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  1. Never felt so good to get out into the woods.
  2. There is some Jack Daniels too. Bicentennial, 1904 Gold Medal, 1913 & 1914 Gold Medal, and 1981 Gold Medal.
  3. Original packaging. 200th Anniversary Limited Edition. Should I sell it or drink it? Is it worth anything outside of a good drink?
  4. Jackass Updyke who claimed to have incriminating Cam Newton tapes is on Etowah County’s Most Wanted List.
  5. Report: Campaign didn’t conspire to collude with Russia to influence election but stops short of exhonorating him on obstruction per CNN.
  6. I hope they get blasted on December 9th (among others). I am taking my wife (Arizona grad) over to Tuscalooser to watch Arizona play the turds. Can't decide if I will wear Auburn gear or Arizona gear. Not crazy about going over there but, we don't get many chances to see the Wildcats in person. We were in Tucson in February 2014 and looked at getting tickets to the Oregon State game. Nose-bleed seats were $200/ea.
  7. Report: Documents show that Christian Dawkins paid significant money to Collin Sexton “Among revelations in court this afternoon, documents suggesting Christian Dawkins paid $5,000 to Collin Sexton and another calling for $1,500 per month to Sexton, $21,000 for travel for his family and a four year job for his brother ($35,000 per year, with $5,000 annual raise).”
  8. There is no reason we shouldn't be able to play nearly every player on the team next week.
  9. Per Auburn Undercover
  10. I have a hard time believing that UM’s wife said nothing to him about it. Especially if they have the marriage they portray to have. Maybe she actually kept it to herself...just doesn’t seem to add up to me.
  11. I haven’t paid much attention to him (policy positions, etc.) to be honest but he gets a fair bit of coverage here in Birmingham since Tuscaloser is so close. From what I can tell he’s a sharp guy and real popular over there. He saw the area through the April 27, 2011 tornadoes. That area is a bit unique in that there are some true Democrats in the area and there are the blue-collar, union, “Southern” Democrats (if you will). I don’t know that he has a real chance in this state. Outside of the solid red standing in general, he garnered just about 10k more votes than the 2nd place Republican. Kay Ivey got more than twice the votes he did. Just based on the limited knowledge I have on him, I don’t know that I would be angry if he won. But again, I just don’t know that much about him. I’m sure I will find out much more in the coming months.
  12. This is a travesty and something needs to be done.