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  1. Side Note: Chris Woods is a former Auburn football player.
  2. With Rx being one of the biggest drivers of healthcare costs these days, how about we change Medicare so drug prices can be negatiated before we discuss moving everyone to it.
  3. Political Over-the-Top

    Well, the only guy running with any real built-in base is Moore. He has maxed out so he will fall back as the election gets closer.
  4. Political Over-the-Top

    I don't know but, you can certainly slip a disc.
  5. Political Over-the-Top

    I am not endorsing Brooks here but, Luther Strange (former lobbyist) calling Mo Brooks a career politician is a bit rich, no? And the epic eye-roll induced by Mo Brooks' ad suggesting he read the "King James Bible" on the floor of the senate was almost painful.
  6. Post a picture

  7. Alabamians have lost their mind

    Tired of Luther Strange over here...🙄
  8. Phil Donahue hasn't aged a day...he's in his 80's and looks like he's in his 50's. He makes a great point here, btw.
  9. D Craig's paycut

    I wonder if DC's contract at LSU states that his payout is to be offset by any money he makes at his next gig. If so, this allows FSU to hire him on the cheap and he still get the bulk of his payout from LSU. AT $8.10/hr he will make about $17K at FSU so LSU would only have to pay him $558,000. Next year FSU can boost his pay or he can find another coaching position for more money.
  10. Well, I pretty much addressed this in my OP. There will always be those that won't "buy" the outcome. You think the nut-bag-Left will be satisfied if Mueller comes back with nothing on Trump?
  11. I never had much of an opinion of him, good or bad, to be honest. Do you disagree with the author? If so, why?
  12. This is an interesting opinion on the special investigations into Trump. It makes sense to me and I think it would go a long way with many people. We know it wouldn't satisfy everyone because anything short of the death penalty for some on the left or total canonization from some on the right will be a letdown. What say you?
  13. NYT Has to Correct Editorial

    You clearly haven't been in this board long enough. This statement regarding Titan and the insinuation it makes shows your ignorance.
  14. NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Congrats, man! Happy for you!