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  1. yeah, hearing how good Troy is doing really takes the edge off... NOT. Good grief, \1-7 ATL can beat 7-1 NOLA but Gus can't keep uga from celebrating another victory over Auburn and an SEC division title on PDF , yet again.
  2. Gus would be like ' Now now , we've analyzed their defensive scheme and charted their tendencies and we're putting the players in who we feel have the best opportunity to give our offense the greatest chance of success... ' Or some reasonable facsimile like that.
  3. Top 2 centers and possibly their top WR... anyone else ?
  4. I heard they had some dings and bruises, but overall, I don't know what difference it'll make. Sure, they'll miss their # 1 WR, if he's out, but next man up for that group.
  5. Did you see how #22 and #9 for LSU simply did not back down last night ? That. Just gonna have to want it more.
  6. uga fan looking at Auburn vs Ole Miss could say the same. Uncanny how underwhelming both looked. One of us is gonna break out next Saturday @ JHS. Hope to heck it's AU.
  7. FWIW, Bryant didn't play at QB for Mizzou, so there's that. When your offense can't move /. score, your D can only do so much. Mizzou's D shows up from time to time, and uga only scored 2 TDs. But our offense only scored 2 TD vs Ole Miss, so I guess it'll be a 10-9 like game.
  8. Yeah, weird. I saw that, right after the announcers said they should try a long past to him , right before the half. They do , he catches it, and gets injured, falling out of bounds. Dunno how bad, but I'd not be shocked if he plays. We'll see. Mizzou RB got the ball, made a hop to cut, and then just fell down. Totally untouched. If I didn't know better, I'd say he took a dive. This is a bad team. A WR for Mizzou had a chance to make a big pass and just 1 handed it, incomplete. Next play, he gets flagged for the dumbest post whistle shove fit , w/ the ref right there. What a jake.
  9. 16-0 at the half. uga got the ball, went down the field and missed a FG. Still 16-0. 1 TD, 3 FGs
  10. 1st half , late, but uga isn't lighting it up vs a really bad Missouri team. 13-0 UGA, but they also had the benefit of a huge INT that went back 70+ yards when Mizzou was threatening to score. uga only got 3 pts out of it.
  11. Can't judge games like that. Ebbs and flows occur in game which don't translate to other games AU's offense needs to get right or all this talk will be moot.
  12. I wanted a blow out. Like OSU or Clempsun gave them. Tua came back too early. He's clearly feeling the game effects and will feel worse tomorrow. It's not gonna full heal until after the IB. But he's a gamer, so there's that.
  13. He and Burrow gonna have to share.
  14. How many times must it be said ?????? Not over until it's OVER>