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  1. Wiley and Purifoy

    The school has to declare a player ineligible then apply to NCAA for reinstatement.
  2. The Bannon Effect

    I think “cult” is the perfect word too.
  3. The Bannon Effect

    To be honest, Moore did more to turn this state blue than Bannon but, Bannon didn't really hurt those efforts. Moore is probably the worst candidate I can recall on either side in some time. When you consider that ~1.3M Alabamians voted for Trump and Moore couldn't even get half that number - that's saying something.
  4. I have to agree with Bigben42. This is a stupid claim to make and reeks of click bait. His opinion on this topic will affect ZERO people anyway.
  5. Question about Jimbo’s salary

    Ryan Brown in WJOX mentioned something about Jimbo’s salary not being paid at all from “public funds” but by “Friends of Texas A&M.” I assume this is boosters or what not. If he is not being paid directly by the school, does this shield him from FOI requests? Will he be eligible for any sort of pension? How does all that work?
  6. Holland is out!

    I hope you get diarrhea.
  7. Auburn #2 in latest CFP rankings

    I disagree. If we handle UGA the same way we did before and Clemson barely beats Miami I think there is a chance we jump them.
  8. Auburn Up to #4 in Latest AP Poll!

    Auburn in at #4 in the Coaches Poll as well.
  9. did evans of bama play dirty tonight?

    Well, our defense pretty much quashed any Hurts for Heisman talk. lol
  10. did evans of bama play dirty tonight?

    I swear he bet his retirement on UAT being in or winning the CFP. Damn, he was trying his best to talk them in to the playoff.
  11. Ulm injuries

    A friend sent me a message stating Dinson cleared protocol. Can anyone confirm this?
  12. Ulm injuries

    AUBURN, Alabama — Auburn coach Gus Malzahn believes injuries suffered by six defensive players Saturday are not serious, and that's good news for the Tigers as they eye the Iron Bowl. Continue reading here:
  13. Injuries keep piling up for Tide
  14. Moore or Strange?

    I don’t know if there could be a bigger disgrace to this state right now. He stood there and lied to everyone last night in front of the VFD. Like Titan said earlier, Moore would burn the whole state down before he admitted anything.
  15. 11 numbers that explain just how thoroughly Auburn waxed No. 1 Georgia