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  1. My brother, I pray for you and your family in these tough times. I know what it can feel like when you feel that there is no hope. Understand that our Lord and Savior is with you and your family. Don’t lose hope, keep focused on scripture and although it doesn’t feel it now, there are better times to come. If there is anything at all I can do to help, please do t hesitate to ask. The prayers willl be there, for anything else - just ask.
  2. Nope, and I won’t let you put words in my mouth. But you do continue to reinforce your ignorance. Treating people equally isn’t fear, it’s just right.
  3. It’s an exact quote of what he said. There is no context needed when he said he intended to prioritize by race. Try this on for size - reverse “minority” with “white” - if it sounds wrong, it probably is. You continue advocating using race to discriminate against a group or prioritize aid, and then claim that’s not racist. It is the very definition of racist. Prioritize by individual need. By the way, the areas that you are claiming have been largely ignored or overlooked, are largely governed by Democrats anyway. Maybe they’re the ones guilty of racism? You talk about “my
  4. Two techniques, one is to say base it on race, the other says to base it objectively on need. And you think your technique is the more fair option? Forget facts, your just operating on feelings / opinions. Your method leaves the possibility that someone hit hard in the heaviest impacted areas can be overlooked because he/she is the wrong race, or conversely someone living in a less impacted area could get aid (that someone else may need more) because he / she is the chosen ethnic group. My method helps those that needs help the most, equally. It also doesn’t have to resort to
  5. I have noticed, thanks. The snarky comment notwithstanding, using a racist approach to problem solving won’t stop racism. Racism doesn’t cure racism. It’s not that hard of a concept to understand.
  6. Yes. The article cited business in areas that had higher minority populations could be more adversely impact by COVID, but not because they ARE minority businesses. My point is, this can be more effectively managed by addressing it through a geographic focus than one based on race.
  7. I agree with you that race shouldn’t be a criteria for something like this. How effective a business owner is at managing difficult times has nothing to do with race and everything to do with management, business types, location and other circumstances. Personally, I’ll stand by my opinion that all Americans are equal and should be treated as such.
  8. If you were looking for which businesses were impacted the worst, how would the owners demographics come into play?
  9. Define his specific “abuse of power”, especially as it relates to his impeachment? He was impeached for “Russian collusion” that was also proven to be completely false. What was proven is that the “evidence” for this impeachment was a discredited opposition paper (paid for by his political rival) with the express intention of deflecting from he felonious use of a private e-mail server to handle official business. Throw in some BS FISA warrants that should have never been cleared. Comparing Trump to Clinton having (allegedly only “oral”) sex with a White House intern (in the
  10. An interesting article on this topic: While looking up the legal definition of inciting a riot, I came across a post by law professor Jonathan Turley. While no fan of Trump, he wrote that the President’s speech on January 6th do not rise to the legal standard for inciting a riot (Brandenberg v. Ohiofrom 1969 is the precedent or standard in this type of case):
  11. I agree that is what the law says. I also think it’s absolutely pathetic that the Democrats have taken partisan politics to a whole new level. Prior to the last 4 years emplacement has been used very rarely, going forward it will likely be used much more frequently and the standard for it to be used will change from “high crimes and misdemeanors” to “whenever you dont agree with politics, especially if you control the House”. The first emplacement was an absolute sham, and the second one is too.
  12. Fighting racism with more racism is asinine. I can understand prioritizing small business, but to base is on gender or race, and then to follow it up with saying we shouldn’t discriminate based on race or gender is hypocritical at best. If it’s based on size, that makes sense - the smaller businesses are clearly hurting more than a bigger business. A $500k company owned by a white man is no better able to weather the storm than the same company owned by a minority individual. Supply and demand. If you want to control wages, control labor supply (immigration) better. W
  13. You might say that qualifies, but the law disagrees with you. The fact is, this whole second impeachment sham doesn't meet the legal definition of inciting a riot either. Your comment about “Just taking orders” is about as poor of an example of proving a point as I’ve seen. I am the one advocating that the individuals are responsible for their own actions. Even if “Trump told them to” (which he did not) they are still responsible for knowing right from wrong. You are the one saying that somehow Trump is responsible for saying something that a small percentage of the protestors i
  14. If requiring proof of identity is suppression, we should also end the suppression of the Second Amendment- do away with ID laws.
  15. No Nancy, it wasn’t all litigated.
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