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  1. Trump was significantly more liked by the military than Biden, I assure you.
  2. I see, and agree, with a lot of what you are saying. I agree with the concept of first offender programs, and the opportunity they afford people to extract their craniums from their rectums - but I struggle with the frequent fliers, violent criminals, and the child predators. For qualifying individuals that opt to take a diversionary route I would like to see something like a shock incarceration boot camp with work details and mandatory drug treatment to deal with part of the punishment, and repayment of debt to society and then supervised probation. If they complete the program, stay clean and complete the probation then seal their records and don’t label them with the felony stigma that makes a productive like so hard. Should they become a repeat offender, unseal the record a stiffer non-nonsense sentence awaits. And I’m for bringing by the “third strike policy”. A mistake can happen to anyone. Twice maybe. But three times is a trend that is indicative of someone beyond reforming. Violent criminals skip step 1. As for child predators, well I’ll leave my opinion to myself.
  3. Possible - but highly unlikely. That’s not only a career ender, but could get senior officers jail time.
  4. So, I want to correct myself as more information has become available. Today General Keane did say there were the 3 occasions where balloons passed, undetected, though US airspace. Obviously Trump wouldn’t have been briefed, so I can see where both sides felt they are correct. The main concern for me is “how”? Why don’t we pick this up. Need to close this gap in our defense.
  5. The biggest lever they can pull isn’t in controlling the markets, it’s in controlling the printing presses. Stop spending more money than we have. This is not unique to the Biden administration for sure - but it is definitely getting worse under it. The “Remain in Mexico” program was in fact working. As for granting asylum- the requirement is that it is granted in the next country that they come to - in many of the cases of people crossing through our southern border, this would be Mexico. There is also nothing saying that we have to turn them loose all over our country and let them run free - the way that we are “enforcing” our border policies is akin to leaving the door open, handing a “welcome” sign and handing out cookies. We are encouraging illegal crossing, and the statistics show it. I agree that the fentanyl problem is more than a souther border issue, but most of it is coming across the southern border. We also need to get real serious about enforcing our laws - both around the border for smugglers, with diplomatic pressure on Mexico to control their side of the border, and certainly within our own country for dealers. To be honest policies we have in our major cities is akin to trying to put out a fire with gasoline. I suggest everyone watch a documentary that can be found on YouTube by a news channel in Seattle (KOMO I believe) called “Seattle is Dying”. I thought it was a very insightful as to what the problem is, what’s causing it, and a good suggestion as how to address it. I don’t quite agree with all of the corrective acts ( a little light for me) but it’s MUCH better than what we’re currently doing.
  6. I added my rebuttals to your quote above in your quote, following the —->. I also not you didn’t tout: 1) His “Inflation Reduction Act (which does absolutely NOTHING to stop inflation. 2) What a great job he’s done securing the border 3) How great he’s done stopping Fentanyl from pouring into our country and killing more people in a year than true “gun violence” does in a decade.
  7. There has been ZERO PROOF of this allegation. They didn’t provide any proof of it to Congress today either. You take their word for it though, right? Seems as if the prior administration denies it, Biden needs to either put up or shut up.
  8. They absolutely tried to do the “it happened to Trump too…” excuse, ad when they realize that wasn’t going to hold water they clarified. Hard to prove if they weren’t called to the carpet on it whether they would have clarified that comment or not. I also find it ironic how he tried to blame the Joint Chiefs briefly saying he gave the order to shoot it down, but they didn’t. Maybe that’s his code for saying they advised him against it - but that’s neither here nor there I guess. This is brought to you by the same crew that orchestrated the beautiful Afghan Withdrawal. The biggest blunder of modern US military history. admittedly a very tough call whichever way you go for Brandon & Co. once the balloon was located. The latest trajectory I saw had it coming into the US from AK - hard to believe it wasn’t spotted, identified and downed in AK. Then obviously you can’t shoot it down over Canada. Once over CONUS, I guess I can understand the approach that this thing was the size of 2 school buses. The real test for Brandon now begins - how to handle China. Obviously it wasn’t a weather balloon, they could have preemptively told us that. I guess we’ll see how beholden you China he really is…..
  9. I don’t disagree with what you’ve said. Our military spending is definitely needed, but there are certainly lots of opportunities to reduce the total spend, without cutting size or equipment - there is a lot of fat. The same can be said for welfare - if we really cracked down on abuse, we could probably cut 10-25% of the spending without affecting the people that truly need it. mom not sure if you’ve ready Rand Paul’s “List of Grievances” published around Christmas of some of the absolutely wasteful spending of our government - but it made my blood boil. The amount of debt burden we are saddling our future generations with is obscene. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/rand-pauls-festivus-report-airs-482-billion-federal-waste-grievances.amp Here are a couple of other sites I quickly pulled up that covered this and a couple examples I truly don’t know anything about the lean / bias of the next two sites (I assume Fox News may lean slightly right ) But regardless of the lean, they are just pointing out what Paul said as a congressman https://deadline.com/2022/12/festivus-airing-of-grievances-senator-rand-paul-government-waste-1234661124/amp/ The senator’s 2022 grievances included: The National Institutes of Health spending $2.3 million injecting beagle puppies with cocaine NIH separately spending $187,500 to verify that kids love their pets. The Department of Health and Human Services spent $689,222 to study romance between parrots. The NIH funded a $3 million annual research project to watch hamsters on steroids fight The US Census Bureau spent $2.5 million on Super Bowl Ads. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/rand-paul-outlines-54-billion-in-outlandish-government-waste-in-annual-festivus-report/ Among Paul’s instances of waste were several health studies, including more than $36 million spent on studying why stress makes hair turn gray, more than $1 million spent studying whether people will eat ground-up bugs, and more than $3 million spent interviewing San Franciscans about their edible cannabis use. As far as taxpayer dollars spent aiding other countries, $8.62 billion was spent in Afghanistan on counternarcotics efforts, more than $37 million was spent helping deal with truant Filipino youth, and more than $3 million was spent on sending Russians to American community colleges for a “gap year.” Among funds spent on the environment, energy, and scientific research, more than $1 million was spent walking lizards on a treadmill, nearly $200,000 was spent studying how people cooperate while playing e-sport video games, and more than $2 million on developing a wearable headset to track eating behaviors. This is a LOT of money our government is pissing away with absolutely NO ACCOUNTABILITY. It’s just sad.
  10. I assume you are referring to my comment about Hillary being prosecuted? Im trying to understand your post here - are you referring to her knowledge of the law, or my knowledge of the situation? If you are referring to my knowledge, I am basing this off the FBI / Comey investigation. She clearly set up personal servers to circumvent the .gov system - this was not disputed by anyone. Comey (wrongly) chose not to prosecute, but the facts of her actions with the servers are undisputed. If you are referring to her not having knowledge- ignorance of the law is not a defense in the handling of classified documents. And if you believe she did it know, I can assure you she had more than enough training and advisers to keep her from making a “mistake”. Her “intent” was also very clear - these were not accidental steps - including her actions to cover it up. If you are referring to something else, please clarify.
  11. Actually on this topic I have no partisan leanings at all, and have been very consistent in my stance. Just like I’ve said about Trump and Biden, I will say the same for Pence - unless the context of the documents (not content) can be shared, we have to assume they do threaten national security. That being the case, all 3 should be prosecuted. The same standards we hold out military members to can and should used for elected officials. Hillary took very intentional actions to circumvent controls hide activity and should be prosecuted even more than the other 3. This has nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats, and has to do instead with the “ruling class” being held to different standards than our military. I am, however, deeply enjoying watching Biden eat copious amounts of crow for his comments on classified documents. But that doesn’t affect how I think it should be handled within the legal system.
  12. From what I read, he reported it about the same time the whistleblower talked to the news. He was just trying to get in front of it. I don’t believe he had any intention of reporting it until he realized it was getting out any way. There is ZERO chance he forgot he had the documents. He just got caught.
  13. Biden reported it - right after the story broke, or was about to break. Do you really believe he just stumbled across them while cleaning out the closet / garage?
  14. Not sure I’d put this first, but it’s way up on the list. That being said, in the not too distant past, our politicians completely gave up on the concept of having a budget, which is completely insane. Now we just pass “debt resolutions”, kick the can further down the road, devalue our currency and enslave future generations to foreign debt. Pathetic really….
  15. Not terribly surprised - the Army not being completely truthful ?? LoL… They’ve been doing DNA retains since the 90’s .
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