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  1. Stan White on WJOX (8/10/17)

    Thanks for posting. WDE
  2. Clemson game- wear Navy?

    It'll be hot, and AU will be in their storm trooper unis, I suspect. Navy + purple and orange ( Clemson ) ? I'm thinking something more white, but I'm not in charge of such things. ( I should be, but I'm not )
  3. Texas Locker Room

    Football locker room of changing room on a space station ? Good grief... IDK about anyone else, but I'm not sure I'd care to see my own mug up on a big screen staring back at me , day in and day out. I'm just not that pretty, and can think of many other pics I'd rather have to help motivate. Just my 2 cents. This sort of personalizing seems over the top. Real world doesn't treat you like that, unless you've taken it upon yourself to see that it does. Trump might enjoy this sort of attention, but hell, not too many others.
  4. War Wagon

  5. Finebaum: Something is different with Malzahn

    W/out listening, I sure hope Gus is finally back in his element again. Whether or not he's just fooling himself, or really does feel this good about the upcoming season, remains to be seen. Results will tell.
  6. **Official 2017 "Nip Watch"**

    Low humidity and a slight hint, a whiff on the wind of something on a cool morning. Not quite a 'nip in the air yet, but...
  7. Arrested Rebellion

    Thar be spoilers, ... obviously.
  8. Sean White not quitting just yet

    He kinda resembles the new Spiderman, no ?
  9. Finally watching the Georgia-AUB game

    The ability and frequency for Gus to out think himself never ceases to amaze. The D gave up 6 pts, the offense 7.
  10. Hats off to all involved. Seriously, that was some quality video for some HS kid who's not played a down in college. They played the 'family' stuff just right, and it doesn't hurt that S.J. comes off as pretty darn impressive. Hope the best for him.
  11. Congrats to Shedrick and WDE. Gotta ask though...that's some video. Who puts something like that together ? I mean, I see ' studios', but does every 3 star prospect get one of those ?
  12. Stidham: "all of the pieces of the puzzle"

    I'm inclined to agree. But the real test will come on the field. Lotta other teams, many in our own division, can say the same.
  13. Auburn vs. Florida 1993

    Sat just a few rows down from where Scott Etheridge's then g/f was sitting during that game. What a nervous wreck. And all the gator fans, shouting " Whoop ! There it is !! " , as they were about to go up 17-0...