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  1. We'll see if changes as some decide to play or not, but AU -7.5 seems pretty decent on a neutral field.
  2. I get that. But is a fancy stadium and big stage really what motivates them? Playing in ATL didn't motivate them to win in Mercedes Benz so far. Just sayin'. Get 10 wins. Show the world that you're better than going 1-3 vs the top 10 teams. Get angry, do what ever, but if they whine too much, it'll only justify sending them to Tampa and not Dallas.
  3. So... it's not the destination or the competition so much as the NYD 6 cred?
  4. What if they figured D and M would sit, and our D wouldn't be as imposing as it was all season... making it a more even game. I can't say either way. But I think we're about where we need to be.
  5. Yeah, went to the Sugar and got trucked. Better to finish with ( potential ) 10 wins in playing a 2nd tier bowl than go 9-4 ? IDK who we could have played... uga beat us and finished higher, so I don't see how we'd go over them to the Sugar.
  6. True, it is what it is. But what should a 3 loss team expect? Even if those losses were to top 10 teams, all in the SEC.
  7. IDK, 12 vs 18 is about as good as you can expect for a 4th ranked SEC team ( finished 5th in the SEC ) Step up from Nashville, isn't it ? Are some expecting similar Purdue like results? I kinda think it'll be a better game than that.
  8. Oregon had 2 paths to the Rose Bowl tonight. Win , or get blown out, and possibly make Utah look good enough to sneak to the playoffs. I think Oregon is gonna win going away.
  9. Kinda want Oregon, but then I'm thinking " hell naw, go Utah! " I'm just laughing that they had Group-on deals for tickets at their title game. 2 for 1. It just means more in the SEC.
  10. This loss hurts them to their soul and they know it. 0-7 at JHS when both teams are ranked.
  11. AURaptor

    Next year

    See that schedule ? 3 losses, max. Maybe a 10-2.
  12. Age has a way of tempering comments and attitudes, at least it does for me. Though, it's taken far longer than it should 😆
  13. IDK. While I agree that it was the toughest , and we knew that coming into the season, I'm not sure it's wise for Gus to constantly drive that message home. On the flip side, Dabo keeps telling anyone who'll listen that he's tried of the ACC getting a bad rep for it being down ( which it is , obviously ) and that Clemson is damned if they win big, damned if they don't.
  14. With out the AU band, the place would have sounded like a library.