a good run, and the fan base eventually formed the lynch mobs after 3-4 years and started screaming for the next coaching change. People getting tired of seeing the same thing could also run a very real risk of a change of scenery for the worse. There are lots of teams that made a move and ended up worse for it. I am not saying there may not be a better coach out there than Gus, or that I found this season acceptable, but I will also say we could do worse, much worse.