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  1. As the story goes, some guy named Brad had a wife that worked at Cracker Barrel for 11 years and was unceremoniously fired from her job and, on his birthday, no less. He took the the CB Facebook page to ask why. It has gone viral and the comments on there are pretty funny. Enjoy:
  2. Maxine Waters really is dumb as a sack of hammers.
  3. From what I've read of Gorsuch and seen during these hearings I have a hard time believing this. He denied this in the hearing, also. This is an opinion peice from Slate, of all sources, taking at full value one former student coming out just before the hearings - per NPR. What Mark Joseph Stern with Slate leaves out of his hit job is: This "story" was just an attention-getter to rant about what he hates about Gorsuch. It's a pathetic op-ed IMO.
  4. While I don't agree with Trump, it's worth noting that MOW would lose about 3% of it's funding from this. In the article I read even MOW was saying it's not that big of deal and isn't going to shut them down. I will see if I can find it again.
  5. In the USAToday poll, Auburn remains #4 and some nut-bag gave UAT (#9) a 1st place vote. ESPN drops AU a spot to 6th. Women's Softball RPI has AU at 7.
  6. Hey guys. I have a friend that has a Fishing Club near Fayette, AL with 2 lakes/ponds on 15 acres. He is trying to look into liability insurance similar to hunting club insurance for his club. It is an incorporated entity. 25-30 members. Anyone know anything about this type of insurance or where to find it?
  7. I have a friend looking for liability insurance on a fishing club. There are 2 lakes on 15 acres and the club is set up as a corporation. They are looking for something similar to hunting club liability. Can anyone assist with this?
  8. Don't think they can win it all but I'm pulling for the Arizona Wildcats! #beardown
  9. No, the providers don't like having to contract with insurance companies. I've spoken to several providers that absolutely hate dealing with all the IC's. They aren't working with the IC's to keep out competition. They work with them to keep their clientele. I'm sure many of them do it for the "decency" of it, too. They can't treat people if they won't come in their office due to the cost. Some providers have gone to concierge medicine. They have enough "rich" clients they can do it and not have to deal with IC's at all.
  10. So many think this will help competition and in return bring down premiums, but it hasn't really done that in the areas it's been tried. If Acme Insurance of New Mexico offers coverage in Alabama, or Georgia, or New Jersey, it won't be worth much without a network of providers and facilities. Without contacted discounts, they won't compete very long in AL, for sure. In AL, BCBS has the largest network with 96-98% of the providers and 100% of the hospitals. These providers and facilities have agreed to a discount off their rates for all the people with BCBS coverage. The second largest carrier in AL is United Healthcare and they don’t have as large a network as BCBS. Part of the reason is they don’t have the contracts with the providers/facilities. They can’t offer as many members to the providers/facilities to warrant the providers/facilities acceptance of their discounts. Providers often don’t like dealing with them and site their service and promptness of payment. There are others but you get the gist. At one time recently, UHC didn't have UAB in their network. There us a third carrier with a footprint but none of the others have really been able to come in and compete (Humana, Aetna, etc.) If Acme comes in and doesn't have a network but says they'll pay anyone you see, they won't have the discounts of say, BCBSAL. They may be able to offer lower premiums at first but, over time they'll not be able to stay lower if their paying full-price (if the provider even accepts the insurance) for a procedure and Blue is paying 50%-70%. Is there some sort of legislation Trump or anyone else is planning on using to make any difference in this?
  11. Not understanding the drop 2 weeks in a row with the ESPN poll. We lost to #13 James Madison in a pitchers duel 1-0 and drop from 2nd to 3rd in the previous poll. This past week we go 5-0, run-ruling the teams in 4 of those games and the fifth was an 8-1 decision and drop from 3rd to 4th. I do realize this will work itself out as the season progresses, just found it odd that we continue to drop in that particular poll.