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  1. You were dead-on with this one.
  2. Auburn remained 7 in both polls this week. RPI still at 2.
  3. AU remains 11th & 10th respectively in the & Baseball America polls.
  4. I'm posting in here not to smack talk but, we all know where this will go as people respond. That being said, glad this guy's been caught. Man accused of killing BP agent Brian Terry finally captured
  5. The US just dropped the 'mother of all bombs' on an ISIS target in Afghanistan
  6. It would tickle me to end their run the way they did ours in 2011. Doubt CGM will act like a baboon during the post game interview like Dabo did.
  7. Hat trick.
  8. Bad call at 1st. Very bad call.
  9. I wondered what happened. I turned away for a second and all of a sudden they were in commercial.
  10. If you believe all the numbers out there, January added 227K v. 175K predicted. February added 235k v. 197K expected. With these numbers for March, the number of jobs added for Q1 2017 is 560K v. 552K expected. And unemployment is at 4.5% - the lowest since 2007. This is not to defend Trump because i don't know how much of this is due to him but, I think this thread is disingenuous when you look at the whole picture.
  11. So you think the split in votes would be more equal with _______ Republican candidate? MORE for the R candidate??? You aren't being honest or you are not paying attention. Even still, you still miss CT's point. It's not really about people supporting Trump as it is about the political make up of the cast/staff at ESPN and their audience is not the same therefore this move to the left and marginalizing or getting rid of those who don't fall in line is a bad move.
  12. If we're being honest, it could have been ANY Republican and the number would be very small. This is no secret. So his point rings true. A huge section of their audience has a different political view than they (sports media). Continuing the push to the left (or to interject politics at all) is a ridiculous idea.
  13. AL Ethics Commission Finds Probable Cause in Gov. Bentley Case - Sens Case to AG.
  14. Nutbaggery at its finest. Tolerance for me but not for thee.