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  1. AURaptor

    SECCG 2018

    Any word yet on how many ua-t players are injured or out for a half , due to targeting ?
  2. AURaptor

    The Apple Cup

    Huh ? If they were bad, at 10-1, they'd still have lost to UW.
  3. AURaptor

    "They're probably gonna fire me"

    I have no idea what any of that means... but you're right about this team not getting better. He's got the entire offense and defense heading full speed .. in reverse.
  4. AURaptor

    "They're probably gonna fire me"

    Better not ? Why... exactly ? He clearly is aware that this is a fireable offense, taking this team and the talent to a 7-5 season, with continued losses to major rivals, LSU, UGA and finishing near the bottom of the SEC.
  5. AURaptor

    Bama fan bets almost $1600 to win $1.60

    Did bama win ? Yes or no ? Y'all just hatin' on the Tahd. Cause y'all is jealous. Lil' brother. RTR!
  6. AURaptor

    Larger margin of victory today

    Welp, it was AU, 31 pt margin to Clemson's 28. weein.
  7. AURaptor

    Why is uga only a 14 pt fav @ Mizzou ?

    It was a crazy game too. ST & D scores, Blankenship missed his 1st 2 FGs of the season, a receiver drops a ball ON the goal line ...
  8. AURaptor

    Larger margin of victory today

    I was thinking that Georgia Tech would have problems with Clemson's D line, even with the offense . I haven't really paid much attention to Clemson, but I just assume they will put up some points on that Tech D.
  9. AURaptor

    Larger margin of victory today

    Clemson at Georgia Tech Arkansas at Auburn
  10. AURaptor

    Why is uga only a 14 pt fav @ Mizzou ?

    Hard to say, as they've not faced anyone yet. Their 3 opponents have 2 wins collectively.
  11. AURaptor

    Why is uga only a 14 pt fav @ Mizzou ?

    I thought about Mizzo's offense, and their QB, but honestly, 14 against UGA ? Columbia MO , at 11 am CST, isn't exactly Hell's Kitchen of the SEC. Thanks, things are well. WDE
  12. This one seems like such a sucker bet, from one who doesn't bet at all. Yeah, Mizzou is 3 and O, having eeked out a win against the might … Boilermakers ? They didn't beat OSU, or even Michigan. It's freaking Purdue. What gives ?
  13. AURaptor

    Nate Craig-Myers

    Looks like # 6
  14. AURaptor

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    I recall a time when Arky came in town vs a # 2 ranked Auburn. Auburn got whooped that day, 27 - 10. Nutty was their HC, and Gus was the OC.
  15. AURaptor

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    Saw AU was a 30 pt favorite. Dunno if the line's moved, but normally, a 30 pt fav over an SEC team … Well, these aren't normal days, are they? Gus has shown he can field a darn good team. Put some very impressive drives together too, against solid D's. What he can't seemingly do is consistently put 4 quarters together in a game that means all that much. Yes, a conference game means much, but win ugly or win big, it's less significant than had we won last week.