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  1. Agreed. That was a great look with the road unis.
  2. KD Johnson officially signs with Auburn https://oanow.com/sports/college/auburn/auburn-men-s-basketball-officially-signs-former-georgia-guard-kd-johnson/article_479047a8-cd23-11eb-b31b-ebef6a23161f.html
  3. Check out https://join1440.com/about-us/ and https://www.allsides.com/unbiased-balanced-news. 1440 is the closet I’ve found and with AllSides, you at least get multiple angles to be able to wade through it all. Until humans are taken completely out of the equation there will always be biases, I guess.
  4. You too. I drop in from time to time and snoop. 😁
  5. That had been the message here in AL when our census takers were so few coming down the stretch. There was a strong push at the end.
  6. Oddly enough this has not been my experience. Most of the folks I have come “in contact” with or know are on the right politically but aren’t anti-vaxx. It’s just the COVID vaccine (and masks, and social distancing). They see this as a Democrat ploy or something. The real antivaxers I know are almost equal on the political spectrum. Maybe a little heavier to the right but I was surprised at how many left of center people I “know” that are anti vaccine. The ones on the left are usually against anything that is not all natural and non-gmo, etc. Just my $.02.
  7. We’ve been in person once since the pandemic began. Otherwise, we’ve been attending online every week.
  8. I’m fine with MLB doing what they feel is best for them just don’t feed everyone a line of BS for why you are doing it. NY, with the exception of ID, has similar or more restrictive voting regulations. Even Biden’s home state requires an ID to vote, doesn’t allow “no excuse” absentee voting and early voting is only allowed for those who qualify for absentee voting. This debate has become such a farce and the very definition of intellectual dishonesty.
  9. This is awesome news and will certainly make a difference. Let’s not get carried away in thinking we will be world beaters right away, though.
  10. Never felt so good to get out into the woods.
  11. There is some Jack Daniels too. Bicentennial, 1904 Gold Medal, 1913 & 1914 Gold Medal, and 1981 Gold Medal.
  12. Original packaging. 200th Anniversary Limited Edition. Should I sell it or drink it? Is it worth anything outside of a good drink?
  13. Jackass Updyke who claimed to have incriminating Cam Newton tapes is on Etowah County’s Most Wanted List. https://www.trussvilletribune.com/2020/01/31/trussville-resident-show-personality-on-etowah-county-sheriffs-offices-most-wanted-list/
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