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  1. Georgia has announced that football signee D’Antne Demery has been “released” from his letter-of-intent, after the offensive lineman’s Saturday night arrest on two misdemeanor battery charges. The news comes just over an hour after Demery was released on bond from the Athens-Clarke County jail Demery was charged with simple assault and criminal trespass after an incident with a woman in downtown Athens. Demery was alleged by the victim to have grabbed the woman by the back of the neck and pushed her against the wall, according to a synopsis provided to the spokesman for the Athens-Clarke County police department. The statement also said that the victim, who is the mother of Demery’s child, also told police that the player “has been physically violent with her in the past.” A four-star recruit out of Brunswick, Demery was one of six offensive linemen signed by the Bulldogs this year. He was due to join the team this summer, and was in Athens after attending G-Day on Saturday. Demery’s next stop, assuming he takes one, would almost certainly not be another SEC school: The conference passed a rule last year prohibiting any school from accepting a player with a history of sexual or domestic violence. That came after the Baylor situation last year, but was also inspired by the Jonathan Taylor situation: Taylor, a defensive lineman at Georgia in 2012, was accused in Athens of felony domestic assault, dismissed and, after spending a season at a junior college, was accepted at Alabama, despite the Athens charges still pending.
  2. Any excuse to get back to Auburn is a good one.
  3. Seems to have good hands. That's pretty important in being a regular receiver.
  4. No worries, mate. :laugh:   


  5. I find this to be annoying as well. It's also a theme I see in other characters , such as Marvel's Iron Fist, as well as in Harry Potter as well. The basic. " you're super special, even more special than anyone else, and you don't even have to DO anything ! You just be you, and you'll exceed all the masters and experts who have been doing this for far longer than you've even been alive ! " Blech. What tripe. That said, with the trailer for Thor, Ragnarok having just come out, the post credits scene was all the more awesome.
  6. And yet despite all the accusations that he's crazy, he's been proven right time and time again. That must really rustle your Jimmies
  7. And it shows just how expensive a traveler this guy was. He flew 9000 miles for nothing more than a photo op and then right back to Hawaii. And your whining about Trump? Flying to his own home? Hypocrite - snowflake
  8. Obama took many trips to Hawaii, even almost every Christmas. One year he took 4 trips , just to come back to sign a photo op bill then hopped on AF 1 right after & fly back to Hawaii.
  9. Doubly confirmed
  10. Tell me about Don Lemon, and his overt refusal to reveal facts of stories if there are favorable to Trump. Please.
  11. Not hypocritical at all. You act as if CNN and other news agencies haven't declared war on this administration. They are not above fake news. You blindly accept their assumptions and calculations with no pause to think that they might be fixing the numbers? Gullible
  12. You can't be serious .. CNN ? Really ?
  13. That's flat out absurd. I think you're confusing fantasy for fact. Yes, Bannon has said that Breitbart has given some of the Alt-Right a forum to speak , but that isn't by any stretch the same as condoning Holocaust deniers. David Hororwitz supports Bannon , and vouches that he's no anti-Semite.
  14. First guess is that Spicer is in over his head. That's the most likely answer. Or... he could have overtly trying to ' dis 'Hitler, there by undercutting the claims that Trump is Nazi friendly, while also slying insulting Putin, who supports Assad. Either way, Spicer was clearly off his game. This is being over blown, of course, but the inartful and frankly amateur way in which he " apologized " was less than stellar, imo.
  15. Does that you the criminal doctor who traded drugs for gay sex ?