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  1. GoAU

    Envious of teams with offense

    We'll, you can always look at it this way 😎 All of those teams that are on the receiving end of those offenses you are watching probably wish they had a defense like ours.... Yeah, having both would be nice too, just trying to be positive.
  2. GoAU

    Where do you stand with Gus?

    Where is the option that says I think this year's team could be really good, even though JS isn't what I would consider a dual threat QB, but our O line needs work?
  3. For the 10 minutes I was waiting the SECN logo sure looked good, then the game went to start and the technical issues started.....
  4. I'm having streaming issues - is it just me??
  5. GoAU

    Pregame Sights & Sounds - Alabama State

    I'd be in for the UT game. This year, for Father's Day, my oldest daughter bought my wife and I tickets to the AU v UT game. Said she got tired of me talking about taking a trip back to UT every year but being consumed by my kids playing sports (I have 6 kids) and never making it down. Salhe will come home from college (she's at UT - lol) to take care of her siblings. Super nice of her, and I'm really looking forward to it. Before I get any grief for her going to UT, we've lived up here the vast majority of her life, it's in state, and any school that wears orange and hates bama can't be all that bad, right?
  6. GoAU

    Robert Muschamp Earns Scholly

    AUsome news. Love it when a walk on picks up a scholly. If we recruited against USCe much, that would be interesting leverage to use.
  7. GoAU

    Things to like about this team

    I agree with you regarding the numbers - it's hard to argue with stats. But I feel he hit the holes harder and is able to run with more power than Kam.
  8. GoAU

    Things to like about this team

    Some of my thoughts: 1) offense looked very good early and through the 1st half. I think we tried to establish the run game more in the 3rd quarter, but it wasn't there. Not sure if this is a weakness for us at OL or the WU front 7 being as good as advertised, but we'll find out. 2) at the end of the 2nd quarter and beginning of the 3rd the WU receivers caught everything Browning threw. Some of the PI calls were BS and some were legit, but the players were in place. 3) the front 7 on D was nasty. Good pressure most of the game, and with a few exceptions contained a good WU running back. 4) team kepth their composure, always a good thing. 5) Not a knock on anyone, as I don't have a feel for the full fall camp, but it seemed to me that Whitlow should be the #1 RB, just based on today.
  9. Whitlow needs to be the #1 RB.
  10. We have to have 150+ yards of penalties
  11. Not bad for being unathletic
  12. How many PIs have we taken, sheesh.
  13. Some people just aren't happy unless they're unhappy.
  14. Ok, not a block, but I'll take a miss