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  1. RAIDERS!!!! I loved watching Jim Plunkett, Marcus Allen, Todd C. and the boys in the early 80's. Oh and I almost forgot that number 34 at RB!
  2. Next time espn gameday comes to Auburn, everyone needs to snub them. It would be cool to see no Auburn fans behind the gameday set. Yes corso is a sellout! herbie has always been anti-SEC.
  3. I bought a Notre Dame cap a few years ago, because it says "IRISH" on it and I am Irish. Also, bammers hate Notre Dame, so I wear it to piss off my bammer relatives and friends. I definately will wear it this weekend. WAR EAGLE!
  4. Pete Carroll has class. Stoops is a @@#%^%&&*$^$ and a #%#%%*#*^^#*#&^!
  5. Stoops should be the new South Carolina coach because he's such a cock. Running the score up on Baylor shows a lot of class, Stoopsie!
  6. I have heard CTT talk a hundred times about finding recruits with GOOD CHARACTER. This group of guys is showing that CTT's efforts have paid off. I'm glad CTT is still our head coach. I was actually one of the many who wanted CTT gone. Until last year I did not think he was a good fit for Auburn, but the way he handled the entire situation at the end of last season showed me what type of man he really is. These kids are perfect reflection of our coach. WAR EAGLE!!
  7. Go Aggies!!! It is easy for me to say since my old high school's mascot was the Aggies. Although I'm not feeling too confident in TAMU after they choked against Baylor. WarDlowe PLEASE wear your A&M hat! I went to the ARK/UAT game last year with my dad(God save his soul for being a Bammer), and I wore my Auburn hat. Yes, I got a lot of stares. But I'm not a small guy and none of the Bammers were brave enough to say anything. WAR EAGLE!!!!
  8. I hope not. Do you not remember the LSBoo game?
  9. Congrats to Jason. I have always been critical of Jason, but his experience and maturity are finally paying off. I am now a Jason Campbell fan. He was cool in the pocket and did a decent job handling LSBoo's blitz packages. Our receivers also did a great job of getting open and catching the ball(If I remember correctly, Ben had the only dropped ball).