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  1. Dang...guess it's gonna be the Coconut Shrimp
  2. Hoping for the Bloomin' Onion...NOT Coconut Shrimp
  3. Here's how the final regular season (pre-Bowl) rankings shake out: -AU & Bama tied at #9 in AP -Bama at #9 & AU at #13 in Coaches' Poll -AU at #12 & Bama at #13 in the final playoff ranking If AU beats Minnesota, that should guarantee they get ranked over Bama at the very end in all the polls. Probably hasn't happened since 2013?
  4. ...AU has now beaten the eventual Pac12 champion 2 years in a row. Not sure who was the last team to do that. Of course the Pac12 is a super-soft conference, but Washington did finish #9 last year, & Oregon is pretty much guaranteed to finish in top 10.
  5. It's likely because of the one ranked team they did beat, & how much respect the CFP committee has for AU.
  6. ...Bama's 3rd & goal with 2:14 remaining. Mac Jones' pass is deflected by DB right back into Jones' hands, so Jones decides to try & advance it & ends up losing a yard. The next down was the FG that doinked off the left upright that we all went ba-zonkers over. But if Jones instead lets the pass fall to the ground incomplete, Bulovas kicks the FG from a yard closer & instead of doinking, it would've hooked inside the upright to tie the game & likely go into OT (in which case, heck they might still be playing right now). So a big thank you to Mac Jones for that one! It truly is a game of inches.
  7. I was only 2 or 3 yrs old when he played, but my Dad made sure I knew who he was with a framed photo of him & Terry Beasley on my bedroom wall. I recall he & my Dad were in adjacent rooms both recovering from cancer surgery in 2004.
  8. ...or Oregon. AU played a total of 5 teams that were in the top 10 at one time or another this year (& I think aTm made it as high as #12). Pretty likely to face another one in the bowl game too.
  9. I see this TD as vindication for his breakaway TD that got called back on the opening drive of last year's Iron Bowl. May he have many more TDs like this in Iron Bowls to come!
  10. I like AU's points per game numbers as well. They've held Oregon & Tulane to their lowest scoring output of the season so far, & both those teams have shown they can light up the scoreboard. Would be really nice to get a shutout vs an SEC team (Miss St, Fla, Ark, & Ole Miss all have the potential).
  11. 2 Orlando Jones pics in the same thread?? Classic.
  12. I don't watch the show & it looks like a totally stupid segment, but still fun to see these guys on late-night network TV. And didn't realize BP was so adept at the harp.
  13. ...missed the first PAT of his college career. Anyone know if Senior Bowl stats count toward a player's official NCAA stats? Hope not.
  14. That is my take as well. Awesome job! Kinda makes you wonder just how loud JHS will get if (when) it eventually expands to the 100,000 seat range.