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  1. Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse is a very good flick.
  2. Sometimes it doesn't make any sense to go home, as it were. The college rules have changed since Marsh left, and it was because of these rules, in part, as to why he left. Why come back to coach when he feels his hands are tied ? I'd like to see it, no doubt, but as for now, things are as they are. Nice win by the women over UF, btw.
  3. So uga has had 4 Jrs jump to the pros, plus Fields and another freshman T.E. transfer out. ( That's 2. T.E.s they won't have who were counted on being there ) Hell of a class coming in , but does such a drop in talent + experience affect them all that much ? They think they're bama, but until they claim a title, they're not.
  4. Never noticed it before, until when I watched a documentary on the making of the movie, during the pool scenes, just how green the water looks , and how it changes from different scenes. The bather load + the heat, the movie folks didn't take into account of how much chlorine was needed to keep a pool blue and clear. ( I also would bet they didn't keep the filters clean either... ) Now when I do watch, I can't help but notice it!
  5. 1st time I've heard of this band, but yeah, the singer crushes this song.
  6. Juco always seem like an act of desperation. Sure, we've had some players make an impact, but those seem to be few and far between. These numbers seem rather low, but I guess we're in a bit of a youth heavy status ?
  7. It's not always the names who didn't start as freshmen, it's who those teams had ahead of those players at the time they were on the bench.
  8. Other than that, and not developing QB's, or concealing plays from defenses, he's a fantastic coach.
  9. Any word yet on how many ua-t players are injured or out for a half , due to targeting ?
  10. Huh ? If they were bad, at 10-1, they'd still have lost to UW.
  11. I have no idea what any of that means... but you're right about this team not getting better. He's got the entire offense and defense heading full speed .. in reverse.
  12. Better not ? Why... exactly ? He clearly is aware that this is a fireable offense, taking this team and the talent to a 7-5 season, with continued losses to major rivals, LSU, UGA and finishing near the bottom of the SEC.
  13. Did bama win ? Yes or no ? Y'all just hatin' on the Tahd. Cause y'all is jealous. Lil' brother. RTR!
  14. Welp, it was AU, 31 pt margin to Clemson's 28. weein.