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  1. Fake News!!! Pete Thamel said CBP would be fired. He’s never been wrong!
  2. SEC Postseason Honors

    Hey, SEC Coaches:
  3. Man sentenced to 300 years for child sex crimes freed on technicality GRAND JUNCTION, CO (KREX/CNN) – A Colorado man, who was convicted in 2015 on charges he sexually assaulted six young boys and girls, is now free after his conviction was thrown out on a technicality. Continue here:
  4. Jox Roundtable taking over 6-10 am slot.

    I just talked to someone with a little inside info. Ratings were down quite a bit. With the economy doing better people weren't feeling the need to advertise as much. With ratings down, ad spots that may have gone for $2000 a couple years ago might only get $1000. He suggested there might be an issue with one of the guys thinking he was better than the other two. I won't divulge who he said but, It won't take much for folks on this board to figure it out. And that was simply my sources opinion... I'll say this, aside from what most people know of Tony Kurre from the airwaves, he is a genuinely good guy in real life. After hearing all I did, he is the one that is in a tough spot now. Al is still coaching (Samford) and Jay has his Country Music star wife and a sporting goods store in Mt. Brook. Tony will probably have to change markets which means uprooting his family. He has two small kids and I know one has some disabilities. It's sad. Tony has been in the Birmingham market and his voice has been heard on the airwaves around here for probably 30 years or more.
  5. Jox Roundtable taking over 6-10 am slot.

    I worked in radio and even worked for the same company and did my internship on WJOX when Matt and Scott were the morning show and Ryan Haney was just the producer of the morning show. He is the Operations Manager now, also known as "The Suit." If I had to bet, this was a contract thing. They had good ratings. I don't have any inside info but that that would be my guess from what I have seen. There aren't any competitors for sports in the morning drive slot.
  6. I see this both ways. The school has to keep decorum and order. Their job is to educate x-number of students in x-number of days. This could be a major disruption and could cost the school money. If it’s like AL, they get money based on the number of students per day. On the other hand, these students also have a right to voice their opinions and take advantage of the 1st amendment to make a change they see as an ultimate necessity. If they feel strongly enough about the protest and the end goal then suspension is a price worth paying.
  7. The Arizona/Miller part hurts at my house. My wife is a UA grad and with Auburn’s basketball history, UA gave me a team to pull for in March.
  8. Well, Thamel made it about AU when he went on Finebaum saying he would be shocked if Pearl wasn’t fired. That’s why Mikey and I are discussing it here.
  9. Interesting that after Punk Thamel was on Finebaum talking doom and gloom about Bruce Pearl that this new bombshell article doesn't mention Pearl and only mentions Auburn at the very end. That's not to say in anyway that AU is in the clear...I just find it interesting that this jackass Thamel continues to have a hard on for Auburn for some reason. You can say it's because he totally whiffed on the Cam Newton investigation but, why was he so hell bent on trashing Auburn in the first place? And why do any respectable publications or media give this douchebag any publicity or find any of his work to hold any credibility?
  10. 2017 Foy ODK Trophy Presentation

    Yeah, I expect more of Auburn folks than I do of the unwashed of West Alabama. I think it was pathetic the SGA Pres didn't have to sing the fight song, AGAIN. What was the excuse this time?
  11. I’m looking for 2 tix to the last MBB game v. USCe. Only weekend I have nothing else going on and would love to take my wife. PM me if you can help me out. Thanks in advance!
  12. Men vs. uat

    I thought they were saying hair plugs. 😆
  13. Men vs. uat

    What do the students keep chanting when UAT is at the line?
  14. ACA did nothing to change the actual cost of services. It was health insurance reform, plain and simple. To credit ACA for a lesser spending increase is faulty. And Medicare is not privatized. That is essentialy a "socialized program" controlled by our government. If the government was the answer, wouldn't Medicare be more efficient and spending be more controlled? I'm not saying privatized has it completely right, just that ACA and the government have done NOTHING to curb costs of actual services.