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  1. Well, I pretty much addressed this in my OP. There will always be those that won't "buy" the outcome. You think the nut-bag-Left will be satisfied if Mueller comes back with nothing on Trump?
  2. I never had much of an opinion of him, good or bad, to be honest. Do you disagree with the author? If so, why?
  3. This is an interesting opinion on the special investigations into Trump. It makes sense to me and I think it would go a long way with many people. We know it wouldn't satisfy everyone because anything short of the death penalty for some on the left or total canonization from some on the right will be a letdown. What say you?
  4. You clearly haven't been in this board long enough. This statement regarding Titan and the insinuation it makes shows your ignorance.
  5. Congrats, man! Happy for you!
  6. This may be a stupid question but, here goes...Is the set up AU will be home team in game 1 and, if necessary, game 3?
  7. Honest question...what would it matter if there are recorded conversations in the WH?
  8. Hell yes!!
  9. This ump's strike zone is all over the place.
  10. I have a feeling Murphy was trying to get her to come back without making a scene but gave himself away anyway.
  11. Thanks. It was. Just found this:
  12. Looking at the SEC standings I notice UAT had 1 less conference game than most teams. Looks like they only played/scheduled 2 v. UT. Why is this?
  13. We swept UF. And, yes, TCU dropped 2 of 3 to TxTech in Lubbock including 21-3 yesterday.
  14. USAToday keeps us at 9. Coincidentally, MSU stays at 13.