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  1. I absolutely agree that every crime committed by a person of one race against someone of another race is not indicative of racism. Nor is the act of a very small number of individuals indicative of systematic racism.
  2. I was specific in my analogy of “assault weapons” to marijuana, as that is what most of the politicians are going after. If you want to expand the analogy to all guns, it would be fair to also include alcohol deaths to marijuana. I will also point out that most firearm deaths are due to suicides, but are typically referred to as if they are homicides. They shouldn’t be included in the comparison. Fully agree with you about finding a way to test for THC influence- that would be great.
  3. Can’t say I’m surprised at all by the responses. I will clarify my statements again - I said “I’m not a fan” and “this is just a step to full scale legalization”. Both statements are completely true, There are plenty of things that may be legal that I’m not a fan of. This doesn’t mean I care whether or not it’s legal, it’s just my opinion. I personally could care less if it is legalized - I just wish people would have the courage to state their true intent rather than hiding behind the “medical” BS side story. My OPINIONS about marijuana are just that, opinions. The only r
  4. Can’t imagine it’ll be a popular stance, or a surprise to anyone, but I’m not a fan. “Medical” marijuana is just an interim step to legalization. Pain clinics will see to that. Not necessarily looking to try and change anyone’s mind here, and there is zero chance I’ll change mine, but I just don’t like the charade of pretending we’re only working on glaucoma or chemo patients....
  5. I don’t see a single thing in those changes that are unreasonable.
  6. Ok - must be the 500 yards of broken glass you have to crawl through while people are shooting flaming arrows at you . would love to see exactly how it was unreasonably made harder.
  7. Thats awsome, enjoy yourself and I'm glad youll be able to get out again. Not exactly sure where you'll be heading that requires proof of vaccination, but tell the other comrades we said hello. I've been enjoying FL - will share pics if you miss it!
  8. Harder - you mean as in having the practically unbearable burden of providing identification?
  9. Less power for the federal government, more power to the states - sounds like the original idea the nation was founded under. Great concept . Not easy, but more sustainable. You said “if” the US was divided between conservatives and liberals??? LOL. That’s already a fact, and “compromise” is already over. There is no compromise, only victory or defeat. Compromise only exists as a slow play toward one side asserting power over the other.
  10. As sad as I find it, i find myself contemplating this more and more recently. It breaks my heart as I am one of the more patriotic fellows you’ll ever meet. The point remains that I feel the left and right have a rift that is growing exponentially, and I don’t know what it will take to reverse the course. All I see is one side trying to control the other, and the other side getting more and more fed up. At this point there are only a couple of options - one side capitulates and surrenders it’s identity, or they learn to live separately. Coexistence isn’t really an option due to the exten
  11. I think there is a lot of truth in your statement. When you know someone in “real life” there is a context that is missing when you just read about it in an article or see it on the news. I would also say the flipped of this is true - if someone you know or from your family is the victim I think in the vast majority of the cases the “he’s just a kid” goes right out the window. I struggle with the “youthful offender” status in a lot of cases anyway. For example, at 16-18 you darn well know DUI is a problem just as much as someone that’s 30 or 40, and maybe even more. I do see so
  12. That’s all he does, it’s actually kind of funny. Says nothing, which is actually kind of a blessing. His only contribution is clicking that button.....
  13. I abhor unjustified killings as much as anyone. To me it doesn't matter the race of the victim, or the person who did the killing - it doesn't matter. Accountability for actions is critical for all. BUT, it seems like people are tripping over themselves to go after police - even the justified shootings. One example is Ma'khia Bryant in Columbus, where the police office CLEARLY made the right decision and very well could have save the life of a girl (of color, if that matters more to some - for me all lives are great, and equal worth). And we also have this one:
  14. He may not be in the room by himself, knowing how well Biden speaks off the cuff, I would think there could be a small army in there coaching him....
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