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  1. I can't argue, but was it really that? Or does ( and I'm not trying to be coy or clever ) does anyone think he's got some sort of brain chemistry imbalance, perhaps he's on the scale, as it were.. and just doesn't concentrate for a full 60 minutes, 7 days, or what ever. For YEARS, fans, opposing players and coaches, and TV guys covering the game ALL said the same thing... Gus was predictable. And yet, did NONE of his coaches try to adjust ? Or tell him? Seems like they were too afraid or indifferent to try.
  2. 1st I'm hearing of this, as I heard nothing on sports talk radio and didn't see it anywhere else. RIP
  3. Well, now we get to see if Santa brings us something good or a lump of coal for Christmas. Thanks for the memories, Gus.
  4. Gus just getting giggy with it as Auburn now owns the Egg Bowl, right?
  5. And who has beaten bama more than any other coach in the country.
  6. Tank making a big run on that previous drive, the announcers sounded like they were describing a laundry folding exhibition.
  7. Taking a peek at that recruiting list, and what others in the SEC have lined up, that's not gonna be a THING for Gus too much longer at this rate.
  8. Announcers are as lethargic as the teams have been ( for most of the game )
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