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  1. It wasn’t her brother, it was her son. He was also removed from any itineraries or manifests - seems a little shady. He is also heavily involved in numerous companies in Asia that are tied to cobalt and lithium- things that supply batteries for green energy. Couldn’t have anything to do with all of the green funding in the “Inflation Proliferation Act that Nancy has been pushing? Maybe there’s nothing there and it’s just related to his unique qualifications in the field - except there aren’t any. Don’t know anything about Mitch’s wife to be honest. But if you can show me how his influence got her her position or his stance on pushing legislation benefitted her I’d like to take a look.
  2. No evidence? You mean like one of Hunters business partners testifying under oath that Biden was involved? Or Hunters business partners visiting Joe Biden in the White House numerous times whe he was VP? That would be a little odd if Joe wasn’t involved, wouldn’t it? I guess if no one really looks for evidence it is hard to see.
  3. Possible, sure. But highly unlikely. Maybe you can provide a more likely explanation of the “10% to the big guy” or the crazy amount of money Hunter makes by being completely unqualified to sit on foreign energy BODs and sells his kindergarten quality “art” for hundreds of thousands of dollars? the Pelosi family business dealings are another area I’d love to see you explain away.
  4. The other things are only “sensationalized narratives” because the DOJ has either refused to investigate, or drug their feet indefinitely. Obviously youve missed the point - which was they are refusing to do anything about it.
  5. Don’t forget his stellar track record of enforcing the laws around the intimidation of Supreme Court justices - not politically motivated at all….
  6. If anything comes of this, I will absolutely support application of the law As I said in my first post in this thread IF evidence is presented that this has merit - so be it, and let the chips fall where they may. That being said - everything I’ve seen going at Trump this far is political / partisan mud slinging and lacks merit. Forgive me for being a little skeptical of the “big news on Trump” headlines. This is much more than comparing Trump to Hunter. How do you feel about Poppa Joe? Be completely honest, if the following happened with Trump, how would you react: 1) a business partner of Trumps presented the “10% cut for this big guy” testimony 2) combined with the laptop evidence and voicemails 3) the documented visits of Hunters business partners meeting with Joe (in the White House) despite the obviously untrue statements that they “never discussed business” And you think Trump is the threat? We won’t even begin to discuss the Upcoming Pelosi-gate story with her husband and sons business deals See above - if we don’t support it we have a huge track record of it with Pelosi, and now with Paul jr on this most recent trip, what is the DOJ doing about it?
  7. I think you are probably right, but my bigger concern in this isn’t this particular case, but more so the precedent. It’s another step in the endless brinksmanship both sides seem to continually play. The limits get pushed, the next time, the other side does it based on the last time it happened, then it’s the new norm. Just another crack in a rapidly decaying wall….
  8. Allow me to clarify - I did not intend to make it look like you said anything you bolded - I left out a “us” being conservatives expecting . Cell phone typing isn’t always a strength of mine. However - there is no straw man arguement in pointing out that the burden or proof for a search warrant and a FISA warrant are both high. You are correct that if a LEO misrepresented the case there should be consequences. The conservative point here is that obviously didn’t happen on any of the other cases where the swamp tried railroading him - so why would we think it’s legit this time? Much like in other cases involving law enforcement, I’ll wait to see the evidence before finalizing judgement, but the partisan track record of thw FBI / DOJ doesn’t do it any favors.
  9. You called it that we would be “predictable” in expecting equal treatment of both sides of the political spectrum- what a novel concept…. If you think that a search warrant would be “scrupulously” reviewed, but signing a FISA warrant wasn’t it shows how delusional you are. I would expect all of it to be reviewed thoroughly But then again, the judge that signed the warrant donated thousands to Obama, so I don’t know why anyone would think there may be some bias there. The FBI is so compromised at this point I don’t see how they can ever regain their prior reputation As for Garland, he is more politician than AG He openly rejects enforcing laws
  10. Just like the Steele dossier, right? I’ll believe it’s real when I see the evidence - the real evidence. The media lost its claim at objectivity during the first three years of Trumps term. They’ll make all sorts of claims over the next few days. Until then, it appears to be purely politically motivated. Heck they spent more FBI hours in that one raid than they have on Hunters laptop. And if the so alleged records are that critical, ole Hillary sure got a pass - or has the law changed?
  11. “Oh, the honeymoon phase is over,” Wooden said. “You’re coming to work, big dog. Yeah, everything they recruited you for and all the visions of you getting to be like a Derrick Brown or somebody hard like that, hey, it’s time to work…. Put your hardhat on, grab your hard-pail lunch and go to work.” love it!!!
  12. Hate to hear that about Smoke. Prayers for a fast and full recovery.
  13. I assume you know that Santa Claus originated in 280 AD Germany and Jesus is clearly of Hebrew origin, right? Neither of these has anything to do with racism.
  14. I guess you’re right that there may be a good union out there - I have only seen issues with some in the police unions as mentioned above and 3 different manufacturing unions where they constantly fought any attempt to improve the viability of a business, to remove workers that had detrimental effects on their coworkers (mainly though safety, conduct or attendance issues) and the self serving union committee. I also see the constant BS the teachers unions are trying to pull. Government employee unions are an absolute joke as well. So, while I remain open to the concept that there may actually be a “good union”, I will file that with the Lock Ness monster and the Sasquatch as “possible but unlikely” until I see one.
  15. Agree with you - unions in general have outlived their usefulness and generally shield people from personal accountability.
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